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September 7, 1922
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Page Sere
East Kentucky
News You Get
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to Ml far MMMMtoa, talmi
McKee, Sept. 4. Circuit court is
convening at thin place. A large
number of penal rases have been
tried and many convicted. There ara
about forty persons in jail at thia
time. Judge Manning seems to be
carry In it out the slogan of "Law En
forcement" very efficiently. The
King's Daughter'a Convention waa
held Saturday in the Refnrm Church
with an attendance of about 84 mem
bers from different part of tha
county, principally Gray Hawk, Ann
ville, McKee and vicinity. Two new
societies have been orfraniied and
membera representing each were
prevent at the convention. Mini Jen
nie Jacob waa elected president for
the ensuing year. A fine dinner waa
nerved, and great interest and enthu
siasm waa displayed by both senior
and Junior members. A trachoma
clinic was held by Dr. Thompson and
two nurses under the direction of the
government, with Misa Linda Neville
representing the Red Cross. Miss
Jennie Jacobs, our county nurse, also
assisted in the work, turning: over the
house which she occupies for a hos
pital in which to carry on the work.
Great results have been obtained thru
these clinics which have been held
heretofore at this place. Nearly
three hundred people were examined
for eye traublea during the two days
and many received operations aside
from those who obtained treatment.
There will be a "follow-up" clinic held
at the aame place during the drat
week of October, and it la hoped that
everybody who ia afflicted with eye
troubles may have a chance for ex
amination. Mr. and Mrs. P. G. Col
lier gave a reception Monday eve
ning. Many guesta were present and
all had a very enjoyable evening.
I 'r. J. E. Anderson and wife of Berea
were the guests of J. J. Davia dur
irg the past week. Supt. Creech and
wife visited with relatives near Ann
villf , Saturday night. Edgar Gab
rard, who ia attending school in
Annville, was home with his parent
iluring the week-end. As a result of
the pie supper held for the benefit of
the Public and High School, $H4.66
as raised.
Carico, Sept. 4. Wt arc having
continued drouth in this section.
The protracted meeting is in session
at Rat Top. All come and hear Bro.
Koe, as he is an able speaker.
(ur singing school ended at Flat Top
yesterday with a large attendance.
We do regret to give up our good
teacher. Messrs. E. and Kelley Her
ald of Moore's Creek were dinner
cuents of Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Roberts,
Sunday. M. J. Reynolds of Tyner is
in these parts making pictures for
the boys and girls. We are so sorry
to hear of the sad death of the son
of Mr. and Mrs. Green Carpenter of
I'ango and do sympathize with the
parents and family John Lear lost
a fine row last week. Our box sup
per at the Christian Church at Flat
Tip was a success. Tha boxes
brought $.11.4f, which will be used to
help cover our church house. There
was a community club organized at
Fiat Top recently. Bert Summers
killed a large copperhead last week.
All the citixens have commenced
foddering in these parts. Work is
lull in this part at present on ac
count of the grtat strike.
White lick
White Lick, Sept. 5. Miss Lillie
Creech and brother, Ernest Creech, of
Katon, 0., visited J. B. and II. D.
Creech and familiea the past two
weeks. Frank Carter has returned,
after an extended visit with his a
ter, Mrs. Martha RigHby, at Lexing
ton. Misses Elisabeth and Florence
Creech visited Mr. and Mrs. Andy
Matlock at Nina from Saturday un
til Monday. Miss Marjorie Polly of
Berea waa tha pleasant visitor ot
her uncle, Harrison Creech, and other
relativea week before last. What waa
probably one of the best revival meet
ings in tha history of Whit I'-k
Baptist Church closed last Friday
night. Nina new membera were add
ed by baptiam and untold food waa
dona by tha earnest preaching o
Rev. Willia Rogers, aa well as tha
uplifting influence and splendid ex
ample of a young life being, so freely
spent In tha service of Christ. Mr.
and Mrs. C. C. Hounshell visited Mr.
