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kThe Citizen
Devoted, to tla.e Iritoreate of ttie ffo-LuitCLln DPeojple
J. t. 1 AULKNKR, Manager
Knowledge It powtr aad tk
wy to keep up with aedtra
knowledge it to read feed
Vol. XIV.
Pite cents a copy,
Osa Dollar year.
No. 30
Home Rule Passed
Irish Home Rule, which La been a
subject of debate (or more than a
generation In Of oat llrltnln, Is to bo
rallied at last, thn Homo Itulo Hill
having passed the House o( Commons,
tho 16th, by a voto of 367 to 257. The
measure Is to bo presented to the
House of Lords where It will likely
be defeated. Hut Inasmuch as the
Lords have been curbed In their pow
er, not being allowed to exercise veto
Great Scientific Find
The so-called missing link Is de
clared by English Scientists to ha
been found In a dried up pond In Hus
sex County, last, summer, announce
ment not having boen made earlier
owing to the fact that search was con
tinued for different parts of the
Okctiton, a thorough study of the
skull of the ape-like man being mode
meanwhile by the scientists.
Darwin Is now vindicated, It Is
'said, In his theory, that has gradu
ally been adopted by scientists of
all countries, that the human race was
evolved from the lower animals thru
On f-ngc 3 wo arc publishing bu
article by Prof. K. D. Ho", Jr., on
"Tho Seven Wonders of The World,"
which orglnnlly apieurcd In a Syra
cuse taper.
Prof. Rod was one of the number
asked by Popular Mechanics to se
lect tho seven w aiders of the modern
world and dissented fnmi the view
put forth by tho Mngnzlne that seven
slnglo wonders should be numed, huk
gosling rather that they would lie
complex, each embracing n number of
wonders, and In his nrtlelo It will
'be found that In one case, lor In
stance tho second Modern Conquest
of Tho Planet he enumerate twen
ty distinct constituent wonders.
Tlila nrtlelo was sent to The Citi
zen several months ago, and we are
Norry to have Ip-en so tardy In Its
publication. However, as we know
that nearly every one has tome
knowledge of tho seven wonders ef
tho ancient world, wo bvllevo Prof.
Itoc'n outline' of the modern world's
wonders will provo of Internet, and
we ask for It tho careful study it
Pmf. I too Is well known In Berea,
having made ub a memorable visit
In 1910, taking away with him one of
tho most loved members of the Facul
ty, Mi Robinson, as Mrs. Hoe.
We rail attention this week to the
extension of our plan to present cer
tain Items of news under double
column heads. Our attempt has been
to add to tho attractiveness of each ,
ago by these double heads and nt
tho same time present some of the
most significant occurences of the
week In a condensed and very read
able form. Several of our readers
last week noted tho beginning ef
the change and expressed their ap
preciation. We hopo to contlnuo this
We nro running our last Install
ment of "The Girl of tfio Llmber-
Iost" this week, If wo aro able to
I. ...!. I... ....... . ..... .
JH"h" " WIHIIIWHWIIUIIB iview, lilt'
iiiuui popular feiory ever printed m
Tho Citizen; even more popular than
Freckice." With many of our read
ers wo are eorry that It 8 ended,
but another good story is coming,
full announcement of which will be
mado next week, "Hoth Sides of The
Shield,' by President Taft's former
niu. ainjor Archibald W. llutt. It is
a Southern lovo story.
Ntws of tho Week.
(IohikI "Meetings Cloee,
True Lincoln Story.
World's Wonders.
Polly'a Message.
Quiet Hour.
Tho Kitchen Cabinet.
Serial Story.
What HOya aro Dolug.
EaBtern Kentucky News.
power any longer, the measure will
ultimately go Into effect regardless
of their voto.
There Is xreat opposition to thn
measure In Protestant sections of
Ireland, where copies of the bill were
burned and threats of revolution
made. However, Inasmuch as the bill
provides for tho protection of relig
ious equality It Is thought Hint the
oppotloii will subside.
tho apo, there being three skeletons
now In exlstcnco that bridge the
chasm that Darwin found the Heldle-
burg man, the Java man and tho pres
ent flnd.whlch will possibly be known
as the first Ilrlton. The markings of
tho skull an said to show an un
mlstakable connection both with the
npo and with man as he Is now knowiv
As to tho date of his first existence,
tho gravel In which he was found
Is Faid to nave boon deposited es
varly as tho Pleistocene age which
existed from several hundred thoua
and t" a million years ago.
