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Fage Four
May 4, 1923
Office in Berea Bank A Trart Ca.
Brra, Ky.
Office f'hon 217 Res. Phone 174
Noiar Public
Pbont No. 49
in ! Courts
Office hour fi-12 a. m., 1-4 p. m.
Government Dentist
Located in !
Main Street Bcrea. Ky.
Phone No. 3
Dr. J. C. Gabbard
Office in Berea Bank & Trust1
Co. Bldg., over the Bank j
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Daily '
Phone 145
Phone 83 Berea, Ky
List Your Property
Scruggs, Welch & Gay
Berea, Kentacky
Jewelry Store j
Firat CUaa Repairing j
and '
Pin Line of Jewelry
Can play 27,000 records with one
Everplay Needle. Will last twenty,
years with average playing and ia
worth $40.00 in ordinary steel needles
at 15 cents per 100 needles. The
Everplay Needle plays the records
more distinct and every tone more!
clear and sweeter than ordinary rec
ord needles and plays every make of,
records. Price for this Everplay
Needle is $1.00 or $1.10 by mail. Full
instructions with every needle. For
sale by A. Danielson, 216 East Main
Street, Richmond, Ky.
The Economy force is always busy.
Why? First, we give you good mer
chandise; second, we make the price
reasonable. Last, but not the least,
we guarantee all goods we sell to
please you.
We are always glad for you to
visit our store. Come in.
Say, buy one of these assortments
of canned goods.
3 Cans Fancy Red Cherries. .. .$1.10
3 Cans Fancy White Cling or
Yellow Cling Peaches 90
3 Cans Fancy Apricots, No. 2 1-2 .80
3 Cans Fancy Pineapple, No. 2. 1.00
3 Cans Sweet Wrinkled Peas.. .55
3 Cans Baby Lima or Cut Green
Beans &0
3 Cans No. 3 Fancy Tomatoes.. .55
3 Cans No. 2 Sugar Corn 50
And with it we will sell you:
20 Bars P. G. White Naptha
Soap 100
16 lbs. Pure Cane Sugar 1.00
Makes the Assortment
Sugar and Soap 8.00
Special for Saturday
11 os. package Blue Ribbon
Peaches 10
We Will Buy Your Eggs for Cash
R. R. Harris Harold Terrlll
Cheat not Street Telephone ISO
Local Page
firm ef Bare and Vicinity,
Gathered fram a Variety
af Soareea.
Mr. C. K. Thurston and little
daughter, Pauline, from Boston,;
Ma?s., are visiting Mrs. Thurston's '
parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. II. Goudey, '
df Hervd Colli fre.
Pr. B. F. Witt, of the Berea Drug
Co., has recovered from an eppendi-;
citis operation and is at work again
in the drug store. j
Ollie Ball, of Depot street, has re-j
turned to her home, after an opera
tion for appendicitis at the Robinson
According to report today Mr. j
Golden, who was injured in a fall
sometime ago, is improving nicely.
Frank Carter, who was stabbed by
Clay Conn several days ago, is im
proving rapidly, according to reports
from the Robinson Hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Logan, of Dan
ville, are visiting Mrs. Logan's ;
mother, Mrs. Sallie Adams, and sis
ter, Miss Grace Adams, on Center
street, who are recovering from re
cent illness.
E. L. Feece was in Richmond on
business first of the week.
Charles Burdette was a business
visitor to Madison's capitol first of
the week.
The Citizen notes, with admira
tion, the installation of several radio
outfits in Berea which may mean
much to our citizens in numerous
ways. Among those recently install
ed are Messrs. Scrivner and Hart on
Center street.
Clayton Arnett, a former student
of the Vocational Department, is
visiting in and near Berea this week.
Mr. Arnett is just recovering from a
very severe accident which occurred
while working in the. mines at Wal
lens Creek.
It seems that the Academy paint
ing force are out on a strike, as we
did not see the sidewalks and walls j
of buildings marred by unsightly!
numbers after last Monday's game.
Mrs. H. H. Hays, of Jackson street,
who underwent an operation for ap
pendicitis at the College Hospital
Tuesday, is reported as doing nicely.
