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kThe Citizen
Devoted to the Interests of tlie liVEoTjixitQlii People
J. P. FAULKNER, Manager
Knowledge Is power and the
way to keep up with modern
knowledge Is to read a good
Knlntd at (V Pottofflct at llrrrn, A'y at ttrowt
eUtm mail nnttfT.
Vol. XIV.
Five centH a copy.
Ono Dollar n year.
No. 28
Exclusive agent for "The Foster Line"
Cat Rates oh Ceaforts wi All Wool BUakefc
Stanley on the
Congressman A. O. Stanley of the
second district has completed hU holi
day trip of Investigation on tho up
per Cumberland, and In an Interview
In Lexington, January 2nd, declared
that ho will espouse, the cause of tho
Cumberland before tho Rivers and
Harbors Committee of Congress, and
urge Its Improvement from Carthago
to llurnslde.
Ho thinks that a territory com
prising 4, KM stiaro miles will 11
Not only did Mr. Stanley find bil
lions of feet of virgin timber, mil
lions of tons of flno steam coal,
plenty of limestone, and n river flow
A recent letter to Tho Citizen high
ly commends our treatment of the
nows Its separation Into thu divis
ions of Statu, United States and
World News, and tho fact that It Is
bo condensed and so thoroughly reli
able, as to apeal to all. Tho sugges
tion Is inailj that Tho Citizen, better
then any other paier, could bo used
In "current events" classes In schools,
and wo hapten to know that it has
been so used In soma Instances.
Other Features Appeal.
And tills and other letters speak of
our many fraturo articles such as tho
Homo Science Course which ends
this week, and tho continued stories
also como In for tho high praise. The
suggestion Is mado that tho latter
could bo us 3d effectively on Friday
afternoons, tho teacher reading them
to tho entire school and, uion demand,
loaning tho (taper to those most in
terested who would promise to re
peat tho story nt tho flre-sldo.
Tho Family Paper.
Such letters Justify our claim Unit
Tho Citizen Is preemlnenttly the pa
Kir for tho flre-slde, for tho home,
and, tho school. This Is further prov
ed by tho character of Its readers
They aro tho substantial people, thos
that aro not satisfied with tho sen
sational, thoso that can appreciate a
good thing, those that not only read
a paper but cull from It nil that Is
good nnd keep it.
There Is no better spent dollar
than that that brings Tho Citizen to
tho flresldo C2 times during tho year.
Ntws of tho Week.
Gospel Meetings.
Story A Wrestle with Hope.
Daptlst Lnymon Convention. '
Tho Quiet Hour.
Sunday School Lesson.
Homo Cour.-w In Domestic Sclenco.
President Frost's Address.
Homo Town Helps.
Parcels Post Map of U. S.
Serial Story.
Intensive Farming.
Making tho Llttlo Farm Pay.
Eastern Kentucky News.
lng ver ledges, which mad It a
succession of lakes, and, therefore,
easy of Improvement, but he took oc
casion to praise the Inhabitants, who
aro ''of purest Saxon blood, the direct
descendants of Revolutionary heroes,
tho peoplo from whom 'Old Hickory'
recruited the volunteers, who won the
battle of New Orleans."
Thanks, Mr. Stanley. The mountain
peoplo aro good, and worthy of all
praise, when votes are wanted. Just
a llttlo while ago they were red-handed
mountaineers, but, of course, that
will bu thought of no more, until ut
ter tho senatorial primary election
next summer.
Allies Bringing Turks to Terms Ex
President Cattro in Trouble Mexi
co a New Representative.
After another week of uncertain
ties, announcement Is made from
London that tho peace cuvos aro
gradually coming to an agreement.
