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A non-partisan family newipapar published every Thursday by
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The Public School Needs Us
There haa been tome suggestion from goofj women of thla
town that the father of children who attend tha public achool
arc not showing enough interest in tha activities of the children
and consequently tha work of our public achool teachers Is not
given the attention that it should be (riven.
Tha public achool is the cradle of knowledge. It might be
called the Incubator of progress and achievement When have
you been over to aee how your children ar getting along and
incidentally to say a kind word to tha teacher who is doing so
much to insure, the success of your child's future T Day after
day our public school teachers are doing good work excellent
work but we aimply take it as a matter of course, not realising
that they appreciate or deserve a word of encouragement from
tha fathers of tha children for whom they ar doing so much.
Time after time tha children have put on excellent and interest
ing programs at the public school, programs which are the re
sult of hard work, both on the part of the child and the teacher.
These programa will mark red letter dayl in the lives of these
children.. How much more joy it would bring into their lives If
father and mother were present to aee them perform. Do not
neglect the pub lis school. We do not propose to speak for tha
teacbera, but we feel that they would welcome visits by the par
enta of tha children, especially on days when tha children enter
tain. In a few years the destiniee of this community will be in the
bands of these children. The best heritage that wa can leave
them la one which will best fit them to handle tha intricate
problems; that art to confront them in the doys to come. The cradle
of this heritage Is in the public school. We cannot afford to
neglect It Let us visit the achool, support the teachers, and
offer words of encouragement and appreciation freely.
Twelfth Anniversary of the Boy Scouts
This is Anniversary Week of the Boy Scouts of America.
It ia the 12th, and 12 is the minimum age at which boys may
join the movement aa tenderfoot scouts. So the movement itself
is tenderfoot
Every scouting community haw its program. Tho they are
not all alike, all of them will include the solemn reaffirmation of
the oath and. law by every scout This annual ceremony will
take place at the troop meetings or at public meetings, according
to the agreements of local authorities. According to informa
tion from Scout Headquarters In New York City, 315,000 merit
badgea have been awarded In the past 12 years. Over 400 men,
expert In the"'r different lines, gave voluntary service to the Boy
Scouts of America In preparing 71 Illustrated pamphlets as text
books upon there merit badge subjects. There were 4,200 Star
members; 4,300 Life members and 2,000 Eagle scouts today.
More than two million boys hsve Joined th scout movement sinci
its beginning 12 years ago. It is the large boys organisation
In America. It haa more boys in uniform than both the Army
and the Navy combined. It is the great Teace Army of future
citizens and is destined to be the one organization in America
that will lift the standard of citizenship of tomorrow.
Berea has had a scout organization for the past four years.
It has had its varying degrees of successes and failures, but to
dsy It ia launching upon a new era. Every boy who Is a member
of the Peres Troop has reconsecrated himself to the principles
and Ideals of the organlzat'on, and every new boy who comes
Into the organisation will or me in with a determination to make
good as a scout.
The boys are fortunate in having as their leader, Mr. Benton
Fielder, who waa once a boy himself and who is able to think
and see as boys do, and to appreciate boys' struggles, and give
them his best thoughts in working out the Ideals of the great
God speed to the Boy Scouta of Berea and of America.
Sinning with Flowers
Several people in Berea students, teachers and citzens re
receiving tempting invitations by mall to purchase flowers for
their friends In connection with Valent-'ne's Day, Easter and v
other occasions. "Roses, violets, or sweet peas with unu-ual Val
entine touches, f3.R0, $5.00, $7.fi0 and $10.00. Gift boxes $1.00
and upwards.'
Surely it Is a beautiful thing to remember our friends, and
flowers are not commonly considered sinful! Nevertheless, when
the world lat in such a period of d;stress, when $1-50 will save
a child's life In India or China, and when many children In Madi
ton county are suffering from undcr-nourlshment, we maintain
that it la sinful to ufo commercial flowers to express our love
to our friends.
It la one of the simplest and surest axioms of value that we
ahould spend money for things that last Any gifts to friends
may be sinful if they prevent the saving of those who suffer;
and the gifts. we do make will be all the better if they have a
lasting quality. A book or a picture will testify to our senti
ment long after flowers have withered.
