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Mnh l, 1022
I'age Svm
East Kentucky Correspondence
News You Get Nowhere Else
N..c .rt.. .,l..i c. .,l,Uh..t union imifl In full l. iht rorr Th i.an.t.
U n. f !.. piil. I men, tiul u in fiit.-n. f rl f.th Wrll. pia-tily.
Sinking Vallry .
Sinl. itijt Valley. Mann .V- We are
lining som.. very druiirrc. :itil.
w.-.ith.r :it this writing'. (Wider-
aide si. knes ill this iiciglil.orh I. -
Sd. Ilamin.in.l from Clear Creek was
in this vii ituty Monday en business.--
We hid a kI meeting at Kinking
alley k ho.dhmi-4. Sunday. A very
l.iU'e crowd was there. Rev. Marcus
Naai s and Rev. Tyra ts.-mc avo '
,-ihmI talk. Rev. Andy llalleiigt-r will
I roach at Grassy Sprites Saturday
nd Sunday. Fveryho.ly is invit. d to
. .ine and take pin t in thi s etu.gs.
Tyra l.iiu.h.-iit, our shcrdf, was in
this verity this week doing some
hustling hu-iiiess il.-stri.yin. niooti-
Inn.- stills. M ss Martha Lll.-ti Lain-
l.nt was the ,-ui-t of M,s Hatt...
nd H.esie C.,y!e. Saturday and Sun-
...y- Godfrey Nnacs was a dinner
vn. st . f .l.,,.. r Isaacs Wednesday. -
Mr and Mrs. Fred Al.n.-r went to
nar re. s a lew Mays ago i.m I.um-
i . ss.- Miss Venue IL.I.I.s vis t. d
'!iSM-s Itertha and ( 'hi rin Naa. a this
wi-ek.- There will he i hun h at the
I.og il.:i ,h h..i Ihi.u -e the second Kun
.; . in Man h. Fvcryhody invited. -1
r. and Mrs. Charley R . .,f Al-
visited Mrs. Sallie Aimer, Sat
urday and Sunday.- All who are in
I. rested in reading The Citizen, send
... your mil. s riptu.n to licitha Isaacs
at Kerhy kiioh, who will attend
i..in tly t
oil tret the
your call and see that
lliH-h, Manh 5.- Farmers of this
i i tu n ore husy making and ..wintr
tol.a. to l.eds.- We wish to state that
nee our lust writinir jrirl hahu-s
have Ix-cn l.orti to Mr. and Mrs. Ray
mond Hart and Mr. and Mrs. Sher
man Stt-watt M. U. Abrams is very.
p.or y with a carbuncle on his nerk.
Mr. M (I. Abrams was in Ilerea
Satunlay to see her nick daughter,
Farn.-.-Jim (Temmons spent Satur
day and Sunday with parents at this
place Mrs. R. I. Hale attended the
fiiiu ral of her mother, Mrs. Sallie
Paker, at Ilerea, March f-th Charley
lenininns and sifter are visiting their
sister at lU rea this week.- Rev. Jim
Hanlins tilled his appointment on the
4th at this place. Sunday-, hool is
pnnrressinjr nicely.
Herd. Manh 3. Mr. and Mrs. Har
nson Chadwell of.Chadwell spent
last Saturday night with Mr. and
Mrs. Jasper Smith Mr and Mrs. H
I. F'armer spent last Sunday with Mr
arid Mrs. Stephen Farmer. Mrs.
Sarah Cook, Ittie Pavis and dautrh
Ur, Jewell, of Hamilton, ()., swnt
last meek at this place with their
sister Mrs. Cora Akemon, who is
very low with consumption. Mrs.
!ohn Pavis cf McKce spent Inst Sat
urday nipht ar.d Sunday with rU
t v.s t thin place Ray Akemon n1
(ir.-n Suttles of IhmJ sp.nt last
Saturday nijrht with Dob Akemon.
