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far Sis
May 4. 1922
Conducted by Mr. Robert F. Spenre, Farm Demonstrator and Special
Cluh Achievement Par, Here, Ky..
April 29
The purpose of the Junior Airricul
turnl Cluh is to promote the interest
of agriculture in every possible way,
educationally, rnoperativi ly, and so
rially. With a view to develop bet
tor man ami womanhood.
Last year there wore 47X club
members in Marf'sr.n i.nd Rockcastle
rounties. This ; rar wc have around
fiiXJ. .lust think of that! an increase
of 12.".
The 47." club boys and jrirls did a
business of around $S000. Their net
jimfit was nearly $:!000.
In 1020. ofi rompleted the year's
work. For the year's work of 1021
12rt will receive Certificates of Merit.
There are now 2 organized clubs.
The programs put on by these clubs
are interesting and educational. Thev
are uplifting to the community, and
are moulding the public opinion
along the line of hiirhcr ideals and
better living.
The club is introducing more and
better purebred poultry and live
stock. The Junior Agricultural Club is ex
erting a great influence in breaking
up the isolation of farm life. The
meetings provide clean entertainment
for the young people and the old a?
And it is making us better boys
and girls after we work with and
care for plants and animals we can
not do evil deeds or think evil
thoughts as those who have nothing
to do.
The club is teaching us to be 4-H
boys and girls. The 4-H's are:
Head, Heart, Hand and Health. In
our club we pledge our head to clear
thinking, our heart to greater loyal
ty, our hands to longer service, and
M.I health to better living, for our
club, our community, and our coun
try. In our club work we learn to valu
cooperation. The club that pulls to
gether is the one that is going to
One of the greatest things the club
teaches is pride of ownership. Let a
boy or girl own anything, and they
will take more interest in it, and
much better care of it than where it
Is someone else's.
To many boys 'and girls farm life
seems dull and unattractive. The
club is making our farm homes more
attractive and is giving our boys and
girls something to stay on the farm
One of the greatest questions of
the day is: Why do boys and girls
leave the farm? Th following
poem illustrates why boys and girls
leave the farm:
Why did you leave the farm, my lad ?
Why did you bolt and quit your
Why did you beat it off to town
And turn your poor old father down?
I left my dad, his farm, his plow
Because my calf became his cow.
I left my dad 'twas wrong of
Because my eolt became his horse.
I left my dad to sow and reap
Because my lamb became his sheep.
I tjjrew my hoe and struck my fork
Because my pig became his pork.
Lillian V. Hutchins,
Sec. O.P.W. Junior Agri. Club
Cirl Devoteea of th "Weed."
In London It Is a common sight to
see girls employed In shop or oliiee en
joying a pime of ehtyx or checkers in
some little tea shop, where they ma)
also have "ouiet amniw' unobserved
Southern Agriculturist
The Giant of the South
Its immense popularity is due not only to
the fact that every line in it is written for South
ern farm families by men and women who
know and appreciate Southern conditions, but
to the practically unlimited personal service
that is given to subscribers without charge.
Every year we answer thousands of ques
tions on hundreds of different subjects all
without charge. When you become a sub
scriber this invaluable personal service is
yours. That is one reason why we have
375,000 Circulation
How Animal and Human Sonet In
Cava of the Ohio Vallay Tall
of Past Ptriode.
Among the enormous number of an
Inml ami human (Mines Mint lie In the
raves of the Ohio valley there may
lie discovered evidences that man ex
isted In America In the (ilaclal sue.
!, thinks Arthur M. Miller, profesor
.if geology in the t'nlversltjr of Ken
tucky, who has been Investigating and
rt. -muting new find of hones that
have been made near Lexington.
In two caves near Lexington lrofes
sor Miller found human hones Identi
fied as belonging to an Indian man,
lid bones of raccoon, grouud hog. gray
fox. doer. hulTalo and hear. The hear
skeleton, partly fo.sllized. I supposed
to he the remains of a polar liear that
lived In a great Ice age before tin
present geologic era.
TIioiiihs Jefferson and William Hen
ry Harrison, rre.ident both, eW
among the prominent men who exca
vated miiminiitiaii remains at Itig It'Ki
I.lck In the early years of the hif
century. Interest In the entombed
hones was more Intense then than It
h:is heen lately because raves wer
discovered often during the mining of
nitrous earth when the saltpeter In-1
dii'try flourished In that part of the
Why Called Passion Flower.
