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Par Five
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A M.fMtiMn Issnilv newspaper pakltatwsl Ttiaracla. by
BCREA PUBLISH! NO CO. (tncparat.-)
IMMU C TAX WIB. Kettar JAktm M. RBNRARDT, M.Maint MlMr
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Law Enforcement
Much of lawlessness and crime it Induced by lack of law en
forcement on the part of public official!. The officiate are not
wholly to blame, for they are the senrante of the people, and
when popular demand becomes strons; enough, either the official
can be made to do their duty or othera can be put in their stead.
The lawa against moonshining were allowed to go unenforced 80
Ion that the monnshinlno; business actually invaded the realm
of respectable cititena. The price of liquor is ao high, and the
beat cititena have been ao indifferent, that many men who have
hitherto been considered decent people became mixed up with the
traffic. Another violation of law that has never been conaidered
serious because of ita non-enforcement la the breaking; of the
automobile speed regulation. Now war haa been declared upon
the traffickers in liquor and automobile speeders. Violators are
taken in daily in Madison county, and it Is to be hoped that full
penaltiea will be inflicted. All loyal citizens ahould stand by the
officiala, both county and local, whenever they do their duty. It
is time for those who have been breaking either of the above
mentioned laws, and who have not yet been apprehended, to make
a vow that they will henceforth be law-abiding citisena and cease
leading shadowed careers. Fair warning haa been given. Every
court docket ia full of criminal and civil cases. Richmond has
appointed a motorcycle policeman who ia daily running down the
speeders. Forty-four were arrested in one day. The Judge is
planning to appoint a rounty motorcycle policeman to make
county-wide arrests, and break up the criminal accidents against
both life and property. Let the law be enforced.
Fourth of July Celebrations
July 4th should be a sarred day to every American citizen.
It is a day when all citizens should forget their differences in
politics, in religion and business interests and turn their thought
with one accord to the greatest benefactor of the human race,
the American Government The FOURTH PAY OF JULY is the
birthday of "Uncle Sam," and what relative could be more pre
cious to the heart of every American than this dear old man who
at a myth has become so real to us all?
There comes to our attention at this writing two great Fourth
of July celebrations that should interest every citizen In Madison
and Jackson -.iintie one at Iterea, and' the other at McKee.
Accounts of these celebrations are found elsewhere in this issue
of The Citizen, but w wish to emphasize in this column the im
portance of these gatherings.
Berea and the surrounding communities are getting ready
for the greatest festival that this town ever witnessed. The pro
moters of the celebration are expecting a parade a mile long
with twenty-five or thirty artistic float representing all the or
ganizations in Iterea and one for each of the six organized com
munities outside of Hires. The band will furni-h music and the
clay will cloae with a pageant in the Tabernacle. Now is the
time for southern Madison county to get together as never be
fore and witness what can lie done when all interests are pooled
and all are working in unison toward one end.
On the same day MrKce will be the scene of a similar rally.
The purpose of the Jackson county rally is not merely to cele
rate but to launch a great county achievement program. Every
community in the county is to be organized on that day for
better county and every phase of community life will have its
ahare of attention in the organization. Jackson county is in the
mood to go forward and word is coming from every district that
the people are ready to go the limit to give the county the place
it should have.
Nothing could be more worthy of patriotic citizens than to
reconsecrate themselves to the cause of progress on the birthday
ef the Nation.
Where The Rippling Warrior Flows
My love she lives in a little cot
With the sunflower and the rose,
With the wooded hill
And the shady rill
Where the rippling Warrior flows.
O I love my love and I love her true,
And the hours with her are all too few;
But I'll come back with the sparkling dew
Where the rippling Warrior flows.
My love she sings like a .nightingale,
And she aings her songs to me;
And her sparkling eyes
Glow like the skies
By the weeping willow tree.
O I love my love and I love her trut,
And the hours with her are all too few,
But III come back with the sparkling dew
By the weeping willow tree.
My love she laughs like the morning time
When the skies are all aglow,
And her radiant face
Is the dwelling place
Of joya that I long to know.
O I love my love and love her true,
And the hours with her are all to few,
But 111 come back with the sparkling dew
For the joys that I long to know.
My love she speaks but a whispered word,
But it makes my heart rejoice,
And her hand in mine
Is a joy divine
When I hear her gentle voice.
( I love my love and I love her true,
And the hours with her are all too few,
But I'll come back with the sparkling dew
When I hear her gentle voice.
My love she sits on a shady seat
By the weeping willuw tree.
And my heart leaps up
' Like a flowing cup,
For her love is all for me.
