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rThe Citizen
Knowledge li power asd the
wy to keep p with neslera
knowledge k to read gJ
Nmd it l fnat-nJfcY ol flrri, ., u anffmd
eUas mhUhmCKt.
Devoted to tlie Iriterests of tine ILffoiriteLiii People
Vol. XIV.
Fire cent a copy.
One Dollar a year,
No. 35
In Breathitt County
On Washington's birthday Judgo
Young discharged tho Jury nt Jackson,
Breathitt County, after holding them
for three wek. This torm will bo
blitorlcal In Urcathltt County as tho
most Important session of court In
Ita results over held there. As a result
of their efforts como tho Indictments
of tho Smiths for perjury no an cut
come of their confession cf conspir
acy In tho Callahan caso. Covan
8mlth, James II. Llttlo and A. II.
ration, a prominent attorney of Jack
eon County and tho chief coutiBcl for
dofcn k In tho Callahan cases, are
Indicted for subornation cf perjury
A Woman In
Address Before Woman's Club by
"rrfr. It seems llko presumption for un
unmarried woman to talk to mothers
about "Training Olrls." llut 1 havo
been teaching for twcnty-flvo years
now and havo had both boys and
girls under my care. I am Interested
in both, but my sympathies are large
ly with tho girls. No boy ever wish
es ho were a girl, but a grcnl many
gtrla wish they were boys.
There must bo a reason for this. U
Is largely duo to tho greater free
dom and largor opportunities open to
boys. Ilut this Is passing. Tho 20th
Century Is woman's century. She Is
realizing her needs as never before,
and she is domandlng the privilege
of greater equality In all the social
rclatljjs of llfo with her brothers and
husband. 8hs no lenger despises and
kicks out tho unfortunate girl who
has mado a mistake but sho has dis
covered that this woman Is a victim
of social conditions that Ignorance
and low wages and a wry human
hunger for pleasure and variety bate
led this girl astray. Tho woman of
today Is developing a civic and social
conseJcpce which wll mean bettor
living conditions for all women In h r
community. She Is her sister's keep
er, and mothers aro Interested In
tho girls of their nclghtwrs more
than over.
Bringing up a girl a generation
ago when there wero so many Indus-,
tries In the homo was far slmpbr
than It Is today. Ilut before I talk
about the training of girls I want you
to havo In mind a picture of an Ideal
girl. When a dress maker cuts out
dress, sho pictures to herself thu
completed garment and to has a
stands! d as well as a pattern, and
1 want to present to you first the
picture that ! In my mind.
The Ideal Girl.
My Ideal young woman of 22 years
of ago (which Is tho ago set by set-
online .investigation ior inarrmgo ior
women) has a strong physique. Sum
Is self controlled hits poiso andsrlf
posaoislon. Her body Is tho ray
rorvant of her will and reason ai.d
expresses efficiency and sic. 11 cf
somo sort. Her oyes look Into tnluu
frankly and show sincerity nlnl Purity
lr thought and action, bho Is not a
That persuvcrunco olten outruns
lieu I us.
That everything God does, means
That u stingy man Is always cheat
ing hlmeclf.
News of tho Week.
A Woman In Tho Making.
Indians of Calltornln.
bamluy School Lessen.
News for Young People.
Duty to U-arn to Play.
How Sam Picepurcd.
Local Items.
Kentucky System of Taxation.
Old Ideas Pushed Aside,
Mission of Church.
Local Items.
Now Borlal Story.
Intensive Funnier;.
Farm and Garden.
Eastern Kentucky News.
The Footpath to Peace
United Statej Nows (continued).
-State News (continued).
In the Callahan trials. Hcvcrnl law
yers, members of tho Jackson bar,
havo volunteered their services In
I'atlon's behalf.
It may bo believed that these In
dlctments created a sensation of no
mild order. Pattern asks to bo tried
at Jackson. Over nlno hundred In
dictments havo thus been returned by
tho grand Jury. There Is a general
feeling Uiat tho old order of things
has passed away and that tho citizens
cf Jackson and of Breathitt County
may yot sco lawlessness suppressed
and tho community become law-abiding.
