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13 EH E A
The Citizen
Devoted to tlae Interests of tlie 3VTou.ntain. People
J. P. FAULKNER, Manager
Knintd at Iht PaH-oflt at linen, A'y., at vmntl
tUut mall-natter.
Knowledge ia power and the
way to keep up with modern
knowledge is to read a good
Vol. XIII.
Firo conts a copy.
Ono Dollar a year.
No. 47
Our Spring Stock is fully assembled and
ready for your inspection. The Styles are
all advanced and exclusive. We have a
large assortment of Suits for both Men
and Boys in all the New Colors and
"DUTCHESS" Trousers Are Here
Our assortment includes Patterns and
Colors to please all tastes, in sizes to fit
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insures you against mishaps. A Lose a
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the indemnity: io cents a button, $i a rip.
Procession Starts From Ladles Hall, 8:30
Berea Commencement, June 5
May 30, Thursday, Memorial Day Student Exercises - 9:30 a. m.
Procession and Decoration of Graves 1 1:00 a. m.
Orations, Maj. Herndon and Pres. Frost 2:30 p. m.
31, Friday Foundation School Graduation ... 7:30 p. m.
June 1, Saturday -Academy Graduation - - - - 7:30 p.m.
2, Sunday Sermon to Graduates 10:30 a. m.
Address to Religious Societies - - - 7:30 p. m.
Hamilton W. Mabie
3, 4, Monday and Tuesday Oral Examinations
3, Monday Harmonia Concert, "The Holy City" 7:30 p. m.
4, Tuesday Reunion of Vocational Graduates 3:30 & 7:30 p. m.
5, Wednesday- Commencement
Procession - - - - -Industrial
Exhibits - - -Normal
Graduates - -College
Graduates ...
Degrees and Diplomas
Speeches ......
- 8:30 a. m.
- 9:00 a. m.
10:00 a. m.
- 1 ljOO a. m.
- 12:00 m.
- 1:30 p. m.
Hon. Augustus E. Willson, Louisville
Rev. Frank S. Brewer, Massachusetts
Rev. H. C. Coolcy, Michigan
Wo call uttt'iiUun to u special
feature this week, uu article liy Dor
othy Dlx, "Tho price wo jiay for
tlio privilege of belonging to a fami
ly." Wo urgo every reader to pontso
this article, feeling sure tliat it will
prove both Interesting und helpful
to husbands and wives, fathers and
mothers, old bachelors and old ninldtt
und even children.
In our IMcubIvo farming series, we
havu u very Interesting contribution
from tlio Statu Experiment Station
on Ix-gumo crops and tlio Nitrogen
rupply. This article, it read, dlgest-
cd nnd practiced, will enrich every
farmer in Eastern Kentucky and re
pay him a thousand-fold for IiIb sub
Bcrlptlon to Tho Citizen.
On Uio subject of temperance, wo
not only present our usual temper
unco columu on page 3, but glvo In
other columns the substanco of threo
addresses given by Or. Crafts on
his visit this week to Herea. Dr.
Crafts, llko lloprescntatlvo liobuon,
lias tho final and telling urgutueut
against the saloon. Tho editorial on
tho back pago is clipped from ono
of tho pamphlets which ho distri
butes. Inasmuch as wo go to press next
week on the 30th, Memorial or Decor
ation Day, this is Id part our Memo
rial Day Issue, and page C is largely ,
Summary of Dr. Craft's Addresses,
Monday and Tuesday.