0 I love my love and I love her true,
And the hours with her are all too ft m
But III come back with the sparklir .ft
For her love is all for mt '',
There seems to be considerable con
fusion In the minds of the opponents
c.f evolution as ' to the meaning of
the terms "evolution" and "Darwin
ism." Some direct their attacks at
Darwinism or Darwinian evolution,
implying that there is 'another va
riety of evolution that is not so false
and dangerous, while others use the
words as essentially synonymous and
ask the former class, if they reject
Darwinian evolution, to define the
evolution they accept.
Altho Darwin was by no means the
first to advance the theory of evolu
tion, his epoch-making books, "The
Origin of Species" and "The Descent
of Man," in about the middle of the
h.st century, brought the theory Into
such prominence that it was known
for many years as Darwinism. Sci
entists at present, however, do not
t'se the term as synonymous with
evolution, but for certain ideas which
Darwin associated with the theory
and which have been to a great ex
tent discarded, but the essential prin
ciple of evolution is the same today
as it was understood to be by Darwin.
He believed that he had found in nat
ural arid sexual selection and survival
of the fittest an adequate explana
tion of the causes and methods of the
process in organic life. "Darwin
ism," as used fifty years ago, meant
evolution plus this explanation of it,
which until near the close of the cen
tury was generally accepted. This
explanation, as stated above, has now
been largely discredited by scientists
and the term "Darwinism" stands
simply for his theory of natural se
lection. When prominent scientists
say, as did Professor Bateson at
Toronto recently, that Darwinism can
ro longer be maintained, they do n it
refer at all to the principle of evolu
tion. Frofessor Bateson is a strong
rupporter of evolution and so stated
In the same address which contained
the former statement. And yet such
statements about Darwinism are
hi iled by the : nti-evolut'nnists as
eidence of "The Collapse of Evolu
tion," while they fail to quote those
srthnrities on the subject of evolution
The issue Is really between the de
velopment theory and that of special
cieation. As applied to man and the
human race, the former means that
God created the race by a process of
development just pn He creates men
today, and that every individual in
the history of the developing race
was born and grew up from infancy
cs men do now. The special creation
theory is that the first man was in
stantaneously treated as an adult
with all the powers and capacities of
' a normal, full-irrnwn mn The nnlv
evidence of the truth of the special
cratin theory is a wrong interpre
tation of the Bible, while the evi
dences of the development theory are
so varied and overwhelming as to
make it practically a closed question
in the minds of scholars in all the
different branches of physical science.
and the recognition of the principle
of evolution in the realm of social,
mental and moral sciences has con
tributed greatly to the wonderful
progress that has been made in these
sciences in recent times.
Biologists today are seeking, not to
find new evidences of evolution, but
to discover an explanation of the op
erating causes in the process which
shill be more satisfactory than Dar
win's natural selection theory.
Geo. H. Felton
F. Smith
At a called meeting of the Wo
man's Club held at Ladies Hall on
Wednseday afternoon, June 21, Mrs.
Ofborne was elected chairman of the
Home Economics Committee for the
coming year.
In the report of her attendance at
the Stat Convention of the Wo-.
men's Clubs held in Hopkinsville in
May, the president, Mrs. Best, ex
pressed herself as well pleased with
the spirit of the convention and its
work. She returned to us fairly
bubbling over with enthusiasm, in
spiration, and suggestions for club
activities for, another year. Let ui
all help her make her dreams come
Jim Hockaday whom everybody
knows, living out in the Kingston
neighborhood, will play the part of
Uncle Sam in the Community rag
cant on the Fourth of July. Jim is
a bully good fellow and will do the
part to a fare-you-well. He is no
ted for hU talent along dramatic
lines. Jim took his degree at George
town College after taking a part of
his college course at Centre College.
He is one of the best farmers in this
section of the state. He takes a spec
ial interest in flowers, maintaining
a wonderful flower garden at his
heme in which he does the work him
self, in his leisure time.
Paint Lick Came, J use 22
The local Blue Lick Hustler
won over Paint Lick in a one-sided
affair. The Hustlers were 11 to 3
up to the ninth. Paint Lick scored
4 runs on errors and Bowman's wild
nets, caused by trying to pitch wet
Final score by innings:
Hustler 0 10320208 11
Paint Lick ..002100004 7
Battery for Paint Lick Lackey,
Btasley, Clark. Hustlers Bowman
Kinnard. Umpires, Duerson, Abney.
Whites Station Boy a Defeated at
Johnson Park, June 24
The locals won a most exciting
game from the Whites Station boys
here today. There was plenty of
slugging done by both teams. R.
Dunn made another sparkling good
good catch on Comb's fly.' '
Final score by innings:
Whites Sta. ..0 0 5 0 0 1 0 2 3 11
Hut-tlers ...,50010332s 14
Battery for Whites SUtion Park
Maupin, Harrison. Hustlers Kin
nard, Farmer. Umpire, Jackson.
