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November t3, 1923
m& citizen
Pr Two
1 Valparaiso liurlxir, CUnr, m.r ...i.iim.u- " --' " -- i.-i.i'.nt and other
leader ..f Wonmn' National party aUrning "declaration of Independence- calling f..r r.gt.t for women.
I John J Blaine, re-elected governor of Wisconsin. and Mr. IMalne on 3.Miille lour to tell ubout Wisconsin
prmlm-t and enterprise.
The following letter from H. M.
Washburn, a miasionary In Africa,
win read aa on from a co-labor?
in an unnniahd taak to many to Bo
na. Mr. Waahburn U no itranger
bero and hit work in Africa ia of
no email Intorwt to tho who hav
kept Mm and hia family in mind
aince their visit here laat aummer.
Bulap SUtion, Sept 16, 1922.
Dear Frier, da In Berea:
Ton will all b InUreaUd to know
that wa have made almost a record
our lantern cam In handy. fahinea when you apeak to him of the
At Stanley Pool w had to wait Kingdom,
another five day for the boat to tale j Billy had a little fever aa w cam
ua up the river. W had twenty days op the river but it d'd not amount
on the river befor w reached oir to much and today Margaret haa a
Mission SUtion at Luebo and thar. little fever. We are treating her
u.j v.. aw tnr our and aha ia now normal ao we do not
porter. W cam on to Bulap in think that it ia ging to amount to
two day by the path Journey. mucn. -. ...
I a a . a V.. a I a, l HVu a. U
W. a-. indeed glad to get back to Ta "Z ZJlZ
,, work, and th. reception that w d "jj
- putting on a "County Achieve
ment Contest." Ten mountain eoun
t ea of Kentocky hav entered. It
began Auguat let and laaU for aev
erteen month. A first prit
$3,000 will b given to the eouity
inning firat plac and $2,000 to th
ounty winning aecord place. Judge
Bingham, of the Louiaville Courier
Journal, ia financing it, and Berea m
puttirg on the program. So far th
ten counties hav organlred alxteen
new Sunday-schoole, five new
churchea, one hundred new eomnu
tlty clubs, anl voted two road bond
Alao thre daya df road working
itotia and one radio aet installed.
After the cortett the ten countie'
are to b organlxed Into a league'
carrying the work which haa been
The typ of work mentioned l very
benefkient, and th atudenta can be
of great aervice In putting thia work
on, especially if they happen to be
from ary one of th ten counties
The rtudent who are her now can
h!o in a similar work when th-y i
back. One thing, they ahould be
leade-a and the time to prepar for
th! ia while we ae in school. Learn
to be a good leader wh:1e bee a' d
put it into practice now and alao af
ter finishing achool.
Berea College Hospital
rtft Eq-.r-menl and Service l Cost. Wards lor Men and lor Wore
Hun Parlor, Private Rrnms. Bstht. F.lec Irk Hervlce.
Surgery, Care in Child-birth, Ey Ncie and.Ear
Come in and ii.it sn establishment, which is Irtend In need,
anJ In .ion of all IM ix-ofle.
KostaT H. Ivl', M l , Phvslrlan
H.ius IH il v, M.l , rf.wlrlan
HbarlH Hi.ave. M. I , Phrslclao
Mix H iMtn l l.swf, R. N , .Superintendent
Miss Lai l Kotii.v). R. N., Hesd Nurse
Rates lor hosfd and room .l private (Stienls will be In lo
j lr week: M" to l w vrt dav. The rates for a
lien's csrrd lor in the wards i jo per dsf .
H Order of Prudenilal Conmilllee, Reree Culleet
had wa eroorh to make our heart
nu-n with a derir to aerre the pr
ol though they had been cold before
which we assure yon they were not.
e hundred and f ftv men cam 70
bite aa w were coming np th
We often think of all of yon anl
are glad that w had aurh a pleasant
stay among you laat winter. Pray
t himd'ed and r rtT men cam ; ' . . .
