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tmtm U at (to at lra, . M
afcw imwm, stufer AM W rii.
sfcMMW aw 7wmi at r
Devoted to tie Interests of tlie loTinteLln People
Our Threefold Aim: To flvo
th Newt of Bora and Vicinity;
To Record the Happening of
Berea College; To bo of Interest
to all the Mountain People.
vou xnn.
Five Cento Per Copy
One Dollar and Fifty CenU Per Year
No. 36
Paris Hears Lloyd George Will
Make Suggestions at the
Genoa Conference.
Question Can Easily Be Brought Up
by Flrat Binding European States
Nat to Attack Their
Parla, Feb .7. I.nnd disarmament
In mid by the letup to l- u aurpri.
t.l Premier l.h'.vil tonrgc if tircut
llrltaln liit.ti-i in spring at Hi Ueuou
conference, proposing the reduction
ImtmuhuIIv r getting mint her of tin'
Vrltlsh delegation tu muki-lic snggen
Aa dtdar'iiHiiM'tit Ik nut mi t It pro !
It mm, ti ,in-!'n will eninc up l"-
riircctJv. a.vi.r.bng In I In- luiiicr. but 1
It ran enally tie raised by tlrxl binding
Furopran at Him ii"l to attark their
neighbor. ni1 then MiiKK.-t mtr reilm--tlim
of armie- .- ii nieiin of lessen
ing bodg.! burdens.
The Teniive i-iinrlinlfa Ihnl Hit- only
way tn rntm-e limil armament effec
tively would In- tn adopt the French
lienoe nrf.-n'tii-r Idea nf giving In the
l-earne of Nations an International
force tn police Ilia world.
Criticising the naval part signed at
the Washington conference, the
TVmpew dmcrihew It an binding only
In time of pence. InHKiiiui'h aa Article
22 enable the lgnHtnrl.e tn suspend
Ita obligation during hostllltlin.
May Shift Cenfaranca.
TVinlngne, Krb. 25. Premier Poln
car and Prim Minister Lloyd erge
of Ureal f tfitta niw to meet this
afternoon for their Hrt Interview m
the anbjwt nf Die coming International
wnnmnlr and financial cn f erence.
M. Polacnre'ii rcnl In assure privacy
for the meeting revived the waning
Interna throughout Frnnce, aa aurh
event have succeeded one another an
rapidly In tlie Inst two year aa to be
come rather nn old atnry.
Henna l rwlfg leaa and l
tneattnei aa the site for the Interna
tloaal rif.rnrr and I he Impression
a a-ahaJnn hhwA that the pewealera
may decide It Inadvisable to hold the
meeting In Italy
8ente Is EnpeeUd Te Take Up Plane
Immediately Aaertd That Public
Opinion Support Action I rreconcil
ablae In Lodng Fight.
WHr-hiiiitfixi. 'I In- IhkI iniKiiry that
all the Irealloi inif .tiiilcd at the WVh
liilftnii Cinrerrnre will he ratlllml wllh
few diaiM-nllnu vntae unil without
Itreul cliipKi' nf lime la the failure uf
the Irremiirlliihli' ippiHiii1a to iTrilxt
public aiipiHirl. 'I he aii iiml IisbI iiru
inint la Unit the Irrmimrllnlilea are
divhli'il ii 1 1 m -i i c ihfiiiiti'lvort.
Within ii flmrl time all the trentlea
will he liefnre the Scnatn for ratlllm
tiiiti. h ihe rhii.ci trentlm. the only
one xllll liefnre the naiimltteo. are to
be Mken up The iipiDMltlnn to their
mi hoitinii wt I he lnl hy Senntor
W illiiim K. I'-iriih. Iilahn, Knpiitillcati,
hut he will lune, fi-wer fnllowerx than I
in his tlrht iimiiiiBt rtio fiMirl'ower
When the trentiea rouie bnfnre Ihe
Seiiiiti-, whhh, It uppeara, will be ttiie
wnek, the lliml tent nf the piihllc'a at
tltule timiiril thein will ho ilinHoMil.
Kvery Senntnr realize thai the abort
lltflit ukhIiimI the foiirl'imer treaty
elicited virtually no public aupport :
that, Inateail, abune uml rlilli ule were
heap)! Unn the Irreconcilable ; that
Oie ctiuntry wiihi the tnutiee to be
ratified quickly.
Ttila Is not a matter of opinion. It
la a f-t upiMrted In newmper eili
UiriaU everwhere and by tons of mull
uourcd Into the nlllces of the Senator.
