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The Citizen
rvotei to ttie Interests of tAie MouintSLin Ieo"ple
Our Threefold Aim: To give
the Newa of Berea and Vicinity;
To Record the Happening! of
Berea College; To be of Interest
to all the Mountain People.
SaMaea! mt Ma hmHf ml AWaa, Kw . ataut
Ida nil mmtur, mndf AH MmrrA, tint.
Wmi Krr Thurvdmw 1 Hma, Hi
Vol. xxrv.
Five cents Per Copy
No. 18
Depose State Officials as They
March on Rome.
Take Cremena, Flerenoe, Plea and
Milan Declare Movement la Not
Again King, but Intended te
Qlve Itallana Liberty.
tendon, Oct 2S. The Times prlnta
a "message from Italy," without nam
liif the scarce, Baying: "The faecletl
at 11:80 (rrlday night) began a con
certed actio on aevrral town. They
are now wasters of aome of the chief
tnwna Ilka Klorence, I'lsa, and Cre
tnoiia. Communications between north,
south, and central Italy have been In
terrupted. Oepoee State Authorities).
J. "Everywhere In these tnwna they
deposed the atato authorities and aa
suroed command. It aeema there wa
no reelatanre and no conflict except In
Oemona, where all faeclsll were eliot.
Everything la quiet lu Milan, where
there la a treat display of troops.
There la no newe from other centera.
Benito aluaaollnl. ht-ad of the faa
clstl. remained In Milan throughout all
of Friday and had numerous confer
enreo with fascist I leaders and also a
talk with a local perfect. A circular
which the fasclstl have distributed In
11m and other places says:
'onirera, eoldlera, cltlxens: The
fasclstl movement la neither enalint
the country nor against the klna. We
want bla majesty to he really king of
Italy and not to submit himself to
mate actlona which are cowardly Iro
powd on him by hl present weak niln
latere. March an Rome.
"We march on to Home to Itlve Italy
her full llherty; to five the Italian
people an Italy aa wa dreamed of hy
the half million dead In the great war.
and by our own deed who continued at
ar during peace.
"Marching with the sincere deal re of
peace and love, our greatest ahout
ahall always be 'Long live tlte army;
long live the king, and long live
Schooner Emerald. Sened ry Dry
Navy, Returned to Captain With
1,000 Cases Whisky.
Washington, ct. 'JH The Canadian
s.hiHiner Emerald, recently nelr.ed
about eight mile off the const of New
Jersey hy prohibition officers, was or
dered released h) the Treasury de
partnient oftlcliils. liose ai-tlon a
haseil on recommendation from Sec-
. retary of State Hughe.
New York oflli liils rcM.rted that the
vessel had been turned over to her
captain and wn being loaded with
her cargo of 1. caws of whisky.
preiMiratory to sailing.
Railroad Ticket Agent Wrssts Gun
From Robber and Foils a
Chicago, tct. 'js Wresting a re
volver aviay from one of two holdup
men who attempted to rob the station
till. Herbert Elliot, ticket aacnt for
the Chlcugo and YV extern Indiana rail
road at Kortyceiith street and
Stewart avenue, shot one of the men
dead and seriously wounded tin other.
Krotn cards In the dead man's
pockcta the police believe he was
James Ityan of ' West Adimia slrwt.
Praaident Buys $1,125 in Saving Car
tificatea From Secretary of
Treasury Mellon.
Waxhlni'ton. ni. 2. President
Hurtling wl an example In thrift by
purchasing t,S In treasury saving
eerllllcutes fi Secretary of the
Treasury Mellon, ulio called at the
White House. The l'relilelit paid only
f'.l'JI.riO for the cert i Ilea tes, lili li bear
t'.INI.rO Interest before tbe mature In
Rsv. Leonard J. Christler, Known as
"Bishop ef All Outdoors,"
Is tha Victim.
Havre. Mont.. Kt. 2H. The deaths
of the Itev. IrfHinanl Jacob Christler.
known throughout Montana and the
West aa the "Itlxhop of All ut
dm.rs." anil Mra. Marguerite Curleton
lu the Christler home were so plainly
a rase of murder and suicide by the
woman thai no Impietd probably will
n held, the roroner'a office announced.
Misleading Applause.