and Mrs. 01 lie Grant, Sunday. Work
men began working yesterday on tha
new pika which ia to ba built part
way up Whit Lick. Wa hop the
work will progress rapidly. Tba lit
tle Robinson boy, who fell into
tub of but water and was badly
Nowhere Else
4 Mi Nil W mrHm. Ta.i
... f gmtt faiik. Writs Bbtlaly.
burned several days ago, ia impror
ing. Kerby Knob
Kerby Knob, Sept 4. Corn and to
bacco crops are badly damaged in
thia vicinity by the drouth, which
waa broken by a good rain oa Aug
ust 2ftth, also another good rain on
September 3rd. Our revival, which
waa expected to begin tha fourth
Saturday In August, waa a disap
pointment aa Rev. M. Cornell failed
to come, yet w had some interesting
sermons delivered a few daya by Rev.
Bill Anderson of this county and Rev.
George Kerby of Owsley county, who,
with his wife, were visiting his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kerby. Mrs.
Ford Bixley and little daughter of
Harrodsburg, who spent two week
wtth relativea here, left August 20th
for her home. Mrs. L. P. Hatfield
rf Detroit Mich., and Mr. and Mrs.
Zach Thomas of Dayton, O., after
spending three weeks with friends
and relativea here, left for their
homes August 27th. Vertie Johnson
went home with her aunt, Mrs. Zach
Thomas, where aha win stay until her
school begins at Danville. Oran
Click of Cottonburg and son, Her
shal, visited his parents, Mr. and Mr.
J. R. Click, from Saturday till Tues
day of last week. Charles Abrams
and children of Indiana, who ara
vieiting relatives in both Jackson and
Madison counties, stayed over night
with J. R, Click and family Saturday
night Rev. Peter Moberly, who has
bten ill, is better and is visiting at
tha home of J. D. Hatfield thia week.
Slata Lick
Slate Lick, Sept 3. The drouth
waa broken hera last Friday morn
ing with what seemed to be a cloud
burst. Crops were too far gone to
do them much good, but so glad of
ir for our health and stock water.
The surveyor have made their final
survey and some people will have to
move out Dr. Wadkins and family
with other friends from London, Ky..
were out viewing the oil fields last
Sunday and say they will start
drilling again soon. Cainer Wynn
was called to Conway Saturday on
account of the death of bis niece.
Miss Mary Wynn. Mrs. Thena Ruth
erford and Mrs. W. D. Parks attend
ed the funeral of Mrs. Joe Hill at
Wallace Chapel last Monday. R.
Parka and wife visited Mr. and Mrs.
Jake Haley at Big Hill last week
also John Davis, Monday. Mrs. E.
N. McCormick and daughter, Mrs.
Ada Calloway, visited at Oscar
Thacker's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Frown of Middletown called
on Mrs. A. J. McGuire Sunday after
noon. W. M. McSwain and family
were dinner guesta of Mrs. Hugh
Parks Sunday. Forest March and
family of Richmond visited their par
ents Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. H. M
Snyder. Mrs. W. D. Parks entertain
ed to dinner the following: Mrs.
Arthur Ball and rhlidren, Mrs.
Coolry, Mrs. Thena Rutherford and
Jack, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parks.
slsn uncle Ben Mitchell, Sunday. All
rvport a good time. Mrs. Raleigh
Canter and three children of Indiana
polis, Ind., are visiting Mrs. Chas
CUnter at present. D. H. Smith visit-
eded homefolks the wek-end, re
turned to Corbin today, where he is
employed as guard. F.ffie Humphrey
spent Saturday night with her aunt,
Mrs. Jas. Bamett. Our superintend
ent. Mr. Bamett. gave the children
of Slate Lick a prixe for regular at
tendance at the Sunday-school. Al
lie Lunsford, Thomas King Parks
and Burnham Lunsford won the
prizes. This should encourage the
children to keep on.
Panola. Sent. 5. Mrs. Willie
Isaacs and sons, Russell and Floyd,
of Hamilton, O., are visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Powell.
Mrs. Emmaline Harris of Illinois is
viaitino- relatives here. Mr. and Mrs.
James Lamb. Myrtle Lamb, Clartna
Lamb and little daughter of KicD
mond were dinner guesta of M. and
Mrs. Rollie Cox, Sunday. Mr. and
Mrs. Virgil Richardson have returned
from a pleasant visit to relatives at
Forest Hill. A Misa Barker of Ir
vine has been visiting Lillian Wells.