Tho Turks huvo been putting up i
valiant fight, more valiant oven In
tho peaco councils than on tho bat
tlo field. They have played for tlmo
and hao been good at thu game of
bluff. Hut tho nllles huvo cuught on
aud hao resorted to ultimatums to
quicken action, and bring their up
lionents to their senses. While It was
thought that negotiations might bo
broken off entirely, Monday, the
Turks made new concessions, and at
present an agreement has been
reached as to territory with the
possible exception of the status of
Adrlanoplo. If the allies do not wcuk
en they will get what they want and
what they have demanded; that Is,
what they have already gained by
arms European Turkey with tho ex
ception of Constantinople and envi
Francisco Carbagal, President of
tho Mexican Supremo Court, has been
appointed to represent his country
nt Washington, to tako the place of
'.Manuel Calero who has recently re
Ex-President Castro of Venezuela,
who has been In exllo In Europe for
n number of years, sailed for the
United States more than a week ago
hut was not allowed to laud by the
government offlcalu. Ho was, how
ever, kept In quarantine at Kills
Island, being afflicted with a con-
tagoous dlseuse. Habeas corpus pro
ceedings have been entered Into In
his behalf by Interested parties, and
tho action of Uio port officials In
refusing him asylum In this country
may bo overruled,
When about to conclude not to
renew fof the paper, romembcr that
31-3 dozen egg3, 3 or 4 hens, 1-2
of a turkey, less than a day's work
and a llttlo moro than 1 bushel of
corn at present market prices, will
secure it for a year and brighten your
homo 02 times.
Can any ono afford to bo with
out The Citizen's cheer, Its help,
fulness, Its news?
Somo men give, not according to
their means but according to their
Tho Citizen is not playing the "green goods" gamp, nnd there
fore stands between itH readout and nil fakes and fakers in no far ns n
keen oyo ctin detect them. It deals in something better than the
conventional "gold brick" nnd consequently tho faith of its sub.
scribers in considered of more value than nny amount of money that
might 1)0 obtained from tho snlu of advertising space to concerns that
expect something far nothing.
Thin being our standard, an article ndvertixed in The Citizen
would bo bought by n reader when the same advertisement in another
paper might make no impression. For this very reason tho bid for
our space by those who have questionable products for sale grow
apace only to be rejected ono and all.
A few dayn ago we were importuned by a pompous, two story
hnttcd individual who represented himself an Dr. So and So of
of the grent firm of and . He wanted nu entire pagr,
a large part of which was to be taken up with his own picture, the
remainder by certaiu testimonials ha to the wonderful things ho bad
done. He was going to establish offices in Boone Tavern nt once.
He was an expert optician and would fit glasses on all tho many
sufferers in Borea and vicinity and for a nominal price.
"Yea, we will sell you the page for so much but must see copy
before signing contract nnd also will require you to ehow credentials."
"Credentials! why, I never heard of such a tbingl No news
paper ever required that before!
"Possibly not, but we don't know you. It is a serious thing to
tamper with people's tyts, and we just want to protect our readers.
If they see your ad in The Citizen they will think you know your
business, ami tee mutt be (insured ihat you do before we give you our
sanction. If you come from some reputable school, you have a
diploma and it won't hurt you to show it in this particular instance
it will do you good."
Immediately his pomposity's countenance was lowered. He con
fessed that he had no credentials. Train schedules were consulted
at once, -the readers of The Citizen were not tempted to part with
their money and certainly nobody's eyes are any the worse for his de
parture. Wo have a way of thinking that the newspaper that wilfully ac
cepts a fraudulent advertisement and heralds it before its readers
week after week is viciously criminal, and ne don't want to have to
acknowledge that we belong to that class would just about as soon
sell our vote or go into the "green goods" business straight.
Would our readers like to have us lower our standard t
Four years ago what was thought to be an educational awaken
ing follow ed tho announcement that Kentucky ranked 37th, judged
by the number of her illiterates that, excluding her colored popu
lation, her rank wan 42d. In other words it was found that the
average intelligence among the negroes of the State was enough high
er than among the whites to raise the rank of general intelligence
from 42d to 37th.
During these four years there has been constant agitation, many
organization have attacked the problem, tho school laws have been re
vised aud improved, high schools have been built, the. standard of
qualification for teachers has been raised nnd rural and State super
visors have been appointed bo much has been done, in fact, that
many of us, no doubt, thought we were rapidly forging ahead. But
such does uot seem to be the case it is not tho case if investigations
just completed by the Sage Foundation are worthy of credence.
The following is our present rating ns set forth in a bulletin
issued, Saturday:
1. In general efficiency Kentucky's school system is given Oth
place from the bottom, or -I2d.
2. Judged by current expenditures per child of school age, she
stands 40tb.
3. Rated in proportion to the average of school property, her
place is 38th.
