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December 29
Author of
The Real Agafha
lWWrIYet0 I b
Archibald Tcrhune a popular and In
ceives now that he baa been made htlr
lo the rotate of hla Aunt Oeortfana with
an Income of tJOooo a year on condition
thega 0
eellay was 1r0 to a Ihlftl oualn In Amer
ico T ie sterr open at Cull Wrrkofl
wh lord Vincent and his wife frlcndu
ef Terhun aN dlnruislni pinna to Ond
him a wife within the prescribed time It
nom that Lady Vincent la one of even
Mriona unroll Anatha all clneo Rlrlhood
chums She dccldea lo Invite two of them
to the rattle and have Archie there a 2
Arrhla lUll a liandpalnted beauty Apattin
lint la II burry American girt LAdy
intent IHU her hunband that Aeatha
from Agatha Blxth the admlulon that
requiremonth a
montha lime fully to make up her mind
Arathn Klret neglected by Terhune re
relvra attention from I < i > ille Freer Four
Baya of the prrrloun time have lIMe
pelewhen jj
ilrkncwn exrusea herself from a motor
trip planned by the Vincent Ialer they
le Amtli Flrel nlrklnr flowers with a
Arathni oveinlna duplicity The follow
tnic day the party vliu the ruins of an
ild conrvMt Trrhune continue hie at
entlon to Avntha Hlxth Then sudden y
i lCDthliInt
Int Vincent acure him for Ma n par
Imo allotted In which to become eniniRed
Trivia TIm following day Solicitor llurna
Kill arrive from London and the Vin
cents an Anu to consummate the en
ragrment Vincent discover Agatha
btr waist Vincent decides that the man
muil be Terltune The MSt moraine Ter
Dunn and Acntha Flat are very friendly
jit the brtvtkfast table while Amtiut
Blxth seftna somewhat dwpleaaed gollcl
tor IlurirJ arrives The Vincent are
inxloua In an Interview of Vincent and
ever the puiillnc condition of affalra
BoHcltor Harne arrlvmi The Vincents
ara anxloua Will Terhune report an af >
Ranceil or n free man Terhuno tell
Lord Ylnotnt that he proponed to Acatha
trill taoriOra hla aunta fortune An auto
CHAPTER XI I Continued
So you wOO the man in tho draw
tag room tho other night ° sho ex
claimed whon ho had finished tolling
her and she opened her beautiful gray
yes very widely at young Murray
By Jovo yes 1 added and it
urainl old Tcrbune after all
And It waent old Torhunc either
who was with Agatha First tbo day
you saw tho rod automobile in tbe
woods eni said
By Jovo not I said excitedly I
know Id Men that machine of Brancc
potlis before And as I glanced nt It
again the whole significance of the
mystery w It bad made In regard to
Agatha First and Arch camo to mo
with the force of revelation I turned
to MfZatn It all to Dearest but as
usual abe was uhoad of me
It was rou all tho time she said
to Murray but with a smile of such In
effablo relief that I wondered until mho
turned to Arch and I saw what bearing
that fact had on the situation In re
BMd to Affiith Sixth and Torbunos
aunts property
Im co sorry she said holding out
I hor hands to tho old boy Wo did you
tn Injustice Mr Terhuno And sho
told him briefly of tbo scene sbo and
T and Agalni Sixth bad bcon witness
tu tho other night In tho drawing room
RES onr suspicions of him In connec
tion with IL
I took him a moment or two to
grasp what Abe meant nnd what hor
discovery Will our suspicions wero un
just might ml an and I spoko before ho
And now It will bo all right Dear
rsi I said about Agatha Sixth Sho
will sea thai she was unjust to Arch
end yon will toll her wont you And
I looked at her eagerly But to my
lurprlso jus as I thought everything
explained everything arranged and
the road cloi to a reconciliation and
engagement fxtwoon my frlond and my
Hrlfus friend toward the accomplishing
Of which objicit wo hAd invited both
parties to co no to Castle Wyckboff
Dearest seeded Inclined to spoil tbo
whole thing I y refusing In act as medi
ator between tbo two Ana a mediator
was nooossay that Is if they wore
tu bo brought together In limo to mako
ho engagement n fact before the fatal
hour bad arrived for Miss Lawrence
was still looted In tho fastness of her
I snyl 1 Implored soiling Doarosts
nand dont hesitate now At such a
crisis Uo aid toll Agatha Sixth the
pows nnd RPt her to come down before
Its too Into Uy Jovo it Is hard on
