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rr Sit
Manh 2. 1922
fondm-teif hi Mr
Robert F. Spence. Farm IVmontratir snd Special
m ilnxvn.
- Ill's follow wan (rrttin'
leave, ho nskcil rue if I hnil
;tii t:i.i r nt school nrtil I Mil
i. 1 was the champeon
Thrr.. coz hi':
7 nn.l ,i in It, or 7
Well. I soon t.M
"i in 1 1 was correct
tietan. Then ho un
' W, 'I, v Inn I went to
' ii'nl .') ma ll- 12.'' Shiuks.
t wasn't tin i'r.immnr hut
in ti- ii 'iiiir. nn.l why iliiln't
l.li; UKI MFKTINr. 1 i". ! h
I I... H. n n 15. 1. Rnl Poultry As- ' i t a
f.ii iati ii mot Siiturilay in Heroa fur roa.ly t
itn fnn'il liusincss meeting fur tho mi! . I l-
yi ir. Tin' nurtintt was calleil to or- hmr "Y
.! r hy Mrs. Green, the president
Tin- f r. iiiHin si'ssinn van nhort, eon-
I v " f i"'i' ntmouneetvionts eo"
i. rninir T.R tost fur ilairy cuttle hy
i t y Airent anil institutions hy
I ri'si.li't t coinmittuc to report in
;':o a::, it.-i.ii.
Minne. uns servoil hy tnenilior of
(ho s.. .visit ion in one nf tho Domes
tio Si ii "or moms nf Hi rca t'olloKo
Tli" afternoon session wan iriven to
v.'iv.rl.- from Inspection Ciimniitt,'i,
Troa rp r an I Secretary. Tlv Amo
i ,at i n is ilnii'f much t. promote
more anil hrttor poultry. A liumhor
r.f row nio'iilnrs jninoil thp Associa-
tion. They all sny it's worth-whilo stmlicil and just omililn't romcmlcr
if for ni'thine rise than merely cot- anything nhout mustanl ami thp ark
tine toRi ther for a bifc pien;c dinner nnd had to toll the feller no.
twice a year. Of course this is not Then afU'r he cranked up his olf
all. There are hundreds of people Ford car and pot in. he soz. "'Twas
raisine pure-lired poultry who were n't Moses that went into the ark, it
inspired t do so by attending a was Noah." The women folks was
poultry meeting. We need more nnd a'l a listening and they laffed and
hotter poultry on our farms. We also !n(Ted. hut I didn't fee nithin' t lalT
reed hotter housing and feeding, at, cause he said Moses h;s self. i
methods. Well I hope that there Bob Spend
Set every old hen that wants to and Prof. Pix fellor shows up at this
set at once. The early hatch pays here community meeting. Them fel-;
in dollars and cents. Try it this
irrini liar hilar
-Win. Ii : rii lit '
.ml are II '"'
Ii in ! hat 7 and '
a. . . pvt.: to my
mm. I
s. h.
II. w
I:., -ay 7
Thru se,: ho: ''1 ro. l.on mi are a
l' 'ii 1 il ' s. holar," a'ld I soz, "Yo,
I mm Cores'. to Revelation." "All
rieht. then," so he, "tell me why d d
Moves take mustard into the ark?"
Well, I studied and studied and
Our quality and quantity of fruit
iK jv tul-i on the care of our trvsH tno
vines. Since Snn Joes Scale U rag
ing at a rapid rate in this section, I
would ailvise all farmers who have
a few- or ninny fruit trees or grape
vinos to spray during March with a
li'i.e-- nil hur .'lilt ion.
I.i I i d form, 1 ga'lon to S gallons
f Wat or.
I'im.I. r form, 1 pound to 4 gallons
of water.
See to it that the trees or vines
are thornly saturated with the spray.