4. In point of average attendance per child, again her grade is
f. In comparison with Rhode Island which is rated as having
"an effective" school year or nu average of 110 days schooling, for
every child, Kentucky can only show an average year of 57 days.
As to this chilling appraisement two things should be remember
ed. First, our rnuk four years ago was figured on the basis of com
parative illiteracy aud not comparative efficiency of school systems.
Second, we are gauged now by a variable standard. Our progress
may have been very satisfactory since the nwakening and at the same
timo the states with which we have been compared may have been
traveling ns rapidly as we. To catch up tee shall have to run faster
titan they.
8 Days Gospel Meetings
College Chapel, Jan. 12-19, 1913
Bible and Testimony Meeting Daily, 2:15, Rev. Chas. Spur
geon Knight Children's Meeting Daily at 2:15
Preaching Every Night at 7:00, Pres.
Frost Song Service, 6:40.
Tho protracted meetings in tho
College Chapel have uniformly been
blessed by God in tho deepening of
Christian character and tho conver
sion of Eouls. Tho appointment of
this brief scries of meetings offers
a great opimrtunlty to all within
reach of tho Chapel.
President Frost nnd Urother Knight
aro men who always profit their
hearers. Each ono of these eight
Illblo hours, and theso eight serm
ons and theso eight children's meet-
Senator Bailey's Last Inning
Senator Joseph llalley of Texas
mado his farewell speech In tho Sen
ate last week, and took occasion to
express pretty freely his opinion of
overybody and everything.
It Is plain that tho senator Is dis
gruntled with tho wholo world, and
the order thereof. It has failed to
respond to his wishes n almost every
particular, and must, therefore, bo
running riot and doomed to everlast
ing destruction. Since It did' not
tako heed, ho has sought tho best
way posslblo to make It Bit up aud
tako notice ho has offered his
resignation to tho governor of Tex
t Jngs will bo of memorable imiortance.
We can not do otherwise than to
lay asldo our, ordinary business and
givo our tlmo and thought to these
meetings for eight days.
President Frost has spoken In He
rea very rarely. Ho has been forced
to bo away a great deal, and when
hero he has been overburdened with
school duties. When ho has preached
wo havo all. listened with attention
and profit, lloth citizens and stu
dents will bo eager to hear him these
eight nights.
as, and will no longer sit as a mem
ber of tho most august legislative
body in tho world; ho wlji wlpo his
hands of tho wholo business,
Whllo tho senator Is out with
things In general, and plainly said
so, ho Is just a llttlo mora out with
Theodore Roosevelt and Win, Ran
dolph Hearst. Hols sure that tho G.
O. P. Is dead, and thinks that tho
Democratic Party has only Theo
dore Roosevelt to fear. Ho has more
respect, however, It seems for Roose
velt than for Hearst, at least Hearst
canio In for moro abusive language,
being called "a mlserablo dog."
to sec m about your Roof. Winter is now here.
Orders arc coming in fast. The price ol steel
is advancing rapidly. The Best Time is Right
Now. Drop us a card in order to get you on
our list.
Berea School of Roofing
We have the goods the quality of workman
ship and the right price. I5.00 per square for a
roof worth $6.00 to $7.00 is cheaper than $4.00
for a roof worth only $3.99. Just like your Gal
vanized fence so your Galvanized Roofing will
rust if you get the cheap kind
May Arbitrate Canal Question He
Has and Ha Ha Not President's
Plan Opposed Rockefeller to Tes
tifyCongressman Drowns Himself
Steamships Collide Dynamiters
Seek Release Rich Turfmen Die.
President Taft In a speech In Now
York,, Saturday night, declared his
willingness to submit the points of
dlsputo between tho United States
and Great Drltaln respecting canal
tolls to arbitration.
Tho president would favor a special
commission composed equally of
Americans and Englishmen, rathsr
than the Hague Court, which would
consist almost exclusively of Europe
Washington reports declare that
W. J. Uryan has been offered tho
position of Secretary of State b
President-elect Wilson, and that h--has
accepted. -Mr. Wilson, however,
has declared that he has made to
selections, and will announce none
until the last moment. The Washing
ton report purports to bo based upon
the confession of Mr. Uryan himself
to friends.