poor old Fcrhuno to lose n fortune be
cause you choose to kayo whims I
Was so earnest I was almost angry
Oro would think a fortune was a mat
ter of no imrortanco to him at nlll
Tints juts It I replied my wife
adly iteol too much Importance
The only reason that 1 hesitate to do
as you ask Is because Ive seen all
sting that tlu fortune baa been the I
only Important thing to you men What
1 a pity And the eyes I IOTO best In the
r world fllled with tears And It wan
then that tho whole thing camo to mo
and I saw at once what was tho other
obstacle I had to face In my attempt
Now that Agatha Sixths mistake In re
gard to bin fondness for Agatha First
had been dissipated by Broncopeths
revelations tho only Impediment to tho
satisfactory conclusion of Archs affair
was Dcarcsts refusal to cooperate
with me nt this crucial moment be
cause of her belief that Terhunos wish
to marry Agatha Sixth was purely a
mercenary one And as I at length
comprehended what I might bavo seen
to think I understood In a second her
scornful and almost resentful attitude
toward myself on several occasions
for apparently supporting my friend in
his meretricious deslgns With this
now grasp of tho situation suddenly
given to me I couldnt begin fast
enough to try to mako my wlfo under
stand what I bad so lately learned
myself that Terhuno sincerely loved
Mlsa Lawrence As quickly as I could
speak I began to tell her as proof of
Arch repudiation of my suggestion In
regard < o asking Agatha First Instead
a moment ago In tho hall I judged
ana judged rightly as events provcyl
that tbo recital of this Incident from
my lips would convince my wife as
tinothing else could that I was right In
Lellovlng that Terhuno had como at
length to seo that love more than any
thing olso in the world even fortune
way tho Our thing worth considering
whon It came V > a question of getting
Dont you see I ended ho refused
to do as I suggested refused to go and
ask Agatha First although he believed
thoroughly that sho could accept him
solely because bo was In lovo with
Agatha Sixth and would rather haven
bad no ortuno at all than n fortune
with any other girls I laid my hand
on her arm appealingly My last trump
had been played but not In vain
Grasping my meaning with lightning
like rapidity Dearest was on the In
stant all action Tho time Wilfred
aflame nor gray eyes black
Six mInutes of ono I answered as
she pulled the watch from my bands
Archibald Terhuno Do you hoar
elthat 1 she almost shouted to Arch In
uncontrollable excitement Its six
mlnutos of one Find Agatha Sixth and
ask her to marry you for heavens
During This Meal We Gathered Fur
ther Data II I
nako Then as Terhune only stood
and stared at her with dropped jaw
sho stamped her foot vehemently
Dont stand and stare like that
Ibo cried Do at I say Hurry Hun
for your life
And Arch was gono at the word
though I dont think ho had until then
any Idea that there was still tlmo tore
trlevo tho day and afortune
To do him Justice 1 dont think ho
had any other thought subsequent to
llrancopeths story and the revelations
that fol owed In regard to Agatha
SIxth oason for refusing hIm than
that rho was more likely to change her
mIni and marry him after all since
br suspicions bad proved unfounded
And this thought to give him all his
rue had been sufficient to make him
nippy without any thought of his
units property In fact I think he
bad forgotten tho latter In the first
bliss of tho moment but whon Dearest
raised her warning and Inspiring cry
bo had realized that after all a fortune
Iko that hIs aunts property represent
Id was quite well worth tho having
m not attempting to deny you see
bat there was enough of his old self
oft In oplto of tho changes lovo had
wrought about not to make him rather
ertnln now that bearest had remind
d him of It that Aunt Georgys Aus
rallan farm would not mako half a
bad sort of wedding present At least
I noticed that bo lost no time In obey
ing her mandate for no sooner were
tho words out of hor mouth than Ton
hune was In full cry for the staircase
with Dearest and myself hard after
him while a couple of fox terriers that
had sprung from dear knows whoro
