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May II. 1922
Mar filh, at Islington, Ky with
.11 Point
The boy of the Berea Academy
Track Team have certainly ilemm
strated what unity of spirit and co
operative team work, plus conscien
tious training can do for Micro At
nn athletic inert in which 2.V) con
tertant were represented from 16
loading high nchools of the State of
The following nohow! were scheil
uled to have entered: Andorson, Be
roa Academy, Cynthinna, Frankfort,
Ft. Thomas. Lawrencehurg, Lexing
ton Hish. linuiftville, Madison, Madi
sonville. Mn.ie, lyiuisville Manual,
Model Morton-Elliott. Pineville and
The Berea Academy team was com
posed of the following boy: Bax
ter Dailey, Filson Wood, Franci
Nash, Durell Easley, Hobart Wilson,
Shink Hugirfns nnd Iawrence Har
bison. It was a great event for Berea, a
it shows that the boys of Berea can
compete in any of the events of the
This team took the large silver
cup, which must be won in three
consecutive years before it becomes
permanent property. A silver cup
was given to Baxter Dailey, who
broke the mile 'record, time 4 min
utes and 46 seconds; also the 1-2
mile, time 2 minutes 4 and 4-5 sec
onds. The mile relay, composed of
Wood, Easly, Daily and Nash, broke
the record, time 3 minutes 38 and
3-5 seconds. Shink Huggins and Ho
bart Wilson both broke the former
record for the discus, distance 104.3
and 106.1 feet.
The Berea team not only won the
two silver cups, but also six gold
medals, six silver medals and one
The boys certainly have covered
themselves with glory and honor by
good sportsmanship, and Berea will
be better known and recognized thru
out the State.
J. Miller
, 1 M
V. W. C. A.
May 7. 1922
The Ladies Hall division of the
Young Women's Christian Associa
tion was led by Miss Strain.
The topic, "The Courage of the
Commonplace," was illustrated with
a story ty the same name. The
story impressed the Idea that the
courage that it takes to do the com
monplace thing gives one courage to
do the big things which are sure to
come to all, or, as Miss Strain ex
plained it, "The courage of the com
monplace prepares us for the courage
of the crisis."
The meeting was enjoyed by all
and the thought left with us is on.;
that can be applied to any individual
About sixty girls enjoyed this talk,
and we hope that each girl will pass
the idea on to others.
Consolidation of Railway Lines or Government
Ownership and Operation
T!..' ititorttati' oomit'onv ronuiHs.ti.tn t henrin:
r'n y w of riilnud otVu -till Mil other on tin vnrtoii
!i-!iI.iI(ii 'li, 'nil' have Imvii proposed to cm
-v o it t!n follow itiij provision of tin1 ti i!i-;orl.iti
nt of I .tM:
"A i 'ommission shall, a xii a ptM 'tiriiMo, pre
pare an I adopt a pbn for tlii' coiiIioii m of tlio mil
w.iy proportM of tin contmotiUl I'liitod Stile into ;i
' nulo l niitii!r of syetoms."
1 pri'du t that if we do not mmvoil in carrying out
the prinriple of i-otwolidation, which ha alp adv gom
forward in a niti.-f u torv way, it will presently bein to appear to all the
pHiple of the country that there is just one other solution that i. jjovern
tiii'iit ownership and oixTitioti. Ami I want if to he un Vrtioil that I am
unaltcrahly oppoed to government ownership and operation of our rail
road. The American railroad problem will never lie finally solve.! utile all
the railnmd are consolidated into comparatively few system, say, fifteen
or twenty, and competitive in their character. I niiijht add that there is
no coiuixt ition in the railroad world, and ouht t) be none, exrjt the
competition of pood service.
When that is done we can fi rate so that the lowest schedule that
will sustain these properties ha a whole may he estaldisli 'd.
There are now pending before congress, and especially in the senate,
a preat many hill which have for their purpose the modification of the
transportation act of l'.V.'O in vital respect. The farm organization
and the farmer have my deepest sympathy because I know the hardships
through which they are passing demand the reval of what is known a. ;
Section 15-A.
This section provide that the interstate commerce commission shall
consider transportation from a national standpoint; that we shall no lon
pr attempt to regulate our common carrier by reference to the particular
condition of any specific carrier.
Some of the host people of the country impute to it all th? ill which
can flow from the niot virion legislation. Hut if I can prevent it, Seo '
tion 1")-A will not be repealed.
First Aid for
Richmond, Berea and Madison County
Professor Guilliams took his ge
ology class to Boonesboro, May 4th,
Miss Parker, Miss Frey, and the
senior girls spent Saturday and Sun
day nights at the bungalow.
The baseball boys, with their girls.
went on a truck party to Cowbell
Hollow. Profewor and Mrs. Gilli
nan, Professor Gilligan's mother and
Mrs. Sherwood were with them.
Miss Rumsey chaperoned a walk
ing party to the Twin Mountains,
May 8th.
Miss Lillian Hamilton, who has
been in the hospital, is out again.
""Its Identity.
