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January 5, 1922
East Kentucky Correspondence
News You Get Nowhere Else
N wmoml'm pobHihtd anlnt im4 ta full by uW writer. The name
I ant for aabhretloa, bat M an ertd e af wM faith. Writ plainly.
Kerby Knob
Kerby Knoh, Jan. 2. Christmas ha
passed quietly at thia place. Every
one seemed to enjoy it In the right
way. The Sunday-sdiool m't and
wan conducted In the usual way, after
whirh short program was rendered
, by the school, followed by randy
treat by the teachers. Our Christ
mnst tree, which waa given for the
benefit of the Sunday-school, wal'rom n'm lovlnjf wife, Mrs. Luc in
postponed until New Years Pay.!''" Rummers. She waa born April
All apent a happy New Year. Our
Sunday-school will not convene any
more till the first of April. Uncle
Calvin Powell, age M years, depart-!sh"
ed this life a few daya ago. lie was
cared for thru his illness at his home
by his aon, Dave i'owell. Rndie
Johnson, who is attending school afPm sickness, or death. She wanted
McKee, spent the holidays with home
folks, returning to her school Janu
ary 2. Robert Benge is spending
the winter with his son, John Bcnge.
Ruby Powell, who is in school at
Berea, spent Christmas with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pet Powell.
Bill Clooge and E. C. Ijtne of Drey
fus were in this part trading last
week and were diner guests at the
home of J. R. Click, Tuesday. Wal
ter Click has gone to Richmond to
put his tobacco on the market.
J. R. Click is attending Circuit Court
at McKee, serving as juryman. Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Click and children
apent Saturday night at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Johnson. The
Kerby Knob postoffice has been re
cently changed back to the M. J.
Smith stand, Mrs. I .a lira Smith be
ing, appointed postmistress.
Drip Rock
Drip Rink, Dec. 29. Christmas
passed quietly at this place, of which
we are proud and thankful. Mr. and
Mrs. Hill Spurks and children and
Joe Kversole vis:ted Mr. and Mrs. A.
H. Isaacs at Christmas. Affile,
Chanie, who has been visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Gentry Lakes, has returned
home. Misses Mable and Vernon
Lake and Gertrude Fowler, who are
in school at McKee, are visiting
home folks at thia place now.
Misses Ethel and Olla Lainhart are
planning on going to Berea to school
this winter. Those who visited fiud
Isaacs at Christmas were Mr. and
Mrs. D. C. Alcorn, Jr., Ray B. Wil
liams, June Eversolo, Miss Hannah
Isaacs and Miss Ettar Alrom and
A. E. Alcorn and Mr. and Mrs.
D. C. Alcorn, Jr., visited Mr. and
Mrs. Nath Powell of Foxtown, Wed
nesday. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Lakes
gfc e a dance Tuesday night. Misses
Nannie and Pravy Sparks of McKee
Academy are home for the holidays.
M. F. Dixon of Irvine took dinner
with A. C. Alcorn, Christmas. Mr.
and Mrs. Jnhn P. Lakes and Cart
Fowler and Martha T. Rose, all at
tended the Masonic Lodge Tuesday.
Miss Ethel Sparks spent Monday af
ternoon with Mrs. EtU Lakes
Uncle John Sparks gave the young
folka a candy party Christmas Eve
night. All report a nice time. Levi
Richardson is low with typhoid fever.
Sinking Vallry
Sinking Valley. Jan. 2. Sol Put
Hammond has returned to hia home
from a few days visited at Clear
Creek. Mis Eva Ison, who ha been
visiting her mother, Cordelia Ham
mond, has returned to Annvilte to
spend the winter. J. B. Kindred
from Panola waa here this week on
business. Fannie Coylo from Red
Lick la visiting her children hero.
James Miracle from Berea made a
business trip here thia week. Willie
Abrams from Big Hill was here Sun
day. Misa Ida Hammond and Miss
Bertha Isaacs took a flying trip to
Kerby Knob Monday. Miss Nina
Isaacs visited Bertha and China
Isaacs, Sunday. Isaac Smith has a
little boy very ill with pneumonia
fever. Mrs. Cordelia Hammond visit
ed Mrs. Albert Coylo Saturday.
Ernest Hammond from Clover Bot
tom was in this vicinity thia week.
