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(tm Citizen
J. P. FAULKNIR, Manager
Knowledge' Is power aad the
way to keep up with modem
knowledge Is to read a good
Malmd at tU Fott rfflft at firm, Ay., of wwnd,
tUm natt-mnlUr. i
Devoted, to ttxo Interests of tlxe iiVEoioritairi People
Vol. XIV.
Five cents a copy.
One Dollar a year.
No. 18
Money For You In It
When you get a chance like this at
clothes like these you had better take ad
vantage of it. The profit is all yours.
We are willing to give you our profit as
a means of clearing the summer stook.
Clothes and other good things to wear at
less than they are worth.
Wo call special attention this wJ:
to several features tlmt ought to
jtrovo of unusual Interest to our
Tlio first la tho sermon of Pres.
Frost, delivered beforo the Btudont
body, tho first Sunday nlKht of tho
term, on Uio subject, "The Treas
ures of Youth." Wo are sure this
will provo Interesting reading to all,
but especially to the parents who
havo sons and daughters In Ueren. K
will glvo soma Idea of tho nature of
tho religious Instruction which they
recelvo In tho College and ought to
bring comfort and ratlsfactlon.
And wo havo something mor" point
ed and appealing, wo think, to our
farmer friends this week. Laat
week wo announced that Prof. Mont
gomery would conduct our Farmcra
Department, Ills first article appears
on pago 7 this week, his subject be
ing "Hyo; Some of Its Uses and How
to Ralso It."
Prof, Montgomery's work In con
nection with tho schcrol will bring
him In closo contact with the
farmers of Uio mountains and he
will study thslr needs. And each
artlclo will aim to meet an evident
In tho third place, wo wish to
direct nttentlon to Prof. Lewis' artl
clo on "Neighborhood History - In
tho Public Schoolti." Every article
that Uio Profc3eor has submitted we
think has been good, but this or.o
Is especially Important. Wo havo
often thought of writing on that sub
ject and aro suro that teachers will
profit greatly, nnd tho parents as
well, by adopting tho suggestions
China Gets an English Tutor No
Tears at Bedside of the Dying Turk
Longing; for the Days of Dial
Apprehension in Cuba Marines in
Control in Nicaragua.
Kentucky Naws
World News
United States News.
Tho Treasures of Youth, Sermon by
President Frost.
Temperance Notes.
Heart to Heart Talks.
Our Teachers Department.
Homo Course In DomcsUo Science.
Sunday School Lesson.
Kitchen Cabinet
Cblldrens' Column.
Tho Thirty and nine. Or why stop
With Ono.
Sermon Continued.
Serial Story.
Iataaalr Farming
Farm and Garden.
Coal Tar for Inside of Silo.
page Biairr
Eastern Kentucky News.
New Story.
A good description of tho Chlneso
situation Is that nobody knows any
thing about It. Tho Republic ntlll
exists. In namo at least, and there
U a general calm. Tho ouo signifi
cant fact worthy of comment Is thai
tho .President has chosen an Eng-
Ushman as his adviser, Dr. Geo: E.
I'MoriHon, adventurer, explorer, au
thor nnd student of Asiatic problems.
'Just what this means no ono knows,
but It probably means peace, growth,
'prosperity and world advancement as
startling as that of Japan.
Turkey has been called tho slcic
man of Europe for nearly two hun
dred years and cablo advices to the
I A ii.trlffii timaa frnm lli.rllli nr 1.1
tho effect that ho Is rapidly grow
ing sicker and may soon bo expected
to explro. Theso reports nro to tho
effect that all Eurcpo Is at bis bed
side, not weeping at his death
gasps, but waiting to partition bis
effects. As tho story goes, ho has
been kept alive for many years by
tho kind treatment of England ft
kindness administered not for lovo
of him but owing to' Jealousy of the
I other powers. England Is thought to
hmo other patients needing most
of her attention now, and henco tho
alarming news concerning tho Turk.