No Innings In Diplomatic Fight in
London Indications that Turkey
Will Yield, However-One Hundred
Starve to Dsath in England During
the Year.
The eaco plenlotentlarles have
had no meetings during the last week
though they did not leave London
.Tho points of difference wcro so
grent that a resumption of the dls
cusslons seemed useless. The rr presen-
tatlveo of tho Pcwers, a kind of ad
vlsory council, tcok matters In hand,
however, and addressed a note to
the Porto advising tho Turks to ac
cede to tho demands of the allies.
This note callol forth a bitter state'
ment on tho part of the Turkish Hep
retv ntntlvy to Germany, who Is In
Londcn, In which ho upbrnldH tho
IVwero for their want of consistency,
calling nttentlon to their statement
four months ngo that present bound
aries would remain Intact whatever
tho result of tho war. Of course,
when the statement wns made Europe
thought the Turks would he the vic
tors In tho struggle und It likely
meant that the Powers would not al
low any extension of Turkish terri
tory In Europe, though It can bo eaol-
ly seen that the Turks might apieal
to It now In their predicament.
A further result of the note .f
the Pcwers wns tho announcement In
Constantinople that n meeting of the
National Assembly has been called to
' dlscusc the situation. This Is taken to
menu that Turkey may accede to all
the demands of the allies, even to
the giving up of Adrlnnople and the
Aegean Inlands, the calling of tho
Assembly being only the shifting of
responsibility in order to prevent u
cabinet crisis.
, On the other hand, an ultimatum
has been dispatched from the allies
to tho Ottoman Government, giving
It fourteen daya In which to make u
favorable reply to their demands.
At the same time tho four Govern
ments have delegated to Dr. S. Dan-
leader of tho llulgarliiu delega
tion, discretion to break off all
negotiations und resume tho wnr nt
uny moment.
In scmo circles Germany Is blamed
for the prolongation of tho delibera
tions and Turkey's refusal to come
to terms, and In Italy Austria. is
A Government bulletin recently is
sued In London announces that one
hundred poiuous nre known to have
died of starvation In England during
tint lost ytar, 14 of tho deaths hav
lug occurred In London ami .p0 In
thn Provinces.
In most of tliu cases death was
duo to disease which was raused by
want or exposure. In n few liistanc s,
they wero receiving old ago pen
sions, niiil in pjiiio cases out-door te-
llef. In other Instances applications
were made for relief when it was too
Are you In earnest? Seize this
very minute. What you can do or
think you can, begin It. Goethe,
If you don't watch your date label,
you may miss a number of The Citi
zen. Remember It stops now on ex
piration of your subscription. Look
at the dato following your name and
uont neglect to send In renewal.
H parable
H YOUNG MAN was planning his career.
His heart was swelling with great thoughts
of world's peace conferences, international
arbitration leagues, hospitals where humanity 's
most terrible bodily ills could be fought, and many
another scheme for "uplifting the race;'" but when
he actually began to work, all he could find xvtts
hungry children, toiling mothers, discouraged
fathers. These things seemed too small for one
with such great thoughts.
Walking alone one day he met a strange little
man who had an old-fashioned "peep show," and
xvho offered him a sight. Weary with his thoughts
he sought diversion. The first sight was of a man
turning a small sluice gate, a very petty business,
as it seemed, but sandy wastes became covered with
fruit and homes. He looked again and saw a man
dying, almost alone, in the heart of a savage
continent; throwing his life away one might have
said. But following his work came the Cross, and
la:o and life. He looked once more, and saw only
a land of violence and distress, and a babe in a
manger, and -wondered why any one should spend
time on such a scene. ' A window in the farther side
of the stable was opened, and through it he saw the
culture of modern times, nations at peace, and in the
distance the beautiful city of God.
In an instant the man and show were gone, and
in their place was a tittle shivering child, looking
into a baker's window and crying. He suddenly
renumbered that it was Christmas Eve, and taking
the little one in his arms he entered the path of
humble service.
fl. Eugene Cbomson.
That an indifferent mau is a doomed man.
That people who hunt for faults seldom find anything else.
That the man who goes out to meet trouble n ill only have a
short walk.
That good works are the evidence of salvation, not the condition
or the nieaus.
Thnt tliPre are plenty of people who aro very pleasant while
they can have their own way.