The passion flower got Its nam
from the Spanish settlers of the West
Indies Hlid South America because
they fancied that It pictured t'hrtsts
passion ami death. According to their
fancy, the leaf symbolizes the spear
that pierced the Savior's aide; the
antlers, the marks of the Ave wound1
made by the spear; the tendrils, th
cords of whips with which he was se
cured; the column of the ovary, the
upright of the cross; the stamens, the
hammers; the three styles, the nails;
the flamentous processes, the crown of
thorns; the calyx, the glory of halo;
the white tinge, purity; the blue tint.
heaven; and the fait that It remains!
open three days typifies his three days
Hay and Grain
Corn No. white oTiStfthic; N.
n white HMS&nTir; No. 4 whit tCftit
iCtSc; No yellow fiBMc; No. 4
yellow 61 WW'c; No. i mixed S3
Sound Hay Timothy per ton IZUo)
2l.o0; clover VMfH.
Wheat .No. - red $1.4.H1 .45 ; No. 1
Jl.Wl.l'l; No. 4 11.37 W 1.40.
Oat a No. i white 2ip41f ; No. H
it Q : No. ' mixed RHMIo; No.
3 inixe-l .':.
Butter, Eggs and Poultry
ltutter Whole milk creamy extras
4i!c; centraliM-d extras .'file; Arsis 'XW;
fancy dairy 'iSo.
Kcs Kxtru It ruts 24c; tlrxU ZU-;
ordinary tii-si
Live Poultry- liroilers 1 4 U and
over ."aij -VSc ; fowls 4 lbs and over iV;
under 4 lb iV; nMisiera I'lc.
Live Stock
Cattle steers, ,'o.id to choice fl.'f)
..'; fair to good 7-') ; com-
mon to .'air f.'ijji !..); heifers, food to
choica $7HS.."; fair to good $ti'uv7;
common to fair H.oO'fffi.is); eows
good to choice fci.oil a ll.il ; canners fcl
4i .'.." ; stock sieers .".." r" ; to k
heifers I .."i'i ."...(.
Calves-- 4 iood to choice iXWtt'.l;
fair to good iirS.."s); rominon and
Uir.'e l 'Ml
Sheep -liisMl to choice $ti..'il)i7..'il);
fair to good M'MloO; eonuuoii t'Jif.l,
lambs giMid to choice $l4alo; fair to
good ll-'aH.
IloKa Heavy $ lo.HTi, i-liolce imcken
and butchers $I0.ST; medium IIU.HTi;
common to choice heavy fal sows tl
itiM; light shipiers I0 7.'. ; j.ijpi
(lit) pouicla and less) 7lo.ii.
Things Often Overlooked Yet at the Bottom of
. Many Farmers' Troubles
Here are some thine that are often overlooked ami yet are at the
bottom of many a farmer's troubles. Many farms are too small to be
profitable, owing to the fact that the outlay for equipment, buildings, in
furamv, etc., is a large on SO acres a on 1(50 or 200 acre.
Crop yields should be much larr per acre, and often the ettra ten
or twenty hu!iels represent the profit iliove cost of production Too much
of the live t,i k on farms is of the r.ib variety, w hich means a low re
turn on live stock investment.
Addition of limestone, crop rotation wilh legumes, and the use of
proper fVrtili'cr will on most farm mean larger yields Kr acre, and the
life of pure bred sires in all branches of lie t k will mean a better grade
of turf ami pork at lower cost of production and higher priivs for brood
ing stork.
I'oor management in regard to labor, both horse and man, is found
many times. Failure to do the odd jobs in slack times means delay in the
busy season, rnnece.ixy machinery, careltistiis, and waste are other
factors which pjxdl defeat.
T Lesson T
iBv Hf. . t 11U111I11.H. D. D..
TVs.-h.r of Kngl an Hibl. In lh. Moody
tn.ti'uie of CMraao i
I.KSX.in TKXT Ua 2 1-4. It I
IXll.liKN TKXT - l 'erne yr. n- Wt Ul
WMlk In h light of ih- lrl lu II
Ml.- I I f. l-htl 4 linl i Z 3
I'ttIM AKY TriC.-ll..w to 4e it Prace
niMtipr J I N li ill Tnlls'.-44wonla H-.Ui-n Into
How to Make tVnce mii K--p It
Coiltliint of Permanent PeA.'e.
