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October to, 1912.
The Citizen
A family newspaper for ill that It right,
true and Intarattlnf.
rulllhrI erery Thurwtay t llrrca. Ky.
(I nrorpornleil)
J. P. Faulknar, Editor and Mamgar.
Subscription Ratus
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notify tia.
Mlulna numbers will be gladly supplied If we
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Mlxral terma given to any who obtain new
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yearly iileription ran receiteThe cilurn free
for himnelf for one year
Advertising rates on application,
Saturday, Oct. 12th, Is" Columbus
Day, tho 420th anniversary of tf'o dis
covery of America.
'More nnd moro tho schools of tho
country aro properly celebrating tho
great days In our nation's history.
It used to bo that the teachers took
advantago of the holiday nnd had r.o
school at all, tho children being dis
banded and tho teachers themselves
taking a- day off as a day of rest.
But in recent years holidays havo
been taken to mean something and
not simply as days for which teach
ers can draw their salaries and con
tribute nothing to tho welfare of
their districts or toward the creation
and malntaluanco of patriotic senti
ment, and loyalty to tho Interest cf
tho country.
Columbus Day is now a legal holi
day for tho public schools of Ken
tucky and many other states, and .t
is t bo hoped, while the 12th comes
on Saturday, und tho schools are
closed on that day, that the Monday
following will bo appropriately cele
Monday was the birthday of James
Whltconib Riley. A year ugo the
Hoosler Poet was seriously sick and
di.ring most of the year it' was not
thought that ho could live any length
of time. But it is said now that he
U almost as well as over.
This was Mr. Riley's COth birthday,
but he is still a boy In spirit. RIl?y
was a long time in finding himself,
having been a wandering sign pnlnter
after being confined for a number of
months to dry law books in his
father's law office,
m also had an oxpcrlcnco with n .
traveling patent medicine show, nnd
afterwards edited a paper and almost
filled its columns with his homely
verso, which for a long time was con
sidered so common that tho magazines
would not accept It, And ho is said to
havo won a place in their columns
only by a ruso and In fact a kind of
forgery, having written a poem which
ho attributed to Edgar Allen Poo.
This showed him that the only thing
he needed was a namo.
Riley, Judged by tho salo of his
works, is easily the leading Ameri
can poet today. Throughout the week
exhibits of his works will be made
In various libraries and in many
fechools Riley programs will bo given.
It will bo a,loni tlmo before "The
Old Swlnimln' Hole' "When Tho
Frost Is On Tho Pumpkin," nnd "Lit
tle Orphan Annie" will bo forgotten.
Oa another pago of The Citizen this
week will bo found a statement, re
quired by the- recent act of Congress
amending the postal regulations, show
lng tho names of tho stockholders of
The Berea Publishing Company, the
owners and publishers of Tho Citizen,
and also the namo of the Editor and
This new regulation provides that
all editorial or other reading, mat
ter for which pay Is received, publish
ed In any paper, shall bo designated
as an advertisement, tho object of
tho requirement being to show tho In
fluences that control the policies of
tho paper and the sentiments express
cd. A good deal of opposition is develop,
ing to these new regulations based
upon tho claim that the press is be
ing muzzled and the constitutional
right of free speech Interfered with.
But the Editor of The Citizen has
no such objections to make, Recent
development In American political
life have shown that the rich and un
scrupulous do, In many Instances, con
trol the prwes and direct the editorial
policies of many papers that many
editors, while they may possess their
own souls, do not always own their
own pens. When such conditions pre
vnll It would seem thntnojustlflablo
complaint could bo mndo to tho co.
pie's knowing tho source of tho senti
ments expressed.
In England they nro now worrying
not about slum children but about
what might bo termed tho youth of
Quality. According to British critics
young men of that country enjoying
tho highest education nnd advantag.-B
at Oxford and clsowhero nro nothing
rnoro nor less than mollycoddles.
They havo no character or backbone,
They learn nothing useful nnd nro
fit for nothing In particular.
