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The citizen
T)Bvot to te Interests of -tlie !LgoiiiteLiii .People
Oar Threefold Aim: T. fto
th. Nws f Btm and Vicinity
T Record the Happening, of
Ber. Collect; To U of Inter
to all Ui Mountain PmW.
', aaW Man, tr.
M Oeraa, T
Vol ixm.
I It Conta Per Copy
-BEREA, MADISON COUNTY. KENTUCKY, OCTOBER 13, 1921 Ono Dollar and fifty CenU Per Year
No. 16
HUNT $130,000 iU. S. SHIP BOARD
Police Seek Four Bandits Who American Merchant Marine Pre-
World News
Hy. J. R. Robertson, rrofeaimr
II 'story and Political Sriewet
Iterea Collet;
Held Up Truck in
pared to Fight for Egyp
tian Trade.
Three RtgittsrtJ Paokagra Stilsn by
Men Contained Packages ef Cur.
reney Consigned by Canadian
Bank' ;o Ottroit.
Toledo. O., , t. in. - Fifteen HM'ii M'i
!! ilie ro.lli i it; 'ili I Up It ill
S -l.riKiIrr n IJ nrnied with shotgun
Mint hl.h n n nl rillcs sre guiirdlin:
rotuls ti'iiiliii hit" Toledo nml In
' roll in (nx' ( l urtiiB four nun
mIo Inte ( nlulil I eld U a him It truck
Ill IVtrolt 1 . MHl with 'Jll MllH'lll-k
f aiall.
The police hnv i-e ihe handiwork
"t Joe t'rtiayim of 1'filcsgo ami (leorgr
Itogrr tww of the men convicted 'of
nnsplrary In Ihe Toledo pntofftre rob
levy of Kebrunry 17. Both tTrhiytls
n nd K opera whmi from Ihe county
bill here on t,hor day. Charles
Xrhntta, convicted with t'rhaytla ami
Roger. andAvhn raraied with them.
. recaptured nearly two weeks lat
er, hiding In a farmhouse 'JO nillea
front Toledo.
Currency From Canada Taken.
Detroit Mich., tvt. The 2l mall
fiotirhra, three nf whim contained reg
latered mall. taken from a mail wagon
hy four men who held up Ihe driver.
William It McCauley, near the inn In
IMWdnfflre. wire being Bought front
Windsor. Ont. The registered pouches
contained parasite of currency con
timed hy Canadian hanka a exchange
clearing, to hanka In Ietrolt, and the
lay's recelpta at Ihe Kenllworth rare
i rark at Windsor.
INwtofllee onVlnW engaged In check
ing their record with raiiailian nffl
Hala ui the viilue of the registered
mall probably would amount to more
than IOO.ono.
Robber in Auto.
McCauley had Juki driven off the
I letrnlf-Windsor ferry and turned Into
JefTeraon venue when an autonintille
pulled In ahiait nf hint and f"ue inen
rnnimnnded him to leave hla wagim.
one nf Ihe rolilier took the driver to
a tiear-hy alley and guarded him while
ihe mall u hrlna traiiNferreil to the
autninohlle. Then, furring MrC'auley
lo fare the wall of a building and
threatening to ahoot If he moved he
fore they were out of alk'ht, the quar
tet drove away.
MeTaulejr la a Canadian government
newarager. He mnkea four trlia dully
lietween Wlndaoe and Ielrolt. The
holdup oreurred a he waa ahout to
omplete hla taut trip.
The rohliera had little dlfflrulty In
obtaining the fMHirhea, aa the rage
wagnn. an old fnhloned horae-drawn-vehlrle.
waa unlocked. Owing to hml
weather and the lute hour, the afreet
'hmnph whlrh MrCauJey waa driving
naa virtually dem'rled.
Twtlva Clti Record Lowsr Cost of
' Llvifg. Say United State
tabor 0partmnt.
