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cimwiN miss e k
I JUL 21
Kmtmtd at ta Plmtnfbt ml Hifm, Km., mm mmni
mimm mwnl mmttmw, mn4 AH mf frr, lrrt.
ftMM Kwrm lUmrmlmm mt Hmrmrn, Km
Four-Power Pacific Treaty to Be
Ratified by Senate Unless
Ad Signs FaiL
Anted Reparation! Commiion De
cline to Pay Bill far American Es
pente on Rhino Fighting In
South Africa India In
'TMIK four power I'si-lllo treaty.
A WM HMMTll'll lM Wea'k, Walllld III
ralihvd lijr (lit senate, unless all signs
IioiiIU hill. A margin "f at least IKe
ote wan pra-all. ta-d. It follows HihI
the other all pact if the a run, un lit
camfereniT will lie approved a a unit
tr of course, If the treaty la ratified.
An agreement lu voir was reacheal
Wednesday, ll wa farther agreeal to
take no aire ote on amefidmeiita or
reeervatlon before the dual ae, ami
to limit debate. It looked last wsk
a If Uanaliar t'tnlrrwoasl, minority
leader, would ramie aa-ros with at
least eleven votes. Instead i.f the eight
lie was rHa'ted In alellver.
Knrly la I lie assault am the Irmly
ranie the charges that the treaty IihJ
been frameal lay the Urn imIi and Japa
Da-aae; that isret m got la Hons hail heen
aiim-euled, and that the Amerla'aD dele-
galea had keen lniHKaei upon Sea-re-
tary of Mlale Hughe, there.., .n .lula-d !
that he wraate the irv.t. th.i ih.re
We no myiatery ahmit the trentv and
that It tut a coaial I rent j He waa
BiiMlewt alxaut It end he wan plain
ajHiken. Ilia atatement waa made In
the form of a letter to Senator t'mler
wianat of Alabama, one of the four
America a delegate. nt militarily
aenate hviler la a'hred with the
ulieroiia aif ala-lierln( enoiiEh
I "eiinH-rallr vailawt in aiaiire the ratlttra- i
tii-n of the treaty. Sa-reiary Hughe :
aial, among other thing:
"Tho treaty Itnelf la ery ahort and !
almple, and la aerfa-tl) rlear. It re- I
fliilree rommeniary. Ita engage-
Bienla are eaaily unateraiaMid. anal mi
Ingenuity la iirguma nt or huatlle i rltl- ,
rtaiu ran add tat them or make them I
other or grewter than It unetjiilYoi-al j
language aeta forth. There are no
aea-ret nvta-a or iiniliTliinillnga I
"Id view of thla, the iiueatlnn of
authairahlp la unliiiMrtaiit. It waa '
algned lay four laiwera, whaaae dele
gatee, rwHraertitely, adopted It. all haT- ;
Ing made1 earloua aiiggeatlam. 1 may
aa. however, with reapea-t to the gen I
eral a-aaiirae aif negotlallaiu that after i
aaaent had leen given by I'.reat llrltaln j
and Jetwn that r'ran.e ahoiihl be a
party to the agra-eiiient. I prepared a '
draft of the treaty baaed iiin the ;
tarlooa auuga-atliana wlil. h had han-n ,
eia-lianeal between the delegata-a. . . . I
Mould add that. In onh-r to avoid any i
ailaundttretnndlng I prepared a memo- I
randum to aa'a-aampany the treaty with
reaert to It effai I In rehatiaan to the !
aiandaled laliindo ;in.1 reicrtin
doini-atk' a'leatlona
"At thla atage. while It w a lint
irlrtly a raanferetii-e iiiiilier In nr.lor
o Insure piihlli-ltv at ll mlii'-i .i
tlhle mnment. the Ir.-.if. ;i the
agreeal iiHin, and ha-fnre n ) :a . I u.-.-n
igna-d. wiih pri'oi'iita'il by iii.iinr
I aaale to the a'ainfa-ra'ni e ill I I lisi i
aeaalon unit ll linpairl and luuii ,ii uni
luteal Ills Mlalelni-nt llia't Willi the
aiuleta-enre aif all.