Much is being said, and much more ahould be said, about
f.reaent day evangelism. The first question that arises Is, "Who
la qualified to discuss evangelism?" There are people who would
tell you that the ordinary layman knows nothing scarcely about
the program and methods of evsngelism, therefore only the clergy
should be permitted to speak npon this subject. For the past
generation tha speaking upon evangelism has been so much con
fined to the clergy aa to almost make it an Indiscussable subject
by the laymen, but whom is evangelism supposed to affect pri
marily? Ordinary laymen and reputed sinners. We, as lay
men, have aome opinions upon evangelism, and they should b
One minititer will come Into th community and hand out to
the tinregenerated man, and to the entirs congregation ao far
as that ia concerned, a carefully done up package of theology
and evangelism with the statement something like this: "Here
It Is In the only authenticated, authorized, prescribed form. Take
It and be saved, or reject It and b damned." Another evangs
list comes slong and offers you a different packag of aalvatlon
and declares that It ia the authorised form. Each one forgets that
religion ia a personal matter; that Christ came to aave Individuals
and that there are aa many ways by which Individuals can be
saved as ther are Individuals themselves. The greatest evidence
of th divine wisdom and power of God was His creation of man.
All men ar made In th Imag of God, and at the sam time,
except from th common strain of humsnity that runs thro all,
no two ar alik. It has always been, and will probably continue
to be true, that ther ar a variety of ways of making Christian
decisions, and yet ther are people who will hold op before a Christ
seeking, yearning soul th idea that a particular type of Chris
tian experience in conversion la ths only method. In spit of
this preaching which we have heard from infancy, we have seen
many varieties of Christian decisions that were permanent and
Another mistake that evangelism is making In many parts
of our country is in trying to stifle Investigation and education.
Were Christ In th world today, He would Invite all the Invest!
gstion, the philosophy, and the science thst could be brought to
bear upon the true religion of God, for under the microscope of
investigation and scientific analysis true religion and Christi
anity are magnified and made more glorioua. Many of the theo
logians with their present day methods of 'attacking problems
are on trial, and their success In meeting the issues of th day
will depend upon the broad-) indednesa and liberality of their at
titude toward the spirit of investigation which Is the unconquer.
able spirit of the age. We sometimes tremble at the results that
are liable to follow the alienation of the growing race from the
Church of Christ And to what Is that alienation duet It la
due to the unwillingness of many of the leaders of the church to
recognize virtue in the practical studies snd the marvelous de.
velopment of science and kindred branches. The type of evan
gelism that paints to an unregenerated world picturea of a seeth
ing hell flowing in Uquid fire ia losing its grip. The fear of
death no longer stops men in their onward course because men
are not afraid to die. The glory f God's universe, the match,
less love of Jesus Christ and God the Fsther, the desire to serve
humanity in righteousness are the only effective appeals that
touch the present day American. Narrowness, bigotry are no
longer tolerated. Orthodoxy can scarcely cope, and the Gospel
of the eternal vengeance of God makes no lasting impression.
To the average layman Christianity means truth tnd lov.
Sometimes truth will bring us Into serious and sore conflict It
brings opposition, but in the end it will win. The gorpcl cf
love has always been attractive; has olwnyt wade .U appeal;
we see love in every turn of life; it can be not! ing other than
"the greatest thing in life" because crrried back to its final
definition It is God. It is the prayer and the desire of the com
mon work-a-day Christian that there may come Into our midst a
reconstructed theology that will place the religion of the Lord
Jesus Christ in its proper setting and relationship to mankind.
The "Living Wage" Bill
The minimum wage bill, introduced by Senator Simmons, of
Covington, has now been placed on the calendar of the Senate
and may come up for a vote at any time. This is one of the
most important billa that will come before the Senate, and Its
passage will put the State of Kentucky in line with other pro
gressive states which have legislated to ensure that no working
woman shall receive less than a living wage. The success of
the system in Kentucky ia doubly assured, as the bill now before
the Senate contains in substance "all of the best that has worked
successfully in other states.