The orator tha public nottta
Aad to applause Is surreal:
a6 yel some hp will get the votea
Who scarcely eald a aurtt
Ir. Weatherford, President of the
Southern Y. M. C. A. College at
Nashville, Tern., wu here for two
or three daya during- the past
weak d.lifiirg a aeriea of addressee
to the students and held a number of
mailer council with various atu
denta. Dr. Weatherford ia perhapa
the most widely known among South
em college atudenta of any other pub
lic man. Ha waa the chief itimulua
in the establishment of the Southern
Y. M. C. A. College at Nashville, and
ita supplement, the Summer Y. M. C
A. Conference and School at Blue
Ridge, N. C.
Dr. Weatherford spoke Saturday
morning on the auhject of "Selfish
ness." Ha believes that selfiahnese
ia the prime evil of the preaent fen
eration. It ia the only evil among
students, for ehich neither the fac
ulty or the atudent body can apply
any direct preventive. Mr. Weather
ford trampled rough-shod over tha
proclaimed lawa of psychologists and
scientista and denied emphatically
that "self-preservation ia the first
law of life." He aaid unselfishness
ia the first law of life, and proceed
ed to give numerous flluatrationa to
bark up hia argument. On Sunday
evening he spoke to the atudenta on,
"The Danger of Sin." He referred
not to the particular individual ain of ' One of the most fundamental is
yesterday nor of last week, but the sues that haa ever confronted the
gradual and gripping Influence that 1 people of Madison county ia now be-
sin haa upon the life of a student
who ia unwilling to put up the con
sistent fight against It. The atudenta
in Berea College admire Dr. Weather
ford. He is a man's man.
On Tuesday morning at the Chape!
hour, the atudenta w re add esseVy!
.1 1 1 n fl II V mar M W.m (- with
. ... ..... . . ......
the International Committee of Y.
M. C. A., and is serving now in Bra
zil on the staff with Waldo B. Davl-
former students of Berea College. I
He spoke on the changing conditions !
in South America and incidentally I
.. ....... u. II. n hi u.. wvu
mentioned the part the Y. M. C
ia playing onuie foreign fleTi
Cashier Refusea to Obey Ordera
t)wenshiro. Ky, Oct 31. Chester
n... ,tri.-...
Haum. 1H years old, of Decatur, III.,
and Berkley Conley, age 20, of
Owensboro, were in jail tonight
chiirgeil with attempting to holdup
the hunk of Whitesville this after
noon. But for the quick action of
Caxhicr Morton J. Holbrook, it ia be
lieved the young bandits would hav
trot ten away with at least a part of
HD.ixiO in rash that was in the cash
ier s cage.
"Stick Vm up," was the command
i-ivin to Cashier Ilolhroolc when h.
turned to the. window to see who had
entered the batik.
He looked into the barrel of a re
volver held by a man with a re1
handkerchief tied over his fare,
cashier immediately dropped to tho
floor and reached for his revolver un- ;
dcr the counter ard began firing thru
the wooden partition. The yountf
bandit fired one shot at the cashie
turned and fled. ' e-ies of rallies were held i in session lor 10 days, ana nave m-
He was joined two blocks away bv ro,,,y in hih twenty-aix school vestigated all violations ef the law
another young man and they rn districts were organized for work that have come to our attention, and
from the town and took to the fie'dn. ! wit chairmen, secretaries and com- have returned in Jictmenta where the
Cashier Holhrtok quickly gave the n.itteea. 'proof, in our judgment, warranted
alarm and in a short time Sheriff, During these four days seven same.
Howard and a posse of citizon. were ' ""--tirgs were held, with a total at- We have inspected the County In
en the trail of the bandits, who were tendance of 1847. Three night meet- firmary and find same in good condi
caught after n chase of five miles. ! held at Beattyville, Heldel- tion. We have inspected our County
Baum admitted that he attempted .' St Helena, and four ralliej Jail and find same in excellent condl
the holdun. but Conlev denied he had were held at the following points; tion, for which our jailor is to be
any conne-lion witn it. iney were'
.. ... ..
hmurht to Owensboro and their bond
was fixed at $1,000 each, which thev
failed to give.
United States to Be Made Center of
War en Prohibition, Con.
ference Decides.