Kaliih d'H-a not s.-t forth merely an
Ideal for a world at strife, hut fore
tiCI what xhull actuall)' take place In
the latter days, which shall nut an end
to all earth's strife. In these Scrip
ture texts he reveals the fact that
Jesus Christ shall come and establish
Ills klnifilom and remove from men's
hearts the cause for strife.
I. The Kingdom Established (Isa.
By "mountain" In the Scriptures Is
men nt "kliiicdom" (Ihui. " -.:."; Kev.
13:1; 17:tMl.
I. Its HiHltlon (v. :.'). It shall he In
a I'la.v a if supremacy. It stands at the
head of all kingdom. In fait the
kingdoms of this world shall then be
come the kiiiitdom of Christ (Kev.
It :lo).
'1. The restored nation the teacher
of the Centile (v. 3). tio culled
Israel that He mUlit make Ills name
known anion other nut hum. Now after
many centuries of apostasy ami rebel
lion the choHen nation comes Into Its
own. Cod a favor will be so outstaud
Ing as to gain the attention of the
whole world and cause the people to
come up to Jerusalem to hear the law
ef God.
3. The divine Jiidrfe (v. 4). The
problems of the nations of the world
shall he adjudicated hy One who la all
wise, and He shall rebuke many peo
ple. Because of this rebuke they shall
convert their implement of war into
Implements of husbandry and tliey
aha 1 1 learn war no more.
II. The KinQ (Isa. 11:1 .'.),
1. His linedg-e (v. 1). He la of royal
mock, of the house of luvid. Kroiu
the fait that the "branch" grow a out
of David's roots. It la shown that Mes
siah shall come when the fortunea of
the nation are very low.
2. His qualifications (vv. L'-.'ta). The
Holy Spirit shall rest upon Him lu
His coiupleieiiesa, qualif) ing Hun for
His work. "Wisdom and iiinh-mtaiid
In refer tniiilily to the rleaniess of III
telliN-tuiil mid iiiurii' i"siL'ht :. counsel
One woman writes:
"A domestic science teacher said it
was the lightest cake she had ever
tasted or seen but remarked that
I used at least six eggs in every cake.
She wouldn't believe I used only
two until I showed her exactly
how I made it. Now she uses noth
ing but Royal." Mrs. a S.
Absolutely Pure
Contains No Alum Leaves No Bitter Tute
5n for Nw Royal Cook Book-U't FREE
Royal Baking Powder Co, 130 William St. Now York
Farmer, Elizabeth, III.
and iiiikIiI to I lie quulito's wlucli Kite
sound practical dire, lion ami vitior to
follow ami inrr throiuii the dei isioim
..! practical wisd ; while the kuowl
edfc-e and the fear of the Lord define
relation by Its two parts of a.-ipimiil
aine with tioil foiimleit on love ami
reverential awe which prompts to
obedience." He shall have quick on
ilcistmi.luitf In the fear of the Lord
ami His dellifhl shall he to do j..ds
will. Tina has fulfillment in Jeaus
Christ in whom are hid all the treaa
ores of wisdom and knowledge (t'ol.
I. The" character of Ilia feUn (vv.
3b . M. (1) "Not Judge after the sight
of his eyes" His knowledge Is per
feet; Ids Judgment pirrre through the
problems, even seeing the motive
which lies hack of the art. (J) "Not
re,r.ne after the hearing of the ear."
The word "reprove" means "decide."
His deeislotm. therefore, will be on the
Iimsjs of fact, not tin hearsay, lie can
not be deceived nor Imposed uiMin. He
know a all things, even from the begin
mug. (3) "With righteousness shall
Judge the poor." He will mete out Im
panlal Justice to 'hem. Many tunes
now the poor ailTer because the
wealthy are able to bribe the Judge,
hut when Christ shall reign Ra King
the poor shall, get Justice., The poor
shall not suffer m Justice bet aiise fie
Is poor nor eaeaie Justice bees use he
is poor. (4) "Shall reprove with
equity for the meek." "Heprove" here
ihiilbtleiw means "decide." In fai-t the
meek shall Inherit the earth (Matt
o:.',) (3) "Shall smite tbe earth with
the rod of his mouth." Hy the "earth"
Is meant here the wicked Inhahltanta.