Joe Isaacs is visiting Marcus Isaacs
thia week. Miss Nina Isaacs visited
Mrs. Isaac Smith Saturday. Miss Ida
Hammond and Miss Eva Ison visited
Misa Bertha and China Isaacs Sun
day night Lots of our neighbor men
The cook is all smiles,
The bread is light and gay,
A tack of Potts' Gold Dust Flour
Made them get that way.
PWeae 154-3
are attending court at McKee thin
week. We are having plenty of clear
cool weather In thia vicinity. Good
luck to The Citizen and its many
Cariro, Jan. 1. On December 18,
at 3:03 a. m., the death angel visited
the home of John Summers and took
5, 18(59, waa marfried to Mr. Summers
October 25, IHSrt, was the daughter
of old uncle John She ton (deceased)
h"'1 belonged to the Chrstian
l hiirch lor many years and lert a
bright testimony that she was going
home where there wll be no more
all her children to prepare to meet
her in heaven. She was such wo
man that she wilt be greatly missed
in the community where she lived,
for she was not backward in doing
anything she could in a'ckness or
death. She had been In bad health
for the past year, but had been bed
fast for the past three months with
consumption and heart dropsy. She
was the mother of eleven children,
nine living.
We miss thee from our home, dear
We miss thee from thy place,
A shadow o'er our life is cast,
We miss the sunshine of thy face;
We nvss thy kind and willing hand,
Thy fond and earnest care;
Our home is dark without thee
We miss thee everywhere.
Earth has lost its look of gladness,
Heaven seems to us more bright
Since the spirit of our dear mother
Took its happy homeward flight.
And we long to cms that river,
Iong tn rest upon that shore.
There ti see and know and love her.
With the Saviour, ever more.
Ken tenia
Upper Banner Fork School
l.ast Saturday afternoon the citi
tena of Upper Banner Fork School
district were properly brought into
the spirit of Christmas by means of
a beautiful Christmas tree, and a
Christmas program prepared by the
school. The program began prompt
ly at 2:30 o'clock and lasted until
five. It consisted of twenty-five reci
tations and dialogues especially fit
ting for Christmas; also the Kentenia
Band was present and rendered sev
eral selections of appropriate music.
The Ford Motor Company mani
fested its big-hearteduess by backing
up the occasion financially, therby
making it possible for each school
child to receive about seventy cents
worth of splendid refreshments. This
Company ha always shown a high
degree of cooperation in any effort
put forth by the school to better ed
ucational conditions of the cor'in'iri
ity. The teachers of this place wish
to express their heart-felt gratitule
to both the Company and The Citi
ten for the splendid interest an ! co
operation shown.
Noland, Dec. il. Christmas passed
off quietly here. Most -everybody
had a good time going to dinners.
David anil Jamea Coffey of Duncanon
were visiting friends and relatives
here for the past few days. Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Richardson were the
guests of their daughter, Mrs. J. II
Peters, Thursday. Mr . and Mrs-
Hubert Irvine were the guests of Al
ford Winkler, Thursday. Mrs. Rachel
Walton la visiting her daughter, Mrs,
Maggie Coffey, at Puncanivn. Mr.
and Mrs. James Witt and Mr. and
Mrs. J. II. Peters were the guests of
W. C. Richardson, Sunday. Mr. and
Mrs. W. L. Lay spent Monday night
and Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs
James Witt Mr. and Mrs. Jeff
French of Locust Branch were the
guest of their daughter, Mrs. Alford
i Winkler, Jr., Monday. Mr. and Mra.
David Oglesby were the guests of
Clayton Winkler, Tuesday. Ray Ar-
vine and Anderson Winkler carried
off their tobacco this week. "
JFor Sal By AU Grocers
R. L POTTS & SON 'Waits. Stetiea, If.
Vine, Dee. 31 Christmas passed
off very quietly. T. N. Roberta made
business trip to Manchester Mon
day. Lea Coraett closed his school
here December 30th. Bessie Pen
nington, who has been very poorly,
la Improving. Mr. Amanda Marcum
of Bond spent last week with her
parents at this place Mrs. Martha
Rice of thia place apent last week
with Mrs. Nancie Teague near Ethel.
W. II. Creech of Nina, who has
been at this place, returned home
Monday, accompanied by his niece,
Miss Rose Morgan. Mr. and Mrs
David Hurley are very poorly with
Ingrippe. Levi Pennington and son,
Charles, are visiting relatives at Liv
ingston. Mrs. Rebecca Rice is im
proving. Mrs. Pasha Meade and
daughter, Sudie Sandlin, of Indiana,
are visiting relatives near this place
and also at Ethel. Everyone enjoy
ed the Christmas tree given by Fred
Bishop at Cedar Grove, December 23.