added to tho confusion by yapping at
our heels and otherwise Impeding our
progress In a praiseworthy attempt to
bo In at tho death And oven as I
tripped and stumbled aver them and
laughed and whooped with Dearest I
heard that chump of a Bran epeth out
on tho stoop shrieking Gone away
Gone away as If ho were possessed
It Is n6 wonder then having admitted
the childish stato of excitement In
which Torhunos last throw for a for
tune against tlmo had thrown us that
In the confusion we all three succeed
ed In running into Agatha First as she
came round tho corner of tho hall on
her way I suppose to find out what
all the nolso was about Dearest
stepped a moment to explain things to
her and I could seo over my shoulder
oven ns I hurried attar Arch that the
Viwo had given each other a swift i1
brace before Agatha First hurried oa
to meet her lover
Wo bad just reached tho staircase e
however when Dearest overtook us
What are you going to dot sho
asked Arch who was just about to as
Go up and find Miss Lawrence re
plied tho distracted lover as quick at
I can
But Dearest elided past me and stood
In front of him on the stIrs barring
the way
Watt sho commanded Shes In
her room you cant do that You
cant go and scream the good new
through her door very well It wouldnt
do at all You must have more regard
for tho appearance of the thing
But good heavens cried poor Tom
hunt this la no time to think of a p
pearances Its threo minutes of one
But my darling paid no attention to
him Hold him Wilfred she ordered
me and as I sprang to obey WIts gone
In tho shadow of the hall above
Two and a half minutes later and
not a second after she appeared
lending Agatha Sixth by tho hand
though It Is true the latter looked
weepyeyed to say tho least and gave
every appearance of reluctance
This vanished however at sight o 1
Terhuno redfaced and somewhat
rarm from his vain efforts to frco
himself from my embrace and she
flew down tho stairs to meet him and
by sheer forco of arms not to bo face
tious compelled mo to relinquish m j
position in her favor Something I was
Jolly well pleased to do by the way
Arch Is a hard man to hold when hes
riled nd that two and a half minutes
of suspense had main mo his debtor
for a couple of knocks and oho well
kicked shin
But just how the miracle of Agatha
Sixths change of heart had boon ac
complished or In what manner Dour
est had EO presented her case as to
achieve such speedy results I am no I
prepared tostato I only know that It
was nothing moro than I had expected
of the cleverness of my wife and as
for Torhune I think he was too happy
to know or care
As for the rust of us Including So
licitor Barnes who had been roscued
from the library by some maid or
footman wo repaired Immediately to
the dining room where tho wedding
luncheon of Deorosts creation await
cd us and had all taken our places be
fore the big clock on the mantel quIte
ceased booming the hour Of coisrse
tbe bridal nature of tho table decora
tions rondo a hitas my Americanized
wife persists In sayIngwith thoso two
ardent lovers Brancopoth and Agatha
First and they admired and exclaimed
quite as If the whole thing wore gotten
Up for their especial benefit And It
was during this meal that we gathered
fuller details of the trials and trlbula
tlons that had beset tho path of this
now happy pair which explained and
I accounted for many hitherto una >
I countable happenings of our own ax
Among other things it appeared that
Brancopetb was of course the owner
of tho checked coat I had soon in the
automobllo In the woods and that the
coat we bad found in Terhunee closet
later had only borne a resemblance to
it Tho young man had rundown from
his uncles place in his machine that
day ho told us to meet Agatha First
In tho woods by prcarraugement with
her which of course explained the
business of her assumed headache and
refusal to go to Northbury with us
They had been obliged to keep tholi
attachment n secret evidently enough
on account of Branccpeths uncles de
termination to marry him to Miss Sim 1
plln But when wo protested against
their having left us out of their confi
dence Hrancepoth explained they had
thought it best because they feared
