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: the -Citizen
rDe-rotffci to tfla.e Inteifeatg of tlie !Lointai.n. FeoiDle
Oar Threefold Aim: To give
the Now of Berea and Vicinity j
To Record th Happenings ef
Berea College; To bo of Interest
to all tho Mountain Peoale.
AM mf Mar, tm.
f Wo Cents Per Copy
Ono Dollar and Fifty ConU PofYoar
No. 83
J. Rf Roberta on, Profeaaor
History and Political Science
Berea College
Lot- Angeles Police Working on
New Clews in Slaying
- of Movie Director.
Treaty Embodying Root Four
Points and Open Door (or
China 0. K.'d.
Latest Woman Said to Havo Bctn In
tlmetsty Associated With Slain
Man la Out of tha City Polloo
Soak Former VaUL
Loo Angeles. Cal Feb. . A num
ber of poaaible clew, with UHilrlon
directed chiefly toward a motlon-plo-tura
artreae, anil, through her, toward
another motion-picture director, both
of whose name they declined to make
public, wvm aald to he In pise1on
of the police In lliHr effort to catch
tha atayer of William Htunnnd Taylor,
film director, whose true hnnie, It tan
alleged, waa William Pcane Tanner.
The latest motion picture actress to
be drawn Into the Investigation, audi
at one time to have been Intimately
aMoclRted with Taylor, waa under
stood to be out of the city, hut the
police gave no Intimation aa to the
whereabout of the director whnee
name waa linked with hera In the ato
rlea told the detectives by a number
of peraona at an Inquiry extending
over aeveral honra.
Still Seek Former Valat
While effort were being made hjr
the officer to locate the aetresa and
the director. It waa unricratood tha lat
oat ancle to the Investigation would
not caujte them to relai their search
for Edward F. Sanda. Ta)lor'i former
valet, aald also to be known a Rd
ward Flta Strathmore and alleged to
be a deaerter from the army.
Tho ctoaer the acmtlny Into the life
of the dead director, the more con
firmed eome of the detertlvea aald be
came their nrlglnnt theory that the
tnotlvo of the crime waa revenge, with
Jealousy aa the probable direct cause.
Thla review of Taylor' friendship
and acttvttlea waa aald to have brought
the potlco Into clone acquaintance with
hla companionship with a number of
motion-picture artrease. Including,
among tho moet prominent. Mattel Nor
mand. Mary Mile Mlnter and Claire
Wlndaor. .
Clair Wlndaor Recent Acquaintance.
Mlaa Normand la aald to have ad
mitted, aa did Neva Clerher, another
film actrewi, that Taylor once had been
rngnged to her, while Mis Mlnter alan
la aald to have enjoyed the director'
cloae friendship at one time. It waa
only a week before hla death, however,
according to Ml Wlndaor'a mother,
that the latter took her flrat automo
bile ride and dinner with Taylor. The
police pbin to Interview Mlaa Wl minor,
aa thev have the other actresses. In
their eenrch for possible clews, a aoon
a ahe return from a trip Into the
country, where ahe I aald to he "on
location" With MnrNhall Nellau. di
rector." Many atorlaa have been brought to
the police by nelglilsirs of Tujlor and
ill former employees concerning il
neighborhood happening the nlglit of
the crliim, und the director'a reci-nl
coming and goings, friends unit w
elate, telephone rail and vitri.ii o
clul activities.
The Motion llilure llrtor u
,oH'lullnn, of wh li Taylor ux H.itcd
president three time, has formed u
special Inveatigtitlng committee to help
the iHitli-e In every possible way 4o
solve the my at cry of the director'a
cieath. MuJ. Maurice C'amplH'll waa
chosen head of the committee.
What waa aald to bo "a lurge auto
mobile of atrlklng appeurunce." eeo
near tho Taylor apartment the night
of tho aluylng. I underatood to be
receiving some attention from tha do
t active,
Stft Blackmail Theory.
