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kThe Citizen
J. t. FAULKNER, Manager
Knowledge is power and the
way to keep up with modern
knowledge is to read a good
tntrrrt al Iht toti-cfflce nt tltrta, A. , oj tttond
Hnm nnU-mnllrr.
Devoted to ttie Interests of tlie !M!ouirLtQ.ixi People
Vol. XIV.
Fivo cenlH a copy.
Ono Dollar n year.
No. 31
Party Warfare in Mexico
Tlio pant week bun witnessed sev
en) fighting between tlio forces of
I)Im, who leads tlio revolt, and tlio
Pmlcral forces under Mndero,
who Is at tho head of tlio
Government. Orent numbers bavo
been killed, not only of tboso Intbo
fighting ranks, but many cltlzcnB
and a consdornblo number of foreign
era who unfortunately wero In raimo
of tho machine Runs. Amongst these
tho husband of a Kentucky brldowns
killed In tho lobby of tlio hotel where
Uioy wcro staying on their honey
moon trip. Constant (limits of Inter
vention have been mailo but tho
United States Government does not
consider Hint It Is autborlxcd to In
terveno In tho matter.
Dispatcher of Keb. lfath nnnounce
The Fight of the
News from the Halknns Is very
Bear co ns both parties In tlio struggle
rcfuso to allow correspondents ot the
(front and tho military authorities
givo but very meager news. It seems
certain that thcro Is pnwpect ot a
defection on tlio part of Turkish
troops If It lion not actually taken
place. Tlio assassination of their fa
vorite leader Is bitterly resented, and
Knver I toy does not succeed In win
ning tho troops to his leadership.
Indeed hlH assassination has ben
reported though afterwards denied. Nq
countries on tho face of tho earth
have been tho vIcUniB of sucb oiiprts
slon, cruelty nnd ntrocltleu as these
Halkan states have suffered at the
Our Kastern Kentucky news lngo
Is becoming over-crowded, the Items
from ono or two places having to be
left out this week. In order to give
moro room, beginning with our next
Issue, wo shall put tho news from
Silver Creek, Marts. Dig Hill, Slato
Lick, Hluo Lick and Hickory Plains
on our locnl page under their rciec
tlvo heads, theso places all being
closo to lb-rca and practically local.
For qulto a while wo bavo been
running Interesting two column Tor
ies on pago 3, nnd tho ono this week
wo think will prove of Interest. Theso
stories will bo continued In the fu
On our local pngo will be found n
roferenco to tho Interesting address
of Mis Ilowersox mado before the
Clio Club last week.
Wo havo secured tho addrvtw and
exacted to publish It this week, but
could not find room for It nnd tire
holding It over for our Issuo next
It will be of Interest to all parvnts
and wo hopo to securb for It a wide
On pago five, will bo found n
telegraph stovy by Mr. C. S. Knight,
Supt. of Kxtcuclon and Manager (f
tho lkreu Tvlegrnpli School.
Mr. Knight shows how his interest
was fixed in telegraphy and Inciden
tally bow tho entire community was
benefited In the establishment ot a
rural telegraph lino Just for tlio fun
of It.
Nowb or Uiu Week.
Tho DoyB' Corn Club.
bundiiy School Lessen.
Girl Gardeners.
Tho Trust Problem.
Tho High Cost of Souls.
Iovnl Items.
Kentucky System of Tnxtitlon.
Homo Town Helps.
United Staid News (continued),
Stato News (continued).
Nw Serial Story,
Intensive Farming.
Farm and Garden.
Eastern Kentucky News.
that tlio revolt against tho Govern
ment has boon no far successful that
Mndero has ngrocd to resign. This
decision waH reached owing to tlio
fact that tho Federal troops apparent
ly wcro demoralized. Considerable
numbers of them left tho scene of tat
tle Tlio result Is that Dlai and tho
Ilcbel forces nro likely soon to bo In
IKisscsslon of Mexico City. Tho
destruction of properly and tho mu
tilation of flno buildings Is greatly
to bo deplored, but most of alt Is tlio
Inhuman and uncalled for killing cf
peaceful cltlicnB and others who
should bavo been removed from tho
sceno of combnt by tho military au
thorities. Evidently Mexico Is a long ways
distant from tho placo where sho Is
capable of self government.
Balkan States
'hands of Turkey. God speed tho day
when they shall bo freed.
' America lyis had no small band In
I this matter as many of tho leaders
'in tho strugglo agalnBt Turkey bavo
received their Impulse for frco govern
mcnt and their education In right
Inspirations within tho halls of Robert
j College, established and malntnlncd
' by American missionaries.
