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March 2. 1922
By Chirk Sughrac
The Shoe Man Is Used to Kicks
EOESi PAPtR S Aw90L 13 "TfT J
Fair Two
r I i - I
t i . i. .;,. ,'.., r li.,- i
ti.'iis iilt LMn. r.m-tti'ii mi
I TT ;l i tl 1 1 l.'lll x. ill : ! . t, ,,f wi,, I l'f
flunked tin ir lin-is mi 1 1 1 r ik'i as on
illll plenMIIlt ill
si!. I,.
war .'( "in
nii'l ii.,i.n
Japanese in Pjrt.cular Were the Re
cipienti and G.ven of Lavnh Func
tiont Economic tffe.ts of Resu ti
Arrived At being reit.
Vn.s,ii,-i,,M. Tin- laM t ilu. ii tfr
niitinniii miih ni- is , mi ir,s ii iiiiini'
wind, lie ,ii,il,lv l.s iiiii;iu i:1i
liini a liunlcii of ii,i.'il tliiiu-liis, , in
It Is iiTtiiiii lliiil In- li.is in Hit- I 1 1 1 1 1 1 -
only one ilimiulit nmn niiiij l'iinl;il j
city liiiiiiiiluy and Aiiinit uii li"il-1
tality K''n'iiill. i
AlllSt Of t. , .f ,t.,.-;tl'S l ll,e
colifi'rmie i. hi ill m, iii IK nun li I
time ii m tin- iimm,,i..s ,if their rt-li-niH'8
In ulili h i,i iiii.-.!-,. in pin fly mi
clal fiinrtii'iis. hut liny "went out"
llltirli us tlicy ,uil, ami iilso Ilif.v
enterliiiriiil In ihi-ir imn lii-luilf :
much u tlit-y cutilil. Tin- Juniors of
the ilcli'KiitioiiM ciiln-r -iv -iin-rtaiii-ng
or hi-liii; t'litcrliiincl almost iluily.
hilt of course tl,,. hours of rnliTln in
niftit wnv so tlxeil us not to IniiTfere
with the routine work of the ilnys.
Nohmly knows, of course, just v. lint
the Inner feclint' of the .liiuiiiese are
ronrernliiB the oulcoine of the confer
ence. They have exprehseil itliu-t en
tire RiitiMfni-lioii with what has heen
done, hut (llploiiiucy ever Is reticent
nd to a certain extent decretive.
Surface Itiilicaiioiis are not always j
wire Kiuiieg for Jiiilk'ineiit concernlnu
the Inner thought. This Is true of
the diplomats of all countries, hut It
la wild to be particularly true of the
Somet iiui's one uoini-r if Hie AnnT
Hun people as a people ore tactful
lie has tils ii,, nl, ts iicriisl, .Dully nlie'i
certain things imciii lieceuily li
- In in.-1 o ihnv as an ni'tern"--!. '"
aiT.ilr lit ! irh w.is present one of the Irnilili
cinei loreu'll nelei iies to the i-onrtr
eliee. one of the hiiionii In.i i ri -1 ,r i 1 1
of the whole ml.iir. An Vnn-rican
v.oniiin. meitim; him for the lirst tun,
ami inieml ni; of curse t-i l- Jo, ose
salil that she isl,, flint il'eoin:it
were not liars, p, rhaps she sal, I pre
variealois, hut It n ,,,. ,,,) ,,
siiiue Miini: Then she pro, eeiel -o
ti ll the lsoiimle, ,e legale Ihal s t
hail llsteneil to what he liail to say it,
the conference clialuher ami f,,nii,
herself coiisiaiuly wishing; Unit diplo.
limey was not ihe art of coneealitiii
one's thotiLhts. ,,r a vocation In lii, h
one Is supposeil to lie for his ntry
Tor," nii she, " felt that if you
were only tellina Ihe exact truth in
Steail of u-iinc Us l lot of smiliii,;
evasive platilinles. it woiiM have In en
so nun Ii more inierestlm.-." Then th s
tactful American la ly of more or less
hii;h social estate lieauieil upon lite
forel.'ii ileh iiate ami prolmlily vvomlereil
in her heart that he lookeil ills
turheil ami perhaps resentful.
i'i ' I ni'-" i tor p,.
ple.vuiciii I" many
to 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 tamilics.
Tl is ecu,, mic fi aiure of Hip s
nlioii s,., His o have ,een cntiri ly
to the a iM utes of even partial
annai, enl. Tin- olticinl-. nf -.e
tllcllt ,t
day it Is
it in miml. how cv
saiil that they ate
i I'll son.
in cans lo
I, lis
I tl
Surely Had a Good Time.