If San .Tnie Sr.Vo is already pres
ort, it would he wise to spray twice
tin spr in; otiie in ,Mar.h nnd once
hef iv April .V Tins ..pray solut'nn
of lime-sulphur not only t ontrols San
.lose Si.-'le hut ma' y other insects
' I'ocl nnd insist Ilia! rnl mention mnsf
ln lieiluoil nlioiil tilth I'oilNil.ral.le
rooniuion AlthoUL'h I'roshhitt llar
ilinc inlliereil to his po-l loii that tin
reooi'Mitloii wn iiooosarjr. tlie foretu'ii
re'ai..i i ..mini!!, e n Informeil that
I e ,.!' not i l 1 1 1 I to the olio nlTcreil
l.l .si. l I or r.l al'ile.. e II It us i. emeil
t t I ' 'I- I., (a. Mil. ile rn ill. atioii. This
Ion, rv ;il ..;i 1 1 ;.K ;
''I ! I n,!.',l SI iles mi. lersi amis
llml i: a.i,t,ic l.. l.l. II. .-all. .11 eitlier
'i.j-il or iih.i.iI. to t : I 1 1 1 . 1 1 'lie li. '.l"
a I .
ll . i I
mi 1 .
ir .!
I lie
a. I
i..l. r
I 1 1 l.
l.l I
i n - . i ' ii r pio., vi..t
h ef any of the
pan . an. I thai
. imi.ios i f the
I l.e I :ny li
. r iuhI. i 'I.omIii us
itt.a I u I. ii I I. h
!- I.i lie lioMI il III
I liere i- no e I'll, a
Ii. I ll .i k-te Ii
Conducteil hy the Home Kcimotrm n-pnrtmn.t of Ht-rea College
i.hle nnd economical healing muter-
iat. Manure must he fresh as that
l!i ntnn F. I'ielder, Superintendent whii h is left in a pile nnd become
Hi rea I ollcge Cantons
I se
and ill
. Vii.
nt spray when it
:i.-c-. Po n
I'g xveat'l. r.
Spray Schedule for
For San .lose Senle:
1 gallon commercial lime-sulphur.
S gallons water, or
1 pound of powder form lime sul
phur 1 pa'.lnns of water
Apply before buds open or growth
For Codling Moth:
1 gallon commercial lime-sulphur
NO gallons of water and 1 1-2 lbs.
of arsenate of lead.
If powder form lime-sulphur is
used make it 1 pound to 15 gal
lons of water.
Apply just as bloom falls.
hi. I h.
' i.. ii
1 1 or .1 !
t.-;e. .
re, I Ml. .'I I I
I'.iii ihe ii
I 1'ie I'... i. . .
r '.- n
'Ii H. is.
hi- a
jo, iiinl
hi. I ,i .
. !0.-
i.t . r . o
. Hi. ii. I i
I he u-e i
I keil hy
in.'-:.. I ion
- I 1 I 0,0,1 , ..l,.t 1,1
i ., I ,i ai l s," h;,e Ki'll.':'
'I w all I,, III. i ke 1 1 H i on
I. I Del. S. I .i'.f l.o.le
ii rii ; Willi I l.e I'll u..it
- 1 1 -. r 1 1 1 1 1 ii-i ri ai i. .ii sile
ioii.'ie-.l,,nal null,, .illy I'lri
f urino'l force. This whs iml
the more radical liu iiihoi s.
il a!
"'iiNSM'llltA I'li'N of n sales tm for
I V tiiiaii.'liitf Ihe sohllers' liniius wns
irHon ooiiiiiloratlon t.y a suliooniiiilt
tee of the Iioum' wiiis nail means com
initlis'. , ut no conclusions hate heon
roacheil. Secretary of the Treasury
Mellon was called on for further ml
the nnd sat, I ho slill hellevos helms
legislation should he poslpolio.l, hut
that If a hill N to he pus -is I he wnulil
prefer some form nf tus as ui;.iln-t the
The Whites Station community
meeting Friday night was a success.
A splendid program was rendered
with much interest. Judge Goodloe
served as chairman. Mr. Houk's dis-
lers got some sense, and I hope they ",r "n" ,laun ol "n m:
can make these here women folks soej Same W1 Bs wve-applied two
such foolishness as waterworks and Foj; ni",,r Rot' S'M,t' F"Pus, Black
electric lights,
Shucks, these is hard
Rot, Etc.:
Same as for codling moth.