When It comes to coping with tho
stem realities of life, young men who
enjoyed fower privileges nnd advan
tages, tho critics assert, can giro
them cards and spades.
Whether theso views of tho critics
aro fully or only partly Justified, tho
decline of this particular class cf
young men in no way threatens tho
British nation. Tho English peoplo
ns a wholo will not lack in rugged
manhood becauso tho pampered sous
of certain aristocratic families nro
shy on backbone.
An English professor onco said that
tho British nrlstocracy has been sav
ed by occassional alliances with ac
tresses and milkmaids. The country
folks of Great Britain are'ns rugged
today as they ever were. Tlie miners
and mechanics of today lack none of
tho virtues of that humblo cotter,
Robert Burns, Immortalized. Tho nidi
who nro making history In Great Brit
ain today, nnd who will make history
in tho future, nre men from among
tho masses, men of tho typo of Kclr
llardlo. Tho qualities of strong and
fearless manhood aro bred behind tho
plow, in mines, and factories no less
than in colleges and universities. Ex.
"Anyone who thinks tho motherland
dead or dying Is vastly mistaken. Wo
found In Great Britain the nami
sturdy, steady men who developed
in those islands tho greatest peoplo
tho world has over seen." Premier
Borden at Ottawa, Canada, Sept. 9
Young man:
I want you to read what Mncaulay
says about tho opposing generals nt the
battle, of Merwlnden: j
"Of all the 120,000 men gathered
around Merwlnden under all the stand
ards of western Europe, it is probable,
that the two feeblest In body were the
hunchbacked dwarf who urged for
ward the fiery onslaught of Franco and
tho asthmatic skeleton who covered
England's slow retreat." j
You are neither a hunchbacked dwarf
nor an asthmatic skeleton.
But suppose you were?
Or, suppose you aro a runt and a
weakling, physically?
Nevertheless, take courage!
There's Napoleon, i'ou think of him
as n robust, sawedoff little giant, ablo
to get along with four hours' sleep,
but do you know
He came to Paris an undersized, hol
Iv n VUlfttCU UJJ , Ul Vt UUUJ J'Ulk vu
fUn at tuo engineering school becauso 1
ho was small? Even nfter he had 1
low cheeked boy. at whom they poked
shown special talent ns an artillery
man he wns dismissed from the army
and despaired of bis future,
lie tells us about making the thin
soup upon which bo and his brother
lived, and he says, "I breakfasted off
dry bread, but I bolted the door on my
Note the nerro and the floe pride of
the phrase.
Most young men would have given
np. After seven years ns lieutenant
there was no promotion In sight, but
tho little corporal wrote in his diary:
"I'vo done all I can do. Now let
the world look outl"
And there's Theodore Roosevelt
A puny city lad who left New York,
went west nnd lived the cowboy life
In order to save himself from -a pre
matura death. Think or say what you
like about Roosevelt politically, there
aro few.men who aro his peers phys
ically. And of literary men there aro Dar
win, who was an invalid for forty
years, and Stevenson, wuo when he
could not ralso his head from his pll-
low wrote stuff that will live.
I Do not these instances and there
are hundreds moro make you asham
ed to say you cannot do what you
want to do, or be what you want
to be?
Tho flesh may be weak, but Is tho
spirit willing?
When you can say with Napoleon,
"Pro done all I can," then you can also
"Now let tho world look out."
And It will look out for you and get
out of y6ur way.
The man who has lived an active life yon cannot go forward unless .some complied by tho Bureau of Railway j be8t depot on 1,10 ,lno w"l o con
quits It nt his peril, other engine hitches onto yoo and Kconomlcs from reports to tho Inter- Btructe(1 t Hazard. With millions up-S.M-,,J!l!,.i-
ne 1. e .ti fll3!"!0U ot,K-. ,he 8l'Ie tck. Btiito Commerce Commission covering on ,nll"on8 ot ' coal, outcrop.
Besides, a purposeless life Is of all
states the most miserable. To go to
bed with nothing to look forward to
and wake up In the morning with
nothing to do Is to live a pitiful ex
It Is not the years that make n man
old. It Is the death of the spirit ot
the man.