that wa have mad aimosi a . , ior us in. - m-y w
know w. ui!d from New York th " ' . . ... w.,God blea you all
Your men a,
H. M. Washburn.
firat dav of July and landad in Ant
werp th twelfth, and ther w had
a buy term daya doing eoma ahon
ping and than w sailed again th20t
burn and th children. I need my bi
vrle which was made possible by th
r"ft of th Missionary Society of th
Union Chir-eh. So that gift whlk,
w put Into a sewing machir for
for th Congo. Our voyage waa pleas- p;' " " r,IImlBdr, Th Sunday .vering meeting of the
down Into tha tropica the sun waai ' we paraoi ox xne wienw .-r -n,
warm and added IU part to thvoy. niet,r m wintur. lea.on. then he raid that tha
ag. It waa unusually cool for that wtT T', th wor1t of tr",n," "J atudenU eom to Berea to get a ad
part of th world, in 'art, tha vary m,n who Bt0r ucation, but how is th ducation
day w croarH th equator we found f" m'n',trT w 7'11 rwilb1 they are receiving to be need? Only
our coats and tweatera comfortable. "W-thT "d twchlne; aa thia .boot on half of th cost pr atudnt
But when w reach Matadi w found w"rk ntrw bm orr,n,Id bef8TJ in dollar and cents b paid by the
th- that Um captain had mad no. nse of the rush of other work. I itudentg; the remainder ia pa d by do-
mistake but brought us to the aama wT1 TT and writ yon more about norgf etc Th ft arc usually mad
hot country. I '' w" th underaUndirg that they are
In Matadi, th port of ntry, w W hav found our fellow worker to be rpent in developing th youth
had a delay of fiv daya and then in gond health and th work In good of the Southern Highland aa far m
got to our places on th little Con-ro condition. Som of our old ratlv possible. Th ma'ority of ur tta
train. I bourtt a lantern and hal friends. hav ben called over th riv- dent should go back to the'r home
it Hied with oil before w startd. r whil we were away and we rhall land, and take to thou who hav not
Th other began to ask why tha miss them but moat of tha familiar had the privileg of going to achool
lantern, but we had good us for It fare a- here and we are glad to re- the good thing which they hav re-
befo' the day waa finished. After eev them. One old man of whom I ceived he-e in achool. t
making go-Hi time all the morning t0'd von while I wa there, an o'1 The question which arise la,
ard thinking that w were going to m.d'cin doctor, and chief of a lare "What can we do If we go back?"
reach our joumey'a end before dark vTa-e who gave It all np and his Probably the moat Important thing la
w cam to a freight wreck on the plural marriage as well to b a Chris- to be a good leader. There are
lin and wer held up for hours W tian and whom I baptiied last term, rlety who 'l fol'ow if they hav
4L. v- l.j j..ti. !.,' .. .) mile, to meet na on the road, a rood leader. Th student who
b WI1VII wc icmiicu VUI L i It. V'V 11 ' - -
it waa or thirty in th mornlnjc ' W were ldeed glad to see him and have gone back Into ten of the moun
Just remember that the-e is no pro- to hear that he had been living tru tain counties of Kentucky hav aa
j. i tv. v ii.k m. wnins n tliea month. oDDortunitv to achieve very much for
viaioti mad In tha coach for light
unless th pasaengers mak th af
rangementa themaelvea. So you so
lu nnr b n. nm ik.ii - - - - -
to Vn p-ofersion all thes month, opportunity to achieve very much for
tTi. alinara that na la in toncn ineir couniiea aa a wnoie.
with th Hole Spirit for It aimply Berea Colleg and Allied School
Moat of us, providentially, start
off in life with good bodies ard minds.
These are given as by our parent
who feed oa, clothe us, send ua to
school ad make ua study and allow
u to play. They prepar th phya
'ral. mental and moral truct-e lav
ing down the foundations on which we
later should continue to build. What
poor builder so many of as are. As
a rule, the only buildirg w do is
nertal. and some of as are even tJ
laty to do that Tha moral edlf.ee
denens a good dM noon oar en
vironmert. ou ideal and our will
powe. In th main, w adoot hah
ita of thought and action which are
mora'lv rood in our relatione with
our fellowmen.
Phvarallv, however, meat of oj
cease holding when w get oat Into
th world away from parental lor
and car: away from hotr life an
playmate; away f-om th critical
eyes of our friends, and w go off
on a tangent of Indifference, deceit
and pride. Th body, our most price
less posression, w treat with th
greatest d'areapect, greatest Ignor
ance, greatest ca-lesruaa and great
est abuse. Why ahould this be so!
Is It because the car of It ia left in
our own hand? Most of a think
w are tot bury with other thinrs 'o
bother about it until It begins to
complain from miaose; to wear out;
to break down. Then we blame
providence for viait'ng oa with af
fiction and 111 health. Wo are too
vain and lacking in Intelligence to
blr ou-slevea.
When we get away from th play
lif of childhood; away from the
nurture of mother lov and strikeout
for the open road, we hav atrong
bodies built up by clean, healthful
exercise and by clean, healthful food.
A pe-fect machin In good running
order soon to he torn down by abuse.
n-'e-L Indifference, latynaaa anl
ignorarc. W disregard vn th
simpleat rules of common aenre.
"Health makea peP' happy" there
fore keep your body active and In
trim. Moat of aa deliberated ign
our own death warrant. Aak th
physician if you doubt, for ven h I
ruilty of thia common human weak
neaa. Next article "Our Criminal Ways".
John Miller.
In anit of th cold weather quite
a number witnessed the rames Mon
day afternoon on the Main Athletic
Field. In th first ram Col'eee do-1
feated Vocational 45 to 0, and in the
second game Academy waa vlctorl-
nua over th Normal by a acor of 26
to 0.