One thing Is certain ahout the Jap
anese. They had a good time socially
while they were here, or if they did
not, they know how to counterfeit Joy
better than any of the other peoplei
of the earth.
These Japanese folk did more enter
tHlnlnir than the representatives of
any other nation, alihoui;h all of the
foreign representatives here did much
in the social field. The Japanese were
particularly careful to stress the fact
that they were L'ralefil for Anio-lcnn
Probably Made Bad Impression.
An American who happened to hear a I
part of the conversation did his I, est to
divert the talk Into some other han
nel, but the American woman was per- I
timicious ami stin k to her line of con-
versalimi with a determination hch
literally was deadly. The wonder is
what impression of American tactful- I
ties this delegate has carried hack to
nis Home snores, i lie conference was
marked by evident frankness, no mat
ter what its ultimate results may lie.
Already some of Hie economic effects
of the conference are being fell. A
great many men have iilieudy been
laid off from work In the tuivj yards
of the country. This means that the
preliminaries of the scrapping of the
hhips are under way. ami It also
means, of course. Hint a lot of men are
deprived of their llvellh I.
Already efforts are lieitig mude to
offset the economic troubles of these
working men. It Is jmissiI.i,. that the
government may be able to Mini other
kinds of labor for them which will en
able them to keep their families, unit
perhaps to earn as much money as
they have been making. It is u prol,.
lem, however, and it will be u greater
one before the sol u lion Is found, fur
shipbuilding activities, gun niiikiiiL
and other things lii connection w ith
French Dekg.ites See Yorktown
lict' ie t!ic iiicmneis of the l-temh
lei, ..i'i, ! to Hie ii lei mil mini coiif. r
cine leii Washington several of the
ihici oil;, ,iU. j,, ouipaliicil by inanv
of in, ir sl.l.,,1 ,,i,ai, s tlN-li n li i
do.vii ill,, ii.iiiia to vis. I Vorl.tovvn
where Ilu li'.il. ,i;,i til" I rein h III' hi
Kis hanili, ail. Willi Hail i onipat m-t
l.niav. tie s :ii,, la 'pc'l W ashii'i;on ,i
ileleal the I ii ' T i - Ii and hruii a virtual
close to ihe Kevolutioi ar war.
The French reienllv hint soruethm.
n a cntr.iv, rsy witli '! lieiniaii
if the treat vvar nil If spoken of in
so liht a vein. Tin I rein Ii once had
a i IrmiTv with the lit-rinans ovir
the celebration at Ynrktovvn. Ill t'.e
year lss the Aiiicrnaii goveninienl
made provision for the celebration .u
the olio-hundredth ntniivrar of tin
siirremler of I'ornwallis to W'asliilu
ton. and invite, I representatives ef
the y ion. I, i, .,ti, ii to he present. They
no epteil w i I Ii alacrity.
Jut nl this time 11,-ratlo Seymour
of New York in:.ested that lierinim
representatives l.c invited to the cele
bration because Von Steuben, a Prus
sian, had helped the Americans In the
lo voiiitioiiaty war. I'ln-lo Sain'tisked
t!ie litriuans to he represented, and
they were. An unpleasant controversy
arose between tie Herman visitors
Krem h visitors, and it took
tact to scttl,. f, but sltnv
hit: war has hapsned and
the recollistion of the little
.Vo'-Oli h.
V'll'lis I' ,1
fa i t w 1 I I
the ci i er
la the ral I,
t'ob.le! V.
m itii-r in , ha
I'.i iti-h l- m i
ll'.,! if 1.111-s ,
Willi the iv-i
wallis lllil'ht
falling wa'Js
I tor
vv I in
his headipinrters. a
to the know teil.e o'
iv as with Washington
,f t! e tesei:eis
on ieuf fo the cm
r ai d told him that the
I was in his hotie, and
mild be brought to Is- ir
lem-e as n mark I'o'n
be crushed under the
if I here was a kii.d
t'lii Ilia t l.sinali In the American
T'cy fell you today In Ymk
tl at I oloeel N Isoii tolil I Is
that ,e would sacrifice fifty
In in y
few 1 1
I hlef
honest, io
I 'orn vi a ' li
The Amen,
at the w alls ,
h f Hi-Mi ti n
wa'lls was t!i
ii he i, wiled them to put
n th s,r:il list.
ii tin .runners tired nv iv
i f the Nelson home and
er four times. Corn
re but It did not t-,1...
j ! Im b i g I" learn the drift of the
j s, in tin.-, and te too" refuge In ii cave
! ni der a pat-.ipel of hrlc'.w ,rk hi1
I sand, and there be lav safelv Know I
j edge of the ihange of headquarters
I came to W.ishin.-ton an I the mouths
i of tie nhl sit',, tfi bore cannon were
j turned C'lll frotl. the Nelson rel-
leti. e which foilav bears the marks
of the firing
a Jot ,,f
then ihe
affair of has been wiped out.
