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June IB, 1022
East Kentucky Correspondence
News You Get Nowhere Else
It aat far safcftmlM, Man
hi k Ik wtnm. IWwm
Drip Rock
Drip Rock, June 8. Wt are hav
ing loU of rainy weather here now
which ia getting the farmers behind
with their work. Mrt. Floa Rose,
wife of Albert Rote, died Friday,
June 2, and was buried Sunday, June
4, at the Drip Rock grave-yard.
Rev. F. M. Cox of Station Camp and
Rev. W. R. Lakea conducted the bur.
ita high appreciation for the gener
tat lervirea. The crow waa the larg
est ever known to attend a funeral at
Drip Rork. Miss Rose leaves a hus
band, four children, a father, Ave
sisters and one bsrtW, and a host
of relatives and friends to mourn
her loss, but we hope their loss is
heaven's gsin. Dan Miller took din.
ner with A. C Alcorn Sunday.
There will be preaching at the Bap
tint Church the second Saturday and
Sunday in each month. Come, every
body who ran. Mrs. Floyd con
tinues awful sick Mr. and Mrs.
Sant Webb and children and Misses
Ruth and Jewel Webb took dinner
with Bud Isaacs' family Sunday.
Fall Isaacs visited Roy Isaacs Sat
urday night W. J. Richardson's
family and Rev. W. R. Lakes took
dinner with Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Ibmcs Sunday. Mr. and Mre. Thoa.
Rose and children and Mandy Rose
spent from Saturday till Monday
with Cart Fowler and Martha T.
Rose. Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Williams
visited Mr. and Mrs, Naith Isaacs
Sunday night rail Isaacs visited
Anderson Carpenter Monday. Floyd
and Jonah Miller visited their
mother of Barnea Mountain Monday.
Everybody subscribe for The Citi-sen.
sisters, who hold positions In the
Nash Clothing Department at that
place. Elmer will be 10 years old
at his birthdsy. Mrs. Fannie Brown,
who has been away for soma time,
ha recently returned. The report
here ia that a man by the name of
Mi Queen will be executed at Mt
Vernon for killing and robbing an
old man of $500, the Governor giv
ing him a month to consider his case.
The M. E. Church South will hold
services on the first of each month.
Chestnut of London is the pastor.
Saturday and Sunday next ia the reg
ular time for the Holy Rollers. The
oil men are said to be at Island City
again. Miaa Grove Bowman will go
to Taft, Ky., Friday, on business.
nings Friday. Billy VanWinkle, who
is employed by Richmond Motor Co.,
spent Sunday with home' folks at
this place. Misa Amandia Calico and
Martha Bryant spent Monday with
their aunt, Mrs. M. M. Jennings.
Mr. and Mrs. John W. VanWinkle of
Richmond were visiting relatives
here recently.
Bond, June 12. We sre having
Iota of rain and the farmers are get
ting behind with their work. Crops
and gardens sre looking fine. Sev
eral men met at Bond, Saturday,
and helped to aaw the lumber to
build the new church house at Green
Hill. They sawed and stacked over
16,000 feet The infant of Tom Cow
an's died laat week and waa buried
at their home place in Clay county.
Harry Medlock was Uken to the
London Hospital and operated on for
appendicitis. He ia still st London.
Mrs. Litaie Cunagin visited her
daughter, Mrs. Sallie Johnson, last
week. Elmer Robinson ia staying st
the dormitory at Annville. George
Miller began a ainging at this place
recently. Mrs. Sarah Davis visited
Mrs. D. R. Allen last Wednesday.
D. S. Smith's father died recently
and was Uken to Egypt fur burial.
Jasper Saylor died last week, and D.
S. Smith preached his funeral Satur
day at 3.00 p. m Leonard Morris
went last week to a government hos.
pital to be treated for tuberculosis.
We hope Leonard will soon be well.
He will be missed by his many
friends. Ralph York ia sick with
flu Maggie Teague ia on the sick
list Jerry York has purchased a
new mowing machine for $65.00.
Mrs. Rachel Pageant ia visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Torn Hunley.
A Baptiat Young People's Union
waa organised at Bond last week,
and meets every Wednesday night.
Blue Lick
Blue Lick, June 12. Lucy Brateher
ia visiting her aunt at Wildie. The
lumber business controled by Flan
nery, Bratrber A Co. continues ac
tive, atimulated by steady expansion
in building industry. More orders
coming thsn the mill is producing.