Mrs. Mavma Fain, our postmistress,
haa purchased property in Berea and
will move to it, and educate her two
sons, Elmo and Reo. Henry Winkler,
aga 87, died Friday. Ha had eatn
a hearty breakfast and died quite
suddenly. Joe Mixe is helping in to
bacco at Richmond. Dorothy Mix
visited her uncle, John Cox, Sunday
night Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. roweu
Youth, With Its Dual
Even Fight
By DR. A. E. STEARNS, Principal of Phillips Academy.
NoImkIv ran understand boys or deal with loy who dora not, first of
all, appreciate the dual nature of the human U injf, and particularly as it
is intensified and exemplified in youth, becaue youth starts with just about
an even fight on its hands, and has that dual nature in ita intensest and
most vigorous form. On the one side there is the weaker, tha baser, tha
animal, if you will, pulling him in the directions in which he knows, on
hia better side, he ought not to go, thrusting tempation in his way, calling
him off the beaten track.
And then, on the other aide, there are those fine ideals, never finer
than in the days of youth, those beliefs and convictions in the things that
are fine and true and manly and pure, the spiritual side of his nature, the
higher man, the manhood that ia in him, calling him away from these
things, and challenging him to play the game and to play the game' fair
and true.
If you want rugged manhood in tha next generation, it is there just
waiting to he called into control and action. If you want men of ideals,
men who will uphold our laws, men who will stand for the things that are
pure and clear and fine in home and family and civic life, men who can
continue to lead thia nation and not undermine ita strength by their own
weaknesses, then do what you can to make these'eonditione to which youth
will perfectly and naturally and wholesomely respond.
were guest of Mr. and Mrs. Pal
Powell at Dreyfus, Wednesday. Mrs.
Evan Richardson is quite low with
tuberculosis. Pocahontas Pace ia
visiting in Irvine this week. Onalie
Chrisman is convalescing.
Bobtown, Sept 4. Next Sunday.
September 10, will be regular church
day at Pilot Knob church. On ac
count of rain the baptising waa pat
off until Sunday. Tha hoar was not
set, but we feel safe to aay it will
ba at 9 olock a. m. near Mr.
Green's. The Sunday-school at tha
church at 9:30 and the school house
at 2:30 p. m. are both progressing
nicely. We cordially invite all to at
tend. We are proud of our commu
nity now. So peaceful and so much
good being done, and of our teacher,
Obert Richardson, who takes so much
interest in our school and the up
building of the county. The cistern
that he now is working for haa long
been needed for the school, but no
teacher has ever tried to get it un
til now. The ice cream supper held
at Bobtown schoolhouse resulted very
satisfactory. A good crowd was
present and all enjoyed the occason.
The largest aid came from H. E. Tay
lor and Rev. M. Penniman, of Berea.
Mr. Howard E. Taylor played eev
era! of his wonderful selection
on the organ, (which kept the
crowd spell-bound. We can never be
too gracious to these two men who
did much in making the occasion a
real success. The teacher was much
pleased with the interest the parents
showed in the school, altho some have
not given anything yet The pro
ceeds now are $51. President Frost
preached at Bobtown on Sunday af
ternoon at 3 o'clock. He spoke on
the subject of temperance. There
were about seventy-five people pres
ent There were two great lessons
revealed to the writer. First, If you
want to kill a wolf, never take him
by the collar. No. 2, that temperance
means a total abstinence from things
wrong and ainful, and a reasonable
indulgence in the thinga which are
good. The President persuaded about
forty persons to sign the temperance
pledge. We hope President will come
back again Mr. and Mrs. James
Neeley, Mr. and Mrs. John Lawson
and daughter attended the Tate
Creek Association Wednesday of last
week. They were sent as messengers
of Pilot Knob church, also Mr. and
Mrs. Jeff Robinson, Mr. and Mrs.
Churt Parks attended. Hudson Pow
ell was in McKee last week to at
tend court which is in session there.
Mr. and Mrs. Billie Powell of
Kingston spent Sunday with Mrs.
