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OnHurtod by Mr. RoWl F. Spwir. Farm Dsmonatrstor and 8pcial
Tha Coanty Aftwit wishss to thank
Oorsa Collega for it splendid eoop
ation In the Airrlciilntral and
fchool Fair which u held at Berea.
ktber 20, 21 and 22. The Co'lf?
fabarnacle and athletic field added
much of the success to th a fnlr.
rabrrracla Mng used for the exhi
bits and athletic field for the school
Bereft ColleTe daves much crdit
for making it possible and assisting
n Afrriculture, Live Stnck, and
.Uhool projwt perts'nlre: t the
lounty Aitont's work In Madison and
llickrasUa coortie. It is thru the
0llepe that many things ere made
frmwible for oar benefit.
The farmers' play wi well attend.
(.1. This piny timed lirrkta upon a
new day for the farmer, brinpinir
HCOuraRement to the farmer who
hud been thlrk'njf In terms of pov
,jrty. The play c1ied the Airririil
hjre propram of the fair Saturday
m'eht at 10 o'dx-k.
Results of the Fair will arpear
i wt week.
Receipts of cream durirpr the week
Uuve been on a liberal srale. Con-1
nmption of bu'ter Is reported large
wid rr coe have ehown a slight ad
vsnce durin the week.
Fresh egRS are In light supply, with'
prices rulinff hipher. j
There has been a liberal movement
it live poultry, and it has been nec
.tfgary to transfer part of the surplus
to storage. Prices generally are un
Support of the College of Agricul
ture in the movement to bring about
greater appreciation of the home
town paper oy people in rural com-j
munitics has been given in a state
nent just issued by Dean Thomas P.
Tooper, in which he endorsed the idea
if.' "Subscribe for your home town
paper week" to be observed thruoutj
e nation rrom November 7 to it.
"As an a:d ta the advancement of
fee highest Ideals in rural communi
ties of Kentucky the home town pa
per deserves the support of all who
Boggs Lane Pike
November 10, 10 am
In Madison county, i mile south of Richmond, on Boggs Lane, and joins' the lands
'i Robert Ramsey, Mrs. Mary English and Wm. (Brother) Turley. This tract of land is
better known as the front tract of the Green Turley Farm.
Six-acre tobacco barn and a good one, built in 1920; rat proof corn crip. This en
lire tract is fenced with No. 9 woven wire fence; inside fences all of wire. Well watered
This tract of land lays on Boggs Lane remember Boggs Lane is a pike, not a dirt
load. This entire boundary of 60 acres is good land no wasfe land every inch will pro
iuce and produce sufficiently to realize you good interest on your money invested. W hen
e say good land we mean good land, for we all know there is no better land anywhere
than in that section
Tea per cent down on date of sale; 23 1-3 per cent at time of execution of tle d, at
ibis time possession will be given, January 1, 1922. Balance in I, 2 and 3 years, or (ash.
This tract of land will make some man a good homr, so be on hand.
Freeman Realty Company
L. W. DUNBAR. F. P. CALDWELL, SsUs Mansger.
Phones StM99
believe in the highest possibilities of
rural Vfe." Pean Cooper said. With
a distinctive field of its own the
country weekly does not attempt ti
Ml he rlare of the larra city dally.
The weekly or semi-weekly paper
serves the local community in a way
that no other paper could serve.
Mnv timea the local commun'tv in
volves a broad field and always in
elude a large rural contituency.
After studying the situation and rail
Wv the srest iwd 'n-e bv 'he
county press, a Journalistic Institu
tion peculiar t- tVe United States, nr
one can be Indifferent to te con-'
t:nned successful service it has given
wM affairs.
"Todavthe wintry press renreents
the mot effective means available of
triviirr infrmat'on to farmer. The
country weeklv recopnires that f-rm-j
rr sre hy far its most important
.nh.or'lirrs as thev are tlie people
n-),tp pntron'i makes the town pos-1
s'h'e. For th;s reason home town
purer ae civinor more and more at
rWiltitral informnfon and -ter fon
,,:rP pnire f farmers of the Ptite.
TVpv are thus ope of the inva'uaWe
links ir the chain of no:a' a"d eco
nomic st-ewrth which makes for true
"While serving the farmers in a
irav in whVh no othr orean couM
prve them co'int"V papers fll- hive
had an Important part in all phase
of community life. There !s ro cojm
munitv institution or actVtv which
is not served in some measure bv
and In a detrree dependent upon, th? ;
local newspaper when that paper is
a golrg concern as it should be. Be
lipvSnor in the whole-hearted support
of the home town paper, the college!
is triad to give every enoourageme"t
to home town paper week. The col
'eee appreciates the sp'endid cooper
ation papers are sriv:ng in the exten
sion of agricultural news and infor
mation. Kentucky's papers are rend
ering a conspicuous service to the in
terests of farm and home and deserve
the support of all those who believe
in these two great factors of Ameri
can civilizat'on."