"Tha're la not the alitfhtesi ii.-ii r
ahoiit the Ira'iily or haala for upi'hni
regarding It. It la a alralghtforw ard
doi'ilinent whla'h altiilna one aif the
moat Itiiportant ohjai'ta the Amerh-an
goernment liua luid In view-, and la
of the highest lmHirtame to the main
tenance of friendly relational In the
Far Kaat upon a aamnd haala. Aa the
I'reNlda-nt recently aald. In hla nun-tniinli-atlon
to the aenate. It la an ea
aeniiul uirt of the plan to create con
dlllona In the Far Kaat at ona-e favor
able to the inalnli-nance of the pollrlea
we have long adviM-ated and to aa en
during palace. In view of thla. and
In view uf the relation of the treaty to
the reaulta of the ronfa-rena-o, Ita
failure would lie nothing abort of a
national I'alauilly."
The aenate dadiute over ratlm-atlon
a'aintlrma the wlaalom of the Trealdent'a
a hola-e of Semitor I nderwaaaid aa a ron
fa'renai' deh-gute. There are thoae what
i-aanalilt-r ll.e aa-nuior from Aliihania one
of the abli'at nun In puhlla- life. He
certainly had a In ice opportunity for
hla aklll aa a da-hiiter when he at
tempted to round up Ida rea-iilaitrant
follower for rallnVattain. The Ural
day ho stood for three houra before the
laemorrata he haa led In ao many par
tlaan battlea, arguing that they ahoulal
forget party lines and Join wl,n n
adinlnlatratlon fonea for ratification.
It was alnioat eiclualvely a laeinm ratlc
how, with tho Keiublla'ana sitting on
the sidelines sad wata hlng (ho aatute
minority leader tight It out wllh bla
unruly followers. Tba anti-treaty
laemorrats wero trying to trap him
lata aa admlaaloa that tha treaty In
effort eooatltuted aa entangling al
liance. But b Inalatod pa "roafareaca
(CwBtiDUOtJ 00 Plait Twt)
The Citizen
Devoted to ttie Interests of ttie 3fl!ointa.in People
Five Centn Per Copy
Lillian Russell to Urge All Immi
gration Be Stopped for
Five Years.
Farmer Actrea Saya "Stone of Suf
fering and Opprrteion All Have
Dollar Sign Back
of Them.'
New Yolk. M.iri li .la. to hiring that
the A III a (' I mi m I . were ba'ing hinel
wluka-al h iiiitriii' I'H Irt uf "millions
III Liiiopi-, l.illiiin 1 1 ii 1 1 , I "M i.n r singe
ba-nul), who was sa-m ii I i an 1 as it !
rial a a am 1 11 1 --i ! iaT uf llllllltgl llthill, nil)
that "lie would r i aa 1 1 -i i-1 in luT ro-
iiart taa Secretary aif l.ali.ir James .1
inla Hint nil liiitiilgnitioii In this
country ha- Ktaaiia'it fur H partoil aaf live
Report Will Surpnae Oavi.
Mi It iii---ll. wlni in private lira1 l
the wifa- aif AlaAiindcr I. Mjaaire. the
I'lltshurgli publisher, ratlin toil am lha
Aa il 1 1 li In . Mini Hlii'ii she suike aif f )l
Itnmigrut inn situation her cyi'S flusha!
"I llll V a H lll'tllllisl report that will
aillHZe Sa'aTa-lnr) aaf l.tllmr I l;H Is." sha
Mild. "I Mir ri'arem-iiliitlea ill Wash
Ington have tin ri'iil miica'pllon iif tin
Immigration Mliiiil'iHi tlmt iictuiilly
United State Hoodwinked.
"Auicriia la 'aa or pmpiigaiiilcra'al.'
Staaria-s aif Kiirfa-rliiK. hiiiiiiinlly ill lj
r"l" """ I'l'f '"""' bm l.iie tne -
'',r " '"" 'k aaf ih.iii ll l my own
aT.-aanal ba-lla'f flint Iha-re are ornniil
r.iillnlK linn in ail fair I lie aula- purMi
aif til ti k In K Ilii.hi'N out of what lliav
call hiiiiiiinlly. M.iiiN ncll-tui'iiniii):
n-ople me IiimhIu liikcil hj them- par-HNlta-a
who are tryiing to bring to thi
annul i men ami v m who do mat
llllila-l aliilnl our lllligllak'i'.
Urge Stringent Ttita.
11 I" "" rime that Am.-r
la'iin los have to wall until they are
twenty ante bafora they have a vota
when mii h alio, is aa I uiw ubroad cull
within a MTloal of the year, have the
irlllegas our fora-finhera fniik'ht for.