Marvin Flanery spent last Tuesday
ifternoot with his Rran.lfither at
F.lms - l. xt. r Welch made a busi
ness trip to lyondi.n last Saturday.
Jake Moore and Ijiwn-nce Cornett
took dinner with Stephen Farmer last
Friday Miss Laura Pavidson sK-nt
Trursday afterniM.n with Miss Icy
F'armer. Jess McC-ore of Irvine
was in Herd a few days last week.
"I'ncle" F rank Moore has houi;ht the
Lewis Hamilton place and will move
to it next week. We are triad to have
Mr. Moore for neighbor.
Drip Rock
Irip Rih k, Feb. 27. Most every
Lu'y in fib icinity has had the flu
and lairrippe. Mr Mary Allie Mar-
i.!i has the pneumonia fever. John
"!. Alcorn and family have moved to
Hi ch Lick. We hate to have Mr. Al-
"rn leave our neighborhood as he and
l.'s family were irood neighbors.
Rom to Mrs. Lewis Isaacs, a fine buy,
that makes Mr. Isaacs the father of
twenty children. Mrs. Flla Coyle,
Mrs, Matftfie McQueen, Mrs. Fliza
heth Ross and son, Charley, were din
ner guest of Mrs. FHta Ijikcs, Sun
day. Mrs. Callie Isaacs of Illinois,
who has been visiting her relatives
The cook is all smile,
The bread is light and gay,
A sack of Potts' Gold Dust Flour
Made them get that way.
For Sale By All Grocers
PhoM 156-3
hern, ha returned to her home.-Mr.
and Mrs. Stanley Isaacs are rejoicimr
over the arrival of a fine hoy. Miss
f'tt.ir Ah urn visited Miss Izel
Isaacs Saturduy ni"ht.- 11.11 linker
has I n thru th.se .arts r.illcctiiiK
tax th s week.- Mr. and Mrs. Daniel
Grant Sparks and Mr4. Ka Kaves
and son, H dlie visited Mr. aed Mrs.
MiUhel Riehardson, Thursday.
( lout llntlom
,,ver H,.U..ni, March I -We are
havmir very unsettled weather at this
writ-nr. with plenty ,f rain, turninr
to sleet.-Mrs Hallie Holan has
- . unwun.-i hut is nlowly improving.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Powell have a
line hal.y hoy at their homo, named
lcnr l, ,.-it. - We are looking for-
u .-. d f..r a new pike thru J a- kson
,, unty. i.n.l hope ,f will .
a- it is l,,!y needed.-Molvin Abill
N .u ldii.tr a ti. w ham at his pla, .-
and h:,s it n,ir!y e.mipli ted I' C
Smith i,.,l., I
a l.ii'ini ss trin to
la-t we. k. liav 'l)ean visited
Sunday and Monday Mrs.
K an aid family visited Mrs.
i. a R .'ers. Sunday. Preacher Cor
nea i',;,, ,,, eppi.intnierit at Kerhy
Knot., Saturday and Sunday. Alex
Perry n d wife hate separated Tie
l.anehart and hs deputes are lc-Mroyme-
nmoii' hme stills almost
ei t ry day in different parts uf the
Count V.
McKee, March fi -Mr. and 11...
Walter Creech ente'tained a riini'.t r;
..f their friends Satunlay eveninir.
l.e . ream was erve.l. and all h... an
enjoyable even inir.-Mr. and Mr,.
l.u s (.ahhard . ntertained a party of
y"unL' folks Saturday eveninir in t.oi-jand
. .... .. ..epn.-w, nan ..aoi.ari. ol -
Mound.-Four new converts.
all members of the McKee Sundiiy-;
school, were bapti zed and initiated'
into the Iutch Reformed Church.