Another question la whether black
jcnall waa an element In tho crime. It
iU aald to be considered poaalblo tho
aTJayer atteuipted to extort money from
(Taylor and when refuted or threat
ened with arrest abot to kill. An open
check book on Taylor'e writing dusk,
with a pen neur by, found when tha
body waa discovered, might, In tho
opinion of tho detective, have been
part of a plan of the director to atoll
until the tollc could arrive.
"Another phase they are con 1 dur
ing la whether Taylor might nave
(cured for hla life. From aome eourcee
tha detective were auld to buvo
gained tho information that for a few
daya before hla deutb Taylor had
aoomed "uneaay about something."
Henry 1'oaty. hla negro houseman, told
tho police that Taylor, who usually
used hla automobile, left hla apart
ments on foot Wadneaday afternoon, a
few bourn before bo waa slain, and
waa absent considerable period.
"Wo aro going to chock. ovary poa
alblo angle of thla case," aald Infec
tive Sergeant Herman Clin. "W
bar received a groat many conflicting
re porta, and It la a largo taak to die
tlngulah and sift tha UnporUnt from
tha trlvlaX" i
TJl atatunuat feat Taxlur'S same
Qraat Power of tho World Pledge
Thamaelv to Deal Fairly
International Board to
Settle Disputes.
Continental Hull. Washington. Feb.
8. The grent powers of the world
pledged themselves to deal fairly with
The pledge was contained In a nine
powered treaty presented to the sixth
plenary session of the arms conference
by Secretary of, H'nte Hughes and
adopted within iv minute after the
session got under way.
China herself la a party to the
agreement, and upon her own part ahe
pledgee heraelf not to graut preferen
tial rlghta to any nation, and to do her
utmost to see that all nation have
equal economic opportunltlea within
her far-flung borders.
Board to Settle Dispute.
Along with the adoption of tho two
Chinese treatiea by the world po'or
here the conference formally agreed
to the aeMIng up In China of an Inter
national board of reference to which
disputed polnta between the powera
can be referred.
Approve Custom Treaty.
The nine ov.er also gave their for
mal approval to a treaty dealgned to
Increase the customa revenuea of
China to a oiut which will perml. her
to get back on a sound financial foot
ing. The treaty waa presented by Sena
tor Oscar Underwood, flilnortty leader
of the senate, and member of the
Amerirnn delegation, who oddreaaed
the conference In plenary aeashKi for
the flrat time.
To Prrv Chin Railway.
Following the adoption of tho rwo
Chinese treatiea the conference for
mully approved the resolution pledg
ing the power to preserve the Chi
nese Kastern railway.
Then Secretnry Hughe rend Into
the conference record the 21 demands.
In which Japan renounced group 5 and
pledged herself not to presa the othera
o the detriment of other nations' In
terest. -
All tills the conference quickly ap
proved. Test of Root Treaty.
Following la the draft of the treaty
embodying the Hoot four point for
the Integrl'y of China and the open
door :
"The United States of America. Bel
gium, the British empire. China.
France, Itnlf. Japan, The Netherlands
and rortugnl.
"Ieslrlng to adopt a policy designed
to stabilize condition in the Far Kust,
to safeguard the ligh and Interests
of China, and to promote Intercourse,
between China and the other powera
Unn the basis of equality of opportu
nity: "Have resolved to conclude treaty
for that purpose and to that end havo
appointed a their respective plenipo
tentiaries: (Here follow the namea of the plen
ipotentiaries.) "Who. having communicated to each
other their full 'powera, found to bo
In good and due form, have agreed a
follow :
Article I.
"The contracting powera, other
than China, agree:
1. To respect the aoveretjmty, the
Independence and the territorial and
administrative Integrity y China.
2. To provide the fullest and moat
unembarrassed opportunity to China
to develop and maintain for heraelf an
effective and atable government
3. To nse their Influence for tho
purpose of effectually establishing
and maintaining the principle of equal
opportunity for the commerce and In
dustry of all nation throughout tho
territory of China.