Ycaru ago Dr. Hamlin said that
when Iho uprising canio In Turkey
Robert College would bavo no' small
sbaro for, said he, "Wo have been
! teaching civil government and the
Constitution of tho United States to
succeeding generations, and this
teaching will bring fo'rtli fruit."
England Mikes Reply But Concades
Nothing To Ask the Sultin's Help
All Eyes on Uncle Sam.
Great Ilrltaln'a reply to Secretary
Knox's recent nolo explaining tho
'position of tho United States as re
1 ganlB Innama Canal tolls Is exp.-ct-od
to reach Washington soon.
J It Is claimed that tho reply Is In
no senso In tho naturo of a conces
sion but a further explanation of tho
position ot Great Britain.
i Tho Sultan of Turkey la to bo ap
lioaletl to by tho United States in
the poruni of Mnjcr J. P. FIul y, U.
3. A., to use his Influcnco with our
' Mohammedan subjects In tho Philip
pines In brlnglug them to submit to
tho United Stutea Government. The
Sultan will bo asked to Insure tho
MusscluiaiiB that their religion will
, bo resiected.
I Tho situation In Mexico Is being
! watched closely by European Govern
i ments, nnd incidentally the actiou of
1 Undo Sam Is being scrutinized. Ow
' Ing to tho Monroe Doctrine, tho Unit
ed States Government will bo hld
morally responsible for tho lives of
any forolgu subjects lost In tho con
stant strife mid tho destruction if
foreign property as well.
Chang-Chun Vang, M. A., Ph. D.,
Yale, '08, veteran of the battles that
overthrew the oldest empire In the
world, member of the fifth Internation
al congress held In Boston, and asso
ciate director of the Peking-Mukden
A school tn x k simply a lonir time In
vestment In brains; therefore Ihe ele
mil iimxliiiu should not be "HON
I'AGi:" It I u business propo.lt u
jure uud ilmplu.
m' sssl
0kv Tlio statu of Virginia linn been called Hie old Do-
mL minion Statu. For n ".rent many yearn it was lender
ft nmong the states in wenlth nnd general prosperity.
HMfe It linn produced somo liutnper crops Hiid augmented
jHV the wealth of the nation in very many ways, Her
WgF InudHnrnof groat fertility nud her resources lisivo been
well utilized. The product of her plantations cannot
bo reckoned in dollars nnd cenls, for her best crop hnro not been
inarketalile, nnd the commercial vnlno never can be estimated.
The great product of Virginia nud her most valuable contribu
tion wan tlint noble son whose birthday we commemorate this week.
Dear to the hearts of his couiitnnien aa the years go by is the name
nnd tho memory of George Washington. Have you read his life
lately ? Do ynu recall his career as a boy mid n young mnn, his high
purpose, his careful use of the oportunities that came to him, his
determination to fit himself for the society of tho cultured and to lead
a life of usefulness? Tho accuracy of his mind is Been iu the fact
that his work ns surveyor was no well done that his lines stand
approved today, Ho learned to endure hardships, toil, fatigue nnd
hunger without complaint. Fortune smiled upon him and brought
him into great wealth, but fortune nud nenlth, the smile of society
nod association with meu of leisure, did not withdraw him from
serious pursuits nor lend him into dissipation.
What does not this country one to thin man who loved his
native lnnd moro than he loved money? Is there not a need for a
revival of the patriotism of Washington the patriotism that refused to
make money out of the commonwealth? You renumber that he, at the
close of the Revolutionary War, would nllovv Congress to do no moro
than to repay tho ndvancen that he had made out of his owu fortune
for his (!XouseH (is Commander in Chief. He refused to receive a
salary even. And yet to-day, men in high commercial life are ready
to cheat the Government by false customs entries, by creating a mo
nopoly in steel armor plato and charging the Government extravagant
prices for their product for which they ask the benefit of a protective
Another Washington is needed for his oxample, for his integrity
and to lend us out of this slough of selfishness on to the heights of
patriotism. 13. II. If.
The state of Kentucky is uiifortutiately far behind the times in
the matter of taxation laws. The Commission, appointed by the last
General Assembly to investigate the taxation of the Btate and the sys
tems used by other states, has made its report to the Governor with
some suggestions of value.
Their couclusion is that tho present system, while well adapted to
the conditions existing when it was established, Iihb Jong since been
outgrowu. It fails to produce the revenue that would be derived from
other systems, nud lays the burden of taxation upon the farmer. More
thnu this, it limits the industrial enterprise which would add largely
to the revenue of the state, nnd is prohibitive to many industries
which under other Inns would come to Kentucky.