Tlie lrreiindluiile, of course, are lint
belia; comlwnned exclusively for they
have a lurtre fullirwlng rtirouKhout the
rouniry. Hut their MUpMrt la meatfiT
and except for few Instancee is dill!
detit and unenthuulaKtir.
So far aa thiaw with their ears to
Uie ground now can duteruiine the Ir
miincilulile (Urht acuiiwt thoM trea
Ilea hu failed tu exrUe a ripiile of
enthuH.uaiii. luateud. the public, ili
w rtbed aa "Tired of tlie Senate," is be
tiniaiiliiK the liiaerthm o rcxervutloiia,
ctiaracU'rlziitf the Senatora who pro
pone tliein as "old inaldM wKb shears,"
and la di-niHiidinic aUnU.
m m
World News
J. R. Ilohertaon, Prnfeaaor W
History and Political Science
Rerea College
I e m , J W r v -aV .IT -m aT 4V "V , a. V -t . . ; ; . " ft. W'
n-J " YfW rii'rar.k..;i,; SJ &&itZfflM??i riKht. but Americans,
lfet I S , fcrV-HA.Al faX&jUSt&U&X- i the Four P.Wer Treaty
In The lliiillc
:i - I'li-Hlilelit
i.-.r,. I'nlted Slliten lueiniier ferniaiicnl
where the court oiiened. .- r.iirnieae n-iu cie. ........
Ilanlliitt fllfiilnu the co-npinnive marketing ullL
a.1 1
I oiirt of Intel imlliHinl .ln-i re. oU Mcps 01 uiii
enterlu niucnt ul rnnte i
Admiral Calls United States Organisa
tion Worthless for Fighting
a War.
MlmicBM.l. Minn.. Feb. 27. "The
Naey department haa the anme nrgnnl
tatlon now aa It had during the war;
with such an organisation you can
neither prepare for war. nor fiuht a
war when It comen." declared Head Ad
miral W. 8. Slum In an address here
before the Twin Cities Hntid club. An
nriranlnztlnn ucb as that In the Navy
department. Admiral 81m said would
not be "tolerated" were the public en
lightened a t" what he termed the
true conditions. Newspapers, he sug
gested, should hire military experts
to write on naval and other problems
of national defense.
Police of Nation to Search For Man
Wanted In Taylor Murder Case
Fleida "Confession" on Taylor Murder
Mysteriously Regarded as Prlncl- i
pally "Bunk." j
line Angeles. I'al.. Feb. 27. t'ontln-
ued laaproeeniiiit of Malel Nortnand.
film aetreem. who I sufferlnK from In- j
flnenza and nervous breHkilown,
predkrted bv her physician, lie an hi I
aflaa Nortnaiid was serliMmly 111 with
'fnflaefisa. which was nggravateil by a
nerroua brenkdown aa a rult of the
murder nf William lcsnnHiil Taylor,
one ot Her clnet frlemls. Kxcltcment
resulting from the "cnnfi-iihin" of Hur
ry N. Field In Ielrot. a to cert iln Hi
leged delatlH of the miinlcr of Tavlnr
waa aubaldliit: with otitMikiii i'Mri-.
alona by olTtrlal of their illi ! f ii
Fleida' an 'emeiit h. Thc .iilli-.l It
"blink" and declared tbev lirnl hoc.
nnnhle tii aii'itHnth;le an of the nil.
gatlmia Klelil miiilc to the Ivtrnll nil
thorlthw The Investliriitinii ii-hIm-''
Itaelf bcall largely Into retoMi-i
tlim by the imllii- of rntiiiliiv tn Lr..mi'l
the "tlr"" ln,i mystery Hint wire
said to lie reaching the vurlnii ntll
rlala aa frequently as during the days
Immediately after the dtHcmery of
Tayler'a body.
lia Angelen -O.iici'iitniliiin of o
lb effort a to llml Mward K. Sunil,
inl-:iig former butler-w. -retary to
Willinni In-ii.ii I TH)lnr, waa uti-
liniiniiil by dote. -lives uUwmpUng to
solve Ihe mystery of tlie uiunlcr of
the lllm ilire.-!nr here the night of
t-'.Oirunry 1. It a phinued to begin
luuiie..iitel) to aMU'iiihle data for hand
till to be sent throughout the country
In Miipiieineiil infoiiiiiition regarding
tlw iiniiig man ulrcinlv iiitrihire.
tiriiinb iHt.
II. nmin t'line. m. i t ile: ive, point
d out that while no n-wtird a offer
ed for the liM-aiioii of Sands, ug.i.n
whom a felony charge Is on Ille here,
rowunl ainiuntlng to $l,jist have been
offered for liifnniintioii bailing to the
arruMt und cmix i1iirt of Taylor's murderer.