Rev. Fred li.-Ji.nir initiated. A play
oi i.e triven ri lno riosinir of HiKh
Shool for this year. An admission
will be charged to help defray
expenses. It is expected that people
from other places in the county will
(menu me commencement exercises
at the close of Jackson county's first
year's Hiph School. WaU h The Cit
izen for further announcement as to
time, place, etc.
Walnut Meadow
Walnut Meadow, March 5. Born to
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Shockley, Febru
ary 20th. a a. 4i, Warren G. The little
child of I'wis Gentry (colored) died
one day last week.-Th. heavy fleet'rt P" a' ht",1 p,nM'
Manh 1st haa put all telephone lines! R"hnl Parks is some better
out of commission in this partMr. Bt thl" "'" J' iirns is out
and Mrs. Russell Brown and little lin Thoma Parks, who was out
daughter. Bernice. of Winchester.!"' th' winU"r m mnt
were visitjng n-Iatives the
week end
in this neighborhood Miss Sally A.
Roohcr of Riihinond was visiting at
the home of Mrs. Tom Ogg Friday
nipht and Satunlay.
Preyfus, March 6. Several of the
farmers in this community have home, for which we are glad, as we
burned their tobacco beds. Some i always need pood neiphbors. T. M.
have been sown. Mr. and Mrs. Roy McCormick of Slate Lick went to
H.-nsley were the Sunday guests of Richmond Monday on business. Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Benpe. Wallace Snyder was called hack to Lawrcnct
Chrisman's family is on the sick list.! burg to the funeral of his sister-ir-
Bird Iuin, w ho has been sick for j law last week, who has been sick so
some time, is no better. Little Jessie long. J. B. King of Cleveland, O..
Riddle has pneumonia. Emma Lain is visit np his sisters, Mrs. W. P.
of Lexington spent Saturday and
Sunday with honiefolks.
Silver Creek
Silver Creek, Manh 6. Mrs. C. T.
Todd, who has had flu, is some bet
ter. James Cahbard, Jr., and Miss
Powell of Knox county were quietly
married at the home of Richard Bur
i.ell, February il.'id. Muy peace and
happiness be with them. John Jones
is sick with the flu Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Robinson of Harts spent the
week-end with Mrs. Ella Anderson.
Charley Ingram has gone to Indiana.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Vauph of May-
dee were dinner guests of the hitter's
mother. Mrs. r.liza Anderson. runuuy.
Whites Statins, Ky.
I Ilohtnwn
' Hohtown, Manh 6. Rev. J. R.
Parker of Ilerea Collejre preached
here Saturday niirht ami Sunday
hitrht. A (food rrowil attended, con-
idoritii? the had weather. The heavy
sleet Wednesday did some ilamaife to
timher here. Miss Nellie (lay rpont
Saturday night and Sunday with Miss
1 Ijivada Creekmore. Mrs. Illnnch"
l.a .vsen F.v. rsole .f London was very
sick- a few ilny hist wnsk writh ton
sditi. nt h.-r jiarents home, Mrs.
.1. I.n .awsi n's, hut was aide to re
turn home Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs.
llirnni It.iker a-d little (lauirht.-r, Vc-N
nia Frances, Hpent the week-end with
.hhn f.awson's family Mrs. Joe
Croley - pent Sunday with Mrs. Allen
J Powell.- Mr. and Mrs Marshnll Wil-
limns are rejoielnir vi r a fine srirl
'who arrived Fehrunry 2Hth. It has
Veen christened Malde. Mr. and Mrs.
Mat Raker and two children were
week-end visitors .f Mrs. .lalia Creek -
i e. .Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Powell
spent Sunday with Rillie Powell's fam
ily at Kingston. --Frank Kei-ster and
Miss Farsie Laws ef I! ir Hill motor
el to Richmond the 2Sth and were
united in the holy bonds of matri
niory. Their many friends wish them
a lorir nnd happy life. Maud Lewis
spent the week-end with honiefolks.
have Carrett died the 2Sth. lie
sick only a fe days and his d.-i'h
..inn- iis a surpr-se t- his family and
neii'hl.ois. Hi was 71 y.-ars old. lie'
leaves a wife and two children, Mrs.