When Messiah comes to reign there
will he great wlckednesa In the earth
(see I'salm '.' IMJ; I. like IS K). (ft)
He shall be girded witfi righteousness
and faithfulness (v. :T. Ha Is abao
tutely righteous and will faithfully
carry out all His words
HI. Description of Christ's Reign
(vv. !).
Then- will prevail universal ieace
between men ami animals. In this ile
artiption each animal is coupled with
that upon which It naturally prey a
Daily Thought
It Is common for those that are
farthest from iod to boast themselves
most of their being near to the church
Every Man.
Tbe brave man carves out his for
tune, ami every man la the son of his
own works. Cervantes.
On Things Above.
Set your affections on things above,
not on things of Uua earth. C'oloa
tiaua 3 :i
"I'm glad to note that father's musi
cal sense is Improving," evlnluied
Miss ('uniro.
"Itiit." protested her mother, "he
slept through the entire concert."
"That's nhut show s the Improve
ment lie now sle"ps serenely Instead
of funking disagreeable remark!
thrnnch"1" the performance."
Conducted by the Home Kconomics Department of Berea College
Th following is taken from "First
Lessons in the Care of Milk" hy
Florence Imlay, a bulletin issued by
the Agricultural Extension Depart
ment of Iowa State College of Agri
culture and Mechanic Arts:
Milk Should Head the Food List
Milk is one of the food which the
bmly must have to develop normally
and to keep itself in a healthy condition.
1. Plenty of milk with vegetable ture of M degrees F. This will re
am! cereals make a wholesome and land the growth of bacteria. If run
economical diet. ning water is available, put milk
2. Milk is the best source nf linve. rans in a tank lietween the pump
It is a good hone builder.-- It helps and stock, and let the rnld water
keep your teeth hard. thru continuously. Otherwise put
o Milk is a good luxly builder. ' rnna in a tank of cold water, rhange
(trowing children should have it. water at leat twice daily and stir
4. IVssrrts made from milk are r"'"1 l" hasten the cooling. The
body buililinir fomN.
.. Milk is the only all around
food.-It contains some of all the
necessary fo.s) substances.
fl. Whole milk aibled to the diet
of the growing boy ami girl helps to
resist disease,
7. I nrlran milk i
carrier Keep it rlran.
"No family ha the rfirf.f to pur
chase any meat until em h nu mber
ha at least a pint of milk daily.
Milk is jtit a ne.esary in the diet
of the adult a in that nf the grow
ing child. Milk i our greatest pro
tective food ami its use must be in-creased."-
Or. K. V. McCoIIuti
Keal Value of Milk Depends I' port
the Following I'ninls
1. Healthy cows. It ha
proved that tu'u-rci.loais
in row may
1 spread among human being and
especially among ihildren. The only
way one ran be t i ', te v sure tint ' ,wo four, and when well blend
cows are not tub r"i'.ir is to hj.e ""' r,,l''iil f milk, seasoned
them tested. ! anchovy and onloti Juli-e. Add f)e
2. Cow should be brushed. A
. .
. , ,uin snouiu be tised to
wipe off the udder and flank before,
milking. i
.1. Cows should be housed in a
thorolv Vent ilnteil Il.-kl..
rl..n '.i.l.t..
. ' taloe Into halves lengthwise, scoop
4. reeding dry hay at time nf out tba potato and put thr-iujh a sle.a.
milking means dusty air. Silage tfi Add to a .su.epsu a tahleaHHinful of
at time of milking usually mean butter sod the potato.-.. Mli a cup
that the milk has a foreign flavor.1'"1 ' rh,,le'l cooked meat, .we ta-
r.. People doing the milking
should he healthy
f. Tuberculnsia i one of the dis
eases which may be easily carried
thru food. Great rare should
taken if there is anv infis-tirtna
rontaeious disease in the family.
n . , . . .,'
.. Teople doing the milking
should have clean hands and clean
clothes. Very fine dirt particle get
into milk from unclean hands and
soiled clothing of milkers. Typhoid
. nr. f !, ,!:...- .u:..i.
' - iiii is irr-
fluently carried in this way. Dry
hand milking should rie done, a wet
ting cows' teat will not only make
them chap but will also contaminate
the milk.
Small topped pails are best be.
caues les dirt and dust get into the
milk during the process of milking.