HrusselH. tlii A world light
egiilnfct prohibition, with the United
States ua the center of the campaign,
waa pli.nii.tl at the closing session of
the secret conference of antl-prohlbl-tloniKta
here. The meeting en. led with
a ban.iiet last niglil. Hare old vu
tagea, chiefly Krench. v.eie served.
Under 8usplclen.
long hittl he lived a life of
"t ml
r'ir lx
one )cur, he told the court,
jciirs previous to that time
he whs n taxit'iih driver."
Tuiph! That means aeven yeare
of crime in all."
K I rr-r --
r. "'WJT""' a
x? "iff.
l&tsW IMflil
; a1 II
' ln
1 Antlumv Kokker, famous iMitcn mrplanij ir.eiiiir. niiiklnu lint tirt glider trial
troops of the Eleventh United States cavnlry leaking practice march of 4.VI mile, fn
Cel.. to Sun Krknclaco. it Mlas Margaret Crowley of Columbus. O.. who li'w t" I .
to I'nlted Wtatea Minister J. Morton Howell.
fore them and will be voted upon
next Tuesday, November 7. It ia the
proposed tax of 20c per hundred dol
lars for the building of roads in the
ti;.' i,.. Kn Hiacuaaed'
at length pro and con thru the pree,
-nd in Pub,ic
.-.i ; i. tmrnmmon to And
-"u J v -
... . ,
a voter even at mis iaie aaj wuu
. . i . ... j LH
does not understand it
. k.n. or,.,Kii.Klno- !
summarization of sUtemenU made
kv ouny Judge Jno. D. uoodloe in
whi, h wero m,le Pub,,c ,hort'
fu'r th 20c ,U" prop08Bl wM
voiea Dy ine r iscai toun.
haa. BotcJiraTMad-ba
nuestion-he hca aimply etated the
r-M. R.. tham. and as ha ha
Hid vote with a reason and not
merely an excuse. I
tv :,i,i niv-s
or roads that are now or have been
ht i. railed macademixed. 294
what is
miles of which
Richmond-Winchester 12 3 4 we brinK jt or iT1ot is for the
Richmond-Irvine 11 l-3ineoiile to decide. After we once get
Richmond-Lancaster 12 1-2
ISichmaind-Ixington 10 2-5
Kichmond-Nicholasville 12
Richmond-Mt. Vernon
...io i-a
trakirg in all f6 1-2 miles, have been
Heattyville, Ky., Octo. 30. During
(Vtoher 24-27. thru the cooperation
"f Mr. Marshall E. Vaughn. Secre-
ry. Berea College; J. Pryse Thomas,
ny T. H. Jones, County
Agent, and J. I!, llieronymus, tounty
Achievement Chairman of Lee Coun-
. . . . .
, i ,. nr.i.ii .. 1 1 1 , i ij.ni, ri 1 1 u n ii
"" . - -
'Fralley'a Creek. At these places
''' '''" achoola met for an
all-day meetirg. The program start -
e.l at 10 a. m. with an explanation of
the County Achievement Contest,
School and Agricultural Addresre.
At noon a Dig dbskci dinner was
spread, to the delight or all preaen'. said guards, and punish any runner
and from 1 to 3 p. m. the achoola put laxity. Further laxity will make nee
on a splendid program which was. rssary the bonding of road guards.
enjoyed by all.
The largest meeting of the aeriea
was held at Frailey'e Creek where
t..n achoola met with elirht hundred
and fifty school children and patrons
in attendunre. The remaining school edge. In many Instances we have en
districts will be organised shortly, j countered false testimony, and we
have, we trust, started flltht
Right at Hand! against thia practice by the Indict-
Irate ltns (to culler who has left mcnts which we have returned charg
tha door wide ujieii) Sir. do you know nif faUe swearing. Unless this
what gtMxl iiiauners are?
The Caller-lui just your tuan. I
have here for your consideration the
best book ou etiquette that wua ever
wi avrzis T3eB&
til xnijr: t.
Facts Concerning Road Tax Proposal
designated aa a part of the aUte pri-1
mary inter-county seat roads by acta
of the legislature at the 1020 aea :
This 86 1-2 ni'les haa been absorb-1
i nt will cnnm. to absofb un-
j '!. j . on ...t
of our income, leaving only 20 per!