Jars of condensed sweetness In our
cellars are representatives of the
cherry and raspberry crop stored by
industrious housewives. Miss Eng
lish, Red Cross lesder in Berea, gave
a thrilling talk to the Sunday-school
June 11th Announcement of the
graduation exercises of Misses Hssel
and Bessie Gabbard, from Middle
town, O., high school hss been re
reived. They are to be atudenta of
Berea College in the Fall Term. Mr.
and Mra. Carl B rate her attended the
Ice cream supper at Silver Creek
Saturday evening, June 10th. Stan
ley Johnson, who has been In New
Mexico since the war, ia visiting his
psrents, Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson.
The Blue Lick ball team waa de
feated by Paint Lick Saturday eve
ing, June 10th. A small score
nothing to bosst of. Arch Flannery,
who coaches athletics in Battle
Creek high school and public schools,
announces thst they have won the
state championship, having won
every game. The proofreader of
The Cititen gave ua a gentle sugges
tion last week to be brief by print
ing our letter on the installment
plsn. Caothes scribrndi being our
fsvorite brand of intoxicant, and al
tho it is a species of homebrew that
haa not yet fallen under the prohi
bitive ban of the 18th Amendment
even a love of scribbling should not
be indulged too freely. "Be temp
erate in all things."
Island City
Island City, June . Hi'.try King
of Green Hall waa here Monday hav
ing repair work done. Mr. Carroll
of Blake, the magistrate, waa at la
land City Saturday pulling the boys
for shooting on the public highway.
Ana Peters, the overseer, made a
call for the handa to come in and
work out the roads Mondsy and
Tuesday. The report circulated last
Saturday that Robert J. Bowman
waa ahot and killed on Upper Buf
falo ia false. He wss on Sextons
Creek ftshing at that time The
farmers are hindered here at pres
ent with their crops, owing to the
continued rain. Master Elmer Lee
Bowman, eon of the Rev. A. D. Bow
man, will enter school at Cincinnati,
O. He will be in the rare of hia two
Bobtown, June 11. Sunday was
Memorial Day at Pilot Knob. Our
pastor, E. L. Cornelt.
I liu Ilia mtit . J !:..! J . .
biiu nine aaugnier, tier
nice, were entertained from Saturday
until Monday in the homea of Mra.
Curt Parka and Mrs. Jeff Robinson.
The members were very glad to meet
Mrs. Cornett aa it waa her first trip
here, and we feci sure she made
many friends, and we hope she will
come again. H. M. Washburn, one
of Kentucky's missionaries and one
of Berea's graduates, who haa been
at a miasion station at Luebo, Belgi
an Congo, Africa, for ten yeara, now
spending a few days in Berea, gave
a very interesting lecture and a
movie showing how Africa waa and
how it ia now, assisted by Obert
Richardson. The house waa crowded
and the best of order prevailed
Miss Lavada Creekmore, who ia em
ployed at the telephone office at Be
rea, apent Sunday with her mother,
Mrs. Jalia Creekmore Mr. and Mra,
Allen Powell spent Saturday night
with relatives at Red Lick. Joe
Crowley's mother spent the past
week with him. Mr. and Mrs. Char
ley Tincher are the proud parents of
a fine baby boy who baa been christ
ened Charles Carl.
Baker School District
Baker School District June 12.
Mrs. Richard Moore and Roy Harri
son of Berea are spending a few days
with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. S.
B. Fowler visited Mrs. Jemaa Jen-
The cook U all smiles,
The bread is light and gay,
A sack of Potts' Gold Dust Flour
Made them get that way.
For Sale By All Grocers
R. L POTIS & SONJ While. MatiM, I,.
Vine, June 3. Crops are doing
fine after the recent rains Mrs.
Mary Bingham of Gray Hawk apent
the week end with her sister, Mrs.
Msrtha Rice, at this place, Mr. Wm.
Allen, who has been very poorly, Is
improving. Mrs. Rosa Pennington
spent Friday night with Mrs. S. R.
Robinson. Married, May . 20, F. G.
Bishop of Teges to Miss Leona Pen
nington of this place. May their
Uvea be long and happy. Johnnie
Caliban and Mra. Elvia Hopper, both
of Maulden, were quietly married,
June 1. The Rev. Jobie Allen of
fleeted. H. H. Rice made a busi
ness trip to Gray Hawk last week.
James Bowman of Manchester was at
this place on business this week.
Sunday-school is still progressing
nicely at this plsce, with good at
tendance. Mr. and Mra. T. N. Rob
erta spent Sunday with Mr. and Mra.
Wm. Allen. Several from this place
attended church at Saehyer last Sun
day. Mrs. Rebecca Rice seems to be
Hsnce the Wistful Leek.