The Making
Miss Bowersox, Dean of Women,
slave to her body and Its ailments,
but has formed such habits of health
that her mind and tlmo and sircngth
aro set froo for her work and for her
social and religious llfo.
8ho Is educated college Is decslr
ablo when It can bo had without too
great sacrifice but tho tctt of her
education, no matter where tixo stops
In her course, Is that shu Is alert
and growing Interested In tho coclal
and religious llfo and general uplift
of her community. Sho has not only
had a cultural education but Bho Is
prepared to enter upon some profes
sion and earn hex living It n;cd bo
Sho knows how to find out and adapt
horself to changes In circumstances.
Sho has tho habit of concentration,
of planning of foresight of definite
necs. Sho works In harmony with na
ture's laws and principles and so is
able to wade through disappointments
and loneliness and lack of sympathy
because of the vision of thu accom
plished thing.
Sho has some practical knowledgo
of housekeeping which sho got as a
child in her own home, but sho has
supplemented this with a cou.so In
Homo Sclenco which gave her the
theory based on principles, so that
her kitchen has the same Interest
ing problems to bo solved that the
chomlcal ' laboratory or luath.'mat.cs
class had for her In school. Drudgery
has disappeared bocauso sho "knows
how." Sbo knows she "knows how"
and so is set froo from nervous fussl
ness. Sho will never be a tlavo to
pots and pans, and kettles, the Is
capablo of bringing hcallli and ccm
fort to her family without det'.T.o.at
Ing Into a men domestic drudge.
My girl of 22 dressis simply. Sho
has no need of paint and powder. Tho
dally bath, exercise und right habits
of eating aro tho best cosmetics. lUr
manner of dress Is guided by a prin
ciple rather than fashion. You w.ll
get away from her and forget h.-r
clothes, but remember her faco and
manner. Dress will simply inhanco
tho character and set tho soul of thu
woman froo from worry as to ap
pearances. Social,
sbo has learned tho great art cf
friendship, of conversation and g noinl
Continued on I'agr Twf
Crete Returns to Greece Mexico a
Large Proposition The Balkans.
alio Island of Crete, which from
time Immemorial has been j art tf
Greece, ami which had been und.r
European control, wan evacuated ly
tho protecting powers on tho lo.h
of tho month and jvtuniB to its right
ful political uffiltaticu with Greece.
iCreto is tho seat of thu old clv.llsca
Ulou out of which Greek clv.llal.on
Should tho United States Intervene
In Mexico thcra will bi scmo terri
tory to cover, and Uio undertaking
will not bo a email one, as Mexico
has an area of 700,000 square mlLn,
almost at largo cc that part cf thu
United States cast of tho Mississippi.
Over this area is (scattered its popu" n
Hon of 15,000,000, of whom a largo
number nro Indians, who take to tho
mountalna for hiding.
Vague rumorj aro circulated of an
Important Bulgarian victory at Uul
air, but theso rumors aro net con
firmed. Bulgatla rcfus s to consmt
' to a uetural zone at Adrlanoplo. A
, dispatch fn'iu Constantinople- a ales
that tho Porto will limit Its military
'activity to tho defenso cf Its linos,
hoping for European Interference or
financial exhaustion of tho allies.
A year ago tho presiding Judgo in Payette County slated to
the grand jury that there bail bevti more murders in Fayette County,
with a population of 47,716, in tho year 1011 than in the city of
Loudon, England, with a population of 7262,003. Nor has the murdrr
habit stopped for it eems to bo a habit for nieu who have a grievance
against or a quarrel with another to kill hi in as he would n mad dog
or a wild boast. No thought of tho wife or of tho helpless children
who would Ira orphans for life in powerful enough to deter him from
thin insane and hellish impulso to kill. Unfortunately through cus.
toniR, almost criminal in the possibility of evil consequences, tho
weapons for human butchery are not far distant. Usually a gun larger
or smaller In at lmiid and speedily it belches out tiro lit in a hell of hu
man passion and the unhappy victim, frequently oil Lis guard and
unaware of hla peril, fnlls bleeding like an ox under the butcher's
knife, and lies weltering in his gore. Such n spectacle ss seen on
the streets of n large and prosperous county scat, the home of schools
of learning aud of cliurcliefl, a few months Ago.