Win. Riicker, Melvin Carrett, and sev
eral (rrandchildren ami a host of
friends to mourn his loss Ilrothef
Paker uf l!en-a .-oiidiicted the funer-'
al at the home, in a very impressive
way. The remains were laid to rest
in the family graveyard -There will
! pn-achinir at Pilot Knoh church
Saturday eveninir 2:.'H and Sunday at
Io :lO, Rev. K. T. Con-ett, pastor.
flay Lick !
Clav Lick. Manh fi.-The family of
Charles Williams, who has been very''
s,,k with flu. is hett.-r.-Rud Hill of,
: Walla.-eton. Jason Williams ef R.-rea.1
Mr and Mrs J. T. Prather .f
Nin,,, Carrard county, were dinner
,,..,. ..f m. t n....i.i ;i
liarn. Sunday. (J rover B tkins wns'
vis tinfr relatives here Sunday. !
James Oirir. Jr., has sold his farm tn '.
James Tudor and hus moved to Wal-
laceton. W
sorry to
lose Mr.
Opp and familv.
as they
are pood
ne-iphbors. The familv of Cranville
Isaacs has been very sick with flu.
Geortre Grant of !?.. w. vlulinn-
at Geo. Huff's. Sunday. Pr. R. E.!
Rartl.-tt of Rerea was here last week j
to see Mrs. F. Grant, who was sick.!
Pavid Williams was visiting at B.
F Gay's in Ren-a, Sunday. Mrs.j
Mary Smith of Boonea Gap is V'sit-j
injr Mrs. 1.1a Huff. Mr. and Mrs.i
Stanley Fowler were shopping in '
J Berca, Saturday.
Slate Lick
Lick, March 5. Rev.
asinma. nas suiru-u mr me spring
term. Ju.lpe l.unceroni s family are
all better again. Mrs. Pennington of
Plate Lick is on the siclc list. Last
week brought the worst weather we
have had th r winter, which made the
roads worse than ever. Come on
folks and help us with the pike.
Mrs. Jas. Burnett has returned to her
.Parks and Mrs. Thena Rutherford.
He thinks the country is great'y
changed, as it has been four year
since he was here. But he seems to
think it all the better and expects to
n-nmin in old Kentucky thp romniii
dcr of his life. We are pleased to
see the oil well man startup up thn
drill apain. We wish him all th.
pood luck in the world. Oscar
Thucker and wife were the guests of
II. J. Parks the week-end. The death
angel entered the home of Pete Bos
nian (Colored) Thursday morning
I and took the wife and mother. Her
I death was a Khock to her friends and
neighbors as well as her family, as
e was nick only a few days. We
feel that their loss was heaven's
gain, as Sarah was a Christian wo
Noland, March 1. Mr. and Mrs.
P. I. Walton and son spent the week
end with their daughter, Mrs. W. L.
Ijiy. Mr. and Mrs. Ana. Winkler
were in Irvine Saturday peddling.
Frank Robinson of South Irvine will
move back to his farm at once.
Clayton Winkler and Mat Richardson
took their tobacco to Richmond last
week. They claim they are going to
build four miles of pike on Crooked
Crook thh ymr. Siddin Oglesby an-!
.family an' spcndit e n few day with
Cum Win. I-t at West Irvine, who in
very low u,th pneumonia fever.
N' land, Man h I. Thad llashop
and Miss 1,'usa Warf-.rd wer-' united
in niiirriap Fil.ruary 2:!d at the home
of the hriil. father, .Inhn Warford.