4. To refrain from taking advan
tage of oncdltlons In China or to
seek special rlghta or privilege
which would abridge the right of
subject or citizen of friendly state,
and from countenancing action Inimi
cal to tho security of such a'ates.
Article II.
"The contracting powera agree not
to outer Into any treaty, agreement,
arrangement or understanding, either
with one another or Individually, or
collectively, wl'b any swer or pow
ers, which would Infringe or Impair
the principles stated In Article L
really' waa" WllllairiTJeane-Tanner. and
not William Deatnond Taylor, came
from a woman caning nerseir Air. Ada
Deano-Tanner of Monrovia, near bore.
who also describe heraelf aa the de
serted wife of lennla Teane-Tanner.
the director'a brother, and who aald
the director bad given ber aa allow
ance of 150 a month for the last aU
(fyy Billy ". : pT. -JMkX
ifflSlrtsv- pssss
..., k,. . - wnmo;
.... . .si i e.uiuiia. u.nvr in uK ... u. itmiu i Cioia.i u.mi heiress to (4MNj,iiis), who has Just
married Anastnse Voii-lntskr, a Rusdan Islmrrr In the Ituldwln L'X'omotlve works. 2 The Capitol in Wash
Inuton as It apsared after the recent hevy snowfall. .1 Interior of Knickerbocker theater, Washington, after
t'ie rmif r"i'niiH. kllllntr ne;ir'v a hnndrml persons.
13 Stills Destroyed
On last Monday Berea,. Richmond,
Jackson county and tho Federal Gor-j
ernment Joined hands to put on one
of the most extensive st 11 raids ever
staged in Madison county."
The posse, made up of Elmer
Deatherage, Sheriff of Madison;
Moboley, Deputy; Arthur Lynch,
Constable; Tom Watson and others
from Richm.r.d; L. C. Powell, Chief
of Police; L. A. Watkins, Police
Judge; R. J. Abney, Tollce; R. D.
Hollandsworth, of Berea; Sheriff
Lainhart and deputies of Jackson
county and a number of federal offi
cers, came together In tho vicinity
of Big Hill early Monday morning
and set out to spread terror among
the moonshiners of that section.
Thirteen stills were destroyed' be
fore the day'a work was finished,
nine of which wt're lw Bi '
Pilot Knob aeetion. The other four
were found in the Bear Wallow sec
tion. Three of the stills, it is re
ported, were in sight of Pilot Knob
A few suspicious character were
seen in the distance, but no arrests
were made and no copper worms
were taken, tho thousands of gallons
of mash and some moonshine were
poured out and the stills were com
pletely destroyed.
The police department of Irvine
constituted a raiding party Thursday
nikht which completely destroyed two
stills on Miller's Creek and arrested
four alleged moonshiners. The al
leged moonshiners were taken to
Irvine and lodged In jail. They were
Oline OTiara, Leonard Arnold, C. T.
Wiseman and E. L. Thackor.
The raiding party included Chief
of Tolice Sixemore, U. S.v Marshal
Green Cody, Geo.' Brenegar, Jeff
Hamilton and James Fugate.
In a battle staged at Middlesboro
between the Ball and Olson factions
Thursday night, Ira Ball waa shot
through the stomach and it la thot
that the wound ia fatal. George Col
son ia alleged to have done the ahoot
ing. Colson cannot be found and. it
is reported that ha also waa shot
Several months ago Ira Ball Js al
leged to havo killed Doyle Colson.
Ball waa also shot through the lung
at that time. Ball haa never been
indicted for the killing.
In Rockcastle county Prohibition
Officer John Becker, Sheriff Clark,
Mink and Anglin and Judge Sam
Mullina destroyed a still near Johnet
ta, a gallon of moonshine and five
barrela of beer. John Jlinea was ar
rested and taken to London, where
he waa turned over to the federal
authorities. Richmond Register.
Stove Martin, charged with slaying
his brother-in-law, Wood Benge, waa
sentenced In Manchester, Feb. 6, to
serve 21 years In prison. The de
fense will call for a new hearing.