Ih there such a thing as a mania (or killing, like kleptomania, tho
mania for stealing r How long can n man retain his sanity, who day
after day allows himself to brood over wrongs, real or fancied, until
the mind becomes possessed of, and governed by this singlo thought ?
A distinguished physician, specialist in mental diseases, experienced
lu the treatment of the insane to the question: " When is a man in
ftano"? replied, " A uiau is insane when be putB himself under the
sway of n single idea." Right here is where, in many a family, mur
der could bo prevented, by a determined effort to divert tho mind and
turn away tho thought from this ono topic of injury. Too often, how
ever, this course is not pursued, but rather is encouraged by constant
reference to thu matter, aud a continued discussion ol the wrong.
Tho state of Kentucky is an aggregation of communities, nny one
of which would resent very strongly the intimation that they wero
not civiltzctl. But is it not one of the marks of civilization to abide
by the laws and institutions established by tho community for
the furtherance of tho community welfaru? Tho state of Ken
tucky lias an elaborate apparatus in its judges, law courts, sheriffs,
and under sheriffs, ita local magistrates, for the maintenance of law
and order, for the punishment of wrong-doing, the correcting of
abuses, and the preservation of life and property. The murderer dis
regards all thin, virtually he acts as though it was not in existence,
and although he himself by his vote helped to elect these officers aud
to establish these institutions, he acts as though be were in a region
without law or law officers. Eveu In the heart of uncivilized Africa
his action would be condemned, auifhe would be punished for his of
fense. He becomes the foe of society, aud of the institutions of civ
ilized life.
What cau bo done to bring about better conditions? In the first
place, theie must be a better, a wiser aud a saner public neutiment.
Wo must stop looking uiion the murderer as a "good fellow,"" well
meaning," aud " not a bad man." He is not a good fellow, who thus
takes the law into bis hands, nor is he well-meaning, but he is a thor
oughly bad man, dangerous to the community. In spite of his oc
casional gcod impulses and nffection for his own (a tiger has this) it
is dangerous for him to be at large. Ho should be kept in confine
ment like a dangerous beast.
In the second place, the community concerned must recognize
the great gravity aud need of the moment, and cease to feed a morbid
impulso that speedily may become dangerous by protracted discussion
of aud brooding over wrong. A heliUhier tone must bo initiate! into
the family conversation, into the family lifo. We must learn to leave
tbeaveiigiugof our wrongs with our God and with the commonwealth.
"Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord " The great remedy,
the uufailiug remedy, tho one sure prevention is tho spirit of Christ
in the heart.
The teachers can help to create a new sentiment. They can
teach the greatness of forgiveness and the horror of murder, aud tho
goodness of neighborly love. 1J.
In one of his very interesting essays, Deujamiu Franklin, of
kite fame, describes atonie ltugth the passiou that American women
have for house cleaning and the resulting discomfort to the various
members of tho family as they find their belougiugs displaced and
thoy tliemselveH without a t-etilid lmbitHtiiu Yet house cleaning
time is necessary, a nil the results are wholesome and conducive to
family welfare,
The American woman bun now extended her sphere of influence
so that it embracea not only the home but the town. Iieportsays
that the ladies of Danville are accomplishing very desirable things
in tho matter of town cleauiug. The ladies of Uerea are not without
experience iu this matter and desirable results have followed (heir
experiments. This year they nro planning to do eveu greater things
than in the past. Should nut their "efforts bo supplemented by more
visible activity on the pnit of the men f Are there uot various streets
in town that would be much more de-wimble for residences if trees
were tobe plant' il along tho highway mid about the homes? It has
been clearly shown by real estate men that streets properly shaded
and homes with trees nboiit them brought nn iucreaso of rental far
abqve all expenses incurred in tho tree planting. Why should not
town cleauiug be supplemented by tree and shrub planting?