"Who la the old gentleman with
such a wistful look on his face whe
Is bidding farewell to that husky young
fellow r
"That's a college professor taking
leave of a football star who aat In his
rlaaa room for four yeara and Imbibed
little Iatln and less Greek. The young
man la going away to accept a posi
tion aa a enarb at I12.0U0 a year,
while the profensor will stay on the
job fur $3,0(10."
By Arson Baker
I jnaamucn ss ye did it not to one
of the least of these ye did it not
to me. Matt 25:45.
! By Church I mean the groups of
people of all sects who profess to
believe in and follow the teachings
of Jesus of Nasareth. The greatest
group of Christian nations is the
British Empire, the United States of
1 America, France and Italy.
ii so nappens tnat these lour na
tions are very much interested just
now in preserving what ia called the
status quo. Sometimes when a group
ef nations becomes anxious to pre
serve the status quo, it Is because
each member of the group haa stolen
all that it can steal, and ia willing
to Jet all the others keep their stolen
goods. Then because they are afraid
of each other, they agree not to
fight and thereby the various evil
forces of hell come to a dead lock
and are inoperative for awhile. This
dead lock is called preserving the
status quo.
I I said that the greatest group of
Christian nations is made np of the
British gjnpire, the United States of
America, France and Italy. Bat
possibly the oldest of all the Chris
tian nations is Armenia. The Arme
nians are devout Christians, but
they do not happen to be Catholics,
Presbyterians, Baptists or Metho
dists. They are so firm in their
faith that for centuries they have
been dying because of their religion.
But they were not good enough to
be allowed membership in the League
of Nations, of which Great Britian,
France and Italy are such important
members. Some of the Armenians
possess valuable property. The Ar
menian women are desirable. But
Armenia as a nation Is too small to
disturb the status quo.
The Turks are the natural enemies
ef the Armenians, juat aa evil is the(
enemy of good. The Turks are
slave traders. They are filthy. They
mi,Kf ai, pviygamiii. mere
la only one rood thing about a Turk:
he ia so constituted that ha nnii
die like anybody else. This fact ta
the only thing that could possibly
entitle him to be called a human be-'
ing, and he ia human onlv when hm
ia dead. But he always Uvea too
long. He has been called The Un
rpeakable Turk." Gladstone called a
contemporary Turkish Sultan "Abdul
the Damned." He ought to have
damned all the Turke and gotten
Salan'a receipt for them.
Since the late war tha iwinin.
of the Turk is tha destruction of
defenseless Christians wherever he
csn find them, and he finds them in
various parts of Syria and in Arms
nla. He kills the men and babies
and the aged of both aexes, and
carries away the young women to
be sold into slavery. He does "all
that the devil would do If run stark
mad"' And within a few years these
unspeakable atrocities have been
practised upon hundreds of thou
ssnds of Christians, and so far as
I can learn, not one of the four great
Christian powers baa fired a ahot or
sent a soldier to protect their help
less brethern.
But firing shots and sending sol
diers cost money. Also the Turks
are not murdering our people and
stealing our wives and daughters.
Then there is India to be considered.
If the Treaty of Serves should be
carried out, England might have a
revolution on hands in the Orient
And revolutions are expensive things,
and other nations beside Germany
can treat their agreements aa scraps
of paper. Then there is the balance
of power in Europe, and to disturb
the balance of power might give the
Dardanelles to France or to Russia,
and England would never like that
What are a few hundred! thousand
Christisns, whom we hkve never
seen, even if they are going to be
murdered, when the government of
an ancient seaport Is in question?
Therefore, when the Armenians
and Syrians ask for succor, ask to
be saved from death and destruction
as Individusls and as peoples, ask
for Christisn charity, the Church
people of England, America, Francs
and Italy can proudly hold up their
heads and say, "Go on and die
But don't make so much noise about
it! We dont want to offend the
Turks. Our governments are pre
serving the status quo."
Byron. Don Juan Canto VIII.
Ne Help,
"fir. It's a cold world."
"And predicted colder," said
portly pedestrian addressed.
"Why did he give up lesdlng the
simple lifer '
' "He found It toe complicated."-
Listening In.
Knlrker The rsdlo phone Is getting
very pnpulsr.
Booker Yea, the air la one vast
Highbrow Bowwow.
June Is your dog Intelligent?
Freddie He's so wise thst It's
bore to assodste wltb him.
Wsll-Camed Regard.
"Are your constituents satisfied with
your efforts aa their national repre
sentative T"
"Most of them are," answered Sena
tor Sorghom.
"What makes you so sure of thstT"
"The fact that I in always elected
by a large majority. They ssy thst I
may not be such a wonderful legisla
tor, but they've got to appreciate ma
as a candidate."
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by bringing containers and ceaing directly to the orchard
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