Mrs. Jessie Seaman of Cleveland, 0.,
Admits Being Wife of Many
Cleveland. O.. Feb. 27. Mrs. Jessie
KMimnn. thirty-eight yerw.ld, whoJ
adnill being the wife of eight men
whom the married wit limit obtaining
a itlvnrif wa m-ntenivd from one to
seven year In the Marysvllle refnrma
torv by V mmi Pleas Judge Walt her.
Airship Roma. Bought in Italy, Is
Destroyed With Loss of
Thirty-Four Lives.
The treaties signed by the mem
bers of the Washington Conference
are now all before the United Statea
Senate. In a recent adilresa in Eng
land Ambassndor Harvey referred
with much certainty to their speedy
ratification, claiming to have infor
mation, the exactness of which could
not be questioned. Probably he la
generally, will
the Senate,
the case of
between the
United States, England, France, and
Japan. It is known that there are
some senators who are expected to
fight some of the treaties and criti
cise others. Most of the Republi
cans are likely to vote for ratifica
tion, because the treaties are part
of their administration. Most of the
Democrats are likely to vote for the
treaties because they secure, in part,
what they desired to secure under the
leadership of President Wilson.
Pacific Pact. With Compromise Reser
vation, Approved by Senate Body
by Vote of 13 to 3.
Washington. Feb. 27. The' Four
power Pacific treaty, with the eompro-ml-e
reservation, wn ordered favor
ably reported by the senate foreign re
lation committee hy a vote of III to 3.
George M. Patterson, whose death
is announced in the following clipping
taken from the Lancaster paper, is a
former resident of Berea and a man
who had many friends in this vicin
ity. He was a student in Berea Col
lege in the early 80's. His first wife
was the sister of William E. Barton,
graduate of Berea College, and now
one ot its trustees. Mr. rauerson
was station agent in Berea before
going to Lancaster. His friends in
Berea extend their sympthy to his
bereaved ones:
While many knew of the critical
illnesj of George M. Patterson, who
was stricken one week ago with a
cerebral hemorrhage, none were pre
pared for his death, which came last
night at eleven o'clock, at which time
his soul passed to the God who gave
it For thirty years or more he has
lived among us and was one of Lan
caster's foremost citizens, having
during his entire stay hero been the
UiN. agent at this place.
Mr. Patterson was a man of gen
erous impulse and never forgot the
hospitality that is always evident in
. r. k'nntiickinn. His death has purently
, ... . .1 construction of
urougni a Diiier cup ui sorrow o u
lips of friends and relatives.
borne adversity bravely and enjoyed t,u f(t, tlie i,,ina wn due to the
prosperity quietly. He had filled i, ranking of the controls that regulat
ion the variuus relations of life, as ml the altitude of the airship. Iespite
son, husband, father and friend and
filled them well.
Besides a devoted wife he leaves
one daughter, Mrs. Russell Crumlin,
to mourn his loss, besides a multi-
tttttaAMM' uvAE4:,m,
UVe aAERCUMTT 1ft CrftAvB&U'
tuuiera- o Po&uevfw
r.-v y
- )
Hilnigo.-Alodlcnl und pyclnloglcal
exerls who fiw III) daya have been
watching the desperate effort of liar
vey W. Tiun-h, slayer, sentenced to tie l remarkable
banged F'rtilny. to chiMit tlie gullows
ty sUm lug himself to death, declared
nioiatal eulclde. According to Pr. .Nor
man Opclahd, who haa been dins tlns
the forc ible finding of (liun-h during
the lust two week, the jmyuloul crlla
In the youth's condition bus imased und
he will live physically. ber physi
cians, however, assert that Church In
dead mentally.
Washington.-Itoclarluc "Mexico U
eittltlcd to recognition us un ant of
juatb-a," Samuel (lompera. President
of tlie Ainerlcun Federation of I
bor la an txUtoriul which wlU aiear
lu the March nuinlwjr of Uie American
FeuVrutlonbrt, says : "The only person
who run ioiuvlvably derive uny ad
vantage from the continued withhold
ing of nssgnltlin are certain Ameri
can baiuVera who huie lo drive a bet
tor bargain with Mexico by creating
In Mexhv the Impression that they
have aome Influence In determining
the matter of recognition."
Santa llarbura. Cul Mr. and Mr
Paul K. liray, their two children, a
boy 0 yaara old ami a girl 3, and a
nurse, Miss Ullian Svenccr. were kill
ed by Inhaling carbon monuxliVe gaa
frwtn a gas water heater, which filled
the (iray hi ine here. The fuiully hud
btn ill of lnllucnru, but all wore ro
eoverlng. The nure, found uncon
scious In Hie house, died later. In the
kIMien the gaa under a coll water
heater was burning, and from this the
tuuic esned.