that Cecil Cblltcrn who It seemed
was a great friend ana political ally ol
his despotic uncle would find out from
us probably through my wlfos friend
ship for hIs wife about Brancepethi
engagement to Agatha First in which
event Braucepoth felt convinced Chll
torn would feel It his duty to Inform
said despotic uncle Thorebr as the
young man himself put It raising the
deuce of a row for nothing doAt you
Your Thoughts
Dont go to sleep with a frown on
your brow A drawndown mould and
icrewcdup eyes help to bring wrinkle
But really one needs to think piss
ant thoughts In the daytime tea
Pleasant thoughts bring a serene ex
pression to the face which as Uii
years go on becomes permanent
Tho people you meet who havo pleas
ing tacos are tbe ones who have never
allow bard or unkind or dlscontitu
ed thoughts to find a resting place
In their minds and there Is urgent no
cosilY far cultivating serenity to laU
asleep with
Too Valuable
What you want todc Is to hvr
that mudhola In the road fixed nil
the visitor
That goos to show replied Farm
er CorntoBsel how little you refotrn
ers understand local conditions IVi
nurty urgh paid off a mortgage wui
the money I made baulln autouiotillei
cut o that mudhole i
Out of PlaceI
Everything a woman hat the putt
ot her back
Then my wife will look funny wear
lag that new breastpin I gave her ye I
t Assistance Refused
Doc Well mull certainly find U
a safeguard to bull the water
Blinks Dem the water fit V
boll itself
Blood That Maketh an
Atonement for
of BroaUrn TaberoacU
d r
g TKXTTIio life of tho flonh la In the
blood nnd I have given It to you upon
the altar In make an atonement for your
1 atonement Leviticus XVII L
t Ours Is a day In which more than
j over before tbo statement of onr text
Is disputed disbelieved by Jaws
v Gentiles and Christiana The great
Christian author St Paul agrees ox
actly with tho words of Moses In our I
totext saying Without tbo shedding I
of blood thoro is no rom Inn Ion of sins
j Hebrews 922 Tho orthodox Jew
and tho orthodox Christian therefore
are In substantial agreement an to tbo
foundation of things and the unortho
t dox aro In agreement of opposition
Tho latter agree that thoro is no ne
ceeslty for sin atonementthat tho
later thought of all tho wlso men of
time earth tbo grpatost ministers and
rabbis la that there Is no such thing
as original Bin banco could bo no
such thing nn necessity for canceling
ItiJf making an atonement or sails
faction to Justice on behalf of It
All the worldly wlso of Christon
adom have reached limo p6lnt of repu
dialing the testimony of tho Old Tes
tament and the Now respecting the
noed of a sacrificial death for tho sat
isfaction of divine justice tho cancel
lotion of sin and the restitution ol
tho sinner to divine favor Tho claim
of the socalled now Ihoologisls repu
dialog the fall repudiates the ransom
and repudiates a restitution to nil that
watt lostclaImIng that nothing was
1000t and all that we havo Is gain
Thus the world and Its wisdom know
not God and appreciate not his ar
rungement that as death camo upon
mankind through tho sin of one man
Adam oven so a restitution to life
should conic to all men through
Christ that as nil In Adam die even
so all In Christ shall be made alive
Tbeso worldly wise cannot deny the
fact that thero Is sin In Iho world and
dthe ss thcro is death In the world and
thin the tendency of all fin Is toward
is gaining a greater hold than over
Gbefore upon our race Insane asy
Ibeforo prisons and reform schools show
that notwithstanding our educational
facilities and wonderful achievements
under the enlightening Influences of
the new dispensation now dawning
I nevertheless the Insanity statistics
and the prison statistics and tho phys
leal statistics show that in spite of
everything our raco Is becoming men
tally morally and physically weaker
day by day It Is for them to explain
bow these facts fit to their theory of
I By the term Christian we refer to
those who Intelligently believe tho ox
I planation of tho Bible respecting sin
that It is a violation of tho divine law
and carries with It n penalty that
Father Adam was created as sinless
as arc the angels and as perfect as