In th first gam Vocational start-
d with a crippled team. Th cap-!
tain had failed to appear for reg
ular practk and cosounty was'
not allowed to plav. Two other,
memb- of th team "struck";
In sympathy. But e'ever. loyal
"en got tore ther, and aner ine
-at ata fright, he'd th Col lore
team down, not even allowing them
to score In th fou-th onarter. I
h fleat quarter Oiler took th ball
straight to th Vocational roal b
"n bucks, and Johnston carried H
ver for th A rat touchdown. Voca
tional kicked to Coller. but on the
Srrt play College fumble-! and Voca
tional covered the hall. But on the!"
fleet play Lewi Intercented a paa
nd ran for the eeeond touchdown
Th Oil? again received the kick
eff and took th ball down th field.
Lewie again making a tnivhdow. In
the second quarter another Vocation
al pas was intercepted by Johnston
and another touchdoww made. A com
pleted paa by HrHeo mad th
final acor of the first ha'f. In the
vond half College scored twice In
the third nnsrte. and then waa un
able to hold the Vocatinral men
About the middle of the fourth quar
ter Vocational tok the bal to th"
Toller oa1 H". but a pasa waa com
Heted nntaid the ten vard line, anl
the Collere hsd the ball. From he'e
on nothing of interest occurred, an!
the game erded with Vocational In
noasesslon of the ball on their own
0 yard line. Huerra, of the Voca
tional, ahowed unusual ability in
Mil passea and much credit
should be given to th fearlers litt'a
Cuban. But above all, much credit
ahould be given the Vocational team
that played Monday aftemooa.
C-edit for never giving np even when
playing at great odda and credit fjf
ahowing loyalty to their own depart
ment by faithful practic.
Th second gam waa a littl more
even, tho th score would not ao in
dicate. Soon after tho beginrlng of
the game Wilson of tha Normal waa
forced out of th play by an Injured
leg. The game opened with a bang
when Wood-uff, of th Academy, re
ceived tha kick-off on hia IB yard Una
ard then ran for a tnochdown. Thlj
waa a remarkable feat aad la seldom
don. From here on la th first
quarter the playing waa about evea
and neither aid eeored. In th o
ond quarter Academy aocn mad th
second touchdown. Then Normal re
ceived the ball from the kick-off ami
took it to th Acadanay'a goal Una,
enly to lo by aa Utaraeptad paa.
H"elette waa th player who Inter
cepted it and h ran for touch
down. Thia waa another natlonl
play and one ecldoaa sea. Ia th
second hs'f Norn.al cam back
strong and Academy waa anly able
to score one. Both taaia ahowed
a good atyl of faotbalL Academy
nerhap ha th little bttr advasr
are. due ro doubt to tha vcrk "f
them slave and thoa drrv much
credit for th work they do.
Jaa'ar Football, Nevewtber M
Scouta 7.
Academy "Boll Dogs .
Mr. and Mr. Robert Doeraon, who
apent laat Sunday with Mr. and Mr.
Dewey Trooper near Versa ill, Ky.,
brought back splendid word concern
ing th work they ar doing In their
school and rommurity. 81nee they
began work in the Sunday-fchonL it
regular attendance haa ineread
from an average of 20 t 75. They
have 80 atudent In their achool, anl
f-om what Mr. Duereoa aayh, their
work goea on both In aad eat of the
achool room. Mr. Troapcr, h said,
waa putting Into actual practic with
the girl in hr achool tha thlrg ah
learned in domestic ackraca at Berea.
An Institution with a Changeless Task in Times of Change
n 1
Suitable Courses to Meet
All Needs
NORMAL (SUadard)
ACADEMY (AccredUed)
VOCATIONAL (Profeuional)
Religion, Music and
Extension Lectures
Berea College, Berea, Kentucky, is located on the border between the moun
tains and the Blue Grass. Has 140 able officers and instructors, draws to its cam
pus 2500 students every year, a large number from every mountain state and a few
from foreign countries.
The natural cost of living is low in this section, and good management gives a
student the best education for ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS A YEAR.
The College, controlled by no religious denomination, cooperates with all and
provides religious exercises and education. Tobacco, liquor and the carrying of
weapons are strictly forbidden. All students do some manual labor, for which
they receive credit on their school bills.
Students are not Invited who do not believe in Borea's principles.
Cheaper thaa Slayiag at He
Berea'a frirntls hav mad it putsilile lo provide
an education al a low coal. All students rio some
manual lalior whic h la credited lo their achool hills,
while many earn much of their way. These low ea-pen-es
are nut secured by unworthy deprivations,
hut students lire comlortalilv al Ihrse rates. Half
day school for the who briag least aaoaay. All
applicable amis! stake rooa resarvalioaa ia advaaeo
by dspoail of foar dollar.
Incidental Pre fur Term . .
Kootu (and Hoard for 7 weeks)
Amount due fit at of term . .V
Board, weeks, due middle of term
mis w us a
$600 9oo
75 5S
16 jo
Si .to
5 00
Total foe Term tsl.U teg-M
NOTECelle Sladaals add 11.00 a I
d atal feat Vocalieaal aad F aaatalioa) stadaala mb
tract $1.00 a teraa f roaa iacidaatal fa.

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