Our Mlogati shoiilil Ih AniarliM for
As a result aif hi'r littestigatliina
Miss llussoll Is i oii nica-d that then'
Nhoiihl la' lha luosf st rltigciil ta'sts he
fore Immigrants ina' la-rmif ta-il In
this a'niinfrv
m I
Firtt Slon Halted Till Tuesday
Labor Seek ng More Oit.
Sayi Cewaia.
New Voi k M.inl, .ii l In- ailiitrn heen made
lion i-oiuiiiiti I a ihi of nmliriirit.- A da'sa rlK ion of the man aamrbt by
coal iniiiri, iiinl ,. charged ' Se-rot Seriae wa aenl to aili-e
with tha- l.i-k aa iia-i.tialiiii a wage ! chiefs of all Soul hem alt iv.
nun'. iiiim.I in lime in nv i n ni. u llevenger haa ba-an employed at
si f the mi April 1. ri-.liiii-. tho Treuiry for the laat Ion yearn.
"margin of ufa'i" to ii-u ,lay l.y 1 Ipite a'lT.ina of the Se. rel Servla-e
ciilini; In ilehiy ihcir til t miiou ' and the I a-purtiiianf of .lualia e tat
iinlll Thi-kiIii). I'ri'iiib iit .Inlm I. : keei the robbery from iM-ini know n. it
l.a i an the I iiiii'.l Mute Wa.rkaT. h leaked ami when i 'levenacr' father
meiiilia-r of tha' a'oiniuiiii-a-. i. in..- I ! went to I'olia e lloadipiartcr tonight
Unit the ala lay wa ahie to ilot.ii,. m ; In aiurwer to a leilor he lul l resetted
labor men to i-,.iiult lln-lr orcanlza 'r"' hla on infairtiiing him that he
lions and inmi ilatn I'ou.criiliu' lha' ' nH,l t'" arreatHl in cieuieWiiMi with
wnge a'ainlnoaTsy la'toie opa'iiing iho Ihe robbery.
aonfi'ia-iue. It Is generally iigr,s-d thai The aas use. I muni fathoi sai.l I tint
the la-rms aif ii new aaiulract a-annail ! hi hoy had erail with I he Nino-
.os.ilil ii,. ilrnwn mid ngr I upon
within the ti'ti days. Negotiations ,,f
pre Ions Hgi'a'ioui'iits tin w raspilieil !
from ll III, nit h to M-va'ii wts'ks. Ihe
point ami. Mini It Is proluihle that tin '
suspension uf mines slated to take '
place ut the evplration of tha' present .
a'aiiitriict, April 1. will continue for 1
al la-list three wis ks. Iipcrtitnrs n- I
pressed belief tlmt the new agri'enieiit
would he ilrnwn niul eflea-tive before !
the consuming pnlilli' la-gall to feel a
on I shortage, us the supplies on band
would Ih- Hiillli li'nt for a considerably :
longer period. I
j repatrted to Judge Sidney N. Reeve, at
QUEBEC TO PROTECT LABOR!74" tmght that it unamv to
Amarican Leader Charged With In
vading Canada and Sacrificing
Intarsits of Workers.
Quebec, March '.II. A motion culling
upon Canadian worker "to give them
selves s , constitution which will he
eaaentlully CniiHillan" was pnaatHl In
the Quehis? la'glalallve assembly by a
vote of 84 In 4. The motion waa an
amendment to a pniMiaal by Brigadier
C.eneral Smart that Canadian lahorera
In the province be rotnpelled to incur
Mirale. lieneral Smart charged that
Amerleun labor leader were habitu
ally Invading Canada and that they
frequently "aacrlflied the Interests of
Canadian labor."
Italy Sanda Knergatle Not ta Athens
Rqutlng Rsleaae of Sttamshlp
Koine, March 'JO. Italy haa sent a
new and energetic nut to Ureere de
manding release of the steamship Ab
baala and complete satisfaction fur tba
recent Incidents.
I're-tnli in ll.iril nx aiid party on hotielna,-ii .Nama'aika fit the sliirt of toyjKa- hhhii lia- ... mi-i nl
rimlilii fniin Na-w Sinvrnu; liii iliin then were to li'me Klnrldn for Wnftliiniclian 1'rldHj. '1. Senufnr J. T.
I!nliitiiiii a.f Arl.uns,'ia. w hiMe iinii-nilnienl to the fmir Mer treaty was vnteal down oft aa :. Muttln w K.