they only on n little lower piano of
being Obedience was required of him
as the I + rico of dlvlno favor and ever
lasting life Disobedience thrust him
from paradise into tho unprepared
earth to wrestle with the thorns and
thistles where the decree Dying
thou shalt die accomplished his exe
cutlon His race was In his loins and
naturally shared by heredity his weak
nesses and death penalty so that the
entire race Is a dying race But the
Creator was unwilling that Adam and
his children should die as brutes God
did not revoke hIs decree of death nor
give any intimation that ho had done
unjustly In condemning his creature
He did however provide a way for
their relief Ho provided that as the
first wan alone bad sinned actually so
one Kodeomor alone would be neces
Bury for the race And to him be of
fered a great reward so that his sac
rifice for sins would work out to his
own advantage as well as to tho sin
ners A part of the reward was Ibo
high exaltation to tho heavenly na
turefar nbovO angels and the gift
of the kingdom of earth necessary for
the overruling anal subduing of the
spirit of rebellion In tbo world and for
the oxaltatlon and uplifting from sin
and death conditions of all the willing
and obedient of Adams entire race
But why should God require the
doath of a victim as a basis for the
forgiveness of tho sins of Adam and
his race We reply that Gods law
was Intended to be an Illustration of
tha exactness of divIno Justice Jus
llco could not punish Adam nor his
children wIth everlasting torture or
an other of the horrible things wo
once Imagine Tho severest penalty
of the divine law Is represented In our
common law which as an extreme
penalty requires the death of tbo
After the dIvIne reconciliation
comes human reconciliation Tbe great
Messiah will not require sacrifices
of humanity but on tho contrary will
open tbe blind eyes and cause tho
knowledge of the graca of God to
roach Adam and every momber of his
race Then nil willing for reconcilia
tlon will bo helped by the great Medi
ator of time New Covenant and by Is
rcfll his chosen people and earthly
representatives Tho object to bo ac
complished during Messiahs reign Is
the bringing to all the willing and
obedient tho restitution which God has
promised restitution to all that was
lost Ultimately Messiah will transfer
tbo nllopltnco of the whole world per
fected by him to Jehovah God that
ho may be JJ In all I Corinthians
1855 Berea College 1910
Places the BEST EDUCATION in reachof all
Over 64 instructors 1365 students from 27 states
Largest college library in Kentucky NO SALOONS
A special teacher for each grade and for each main subject
So many classes that each student can be placedwith other like
himself where he can make most rapid progress I
Which Department Will You Enter 1
THE MODEL SCHOOLS for those least advanced Same lectures
library and general advantages as for moro advanced students Arithmetic
and the common branches taught In tho right way Drawing Singing Bible
Handwork Lessons in Farm and Ilouscboll Management etc Free text
TRADE COURSES for any who have finished fifth grade fractions and
compound numbers Brickwork Farm Management Printing Woodwork
Nursing Dressmaking Household Management Learn and Earn
ACADEMY REGULAR COURSE 2 years for those who have largely
finished common branches The moat practical and interesting studies to
fit a young person for an honorable and useful life
I CHOICE OF STUDIES Is offered In this course so that a young man
may secure a diploma In Agriculture and a young lady In Homo Science
I ACADEMY COMMERCIAL 1 year or 2 years to fit for business Even
a part of this course as fall and winter terms Is very profitable Small
extra fees
ACADEMY PREPARATORY 2 3 and 4 year courses with Latin Oer
man Algebra History Science etc fitting for college
COLLEGIATE 4 years Literary Scientific and Classical courses with
use of laboratories scientific apparatus and all modern methods The
highest educational standards
NORMAL 3 and 4year courses fit for tho profession of teaching First
year parallel to 8th grade Model Schools enables one to get a firstclan
certificate Following years winter And spring tqrms glvo the Information