Alarmed and, uroucsd by prohibi
tion victories In 1007-8, lliiuor inter
ests organized five million voters in
tho "allied trades." Glass blowers
havo been persuaded that unless men
continue to "smash things" in sa
loons there will soon bo nothing to
"blow" but tho prohibitionists. Coop
ers ha'o be'.'ii mailo to feel that if
fower beer barrels aro wanted they
will lose, as It Micro would not bo
lu that case a demand for more flour
barrels to feed tho drinker's famish
ed family, and more oil barrels to
l'ght up his darkened homo, liy tho
uid of these ullles and others, liquor
interests bao In tlio last two years
won five state prohibition battles
out of seven and almost captured tho
capital of prohibition; and thoy havo
won back tho largest cities that went
"No llcenso;" and with returning
iroaerIty tho per capita consump
tion of liquors Is again oti tho up-
Contluunl onrasc Five
Tlio tho returns tiro by no means complete, an wo go to press tho
Indications aro that Mr. Roosevelt hns carried Ohio by a largo ma
jority. Gov. Wilson's majority over ilnnnon, tho other fnvoriie son,
seonui to bo cqtinlly tolling.
It was declared by tho Hoosevolt supportors a few weeks ago
that Massachusetts would decide the Republican contest, if Mr.
Taft should lose, nnd then Maryland, and, finally, Ohio; and
tho President himself seems to havo been willing that his homo
people-should bo tho arbiters. Of course ho is by no menns defeated
jet, but owing to tho gains of tho ox-President, a stronger enndidnto
mny bo sought and the President's votes be switched to him in tho
hopo of checking tho third torm tide.
Hut then Teddy says, "I'll be tho compromise candidate," and
Teddy "is a wIisoMiorso."
The old Prophet dlscovored death in the pot a single instance.
Tho now prophets of health havo discovered death in the cup in tho
public drinking cup, nnd the cup, used In common, must go. Death
is to bo outlawed.
And who wonders nt tho discovery? The consumptive, with his
hollow chest and deep guttural cough, drinks from tho gourd, tho cup
or tho dipper that the othor members of the family uso, ho wanders
to the crossroads storo and tho dipper provided for the customers is
free to him, or, on his wny to the city for treatment, in the train,
ho goes to the water-cooler in tho car and uses tho common glass, and
there, hs in tho home and the store, tin; lifo of everyone who touches
tho glass with his lips is endangered by particles of sputum contain
ing germs of the diseaso from his teeth, lips or mustache.
And it is not only consumption, the white plague, that is to be
gunrded against. Any one of a dozen diseases may bo communicated
in the sumo manner. The doctors reporting to the State Board of
Health last year listed 33,000 cases of venereal diseases in Kentucky
alone. The Hlnck Pluguo is, therefore, in our midst, sometimes moro
loathsome oven than consumption, and it is not impossible to com
municate it in the same way.
And then, to say nothing of the possibility of contracting dis
ease, who relishes the thought of drinking after anyone nnd everyone
ho chances to see and meet the foul breath, the unclean lips, tho
dirty teeth, the drooping mustache, smeared with tobacco juice
Wo welcomeeveryone should welcome the banishing of the
public drinking cup by the act of the Legislature which" is to be en
forced nfter Juno 10th, 11)12.
The text of tho law follows:
Prohibiting Public Drinking Cups.
In force June 10, 1012
The uso of tho common drinking- cup on railroad trains,
nnd In railroad stations, public hotels, hoarding houses,
restaurants, or steamboats, in stores, or other publicly fre
quented plnees In Kentucky Is hereby prohibited. No per
son or corporation in charge of the aforesaid places, and
no poro n or corporation shall permit on said railroad
train, in railroad stations, public Ii.itoU, boarding houses,
restaurants, steamboats, stores, oriiny publicly frequented
place in Kentucky, tho uso of the drinking cup in common.
Thorn must also be posted in a conspicuous place, by the
Individual or corporation, by the drinking water contained
In nnv of tho places mentioned in foregoing' paragraph, a
warning cardboard with the above printed thereon In largo
letters, so they can be ensily rend. Any person or corpor
ation, violating the provisions of this net, shall, upon con
viction, ho fined in any sum not less than one doflnr, and
not more than ten dollars, mid each day's violation of any
of the provisions of this net shall ho considered a separate
offense, punishable by line In the amount mimed above.
All laws inconsistent witli this net are hereby re
pealed. (l'nssod by Kentucky Legislature, Session 111115; Gover
nor's signature, March 13, 1012.)