In bis eighty-fourth year Judge
Roger A. Pryor of New York said to
a reporter:
"The passage of time has In Itself no
effect on man or other material things.
What a man does counts
Convincing Indications That the
Republican Party Is
Still Dominant.
When President Taft was visiting
his brother In New York a few days
ago the newspaper tvimrters rolled
upon him. After n pleasant chat the
president made n formal statement of
his views on the political slltintlon:
j "When 1 declared n few weeks ago
that I felt reasonably sure of my own
I reelection In November and the sue-
j cess of the ltcptihllcnti party 1 wns re-
ganlctl by some ns entirely oversnn
gnlne and unaware of the situation.
Today, however, after, n number of In
dications that the lleptihltcau party Is
still the dominant party and that the
expected growth of Democratic
strength has fulled to mntcrinlUe. my
early declaration Is shown to be en
titled to respect. The Itcpuhllcnns nec-
essarlly will have n reduced majority
over 1003 because of the presence of
mrco ucueis m me iieni. nut 1110 nem-
ocratlc party will surfer also. The
combined strength of the third term
party will not bo enough to chnngo the
ultimate result
"Five or six weeks ago It was as
sorted generally thnt the Itepubllenn
pnny wouiti secure me vote or me
solid cast. Including all of tho New
England stntes. with the exception of
Maine and Vermont: that the Demo
cratic party would mnlntntn Its hold on
the solid south nnd that the third term
party would secure the solid west,
leaving only tucinlddle .west nsjlcliat-
Tljo fourteenth president of tho
N. II., In 1S04 and died nt Concord. N. II.. In l"SKi, lie won wide distinction
as a lawyer. He resigned from tho United States senate In 1SI2 to rcsuuis
his profession and declined In turn nn npitolntnient to tho senate, the nomina
tion for governor nnd n place In tho cabinet. At the opening of the Mexican
war ho eullsted as a private, but slwrtly beenme a brigadier general, doing
t valiant service. Ho wns elected president on tho Democratic ticket In 1862.
His administration had much to do with the problems uffectlng slavery.
Pierce's conservative course made him unpopular in the north.
I ,
Moreover a man should, If possible,
continue when old to do the things
be has been doing in the past And,
If his work le not thnt of physical
labor, he should be ablo to do better
work when he Is old. Ho gathers
cumulative strength.
Darwin wrote books for many years,
bot his greatest work. "The Descent
of Man," was written when he was
seventy years old.
Beethoven composed music up to tho
day of bis death.
Gladstone's greatest forensic tri
umphs wcro won nt a time when most
men are In their dotage.
i Anri Vlnfnr TTnr-ft .wtiat n rlnA n)A
man bo became!
By many persons
The Man Who Laughs" Is considered
bis greatest lok. Ho was near sev
tnty when he wrote It.
Activity Is the law of life.
He who dies In the harness lives tho
longest. And there Is the Joy of work
np to tho very Inst.
As Rolert Louis Stevenson some-
where asks. In substance: "la It not (on Hotel of which Moonoy was pro
better to go on to tlie precipice, pour- prletor more than a year ago.
ms your run lire over tne Niagara
Of Death, than to drlbblo It away?"
When should one quit work?
When you cease putting fuel under
your boilers you nro a dead engine.
Oil the old machine-
Feed In the fuel, toot the whistle,
ring the bell nnd
Stay on the main track!
Louisville, Ky., OcL 8th, 192.'or
The world's record In , the 4-mllo
race was broken at Churchill Downs
yesterdsy by .Sotem'ta, owned by Mrs.