culture and training necessary for a true teacher and cover branches neces
wary for State certificate
MUSIC Singing free Heed Organ Voice Culture Piano Theory
Band may bo taken as an extra In connection with any course Small extra
Expenses Regulations Opening Days
Borca College Is not a moneymaking Institution All the money re
calved from students Is paid out for tholr benefit and the School expends
on an average upon each student about fifty dollars a year moro than he pays
In This great deficit Is made up by tho gifts of Christian and patriotic people
who aro supporting Bcrea In order that It may train young men and women
for lives of usefulness
OUR SCHOOL IS LIKE A FAMILY with careful regulations to protect
the character and reputation of the young people Our students come from
the best families and are earnest to do well and Improve For any who may
bo sick the College provides doctor and nurse without extra charge
All except those with parents In Borea live in College building and
assist In work of boarding ball farm and shops receiving valuable train
fug and getting pay according to tho value of their labor Except In win
ter It is expected that all will have a chance to earn a part of their ex
penses Write to tho Secretary before coming to secure employment
PERSONAL EXPENSES for clothing laundry postage books etc vary
with different people Berea favors plain cjolhlng Our climate Is tho best 1
but as students must attend classes regardless of tho weather warm wraps
and underclothing umbrellas and overshoes aro necessary Tho Coopera
tlve Store furnishes books toilet articles work uniforms umbrellas and
other necessary articles at cost
LIVING EXPENSES aro really below cost Tho College asks no rent
for tho fine buildings In which students live charging only enough room
rent to pay for cleaning repairs fuel lights and washing of bedding
and towels For table board without coffee or extras 135 n week In
the fall and 150 In winter For room furnished fuel lights wash
tug of bedding 40 cents a week In fall and spring CO cents in winter
SCHOOL FEES are two First a Dollar Deposit as guoranteo for
return of room key library books etc This is paid but once and ia returned
when the student departs
Second an Incidental Fee to help on expenses for care of school build
Ings hospital library etc Students pay nothing for tuition or services ot
teachers all our Instruction Is a freo gift Tho Incidental Fee for most
students Is 500 a term 0 In Academy and Normal and 700 In Colle
giate courses
PAYMENT MUST BE IN ADVANCE Incidental fee and room rent bJ
the term board by tho half term Installments are aa follows
FALL School
Incidental Fee Of 500
Room 560
Hoard 7 weeks 945
Amount duo Sept 14 1910 2005
Board for 7 weeks due Nov 2 1910 945
Total for tormOf 2060
If paid In advance 2900
Incidental Fee < > 00
Koom 630
Joard C weeks 900
Amount due Jan 41911 2000
Board for C weeks due Feb 15 1911 900
Total for term 2900
If paid In advance B50
Incidental Fee Of Of C00
Room 4QO
Board 5 weeks 675
Amount due March 29 1911 1C75
Board for 5 weeks due May 3 1911 G76
Total for term 28u
If paid In advance1 2300
Formal and
600 COB
2 1ap
3150 3ioll
701 GOI
400 G711
REFUNDING Students who leave by permission bofoio the end of a
term receive back for money advanced as follows No nlcwanco for frac
lion of a week
On board refund In full
On room and Special Expenses there js a largo loss ooca
sloned by vacant rooms or depleted olus e and the Institution will refund
only onehalt oftho amount which tho studbnt has paid for tho remaining
weeks of the term
On Incidental Fee students excused before the middle of a term will t o
eeive u certificate for onehalf the Incidental fee paid which certificate will
be received as cash by Baron College on paymont of term bills by the stu
dent In person or a brother or sister if presented within four terms
The first day of Fall term Is September 14 1910
The first day of Winter term is January 4 19JI
The first day of Spring term Is March 2fy 1911
Tor Information or friendly advice write to the Secretary

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