Various Programs Outlined. Large
Crowds Expected
given up to a poem and an article
suitable to that day.
Finally, every ono should read our
front pago editorial and noto tho
fact that tho public drinking cup
must go after Juno 10th.
Commencement promises very un
usual attractions this year. It is well
for everybody to get in nilnd tho
events of this happy season. Full
program apiiears on our front page.
Tho Grand Army deserves greater
honor as its numberB grow fewer.
We cherish our veteruu defenders of
Uio nutlon's lifo. Morutug exercises
will bo largely In chargo of the young
people, und, after tho march to the
cemetery, tho decoration of tho
graves and luncheon, there will bo
more formal addresses by Major Hern
don of Lancaster and Pres. Frost.
Tho graduating exercises of the
roundntlou School on Friday night
will certainly be very attractive. Tho
Academy graduation on Saturday
night always draws a largo crowd.
Tho number of graduates this year
nnd tho quality of their pieces will
increase this crowd.
Sunday Is a truly great day. Every
iKxIy who lias feet or wheels for ten
miles around should bo here. Tho
bermou to graduates in the morning
lb always one of tho great events.
Tills year, tho most distinguished
visitor to Herea Is Hamilton W. Mablo
who is associated with Ex-Presldeut
Roosevelt as editor of "Tho Outlook."
Mr. Mablo Is ono of tho great liter
nry men of tho country and, what is
more, ono of tho very first orators
living. Ho will givo tho address
Sunday night before the religious
Monday and Tuesday are tho days
for oral examinations. Each class
gives Its last two meetings to an
examination by question and answer,
spoken, not written, covering tho
work of tho preceding term or semes
ter. Theso oral examinations aro of
interest to all Intelligent pooplo, and
wo anticipate many visitors. All class.
es aro open to visitors.
Monday night is tho usual concert
of tho Harmonia Society, which al
(Csntlnurd on l'i(t Fife
Canal's Governor Home for Vaca
tion Dr. Craft's Speaking Tour
Bryan at the Presbyterian General
Assembly Reward for Callihan's
Hon. H. M. Thatcher, Kcntucky'a
Governor of the Canal Zone, accom
panied by ills wife, is In Kentucky
on his vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Tin
cher had an exciting experience n
board tho Cincinnati Southern train
on their way from Now Orleans, when
bandits stopped tho locomotive and
robbed tho fjxpresa car of $150,000.
Thoy soeincd to havo gotten about
all they could carry and did not mo
lest tho passengers.
Dr. Wilbur F. Crafts, Supt. of tho
International Reform Bureau of
Washington, has boon on a lecture
tour in Kentucky this week, having
visited Lexington, Georgetown, Har
rod3burg nnd other places. Tlio sub
ject of his locturo la "Tho Hand Writ
ing on tho Wall of King Alcohol."
Dr. Craft3 arrived In Herea, Monday,
addressing tho convocation at the
President's house at 4:30 and a large
nudlcuco in tho Chapel at 7:20 p. in.
His address will bo found in other
columns of this Issue.
William Jennings Uryan was an
attraction at the Presbyterian assem
bly nt Loulsvlllo this week, giving
one of his sot lectures, but inject
ing much about politics. It is said
that nearly nlno thousand people
heard tho Nebraskan.
Governor McCroary has offered a
reward of four hunded dollars for
tho arrest of the assassins of Ed
Callllmu lu Ureathltt County. It la
thought that the amount may bo In-
creasod from prlvato sources or
from the county, and an experienced
('elective may bo employed to run
down tho murderers.
Globe, Equity,
Mt. Pleasant
Now ready for delivery at
the lowest prices at
Winning tha Fight Against Consump
tion Four Great Religious Gather
ings The Law Triumphs In Vir
ginia and Mass. Anthracite strike
Ended Our Superdreadnaught
Debs to Try it Again Why not Raise
Tho ten years from 1900 to IU10
havo witnessed great activity In the
fight upon tho whlto plaguo. It Is
during this period that tho open air
nnd rest methods of cure havo been
advocated everywhere. And the va
rious workers have been taking stock,
eo too speak, In ordtr to test the
success of their mothods. Tho re
sults are as follows: the death rate
from consumption per ono hundred
thousand at tho beginning of the
decade was l'JC.9; at Its close 1C0.3.