Whllo there has not been much
fighting, tho rebel leader being lu
hiding, tho spirit of revolution and
unrest has perceptibly increased In
Mexico during tho week, Tho
government la 6ald to bo in terror
owing to reports of a widespread
movement on tho part of all classes
citizens and federal and rebel of
dlers to recall Diaz, the aged exiled
president. Ho is reported to havo
expressed his willingness to "como
back" It tho people want him, and
petitions aro being circulated and
aro being signed by thousands, ask
ing for his return. -MORE
Disquieting dispatches contlnuo to
come from Cuba. Tho chief com
plaint now is that tho Comet ad
ministration has been extravagant,
haying spent at least $140,000,000 dur
ing its 2 1-2 years, and now being
without funds and In dire straits to
meet tho dally calls upon tho treas
ury. Another disquieting feature Is the
approaching presidential election
which occurs, tho first of November.
As Is always tho case lu Latin
American countries there Is danger
that tho minority party will sppeal
to arms. Thero aro siave reasons
for apprehension this year, It Is
claimed. '
Tho situation In Nicaragua has
been serious during ,tho week, but
Continued urft Two
For some yearn preceding nnd during the Civil War tho defen
ders of slavery np ponied to tho Scriptures In defenso of ibo system,
and it wag not au uncommon thing to hoar ministers advocating the
institution from their pulpits nnd sighting texts in defense of Ibeir
Tho defenders of the saloon and tho liquor t radio in general aie
equnlly hard pressed and are resorting to the same methods. For in.
stance, Mr. Geo. O. Drown of Louisville, Ky. , has recently revised a
booklet, which he got out so mo years ago, in which ho sights all the
passages that refer to wine or intoxicnting drinks in any form, and
shows or attempts to show that tho Dible is on the side of tho whiskey
manufacturer and the saloon keeper.
Mr. Drown, in a letter to a gentleman, who has been so kind as
to refer it to us, states that, "It is needless for me to say that I have
never believed and do not now believe that this business (meaning the
liquor business ) is wrong from either a moral or an economic point
of view, and I know that I can conscientiously say that if I thought
it to be so I would in no wiso remain connected with it." lie goes
on further to state that ho is confirmed in his view by tho sanction
which ho finds in tho Bible, which he Bets forth in the booklet.
Now people can be in tho wrong and be honest. Many people
honestly believed that slarery was right, and doubtless the author of
this book is conscientious, but ho is only another good example of
how badly mistaken good intentioned people can sometimes be, and
how fatal it is to hare n wrong conception of the Bible. Suppose
ouo should expect to find, between its lids, sanction for tho uto of the
mowing machine, the cotton gin, tho railroad, the telephone, tele
graph, wireless telegraph, the flying machine, tho telescope, modern
Are fighting apparatus, automobiles, and nil other modem conve
niences? No one would now claim tkat, sinco tho Bible does not explicitly
authorize theso inventions, they are bad, and ought not to bo used.
But just here it should not bo forgotten that the invenfor of the tel
escope was imprisoned by the Church, and the authors of these and
many other inventions, if their discoveries were mode as much as 35
or 40 years ago, were denounced from the pulpit.
It seems to us that the trouble comes from the misunderstanding
6f the Bible and tho misunderstanding of inspiration. Some, people
can yet bo found and even some preachers who do not believe in evo
lution and claim thnt tho Darwinian theory has been exploded. Of
course they aro in tho dark as to what is going on in the world and
in the dark as to the modern conception of the Bible. It is a work
of inspiration most surely, but at tho same time it is a product of evo
lution or growth. This does not mean at all that God changes or that
He changes His view of things, but it means simply that the world in
its childhood was not able to conceive of God as He is now and was
then, and that as it grew to manhood, its conception of Him broadened
nnd became more nearly the true conception. As we pass from the
early to tho later books of the Bible, the steps of moral progress are
as clearly written as are tho changes in life Torms as we advance from
tho earlier rocks to the later in our Geological studies.