Should Be Preserved. '
Yorktown has been spoken of as a
tottering village. It is more than a fill
decrepit with age. but its years have
hi-cii honorable and In this lie the
hope and belief that the American
people vviJI eert themselves to save
the historic places i-i the village from
the decay thai more than threatens.
Here mid there in Yorktown are
substantial old dwellings of the colo
nial periotl. They w ill outlast the build
ings of a later day, for they were
founded on the rock of honest con
struction. tine old place has lowering chim
neys that, with the rest of the house,
have a time-weary look, but dissolu
tion is not in s gbt because the liuil'l
ers Imiliied well. This is the Thomas
Monument Mjrks Historic Spot
i The monument whnh the I luted
Slates govcniiMiit elected at York-
1 town to mark Ihe site of the P.ritlsh
defeat that gave liberty to the cl
i onu s r.ses to Ihe height of im feet.
: and its -uiiuiiil is surmounted by an
, heroic llgll.e of Hie lioibles, ,,f l it,.
I eily looking eastward to the sea The
base of tilt- 111, a, nil, cut heals he in
' s,iitioii: "line I'oiiiitry, line t'ou
dilution, i ine I lectin.' ."
um n.ile Iroin "ikimiii is a un-e
fill, fertile siret.h . f held ami Wood
land, known as th,. 'lemple fit I in lit,
it. iii a fair slate , f pre, rx mi. n i
the old M-Mire house, ill which tin
'articles of ihe siuiender at Yoiktnun
were drawn up and signed. 'Ihe Tun
pie farm has seen much of war. The
Briny of I'ornvvallls occupied it; ye..r
later, during the second vvar with I
(Jreat I'.ntain, the redcoats swept oet :
It, Hlid in the days of civil strife the I
federal and confederate forces str ig j
gled together for its poseMim. It .
red ground. 1
There Is too much that is mi m
and Interesting in Yorktown and its
Vicinity to be seen satisfy iligly in th- ,
Hay which the ordinary visitor v h., t
loves the old Jans has to spare from i
his vacation time. If a man ha pilv
has enough of leisure, he can pas. j
u ween in colonial nay revciiiiLs
The country has a holding i barm In
its natural features. Add to this the
fact that It Is fat with history and
you have reason enough for tarrying!
yet awhile, if the time call or the
voice j
Berea College Hospital
Brt Kip.ipmrnl and Service st I owes! I'o.t. Winds f,.r Men suit for Wonrn
Sun I'.irlor, Private K,.in., Il.iih. Klectrii- Service.
Surgery, Care in Child-birth, Eye, Note and Ear
l' i tie ii vi. visit ri esulilisli ii.-nf, wfiii-h i. t trieiid In nee.t,
sad in nuii of sll Ihe people.
PnsirsT V Ciiu, M.C Phvtirntt
II0U1 I H II H t , M . , . , I'bT-li l.il,
PmKi It HoKve, M M , ITni,nn
Mis. Ki iiirin I.. I ii, K N . Superiiiir!eiit
Miss Net i. I.iki.iv, H S ., I lend Sur-r
K.itc for bo.inl nnd room of priviiir pulir'H. will br fit t,,
f.-s ier week to lo 1 1 m per tl.i v. 'I lit- rates for s.ti
ei t c.ired for in the ward fi to per iI.it.
Ilv I Irdi r of PrinirntMl t'oinmitler, Itrrej College
So Much In.
Liitid'eril ,,ii didn't pay the rent
for l.it month.
Tei-a'lt No? Well. si, ...-e l.nl ll
boll ine t i v , !, r ;i.'n run u
I. .''dh.nl Vg,,. ,.,,-nl ' I a .-,.
im I t
'!" :.t ' v ii I n I .,!..! , , n
' I I lie,-' ii in i ' i ' .a I,, t i, '
a I
re TesV
' I'' t I , VI . I..- f
' '" '' a-' . d - l"l .- nnil-
in. t t..i m n,..,,.-! "
"We'l . r. , d. I' ...i.o,t'.iv.