Applied about August 1.
In case Arsenate of lead paste is
used, 3 pounds should be used instead
of 1 1-2 pounds.
If you don't know what your trees
need or what insects or disease is!
young people entertained each other,
now and then catching hog and poul
try suggestions from other sections
of the room.
The entire crowd remained for 35
minutes after the program was orer.
No one wanted to leave. If you had
working on them, use the first and
The Kingston community meeting
wn vatv fin inAadui Tha ai-hArJ.
cussion on nog, Drougnt lortn mucn .e WM fu of peop)e pro.
talk at the close of the meeting. Mr. gram wa cellent j. u GnHl,( the
Coy and other men discussed hogs ..;j mj -m.- ..- i
,., ., .. . ;iiri.iuciis F''. iiiSin. . l
while the women discussed poultry, teading and iMtrumenta, mugic was last spray mentioned. All orchards
etc. ine ciuo memoers ana ower. u neeu mese two applications.
Chas. Jett spoke by outlining his Every farmer should own a spray
subject on the blackboard-How to PumP' " in his
Get the Most Out of An Acre of ,rdentnd PoUto patch. The spray
Land." His talk and outline cannot pumP not.to be uJ,ed for orch,rd
be valued in dollars and cent, to the a"d ,ffpe, v,nM ,nd 8et but
farmers. It was practical and to therh"uId b,keJptJm runnmjfdejr
noint. It me-nt "Dnll.r. in nirt" , and w' ,oaded w,th enat of lead
been there, you would have stayed gure enouen op Taris Green for potato bugs
too and likely joined some of the Mf Kenne"y from State ofwhen first discovered, and this is just
- - "- I Agriculture, talked about Soy beans . , . r
... ...t,,.l.l. l.JuJ T . ' Tho dill, ia imiupi i ur. tlnn tnr tk
issiiaiiee of hull, Is. lie said Unit H
sales tax would mean l'.i aihllttonal
omploiees, hut that It could he admin
istered. I'otltiotis In npiMMltlon to a sales tax
were circulated In the house Inst week
and were slnetl hy at least seventy
iiiotnher. It whs ssTted that fully
one hundred could he counted no to
A hot hod may he an important fac
tor in a well mannered garden. If
desired, sui h imps as lettuce nnd rad
ishes may he grown for tho t.ih'e he
f,,io tho t urinal growim oas,.n.
This will entail a small amount . f
lahur an 1 careful managonu nt. hut
il. h crop-, are hii-hly dos riihte in the
i i'ly "prim. Wo mav make u.' nf
Ihe li, t hod in tho fall and pr he:
tlie period for the i n.ps moiitiene.l
a'ioe. The principal use of th" In t
h" I, 1 wever, i; to er.nv plants that
m'I ho ear'v. strong in d igor us to
I '" tran-t'lantod t the field as soon a--.
the weather II permit, t Ii 1 1 - giving
' li- the main imp several days and
'ru n weeks carl. or than wo i eiit'l
I haw had it. hut for the h"t hod.
! I in nt ion of Hot II. d
Tho hi t hod should he built in a
M.nathn which will he conveeient to
the hoii-e and garden, nnd which will
alTo'd protoitmn from the cold north
nnd west winds. A south or smith-oa-tor
exposure is host An nhunu
nnt water supply is important A
gnnd surface nnd underground drain
age is ossent al.
Const ruction
A hut bod is a box-like structure
covered with sash ,1xfi feet
and artificially heated. For
"lire. I" will nut proihn e the reipiirc.1
hint. This fresh manure piled for
a few ilavs will begin steaming, in
il l at in that fermontat em is taking
lino. Then we should fork it over,
breaking it up into small p eeps.
When the entire ma-s nf manure is
te.uvini' hot .i 'ain. t should lo put
'it. i the pit about IS in deep nnd well
pa, I i d. i - m i iaily iiround the edges
nnd corner''.