That most of rani's letters were written from piison and yet he
never wrote a lino that had a groan in it.
That the devil could never get a follower if he couldn't make
a foundation of sand look as safe as a solid rock.
That there are men who ask God to lead them in many things
who trust to their own judgment in politics. Selected.
Announcement was made from Frankfort a few days ago that the
deficit in the state's finances had been decreased since November 30th
by $1,012,358,113. The outstanding warrants at tbut time ainouuted
to 12,121,032 2, with $434,83(5.21 in the Treasury, while at the pree
cut time there are $71K),371(.U1 in the Treasury.
On the face of these figures it might be supposed that the state's
financial condition is not ns alarming as the press of the state has
mado it appear within the last six weeks. But The Evening Post, in
an editorial, Saturday, shows that tho present decrease in the deficit
does not really mean that the state's finances for the year are in any
tatter condition than former reports indicated. The decrease is due
to tho fact that most people pay their taxes just before the penalty is
imposed, December 1st, and these taxes are turned in to the state
Treasury during the month of December. Aud while they have come
in Htilliciently witbiu this month to make the announced reduction in
the deficit, there will not be sufficient receipts hereafter to continue
the reduction or hold the deficit at its present figures, and so, by the
end of the year, the state will be something like two millions in debt.
The great need is a complete overhauling of the state's tax sys
tem. This would necessitate a special session of tho Legislature,
which tho Governor is averse to calling. Possibly he is wise. Legis
latures are expensive, and not even exerienced Governors can always
succeed iu gettiug only good results from their delilKrations.
Could there be any significance iu the fact that the linilroad
Commission nnnoiinced ita abandonment of the fight for an increased
assessment of the Railroad properties simultaneously with the dis
covery of the momentary lessening of the strain upon the state Treas
ury? If so, either tho Itailrouds have been unjustly harrassed aud
persecuted or the Commission is untrue to the trust imposed upon it.
Equity and not expediency is the only justification of an in
creased assessment, and, if equitable, it can not bo relinquished.
Gospel Meetings Close
Great Interest Continued Even
Hundred Express Desire
Tho Gospel meetings closed Sunday
night with over forty responding to
the appeal for seekers after God.
Throughout, tho addresses wen' of
high order. That they wero w.'ll
appreciated was shown by the fact
that tho great chaie was jacked
every night witli an audlencu that
showed intense Interest. Wo cannot
hero follow tho sermons given 'n
detail, but thcro was a logical con
tlnulty, and a clear presentation of
the fundamental truths of tho Gos
pel , cn which all Christians aro
Tho addrcsu of each evening was
summed up In a motto over the ros
trum. They wore as follows:
"To him therefore that knoweth
to do good, and doeth it not, to him
Thru Last Service Nearly Three
to Enter Christian Life.
It is Bin." James t: 17.
''God aud I n.ay be friends."
"Wo aro saved to serve."
"God's law Is lovo."
"Whole-hearted Christians win."
"God is love."
"God has a ilan for me."
"Tho new life begins with prayer."
"God offers : accept."
Tho bermon each night was follow
ed by a direct appeal for "seekers."
It was mado very plain that coming
forward, and taking tho preacher's
hand was not conversion, but that It
Indicated a purpose, however, to seek
tho Pearl of Great Price. That thetso
anneals fell upon attentive ears was
shown by tho largo uumber who re
sponded. Very nearly three hundred
An Official Fifty-nine Years
Senator Cullom. of tho United
States Senate, whoso term of office
will expire, Mar. 4th, and who was
defeated In the Illinois Primaries last
fall, who Is now past clghty-three, has
held office for fifty-nine years. He
was four years In the Legislature tf
Illinois, six years In the Lower House
of Congress, eight years Governor ff
his state, and will have completed
No Cabinet Officers Stlected A Little
Indian War Thrsatsned-Doort Not
Open to Criminals To Compete
With Parcels Post Laaves Estate
to Widow Fusion In Tennessee
Canal Slides Brandt Pardoned
.Fox Sued for Divorce Oarrow
Face Court Again Bath Tub to
Give Away.
President elect Wilson at liU
home In Princeton, N. J., last Satur
day d"nled that hc had come to any
decision as to the personel of his
cabinet, and declared that hc had
not consciously conferred with any
prosiiectlve candidate.
