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Psjre Four
November I, IMS
Office in
Berea Bank
A Trass O.
Berea, K.
OtHf I'hone XI7 Ro. rhoM 174
Notary Publfc Phone No. 49
Berea National Bank Building
in all Court
Office hours -l2 a, , 1-4 a. m.
Government Dentist
Located la
Mala Street Bares, fty.
Phono No. I ,
Dr. J. C. Gabbard
Office in Berea Bank & Trust
Co. BIdg., over the Bank
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Daily
Phone 145
Jewelry Store
First Claaa Repairing
Fine Line of Jewelry
Rev. Earl F. Zeifler, Paator
On Sunday morning the communion
service will be observed with the
subject "Remembrance." There Will
be a reception of new members and
all those wishing to Unite with tho
church, who have not already signi
fied their intention, should confer
with the pastor.
Subject for the Sunday night serv-
Ice will be
"The Meaning of Man's
Moods." j mother-in-law, Mrs. Bayless Wilson,
The prayer meeting for November , this v,c
2nd will be a preparatory service for Mis Ruth Mahon is visiting her
the communion, with the subject, "In grandmother in Cottageville, West
the Breaking of the Bread." The Va.
subject of the prayer meeting, No- Earl Chastee, son of Mr. and Mrs
vember 9 will be, "Planning for the H. T. Chasteen, died Friday night
Future of the Union Church." A after an operation for appendicit at
cordial invitation is given to all these the Robinson Hospital,
services. j Misg Luia Fortune is unable to at
"Do you subscribe to the agricul
tural publications?"
"Yes," replied Farmer ('orntonsel.
"We've got to have a Utile xoinetliln'
to take our minds off of politics."
Poor Mary.
"Mamma, wliy do tliey ; people?"
They don't ; where did ou get that
"I heard uncle tell papa that at mid
night the party waxed Mury."
Keen Housekeeping.
"Y'see, on Sundays we rise late.
Then we don't need much hreukfast,
because It Is so near lunch time and
we don't need any lunch because we've
Just hsd breakfast."
Always Busy
We will sell you Queen Flour, 21
lb sack, 00c; 4 sacks $3.60; 8 sacks
$6.75. Lexington Maid, 24 lb sack,
$1.10; 4 sacks $4.30; 8 sacks $8.60.
Marigogipe Coffee, 35c lb, 3 for $1.
Good Cornmeal, 60c per sack.
P. & G. White Naptha Soap, 5c
per cake.
Don't you hate to start building
fires? I do, and especially on cold
mornings in a hurry pick up gallon
nil fan and And it iinntv. Avoid
this by having reserve oil on hand V cnurcnes or me com-
for use. We will sell you a heavy ' mun,ty for th yun P"1" th
galvanized 6 gallon spout can and llown hvf Proved bi uweM
gallons of oil for $1.60.
Monday morning at 10 o'clock we
will sell, while stock lasts, the ne ,
Gothic Shape Alumnium Percolator,
worth anywhere $1.25, our price while j
they last, 69c.
Visit The Variety Store If Yoa Can't
Find It Elsewhere
Chestnut St Berea, Ky.
Local Page
Newa at Baree and Vletaitr,
GaUWed fram a Variety
'I geareea.
Mra. G. E. Porter Is home strain
after a Uy of two weeks In the Rob
inson Hospital, where she underwent
in operation.
A lare;e number of Bereans mo
tored to Winchester Tuesday eveninu
1. tf-.ll- t 1 1 II
j or, at any rite, that la what they
attended after they Rot there,
i Miss Nancy Godbey, of Lexington,
1 spent the week-end with Miss Geneva
I Mrs. A. H. Hopkins ia visiting her
I husband at Zoo, Ky.
Mra. Dave Williams, who was
brought to the Robinson Hospital last
week, is slowly improving.
Miss Kathryn Dick and Edward
I Davis entertained a number of their
I friends at a Hallowe'en party Monday
evening. The young folks are still
raving about that good pumpkin pie,
coffee and other good eats.
Rev. Setster. Baptist evangelist of
Missouri, held two services at the
Baptist church the first of the week
that were enjoyed by all who heard
I Mr. and Mm. Sid Combs and fami
ly, of Lexinjrton, were Berea visitors
over Sunday.
Paul Allen entertained his younr
friends at his home Tuesday evening
All report a good time.
Mrs. S. E. Welch is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Jack Woods, in Cin
cinnati. D. S. Henry will be in Berea, Mon
day, November 6, for the purpose of
selling houses and lots in the Dixit
Highway ' Park. Mr. Henry made
many friends in
Berea, and those
!who have no intention of buying a
1 house will come out to shake hands ;
with him. I
! Harrell A. Linville, Certified Pub-'
lie Accountant and Tax Specializes '
of Indianapolis, Ind., was visiting in I
Berea on Tuesday. Mr. Linville is 1
much pleased with our town and our
college. I
Miss Bessy Logsdon returned home
Saturday night after several weeks
with her grandfather and other rela
tions at rowel 1, Ky. Mis Logsdon
reports a most enjoyable visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hays are mad
happy by the arrival of a boy. He
has been christened Earl Thomas, Jr.