L. A. Livingston of rfow Jersey. Tho
time was 7 mln 10 4-p sees., which Is
Mile groifmL "TvATny, with the election
still ono month away, the Republican
party finds Itself with n strengthened
hold on tho solid east, having routed
tho third term party In Vermont nnd
tho Democratic party In Maine. The
third term leaders recently conceded
thnt wc would pick tho state of Utah
out of the solid west. ami. after con-
ferrlng with' Chairman Hllles and oth
ers recently In tho west, there Is every
reason to believe that the Republican
party will carry Michigan. Washing
ton. Idaho nnd Wyoming. Moreover,
If the proper kind of a campaign Is
waged, we will carry Oregon. Kansas
nnd Mlnno'otn, where the third term
strength has rapidly waned since the
recent tour through thnt section by the
party's candldnte.
"I nin not familiar with the develop
ments In other western states, nl
though many good reports have come
to me nt Beverly concerning them, hut
even with the state nlready mention
ed It can be seen that there Is no long'
cr n solid west back of the new party,
hut more nearly n solid west reunited
In support of the Itepubllenn ticket.
This strength, added to the ImlWptitn
bte hold on the eastern xtntc. ronatl
ttltcs In Itself a suluYlcnt strength to
give succesa to the party.
"It Is scarcely necessary for me to
,,,4 fo ,,. r,vp,,lv of reestablish
lnR ft 0 ,ti tal I-n t majority In the house
of representatives. If this Is done I
fi confident flint I will l. nl.l.. m
have placed on, the stntnte books th
workmen's compensation law which I
nrnxl uon the last session. lint which
was aent to oblivion by the Democratic
house. If the country will give the
Itepubllenn party n complete victory
In tts congressional ns well ns Its
presidential ticket a proper tarlfT re
vision will be speedily effected, with
knowledge of the faets naccrtalm-d by
tnrlff commission, which will harm
no one and remove Its present defects."
United Stntes was born nt HIINhoftv
a new world record.
Tho race was easily won, tho other
contestants trailing far behind. The
stakes for tho winner wero $8,415,
Including a gold cup valued at J 1,000,
presented by Gov. McCreary on bo
half of tho Stato Racing Commission.
Lexington, Ky., Oct. 7, 1912.
T. F. Dolan, who Is charged with
tho murder' of Patrick Mooncy, comes
up for another hearing before Judgo
Kerr next 'Monday. Tho Jury Is- to
bo selected from Jessamine Count v.
Dolan has already had thrco trials,
each tlmo resulting In a hung Jury.
Often three trials mean tho dls-1
missal of the coso. but Judico Kerr .
over-ruled tho motion mndo for dis
missal and ordered tho selection cf
a Jury from another county.
The killing occurred In a Loxlng-
Current reports of tho rovlvnl of
railway traffic aro verified by the
official returns for the month of July
over 220,000 mllos, about 90 per cent
of tho steam railway mllcago ot tho
The Increases 'n net revenue wero
not, however) universal. For tho Eas
tern group of railways the Increase
over July, 1911, was 10.9 per cent,
2.01 per mile cf lino per day; for
tho Western group 16.4 per cent, or
$1.29 per mile ot line per day. Tho
net revenue ot the Southern group
decreased B.5 per cent, or 41 cents
per mile ot line per day.
Fine Work of Courts-Polltlcsl Situ,
(Special Correipondent)
HazarJ, Ky October 7th, 1912.
Tho last week, tho first week of
October, began with a touch of No
vember weather on Monday, nnd end
ed with tho finest weather of tho
year. Farmers wcro busy cutting corn
throughout tho week some Hiving
fodder from lato corn. There wns 11
slight touch of frost, Tuesday morn
ing, which however, did no damage.
Circuit Court closed hero a week
ago, after a session which lasted
practically thru tho summer vacation,
first, n special term thru July, In
which wero tried practically all tho
criminal and penal cases of nny im
portance, nnd tho regular term which
began, tho second Monday In August,
and continued throughout September,
being engaged In the trial of civil
causes, and grand Jury work.