Washington, trt. 10. Itetall food
prleea during Seplemher were found
hy the Ijilmr ili-iHrt un-iit to have lie
lined In all but two of the l. clllit
In which II couiliii-tTi InveHilgstliiiis.
r Veres sea amounted to 2 per rent In
Milwaukee. MIiiih'smik and I'lirtlinid
Me, 1 per cent In Atlnnt. Illrmlug
liulu, CIlli'lllliMtl. I.lllle Kih k, l.oula
l1le, Norfolk. L-IiIIhiIi-IiIiIm mid Salt
Lake City. Kan I'mncl-wn (imhh re
lalled at prli'i'H 'J ier ccnl iilmve pre
vlmia flndlngN while In liilla then
waa a fractional Iim iviihc. nnd In New
Haven a fractional dH'rene.
In the average city retail prices
were found on rieplemher 1 to he
ahout 2! M'r cent Ii-ks than one yenr
SCO, hut were still lietween 3.1 and .VI
ier rent above Ihe MM. 'I level.
John A. Spsnctr ConvleWd in
California Charge Is Drown,
ing Wjjfe
' Lakeport, Cnl., Oil ID. -John A.
Spencer, former leruyimui. tm foiiinL
guilty of murder In the llml degree
hy a superior court Jury In con
nection with the death of his wife,
whoae body sun recovered frmn Clear
lake, near here, July 27. The Jury
was- out nearly hI hours. Itecmu
liiendatlon Unit Spencer he sentenceil
lo life liiiiruuniment was made.' The
defence's failure to cull to the stand
either Rprncvr or Mrs. K P. Harder,
alleged acceaaory to th murder, cam
a a surprise, lu his closing argu
ment District Attorney Hoy I of
Honoina county leveled a Anger at
Spencer. altMng pale and rigid, ami
declared th former clergyman "de
liberately drowned hla wlfs so as to
tret her pnierty ami obtain freedom
In wed another womaiW
Petting ef Raducad Ratta Foilowa
I Breaking Off of Negotiation 6
' twaen Aganta of Board and
the Engnth Line.
I WiiNlilntiloii. '!. 10. Alini'iilK'iiiK
llial tht! AiimiIiiiu nierrhant iiiiinu.
taa piepHii-il In llfcht fur iarune of
Kgyplluii rot lull mi a fair comltilive
iiuHla, llin lil.ilhn lioarJ hua pui Into
firert rwlra iweeli the l ulled MlM.r
nnd Alvxauilrla. fi n hilllnjra (imriuai
alue nltout f..'al) tielow (lioee offeiixl
hy the llrltlxh ahlpplng runfenuin,
whlrh lias hlllierto rontrulled the bul
neea. Brtak .With
1'ontliig of the reduced I
tea followed
the hreiiklng off of negotiation he
le'n repreaentatlvea of the brd
and of tbe HrltUh lloea. In a formal
alateinent etplalnlng Its anion, the
bwani declared tbe comprotnlae offered
by the lirtilah was unacceptable be
cause It awarded only SO per cent of
the "aalllnga" from Alexandria and
made no reference to any roHrtl jo
of Mthe cotton" and, further, became
existing contrnrt bet weed tbe llrltlah
Hues and a Alexandria slilpping or
ganisation gave the former nndlaputinl
advantage over their competitor.
Cemmante on 'Bid."
Tho atalemeut alao commented ou
th awarding of theae contrail a to the
British after "conipetitlve bidding in
which l lie American offer waa mate
rially lower. Now bids were sought
without the hoard being Informed, It
waa declared, anil when the Hrltlsh
lines lowered their charge to tho ahlp
plng board figure the contract waa
awarded to them.
The troubled fortune of the Auier
Iran merchant murine wer tho sub
ject of a long consultation between
Prealdcnt Harding and hi cabinet.
Tho whole queil Inn of rehabilitating
the inerchulit carrier Industrie waa
considered In all of Its domestic and
liitertiutiotMil aierts, but there waa no
! Indication that the dlaeumilon reuched
a point of definite decision aa to policy.
Whether new legislation will be atuight
or new trade agreementa with foreign
countries cimmiimnated remain uncer
tain. T Discus Woodan Ship.