. ,!, 9n7 1.2 mile, of
pike. It is perfectly apparent that
the 80 per cent for the inter-countv
...i .Am ,nA that 20 npr cent fo: 1
. -
m.lniB, 207 1.2 miles are
i..i... Th. Stata. Aid
i i.ti.. .t.taj i. this? Thia
sute saya if Madison county will ;
nut up 60-50 with her she will build
nne m.d. .H when comDleted will
maintain them. In one sweep rid-
dimr the county of 80 per cent of her
roa4 'Mtalaiat . Next where doea the,
State get her part of wthia" furuTT
tr.nm iks antn linens and m tax on 17.
hi, h nroduces S3.000.000 annually, j
and of the sum Madison county pays
ahout t.15.000 annually which we can
tret back only by accepting her prop-
osit ion for State Aid; otherwise it
goes out of Madison county and
niff othen countv will get it. n
urill hav.. to be naid out and whether;
i huilt it will come back
wjthout any further outlay on our
part, for the maintenance of these
This will leave the county In tne
new position of having only 207 1-2
nppniiT OF MADISON COUNTYlthat crime generally is on the de-
BER TERM, 1922
Madison Circuit Court
To the Honorable W. R. Shackelford,
Judge Madison Circuit Court:
The Grand Jury of Madison county.
ror the tJctoher term, ia.-.
respectfully report that we have beel
... . ....
Mii,nnitfi nni wa rwiimniiinii iiiql
. - - .1
he be allowed to do certain painting
which seema recessary,
1 We have investigated the escape of
prisoners, and find that there has
heen no wilful neglect on the part of
any prironer guard, but recommend
that tne county judge rel'r,I,1",,,
This body has been seriously i
handicanned In its investigations by
. deplorable unwillingness on the
n.rt of nop eitliena to cive the Grand
Jury informaticn within their knowl-
practice be broken up Grand Juriee
t fweiion mnd wi becom, ttt.
terly UUtl
I From our Inveetlgatioiui we believe
J 4
in r.llk'liind . 'I ii
:ii l!nn I'ielil. Anadiii,
;l n T:nle seiTolnrj
miles of the secondary roads with
the present fund and the use of the
entire force of men and machinery
!of the county for maintenance.
Next, how is this money to be
spent? The state, after the county
accents any proposition, advertiaes
for bids and lets the contract at
Frankfort and the work is done by
contract under State supervision and
on bj . checkTbe
the Fiscal Court directs a cnecg to dc
drawn on tne treasury lor me cuu..
ty'a part Neither the Fiscal court
nor the Road Engineer will have any-
thing to do with the spending of this
money and do not want to, as the
Rad Engineer has all he can proper-
ly attend to,
An erroneous idea has gotten into
the minds of many of our citizens
'4 f
fliat "Ihe" tainrto" WTTftMlie- lUctaiiearfHoa--aat. problem iegarding...tl)a
. . . a serve- - I A . . aw. 1 . a V w S
and McKee rofld mat IS HOI SO. me
tax is for the purpose of taking care
of all our state roads of which the
McKee road is one,
$100 assessment pays 20 cents tax;
$1,000 pays $2; $10,000 paya $20,
averaging cents per acre ior w
lands 01 mis county.
The State Department saya it will
pl,t up 50-50 with the county. They
have been doing it they are doing it,
nd they have the money your autc
license and mine, and the tax on the
Kaa you and I bum, so why question
that fact? It is going anyho'
1 it I 1 It, V. n .A, aii aa PAOfit
.naii we onnK ... .-
ior let it go to some other county T
crease in Madison county, and we at
tribute this to the vigorous enforce
ment of the Prohibition law, and the
effective work of our sheriff and his
We endorse the acts of the County
and Fiscal Courts,
$1500 Loss Without Insurance
it n . v .. .. n4
Harvey Bratchera store house Ml,
fit m,. tt;ii I
ttire stock of goods, on the Big ll'i'
lino " - ' I
east of Berea. was con -
pike, 1 mile
suined by fire last Friday, October 27.
The fire broke out about 12 o'clock
while Mr. Bratcher was at dinner.
"I"") -
... . ...
According to reports Drougnt to iaa
Citizen office, some boys had just
been in the store smoking cigarettes,
and the fire is believed to have orig
inated from a lighted etub thrown
anion ir some papers on tne noor.