Making a Name for Himself.
Iluw Menal Willium Is Wales"
iioct miner, who bid fair to bring
Welsh literature to the attention of
the Anglo Saxon world. Porn In Car
narvonshire. Williams hn lieen a con I
miner ut (ilainorgan lnce he was six
teen. Ills work ha therefore been
entirely Inspired among the sordid sur
rounding of a milling towu. Intel
U dually, he I a self-tmnle man. The
thing about William
vere la tint It Is written In r.nglimi
mi acquired Inngnage for htm and one
that he ha unextriiordlnary enmtnand
of. Ill bik. "Through the Upciut
Shaft," I cuusliig a furor In F.ngland.
Senate Reaervationlats Busy With the
Four-Power Treaty Movement to
Postpone Soldiers' Bonus Leg
islation Irish Factions in
Three Months' Truce.
TllIUTY-FOl U more lives nnveDeen
sacrificed to America's Infatuation
for foreign-built airships. If we must
have these cruft, is It not about time
we relied on our own designers and
constructors for I hem 7 Unless the lu
fomintlon available at this writing Is
uUaleuillUX. the disaster that befell the
Ilotna near Hamilton YlrBiri lnl week
will be found to lie. In its causes, com
parable to that of the 7.K 2 In Eng
land lust August. In both cases, ap-
there were vital defects In
which the builders
U t i were riiniuunii.
ile nau . i,,.-otlfurli.n lm revealed.
ro in. ,.,
The atti tude of the United States
toward the Conference at Genoa is
causing a delay which may result in
turning the whole matter over to the
League of Nations or to individual
action on the part of the nations. The
latter course would be misfortune
too great to estimate. France, es
pecially, is showing a disposition to
separate action. She haa made a
treaty with Turkey which upset
somo of the plans partially agreed
upon and may lead to a new arrange
ment for Constantinople. There aro
indications, also, that France la en
gaged in negotiating an arrangement
with the Russian Soviet which will
be for her own hjterest and possibly
retain the cordial relations which
have existed so lonfe between the two
countries. French influence in the
Eastern Mediterranean aa well as in
Russia would give rise to an interest
ing situation. A general conference,
however, would be better, especially
as it is possible that it might con
tinue some of the ideals started t
4 WaahiaKten,
the heroic efforts of her navigators mm
the frantic casting overboard of all
bullust by the crew, the huge balloon
plunged downward from a height of
alwiut KI feet. As she crashed against
the ground she broke aome high ten-
Hulu of friends. The aincere svm- sin electric wires and at the same
pathy of the community goes out to moment the big gasoline tanks burst,
the sorrowing relatives in the loss of 1 the reeultlng explosion and lire
.u i ; i most of the victims met a mercifully
this good citizen. I ,f ,e U()Ina ,luu
Funeral services will be conducted t(u, ,ay armv lr r.
at his lnte home on Richmond street, v,(.e jni.alii the men caught under the
tomorrow, (Friday) afternoon at 3 vessel's gas bag and steel frame would
o'clock. Rev. W. E. Rix will con- have burned to death, for the gasoline
niuct a short service, after which the from the broken tanks would have Ig
nited from the engines, iius mci uu;
There is a report that Lloyd
George has under consideration
proposition for a "ten-year truce" In
military activity. Such an agree
ment would be a most fitting sequel
to the naval holiday initiated at
Washington. The plan would be that
all European nations should recog
nize the existing boundaries for that
length of time. As most of the dis
putes among nations are caused by
boundary questions, the motive for
war would be removed. It was
thought the proposition was being
prepared in anticipation of the Ge
noa Conference, and it is certainly to
be hoped that some chance may be
given for its presentation to the
European nationa for their considera
tion. England has shown her genu
ine desire for peace and could con
sistently champion such a measure.
Wuahinv'ton- Without an amend
ment of consequence the appropria
tion bill, currying approximately IJ.'i.
:ui.ii for the liopartment of tVm-
in.mi mill ljilmr. was nasseil by the
House. It wua the seventh of the 12
annual euiiply measures to be scut to
tlie Senate this session.
Knights of Pythias lodge will con
clude the services, burial being in the
Lancaster cemetery. I
Marion. ). A l.w movement, dub
bed "Silusil KugeiiliV wad aturtod lu
llariliiig High School when cards were
distributee) and boy studonta linked to
sign "for clean speech, cteun living,
high lileuls, loyalty to uthlotic (ruining
rules and clmin ulhU tlca and opposing
tobacco, (iirls from the three upiH-r
classes w ill sign a plodge ugulnst "ex
treme and unbecoming styles of dress
and the use of tobacco." The curds
were distributed ut the request of Roy
al Martin, athletic director of Otterboin
t'ulversily, at Westervilla.