An rxhaiiNtlve re-nirt hy Chaimian
Ijmker of the ahlpplng hoard covering
I pnnlcularly the lniKrtnnl aectlons of
the Jones shipping act la understood to
have furnUlied much of the material
i for the cabinet's deliberations.
Mr. Counlman of Chicago Charges
Crulty In Olvorc Suit Ask
Custody ef Daughter.
Chlcsgo. Oil.10.--"Kxtreiiie nml re
peated cruelty" mid s "illr-i:iiri fm
his marriage vows and oliliitiloii"
constituted grleveiinies rlleil In a loK
fur divorce tiled by sirs. Ih.rotl.
Kelt on Couiim-lniiin skmIiihI 'linr'e
Counaelmnn, broker, hanker and Chi
cago club inemher. No mention ot
alimony Is iiimle in the hill. Min
CouiiHelninn requeleil the cuImIv of
a 10-minth-olil dauirhter, Ihirolhy
Kllsnheth. Mrs. CiiiiiimcIiiihii Ih the
dangtiter of Samuel Morse IVItnli.
t.'liui North iH-urhorii parkway. irel
dent of Ihe Chicago Great Western
railroad. Mr. Coiinselimin Is presl-
I dent of the firm of Cnunsclnnin A Co..
a $t(l.ntl0,0iin Investment bond hoiiHe i
l whlrh was lliiiilaleil ImhI Murch. He
la a member of the Chicago, Midday,
Chicago Athletic, OtiwcnlHta, Saddle
and Cycle, I'liivrrxlty and ITincetoti
Tlie aemhly of, the I-eacue of Na
tions ended Its M-coud meeting last
week afler reelecting Hrazil, Itelglum.
China and Spain as the non-periua-lient
ineinliem nf the council, Tha
promised aineniliaeiit or elimination
of article X nml the amendment of
the article on reKMrHtlon of treaties
went over to the next session, snd In
the mailer of reduction oLjirmsuients
action seemed In lie blocked hy the
coming Wanhingloii conference. Nev
ertheless the akcuihly a':niiilllied
a good dial. The Internstlunal court
of Justice wss eshi'illvlied, various lin
portaut teiliiilral orgnulxaluils wefe
set up and other Important steps
nungary, warned by th allies,
agreed to withdraw entirely from
Uurgenland, the strip awanled to Aus
tria by the treaty of Trianon. Tha
trouble there, however, may not be
ended, for the Hungarian government
admittedly ha ot control over,th.
Irregular troop that are holdliuj a
part 6f th territory and that so far
have refused to get out.
VEtef r ' J. 4S&$& jiC iW.&yjMWiA . -fafactory. Chin, consider.
: ;i 3: : Wrl , that Germany', lease of territ.rr
I l.ifiii.
J. A. .Mui'Heady IihotoKniiitied JiihI alter Ins i. KUi hi I'liviim. illn
ord fur ililiii.le 4.wii fenl 2 I'lrst pholRrih fnmi 4 r . n ti. iJi-nnmiv. slinu-ini; the .leMrunion wroimln by
t!ie XiI..Ii.ii In the big dye work hy whlrh hnmlreiN uire killed. 3 The Hull of the Auii-rlcii In the Tun
Ainerlcnn building, where the i-onferem-e on llinltiitlon nf nriimmeiita will sit.
The annual meeting- of tho Kentuc
ky Conference of Social Work wi'l be
held In Lexington on October 20, 21,
tS All th meetings will be held at
tha Phoenix Hotel under tha direc
tion of Dr. Frank L. McVey. the
president. A most interesting and
valuable program la assured.
The program will begin on Thurs
day tha 20th. at t p. m, and will close
with . luncheon Saturday noon.
The following special topic, will be
discussed: Mental Hygiene, Public
Inst'tutions, family Welfare, Public
Health, Recreation, Race Relation,
Child Welfare.
Well known speaker and social
worker w;ll appear on program. On
Thursday Dr. V. V. Anderson, of the
National Committee on Mental Hy
giene, Dr. A. T. McCormack. of the
f-ute Board of Hea'th, Dr. J. C.