Under the present system the farmer who has an income of $500.
in patjiny 10 jirrtm, or $50. tax, while the owner of ttocks and
bond or the manufacturer who ha an income of $780. is paying
only $10 tax. Tho Commission called to mind the well know fact
Hint there is grent evasion and falsifying in the matter of returns of
intnugiblo property which iu turu lends to the assessment of real es
tate far lielovv its value and results iu an inequality of assessment in
the different conn ties that cannot be corrected.
A constitutional amendment providing for another system of tax
ntion entirely different is strongly ndvocuted. This proposed amend
ment should ho very carefully studied by nil tax payers and voters,
as it will offect very materially the welfare of the state.
Certain absurdities are brought out. The revenue from the dog
tax alone in 1012 was $127,051 , while the revenue received from
taxations on corporations, credits, stocks and bonds amounted only to
$127,(520, which is $20. less than that received from the dog tax.
The Kentucky voters should bid a hasty farewell tothe present fossil
ir.ed and decidedly antique system of taxation which has become use
less through advanced age. B. H. K.
Of All Cases Examined 21.8 Per Cent
Infected, Out Only Half Are Free
from All Parasites.
Or. Lock and his nsslstants are Mill
kept busy making examinations for
hookworm. Tho total number of spvcl
mens reported up to Tuesday night
was 1,476, of which 323 were found
to havo hookworm, 311 round worm,
181 stomach worm, 27 dwarf tape nud
2 pin worm. 713 wero found to bo
frco from any parasites.
It will thus bo sc;u Hint 2I.S p r
ront of all examined aro Infect d with
hookworm, but that nearly halt bavo
souio parasite.
If specimens continue to bo hnud?d
In, as Is very likely, tho wcrk will bo
continued through next week. 1).
Lock, however will bo away, Monday,
for a lecture nt Williamsburg.
Tho abovo figures aro roally btnrt-
Uug nnd should bo sufficient to arouso
tlio community, and while cxaminntl n
Is free no ono should fall to talto
advautago of it. Hookworm oxltts In
Uorea nud vicinity nud this opportuni
ty should bo taken to exterminate It.
Dr. E. II. Mark of tho Stato Hoard
of Health, Sanitary Engineer, ar
Pleads for
I'realdcnt Tuft with several Cub.uet
members, a forco of gavernyiB and
other men of distinction wero guests
at tho Union Leaguo Club dinner in
honor of Abraham Lincoln. In tin
court) ot his spaecb, tho l'r-'bld nt
stated that ho hoped for a uu.ted
party, aud desired to sco tho d-'s.'rt-oru
return t tho standard.
Roosevelt declares for no compro
mise. At tho Lincoln's Day dnu-T
cf tho National Progressive Club
L',000 persona wero seated at tho ta
bles, and huudredsof Bpectatois wcro
Iu tho balcony. Speeches wero mado
by Bovvrldgo, Strauss ot Now York,
rived In Bcrea, Wednesday morning,
at tho Invitation of tho city council
and gavo an address at tho BaptlBt
Church In tho evening on the subject
of "Sanitation and Health."
Consumptive Lured to Lonely Spot
and Killed by Boys.
Hickman, Ky., Feb. 17. 1913.
Tho body of John Kltchlo was found
yesterday beneath a bluff on tho
bank ot tho Mississippi Klver where
bo had been thrown after his skull
had been crushed. His pockets were
turned out. It Is evident that the
dead man had been struck fceveral
times on tho head with a blunt in
strument. Beforo tho body was removed u
fuud was started by tho spectators
to procure blood hounds to traco the
murderer, a 19 year old boy by tho
name of Dick Shelby contributing CO
cents. Ho was arretted beforo ho
left tho spot, accused of tho trim;
and confessed that ho bad done tlu
deed In order to get $110 which be
know Ultchlo had. Ho Implicated an
other boy and told where halt of the
money could bo found.
United Party
Bourko Cochran, and Col Roosevelt,
who declared emphatically against
any union between tho Republican
and Progresslvo parties. Ho stat d
that tbo Progressive party would re
main aloof from both tha boss coii
trol.'d aud pr.vll gj rldd niurtiesthat
had hitherto divided tho citliui oto.
His address was tho first political
utterance bo bos mado in sjverul
Faith, Hopo, lovo; tbo greatest ot
theso Iu lovo.
Don't wasto tlmo.
In Memory ofBoy Corn Grower
Lester Dryant, Kentucky's Hoys'
Corn Club prlzo winner, who lost his
llfo in Waahlngton a few weeks
ago, becauso ho blew out tho gas
Instead of turning It out In his lonely
room, received high trlbuto from Con
gress, Monday, whllo tho agricultural
npproprlntlon was under discussion.