President Taft went to Panama for
tho purpose of deciding whether con
ditions wero ripo for the establish
ment of civil government in the zone,
and returned with the expectation of
Issuing an executive order putting In
to effect civil government "about the
first of February, but It is rumored
now that ho may not tako such a
step, owing to tho opposition that
has developed in Democratic circles.
It Is doubted whether tho nomina
tion of Col. Goethals for tho governor
ship would be confirmed. The Senate
Democrats are not opposing tho Col
onel bo much, but wish tho matter
delayed, in order that tho Democratic
administration may get credit for the
Tho House Committee Investigat
ing tho "money trust" has been try
ing for several weeks to summon Win.
Rockefeller to testily, hut all efforts
failed to locato him. Voluntarily, how
ever, Friday, ho accepted service thru
his attorney, nnd is to appear be
fore tho Committee, the 13th. Ills
testimony will only bo second In in
terest to that of J. P. Morgan's.
Representative Wni. W. Wedemeyer
of Michigan became insane at Panama
during tho President's recent visit to
tho Isthmus, and Jumped overboard
at Colon, Friday. His body had not
been recovered at latest reports.
Twenty-two lives were lost In
Cheeapeako Ray Friday, when two
steamers collided. Tho captain aud
his wife wero among tho drowned on
tho steamer, which received tho grmt-
ItJt damage, tho survivcrs claiming
that tho other steamer refused as
sistance to tho crippled vessel.
Tho forty-threo men Imprisoned
last week at Leavenworth, Kansas,
having bocn sentenced by tho United
State Court at Indianapolis for terms
arylug In length for conspiracy In
certain dyunmlto outrages, nro endeav
oring thru their attorneys to secure
release on ball, peudlng a new trial.
Continued on pgc fivt
Governor McCreary In Quandary
Home of State Journal Destroyed
by Fire Deaton Jury Falls to Agree
Case of Other Defendants Called
Hickman Guards Against Menin
gitisHeads Tuberculosis Commis
Governor McCreary is receiving a
good deal of advice as to his con
templated entry into the senatorial
contest. He is being strongly urged
both ways, many friends doing all
they can to prevent him from becom
ing a candidate, and urging his obliga
tion to tho state to fill out his term
as governor. On the other hand, a
good many are just as urgent in their
demands that ho run. A decision will
probably bo reached In a few days.
Tho plant of tho Stato Journal at
Frankfort was destroyed by fire early
Monday morning, tho l03s being esti
mated at from tlilrty-flve to forty
thousand dollars. Tho flro started In
a bindery on tho 3rd floor and gained
great headway before it was discover
ed. Much of tho stato printing, which
was being done, was burned. Tiie
presses on the first floor wero only
slightly damaged. Tho lluotypcs on
tho 2nd floor were Injured by ma
chinery falling from tho 3rd.
Tho paper was issued Tuesday from
another plant.
Tho case of D. F. Deaton, being
tried at Winchester, charged with
j conspiracy to murder ex-sherlff Calla
, han In Breathitt County, was given
i to tho Jury Saturday afternoon. Mon
I day morning tho Jury reported that
It was unablo to agree, but was or
dered by tho Judge to continue its
Senator Hogg, who Is an attorney
for tho defense, became so bitter In
his denunciations of tho prosecution,
Saturday, that tho court ordered a
flno of $10 to bo entered against '
him because ho persisted in arguing
his point.
Tho Jury was disbanded, Tuesday,
no agreement being possible.
Two other defendants In the Calla
han conspiracy cases, Andreew John
son and Doc Smith, wero placed on
trial at Winchester, Monday, tho
Judgo over-ruling a motion to dis
miss Johnson,
Rigid quarantino is being enforced
In Fulton County against Lako and
Dyro Counties, Tenn., where thero
Is an epidemic of meningitis. Tho
public Bohools, moving picture shows
and churches will bo closed until tho
(uarantlno Is lifted.
Tho Stato Tuberculosis Commission
nt a session held, January 2, select
ed Mr. Roy French of Ualtlmoro to act
as secretary of tho Commission, Mr.
French Is reported to havo had a
wldo experience in Investigating
tuberculosis conditions. Ho will como
to Kentucky this week to begin his
It wo would amend tho world, wo
should mend ourselves. Win. Penn.
Life depends on Its altltudo rather
than on its length.

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