Fifty Uto Indians have left their
reservation tu Colorado and are
fortifying themselves In the moun
tains, defying the sheriff, who wants
to arrest one of their number for
wounding a sheep herder. The state
mlllta may bo called out to bring
them to terms.
The government officials at New
York refused last week to allow E.
F. Myllus, who was convicted in Lon
don of libeling King George V, serv
ing ten months In prison for that of
fense, to land, upon tho ground that
he Is nn undesirable Immigrant. His
deportation was ordered.
Castro, Ex-Preslilent of Venezuela,
has also lost In his contention be
toro tho court, and will likely have
to seek a more hospitable country for
such as he.
Tho Express Companies, which Cy
their lobbies for years prevented the
passage of any Parcels Post Law, are
now coming to terms, the Wells-Far-go
Company announcing that It will
inaugurate rates to compete with the
Parcels Post at once and expressing
tho belief that the other companies
will do likewise. The Southern Ex
press Company declares that It will
maintain Its present rates, however.
Tho late Ambassador Whltelaw
Reld'a fortune la estimated at some
thing like twenty millions, tho whole
of which is left In the hands of his
wlfo who Is made executrix by his
will without bond. The will was made
In 1S94 and expresses the hope that
his son Odgen Reld might succeed
to tho control of tho New York Tri
Tho fusion forces have won In tho
Tennesseo Legislature, aud former
Governor Patterson who hoied to go
to tho United States Senate, reallz- j
Ing that ho wns defeated, withdrew
from tho race. Judgo M. T.. Bryan, ,i
former Kentucslan, his been endorsed
Continuedon I'agt Flvt
oonY buy an OLIVER
No raaa really likes
'debt even to himself,
we are not charging
thing for thia advice
good advice, and "straight" at
were mado with your own especial need in view. Th
Oliver People had their factory expert down hero for
months finding out just what it is you require ia thtt
plow line.
thirty years In the United States Sen
ate when ho retires.
Senator Cullom's fame will rest up
on his champloiiRhlp of one mcosuro
most likely, for the passage of which
he must havo tho credit the Inter
state Commerce Law.
The Senator was born In Wayne
County, Kentucky, but so far as wo
know doea not boast of his place of
Twelve Indicted for Perjury Taylor
County Payt its Debts-Attorney
General Blames Legislature Pa
pars Consolidated in Jackson
Railroad Extension in Harlan.
Tho Clark County grand Jury has
returned twclvo indictments against
witnesses testifying In the Callahan
conspiracy trials. As reported In
Tho Citizen last week the conspiracy
cases were postponed, In order for
the grand jury to take up the accusa
tions of perjury against the witnesses.
Each of the twelve persons swore
that ho met and siioke to Doc Smith
and Andrew Johnson In Jackson on
the day that former Sheriff Callahan
was shot. They will be tried Imme
Taylor County, Kentucky, has had
an lndebtednecb of something more
than $137,000 hanging over It for
about twenty jears old railroad
t-Onds the people voted upon them
selves. Theso bonds became very un-
iwpular, and so the county has been
without a sheriff for many years, be
cause no one would qualify and under
take to collect tho taxes to pay oft
tho indebtedness. Now, owing la
prosperous conditions, It hab been
decided to liquidate the bonds, and
a tax rollector will bo appointed for
that purpose.
Tho Attorney General last week
In a court brlet states that tho legis
lators knew the condition of the
state's finances, when they voted
appropriations at the last session. Tho
filing of the; hrlec Is the state's de-
fenso against J W. Newman, Com
missioner of Agriculture, In which
tho Commissioner sought to hav e tho
State Treasury stamp a warrant for
$30,000, appropriated for the State
Fair, as interest bearing.
The Attorney General claims thai
tho money waa not appropriated ac
cording to the Constitution or accord
ing to law, Inasmuch as It would
cause the state to Incur an Indebted
ness above the legal limit.
The Jackson Times and Breathitt
County News have been consolidated,
and from henceforth will appear as
one paper under the names "Jackson
Times." The fcrmer editor of the
Times, R. C. Music, will continue to
be editor, and Mr. S. S. Crane of
tho News will bo associated with him.
Tho Wasloto and Black Mountain
Railway of the Louisville and Nash
vtllo system Is reported to bo sur
veying a branch line from Harlan to
tho mouth of Martins Fork on tho
Cumberland River, to tap tho cool
fields of that region.
.to b ia
and as
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that why not talu
The Furniture Man

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