Cncle Iletry W inkler was callrrl to
the hedsid. of his s-n. Gum Winkler,
at West I vine, who is very ill with
pneumonia Mr and Mrs. Gohel
Wmk'er w.-e th.- jrue.-t' of Mr. and
Mrs. Huliert Arvin.-, Sunday. Roliert
Winkler Kp. nt Saturday nijrht with
.1. H. Pet.-rs.. Mr and Mrs. .fames
Witt spent Si ( inlay and Sunday with
the hitter's father, who is down with
st'-niai-h trouhle.- Mr. and Mrs. An
derson Winkler were the (ruests of
W. I.. Lay. Mi noay niornintr.
( LV ( Ol'NTY
Malcom, Man-h II. We have been
having lots of rain. It does not look
s much like rprinu'. R II McDaniel
made a business trip today to Sacker
to John Combs. J. L. Kinir passed
thru on his way from Humim,'
Sprinirs yesterday, where he had been
on business. - Mr. Lizzie Pennincton
and Rosa Krowninir visited Rebecca
Prewn.nir a few days atro. F'av
Thomns spent the niirht with F'liz.i
P.mwninir. Wednesday niirht. Rebec
ca Prowninir is miihc better at this
writ ii' Rill Mchaniel bouirht a nice
cow for the Finn of $'!(). It has turn
ed cold enouuh. Ci. W. Rrownine
killed a nice hoir Wednesday. Mrs.
J. II. Clark ifot her foot burned very
badly a few days aim, and it is irivinc
her a lot of trouble. The Baptist'
brethren have teen holdin? a revival
at Pleasant Point, had one addition.
Laura Ward and Fred M.-Ualf were
united in niarriaire Satunlay. They
have pone to Cincinnati, where thev
expect to make their future home.
It seems like most of our neighbors
are pointr to Indiana. Steve Mc
Queen had a sale Saturday and sold
his farm, mill, stock, household poods,1
nnd is ready to po to their new home
in Indiana. Born to Mr. and Mrs.
Sam Shepherd, March 1st, twins, a
boy and a pirl, weighing 8 pounds'
each. - '
Rockford. Manh 5. We have been
experiencing iome heavy sleets with
lots of .hiii to past week and .end
ing the wvek wit.h a very good snow
which is melting fast today. Next
Saturday is our regular church meet
ing. Pon't forget the day and be
there. Our officers were in the Cli
max region last night after some
outlaw who was accused of the mur
der of Mr. Coyle of near Climax.
Three were arrested and put in Mt.
Vernon jail. Mrs. Ethel Iinville of
near Conway is visiting her parents,
W. II. and Parie Stephens, of this
place. J. W. McCollum and family,
who have been down with flu, are
some better at this wnriting. Wm.
Gadd and wife are visiting their
(laughter, Mrs, Riddle, of near Con
way. H. E. Rowlett and family, who
have had flu, are all better. Charley
Baker is off his duty as mail carrier
this week on account of his entire
family being down with flu. Little
Violett Todd is again on the sick
list. J. W. McNelly went to Lexing
ton looking after his pension. -We
have had a very open winter, but
most everybody is longing to see
spring come again, as feed is scarce
and high. When the big table is
spread everybody feels better. Hogs
are high and scarce. Corn 60 cents
a bushel, hay $1.25 per hundred, oats
C5 cents per 100 pound bag. Labor
is scarce. Some of our farmers have
burned their tobacco beds. Moon
shining seems to be a thing of the
past. There may be a few in existence
but surely they have gone farther
back trying to hide. The boy who is
found drinking is fined heavily and
imprisoned. Let us all hold up for
our new officers as it seems that they
are determined to clean up the patch.
Wilburn Gatliff, Jim Gadd and Bur
gess And.-rkin were the guests of
F'ven-tt Todd Saturday night. Paisy
Todd visited Ruby Stephens today.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Cope are the
proud parents of A new baby girl;
also Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Crouchcr
are the proud parents of a fine baby
boy. Good luck to The Citizen and
its many readers.