Rev. C. E. Vogel has left for Paint
Lick, where he is to conduct a re
vival meeting.
Charles H. Burdette has sold his
home on Chestnut street to Mr. Bond,
of Cincinnati.
Dr. Alson Baker has moved to his
new home on Fearl street.
A. F. Scruggs and family motored
to Boonesboro Monday, where they
spent the day fishing.
The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
H. J. Highland welcomed their home
coming by an old time charivari.
Bryant Arnett, of Irvine, was in
Berea on business the latter part of
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Parks, Jr., have
moved to their home at Whites Sta
tion. B. D. Galloway is in Lexington on
Mrs. L. F. Moore is now residing
with her mother, Mrs. Jackson, on
Boone street.
Mrs. Lou Wyatt and daughter,
Lucian, have returned from and ex
tended visit in Iowa.
Mrs. Maggie Ogg, matron of the
Buckhorn school, is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. David Roebuck on
Adams street.
It is reported that Miss Florence
Estridge, who has been sick at her
sister's home in Jamestown, N. Y.,
is improving.
Mrs. John Muncy chaperoned a
crowd of young folks to Burdette
mountain Sunday. All reported an
enjoyable time.
Mr. Jno. W. Welch, who has gone
to Winona Lake, was accompanied
as far as Louisville, by Mrs. Welch
and children, who will visit in Louis
ville. Mr. and Mrs. N. Bond, of Clncin
nati are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Davidson on Chestnut street.
Misa Mildred Kinnard entertained
several of her young friends at her
home Monday evening.
Professor Dodge struck his hand
against a wire fence Sunday night
when going home from church. The
bruise was slight, but became in
fected and has caused him considera
ble pain. It is rapidly improving.
Dont forget "The Mollycoddle" in
the College Chapel, Monday night.
May 8. It will delight you..
PJ Cross Offiie
I am In touch with people, espe
eialy men looking for work, so win
be glad to have those having work to
do to call Red Cross office or drop
a note in College postofflee.
Etta English
John Muncy, is starting the con-!
stniction of four houses for the'
Henry Realty Co. in the Dixie High-'
way Park addition. J
Mr. and Mrs. Mack Morgan were
in Berea this week to attend the Phi
Delta banquet Monday evening, Mrs.
Morgan is remaining thru the week
visiting friends.
Mrs. Jennie Lester Hill and son,
Iester, Bardstown, were visiting
in Berea at the first of the week.
J. M. Feltner, District Club Agent
of Eastern Kentucky, was in Berea
Mrs. Blazer has been visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Chester Parks, during
her recent illness and convalescence.1
Mrs. T. M. Rose, of Eglon. is visit-1
ing friends and relatives in Berea
this week. j
J. F. Dooley, of Goochland, was in
Berea the past few days on account
of the serious condition of his brother-,
in-law, W. A Phillips. j
Dean Cooper, E. E. Fish, of the
State College of Agriculture, attend
ed Club Achievement Day in Berea
last Saturday. I
The Madison County Junior Club I
Committee met at County Agent
Spence's office last Saturday and
made plans to send five club mem-.
hers from Madison county to the
Junior Week at Lexington, June 19
24. j
Prof. W. D. Nichols, of State Col-!
lege of Agriculture, Lexington, was
in Berea Wednesday. i
Prof. C. D. Lewis and family were :
in Berea Sunday visiting Mr. and
Mrs. D. J. Lewis. j
The. Rev. and Mrs. Howard Hud-'
son, of Jackson street, are entertain-;
ing their friends, Mr. and Mrs. W.
R. Tibbetts, of Boston, who motored
over the road, making the trip of
1105 miles in one week. Their trip'
brought them 100 miles over the
Allegheny Mountains, some of the
peaks reaching 300 feet above sea
level. I
Monday night. May 8. in College
Chapel, "The Mollycoddle," a movie
play featuring Douglas Fairbanks.
Full of thrills. Don't miss it. Un
der the auspice of the Woman's
The suggestion has been made re
cently that a building and loan asso
ciation would be of much benefit in
building up Berea and helping many
poor people to own their homes in
stead of paying rent all their lives.