Duwell, of the American Red Croas,
r resident Frank L. McVey, Governor
Morrow, Mrs. Herbert Mangel. Juris-
Alex P. Humphreys, and other will
be heard.
On Friday Miss Elixabcth Wood,
John W. Carr, Burton L. Hoffman,
Philo C. Dix, Dr. W. W. Alexander,
Dr. James Bond, and other will ap
pear. On Friday evening Owen R. Love-
joy. Secretary of the National Child
Labor Committee, and Prof. John F.
Smith, representing the Kentucky
Children's Code Commission will dis
cuss matters relating to th welfare
r Van.iu.lr.,1. .MM..
. , . ......u.c...
On Saturday morning group of
leaders will discuss Recreation and
Child Welfare, Juvenile Court., and
other topics related to the welfare of
the people of Kentucky.
' Out of the discussions will come
definite programs, some of which will
be presented to the next General As
sembly for action.
Prominent Buainat Mn Are Hit by
N Grand Jury Probing Blu Sky
Law Violations.
OiiihIiii. tci. 10. Three inure proiu
Incnt htiMiiieks men were Indicted by
he grand Jury pi-olilng "blue sky" law
vluliitloiia here. They tire: Wuller U
Stlrkel of Kearney, churned with aid
ing a felony In obtaining J.'im.iUsi from
the I'ioniin Stale lunik ; l.croy Cor 1 1 h.
presldelil of the Waterloo Creamery
company, cluirkcd with conspiracy In
the wile of HiiH'k. and Clarence A.
Ilenncy. charged wllh emliexzleiueiit
of $1.i,.,tOO.'.'H. Indlclmcnts huve liern
returniil n nil I list 07 hi all. It wus he
rauHe of tinfortiiiinle lim-fttiientu in
the MIkhoiii-I Valley company that
K. A. ChI'Ihoii commlltiHl suicide here,
his family any.
Ssnate Gives Consent for Immediate
Passage of Bill Providing
Monty for Csrmni.
Washington, (k-t. 10. I'liaiiimoUM
consent ha been given by the senate
for Immeillate passage, without ills
cusslou, of a hill providing $173,000
for ceremonies on Armistice day for
burlul of mi unknowu American sol
dier at Arlington.
Agrtt t Italy a Mediator.
Budupesl. (M. 10,-e-Th Italian,
Ptitlah and French representative
her have notified the Hungarian gov
ernment that they agree to Italian me
diation In the Hungarian controversy.
The Italians Immediately Invited
Count Stefan llethlen. the Hungarian
premier, and former Foreign Minister
Itanffy to Venice for a coufereuce, the
date of which has not beeu (UtxL
: ' ' 'a i i -j.. i r - , t - t i - e-T -mi t , . imti in-cn tiainu rnitt . Koata
-Sri; i
Louisville, Ky Oct. 11. Food
producers and manufacturers of Ken
tucky must cooperate with the Bureau
of Pur Food and Drug of the State
Board of Health if the beet possible
enforcement of the pure food law is
f-btained and if the consumer is to be
guaranteed the absolutely pure food
to which he is entitled. Miss Sarah
Vance, director of the bureau, told the
Kentucky Master Bakers' Associa
tion at its twelfth annual convention
hero today. .
The sanitary laws," Miss Vance
Mild, "were not framed aa arbitrary
rule, of you shall and you shall not.
They were framed so they could be
uted as models for tha conducting of
sanitary and safe businesses for the
iraoufacture and sa?e. of food. A
food manufacturer who studies the
food and sanitary law. of this State
anely and thoughtfully will never
corng into unpleasant contact with th.
'aw-or Vth the consumer.
Mitn.- l ul f A t . l
ino neaan laws, me pure iooa
laws and the food sanitation lawa
should be known to every person who1
is affected by them. That is true of.
the manufacturer ot food product!
r.ot ao much because he ought to
know the lawa to be sure that he ia
a erating within them, but because
he can make use of them in advanc
irg his business.