Hudson Powell Mr. John Lawson
entertained Sunday Mr. and Mrs. W.
F. Moody and family of Harris Hat,
Mr. and Mrs. Tinsley Eversole of
London, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Baker
and little Velma Francis of Berea.
In loving memory of our dear
daughter and sister, Lucile Newsom
Lawson, who departed this life Sep
tember 8, 1921.
The month of September again ia
To us the saddest of all the year,
Because God called you away.
One we loved, but she could not stay.
My darling sister, our hearts are sad
Since God called you away.
Your soul in peace went up to Him
One year ago today.
We know you dwell where angela
In God's bright home above,
Our prayers go up to God for you,
Blessed by your parenta and sister
Sadly missed by
Father, another and sister.
Nature, Has About an
on Its Hands
Wildie, Sept 4 Mr. H. P. Gadd
and little son, Herman Preston, of
Berea, are with her parenta, Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Dotson. Uncle Harrison
Branaman is better. Dr.. W. A.
Jonea is suffering from infiamatory
rheumatism. Will Huff and family
of Winchester are visiting Goal
Ramsey and family. Little Misa Lu
cile Lewis, who was taken to the
Robinson Hospital at Berea last week
and had her tonsils removed, ia at
home getting along fine. Mr. and
Mrs. J. R. Dotson had aa their guests
at dinner Sunday, Mrs. Abby Coffey
of Hummel .Grove, Mr. and Mrs. H.
P. Gadd of Berea, Mr. and Mrs. Jim
Coffey of Langford and Misses Mat
tie and Lula Durham of Hummer:
Ray Coffey spent Sunday with Mrs.
Hugh Coffey of the Hiatt section.
The pie supper here Saturday night
was quite a success. One pie sold
for $6.00. Others went at good
Goochland, Sept 4. We are hav
ing some fine rains at present, and
it has greatly increased our water
supply, also late crop of' grass pas
tures. Crops are cut about one-half
in this section on account of the
drouth, but we ought to be content
with what we get as we are not
thankful enough for what the Lord
is doing for us daily. We don't give
Him praise enough for the good gifts
that He gives us. Praise the Lord.
The people are generally well in this
section, and the doctors are almost
out of a job in our section, and it
makes us feel good to know that our
people are all well. We are having
one of the best revival meeetinga at
A D3r; Time and T.3csoy Cover
sv KMt sra mf
Bcrrt fco led Into talxirQxicntltyC
Calumet proved best by test in
bake-uay contests. Largest semng orana
in the world. Contains only such ingredi
ents as have been approved by U. S. Pure
Food Authorities.
Tho World's Greatest Batting Powder
Sycamore Christian Church this week
that the world has. ever known. It
looks like Christ has come at last,
and the people are over-joyed in
Christian sense; and (5 how glad I
am to see the people wake up once
more thru the sense of their duty.
We have had about ten or 12 addi
tions already, and the meeting only
commenced last Wednesday night
We invite everybody that will to come
and take a part in the meeting.
The pastor Is a man from Tennessee
by the name of Gentry, and 111 tall
you he is a nail driver. J. T. Dooley
Is planning on building a new dwell
ing house. Mr. and Mrs. Suda Fuson
from Pineville are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. A. P. Gabbard thia week. The
writer visited the Jackson circuit
court last week and claims to ba
very well pleased with their Judge,
A. T. Manning, of that district A.
P. Gabbard ia planning on going out
this week on a drumming tour. We
hope he will have a good trip and
sell Iota of goods. J. J. Drew visit
ed Goochland today and helped A. P.
Gnbbard kill a sheep for the meeting.
We hope everybody will read the
good old Citizen paper, for it ia ono
of the best papers.
Rockford, Sept 4. Wa are hav
ing heavy raina in thia section which
are going to brine; out Tall pastures
greatly. Most of our tobacco grow
ers are having to build more barn
room. There is a protracted meet
ing going on at Macedonia church.
conducted by Rev. Overbay and Rev.
Van Winkle, with 'good attendance
and good behavior. Old Mrs. Orval
Cape, who haa been confined to her
bed with rheumatism for several
years, is, some better at this time.