Goochland I
Goochland, March 6. We arc hav-'
ing Mime very disagreeable weather
at pr.-seiit. We had a very sad death
out in Kcction of Big Hill, in the
edpo of Rockcastle county, on last
Friday nipht. I. W. Coyle was mur-,
dered by some 'unknown parties, j
Such crimes speak very bad for our
county and sound very bad in the
eyes of people who live at a distance
as well as honiefolks. It looks as f
the world ia growing worse every
day, with all the county, state and
Federal officers can do. It ixks like'
the law-bn-akers are in the majority
.-ery where, so it has me puzzled iO
have to think that there is no way of
j" ttimr people to live tip t i the law
and just potnir down t heathenism,
and crime hcapinp up trouble on
everybody. Let us ail try to ehanpe
our ways and live a better life
C'x.ksburir, March !".-We are hav
ing some t-now nw. It looks like
we are point to have some winter
yet Mrs. towis Owens is still on
the sick list. It seems like she is
net poinp to pi t well. - Mrs. Charley
Scott is sick with flu Mrs. C. L.!
Thomas is improving. P. M. Sinple
ton was the puest nt Charles Mr
fluire Saturday niirht. J. L. Owens
is in the lop business. We have re
ceived the news that a Mr. Coylu of
P.iir Hill was killed in his st'.re and
rubbed and the store locked on the
mit-ide Mis. Rosey Alcorn is in
very poor health. Mrs. Mollie
Sinirl.-ton was a visitor at C. L
Thomas' Monday nipht. Rorn to Mr.
ami Mrs. Joe Smith, a fine boy re
lertly, .hristened F'vert. We are
h.aririp lots of talk thru the Peter
rows about preat minerals boinp
f -und in this noiphborhood which will
be prent help to tnis community.
Friends of Jessie Alton are sorry to
learn that he is seriously ill at Lop
Mont. Good luck to you.
Island City
Island City, March 6 The three
daughters of the Rev. A. P. and Kate
Bowman, who are employed in a
clothing department at Cincinnati, O.,'
who have been under doctor's treat
ment for cold and flu, are convales
cing. Mrs. Andy Huff and little'
daughter are seriously ill with flu at
this w-riting. Pr. Anderson of Boone-
vi'.le was called to the home of Lee
Blakes one day of last week, one of
his dauphters being sick. Pr. Tye
was called first to see the sick girl
but failed to diagnose her case. j
There is sickness in the home of
Chester Allen at present, probably i
flu. Mrs. Kate Bowman went to
Sextons Creek postoffice Friday of
last week on business. Munroe King,'
who left a few days ago for Indiana,!
has returned to close out his busi
ness. Mrs. Mary Carroll is complain
ing with her side. The doctor was
called. Joe Moore was a dinner guest
of the Rev. A. P. and Kate Bowman
Tuesday of last week. Roscoe Rob
erts of Blake was here Tuesday in
the interest of his claim for compen
Fation. Bill Shelton and Jim Q. P.
Oliver St John have gone to the
State of Indiana and will probably
make that part their future home.
A holy roller preacher from the east
ern part of Owsley county is saH to
be at the Holiness Church Saturday
nd Sunday of A'arch 4th and 5th.
Several from this part will attend
circuit court at Booneville which will
convene Monday, March 6th. We are
expecting renewed interest in. the de
velopment of oil here at Island City
in the near future. Parties are con
vinced that the oil and gas are sure
here. The old lady, Martha Ann
Moore is very poorly at this writing
and is not expected to live.
Hty and Grain
Corn No. 2 white fi."ftfinV; No. 3
eKjiiV; No. 4 white tftytHc: No. 2
yellow 0." ra 0e ; No. 4 yellow 03ft 0-ic;
No. 2 mixed tMQtkV.
Sound hay Timothy per ton $19.50
-0: clover $lS(g19.
Wheat No. 2 red $US1.49; No. 3
1.4.-(ii 1.47 ; No. 4 red $1.429 -1.45.