As s i. .ii tin' manure is in place,
i t ,n t'.. in. hi of -traw to help
ih t'lhoto the heat On t--p of th
straw place t to i'. im hes of good
garden s.,., well pulve-i zed nn I
graded The rot -tip is to put the
-.e h o'l the I- I t . ,.r..fe. t th bed
fr-on t i n or -lew a d help retain
th" hi at In no e.-i'... h -u'd seeds ho
s. wn or plait set imtil the manure
has had a i ham e to h"at fn-rly nn I
i ... I t . nt least Ho d.vroes F. Th.'
v'oleiit heatmg iIim-s not take place
for throe or four davs in some cases. '
When the temperature settles down
to Kt iIoitoos F, with a rake st;r the
soil to kill n"y weed seeds thnt mnv
have germinated, then sow the seed.
Hotbeds reipnre careful attention
in the spring when the weather is
changeable and the nights frosty.
The sash must be raised, slid down
in si7e, nr removed entirely each morning,
k farm- depending on weather rond tions.
vote iiKiilust such a tax. Meanwhile
a movement Is calntiig headway to
er's garden or a town garden of large They must be replaced each evening,
size, a three or four sash bed would The plants must be watered when
bo suitable.. Iig a hole IS to 24 in. necessary and the weeds kept out
deep and as large as you desire the The soil between the rows should be
bed Then take 2x4 in. timber and sfcirt-il frequently Thinning out,
saw three posts 2 1-2 feet long and transplanting and re-wed ing must be
three 3 feet long. Drive one of the msorted to at times. The watering
short posts at either corner and one must Ik- done carefully and at the
in the renter on the south side, leav- proper time. As a general rule, it is
postu.ne bonus legislation altogether mg 12 inches above ground. Drive hest to water in the morning only anil
until the newly appointed foreign debt I the three long pouts on the north side on bright days so the sash may be
enmtnlsslon has ascertained the j tne ,, way, leaving IR in. above kept open to dry off the planU.
chances for the payment of Interest by i nmntl With any o)(J lumber Constant vigilance and careful at-
foretgn nations nnd derided concern- , . , ... . , , . . , ... , , ...
, . . . . . , , j around the place box this up to the tentmn to details are esential quail
lug the funding of torelgn debts Into I ... 1 , . . . . , .... . ,
long term securities. A numl-r of 'P of the P0"- Th,,re ,,n,u,', b t,, nvlnK " do Wllh th
well known men have asked the Na-' cross piece mortised in every handling of hotbeds. One failure to
tlonnl Itcpuhllcun club to opiawe the . three feet so the sash will have sup- protect the plants on a frosty night
grunting of a federal bonus "to any port and at the same time break the will mean that the work will all have
I solilier wno cannot snow a wound or lTlilU wh,.r(. the ,, m,.pt
. uho hi not ril.HJiMtMl In Ih rvUP.
to h done over atrain or the bed
ings are very valuable indeed. Itsjand expained how to them 8UC.
where we get together and discuss ( cessful1v. He urfred that B farmer,1
big and little things. It's where we, th. H(, Mi1 that it mnU
exchange ideas and get inspiration.! worth whi,e to grow Soy beang if
The bug is generally waiting for the
potato. The melon vines and cucum
ber vines need spraying also.
Robert T. Spence,
County Agricultural Agent,
Berea, Kentuccky
T1IK foreign debt commission men-
Preparation I abandoned. Rut the advantages to
Horse manure from grain-fed ani- be gained by thoir proper use are so
mals containing one part litter Ut two many that they are well worth their
YvniH-s ovation wm nave anomer th(, on,v tUlA on .
meeting March 27. He a,90 expUined how plant corn
The following paper was read at by pIantinjr at the
same time, using
the community meeting. It will from one to bushdi for Meh 10
give you an idea: Read it. I rcres.