This seems a good idea and we would
be glad to see some of our progres
sive citizens take an active interest
in organizing such an institution
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baufle, Mr. and
Mrs. Leon Lewis and Mrs. Dan
Short spent Sunday afternoon at P.
L. Nash's.
Miss Pearl PofT is visiting relatives
at Wildie and Hummel.
John Menifee went to Mt. Vernon
Mrs. John Fowler and daughter,
Mrs. Menifee, are visiting at Lex
ington, where they went to see Mrs.
Fowler's son-in-law, Wm. McDaniel,
who fell while pruning grapevines
and broke his arm in two places.
Mr. and " Mrs. George Parrot were
visiting at Brushcreek Sunday.
Mr. Tibbits, of Boston, Mass., gave
a very interesting talk at West End
Chapel Sunday nighi.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Preston and
daughter, Mrs. Grace Isaacs, visitjd
Mr. Preston's sister, Mrs. Mary
Sharp, in Richmond, Sunday.
R. W. Todd has gone to Mississip
pi on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Parsons spent
Saturday night and Sunday with
Mrs. Parsons' sister. Mrs. Roily
Davis, of Scaffold Cane
Tom Cook had a light stroke of
paralysis Sunday morning.
Mr. and Mr. G. P. Allen visited
at C. II. Todd's Sunday.
Misses Emma, Lee and The 1 ma
Odell visited the Misses Cooks Sun
Rids will be received for the re
modeling of the Christian Church In
Berea, Ky. Plans and specifications
can be seen at E. A. Bender's or at
the Christian Church Parsonage.
Contract to be let to lowest and
best bidder. Right to reject any and
all bids is reserved.
R. B. Baker
, M. B. Flannery
E. A. Bender
Is your liver out of order? Do
you suffer from biliousness, head
aches, constipation? If so, Tanlae Is
what you need. Berea Drug Co.
Thru the kindly efforts of Dr. Rob.
ertson and Mr. Ridgeway, who had
made a special trip to Richmond to
obtain data for the occasion, the lat
ter presented before the club at Its
last meeting an Interesting discourse
on the noted historical places located
in Madison county. She emphasized
the importance of increasing our
knowledge of these historic spots, and
suggested that the club have at least
one program each year devoted to it.
A unanimous vote of thanks was
tendered Mrs. Bartlett for having so
faithfully and efficiently superintend,
ed the school lunch this year.
New officers elected for the coming
year were: Second Vice-President,
Mrs. Waugh; Corresponding Secre
tary', Mrs. Dodge, and Treasurer,
Mrs. Edwards.
The proceeds from the picture
show to be gix-en in College Chapel
Monday night. May 8, under the ail,
pices of the Woman's Club, are to
lie used for community improvement.
Give it your support.
By the Club Reporter
D. N.' Welch of Berea has pur
chased a half interest in the Strachan
Wholesale Company. The new part
nership plans to increase its stock
and handle a complete line of mer
We have about completed our con
crete bridge. We have the streets
graded, have the shade and orna
mental trees set, and will in the near
future begin extending water mains
into our property. We have started
the construction of four modern
bungalows and we cordially invite
you to drive thru Dixie Highway Tark
at any time it suits you. We will
clailly show you around and talk
over our proposition with you.
Henry Realty Co.
I freuert!y receive requests from
teachers who would like to attend the
Rcrea Summer School for houses in
which they may live with their fam-(
ilies during the summer term. Some
of these people would like one or
two rooms, others would like more(
space. '
We could render a real service to;
the prospective students if we could
.nipply them with a list of rooms t
rent in town. If you desire to rent
a room during the summer school, or
if you desire to rent your house,
furnished, during the summer term,
will you kindly give me a statement
of the condition of the house, loca
tion, and amount of rent asked? I
shall be glad to prepare a list of
such available rooms or houses, to
place in the hands of those who are
seeking accommodation.
Cloyd N. McAllister
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Walker,
Miss Eleanor Bumam, Job Camp
bell, Webster Walker attended com
mencement at Lancaster, Ky., Mon
day night. May 1, 1922.
A revival is being held at the
colored A. M. E. Church. Everybody
welcome. Splendid sermons each
night. "If you are saved. Help Save
Jerry Mitchell left Monday evening
for Lexington where he will be em
ployed for several weeks.