The race in tin childhood interpreted God as best it was able
and deposited that interpretation in certain books; in its youth it
did likewise, and alio as it approached manhood. These books coU
lected into one are our Holy Hible.
It certainly does not follow, then, sinco there are accounts given
in the Bible of people being drunk and wines and iutoxicatiug drinks
being used, thnt tho manufacture, sale, or use of intoxicants should
bo permitted by us.
We are still interpreting God rending His thoughts after Him,
as Keplar put it, and shall we pot read better as the ruco grows older?
The Treasures of Youth
Sermon by President Frost, United Chapel, Sunday Night,
September 15, 1912. .
Our subject tonight Is tho Treas
ures of Youth, the preclousness of
young days. Tho text Is Eccleslastcs
11th chap., 9th and 10th verses: "Re-
Jolco, O yung man, in Uiy youth;
nnd let thy hcurt cheer thee In the
days of thy youth, nnd wall; In the
ways of ttilno heart, and In tho
sight of thine eyes: but know thou,
that for all thebo tilings God will
bring theo Into Judgment. Thereto
remove sorrow from thy heart, and
put away evil from thy flesh: for
yuth and tho dawn of life ore vani
ty." Dfd you ever make a Journey in u
boat down tho Kentucky River iass
Ing more or less 'swiftly tho succes
sive headlands of tho shore? Do
you remember your sensation li n
railway Journey going from station
to station? Now. such .a Journey. Is
a typo of our life, ono scene after
another, nnd never turning back.
This text of ours Is not In any way
a dlspralso of youth and young days,
but It Is an explanation. It winds up
with thoso mystic words, "youth and
tho dawn of llfo are vanity."
What It Vanity? "
Now what Is vanity? Vanity Is not
always something worthless, but van
ity is something that soon passes
away. And that Is tho case with all
the experiences of life. Shakesiearo
has mapped out human life In seven
ages. Visit tho reading room in How
ard Hall and you shall see how the
artist has followed tho drama and
pictured tho babe and tho school boy
and tho other five stages that make
up ono llfo.
Tho story Is told of an Eastern
despot who built a great hall which,
was to be tho sceno of audiences
and revelry, a plaeo whero they should
ncgotlato treaties and receive sup
pliants and pass sentences, a place
where learned and great men, cap
tives and soldiers, at different times,
would assemble. He asked his wise
men to glvo him a motto for the
walls of such a place which should
be appropriate to every occasion In
the llfo of man. They bowed and re
tired, deliberated and brought their
verdict, and tho motto they advised
as appropriate to every occasion In
tho life of man was theso words:
"This also shall pass away." No mat
ter how high the revelry, no matt-r
how gifted tho company, no matter
how glorious the occasion, this aluo
shall pass away. And thnt same
sentence must bo passed upon youth
and upon manhood and upon every
stago of Ufa's Journey. But tho con
gratulation at tho beginning of this
text is a very slncero one "Re
joice, O young man," for thou hast
causo for rejoicing. It explains that
youth, or young days, havo two val
ues. First Is their value for tho
beauty and tho Joy that they havo
In themsolvcs. The second, and more
lasting, is the value that they havo
as a seedtime, for harvests yet to
como. Sometimes wo forget this last
value. Wo aro so eager In enjoying
youth that wo do not Improvo it. Wo
need to bo reminded that It Is van
ity, that It Is transitory, that It 13
passing, that it docs not last for
ever, and that its chief value Is tho
seed sowing that shall mako harvests
for other days. "Rejoice, O young
man, In thy youth."
Let us enumerate a few of tho
treasures of youth.
Unspoiled Body.
First, Is the unspoiled body. Of
all tho material things that God has
raado thero Is probably nothing to
equal a human form. Wonderful, un
searchable In Its mysteries and sanc
tities. Its fulness, Its sanctuaries of
secret rooms, its functions, tho can
dle stick of the soul, Its eyes that
see, and ears that hear, and nerves
that feel, and pmsclcs that rcjoluo
In action. Why, anyone of you who
is twenty years of age, If you could
exchange your body, uncontamlnated
and unspoiled, with Andrew Carnegie,
or John D. Rockefeller, you could gt
a hundred million dollars to boot!