Ramblin" ThoughU of An Idle Fellow J County Agent Spence gave a lan
I read a piece of paper the other ' tern 8,ide te,k on Junior Club work
day at the postoffice telling about bv showing Club activities of Junior
.... .. ..!, T ' ."""
mis nere community meeting tonight. """"s1"". ju.ikiuk vnvm.-, fil t(, fr ,nv,.r noaty. I
I sez I was coin' to be there. Then raisi"P hoEs' Poultry, canning, etc. I , ,). , .l,v,.r.tii.ii ami
tl..tii..l ..Kiit'A l.umuil Ktf .pwl. ,
" " s. - .., . . I
dent llardlllK.U lna.le up of Secretary ; P"s rarnwm mane we most ur..r- . r.. ..v.
of Slate Hughes, Secretary ,f the
Treasury MelhMi, Seeretnry nf Cihii-
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PKKSIMKN'T HAIiniMi Informed
tlie seliiile Hint he enlllil not com
ply with Its riipiest for the record.
! minutes, coineriiti.ii.. eti., rolallng
ailse ini.Kt
ineree Himver, Seiiutor Heed Snioot of
I'tah ami Kepresentative Iturton nf
Ohio. The fait that all five are He-j
publicans hits arouseil the Ire of the i
Iieiiiocra's and the latter In the senate j
.loclarcil they would tint vote for the
ooiitlrmatloii of the appointments of ,
Sniix't ami Hurton. I
w ere
outsiile the coiiferonee ami
ill record. Ho in hied : '"I
some one up and told me that Bob A debate was decided for next
Potts was a coin' to talk nn Wheat March 27. Question Resolved, that.
and Harry Morgan on Chickens or there is more money spent for Tigs; do not believe it to he . ..u.pu.ihle with
Tobacco raising. Shucks! Who t.-an for Children. Affirmative, Mr. I""'1"' "r -'-' "
wants to go and listen to them fel-' Jett and Mrs. Green; negative, Mrs. 1 amenities of Intern al. mnl nogotliiMons
lers anyhow? We can hear them1 Hamilton and J. L. Green. j " "'""'!", '" r"w " U.t.wMiw and
... . i a :.j . t 1 cntidoiitial eoiixervttu.iis or ilN. us-
ny aay wnen me uoaiers uiuo " ('"" .iuiku u
meets about mail time, and even aft?r the hou.- and build fire. A col
then no one pays them no mind when 'tion was made for this work,
the champeen checker players has
pot games goin. j PRUNING AM) SPRAYING
Say, you folks listen. A feller. The time is at hand for all farm-
sinus of which im record was kept, or
to submit telitaiive su'.-osii.ns or In
formal proposals, without which the
arrival at deslrahle International un
derstandings would lie rendered un
likely if not liupossililiv"
Mr. Harding, however, emphatically,
assured the senate thai there were no
concealed uiidorsiamlingM nnd no se
cret exchanges i.f notes. Hut the "tr-
Kl'KF.SF.XTATlVF.S of IH rullwHy
unions and of the I'nited Mm.' i
Workers of America met in Chicago ,
iiinl entered Into a defensive allian.e. j
hut there will ho no svuipalhi'tlc rail
strike on April 1, when the coal miners
are expected lo quit work. The agree
ment, moreover, duo not heooiiie op
dative until It has heen ratified by all
ti e organizations. If any of the lalmr
unions embraced In the Hgreeinoiit "is
made the victim of unwarranted Ht
N F.W pay seal.- for the nrmy. navy,
marine is;iriw, coast guard, coasi
slid ccnlelle survey and puhlle health
service have h.-n arrimged by the
Joint I'l.ngressloiiBl aervhv pay com
iiilsslon mnl u lull providing for them
ordered favora'dy reported to house
Mini senate, l or the tls. ul year I'.C'I
the new rate of pay for those six sor
Ices will save tlie government hI.oiiI
Si;i lam iaii. nnd ultimately. It Is ostl-
HII Ulll.eiirat.le del. I. tiolh dolllestlr Sil l
external nil U-ariug Ihoir fnilt of lu
ttnt..ii mi. intnl. illtv."