There has been some objection offered to this measure, on the
grounds that if it were put into effect in large industrial centers,
the increased cost of labor to the employers would be so string
ent as to throw large numbers of inefficient working girls out
of employment and thus add to the burdens of society. This is
not really an objection; it is simply an apology and a very poor
apology at that. Indeed, such a provision, in addition to saving
women from the ruinous results of the sin often resorted to by
underpaid working girls, it would tend to lift from the care of
society all those unfortunate women who are the victims of ill
health early In lif e as a result of trying to live on a meager
It haa been found that most girls who appear inefficient on
less than a living wage, become efficient workers when their toil
ensures them life and comfort. Furthermore, in industrial com
munities where the minimum wage has been in effect it has
led to a more efficient organization of industry. An employer,
somehow, when forced to pay a decent wage, will see to it that
there are the minimum amount of leaks in his industry. If there
are any Industries in the State of Kentucky that cannot survive
and pay their working women a living wage, we are constrained to
believe that the State can survive without such industries.
Let your senator know at once that you are counting upon
him to support this measure.
Once you have me no man can take me away. Thrift
The advantages of a. checking ac
count, even to the small wage earner,
are many. Paying by check is the
most convenient and satisfactory
way, as it assures you an absolute
It's pluck, not luck, that forges you
ahead. A little pluck is all that is
needed to enable you to save a little
each month
Get in touch with a good reliable
We invite you to pay tu a vuit
Berea Bank C& Trust Co.
Now there were two soldiers, one
of whom was large and the otVr
dropped the bayonet that, was red
with the blood of his country's enemies.
After a few hours he was found
.mail. The big soldier was drafted ; anj carried to an hospital by a mem-
when the war was almost over, and
sent to a traili ng camp, where le
drilled and fattened for three motitl
and gained fort pouniik. When th
war was over he went home without
ever having left his native state.
Therefore, because that he had
saved his country, he considered
ber of that organization that follows
all the wars to bind up woujids and
ease the pangs of death among the
soldiers. He was sent home ia a
beautiful ship, but he left his
strength and half a lung in France.
When his ship arrived he limped
ashore, and when he saw the broad
every man, woman and child and all fields and mighty hills of America, he
the Americana yet unborn as his debt
ors. And he asked his government
for compensation, a pension, voca
tional training, reconstruction, money
for cigarettes, money for pipe tobac
co, for an attendant, for an assistant
attendant, for a groom of the bed
chamber and for an hundred changes
of raiment. All these things were
added unto" h'm, and he bought Life
Insurance, a dressing gown and slip
pers and took, a wife, so thst Solo
mon in all his glory waa not so well
arrayed. And he abode In such lux
ury as he had never dreamed of in
the days' before his military career,
snd he wsxed exceedingly.
Now the little soldier, forseeing the 1
mittee of nine experts took the mat
ter under advisement they handed in
their report and recommended that
the little soldier's case be reopened,
but the records containing his name
had been lost
When the little soldier heard it he
coughed up a mouthful of red tape
and expired.
He was clothed in a shroud of red
tape and buried at government ex
pense. He was carried to the grave
yard in a hearse lined with red tape.
The harness and trappings of the
horses were of-red tape. The driver
wss tied to his seat with red tape.
The casket waa lined and covered
with red tape.. It was lowered into
the grave with cords of red tape.
When the grave had been filled, a
bunch of beautiful roses was laid up
on the mound, and they also were tied
with red tape. .
This parable attempteth to shew a
condition, but toucheth not those who
so richly deserve such compensation
as they are receiving.
" Alson Baker
Berea g- Chapel, Monday,
February IS
said, "Yea, now am I content I have
done the best that I could for. my
country, and now my country will
care for me." And after that he had
come to hia home and rested himself
for a few days, he said, "I perceive
that I am growing weaker. I will
epply to my government and I shall ,
have physicians and food and lodging I
and raiment and they will heal me of .
my grievous wounds."