Double Header at Johnson Park,
Jane 25
The Hustlers divided double bill
here today with Richmond and Waco.
Our local boys won over the Rich
mond boys and came so near winning
he second game, right on the last,
that the Waco bunch got somewhat
nervous. The Waco boys got to
Bowman slants for three runs in the
first inning. But one game is
enough in one day. So ho was re
placed by Holland, who kept the
Waco team in tow for the remainder
of the game. The Hustlers tied the
score in the seventh'.' Waco put one
more across in the eighth.- Hustlers
fcileid to score in their half.
Score by innings:
12 3 4 5 6 7
Richmond 00001001
Hustlers 5 0 0 1 2 1 x
Battery fcr Richmond Rogers and
Peyton. Hustlers Bowman and
Waco 31 0100027
Hustlers 000101406
Bottery for Waco Metcalf and
Brotherton. Hurtlors Bowman, Hol
land and Kinnard. Umpire, Lewis.
The management are compelled
from now on to make charge for ad
mission to the grounds, and all will
Lo required to purchase tickets, ex
cepting enly ladies, officers and
Many questions have been asked
about what is expected in the way of
floats in the Fourth of July parade.
The committee wishes to announce
that there is no set requirement and
nothing elaborate is needful. A .wa
gon or automobile decorated with
some flags and whatever else occurs
to those preparing it and containing
people from the neighborhood or or
ganization is all that is sufficient. The
one essential thing is that there shall
be a plainly inscribed banner telling
the neighborhood or organization the
float represents. That will be enough
to show that you are present and
participating in the community pic
nic. Beyond that it is left to each
group to build into their float what
ever ideas they may wish to bring
out. The parade will be one of the big
numbers on the program of the day.
Some of the rural neighborhoods will
have aa many as three floats rep
resenting besides the neighborhood,
the Sunday-school, the Junior Agri
culture Club and other organizations.
This is the chance to show that you
are entitled to be on our community
DON'T FORGET to bring your cup
and spoon for the coffee to be served
at dinner time on the Fourth of July
by the Progress and Echo Clubs.
The Union Church on Friday night
gave a farewell reception to Mr. and
Mrs. II. M.' Washburn at the home of
Professor and Mrs. Dodge. As the
evening was clear, the large number
of frienda assembled on the lawn.
Howard Hudson was master of cere
monies. In fitting remarks by Pro
fessor and Mrs. Dodge the guests
were welcomed, and appropriate
words of regard were spoken for Mr.
and Mrs. Washburn, who have lived
during the year in the home of Pro
fessor Dodge. Mrs. George Dick, in
behalf of the Missionary Society of
the Union Church, presented to the
Washburns sum of money to be
liked in their work in Africa. Pleas
ant worda in reply were spoken by
Mr. and Mrs. Washburn, and a song
sung in the native African language.
Prayer was offered by Mr. Osbome,
and after refreshments the company
broke up.
Mr. and Mrs. Washburn left on
their long' journey on Wednesday.
make a man well dressed -Thrift
Large enough for big business not too
large to give personal attention to small
progressive concerns who wish encourage
ment and co-operation from their bank
er. This bank is ready to study your
banking problem and help plan with you
for the future.
Berea Bank & Trust Co.
Capital, Surplus tad Profits, $100,000.00
J. W. Stephens,' President John F. Dean. Cashier
Lexington and Richmond Bus Co.
Leaves Richmond - Leaves Berea
7.00 A. M. 8:15 A. M.
9:30 A. M. . 1:30 P. M.
3:00 P. M. , 5:30 P. M.
Direct connection made in Richmond for Lexington.
Berea to Richmond, one way 60c, round trip $1.00
Richmond to Lexington, one way $1.25
Berea to Lexington, round trip $3.00
' James Barnes, Mgr.
343 W. Short St Lexington, Ky
RkIbmJ, ferry Draf Cs. ; Ltiiaft., Mm' Drag Stera; aWta, 1 is Is Httl
It For Floors
Furniture - Woodwork
Any floor finish will look nice and shiny at first.
Madam, but what you want is WEAR. That's why
I recommend Hanna's Lustro-Finish. It's made to
walk on." It's made to give long, durable service.
for every wood surface. If a fine on woodwork, fur
niture, floors, stair-treads, etc Comes in Oak, Wal
nut, Mahogany, and other wood colors. The kind of
colors that are unfading.
Sold by
Berea, Kentucky
Do Not Wait
Lumber is advancing, and our advice
is, if you plan to build this year, now is
the time to begin.
There are several nice building lots in
good locations, in and out of the city
We are at your service and will be
pleased to help you plan.
See our stock and get our prices
Stephens & Muncy
Railroad Street
Berea, Ky.

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