Tilfhe ira-a imng Sea-ra-lary lltlKlia'M wrltli jrnhl slia-al-'a am helnilf of the new auiaer men a-aiM-rinii the Stale ilepurt-tnenl
0F $170,000
Liberty Bond Stolen From Vault
Lea May Amount to $?00 000 Sec
ret Service Men Follow Masing
Whiiig!on. The lara-! robherr
that lna taken plme at lha I'nKeal
Sliitea Tre.Kiiry I eianuia-nt In receni
ji-iira waa ilm.l.i-i-l lie Salurtny
tilL'hl by Soa -ret Serviae aiteiil.
The Liberty bond brana'h of tho d-nartnia-ii!.
liHMteil in the old Sainthem
tailaV lliiihling. 1l! i lreel. North-
iil, haKi'l Saturday of approxi
mately tlTO.ami wi.rth of Liberty hamde.
Aiialitnrx. a'hei kliii up Ixaak at I lie
Ri-tfiarar'a oflW, inilniata! thai the
loa probably would roai'li 1ial,i)i.
"harlna A. riivemrer. "i" yonra old.
einployeal In the hind ilepartinent of
the Treasury, was haki'd up by Soa--rel
Sw uf Aeiit In ooiiiiiH tioii w iih
I he robbery.
Shortly after rhe nahbeirv wa." nof
a-el aganl of tha- Saji ra-l Servhv left
for Rii-hii.ond. Va.. and I 'harlot teat Ilia.
v 1"r-"" v- ,,f ' ,,fll"
from wiih h ihc boiuls were ntnlen. are
suppol lo luie eone
The olflrern Imlieve they are am the
I trail aaf the staalen bond-. At a lale
' hour to-niiitil ih further arntu had
tea'nth Kngineers during the World
War and waa gassed two. He ha
only hevn married a short time and
haa a seven main ths-okl an.
Discharged After Report of Hopla
Breach Madalynna' Faca Paled
Whan Report Is Made
IO Angola. The Jury In the i-ase
of Mm. Madulynne Olwiiehaln. charged
with the murder of J. HlaHun Kennasjy,
rtjnrn an agreement ana was nisctinrg-
The Jurors were divided hopelenaly,
ais.'onllng to their reiatrts to Judge
Kach waa asked separately wheiha-r
there waa a rliana-e of agreenunt. Ka'h
replied thare waa "mane."
The foninan slaieal to the Judge
the division waa nine to three, but, aa
the law requires, did not aay whether
the majority favored conviction or ac
quittal. Mont of the Jurors, after they were
discharged, were ra-lurtuiit in talk wttb
newtaer tnen.
t2SC.0OO.0OO Richer
Washington. Preliminary reports
received by the Treasury on collection
of Mirch 13 iiiMlallinenta ef Income
and profit tazea ihowed a total ef
r.'Htl.OiMi.uiO on depoatt la Fed eral re
serve bank. On the baala of tha
amount received n far, officials de
clared, it waa liiipaaaalhle to determine
what her or But Secretary Andrew W.
Mellon aatUuata of $400,000,00 la tax
receipt for the quarter would be ob
tained. Kecelpt froai Mareh pay
ntrata laat year aggragated $T27,0(AV
:."Tpijrt , "7 ii " t1 i.i .'1wwiaaaMMj
Mr. Jane Collins, of W'hitesburg,
80 year old, died on March 18th of
burn received when ahe fell into an
i pen fire while alone. Mr. Collins was
the mother of 16 thilalren, most of
whom aurvive her.
Mia M. A. McNichols, of Lexing
ton, Ky.t haa received a note of thanks
from Princes Mary, bride of Vis
count Laseellps, for the dainty em
broidered pin cushion which aha sent
aa a wedilinir gift anil exnreaaion of
her irood wishes for the royal couple.
Rev. Sherman Rifrgs, of near Miai
alleboro, was arrested by Sheriff
Martin GrH?n, follow inir the raiding
of a stilt near his home. It i re
ported that mash and still arresaor
irs were found in the house. He
was helal to the grand jury.
M. T. Fouts, 44 years old, farmer,
living near Lexington, on the Walnut
Hill pike, was shot on March 20th,
ami was taken to a hospital in I.ex
ineton. A man by the name of Kthington
is under $1,000 bond on a charge of
shooting and wounding with intent
to kill as a result of an affray on
Kearney pike. Ethington's wife, Mrs.