Big Hill
Big Hill, Jan. 2. Christmas pass
ed here nicely. A nice Christinas
tree and program were enjoyed
Christmas Day at Big Hill, in which!
Mr. Guthrie's school and the Sunday
school, with community, all, combin
ed, took part and made a beautiful
tree. The day was a very quiet one,
no disturbances at all. Big Hill was
quieter during the holidays than
many other places. Mr. and Mrs. T.
J. McKeehan are on the sick list.
Misa Lucy Hayes closed her school
last Friday with a nice little pro
gram and a treat for the children at
Mallory. Their coiiHuuoily meeting
and basket dinner was much enjoyed j
at Mallory school on Thanksgiving,
at which an all-day program was
given. Most of the evening was
taken up by stories told by the chil
dren. Miss Hayes and school c
press great thanks to Miss Henriett'i
Child for the good stories she told
the children at Mallory school lust
fall. She will long be remembered
by that school. Little Dennis Green
is on the sick list Phillip Hayes is
sik with a cold. Hubert and Roy
Statnn of Berea are spending the
holidays at Mr. and
Mrs. Floyd
On Friday night, December 23, the
children of Wallaceton school gave a
very interest;ng program.
The children recited their selections
well and showed that much care had !
been taken in practicing them for
the same.
Everyone reports a fine time.
This closes Mr. Kindred's second
year's work at this place, and we
hope we may secure her for another
ii-ar, aa m? nunc ai'iriiutu whir c-. L . , . , -
' '. , , Start the new year right by subscrib-
at Una place, ing for The Citizen.
Another great feature of her work
was the Junior Agricultural Club
work. This was the first of this Panola
kind of work the community has! Paniai jan. 3. Bailev Wilson has
ever had, and the club won four Wn diBmis!)ed from Eastern Ken
championship more than any other tucky A,v1um cured and ls w;th
one club in the county. M fami,y.J. W. Richardson is
We, have entertainments, plays, n,vina, a f, mit ,ale an1 wil,
lectures, suppers, and movies all un- m)it thf fMtAn busines9 on ac.ount
der her directions. ; of hnm of wife.jonnni.
" 77. ' and Stetson Kindred took ninetv
Slate Lick n..:., . r.t- a
........ .. -u i i:.i i
Slate Lick, Jan. 1. The Christmas
tree at this place was a success in
spite of mud end high water,' and
ninny unit? urm w wrrt mailt; (inu. i
unver McLomiicK sola ni iodbcco
crop last week. It averaged 34 cents
per pound. Mr. Cox, of Clear Creek
moved in the house vacated by Mr.
Anglin. Mr. Cox has a large family
of children, which we welcome to
our Sunday-school. June Fowler
spent Christmas with hia brother,
Bennett, at Irvine. Mrs. H. H. Sny
der was the guest of her daughter,
Mra. March, of Richmond, from Sat
urday till Monday of last week. Mrs.
H. M. Snyder waa called to Lawrence
burg, Ky., to the bedside of his sister-in-law
last week, who is serious
ly ill. Mrs. G. V. Calloway and lit
tie daughter, Elizabeth, returned to j ardson. Mr. Zella Baker and Mvr.
her home at Livingston, after spend- J t' Baker were guests of Mrs. Joe
ing the holidays with her mother. w- Powell lat week. Oscar Camn
Mr. E. N. McCormick, at Slate Lick. Ml nd Ewell BVVn-il of Locust
D. G. King of Normal, 111., Edward t Branch entered the E. K. S. N. on
B. Parka of Covington, Ky., Mrs. E.!n 2nd. Joe Mize and family are
N. McCormick of Slate Lick, Mr. and moving In with aunt Miriam Cox
Mra. Richard Parks, Mrs. G. V. Cal-; Georce Richardson secured a rock-
loway of Livingston, Mrs.
Rutherford of Berea were
guests at Mrs. W. D. Parks, Defem-
ber 2H. Albert Hart was the guest , nike. Amo Camnbl has movd to
of Richard Parks, Friday night. The Lvust Branch. Thomss Kindred
holidays aro over and the new yearnent Monday with John Cox at
Is here. May it be a happy and Noland.
prosperous one to all the readers of
The Citizen.
Clay Lick
Clay Lick, Jan. 2 Mrs.