Don't feel hurt, brother, because
the world doesn't value you at what
you think you are worth. The Lord
knows you.
The Citizen should make a weekly visit to every home in
The following answers have been
received to a list of questions ad
dressed to the varioua candidates by
the Rerea League cf Women Voters..
The qucstiore appeared in The Citi
zen dated October 20. All of the
Mr. W. H. Burgess, candidate for
Sheriff, says:
Yes, I will be willing1 for tha citi
zens of Borea and surround ng neigh
borhood to recommend a man for
their Deputy Sheriff. This Is the
way I propose to appoint my depu
ties all over the courty.
Most assuredly I will cooperate
with any and all Federal OUcers i"
e-forc ng the Prohibition Laws. There
is no one who stvds for s more strict
enforcement of the law than I do.
Judtre W. K. Trice, candidate ior
County .Tulg, says:
I do not only favor forfeiture of
bonds when public roads are rot bu U
according to contract, but I am in
favor of forfeiture of bonds when In
open violation of law for any other
tuiMiemenn rs. . A"d I am not only in
favor of a more rigorous enforcement
of the Pro hibition Law, but I am in
favor of rigorous enforcement of all
lav, ni-d I have eitleavorod during
my term of office to carry into execti
t:on the enforcement of all law of
whatever nature when brought before
me. It is true that I must proceed
!n the performance of my duties ac
cording to Statutory Law.
I csnnot issue warrants for indi
viduals without first having an affi
davit by some citizen that the law
has been violated. I cannot Issue
warrants of arrest upon mere sus
picion without laying myself liable to
a civ'l suit for damages for false
imprisorment. The enforcement of
all law rests upon the citize-ship of
the community in which the law is
violated. Unless the citizens sre will
ing to become witnesses against thos.
who violate the law, the Courts arc
powerless in its prosecution.
Hoping this answer will be satis
factory, ard if at any time you want
me to address your club on sny ques
tior pertaining to the public welfare
of Madison county, I will be glad t
do so.
TOM CHENAULT, Auctionaar
candidates to whom questions were
e-t responded except James Park,
Republican candidate for Represent
ative, who, it is stated, was sway
from home and did not receive the
Mr. Elmer Deatherage, candidate
for Rher ff, says:
I will stats lij snswer to question
No. 1 that I am willing for the cl'l
zens of Rerea and surrounding neigh
borhood to have a voice In recom
mending a proper and suitable man
fur Deputy Sheriff.
In inver to question No. 2 I
will state that I am not orly willing,
but that it will be my determined
purpose, which I solemnly prom'se to
tarry out in so far as I am able, to
cooperate with any and all Federal
Officers in vt ton ing the Prohibition
Mr. D. W. Remedy, candidate f r
I Ri'prest-t tative, says:
! (1). I am for Primary Elections be
cause I believe they give a majority
I "f people the right to select the can
H. 'ntes for both parties.
(2). From present information
: that I have on the two proposed
:unonilnients to the Kentucky State
('o'st'tution, I am ngnirst both.
I nm in favor of a State De
nartmcnt of Public We fare, provided
t is n"t run int.i a IVpnr'mcnt jut
' ' r the purpose of furnishing a lot
, of polit;cal jobs Bnd increasing taxes.
John I. Goodloe, candidate for
, County Judge, says:
I take great pleasure in making
' an affirmative answer to the three
questions propounded to me by your
I league. I feel that these questions
were put to me only as a matter of
firm, as my position on good roads
! mil prohibition are so well known to
the people of Madison county that I
I will only be stating a fact that is al
I -oadv known to you all.
CSi Cuffs
Mm ' mh i
The cuffs of shirts, particularly the edges
what hard places to get at. You don't like
to rub them they get rubbing enough Fn
daily use. Grandma's Powdered Soap
gives you pleasant surprise.
Soak the shirt In Grandma suds this re
moves practically all the dirt. Only the
lightest rubbing hardly that just squeez
ing makes even the cuff edges clean. A
big saving on shirts.