"Hey! What the beck!" snarled
customer In the raplddre restau
rant. "I.ooky here I There's dust, or
something, on my pie!"
"Huh!" returned Hetolse, the wait
ress, after Inspecting the dainty.
"Don't boiler till you're stung. That
ain't dust; It's pepper."
Wlfey rred, I want 130 for pla
Hubby Great icott. Iter it la,
but I'm darned find you don't want
to buy spikes.
Nature Verse.
They're censoring the movlea.
W hope they'U have ''e
An rut out ell the wit tree
Whoee llnibe ere bare.
Ceeo. Not Conscience, Troubled Her
Wife I wish, dear, that you'd eattl
my tunc year' milliner bill. I really
can't aiep for thinking of It
Hub Your coucteuc pricking you.
Oh, no but I need two wore bats
rltflit away.
0 my love, she sings on the summer
And she sings her song to me,
And her song is sweet on the willow
By the old magnolia tree.
The stars look down with a twink
ling light,
And the moon, comes up in the silent
But my love's eyes shine soft and
By the sweet magnolia tree.
O the mocking bird sings loud and
And his song is wild and free,
His lady's breast is upon hex nest
In the old magnolia tree;
He whispers love to his pretty bride,
And he sings of love in the eventide,
While my love nestles at my side
By the sweet magnolia tree.
O my love, sh'e sits in my gum canoe,
Where the silent water flows,
And the night birds scream on the
silver stream
Where the sweet magnolia blows;
The night hawk answers the whip-
And the barn owl calls on the distant
But my love sits so calm and still
Where the sweet magnolia blows.
O I love my love in a little cot
On the bank of the Congaree,
And we laugh and play thru all the
By the old magnolia tree;
For we made a vow in the long ago
While the evening skies were all
That brought our heaven here below
By the sweet magnolia tree.
John F. Smith
"Did you see the bunch of feller
parading for mile from ait o'clock In
the morning till Are in the evenln' an'
then stamlln' up for hour listening to
speeches?" aked Mr. Itafferty.
"I did," aald Mr. Dolaa. "Who are
"They're the lade who nay they're
morally opposed to working more than
all hours a day."
Dubious Praise.
"The right kind of man appreciate
a compliment from his wife."
"Well," aald Mr. nibble, thought
fully, "that iliH-nl on the circum
stance. Somehow don't feel a rosy
glow of KHtlsfiietlon stealing over me
after I have related a carefully con
cocted story to explain my absence
from the ilouifslle henrth and friend
wife tell me with a cynii al Hiulle that
I'm 'truly gifted.' " I'.ir.ninnliaiu Ae-tleruld.
Structural Iron Worker Protest
Against Caiiouaness Which Denies
Them Proper Protection.
In It InitiiKtrtiirHccI lent report for
the year HMJO, Structural Iron Work
ers' union Nil. 1 lioua Unit the aver
age (liHHhlllty lu weeks of the l'H) IO
rlilents that occurred wa four and
one half week. The averae Mi;e was
thirty nine and a half year.
"The slgnllleanee of the average age
may he better umlerstood by mat Inn,"
says the reirt. "that under condi
tion now existing eighty-two of every
liX) structural Iron worker will, for
Ktine retison or another, he unable to
follow their vocation wuvn fifty year
of age. It Is an evidence of the gen
erally Inizardou condition existing
In the trad" and the strenuous efforts
demanded, requiring yotiiur and
stronger men.
"How are theae old men to earn
their living, when, after eiiding the
beat part of their Uvea at this work,
they tl ixl themselves without a J"l ow
ing to their 'advanced age' of fifty
years 7 i
The report show that 23 per cent
of the accident were caused by being
truck by machinery or falling ob
jects; In 'J3 per cent of the accident
the worker sl!ed and fell ami In
17 per cent the worker was caught
In machinery or material.
The unionist lnit that these evi
dent could be reduced If there were
a proper supervision of working con
dition, examination of acaffold and
machinery and by giving every man
aultlrlent time to take all neceaaary
precautions In the execution of hi
..--' ' ' ''
kV ' -'-V
Ready for the Unexpected
The uru-xpecteil may happen. You ran revt assured, however, that
we are always prepared for any emergency at any instant.
Whenever careful, comfortable and sanitary transportation is desir
ed, our new limousine type? S. v( S. invalid CAr, which we have just pur
chased, will prove its convenience. It arrives quietly, without attracting
the curiosity of morbid crowds, for it is dignified aod reserved in appear
ance, and it always accomplishes its mission swiftly and surely.
This new and professionally equipped ambulance is prepared to
serve you day or night. Just use the phone.
Muncy Brothers
Undertaking and Embalming
Prince Will Receive Honor Usually
Reserved far President of United
Munlln. P. I.. M iy The prince of
V:ile. uiMin hi arrival here May l
will he accorded the highei military
honor. Including a twenty-one gun
salute and similar ccrcmnie of wel
ronie usually reserved for n President
of the I'nited Stale, according to the
military program made public. Mi.
Gen. Omar litindy will act a peronnl
aid to the prim e during hi tay in tt.e
Lv. Berea
7:1. a. m.