There Is a decrease, therefore, of
EG.G per hundred thousand, or a
percentage decrease of 18.7. To fur
ther show tho effectiveness of the
crusade, It la only necessary to state
that tho general death rale has de
clined only about half so fast or
&.7 per conL
Four great religious gatherings
are being held this week: the gen
eral conference of the Methodist
Episcopal Church at Minneapolis in
Us quadrennial session, the general
assembly of tho Northern Presbyter
ian Church In Its yearly meeting at
Louisville, the general assembly of
tho Southcfti Procbytcriou Church
at Urlstol, Tenn., and tho Southern
liaptlst Convention at Oklahoma
Tho matter of chief debate In the
Methodist body has been tho amuse
ment clause, of tho discipline. Tho
movement for abolishing this clauso
lost by a small majority. Tho dis
cussions In the Presbyterian gather
lug at Loulsvlllo havo been of a
gcnoral nature, the chief pramlso of
progross being In tho wide felt
necessity, ns illustrated In the var
ious addresses, of a greater and more
unified missionary endeavor. Tho
Southern Presbyterian assembly has
had to face some doctrinal disturb
ances, tho "elect Infant" clauso in
tho confession of faith, as usual,
bobbing up to disturb 'tho peace. Tlio
Baptists havo had a great awakening
(Continued on rce Five)
The King of Denmark dies aloneand
Suddenly European War Flurry
Decisive Battle Expected in Mexico.
Frederick, tho VIII, King ot Den
mark, died In Hamburg, Germany,
while taking a etrdl alone at night.
Ills death Is said to havo been dun
to apoplexy. Ho was seen to fall by
persons who did not recognize, him
as a royal personage, and was token
to a hospital where ho was found to
bo dead. 'Members ot tho King's
party did not know for a long time
that anything had happened, but,
Instituting a search, simply as a mat
ter of precaution, when the King
was lato In returning and, going to
a hospital when they heard that an
unknown man had been taken there,
they found to their amv.ment, 'that
It was the King.
Ills son, as King Christian the X,
has been crowned his successor.
Strained relations exist between
Russia and France. 'The trouble
seemo to havo arisen over France's
hupposed Interference with Russia's
policy In tho matter of the Turko
Itallan war. The disagreement has
dovelopod into the request for the
recall of France's ambassador at St.
Petersburg. "Many European papers
prophesy a world war, but others
ore not so easily scared; they think
that all differences will bo adjusted
by mutual agreement or at least by
The expected decisive battle has
not yet occurred between the Mexi
can rebels and federals, but tho re
bels are now on the defensive, hav
ing retired to a place called Rellano
to await the Government advance.
Tho Government of Ecuador, ono
of the Andean Republics of South
America, has long refused requests
for payment on old claims against
the railroad runnine from nnvnnnll in
Quito, and representations (Amount
ing almost to aw ultimatum havo been
recently made by our government.
"Whichever way tho wind doth blow,
some heart Is glad to have it so. So
blow It cast or blow it west, tho
wind that blows, that is the best."
20,000 LIVES $2,000,000,000
That is what Fire cost the people of the United
States in the past fifteen years. And much of the
blame can be laid directly to fire-inviting, fire-spreading
Buildings in Berca are being erected closer and closer
together. The danger of fire increases rapidly. It will pay
you to stop and think before you decide that roofing question.
A Fire-proof Roof May Save You Worry, Your House, Your Life
Remember, a Metal Roof, properly put on, is the best
known protection against lightning.
We cover your house with plain old style Tin, or heavy,
durable Galvanized Steel or artistic Metal Shingles.
Berea School of Roofing
Office Jackson St., rear of Main.
Phone 7 or 181.

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