Mrs. Wallace Clyner is visiting her
tend school this week.
Margaret Singleton, of Livingston,
spent the week-end with her cousin,
Ada Freeman.
Nancy and Lemuel Godbey, of Lex
ington, were visiting friends in Berea
last week.
Mr. Dooley Botkins and litt'e
J L . i 1 , , ! 1
uuugnier reiurnea to insir nome in
Hazard after a week's visit with rel
atives in Berea.
Mrs. Mollye Parks, who Is in train
ing at the Norton Infirmary, is at
home for a few days.
The home of William Burnell burn
ed Monday afternoon. Nothing was
Arthur W. Denlinger, pastor of the
Oakley Baptist church of Cincinnati,
will preach 10 the congregation at
the Berea Baptist church next Sun
day morning and evening. Every
body la cordially invited to attend
these services.
The weekly "Pop" parties being
Luat Monday's program waa attend'
ed by . quite a large number, and
everybody went home feeling that I
the evening was well worth while. 1
Miss Boye, one of the Berea College
workers, leads the games each week,
Next Monday the program will
take the form of a "tacky party." '
. Prizes, donated by Mrs. J. W. Welch. .
will be given for the tackiest man i
the tackles woman, and for the tacki
est couple.
All the young people of the town
over fifteen years are invited. A !
good time Is promised, I
Mr. and Mrs. Chria Woods of WU-
die visited
Mra. J. A. Oliver last
Mra. S. B.
Miss Frances
Nancy Godbey
Johnson entertained
Gardner and Mis
and Lemuel Godbey
of foxington last MontTay.
Mr. and Mra. Thompson of Wil
more have returned home after a
visit at Dr. McGuire's.
Miss Helen James, who is in school
in liPxington, wss home the first of
the week.
Mr. Gardner hss returned to West
Liberty after a long visit with hi
Mr. and Mr. Ernest Dotson have
returned to Cincinati after a visit
with his sister, Mrs. William Tar
son. Mrs. Nash and Mr. Menfiee went
to WUdie the first of the week.
Wm. Swinford, who has been work
ing in Paris, is at home this week.
Mis Jane Riley of the Normal De
partment was the guest of Miss Ef
fie Humphrey, Sunday.
Mr. and Mr. Ollie Byrd of "Ilsy
ti" were away from home one day
last week when their house caught
on fire. Their little six-year-old
daughter carried out the baby, sav
ing 4ts life, as the house burned in
a short time.
The last of the West End "group
nuiltings" was given last Friday at
Mrs. Frost's. For the past few years
no quilting in West End has been
complete without Mrs. Frost, and
those who were fortunate enough to
attend the quilting at her home will
not soon forget the good times they
There will be a pie supper at West
Eid Chapel, Saturday night, for the
benefit of the Hayti Sunday-school.
The young people's class of thj
Phristinn rhurr-ti will drive a rwiir sun
t f. Rrnj,i a-honl nM Wed-lland
nrS(Iay niBnti the rrocoeds to po for room, good bnrn. crib, and several
thp npw (.hurvh biildittfr. chicken house, good orchard, well at
. I the door. Seven dairy cows, mostly
MINSTREL AT BFREA COLORED ' J"''""?' three head of horses, 4 brood
SCHOOL BUILDING sow with pigs; all farming toola,
The Rose Ijtnd Minstrel will show i consisting of plows, harrows, culti
at the Berea Colored School, Novem-1 vator"' WK" " harness, food
hPr 4. Bth colored and white re'bu(:,ry' " 'or 'es H1011? tn"n tn
cordially invited. Begin at 7:0 I
For the information of property
owners adjacent to Berea, and those
I who may be planning to acquire such
property, Berea College cannot un
dertake to furnish water from it
mains, or extend its electric lines for
such service, beyond the corporate
limits of the town.
Prudential Committee,
By Thos. J. Osborne, Secretary
1,111 erii jii iTnu-ij fl,y jniiu. v.
326 acres three miles north of Rich
mond, Ky., in old bluegras. Lots of
bottom land and lots of new tobaccc
land in three tracts, 125 acres, 72
seres, 126 "4 acres. Clear of all In
cumbrance. Warranty title. Lately
I surveyed. Liberal terms. Price
right. Come quick. They must
I sell. A. J. BOSWELL, Richmond,
Ky. (p!8
The Economy Store
This is fine westher for you ti
bake your own bread and cakes, but
it takes good flour as well as a good
cook to make the old man smile. He
will, if you use Lexington Cream
Flour. Just received a supply, which
will be sold for $1.15 per bag.
Swifts' Silver Leaf Lard, 5 ID
bucket, $1.00; 10 lb bucket, $1.80.
Sugar is still 8c per lb, but we '
sell 13 lbs for $1.00.