Mary Kthington, was in an auto-
mobile with Fouts when he was shot,
police say.
Shin Bon Replaces Spin
Philadelphia.- - An operation In which
five Inch,' of shin hone were cut from
the leg of a four year old bov lo ra-
plaav live itn-hes oi li s spme waa pcr-
foninsl In a honpiial here. The patient,
limrge Hiiwkinson. was hroughl here
from his hmiH? al roiiiiird. M.i.s, by his
parents. He is paralyzed from the
hi aa ilaiwn.
'Itie opaTatlon ranpiira-al an hour anal
twenty-minutes. The ile.e .if hark- I
hone removeal wua diseasel and U said
to have caused the parulvsls. It wiim
i,.;;;;;,: z-
cause of bis age ihe shin bone will
grow In such a uu er hi to replace
the portion remaned.
Loan Mad To Road
of operutliMi
-To aid the resumption
of the Missouri and
North Arkanaaa Kail road
.1 - , .
the Inter-:
dlMlA I '.1IIIMI..PO.. I '.klllllll AMhrtl t.d m no
tire a Government loan of $.V0O.0i
wonkl be extaiided. providing that the
a . "a ... .... I
o-.i. auu , ... i-r..,,- ... -I"; "riav iua i
.fiv mrnhlv llk .pl.l.. u,.llllns. !.'.. Toil... W .J
It corporate re-organlzatlon.
Price ef Sugar Increased
IePver, Colo. The (ireut Western
Sugar CoiiqiaQy, the principal beet
sugar refining comiany In the Koeky
Mountain district, advanced the prla-e
of sugar 10 cents a hag, making a bv
La I Increase of 70 renta a hag within
a comparatively short time. The new
beelsugar basla, aeutioaraj, la $3.30
Obregon Restricts Emigration.
Ll I 'a au. Tex., March . Preildent
uliiegoii uf Mexlaii ha signed a de
cree resirk'tlng emigration of Mexican
la'uuer lo Ihe I'nlted Htatoc, the
MiAii'sn consulate here has been ae
Ono Dollar and Fifty Cent Par Taar
Corbin, Kentucky, March 18. a
While Rev. J. C. Davis and family
were at night services burglars ran
sacked the house and carried away
valuable silverware, jewelry and
clothing. The thieves left the lights
on as they hurried out thru a win
dow.. -Richmond Register.
Robert Strange, of Mizpah, near
Howling- Green, was thrown against
a large plate glass 'store window on
March 19 when his automobile back
fired while it was being cranked.
Both legs were mashed and cut by
the window, which fell on him. H
is a son of N. Rochester Strange and
a nephew of Representative Frank
L. Strange.
,- J,,ne OI LU(uowi w Kmea
and W. Y. Carson, of Covington, con-
trading painter, was seriously in-
ijured in an accident at Houston, i that the center of the trouble was
Texas, on March 17th, it is reported. Lon net ted with Turkey. Indian of
Jones was employed by Carson, ftcials have been more favorable
who entered into a contract to paint to Turkish interests than ha the
a number of containers for the! cabinet in England as a whole.
Houston Gas and Electric Company. The reason for this is that the
nines is survived Dy a widow, ine
""" ,s m ,ng rw'" i oving-
I l ! L ... .
Whisky thieves, who forced an en-
trance to the wnrhoi of th. v n
Samuels' distillery at Bardstown. ! l" " years ""P""nment Tor stir
Kentucky, on March 18th. were nnr up insurTtin
routed by a score of pistol shots fired Kortho,i(r,f the promineilt
o, KUnl, i.ur,,n rm.
No whisky was taken, but the th.eves
had six barrels of liquor ready to be
moved when
...r, we. . i
arAU.j aA
flee. Arch
t enaergraas, wnom
thieves met on their way to the d.s-,
tillery. was foned to company I
them. He narrowly escaped being,
snot Dy me guards, t'endergrass
said the bandits numbered 10.
tonvicted in fealeral rrurt for a post-
nue robbery, who wa to be takel
to the AtlanU fealeral prison, and i
William Williams, of St. Louis, I
' charged with forgery, who were be
ing held In the Franklin county jail.
ma,,e their est.ape, on Maroh i9th
, .,: . tw .,,
"'J " "'Pt va, us- ui-ni.il vra,
........ .. ....