Short and ch ldren. were dinner
guests of Mrs. II. II. Fowler Thurs
day. Mrs. W. M. Stiut was the
guest of Mrs. E. D. Truett Friday
Grandma Lamb, who has been visit
ing Mr. and Mra. Steve Turner of
West Union, has returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Pain and grand
children of White Station were the
guests of Miss Mary Willeford
Thursday. Dick Pain of Whites
Station has moved to J. W. Hern
don's farm near Wallaceton. Mr. and
Mrs. Stanley Fowler and Ted Tsylor
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Mi ke Jennings Tuesday. Ben Mitch
ell was dinner guest of Eugene lies-
ter Friday. Perry Eadon has moved
to Bige Etsrldge's farm vacated by
Bill Burnham, and Bill Burnham has
moved to hia new dwelling house on
Clay Lick road. Eugene Salms of
Berea has purchased farm from
J. W. Hemdon of this place and paid
the sum of $3,700, and has moved to
it Mr. and Mrs. Green Fowler were
the guests of h!s mother, Mrs. H. II.
Fowler, Saturday night and Sunday.
C. C. Chrisman of Ohio was the
guest of E. T. Hulett Saturday. j
Miss Evelyne Gulnn is visiting her
grand parents of Whites Station, Mr. I
and Mrs. R. M. Baker, this week.
Mr. and Mr. W. II. Lamb are visit-j
ing their son, Mr, and Mra. Vernon
Lamb, of Richmond. Garriet Diggs
of Ohio is visiting his grand par-
ents, uncle George White. Sam Hill
of Red House is visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Jas. Guinn, of Wallaceton. Mrs.
Lucy Norval, who has been visiting
her mother, ha returned to her home
at Conway. Mrs. II. H. Burdette,
wno nas Deen sick lor some time, is
not much better. Several men ef
this place attended court at Rich
mond Monday. Mrs. Hamilton of
this place visited her daughter, Mrs.
Cochran, of Whites Station, Satur
day. Mrs. Powell Owens and son ofibeen neard rrm- He "a'd
Slate Lick were the guests of her
sister, Mrs. George Huff, Saturday.
Louis Wren of Boone wa the guest
of his sister, Mr. and Mrs. George
Huff, Thursday night Ted Taylor
WM th kuest ' B':e VanWinkle
Clay Lick
Clay Lick, Jan. 1. Today we have
had our first real snow for the win
ter, causing the farmers to take old
Dexter and Dobbin to the woods,
where we can hear the ring of their
axes and buzz of their saws. Bill
Buniam has moved to this place at
Possum Kingdom and Perry Eden of
Silver Creek ha moved to the place
vacated by Bill Burnam. Addie Wil-
i Iiams visited home folks Saturday and
Sunday. John Odell, who has been
visiting relatives in Virginia for the
past few weeks, has returned home.
Mrs. Crl Winkler of Berea and
Mrs. Chas McDaniels and son, How
ard, of Hayti spent Saturday with
friends here. Harvey Huff has rent-
; e( the farjn of Jason wiIli8m8 am)
I will move there first of the year.
Mrs. J. T. Prather and baby of Nina
are spending this week with her
mother, Mrs. Anna G. William.
Mrs. Eliza Ogg, who was our faith
ful teacher in the past years, paid
our school a pleasant visit Friday.
111 invuinn iirra tt-A llltf villi mm
real'ied a nice sum of monev. On
alie Chrisman and . Clella Kindred
spent the holidays with homefolk
returned to their respective
', schools. Floyd Pierson and Maereie
; Miller were married on December 2?.
I Less Richardson's house, occupied
bv fire, caused by a defective flue
Knob Lick School closed on the 23rd
with a n!ce candv treat J-hn Cates
and dauehter, Delia, spent Christmas
with the family of John Baker at
Rorea. Wade Richardson has moved
to the John Chrisman place. Viriril
Richardson ha moved to the Jim
T.smb place. Mr. Thoma Kindred
and Clella Kindred nent New Year's
Dav with Mr. and Mr. Virwil Rich-
. crusher pear Lexincton and moved
the same Saturday a"d wi'l soon
have the top dressing on part of his
Blue Lick
Blue Lick, Jan. 3 Hanny New
Year! Now Is the t'me f a good
'crop of resolution, but after seed
time and harvest wh will th fw'ts
show? The man without a numose.
like a shin without a rudder. Have
a definite pumose each dav and. like
the .UM the wis. men of old. It I
will mde u. ne. ,nd near. to,
mir mal. If according to tradit'on
the first three davs of Jnarv de.
termlne the first three months of the
year, then "Beware of the Ides of
March" which has been frought with
ominous prognasticatloni sines tlio
demise of Caesar. A few farmers in
this section have sold their t tar.ro,
prices ranging from 10 to 30 .rents
per pound. Those who pooled their
crops are anxious awaiting the de
clsion of the Legislature to grant the
charter before they can sell. Prof.