"flach baker should feel responsi-
fcIt 'or 0,4 product he makes from
time the flour and other inirredienta
- - . -
)' treroom until the finished I
lor ,n th n"nd ot th con8umer-
Sucn details the dirty flour barrel:
top caked with rancid grease and
d.ugh and cobwebby wall, and ce:l
irgs are important because bread,
l:ke milk, reachea the consumer in
he finished state and is not subject
to cooking or any other sterilizing
treatment before it is eaten."
i Escaped Prisoner a Humorist
Warden llosp of Kex County
(N. J.) ieiiltentlnry received a note
fioiii oue of his "giiestn" the other
morning. The signature us that of
Charles Hi-eil. hurular. lie wrote that
.In H'iilieiniiii' tvii- an Vxri-llelil
lioarillu.' Iioiim'" ; tint! ilie food wa
ihhI. Ilie Mlieilug aeroiiitiiiHlalloiKi uM
thin oiiM lie ile-livil iiml lliv wanleii
li;iuM-lf a .lolly l'inmI fellow "Cut Hu rt
hit o mali reli rlinli. ko muiiy
rule in I" olivfi'M-il.'' valil Ihe writer.
"1 1ml Ilie tine pi'"vr irkooine to one
a i iitoi.ieil in filler lllierty. It l
with ivuril llial I lake my departure."
Uenl and uimlln'r burglar 'esrniied
from tin- priHon the previous after
noon Human Monstrosity.
A child that tiled recently in Cupel""." . . . r, ,
u . ,. ... , . I
at iiiv hki i unr iiioniii. wnft
5tir n
Ixirn with two heads, four arms and
four legs. It hud two distinct minds,
for. one heinl would often be Ublcep
while the other was awake. The
child gullied four pound after lilrth.
t -
Th - Mystsry ef Godlints
tireut Is the mystery of godliness;
God was manifest lu Ihe flesh, JuhiI
tted lu the Spirit, seen of ungels.
preached unto the (entile, believed
on In the world, received up Into
glory. I Timothy 8:10.
God' Glory Abovt th Haavtn.
(I Lord, our Lord, how excellent
la thy utime lu all th earth! who
bust set thy glory above the heaveua,
fsulma 8:L
With God'. Liksnta.
As fur tuu, 1 will behold thy face
in righteousness; I shall b suUsdvd
wbeu I awake, wilb thy llkeues.
I'aalui IT 'IS. .
' ' .fwm
wliii l. m
Changes in Tax Bill Proposed
By. the Democrats and the
' "Agrarian Bloc"
President Asks Local Co-operation In
Rliving Unemployment Condition
Premier Briand and Lloyd
Gorg May Attend th Grat
Conference In Washington.
The perir that reside In overwhelm
ing majorities, always recognised by
politicians. Is being demonstrated
Hgiln to the ItepubHrana In congress
In the case of the tax hill. Tbe senate
ItjHiiirillruna have tin anllt nn Into
' -
several groups that o far have been
unable to agree on the change to be
msde In the measure as passed by the
house, and the Democratic minority,
ronsequently, is hofteful of carrying
out Its program. The main features
of this are:
A higher surtax rate than 32 per
cent to affect Incomes In excess "of
A graduated corporation Income tax
In place of the prooaed 13 per cent
Retention of the corporation capital-
' at.wlr l.l
of fgM passenjter
Iullinan trsnnM.rtatlon taxes snd of
,i,e $2,000 exemption allowed te cor-
Decreased normal Income tax rates
en Incomes of $13,(l(S or less.
Senators Mi-Cnrmlck, Capper, Len
root and otliers of the so called
agrarian bloc, together with a number
of other Republicans, hsve been work
ing herd In devise a program that will
he acceptable to a majority of the
senate, and the one they have drawn
up tentatively Includes the following
chHnge :
A graduated corporation Income
lax Instead of a lint tax as a suhti
tute for the excels profits tax.
Further reduction In the lower sur
tax rates nn Individual Incomes, but
an Increase from the 32 per cent maxi
mum In the hill to SO per cent, which
represents a compromise between the
proposed maximum and the rate nf
C5 per cent prenent law.
Utetention of the corporation cap
ital stock tax which la repealed In the
senate com 'nit tee bill.