George B rate her of near Silver Creek
was in thia section Sunday talking
of old times as well as new. H. E.
Bullen haa just completed a shed to
his tobacco barn. Roy Rowlett wai
in this section on business todays-
Bradley Riddle haa moved near Sny
der, Ky. Mias Delia Alexander of
near Wildie was visiting in Rockford
from Saturday until Monday. Sun
day-school is still progressing nicely
at Scaffold Cane. Everybody invit-
eo. Howard and Bluford Payne and
Granville Pennington of Disputanta
attended Sunday-school at Scaffold
Cane Sunday. Good luck to The
Citizen and ita many readers.
Cooks burg
Cooksburg, Sept 3. The long
drouth which has damaged the corn
crop was broken last night by a
very good ahower. Little) Flossie
Thomas is very aick with whooping
cough. There are several cases in
this community. Fruit canning an !
drying is about over and bean pick
ing is on hand, ao we will Jiave to
keep busy. Several of the young
folka attended church at Horse Lick
Sunday. The second Sunday ia reg
ular church day at Corinth, and the
neonla are exnectinr a few davs of
' meeting. Our school ia progressing
ttfioe EIuGoEaenn
When you bake with
Calumet you know
there will be no loss or
failures. That's why it
is far less expensive
than some other brands
selling for less.
nicely with a good teacher, Roacoa
Morris. P. P. Singleton, of the Ravin
Wood section, waa thrown from a
nrala last weak and vary badly hart
W. M. Alcorn has been saving hay
for C. L. Thomas thia waelcC L
Thomas is guarding a bridge at Liv
ingston. We all would ba glad to
bear of the railroad strike being
settled. Mrs. Mattie Singleton spent
several daya the first of the week
with relatives at Livingston. Jamas
Wadkins, who has been confined te
hia bed ao long, ia no better, Hur
rah for Tha Cltiaen.
(Csattaa frsai rag Two)
menf of the succession republic' BuuT
pest heard thst both these little en
tente nation were plsnnlng to Bead
troops throngti , Hungarian territory
Into Austria, and Connt Andraaay,
rhnlrman of the Hungarian foreign af
faire committee, declared Hoagary
would resist this, adding that Han
gar, though weak, "may prove daa
geroue In case of such sn Insult."
PROBABLY before this reaches the
- reader It wlif ba known whether
the allied reparations committee hsS
come to a decision on the question of
a moratorium for Germany, but dar
ing the latter ila.va of the week the
situation was decidedly confusing. Bee
Ira made one offer of gusriintees which
France rejected. Then new plana
were snjrrcated by Britain, by France
and by Germsny, all nf which were
cast aside by the commission. It
seemed possible the scheme proposed
by Delacroix of Relgium, though ad
mittedly a temporary compromise,
might be adopted. This provided for:
1. Issue of short-time promissory
notes by the Herman government, eotnt
terslgned by three big Germsn banka
and paysble to Belgium within etc
3. Transfer of 300.000,000.000 gold
marks - ($71,400,000,000) from the
relchsbank to the coffers of some for
eign bank outside of Oermsny, to be
held as security for the paper notea. '
S. Guarantees to France for pay
ment in kind.
4. Convocation nf another premiers
conference In November to take up
the whole problem of reparations and
war debts of the allies.
SEVERAL great disasters occurred
last week. An overloaded Chlleaa
vessel sank near Coqulmbo and 310
persona were drowned, only alx being
saved. The Japanese cruiser NUtka
went down In a typhoon and It waa
believed the loss of life waa heavy.
In a gold mine at Jackson. OaU 47
miners were Imprisoned In the lower
levels by a Are In levels above them,
and at this writing It Is believed none
of them will be rescued.
DESPITE the ssalstance of Ameri
can reformers, the prohibitionists
of Sweden were defeated when tba
question of whether the country
should be wet or dry was submitted ta
a popular vote. The cities especially
voted wet by huge majorities).
"Tommy," asked the teacher, "what
can you tell of America's foreign rela
tions at the present timer'
"They're all pretty poor." aald tha
brightest boy In the class.
millions of

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