'you i ti , ; , -:e nia voi,r n.onei ne
fore 1 1 1 a i ' i ...-'
"I., wh. I,,--"
"W h. t., me. of cur."
r r rrnT a v th if
ini IIM V'I I II A I
ai-d rim n ig
Ksj rRr.E from
I Iv-jFitli-trilv..,'! w I ij.4
I h.il ,)rr I rt.J t. .Mil, v i f t
.TTt llil.e t . -, ir,
N ' .1
I v...! f I
I i IVW I t" i III
..la.-, .
r K m . . ..f
I I ' r a
- t ,r i
i m rr .
I Jii
Ii. v, r. ' f 'ifl ;
. t(i rtittn mi i-(4li si r Hr n
I r f - f.t i vrn -if
f. ; h tva .( Motvlf
n . .r ,(. i!.rn,i -t ju I . . . i
I f 'm' 'i.-v 1- 1 t tt. .;,.
U rt.. . ! K n
I ' r tsflsl ! I.v,' iv 4i tf .) 41 I
f.. ..' i- . f I 4m v it.41
loawlMtMi VimO'l ,.r d
i . r" it", ) iMvrt',.!,
i itc cir ... i rt'-r ( i ii, r, , , i,
site fit ,ltc fa (t,,J rlsr
I os fi. it VHI vrr I II ii i '--lin...,tjl,
a 1 1 s 1 il ' v"te wj'it til
i t trunk (sit t 4ttia
A -ni i Ni, let ttir'fi wtr t.i irta
an.. I tl, !.!!( te'.t iticm K"
1 I in. it f. it.
Mrs. A And it th dog a pet of
your huibjnd't too 7
Mrs. B. Yes; it la hit pet aversion.
Not Ta'kativs.
Thr UmcuMffe of flutrvrs;
A t lf:ipr m ii h omv
Hut tin k' 'i mlerue
Tli r blithe "tmiin.M
PR. LT. KKonilKS.
Will Tel the Tale
labor call It not too sfr,,n :
WJrned Off.
"I see thev have o4-ned a womiin'
hotel In iisli ngton. No iiihii allowed
above the lir! floor."
"How m!', hi' mice?"
Purdue Student Is Drowntd.
I.nfajelte. Ind., Feb. 'Jt.-Rarl W.
SherwiM.,. twenty five years o,, s
hinl'T In the school of civil engineer
Ine at Purdue university, was found
dead In eight feet of water in the Me
morial gwinu-liin swimming pool
First Term Opens June 16, 1922
Suitable Courses to Meet All Needs
t vt ?( .Av5 V -y-'-d! v- "
S pecial Attention Given to Teacher Training and Community Service
COLI.KGK-Hotany, Chemistry. Education, Knu
Jish, French, Mathematics, Psychology, An
riculture, I'ublic Sx.'akinR.
NORMAL SCHOOL Iulucit ion. I'sycholoKy.
Mathematics, Science, English, Drawing,
I'lay and (lames, Recreation, Weaving,
CtxikinK and Nutrition. History, Rural Soci
ology. ACADEMY History, Algebra, Oeonutry. Phys
ics, English. Latin.
Science, Asriculture, Stenography, Type
writiiiH, Weaving.
FOUNDATION SCHOOL For making up de
ficiencies necessary (or entrance in a sec
ondary school.
LOCATION: iVrea College is located in the
beautiful little town of I'erea, Ky., on the
dividing ride Ixtwten the Mountains and
the Blue Grass. The situation is admirably
adapted for summer study.
The spacious grounds, cool shades, pleasant
walks, and scenic drives are ideal for recre
ation and pleasure. A trip to Anliti Falls.
Brush Creek Caves, Ifcxnieslxiro Fort and
"Uncle Tom's Cabin" will never be forgot
ten. The law library, comfortable class
rooms, and intcrcbtintf instructors promote
KtxxJ scholarship.
All courses are standard, leading to steendary
diplomas or College debtees.
The Normal courses aie on a level with State
Normal Sc hool requirements ar.d It ad to
State Certificates.
Incidental Fee ,
ICoom Kent
Table Hoard (Womeo)
Five Week Ten Weeka
$ 7JS0 $ 120
8.00 10.00
1S.00 30X0
$ 27.50 $ 62.50
16.2S 32 JO
$ 28.75 SS.0O
Tabla IWard for Mea
ToUl fur Mea $ 28.78
Write for accommodations or other'information to
CLOYD N. MC ALLISTER Secretary Berea Colluse " "
Director Summer School. Herea, KentucTy
l. V Z.t t -' 11" .mmf' :.' A'fl (id .
- ,.'v .... 'itHI
.'n '.I' ' '.:i

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