Outs No. 2 wililte 42m? 43V4: No. 3
404&4l4; No. 2 mixed :t9V'240V4 5
No. 3 mixed STH&HSH.
Butter, Eggs and Poultry
Butter Whole uillk creamery extras
4k': centralized extras 8c; Brits $2c;
fancy dairy 25c
Bpb K.xtru firsts 22V; firsts
214c; ordinary tlrvta 20 Vs.
Llvs Poultry- Fryer i iik aod over
3.1c; fowls 4 lbs and over 27c; under
4 lbs 27c ; roosters ID.-.
Uv Stock
Caitle-Steers, good to choice $0.75
4l8; fair to food $ti(i;U.75; common to
fair $l..'si0; heifers, good to choice,
).."Oij7.7."i; fair to good $.'..50y.jtl;
coin in. in to fair I U .'ioO ; can
lisra $Jft:.73: stock heifers $1415;
slock steers t.'ijj'O.
Calxes iood to choice $U'u 11.50;
fair to good $7 it'll; couiuiou uud large
Sheep - (i.mmI ro elioi.e tlil7;
fair to good $ I Tf (J : common IJ a .t;
luiul.s good to choice $1510; fair
to good $12.5oa 15.
Hogs- Heavy 1 1 00011.75; ilioi. s
puckers und butcher $11.73; medium
1117'.: common to choice bcaty fat
sums iMT.'i; light aliippei-H $11 .!'.' ;
pins (im il.s and leu) $7.50 u 1U 25.
Thr art thuM wtia cm. no! luoic
upon ilia lrv In tta auiuuin glory
witl.uot actftng tha bar skltuii t
hind but Ury niuil lrn to luoh
kinai-r. and liny will wa that in
brum lit are alrtady covered with
Boil buds.-J. Arthur Thomp
tJ ,.. l- t I i n A I liii, it !.,
I .i' II r til r.i i hit I i : ' III lii Mtn'Oy
ti ,i liiMltuif ! t i.,to t
(r..lil, I'Jit, Weal fin Nrvx(jttr tmoa
I I SON TV.NT II K'litn 17.1-IS
.."I I l .. I I X I' K.rf.il. o.iM.i'!.. t unite! Ii
i'.-ii'.ii. I. in -n in i ri pri.uch to an)
p. " .. l-i , II.. I
I. ..I i:i:i.m f. .tATKi:IAI-lluK.a J.
All.. - ...
I I : I t A It V T .'-- I. at I'Hii.e cf
V . . .t, ; I K ins
Ji M. f; n I' -Imii.Ii rumni.ineni
f rr 1 1 -1 . TI, f
INI I : t M 1 .1 l A I K AM. SKNIOH Tol'IC
I . -Ill- .1 I n, ,. I,, I H I
V. I Mi ft;- M-I.K ASH Alit'l.T Tdl'IC
1 .... .Ni.U"!i.ll n An- I-iimm'.iI
I. Isiel T.ikcn Into Captivity
v. Hi).
'I'l.is l!ie fi! tVlllli'llt Of tlllt
rtl 1 T A'iio-. Ii id pie. I e. in the ilnys
of Ji -roll, iiiii II. at ii time when the
iKilion v.ii nt the height of 11 m pniM
perity. 'I he iiortlieru klMdom
ruled liy I!' kin'. nil of uhoiii were
v. 1.1,1.1. Their W iel,ei!lie.! W iin Imt lie-
of hul; of inrormnlloli or
pel I unit v. I. ut III spile of II. (i il
.roinNe. the (list kini; li s l.le-diitf
If he oiil. he loyal to Him. .lerie
h.Kim i)i i;irie. from CihI and the
i;.o.iiiy thus lie',-iiil colli i lined down
"lli'd to the end III the rei-.'li of
ll..-1-ca. Hie lust klni;. the kin-.' of
. r'n i-:inie nil.) I.osieucii S.-itmiria
.-. . I cMiried the children of Imiel cup-ho-
to Asu rill, from whiili thev never
II. The Sms Which Caused Their
Deem (vv. 7-1M.