Mr Hoover ud.led: -We ftml our
selves ii, 1 1 . h loin Pel ween an earnest
desire to l- of service Mild a rlglilful
desire ,i keep ourselves fri'e from
I, .alters to which we lire ii,, a purty
Sml win. Ii we. ami. .t reined) ; partlii
pllt..ll III whh h. ne ert In-less would
un, La mine our siiciii."li. our liilliu in e
mated, ttie saving will he $js.cii,i) nt'd nur iil.illty to r lor real service
annually. The pr.os,,! rate Is hole 1,1 'he future."
the present l.n-ls. wh. h was live.) In
lll.'ii. hut . lisiileralily Hhnve Unit os
tahllshed in
The bouse npprorlatloii coiiiinU-
Ki l l: I. as I.e. ii ngreod upon hy tlie
came to my house the other day, and ers wbo own fruit trees to prune and
tried o sell mean electric light spray. March is one of the best
plant and waterworks outfit, for tho ' months to do this work. Pruning
women folks benefit, but you bet I thould be done before spraying, in' r neilable". senntor are not sail
uiont give him no order. We still order to save spraying material,
got a cistern about 20 feet from the Prue out all dead, broken, crossed,
house, and coal oil lamps. Of course and injured wood. Thick bushy see
the women folks wanted me to spend tions should be thinned out so as to
money on all thia foolishness, as the let sunlight in and plenty of air for
agent was a slick talker, and they circu'ation during the thick f jliage
ain't hardly spoke to me since I pet fed.
lin k, or Its Integrity Is Jeopardized,"
ways and mean will lie considered,
m.y action to he approved hy each of
Ihe 17 organizations. An executive
committee, composer of ttie chief ex
ecutives of all Hi. unions, will uiukt
the necessary rooomiiieinliil Ions.
Southern Agriculturist
The Giant of the South
Its immense popularity is due not only to
the fact that every line in it is written for South
ern farm families by men and women who
know and appreciate Southern conditions, but
to the practically unlimited personal service
that is given to subscribers without charge.
Every year we answer thousands of ques
tions on hundreds of different subjects all
without charge. When you become a sub
scriber this invaluable personal service is
yours. That is one reason why we have
375,000 Circulation
One Hundred and Fifteen Acres Located on
the Pike Five Miles East of Berea
Two-room, nine months school adjoining farm. Post
office and two stores and church in 1-8 mile of farm
Well improved with four room dwelling, good
stock barn, good wire fence, and four acre tobacco
Garage, crib, chicken house, harness room, and
coal house.
Well watered, lasting running water for stock,
and good well water for domestic use.
Ten acres in clover, fifteen acres in blue grass
and orchard grass. 20 acres to plow for corn this
year, 25 acres fine tobacco land. 35 acres bottom land,
ten acres gently rolling, thirty acres hill land ready
for cultivation, and balance in timber. 1000 locust
posts and other timber sufficient to furnish fire wood,
and all improvements needed for farm. One and one
half acres young orchard, jn aches and apples.
Tkii (ana will U told at a barf tin. Would cickangt for Berea proptrty
For price and terms see or write
lee. In olio i.f Its oeononilcil s.iisum.
I roillleeil tlie estimate of Ihe I K mrt
j liiont of t'ommerce lo the extent of
i JM.oso.yii. nml ,. .,f n. iM-imrl-j
inenf of l.ahi.r hy I.'."J7.71.'.
j piiK.MIKUS l.l.) Y I CKiiKCK AMI
j I'lUM AlIK t .rlalely III
; I'm nee Suinluy for Ihe iunMU of nr
rniitrliiK the iikoiuIu for (he llrmw coii
I fereiioe on the ei.iioiiilc ami I) n 11 ti i I
rekreiiorutlon of :uro.. There lire re
' fmrtM that ihe conference may he .ost.
.icd for Kcwnil wee1.. if enurse
the Kiiroieiin nutl.ais re exceedingly
ileslroii th.ii ii,,. l i,it,., stale hluill
take liart In the Ijieedii, tnt thin
trrnw n inure 'uiilikoly us time isse.