After tho regular grand Jury had
been discharged In tho last week of
September, i. new grniul Jury was cm
panncled, nnd brought In nn indict
ment for murder, nnd n largo number
of Indictments for violation of tho lo
cal option Inw. Tho Circuit Judgo nnd
Commonwealth's Attorney havo had
rather a strenuous tlmo of It, this
year and last, In enforcing tho local
option law. As a colisequenco the
Circuit Judge has brought down upon
himself, generally, tho wrath of those
who dcslro to dispense liquor In this
county. It Is to his credit that he has
not flinched from his duty. There
was a tlmo when this county would
havo recalled tho Circuit Judge, If
It had had the recall, and that sim
ply for doing his duty. I think that
tlmo Is passed. It not, It Is passing
Politics Is In a fluid stato In this
county. No ono knows Just what the
outcomo will bo. In .May and June
tho county was tegular, nt least on
tho face of things, nnd at first tho
Chicago convention did not havo tho
effect of changing matters much; but
later on there sprung up In tho coun
try districts quite a sentiment for
Roosevelt, not enough to defeat tho
Itepuhllcan ticket, but enough to
make a three cornered race of It.
This condition, however, may en
danger tho election of A. J. Kirk for
tho Court of Appeals, Tho writer
regards this ns unfortunnte. This Is
tho first tlmo In fifty years that tho
mountain peoplo have had an oppor
tunity to elect a real mountain man,
who Is really capable of holding tho
office. Tho Progressive candldnte now
scorns to ho tho Hon. John I). White,
who claims tho nomination of thnt
t party. When or where ho received it,
( no ono seems to know. At least wo
,havo found no Piegresslvo who ran
tell us. At first tho Hon. T. II. Wak
ey, of Beattyvllle, was oslng as tho
nominee of thnt party; and wo )mo
not learned yet how ho got off tho
ticket and was replaced by Whit".
Perhaps that will bo explained later.
This county has great prospects for
tho futuro. Thero Is much tlmtcr
hc.'o and n great deal of coal, much
of It of fine quality. Tho 0110 troublu
which tho writer sees for tho future,
and tho ono thlnj; that Is now In tho
way of real development is tho
question of freight rates. Speaking
from personal observation, ono hun
dred and fifty capitalists, or more,
havo been in Hazard within the last
flvo weeks, seeking coal, cither for
purchaso or for rental. No ono of
thcBo has yet closed n deal, and tt
Is.nn open secret that tho wain,
thing In their way is tho rato for
Property Is undoubtedly high here.
This Is shown by the prices asked
for all forms of real estate. Town
lots are held at prices that ono would
expect In a town o! C.000 Inhabitants
or more, and frequently chatigo hands
lnt tneso prices. Now and substantial
"""dliS8 a KOlng up along tho main
"ireeis or mo town Just as though
lno "1to wero secure.
Tho L. nnd K. Hallway Company is
working hard to got Us road complet
ed to Jenkins before tho bad wcathor
comes on, and work through Perry
County, in the way of ballasting
roadbed, putting In sldo tracks, build
ing depots, and lining tunnels with
concrete, is progressing rapidly. Tho
track Is laid to above Whltcsburg,
but no regular passenger or freight
trains aro yet run beyond Hazard. Th
plng right by the railroad. It Is sin
gular that no ono Is yet ready to ship
coal from Perry county, nor Is thero
nny prospect for this winter. Even
tho railroad company gets Its coal
from Knox, Ucll and Whitley counties,
H. C. Faulkner.
What wo can do for others is tho
test of power, what "we can suffer
for others Is (he test ot love. Bishop
(Condiirtnl by Ilia National Woman'i
Clirlillan Tetnpfrance Union.)
Approximately (07,000,000 Would D
Taken In Every Year If Each Sa
loon Received $35 Dally.