11:00 a. m.
3:30 p. m.
Lv. Richmond
8:00 A, m.
I SO p. m.
8:00 p.m.
Leave lierra 8 IS a. m
Leave Richmond 8 00 p m.
Sunday connections for Boonesboro take No. 36 fur Rich
mond, Boonesboro bus waiting.
British Strike May Spreed.
No progreH toward the settlement
of the British engiueers' lockout was
made up to the end of March, and the
Imminent rxuMlblllty of issuing lock
out notice to other unluna looms more
threateningly. After a critical meet
ing between the representative of the
trade union concerned and the En
gineering Employer' federation, J. T.
Brownie, president of the Amalga
mated Engineering union, stated em
ployers had been Informed that before
negotiation could be renumed the en
gineers' lockout notice must be with
drawn. Ill employer replied that
they eould not accede to this requeet.
Ia explaining this announcement Mr.
Brownie Raid It meant the engineer'
lockout would not be terminated, and
also Implied that lockout notice to
other union which up to the pres
ent have not been issued wtll be
Soma Lawyer Do.
"Tou didn't take that divorce caaeT
"No. When I asked my fair visitor
what ground aha hud for aeeklng a
divorce from her husband she sal J
he'd met another man who wa a
perfect dear1."
"I Hatter my self that I'm a pretty
fair lawyer, but 1 didn't ee how I
c6ul9 go Into court uud argue a case
Ilk that."
Approve Five Day Work Week.
Action of the K'ord Motor company
Inaugurating operation of It plants on
a five day basis waa approved by
American federation of Labor oltl
clula. "Mr. Kurd will And the Introduction
of hi new plan." aald Samuel lloni
per, president of the American feder
ation of Labor, "a beneficial per man
and In the aggregate a he found the
introduction of the eight hour day,
both a to quality of output and a
to quantity."
Matthew Woll, vie president of the
federation. ;1id: Thl action of
Henry 1'orl's la demonstrative evi
dence of the fact that a reduction In
working hour doe not mean reduc
tion In production and shows, further,
that management U one of the Im
portant element In our Industrial
Reporter. Beware
Mexico 'it - American lriseti;i!1
fan who Hr1i the umpire have their
tMiltrteririrt in the Mexican hnll
flgtit enlhusi.its. who at the Corrid.t.
which conclude'! the seam here, at
tacked a local reH,rter who hid slight
ed the Matador lhMfo tiiotia. I'M
of the iipit.il. The newsvaper man
waa peUed wirh fruit, ciibiou ami
even stones. uihI finally a rush war
made on him. necessitating police pro
tection. The reporter h id simply said
rhat : aon.i was tmt the hint bull
fighter in the world.
Ne Laugh Mark for Her.
I wa surprised and a little shocked
when I visited school and saw John's
teacher. She waa u h a stern, for
bidding looking woman.
"Your teacher looked a little rros
today," I said to John, wlahing to see
If she made the same Impression on
the child.
"O, slie always wear that same
face," he assured me. "She hasn't got
any laugh marks." 4'lileago Trthuna
Just the Boy for Papa.
"There la something." he said, "that
'I have wanted for a long time to tell
you. I am not rich, a you know,
but I am young, strong and willing to
work. Mls Mlllyun Kdlth I "
"Oh!" ahe cried. "I will tell papa
about you. I think I heard him aay
this morning that he wanted to hire
an otllce hoy with Just the qualifica
tion you mention." Pittsburgh Pre.
Work For Next Vacation
Earn what you are worth. Learn Sales
manship on commission basis with pro
tection of $525.00 guarantee for 75 days.
B. L. Kiaer,
Room 111,
Howard Hall
Ja. Garrett i planning on selling I Absolute merit and merit alone Is
out to go stay with his brother, Jeff, ! resposible for Tanlac's phenomenal
in Madison county. Success to The j and unprecedented success. Berea
Citizen and its many readers. Drug Co.
Four modem five-room California
Bungalow in Beautiful Dixie High
wav Park at reasonable price. A
representative on the ground will 1
gladly show you at any time. Re-
anectfullv. Henry Realty Co. 2r'
(Continued from page seven)
Egg are worth 18c, hen 18c, ging
sang $7.00 : , com fl.00 per
bushel. J. F. Dooley paid Goochland
a visit on last Sunday. John F.
Dooley ia farming at J. W. II. Jones'
place. The Odd Fellow will meet
on Saturday next at 1:00 p. m. for
the purpose of transacting new busi
ness. Every Odd Fellow ia invited
to attend. A. P. Cabbard ha a fine
five-year-old mule to sell. Uncle
Suit and Hat Sale
at Mrs. Laura Jones' Store now on
Hats at Cost Absolutely
to make room for our new business
Suits, Dresses, Blouses, and Ladies'
Furnishing Goods at Sale Prices
We are just opening a beautiful line. Can
fill your needs in any color, material or style
at sale prices far below any prices ever offered
in Berea. You are cordially invited to see
Special Sales every Satur
day and Monday
Mrs. Laura Jones
Chestnut Street
Phone 164
Berea, Ky.

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