Secretary lloowr, In a WushliiytiHi'n
hlrthilay aiilres ju (lilciik'o. iiue
what inlKht lx coiiHiilered nil iiiioIIIcIhI
0Xiresi,i.ii of the inliuliiltriilou'
vlewH on thlii liiHtier. H It oil I hecotn
ltu ton hm-o1c, he mailt It iilain that
the l lilteil SiiiIi.h con lil not I ex
iecteil to lelul iistlstiiuce to the liulloiii
of Kuroie iinill tlioy hail worl.oil out
nine of I heir n eseni iressliu( iroh
Ioiiis, IncluilliiK "iiiilialiiiicoil hinlfc'etn,
overt ii xeil Hoiiles. Inrue anulea mnl
For Rent
130-Acre Farm
With Improvement!
For money rent. About
15 acres for cultivation,
balance in grass. Farm
is well fenced and water
ed and located within 5
miles of Berea, near
Potts' Mill.
J. B Cornelison
Phoat 14 Ricamoad, Ky.
(...iters en one shle alul roillit Ii HUH oil
tl ther Anl llieis, ill,- cHiM-ntlon
of Hie Mini loin. 1.11 Weilnesilii y ail
Joiiriioil lor tl ri-e uioiillis. at the eml
of wlii. Ii mtIoiI Hie ct.le nf the la
IiiihI will Ih- i hIIo.I imi to vote on a
eoiislltiillnii, mnl also nn uivctilHiict nf
th. tr.Hty ulth laiklaml. No election
Is to he hehl until after thut refereii
ilum. Michael . 1 . 1 1 Hiiiiouncoil lie
unllhl resti.'ii the it ill I rn in )i ti 1 1 of the
.ro islimiil novornii out if In ili three
iiiouiIk the oiiltloii pilueil control
of tin- hall lareaiiii. His majority
Hum s oxceeilllu;! v slemler. I tne tholl
Miiel moinhors of tlie Sinn loin uiet
Lultli I'e Valora ami formally oricaii-
lei the ieiilileHn rty. mnl iluni
were luhl for cmiii.uIl-u In exery
ei.lllil.v ualnst I lie V tiv Stale and the
roiosoil colislllulloll.
'rlir. re,l;iiiillon of Juilue Keneaw
M. IjiikIIh from the feileml lieucb
nf Ihe hurt horn Illinois district Is
caQo for Hlnis-re renn-t, except por
huw mi ihe part of luinehull faua.
'Ihouuli often HpiM-laculiir III inethoiti
ami npiveli, Juilire l.amlls m always
fearless, Just ami luiecciilily luMiet.
mnl ho huil 1111 uncanny ahlllly to irel
ut the truth ami a commeiiitnhl
teiuloncy to Itiuore unliuiirtunt lech
iih 11 III lea. If these latter qualities
uere shureil hy the leaner Jinllelary of
the renli.il utiere JuiIkm lmll lias
been oxerclslni; IiIm aclKltlea tli ers
won hi he lesM euuae to C"milulu of th
prevalence of crime there ami of oils
carriup'a if Juatle.
WHAT niny ilcveloji In'o a new
(siIIUchI party was horn lu Chl
eiiii lust week when several humtreil
fanoerx. Socialists, union lulmr leHilers
anil others alurteil a liiovemeiit for ths
election to cmiureKH of men uml women
of the wnrkliitf class. At ireHul ths
purllcliianU In this niovciiii'iit srs
ploileil to tiiMiiiii-tlsiiii political ac
tion. Ituilical nf liiaiiy t)pe ami ds
KroeH. were present ut the conferenca,
but I. W. W.'s werw not silinltteit
How lo Pray.
Hut thou, when thou prayest, enter
Into the closet, uml when thou hast
uliiit Itiy iloor, pray to thy Ktither
wlilch Is in Heoret ; uml thy Father
which Hooth lu secret shall rewsrd
tlu-e openly. Kor your I'm her know,
eth what Ihlints ye have iiih-J of, b.
for s ask Hlm.-Mutthew 08.

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