An Increawe In the higher rates of
estate taxes.
Reieal of the taxes on freight, pas
senger, and express transportation.
"""lur " " "
IIIU1IUI IKHI ' ' I 1 1 1 i ...
tax, but the group above mentioned
Is oppoied to this, snd so la Itepre-
sentatlve Moiidell, Ilepuhllcan leader
of the liotine, who, after a conference
with President llanllni, asserted there
was no rhunce tlmt the house vyuld
ccept anything of the nature of a
general sales tax.
Last week the President let It be
known that he wished congress to go
ahead with lis legislative program
without thouuhl of nn early adjourn
u cut. There had been Some snvlelv
In Washington lest the dellheratlons
of the conference on limitation of
armaments might be disturbed by the
dolugs of congress If It were In sesolmi
after November 11. hut Mr. Harding
Is not at all worried by this. The tax
bill Is holding up all business lu the
senate except the trestles and the
canal tolls bill. The treaties are tu
be voted on October 14 and tha canal
measure conies to a vote on Oclolier
( Continued oa Pag 8vn)
concessions. China wi'l not aaree to
(joiet control of any railroad across
I the peninsula and asset that riirhts
for other nations in the ports along;
! the coast must com on Ch na's own
'nitiative and not by any arraif-enicnt
j with Japan. The reply shows constd
I erahle spirit.
Both France and Germany are feel-ins-
relieved and .r.m.l..f -1 A
, -- - yivnacu w
find that they have come to an agree
ment themselves on the matter of
reparations, to restore the devasta
tion inflicted on France. The confer
ence was held at Weisbaden. Thia
will make it unnecessary to invade
the Ruhr region as was threa'ened.
While all the provisions agreed upon
may not be carried out exactly as
promised, the result is a triumph, es
pecially since if was arrived at with
out the help of outside nation.. The
more France and Germany can, be
made to settle matters by themselves,
the better for all concerned.
The Disarmament Conference at
Washine-ton wll be much affected by
the conference on Pacific question,
that precedes it To thia first con-
ference Holland, Belgium, and Portu-
gal have now been invited, and will
probably accent. There reason to
believe that they would like te sit at
the second conference, but tiat is re
served for the lartret nstfo-a that
have armies and navies. . Hol'and has
expressed gracefully the situation
when she call attention to the fact
that it is an honor to sit in the pre
conference, as the result of that must
determine the result of the one to fol
low, a truth that ia coming to be
realired more and more aa the time
draws near.'
The death of King William II of
Wurtemburg, remove the first of the
recent king of the German states en
gaged in the war, to die. H; funeral
and burial were celebrated with much
display. The city of Stutgart waa
decorated as on a holiday and the pro
cession wa long and impressive. In
the line were ome of the King. ol
dier who participated in th. war,
with their commander. The King
waa referred jti aa a good father to
his people. Aside from the fact that
all speech making wa omitted, the
republic of Wurtemburg showel no
anxiety and buried its former King
respectfully. No disorder was report
ed in connection with the event
The newly appointed minister to
Denmark i Prof. John D. Prince, of
Columbia University. The new min
ister is . master of languages, speak
ing the Scandinavian group readily and
also the Slavonian. He speaks the
languages of Czecho-Slovakia, Poland,
Bulgaria, and several more. Mr.
Prince come from a family of diplo
mats and will be a valuable man to
have in a European capital at this
time. Denma k is a small country,
but its capital, Copenhagen, is located
at a point not far distant from some
of the newer republics in which the
P. S. is especially interested.
Considerable interest 'attaches to
England's policy in regard to the
shipment of long-fibre cotton from
Egypt. She is willing to allow
American ship to carry th cotton
that ia destined to the ports of tha
U. S, but wishes to reserve the reat
for her own vessels. This ha not
seemed satisfactory to our Secretary
of State, who, sometime ago; threat
ened to underbid . Fnglish vessel (n
freight rates in retaliation. Th. mat
ter of Panama Ca'al toll la soon to
come up in the Senate and may be
used as . mean of bringing pressure
to bear on England to grant equal
right in Egyptian trad
! I:

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