0. Rinse with cold water
Wash with very hot water and nn
alkaline washing powder, using
a stiff brush
n. ii
( leanse all seams
Strainers should be boiled
Rinse with boiling water and
Flush the separator with skimmel
To settle the estate of I.. Ii. Moore, deceased, the
heirs will otTer for sale at pultlic auction, on the
farm i mile north of Berea, Ky., on the Walnut
Meadow pike, on
TUESDAY, MAY 9, 10:00 A. M.
135 Acres of Land
Will be sold in parts and then at a whole
The farm 11 well fenced and watered. Fifteen acres in
cultivation, tbe rest in grass. There is one live -room
house and one four-room house with necessary outbuilding
The following personal property will be sold:
I Itrood Mare, 2 yre. old, and colt
1 pr. Mar Mules, 4 yrt. old, and
I Mar. I yrs. old
1 Saddle Mare, 4 yrs. old
I Horse. 3 yrs. old
1 Cow, 7 yrs. old, and ralf
1 Cow, 3 yr. old
1 Jeraey Cow, 6 yrs. old
6 Yearling Calve
2 Hog, weighing ISO lb, each
1 Dain Mowiag Machine
1 Kannel Harrow
Terms will be made known on day of sale
CoL Jesse Cobb, Auctioneer
Take bowl apart
Rinse with fold water
Wash all parts with hot water and
an alkaline washing powder, us
ing a brush
Rinse with boiling water and drain.
Keep all utensils on a clean rack
placed in the sunshine.
10, In order to make the milk a
desirable product, it should he rooled
as quickly as possible at a tempera-
' cooling tank should be protected
trnm 'he sun.
'," should
be kept avray
front food that give odor to milk.
Onions, radishes, turnip, cabbage,
''a"ans. cantaloupe and fish are the
food which niot easily give a for-
'"'K71 flavor to milk.
Milk and cream should be kept
well covered so that no dust or in
sect ran tret into it.
(.(Mill THIMiS TO K AT
Lucaman Eggs.
Kresk macaroni in one Inch pi
. .Hit .',itk 111 K.tlil.i. .alfM-l .....11
fender; ilrsln and pour over a cupful
of nidi water There shotil.l Iw a cupv
fill of ciMiked macaroni, fireaot a
bskliin dish and put Into It a later of
IM,rnl; cover with a laer of rich
wblta same, preimr.il hy cooklna to-
aether two fablespoonfuls of butter
hard coke l en slb-esl. season highly
won sail ami cayeune. cover wrltn tiut-
tere.1 cra.-ker cr
TUlnha .ml h.k. until
the crumbs are brown,
Stuffed Baked Potatoes.
Wash ami bake three gotnl slued long
i potatoes; hske until done, then cut pv
"'"lM,,"'ru, " "r noppi .nii.mi and
green pepper. Seam well with salt,
lintter snd pepiier, addlnf a little gravy
if at hand Kill the aliella with the
minced meat and pipe the aeaaouail
bp'tiotato around the eitgea
nr "
Cauliflower In Batter.
fiMk caullrlower until nearly done:
-. .
Cook cauliflower until nearly done;
ito a fritter halter and fry In deep
fat To make the hatter use on
beaten eug and one cupful of flour.
""half cupful of milk, a pinch of salt
ami one ianiespo.nrui .r
olive oil.
.. ...
Iteat well and let stand In a cool place
for an hour. Serve garnished with
Potato With Sliced Mutton.
Make a mound of mashed potatoes
plnM,,r: "rrmn "h " nt
rmi luiii.'tii inni nmp nwi suiimereo.
In the gravy with onion Juice, butter.
Jelly and minced parsley. Strain the
gravy over the meal after laying It
around th potato
I Stuffed Raisins.
i Select a larise hunch of ralalns. wipe
, .. . . .
and remove the seeds hy making an In-
Hslon In each Insert a small hall of
fondant or a small salted nut. Almonds
; are best. I'se a a itiirtiish for the fop
"f H '"' nt home m ,.(. randy.
1 Walking Cultivator
2 Turning I'low.
2 Karm Wagons
I "A" Harrow
1 3 tooth Cane I'low
2 Double Shovel IMows
1 Rubber Tired Buggy sad Har
ness I3U0 Tobacco Stick
I fiuVr Mill
50 llarrela of Corn
Household and Kitchen Furniture
Numerous other thing

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