And he applied to his government
and they sent him a paper to fill out;
Knd HA man I irVi f 11 n Anrmtm n A what
" " j
was printed thereon. And it was.
not filled out properly. Then after'
a season the government asked forj
seventeen affidavits. These he sent.
great catastrophe that was to engulf but they did not contain the proper
the peoples of the world, had volun- information: and after a season a
teered, and he went with the first new carload of red tape was opened
division of his countrymen that ever and the authorities desired to know
trod the sacred soil of France. the color of his erandmother's hair.
He carried hia rifle in many battles I Now this lady had died before the
On Wednesday afternoon, Febru
ary 1, members of the Woman's Club
assembled in group meetings.
These group meetings have a fas
cination peculiar to themselves and
attendance ia always good.
The Literary and Home Economics
group met with Mrs. Hirschy.
After a short business session a
Dante program was rendered, under
the direction of Mrs. Hirschy, which
waa both instructive and entertain
ing, especial y waa the reading from
Dante's "New Life" by Mrs. Ridge
way, enjoyed. s
The Music and Educational group
met with Mrs. Clark.
During the business session the
members heartily endorsed the Edu
cational program now before the
State Legislature.
Then followed a very Interesting
program on the noted musical com
poser, McDowell.
Mrs. Smith gave an interpretation
from his compositions and a solo.
A piano selection by Mrs. Edwards
delighted everyone present Other
members gave a biography 6f his
life and interesting items concerning
his compositions.
The meeting of the Health, Social
Hygiene and Civic group was post
poned until 'Tuesday, February 7.
On Monday night February 20, in
Vocational Chapel, some stereopticon
views from Dante's Divine Comedy
will be shown by Dr. Weidler. AlJ
members of the club are invited.
Mrs. Frank Abney, Reporter
Amongst American women Play
Readers, Margaret Stahl is probably
the most widely known, the most
highly honored, and her position as
a great Artist, the most securely es
tablished. In her more than twelve
years platform experience she has
lived one of the busiest and most ex
acting lives, but she has made every
thing in her experience and study
contribute to the one end, her plat
form art
One of the chief features in Miss
Stahl's presentation of a play is that
she is distinctively a creative artist
She is not an imitator; she is not a
mimic. Imitation is not a virtue;
originality is. And Miss Stahl is
preminently a Reader with insight.
originality and power. Thru the
most winsome personality she intro
duces her own emotional and intellec
tual conception; she seeks natural
ness and humanity ip her character
izations, rather than any affected or
imitated accent or elocutionary trick.
' If the stamp of public approval
represents real appreciation' then
Margaret Stahl has had that in
abundance. Probably no Reader to
day has a finer record of recalls than
St. Valentine's Mission.
When winter e at bis oldsst
And coldest
And boldest.
Then cometh eood 8t Valentin,
To show that lov la burning
And inching and yearning.
And breath upon ths wintry earth
his tenderness divine.
When life Is at Its bleakest
And meekest
And weakest.
Than Cometh ?ood 8t. Valentls.
To show that luVa la rosy
And wistful eyed snd cosy.
Aad breath on every torpid heart
bis tendarnass divine.
and did his duty humbly without
question or hesitation. He went over
the top, he carried hand grenades, he
did his bit on outjost and sentry.
little soldier was born, snd many
weeks elapsed before an ancient man
could be found who was able to fur
nish the Information. And when ths
And when the day of tie great battle 'man had been' found, behold, he had
came, the morning star looked sadly i known the wrong grandmother. And
down upon the fields of Francs and the soldier grew weaker in the mean-
the Yanks were ready
The little soldier advanced into
Hell with the remnant of his com
pany. And even as be helped to
smite the enemy, even as the enemy
was flying 'in confusion, a wave of
German gas swept down the linea and
a mighty shell burst above the head
time. But when this information
was at last gotten snd sent to those
who desired it and after they had
given it solemn consideration, they
spent many more weeks considering
what would have been the probable
color of the lady's hair If she had
been living at present Not arriving
of the little man, and he fell and j at a satisfactory conclusion, a com-
For Better Coal, Good
Service, Clean Timothy
Hay, Clover Hay, Sugar
Horse Feed, Dairy Feed
and Salt.
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