The concert that was given at the
A. M. E. Church was a success.
Mrs. William Burnam became ill
at the residence of Mrs. Thomas Mer
ritt Saturday, but was able to return
to her home in "Back Woods" Mon
day. George Reynolds made a business
trip to Richmond, Ky., Friday.
Mrs. Lena P. Belue was the guest
of Miss Mattie White Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ballard mo
tored to Richmond Saturday night.
Miss Anna Mae Doe spent Sat
urday and Sunday in Richmond with
friends and relatives.
Frank Martin is very ill at his
home in Farristown.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tebbs who
have been in Berea quite a while
are planning to return to their home
in Indianapolis, Ind.
Mr. Izora Willis and daughter
were the guests of Mrs. Mack Dun
son Sunday.
Cone on, there will be an Ice
cream supper at the achoolhouse
Saturday night. May 6, given by the
Magnolian Club. Oh, you need not
take time to eat your supper at
home; just bring lots of money and
we will have plenty for you to eat.
Tanlac is well advertised, but ad
vertising alone could not have pro
duced Tanlac's popularity. It had to
have merit. Berea Drue Co.
A commercial account with this strong
bank tends to strengthen business prestige. Our
established reputation as a conservative finan
cial institution, our MEMBERSHIP in the FED
ERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, which .broadens
our facilities and provides additional assurance
of safety- these, together with our Capital and
Surplus, make a banking connection here
of exceptional value.
We welcome opportunity to explain the
scope of the service we may render you and
to demonstrate its quality.
Berea National Bank
J. L. GAY, Cashier
That we do not cobble shoes. We have the best
equipment coupled with our experience and workmanship
which terms us at mechanics NOT COBBLERS.
Compare our work with that of others and you will
agree with us in this: "It's not so much how much you
pay, it's what you get for what you pay."
First class work for those w ho care.
Short Street
Let us furnish you with
Tested Seed Corn
All Varieties at Reasonable Prices
Checkerboard Stock and Poultry Feeds
a Speciality
Berea Milling Company
Unusual Opportunity
for Progressive Business Man
To enter the Automobile Business
41, The line includes two cars favorably known
all over the world.
JL The Overland is the most comfortable,
economical low priced car in the country.
The Willys-Knight offers luxurious motoring
at a medium price.
C The two lines at present prices directly
appeal to the largest field of prospective
L The right type of business man, with or
ganizing ability and moderate capital, will
find this an unusual opportunity to estab
lish a permanently growing profitable
Sole Division, Toledo, Ohio '
CUaaafied Advertiaementa
. . .,r-. -
down sta.rs, furnbAed or unfurnished.
r,. .m,
street near postomce.
To make room for Guernsey stock,
I will sell several good cows at a
bargain; also 2 Duroc gilts. M. L.
Do you favor the preserving of
home grown fruit? Do you like
home canned fruit? Then buy
more peaches for less money from
Stanley Powell, 47 Center street,
Berea, Ky.
Jackson County Pride, quart cans,
$2.40 per dozen; $1.80 per dozen for
Pie Peaches.
If your are feeling badly, put your
troubles awsy by taking Tanlac. Be
rea Drug Co.
Berea, Kentucky
cern Manufacturing Medium Priced
Clothing in New York City, for West
TenneMee .d Kentucky,
I App)y p N S.Mman.ger.
j Box 295, Berea, Ky. tf.
Kumchunda silk 4-in-hands; Blue
or Brown with white spots. The
t.ew t-hupei for summer. Satisfac
tion or money refunded. Mailed for
75c each; 3 for $2. SE-AN-EN CO.,
Station L, Box 12, Cincinnati, O.
LOST-One gold watch, 16 size,
open face, plain case, ring out of
stem, 21 jewel Elgin movement.
Thought to be lost between Berea
Milling Co. and Robinson Hospital at
T.I'O Monday morning. Finder re
turn to W. B. Tate Vulcanizing Shop
or College Registrar's Office and re
reive reward of 5.00.
Many foreign countries are clamor
ing for Tanlac. Its fams is world
wide. Berea Drug Co.

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