The Iofs is estimated at $1500 anl,
there wai no insurance
ANOTHER DEATH AT BIG HILL at Bcrlin makn(r a rareful Investi
Big Hill has been visited very often gat'ion of financial conditions and
of lute by death, taking . toll of
three inside of two montha. The last
to be stricken down waa Earl B
Chasteen, 14 years of age, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Tip Chasteen. He died at
the Robinson Hospital after an opera
tion. The funeral service was held
at Pilot Knob church Sunday at 2
p. m. A very urge garnering or tne
neighbors came out te express their
sympathy to Mr. and Mrs. Chasteen
in the hour of their sorrow.
Services were conducted by Rev.
Howard Hudson.
1. R. Robertaon, Professor
History and Political Science
Berea College
There will be a new Parfiament
elected in England as a result of the
Cabinet changes. The ex-premior,
Moyd George, is campaigning for the
Coalition Liberals. It ia his belief
that the best good to England will
come from united party action just
now rather than from party compe
tition. One branch of the Liberal
party stands for this, and it ia to In
crease the number of representatives
of this branch that Lloyd George is
now working. Hia speeches are
strong arraignmenta of the partisan
spirit and method which have led to
his downfall. A tour in Scotland la
bringing out large and enthusiastic
udiences. Meanwhile the new pre
mier, Bonar Law, is telling the peo
ple that there is to be no essential
change in national policy, tho the
Conservative party is in control.
For some time there have been
rumors of a proposed .conference
with Latin American countries in the
interests of disarmament and peace.
Such conference is now to be a real
ity, and December 4 ia set aa the
date. The countries invited to par
ticipate at Washington are Nicara
gua, Honduras, Salvador, Guatemala
and Costa Rica. The plan at present
does not include the countries of
South America, and jMexIco seems
to be left out There has always
been a good deal of quarreling
among these Central Americai states
as well as revolutionary movements
within. The U. S. has little to fear
from them, hut anything that will
lead to peace and disarmament will
mean progress. The U. S. desire
a condition of stability in the neigh
borhood of the Canal Zone.
A request has been made thru
England that the United States par.
ticipate in the conference to be held
by the Allies in settlement of the
status of Turkey. Secretary Hughes
has refused to depart from the Amer
ican policy of keeping out of Euro
pean affairs. He has agreed, how
ever, as in previous conferences, ta
the presence of an observer. In this
case the service will doubtless be
performed by our minister to Switz
erland in which country the con
ference ia to be held. The U. S. haa
sent ships of war to the near East
to look out for the interests of Amer
icans in that region, but this action
is independent By virtue of her
reputation for fairness, our country
Is qualified to be more than an ob
server in such a conference.
Ireland's new Constitution has been
ratified by the Dail Eireann, much
to the satisfaction of both Ireland
and England. The Constitution la a
fitting memorial to the two leaden
recently lost by death, Griffith and
Collins. It is largely the work of
their hands and brains. In generV,
it conforms to the provisions of the
Treaty. There will be two chambers
in the legislative department, the
Upper House or Senate being com
posed of oldu-r men who serve for
twelve years. Money bills will origi
nate in the Lower House on recom
mendation of the crown. A bill of
riirhts ensures freedom of speech a,nd
religion and the Irish language is
. , . . .
tho official speech. By the terma of
. , . ,, .
V.i T...l.t an nnftt nt nllooisniVI
! T'eaty an oath of .Uejri.no.
must De iaKen io me tving oi r.ng
lund. In other respects self-government
Is granted to Ireland.
By a considerable vote the German
Reichstag has extended the term f
office of President Ebert to June 30,
1925. While this la rather an unusal
procedure, as a general election had
. , i. i i . . i . . . i.
wisest ining to ap at mis nmo ut
general unrest in Germany. The
reparation commission is now sitting
better understut'ding of the real sit
nation will soon he possible. There
has been a general appearance of
business activity and other industry,
but the fcclini: is that it la not aa
substantia! us it looks.
Spil l tha Beans.
1'vs given up telling my wife any
"So liuve I mine. It simply goes te
at one ei.r and out at the other."
TI,..1 In't the trouble with my wife.
It got- In at oiat ear and comes out oi
her mouth."

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