Elam, of the Agricultural Depart
ment of Berea College, and John
Larkin, a student from Tennessee,!
were guests at the home of T. J.I
Flannery In honor of C. C. Flannery, '
who was formerly teacher and
classmate of theirs at Knoxville.
Mr. and Mrs. Hudson, Mr. and Mrs.
Christopher, Miss Alice Christopher
and Master Phillip were, dinner
guests at the home of T. J. Flannery
on Wednesday, December 28, when
all repaired to the church and deco-
rated tree. Santa Claus was ex-.
tremely liberal in the bestowal of
gifts in thia section. Everybody is !
happy. Mr. and Mrs. Wm Ballinger
are visiting relatives in this section.
Island City
Island City, Dec. 21. The weather
remains warm and rainy. The ap-
pie tree leaves are still green and re-
.main on some 01 me trees. ine
boys and some of the older ones are
having plenty of Christmas shooting
at turkeys and chickens. Emery !
Peters of this place will kill the
largest hog of any citizen that has
thought he would weigh 700 pounds.
Ida Callihan went to Idamay Fri-j
day to bring the many Christmas
presents to gladden the hearts of the
many who expect their stockings to
be filled to the top. Our graded j
school closed Friday with candy in
abundance for the children. D. G.'
Wood, principal and Miss Pear Row-!
land, assistant I stand as a be
liever in education and the develop
ment of the minds and hearts of
children as they grow up, feeling the 1
importance of their being started
right and strictly oppose inefficient'
trustees having the control, manage-,
ment and oversight of our graded ,
and common schools. Men who have!
oversight ought to be able to agree
with men who will start our children '
right, but how can they if they do(
not know themselves? I want to see
the time when no man will be eligi
ble to hold the office of trustee un-j
less he has education equivalent to.
holding a first class certificate, then
our children will be brought up right,
crime and immorality will cease and
not until those things are' looked in
to. A young Hensley was shot dead
by an old-like widow woman. The
boy was stealing her chickens and
she forbade him to do so, telling him
to go away and let her chickens
Island City -Island
City, Jan. 2. Santa Claus
came from Cincinnati, O., and visited
the home of the Rev. A. D. Bowman
with all kinds of delicious candies
and nuts, soaps, etc., a fine barrel
of flour. Come again Santa, you
have gladened the hearts of every
one of us. It is talked here there
will be a called court at Booneville
in the near future, as no judge came
to hold the court at the regular term.
The news came here that Carter
Pearson killed his brother's wife and
is under arrest The deputy shcrff
of Jackson county went and demand
ed Mr. Pearson, as he had a writ
against him for killing T. Robinson,
which was refused, claiming they
would give him a trial for what he
did there. Frank Moore and Dan
Peters passed thru our place .Thurs
day enroute to Bond. The shooting
match at Island City Saturday went
off quietly. W. M. Mays got the
The best kind of pride is pride In
your work.
Europe is now uiuUIng
Winter promisee to bring brighter
business days.
Avoid turning sharp corners,
way lies disaster.
You aspire to become a boss? Tlieu,
need uo bosving.
Are you sure your troubles are not
mostly self -creu led T
Ite your own efficiency expert by do
ing your Job the best way it can be
You cau't build a skyseruper on a
faulty foundutlou. Atteud to the fouu
datiou ttrsL
There's uo credit In being an opti
mist heu life flow along like a
song. Show your mettle by belug on
,f , ,
QW',oll vom b.v. no tHumpa.
Mllkt tulg thought part of your mental
equlpmeut. rorbee Magazine,
' Lesson '
(By Rh.. P. B. KU7.WATKR, D. D..
Taarher of Enaliah Bible la the Moody
Bible Institute of Chicago.)
CoprrUht. lilt, Wirn Nwapapr Unloa-
LE8PON TEXT-I Kln 1S:10.
OOLDKN TBX T This Is th victory
that ovrn'omcth Uit world, vn our
faith -I John (:.