Embarrassed by Shewer of Haa its.
Though It Would Seem H
Should 8 Used to It.
(H. Valentine sllr
Put up his unilirvlla.
"This shiiwer or hearts
WouM cmharraps a fellow.'
"I'm siad that I nunaft It
One In a year
Exsrrla Is tha thing
Hsiuts axa needing. I fear.
"Whtls many ara basting.
They're ail out of tuns.
And cold as Decembrr
Instead of wnrm June.
"Bo I'll mis "em nn4 change
And warm 'em up. too." -
I wonder If he'll Ox .
Your heart up for youT .
Ccorg W. Reynold. Chicago Banker,
Saya United Statea I
Well Off.
Pasadena, Cul., Feb. 0. Americans
"have no cauae to be down hearted,'
In the opinion of' George M. Reynolds.
bend of the Continental ami Commer
clnl tmnk of Chicago, who ling arrived
here to pass the winter. However, he
added, "the economic situation of the
producers of food must be Improved
before general business conditions
throughout the country - will rapidly
Improve. The United Stntea la so much
better off than any other country In
the world that we ought to be pretty
thankful and optimistic," be said.
after rr ivxrEuidevrruv bs
u&ims our AxyocrtnswMt
Settlement of Shantung Contro
versy Announced to the
Arms Conference.
Agreement on Poison Gas, Subma
rine and Chinese Questions Also
Indorsed Senata Paaaaa Foreign
Debt Refunding Bill Senator
Knyon I Mad Federal '
Circuit Judge.
SECRETARY of State Hughes ahd
Arthur J. Balfour accomplished a
great feut of Lviil diplomacy last week
when they vfsceeded In persuading
China and Jnpan to accept the compro
mise arrangement by which the long
standing and troublesome Shantung
controversy is brought to an end. The
settlement wus announced on Wednes
day to the fifth plenary session of the
conference, and both the statesmen
voiced their personal rejoicing over It
because It was their own plan. Mr. Knl-
four went further and told something
that aroused the conferees to cheers.
He said that Ureal Britain had decid
ed to enter at once into negotiutlUis
for the restoration to China of the ter
ritory of Wei Hiil-Wel. w tilth It hits
held under leuse since the time when
Russia seized I'ort Arthur. Thus China
will get back sovereignty over her
most ancient and oiost thli-kly-popa-lated
province In Its entirety.
In all major details the agreement
between Japan and China Is as was told
In these columns a week ago. Japan
it to get out of Tslngtuo and the salt
fields within six months, and la to give
up the Tsiugtao-Tslnunfu railway with
in nine mouths.
The one discordant note In Washing
ton, was sounded by Ma Soo, represent
ative of the Canton government. He
asserted the Chinese people would not
recognize the treaty agreed upon In tha
Mr. Hughe presented to the con
ference the completed draft of the
naval lituUation treaty with the agree
ment on l'aciflc fortlhVatious. and it
was formally adopted. No material
change In the treaty aa already de
tailed had been made, and the Pacific
agreement also stands In the main as
formerly described. According to the
fortifications clause the status quo
must be niaiutaiued by America lu
the Philippine and Aleutian Islands ;
by Great Urltulu In Hongkong aud the
Pacific Islands east of 110 degrees
east longitude; by Japan In the Kurilo,
Bonln and Loochoo islands, Amanil
Oshltua. Formosa and the Pescadores.
In presenting the five-power naval
pact, Mr. Hughes said
"Tills treaty absolutely ends the race
tn comiietitlou of naval armament.
At the same time it leavea the secur
ity of nations unimpaired. It Is signif
icant of far more also, because her
w are talking of anna In the language
Of peace and have taken the greatest
forward atep to establish the reign of
Albert Sarraut, head of tho French
delegation, took the oportunlty again
to correct misapprehensions concern
ing bis country's naval policy. He
aald France butt npeaJed for only
what she must have to defend her
self, and added : The camouflaged
ghoat of Imperialistic France which
Ueruian propaganda paradee about the
universe may atlll deceive a few art
less minds, but It Mill aoon evoke noth
ing but amilas."