We handle salt, mill feed and
scratch feed, fresh vegetables, fruits,
cakes and candies at all times. If
you can't come, telephone 172.
nsrold TerrilL Mgr.
Phone 172
Short Street
Robinson Hospital
Berea, Ky.
Kates for private room
with board and care
$1.50 to $3.57 per day
$10.50 te $25.00 per week
John F. Deaa J. W. Hsradoa
Dealers la Real Eat at
"The frost ia on the pumpkin
And the fodder's In the shock."
The spples in the orchard
Are hard as any rock.
Rerea'a rohool has opened,
And 'tis a sight to see
The students thst are coming
From the mountains to the sea.
The "ole folks" are coming, too,
And, taken a a rule.
They want to buy a little homa
And put the "kids" In school.
Now we have surely got 'em,
Just any kind you need,
From the modest little cottage
To the best you ever "seed."
We've got the forty-acre farm,
Some less, and some hsvs more;
We've got 'em for to suit the rich
0 for to suit the "pore."
We have some homes right up In
And some sround the border;
If they du not suit your mind, !
We'll build you one to order. I
Price higher thsn they used to be, 1
But they are still too low.
Bettor come and buy one now I
Before we let 'em go. I
We make the terms to suit you all '
As easy as ran he;
j So jf you want to buy a nornej
We are the men to see.
John Dean's still cashier at The
Youll always find him there. i
Herndon keeps up his rsmblin' round.
Just catch him anywhere. I
A nice dairy farm within three
mile of Berea on good road. This
farm contains about seventy seres of
with good two-story house, sit
'""d itself is worth.
This is a walk-out proposition.
Our option on this place holds goon
for the month of October. We con-
sider this the greatest bargain in 1
real estate that we have ever offered I
to the public. A man can take th s
farm and go to making a living at
It is also thoroly equipped for poul '
try raising.
This farm is priced right and the
term are easy.
Don't write, but come at once mil
see it, as it will most certainly sell
soon. 1
If you contemplate coming to Be
rea, this is your opportunity. Priced
st $6,000. j
Respectfully, j
Dean A Herndon,
Real Estate Agents,
Berea, Kentuck?
ClaMified Advertisements
The charge for ads. in this column
h one cent per word, payable in ad
vance. Minimum charge for first m
si rtion, 25 cents.
ROOMS FOR RENT 4 good rooms
in the West End. Frank Taylor.
for light housekeeping, electric lights.
Mrs. L. L. Begley, Depot street. Bo
rea, Ky. (p20)
FOR RENT Three nicely furnish
ed rooms for light housekeeping, cor
ner Chestnut and Parkway. For
particulars call on Mrs. Laura Jones.
WANTED TO BUY I will be In
the market for furs during the win
ter and will pay good prices. See
me at 49 Center street, Berea Ky.,
any time on Monday and before 10
and after 3 on all other days. J. C.
Reynolds. (p21)
To Whom It May Concern:
All persons having claims against
the estate of Sallie A. Baker, deceas
ed, are hereby notified to present
same, properly verified, to the under
signed at the Berea National Bank,
Berea, Ky., on or before December
1, 1922.
John L Gay, Executor
Mrs. Laura Jones has on sale this
week sailors, all kinds, from $2.50 to
$10. Fifty children hats from $1 to
$5 each. All patterns reduced to
cost A big shipment of new bats In. !
Now is the best time of the sessonl
to buy. Our sale is still going on.
We aim to please yoa with the beet
hat ever bought for the money.
The Habit
i an valuable as any you may acquire,
more valuable even than the money you
The Berea National Bank, lor many
years the friend and ally of working
people, will help you cultivate this habit.
And, at the same time, the federal super
vision under which we operate as a mem
ber of the Federal Reserve System, pro
vides additional protection for your funds.
Berea National Bank
J. L. GAY, Cashier
Gay. Kidd and Scruggs
Dealers in Real Estate
We Trade Lots of Land for Bits of Money
That house no matter how
small or spacious we will sell
it for you if you want it sold.
If you contemplate buying or
selling property it will pay you
to see us.
Office, Corner Main and Center Streets, Berea, Ky
That we do not cobble shoes. We have the best
equipment coupled with our experience and workmanship
which terms us as mechanics NOT COBBLERS.
Compare our work with that of others and you will
agree with us in this: "It's not so much how much you
pay, it's what you get for what you pay."
First class work for those who care.
Short Street
Make Yourself Comfortable
The Lewis Studio
Short Street Berea, Ky.
that we wsnt to do your ilu repairing. With our
years of eiperience coupled with our up-tiMiste equip
ment we can give the public the best wrviie. We also
make harness sud sell factory harness.
Rivers & Hubbard
In the new brick building on Short Street Berea, Kentucky
of Saving
Berea, Kentucky
That's all we ask of
the men we photo
graph. And just
think liou happy it
vMtuKI make the
whole family to be
surprised with a
modern photograph
of father.
Make an

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