Congressman Helfln of Alabama,
saying, "I want to lay a simple and
doscrved trlbuto uiwn the new mado
gravo of a llttlo Kentucky boy who
was on tho corn boys' battle lino In
tho battlo for bread," read tho fol
lowing original poem:
"The hoo that ho wielded Is covered
with duct,
And tho plow that ho. guided Is
Tho traco chains are red with a
gathering rust,
Whllo ho cloeps on the slope of
tho bill.
The Presidential Election-High Trib
ute to Sherman War in West Vir
ginia N. C. R. Officers Punished
Suffragette Hikers Taft and the
Webb Bill Ethel Roosevelt Engag
With marked ceremony the Sonata
and tho House of Keprssjntat.vs
canvassed tlio electoral vote of tho
various states of tho Union, and offi
cially declared that Woodrow Wilson
of New Jersey and Thomas Marshall
of Indiana aro elected President and
Vlco President of tho United States.
Tho proceedings wcro marked ly
great interest and serious senatorial
dignity. Tho House, however, Indulg
ed In demonstrations of a somewhat
noisy character.
Tho count gavo Wilton and Marshall
435 votes, Roosevelt and Johnson SS
and Taft and Butler 8 votes.
Special services In the Senate were
held on tho 15th In memory of the
late Vlca Pres. Sherman, In which
Continued ou page five
Judge Parker and Senator Root
have been named by the American
committee on the celebration of the
one hundredth anniversary of peace
among English speaking people In
' 1914-15 to wait upon President-elect
I Wilson and discuss with him possible
I legislation having to do with the cen
i ttnnlal.
If the bone feel that way,
bow do you suppose the man'
,'who has been holding the
bandies feel?
Probably mighty well satis-,
(ed with himself, and glad
be'i alive.
Ho has done more wotl.
better work, and with greater
ease simply because he used an
Why don't you be one of these men?
We will bo glad to show you the plow to answer
questions and to convince you that thia la tho plow
for you to buy.
"My heart reaches out to his loved
ones alone;
For how radly they miss him thcro
But God In Ills goodness will com
fort tho homo
Wlicro tho llttlo boy guided the
J. IV. Newman, Kentucky's Com
missioner of Agriculture, has started
a movement to raise a fund for n
monument In memory of tho boy. Ho
has purchased tho entire crop from
tho boy's aero of land which ho is
selling as seed corn, charging a dol
lar an ear, and expects to rnlso
about 3,C00 In this way.
Tho most enduring monument to
tlio boy, however, will bo tho greater
yield of tho crops wherever an ear
of his corn goes owing to Increased
Interest nnd tho new light thrown
upon methods of production.
The GovernorDefends Administration
President Elect Wants Beckham
State's Pension Law Woman Kill
ed In Breathitt Defunct Bank Pay
ing up Oil Well In Morgan.
Governor McCrcary Issued a state
ment last week in reply to tho fre
quent charge that tho last Logisla
laturo was moro extravagant In Its
appropriations than tho first Legis
lature of tho preceding administration,
Tho statement claims that at the
beginning of tho present administra
tion thcro was outstanding an in
debtedness of $S09,439.0(), -tind at tho
beginning of tho previous administra
tion a surplus ot (13,711.73. Tho ap
propriations made by the first Legis
lature of the Wilson administration
amounted to $1,3s9,023.g3 according to
tho auditor's statement, whllo appro
priations ot the last Legislature only
Lamounted to $575,244.08.
A Washington report credits Presi
dent Wilson with favoring tho elec
tion of former Governor Beckham to
tho United Statces Senato to succeed
Senator Bradley. Tho statement doss
not declare that President Elect Wil
son has openly expressed himself In
favor or Mi. Beckham, but that their
likes and dislikes aro tho samo and
that they stand for tho samo things
in national politics and, wlthall, aro
closo and confidential friends. Mr.
Wilson Is said to expect great aid
from Mr. Beckham In carrying out his
policies If tho latter Is elected.
Tho Confederate pension payroll is
estimated at $31,000, which amount has
been passed on by tho Pension Board.
Thero nro very many applications yat
to bo acted upon, as there aro be
tween five nnd six thousand old tol
dlers In tlio stato. Should tho next
legislature niako theso eligible, tho
annual penclon roll, Instend of ba
ins 131,000 will bo nearer $400,000.
A deficit of $2,500,000 In state fin
ances la the vory Interesting prop-
josltlon that Is beforo tho stato au
I thorltlos, and it may result In In
creasing tho tax rate.
Meager roportB havo rencbed Ja;k-
son, Breathitt County., of tho klll
I Ing of Mrs. Salllo Nicks ut the mouth
Jot Buckhorn Creek, Sunday. Collio
Collins Is accused ot tho deed,
i On tho samo day Mrs. Ruth Calla-
Cmtttmirfl on race I'ive
tilled the Oliver!
The Furniture Man

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