Ollicers Expect to Catch Shiners
Deputy sheriffs Robinson and Davis
called Chief of Police L. C. Powell
and R. J. Abney, policeman, Monday
afternoon, to assist in getting some
shiners located in the vicinitv of
Pilut Knob. The officers made a rush
for the Mil' and found that a run
had just ben completed and t-o
men were getting away. The officers
chased one man some distance, firing
several shots, but the shiner es
caped. The officers say they know
this man well, and he will be arrest
ed. The offlctra destroyed 8 barrels
ef mash, 1 large kettle, a lot of
fruit Jars, malt corn, about 3 gallons
cf whisky, and a lot of other things,
bt-t did not get the worm, as they
hf.d hidden it before leaving the still.
Wanted His Money's Worth.
"Your honor, my client pleada guilty.
J. C. Jones, of Scaffold Cane, died
! suddenly at hi residence, Monday 20
It won't be necessury lu try this caae." jM reIlult vf nart disease. Mr. Jones
'Hold on." aiiid the client. "I paid
yon to defend me, didn't IT"
"You certainly did."
"Well, you are not going ta get off
as easily as that. You go ahead aud
Diaka a siieecu."
la a brother of Jrank Jonea ot lie
rea, and was one of the best citizens
of Rockcastle county. He leaves two
sons and three duughters to mourn
hia loaa. The family have the ain
cere sympathy of everyone.
avert possible blame for the using of
ordinary field gas in the Roma Instead
of the ounlnlliimmable helium gas, de
veloped by the air service. All the
helium In the country was In the Uo
mu's bug when she was given a trial
trlii late in liecember, but as thla waa
wanted for a contemplated long tour
over the country next summer, it was
uruwu out und the ordlnury gas sub-
Although : ral Mitchell, head of
the Ciilted Stute air aervlce. now In
Itcrlin, any the Homa was perfect,
there is reason to believe that he la
mistaken. Last summer Kenneth L.
Iiiierts witnessed a demonstration
flight of the bulloon tn Italy shortly
alter he had been sold to America,
and he wrote for the Suturduy Eve
ning Post a Hory of that flight In
which he brought out theae points:
Unit the gua bags were old und
leaky; that the Itullatia wanted a culm
day for the trip; that they refused to
sail the ship over Mount Vesuvius, uii
parently feurlng the heut of the cra
ter; that they preferred sailing over
i tiu. ocean, the ulr being more quiet
there; Hint Hie ship reured, bucked.
Jumped, und wua buffeted about like
.. .. - ........ ,1... tl... mIiIii
It reiuner in cjcioub, ..
hud u tendency to nose downward at
u high rate of siieed.
It may be this new disaster will re
sult In Hie cancellation of the order
fur it Zeppelin for America to be built
in Ccrinuiiv. tieneral Mitchell say
this cruft la not under wuy. "la-cause
I of the numerous difficulties betweeu
America, the entente and tiermuny.
It... not....ii..d ,wninp oil whether
The long controversy between Li
thuania and Poland seems to bo at
an end by an act of union between
the two countries. Lithuania sepa
rates herself from Russia and unitea
with Poland. The final scene Is said
to have been affecting and dramatic
as the Polish flag was raised in the
council hall, and a venerable Bishop
of the church closed the ceremony
with a benediction. The union fol
lows in many respects the one made
centuries ago when the two countries
were united in 1413 and Poland be
came a strong and influential atate.
Neither Poland nor Lithuania, how
ever, are now as large as they were
at that time. This disposes of a per
plexing boundary question which the
League of Nations was called on to
settle. If this . is a result of the
settlement, it shows good work.
The Alliea have been showing con
siderable concern of late over the
question of the German schools. A
clause in the Treaty of Versaillea
pertained to the instruction to be
given, with the purpose of safeguard
ing the new republican institutions.
It is generally believed that Germany
ran well take care of that, aa her
people on the whole show little dis
position to go back to a monarchy.
Even the Crown Prince has announc
ed hia adherence to the new order
These dlnlcuuics center
Auierlsa shull get the latest type or anj ig evidently seeking a nomina
an old atyle. If America want the f tif n f prjjent So great haa bo
latest. the entente jawOt '' L.oma the distrust of tho Hohensollem
many to buu.iui. s. , Vm. - - . , ,t
sullies trealy forbids."
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