There is .t rumor, fouuded on a slatenieut that appears iu other
columns of our paper, of a prize for home Hardens, Why should
there not be prizes instituted for yard- beautified by flowers aud for
flower gardens.? There is ii prize mid each may have it without re
gard to others thu satisfaction aud tliu joy that comes from living
iu a home surrounded by shrubbery and flowers.
Here-u haa hoiiih such homes. One !h the West End of town,
with its growth of daffodilla anil loses in the spring, Kladiolas iu the
slimmer aud dahlias aud other fall flowers later iu the season.
It is u place of beauty. Thoy are no lom;er young iu years who live
in thia home, but they aro young in heart, and the beauty of their
home gladdens) many There should be more siu-h,
Your home should be of that character whether in Ilerea or on
IIih mountain side. A Mimiuer'H ride on a dirt n ad out through the
w Dod h brought us to just such it mountain home last summer- a spot
of beauty buried in flowers. At once the beholder wanted to know
who lived there for ho know that they were of the right sort. IMiiu
early to clean up, then doit. Plan to beautify the homo whether in
town or country with flowers and enrich it with fruits und do it.
Your life will be richer, happier and you will rise iu the scale of
living. n
Sunday night In tho College Chapel
Dr. Hastings of Uattlo Creek, Mich.,
gave a very useful address, Illustrat
ed by lantern Blldes, on health and
exercise. Tho speaker explained tin
difference between exercising for
health and for muscular development.
Ho mado It very clear that there
might bo a groat development cf vit
ality without great muscular Increase.
Often men of high muscular power
wero not men of great vitality. Tb.
vital organs aro In tho chest and
, abdomen, consequently the exercises
that expand and develop tho trunk ef
tho body wero the most useful to tho
avorago person. Tho vigor of tho mco
be said depended upon the vigor cf
tho mothers every girl should cul
tivate physical strength.
Trust not to self
To guide thine own frail bark
O'er stormy wavo to tho desired
Thy God knows all tho way;
And Ho will keep theo
When the mist and dirkness fall,
Nor will ho let thee wander from
thy course. II. C. L.
Mexico Shocks the World
As a result of robolllon against the
Modcro government In Mexico led
by Diaz, tho government troops wero
defeated and Madcro, the President
was formally deposed by Congress.
Gen Hucrta wac elected provisional
president at a special session of Con
gress on tho 19th. Immediately re
prisals began by tho victorious fac
tlon. Gustavo Madcro, brother cf the
President, at ono tlmo minister of
finance, waa executed. Tho United
States government Immed.atcly pro
tested against any summary execu
tlon of the dope sod president, but In
Extra Session of Congress Way
Open for Suits In Titanic Disaster
Inauguration Day Prices on Pat
ented Articles U. S. Troop Ready
for Mexico The Cabinet Robbery
In N. Y. Extravagant Appropria
President Elect Wilson announces
that the extra cession of Congress
will bo convened on Tuesday, April
1st. Ho Intimates that tin Interval
between Mar. 4th and April 1st, may
well bo devoted to caucuses and con
A recent decision in tho courts In
New York state opens the way for
the institution of damage suits
against tho Whlto Star Steamship
Company for losses incurred in tho
Titanic disaster. Previously resource
to tho courts was blocked, but tho
obstaclo is now removed. It is prob
able that several hundred suits will
bo entered Involving some millions
of dollars.
On next Tu?sday, the 4th of March,
Woodrow Wilton will be inaugurated
as tho twenty-eighth President of
tho United States. His father was
Joseph R. Wilson, a clereyman. He
'was born at Stauntcn, Virginia, the
28th of December, 1856. Much of his
llfo has been spont as a teacher. For
many years ho was President of
Princeton University, from which
Institution ho was graduated in 1879.
As governor of New Jersey he has
mado a most enviable record in both
liolltics and statesmanship, which
promises well tor his success in tho
presidency. At tho samo tlmo Thos.
R. Marshall of Louisiana becomes tho
VIco President.