1. ('oiifonned to tl vvn.vs of the
henthen (vv. 70). Cod hint coiu
ineiided them not to follow in the
"iiyt of the heallien. hut these
Nnieliie. itisteml of niaiiitiiiiiini; live
if sepnriitlon. se.-retly did that which
as ilis) leniii)5 to Cinil. Secret Sins
Just at surely a open sins hrlnjf ruin,
for nil tliini: are nuked and open to
lllni with v.hoin we have to do. One
mny nuiiiii.ilii his n-piitntlon hefore
men while pnieileinif sins, hut ruin
will sooner or later overtuke h'in.
Ken thoiicli (iml hiol cast out the
heathen for priictieltii; these sins, the
Israelites followed In their ways, floil
deiiiniids separation (II Cor. (1:17).
2. Served Idols (vv. HM2). They not
only compromised hy "walking In the
statuie of the heathen," but worshiped
their (rods. It was not a long step
from following In the statutes of the
heathen to worshiping their gods.
ltofre they worshiped Idols the cast
off the true !otl. Idolatry came Id
l.ecause the race did not wish to re
tain ;xl In its affection (Rom. 1:21
j:i). I'eople today are worshiping
Idols because they have first cast off
the authority of the living God. Man
Is a worshipful being. When he
censes to worship the true God, he
worships other gods. Neutral ground
la luiHissilile.
3. They were rebellious (tt. 13
1"). Cod by his prophet had said
unto them "Turn ye from your evil
ways nnd keep my conimandments,''
but they stubbornly refused Ills
testimony, even rejected Ills statutes.
God. In love, tried to save them. Us
sent some of the noblest and best
prophet who ever spoke to man to
persuade them to turn from their
sins, such as KHJah and Klinlia, but
they hardened their necks and plunged
.let'lier Into wickedness.
4. Caused their sons and daughter,
to puss through the Are (v. 17). This
was fhe dreadful Moloch worship the
most cruel rite of heathen worship.
It was done by kindling a fire In a
hollow metul linage until Its arms were
red hot nnd placing live children
therein to be burned to death.
5. ltesorted to magical practices
(v. 17). When faith In the true Coil
wanes, men always turn to the magical
arts. In this way they sold them
selves to evil In the sight of the Lord
to provoke Him to anger.
III. Judgment Falls (v. 18).
At this stase of the drama the cur
tain fulls. God could not be Inactlvt
1. Cod was very angry. God's anger
Is not raving fury, but the revulsion
of Ills holy nature against sin. Sin
tiinnot exist In His presence. His
wrath must strike. Though He waits
long, the debt must be paid and always
with compound Interest. There is only
one way to escape God's wrath ; that
Is, to turn from sin.
2. Iteuioved them out of Ilia sight.
The land of Palestine Is regurled ss
the land of God's sight; that Is. the
place of Ills manifested presence.
Their national Identity was blotted
out forever. These people are still
sen tiered among the nations, and as a
separate nation doubtless they will
never return to their land. The Judg
ment wus severe, but not more so
than the sins merited. God had walled
long. The despising of Ills grsee
must eventually work ruin. Whst
Judgment must fall upon the people
today who rejeet Ills grai-e and mercy I
Bound to Materials
Fv.-ry thought we think Images It
self In the mind and every linage that
Is persistently held In mind ia hound
to materialize. Jean I'orter Ititdd.
Prfct Pacs.
Thou wilt keep hi m In erfect peace,
hose mind Is stayed on thee; because
he trtuteth In thee. Isaiah 2rt:S.
He That D.ggeth a Pit.
He that dlggeth a pit shall fall Inls
It; and whoMi breaketh an hedge, a
serpent shall hlte him Kn les 10 i.

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