An unspoiled body, tho first herlt-
ago and tho least of the heritage of
An Unspoiled Repute.
Tho next Is an unspoiled repute.
Shakespeare eays the particular Jewel
of a man's soul Is his reputation, and
every young woman and young man
starts In life with an unblemished
CobIIoim4 ea Ftpf Two
Two Car Loads of Globe and Equity
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Prices interesting and terms liberal.
See them belorcyou buy.
Opening: of Republican Campaign
Gov. Wilton is a Good Campaigner
Col. Rootevelt to Speak Thru the
Phonograph Wiley Criticises Con
gress Improved Concrete Train
Robbery Martial Law in W. Va.
Tho Republican National campaign
was opened In Ohio and Kentucky
simultaneously last Saturday. Sena
tor Lodge of Massachusetts was the
chief defender of the administration
in Columbu3 and Senator Bradley
sounded the first big gun at Lexing
ton, Ky.
Chairman Hllles of New York says
that from tho sounding of theso
opening guns the campaign will be
in full swing until tho Gth of Nov.
Senator Lodge sees no reason why
the American peopla should swap off
prosperity for tho wretched condi
tions of tho Clavelaud administration.
Gov. Wilson has proved himself
a real campaigner during tho last
ten days, having made a circuit thru
tho states north of the Ohio and go
ing as far we3t as 'Minneapolis. Every
where ho wan received with enthu
siasm. Ho developed real Bklll n
political speaking, lu not a few In
stances meeting trying situations
and turning them to good account, fie
Is a pleasant speaker and has self
respect enough to avoid offensive
personalities whllo criticising his
opponents, at the same time not
fearing to bestow, credit where cred
it Is due.
In answer to thoso who say he
will bo trust controlled, ho rushes
back to New Jersey to oppose tho
candidacy of Boss Smith for tho
United States Senate, and replies to
his critics, by laughing at them and
calling them humorous.
Colonel Roosevelt Is trying to bo
seen and heard by everybody In his
(Continued on rage Two)
Both Parties Ratify in Lexington
Mooter to Oppose Kirk Two
Roadt Will Not Contest Tax Raise
Wreck on L. & N. Kentucky Ed
itor Diet Fira Prevention Day ln
turance Ratts Lowered Flrtt Train
Soon to Arrive Explosion Kills
Two To Vote for Bond Issue.
Two great political gatherings wero
held In Lexington last week. On
Thursday the Democratic hosts as
sembled to ratify the nomination of
Wilson and 'Marshal. There was a
big parade, plenty of noise, and
soup and other liquids flowed freely.
Tho chief speakers were Gov. Mc
Creary, Speaker Clark, Senator
Gore, and Senator-elect James. Then
was much counting of the ducks be
foro they hatch.
Tho other big gathering was on
Saturday night- when Senator Bradley
opened tho Taft Campaign. The Sen
ator, aside from paying his uncompli
mentary respects to the Colonel nnd
lauding tho Taft administration, had
his fun at tho cxpenso of tho Demo
crats, saying that while soup flowed -freely
at Woodland Park, Thursday,
more would bo demanded a year or
two from now if the Democrats aro
allowed to carry out their program
A convention will bo held in Win
chester, tho 26th, to nomlnato a
Mooso candidate for Appellate Judga
in tho 7th District. The Republican
vote Is to bo divided and the Judge
ship banded over to a Democrat.
Kirk is not thought good enough.
Two railroads operating in Ken
tucky will not contest the Increased
assessments. They aro tho Mobllo
and Ohio and tho Southern. They
paid Into the State Treasury, Mon
day, the franchise taxes duo this year
and announced their accept an co of
tho raiso for the future. The L. and
N. will contest, as is evident from
the injunction proceedings already
Continued on Pge Two
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