A big, generous sized package for 5c
d. V. Todd, Depot Strset
L. A. Wstkins, Depot Stmt
John W. Wskh U, Ckaauat Strset
Faraisr Abnsj, Msjb Htrsst
I have always been for good roads,
and In every job of hu'lding and re
construct'on In my neighborhood have
given freely of both my time and
mn ey. In the buiUii-g of roads un
der bonded contract, not only th bonds
but a sufficient part of the pay should
he held to Insure the fulfilment of
the contract according to specifica
tions t il such road shall havs been
formal'y Irspected and received.
And should your Court do otherwise,
h's own bond would be liable to for
feiture. In patch and repa'r work
care should and w'll be taken to see
that we get 100 cents' wo!h of road
for every do'lnr spent, a"d if elected
Judce, I will use every ln(1uerce-i
h"ve, both personal and official, for
the Improvement of the roads of the
I e'ir he importance of a Pub
lic Welfare Bureau from what has al---adv
h"nn done along that li'e bv
the churches, schools and irdividuals
rji nerallv Breaking, I favor local ,
management of such questions whre-j
ever r siblc to obtain the best r
r"i '.. nTn'-t rentrsl'zation. As
ti a Mn'e Iera-ment. I w ll h.wj
to it form myself more fully before
niakinir a positive statement. J
I realize with you that the illicit'
whiiky traffic has become the great-j
est menace t i our civilizat'on that hasi
oer confronted the peop'e of this
great Commonwealth, and that her dej
measures are necessary to free our:
people a-d inst tutions from thisj
peril. It hos already reached such
pnipoitions that nothing i-liort of a'
united effort will avail.
Thanking you for this opportunity'
f presenting my views I am, for a
clearer and better cou-ty. I
More birds ore flying south thi
winter because of hort dresses and
b-re knees.
toucan., .tt&sfiba
Murium h :y -svej
Vii Vain
Dealers Now Handling Globs So?
la Iters.
A. B. CorncU A Boos, Mala Strset
S. U. beal, Maia Blrest
I'aUus Moat Msrkol, Msta Six est
Kobinaoaa Koauursat, bhort Htrsst
Povjdirod SflP
TnjThla rWered SoapTodaq
xbur Grocer Has
Thi Qti 3op Cbrnparo Cincinnati
Berea and vicinity.
When a most delightful cake Is
neeilol for some special occasion the
folio Ins will be
one to prepare:
Fsmous Lsdy
iltlmere Caks
Take one cnp
ful of butter, oat
and one-half enn
fuls of eiHifee
tloners' sugar,
cupful of milk, one half teapKinfii)
of rose extract, three cupful it of pas
try flour, two tesspoonfula of haklna
powder, one fourth of a lemixmnful
of salt, one half cupful of water. tw
cupfula of cIhiih-I raisin, two cap
fills of choptl flgi one cupful ol
chopped pw-sn meats, one half tea
spoonful of alinoml ettract. two run
fuls of con feet loners' sugar. Hie whltei
f nine eisa. Cream together the hot.
ter ano? siiiiar named at first ; al. ih
milk. roe ixtrsct and flour sifted
with the Knit and haklng pouiOr.
rteiit siniHtth simI fold In the stirflv
beaten white of six eggs. Itake In
three rniiitd lr.."er tlni lined with
preiiM-d pnier. Cover while baking
with iM-r to xrevein brown'n?. Koi
the ttnilii: boll the two rtifuU ol
Uiir and water l.i'llier tint II It nint
a thread hen If I Hinred very low
ly over the tllt1y-heaten white ol
three ice Peat until of tie con
s!tcno? of ereiitn, then add the
chopped friilt "nnd ' nut with the al
moiid ettract. Put the fllltn-.? h.-tniee
the layer and on top. IH-nre'e th
top with strl' of re null chopped
Orangt Sweetbreads. If a nlr of
w i ett'ri H'Im Mliiuner Kenltv. covered
nlih bolMiii: water, for twenfr mrn
ute. with a "Itep of lemon or on of
onion and one half t'HHonftil of unit.
Whin parboiled blanch hv iilimirlng
Info cold water. ICeniove 'the mem
brane and cut the sweetbread In
llce and riMik In hoi fat umil Hirhtlv
browned. Add to the pan the fotlontng
nonce: One tahlepMiiifiil of bnttpt
Mended wlih one of flour. Ihl" nddeit
to one cupful of well 'iwil aturk.
chicken or veal, and ciwik until iiuioti
nnd tl.lck. Senxoti with scntped nnien,
n M-k of red lt'nT. the ale. rind
yellow rind of half an oritur" and one
teaMnfnl of lemon iulee Iteninve
the weetbred to n hot -r In dlh
rti'l t-oiir the ! i.-r Ihem

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