I w iieru vney nan neen coniineu, anil
dropping from
d. . I
story win-
TT.., .o. J.u :
his son, Forwe, had taken extra pre-!
cautiona and had stayed up all night, i
u 5 .u. ..u..
one in the office and the other out-1
Hr Object
Mr. A I hear you are going to take
a course In a husiioas college.
Mr. It Yea, I want to learn how to
get more money nut of my husbaud.
And It Waa Tru.
"Thla hurls me more than It doen
you," aald Hie little mother, who was
spanking her doll.
. And H wa the truth, ton.
The Suburbanite.
"De you ralae poultry?"
"I won't go so far as to aay that
I do bwdBboi.xJj,iorellabUbena." 1
Our Threefold Aim: T (to
the Newt of BrM and Vicinity
To Record the Happenings of
Beren Collar; To U of Internet
to all the Mountain PeopW.
No. 39
World News
J. R. Rohertann, Professor
History and Political Scienca
Berea College
The United States has presented
a claim to the allies who are about
to divide the first reparation money
paid by Germany by the terms of
tha treaty. According to this claim
the United States asks a prior pay
ment by Germany of her expense for
maintaining the troops on the Rhine.
The claim calls for over two hundred
millions of dollars). It is not denied
that Germany owes the U. S. the
money but the claim at this time up
sets the agreement made by the Al
lies for the distribution of the funds
among them. By some an attempt
is made to set the U. S. claim aside
because she refused to ratify the'
Tra-aty of Versailles and made a sep
arate treaty. The United States did
not ak any reward for her part In
the war but she seems disposed to
iniaist on just debts being paid.
The annual celebration of St. Pat
rick's day was an affair of more than
usual significance this year In Ire
land. The new tri-olor flag of the
free state was in evidence in the
n'ties and in some of the exercises
the Gaelic language was used for
programs and songs. Large proces
sions occurred in some of the cities
but there was comparatively little
disturbance. Resistance to the Act
of Agreement seems to be growing
less altho the supporters of De Va
lera and the Independent Ireland are
organizing and conducting a cam
paign of speaking and education. In
the meantime the art has passed the
Commons in England and is now be
fore the House of Lords. Its recep
tion here is less cordial and the
Lords show a desire to be considered
a part of the government They
could not defeat the measure, how
ever, if they desired, but they could
delay it. -
The Indian problem seems to
more troublesome to England rather
than less. The resignation of the
Secretary for Ireland has threatened
the life of the whole cabinet. The
Secretary was highly regarded in
India and was on good terms with
the Viceroy. It becomes anna rent
: Mohammedan population of In-
dia resent
the humiliation of the
I head of their religion. Some of the
native leaders have even proposed
n"a should come under the
dominion of Turkey instead of Eng
land. The most active leader, Ghan-
I nas "en arrested and sentenced
i EnKlish jounj.Hat has just returned
j from exMd trip to En(rlllnd.,
Pat.ific Coloniesl. Amon- the m.nv
topic, discussed was that of
twakenimr Islam Th Mnhammo.
,, peop,es ww , , the K0V.
ernnienti ow them dur the
tut evpn Mnrff that event there was
a growing consciousness of unity
which the war has increased. They
are more numerous than the Chris
tian population of the world and are
fanatically devoted to their religion.
,er Rn.thhiB rMn : i,ing:
io British Empire in Asia and
,n Africa, but believes U is likewise
0 matter of consideration to the
wor1'1 at larfe' Observation haa led
to the conclusion that with all it
faults the white man must help in
the government of people ignorant
and swayed by fanaticism.
TV- j.. r, . . il. . . i. .
lie loan tor viivt kuvci iiinriik Ul
.... . , . . .
Palestine haa been worked out by
"real or.aun
Great Britain and will soon go into
. , Thetsa will ha
1 netV Will DO
a High Com
missioner who will art as the ex-
I amtiuA t.AB.1 t9 AihimIvu If will
i. . l.
assisted by an executive council
which will be small in number. A
Legislative Council of twenty-five
has been provided also. Half of
this council will be elected by the
people, a vote being given to all over
twenty-five y?ar of age. All bills
will be published in English, Hebrew
and Arabic. It is not yet evident
that Palestine will be re peopled by
the Jews. At present there are
morn Mohamjnedana than Jews. In
spite of the Zionist movement nut
many are going back. There ia not
much to attract population until sub
stantial improvement! am made.
Under the English mandate this is
likely to be don.

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