Unltod States District Court at New
York rendered a decision recently of
far-reaching importance. Th s djcls
lon waa against tho Waltham Watch
Company. It denies tho right of tho
patent owners to fix tho price nt
which retailers must sell their patent
ed articles. This decision brings to
mind tho fact that Charles A Kecne,
whom tho ccmpany sued, has been
buying Wallhani watches In tho Lon
don market nt prices so much lower
than ho ODUld get la this country,
that ho could afford to roshlp them
to Now York, whero ho sold them at
a profit, though at much less than
tho local price. This decision may
provo ono of tho most revolutionary
In business methods cf any of recent
(Continued on I'agt HlgM)
vain. Tho former president was shot
In tho head, and tho Vice President
was killed by tho enme volley accord
ing -to official reports, while being con
teyed to tho penitentiary from the
national paloco In the mlddlo of the
night. It is alleged that an attempt
was mado to rescue tho prisoners,
and that they wero killed accident
ally in tho skirmish that followed.
This occount, however, Is held under
consideration. The diplomatic carps
refused to accept an Invitation to
luncheon with tho new admln'.stta
tlon, until tho mystery attached to
this tragic event was cleared up.
Oil Strike In Morgan Co.-Farm Ex
tension Hospital at Pikevllle
Ky. Educational Association.
A big striko bas been made In the
Morgan County oil field. A new well
starts out at four hundred barrels n
day. This Is located within thirty
flvo hundred feet cf tho first well
which attracted so much attention.
This strike opens up an extensive
area to tho north and cast and In
dicates a pool of some extent. This.
Is tho biggest strike made in Ken
tucky field6 In a number of years,
and coming at this tlmo when pctro
llum Is at top price, will do much to
wards dcvelcping new fields. Njw
wells in Wayno, Laurel and Ohio
Counties havo about the average ca
pacity. A ton barrel well was drill
ed In tho Wildcat district on Meadow
Creek. A recent strike In Ohio Coun
ty reports a twonty-flvo barrel well,
A thrco days mooting has been held
at which plana woro uiappcu out Kr
the coming season by Mr. J. H. Arn
old who comes irenn the United
States Agricultural Department to
lako charge of farm damonstration
work In Kentucky, Tennessee and
West Virginia. At this meeting Prvf.
Bryant, Supt. of Extension work In
Kentucky, and County Instructors
were present. Arrangements are mado
to Instruct tho farmers In those 1j
calltlce, where It Is desired, In a
more thorough knowledge of farm
ing. This year especial attention is
paid to corn growing. The Government
has set apart $10,000 for this work In
Kentucky. This money will bo spent
in thoso counties that will pay for
ono half of tho expenses Involved, the
Government paying for tho other half.
This work will bo carted on in Madi
son County by Prcf. Frank Montgom
ery who Is a3soc.'ated with Biroa
College; in Honderton County by C.
A. Mahan; In Warren Ccunty by Jno.
E. Nlchol; Louisville by Nat V.
Frano; Mctcalf County by Dr. T. W.
Bushong; In Christian County ly
Geoffrey Morgan; In Muhlenburg
County by Frank Merrlman.
Tho above named counties have
raised more than one thousand dol
lars each for this work. It is Intend
ed that at an early tlmo each ono of
tho one hundred and twenty coun
ties In tho stato will have a complete
system of Instruction in farmlns,
which will be of service to every
farmor in Kentucky.
Plkevlllo Is to havo a new hospital.
A stock company has been organized
(Continued on lA't Tge)
There must be tome reason for the
universal popularity of the
Oliver Chilled Plows
I fu, lhi, nMy nl iktia
Oli tit Chillrd Mcul hi no tquil for long
wearing and perlrct icounng qualitici.
The Plows are shaped along the linee of
leasl resistance and the hilch is nxel ceo-Icred-resulting
in the
Lifbtest Draft Plows Ertr Made
Sue I nd iiylct in grrt vrity and tvery
Lin J ol work u tucccwfully handled.
JjUpftir P" ft cittily "(J ic CMtly cl
U in tie. m
If i m4 itlk tt W. Cm mJ M m ttfUla mf
The Furniture Man

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