Th Chicago Record-Herald mskci
the following estimate: If the 7,000
saloons of Chicago take In $30 each
day, the total nmount for nil would be
approximately $f.7,000,000 n yrnr Ap
ply this In legitimate channels of
trade and you will linvo this result:
Employ 10,000 men cleaning streets
ami doing other public work nt SI. CO a
day; employ 2,000 teams and men
cleaning alleys and st rents nt $4.00 a
day; glvo each of 60,000 poor families
$1.00 n day; buy a $25 suit for tho
father of each of these C0.000 fami
lies; buy one $10 dress and ono $3
pair of shoes for the mother; buy two
tons of hard coal and ono barrel of
flour for each poor family; buy ono
$20 suit nnd ono $ pnlr of shoes for
1150,000 uurklnRincn, and par the car
faro and lunch of tho same number;
buy ono $4 suit of clothes for every
boy nnd girl In tho public schooli
(ISO. 591 enrolled); establish one free
library nnd mtiaoum In rnch division
of the city nt $1,000,000 each; butld
SO new schoolhouses at $100,000 each;
build 36 churches nt $50,000 each;
Klvo to fresh nlr fund for poor chil
dren $76,000; give to tho various hos
pitals of tho city $100,000; nnd have
a balance left of over $10,000.
Temperance Worker Meets With Many
Peculiar Pretence! In Seeking to
Enllat Recruits.
"It's not my concern," "I'm not es
pecially Interested In the subject," are
excusci which meet tho temperance
worker who" endeavors to enlist re
cruits In the nr ngnlnat the liquor
traffic. Do those who speak realize
what n commentary they are making
upon their patriotism? What reason
can they give for falling to be con
cerned In nn evil which Is destroying
young men by the thousand, waiting
tho substance of thousandi more, and
lowering the efficiency of a multitude
of workcra? How can they explain
their lack of Interest In a subject so
vital to future generations? Were our
I nation at war with one of the world
powers, wno wouia aare 10 nana up
before hie fellows and admit that be
was not Interested In the outeome of
tho struggle? All the horrors of war
sink Into Irilgnlflcanco beelde the
tyrannies nnd atrocities for which tho
legalized liquor tratllc Is responsible.
Country Journallit Makes Character,
title Reply of Thanka for Dottla
of Whisky Sent to Him.
Here Is a recent editorial notice In
n village newspaper.
"A preesnt In the shape of a bot
tle of fine old Scotch whliky was kind
ly tent to this oftlco at 2 p. m. on
Thurtslay. Ten mlnutei pnit that
hour not a drop remained. At 2:30,
three men wero charged with being
drunk and disorderly Tho editor of
this paper returni thanks for tho gift
nnd would feel obliged If tho donor of
the whliky would lend along money .
enough to pay the fines, a policeman's'
helmet, a new office boy, four panes)
of glnn, a new door knob, and no
more whisky!"
Total Abatlnance and SporU
Mr. J, C. Clegg. chairman ot the
Engllab Football asaoctatlon, In the
course of a health lecture at Shef
field showed that tho best condi
tions of physical achievements (and
endurance were obtained under total
abstinence. Two thousand years ago
the youth of Greece entering the. Olym
pic games were urged to abstain from
wine. In his younger days, whe.ii he
played football, and won about 120
prizes. Including 80 firsts on the run
ning track, fellow-competitors roraark
ed to him that as he was an abstain
er he had an advantage nnd ought to
give them n start. Mr. Clegg attacked
the system In vogue In England ot
putting footballers In publlediouses,
and he declared that It the nien did
not touch the drink, the houra spent
In the air of a publlc-houie put the
men off form, and he gave Instances of
thli having occurred, 1
Lines of Troth.
(lod'a tide Is never tho whisky side.
Genius may be swift, but persever
ance has the surest feet.
No man has a God siren rlgtit to do
anything with his troubles except to
give them to Chrlit.
The devil likes to pat the t man on
the bead who expects to get 'to heav
en on his own merits.
To Prohibit Theft
The laws of the country prohibit
ing stealing do not- entirely prevsnt
stealing. Nevertheless, I am opposed
to a high license system ot teallng,
provided that all theft shall ' be re
stricted to certain authorized thlavts
who shall steal only between the
hours of a. m. and 11:30 p. im, ex
cept Sunday, when no stealinf shall
be done except by stealthy etilranea
by the back door, and at the thUrs
risk. I believe In laws that abso
lutely forbid theft at any hour oa
any day of the weak-Bob Dtirdette.

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