M-; Kph. :10-.
jah's pry-r
JUNIOR TOPIC Ona Man Acalnst Four
Hundred and Fifty.
Jehovah Victorious Champion.
Modern Evils; How to Fight Them.
I. Elijah Mts Ahab (vv. 17-10).
At the Lord's command, Elijah
shows himself to Ahab. When Elijah
was last seen by Ahub, he announced
that rain would only be given by his
word (17:1). Iu connection with Oie
Prophet's appearing before the king,
rqin was promised.
1. Ahoh's question "Art thou he
that trouhletli Israel?' (v. 17). Ahab'a
aim was to intimidate Elijah to awe
him Into submission.
2. Elijah's answer (v. 18). lie de
nied the charge and boldly declared
that the calamity which had befallen
the nation was caused by the Idolatry
of A hub and his family.
II. Elijah's Challenge (vv. 19-24).
1. The people assembled (vv. 19,
20). The king convened the people at
the urgent request of EHJuh.
2. Elijah's ringing call to decision
(vv. 21-24). (I) The question asked
Who Is your Uod, Baal or the Lord?
(v. 2t). Many of the people had not
wholly forsaken (Sod. They attempted
to worship both God and Baal. Many
today are hulling between two opin
ions; they are halting between self
and fSod sin and holiness mammon
and Ciod. But the question must be
settled sooner or later. In fact, the
decision is being made every day. (2)
The silence of tlia peoiJe (v. 21).
This may have been because of fear
of the king or Ignorance, for many
were of the opinion that to be re
ligious was the only thing necessary,
Irretqiectlve of the being worshiped.
(3) The method of decision (vv. 22-24).
Two sacrifices were to be provided,
one to be offered to Until, the other to
(iod. The god who answered by Are
was to be the God. The people con
sented that this was a fair test.
III. The Tact Applitd (vv. 25-30).
1. The offering by the prophets of
Baal (vv. 2.1-29). Elijah gave a fair
test, even placed the advantage on
the other side. He gave the prophete
of Itiial the first opportunity to prove
to the people as to whether Baal was
a real god. Elijah taunted them, and
they more earnestly cried to Baal,
but no answer came.
2. The offering by Elijah (vv. 30-39).
(1) The people Invited near (v. 30).
HU object was for them to see the
entire proceedings In order to fully
grasp the genuineness of the test. (2
The altar repaired (vv. 30-32). Be
fore there can be the power of God
manifested, the altar must be repaired.
Elijah took twelve stones, represent
ing the united nation. God Is one,
and His people Is one. (3) The offer
ing on the altar (vv. 33-35). After the
bullock was In place, he had four bar
rels of water three times emptied
upon the sacrifices and the wood so as
to fill the trench about the altar. So
sure wus Elijah that God's power was
sufficient, that he heaped difficulty
upon difficulty. (4) Elijah's prayer
(vv. W-37). (a) It waa based upon
covenants (v. 30). The foundation upon
which all real prayer rests Is covenant
relationship, (b) Its object was
God s exaltation (v. 36). Elijah waa
Jealous for God's glory his supreme
desire was to honor and magnify the
Lord. The only thing that he asked
for himself was to be known as God'e
servant, (c) It was for the salvation
of the people (v. 37). His heart
yearned after Israel. He was most
desirous that they should come to
know Cod. (5) The result (w. 3.
3l). (a) The fire of the Lord fell and
consumed not only the sacrifice, but
the wood, stoties and dust, even lick
ing up the water In the trench, (b)
The people fell on thelt faces and con
fessed that the Lord was the God.
IV. The Execution of Baal's
Prophets (v. 40).
The reason for this drastic action
was that Israel's government was a
theocracy God was their King. Idola
try waa treason against the King.
These false prophets were traitors to
God and therefore should die.
V. God's Prophete Vindicated (vr.
The proof that Elijah was God's
prophet was Incomplete till ralu came.
Isruel under bla ministry bad Dow
turned buck to God, and God made
known to them Ills gractouHuess.
The Bounds of the Sea. -
Fear ye not nieT said the Lord; will
ye nut tremble at my presence, which
have placed the sand for the bound
of the sea by a perpetual decree, that
It cannot pass It; and though the
waves thereof toss themselves, yet can
they not prevail; though they roar,
yet ran they not paaa over It r Jere
miah, 5:22.
The End ef Enmity.
Whe.; s uian'a ways please the Lord
he make' a even hie enemies te be at
peer lt." blm. 1'reverba 1.T.

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