Ellhu ' Hoot presented for approval
the five power treaty outlawing poison
gas and the use of the submarine
against meniisat shipping. 11 ex
plained that.'t Ws not undertake to
(CosUiaao! M fC t
It ia reported that the Italian Cabi
net has resigned aa a result of some
criticism over the suppression of an
Eulogy of Popo Benedict In tho
Chamber of Deputies. Tho relation
between tho national government and
the Pope has never been cordial since
1870, when the temporal possessions
of tho Papacy wero included in tho
United Italy. Tho Pope at that timo
waa assigned a certain amount of
land in Rome with the Vatican aa hi
homo and a large appropriation of
money to meet his expenses. He haa
never- accepted the money, however,
and haa persistently considered him
self a prisoner. Tho present minis
try came into power at the time of
the making of the Treaty of Ver
sailles, when Italy was so much out
of harmony with the Allies.
The commUeion on reparations, ap
pointed by the Allies, made a request
of Germany as to her intentions in
regard to the 'payment now due. In
recent reply Germany asks to be
relieved from any money payment
for the period of one year. She alao
asks that the Allies allow her to pay
more in kinf and less in money.
Thus no direct answer was made to
the request She defended her -posi
tion by saying that the country would
not stand ' any more taxation. It
seems strange that auch different re
ports can arise in regard to the
financial status of Germanv. It ia
certainly trite that the cost of living
has risen aa the value of the money
haa fallen, and this has led to a seri
ous strike on all the railroads for a
forty percent raise pf wagea. Trans
portation is at a standstill for the
present and no solution in sight.
The British explorer, Sir Ernest
Shackleton, died during the week on
his way to make further explorations
in the Antarctic region. Altho he
waa surpassed by Scott and Amund
sen in the successful quest for the
southern axis of the earth, yet he
came very close to reaching it in the
course of his four notable explora
tions. He held all kinds of honor
and medals from geographical and
exploring associations. He was born
in Ireland, graduated from college,
and began his career in the British
Merchant Marine. In this last voy
age he planned to chart enough un
discovered regions to maka his total
achievements along that lino in the
Southern Atlantic, Southern Pacific,
and Antarctic oceans amount to 30,
000 miles. He was particularly con
cerned in finding an island named
Tuanaki which had come to be lost
to the knowledge of man.
Recent statistics given out show
that the commerce of the U. S. has
fallen off during the year ending in
December, 1921, by over two billion
dollars. In most cases the exports
have fallen off more than the im
ports. Of course the greatest fall
has been In the trade with Europe,
but it ia true also of the trade with
China, Japan, South America and
South Africa. It is less with some
countries thin with others but is a
condition which is general. Revival
f business and all that goes with
it ia not likely to come about in our
country until this condition ia
changed. The meeting that ia to be
held at Genoa is an effort to do this
and ought to have the approval of
public sentiment to the same- extent
that the Washington Conference did.
The fact that the meeting takes place
in Europe instead of America should
not lessen out interest in it
The new Pope haa been elected
sooner than waa expected. The sue.
cessful candidate waa Cardinal Ratti,
the Archbishop of Milan. This
churchman ia younger than those
usually selected tm the position of
Pope, but ita ia believed that this
will be an advantage. He ia a
scholarly man and haa been intereaU.
ed in the libraries of the church which
contain priceless manuscripts. He
served as Papal Nuncio to Poland
for a time after the war and did hla
work ao well that Poland was held
in loyalty to the church and be waa
made Archbishop of Milan, the moat
active commercial city in Italy.
While the former Pope waa of aris
tocratic descent, the new Pope Piut
XI is of democratic descent, coming
from the people. He ia a moderate
in policies, and It ia believed will
do much to harmonise the church and
the Italian nation.

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