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N"vTreT M, IBM
I Christmas
I farts
PA RT I -NiWwirmf M mall tow.
yuan arapr man. h tella tha
atorv, Is niuinl by Hi una countable
acttutta of a mn wfio. from the w n
f a tin hnuM. apiar-nlly haa vara.'
with Invlaibla prr.imaa a. particularly
aieniionin ana "Himiilednria." 'I ha youth
Sma to Ma txa aina iouim-. lha humi 01
Ira AP rihwala. nal itoor to lh arenr
of tha airana arucrwllnxa. bawlldrrad
PART II Nail momma ha discovers
Ma Iranaa nruhbnr la Ilia linn Davt.i
r)iairy. pmmina it BnlKleian. and unl
va a-ilr ranpiriHl l a lira of hit Uai
M i aaaart. nc. a la maMrdl tnler
n.irl a a fvlioar boarrler, a Mr am iria
Itooilrn later, with Miaa A tx-rthwa la
h la aa anaean wltnoaa of a purely
(rnamnary )umpne content baiar. an Heaa
ley and a "Hill lltmmaralay " Miaa
A prrlhwalia appaaia deeply concerned.
On re apparently bing n pnaa ole as
planal on af lha atrmnaa Jro:adlnfa.
TART III -The reporter Irarnt that
Baary and Miaa Apperihaaite tad at
one time been enaaaa.l. and II at the
ynunc lady had broken tha rniiicmttni
brrauae of Kaaalay'a "lack of Imagina
tion." "They are!" And, In snwrr In her
limit of tmrprl"1. 1 explnlncd thnf I
hl rx-pitn fo spcalt nf I'ensley nl Mrs
Appcrthvralte's. and described th ah
niptnes with nlilrh Iowilt'n had
rbnnrMl th subject.
"I se." mt cotton nodded, rnmprr
her. tinrjtv. Tlmt'a simple enough
0c ;r IViwdeo dMn't want you to
of TVastfy there. ( 'ippn l
may hv Invn n litll eitiliiirriiKlni.'
for everybody especially If Ann A
portlm nita henrd you."
"Ann? That's Miss AppcrthtvnlteT
Tr; I was spenklng rtlrertly to her.
Vhy shouldn't she hnve lunril hip)
Flip tnlked of him herself a Utile Intel
and nl some length, too."
"Kb dm My roiivln slopped firk
ins, and flec me wlib Iht glittering
eye. "Well, of all r
II m aiirprlnlngT"
Th In.ty rnv Iht lwnt in Inn whtpp
rnln. "Ann AprTthwnltp IhlnkP
Imul Mm allll!" r-lie anlil, with wmr
llilne l.ka vltnllrtlvrnea. "I've b I w n
anar en-foil If. Sha thmiplit yon cr
new in ti e p1ara anil tlliln't know any
tlilnar nlxmi It all, or anybody to men
tion II In. Thnl'a It T
"I'm nflll new to the place." I orrerl,
"niil mill don't know anything about
It till
"Ttioy rd tn be enenprd," wna br
anrdnct and atnphnflr anawor.
1 f mi ml It but ton lllnmlnatlnc "Oh.
ohT I rrlad. "I waa an lnnnnt.
iawi'1 IT
"I'm rind ah drwa think of Mm,"
aald m rttttaln. "It rrc her rlirht.
I only hopaj ha won't find It out, b
rntiae he'a a poor, faithful rrealtir;
he'd Jump at tha rhanr to lake hr
bark and aha doean't dKr him."
"Ilow lonj h" It ben." I aakul
"Inoe tlrry nad ! he enicacpdT"
"ith. a imod whlie flv or alx ycara
acn. I ttiln!t marbi mora; limn aklpa
alon. Ann Appffriwalte'B no rlilca
n. yon know." (Such waa tha Indy'a
aprealon.) "Tliay rot antra e1 Jnl
after aha mm home from mllaira, and
nf a'l tha IdlntlonlW romnntlc r'rla "
"Tint h'a a taarhfr," I lntarrupled
"of mntliemntlra."
"Yea " Fhe nodded wlarly. "I al
wara fhmtshl that rtnln'nnd It: the
rotnnnr la a reaction from t' al
gebra. I paver knew a perann con-.-tel
with mathemntlcaor aafronomy
or afnt'atlra. or pot of thnaa eract
thlnp, wbe didn't hnva a rmxy atreali
In "em nmw here. TlmT'Te got to blow
T afrnm and he foollah tn make tip
for pttftlna In an much of their time
at hnrd eenne. Pnt don't yon think
thnl I IMIke Ann Apperthwnlte. She'a
al-nra been one of m rf-t frlenda;
tlinfa hy 1 feel at llliefty In alma
her and I aln-aya will aln her
when I fh'nk hnw ahn treated poor
Dnrld reletr."
"Mow did ahe trent hlmT"
"H'lirew him over out ot clear aky
one nlfht. thnl'a ll. Juat aent him
home and hnike ft 1 at heart: Hint la. It
would hne been broken If he'd had
any kln.l of dlapnaltlon except Hie one
the l.onl lileaaetl him with Juat all
optlttiim nnd rherrfnlneaa anil Itiake
tlie beat-of-lt-neaa! Ile'a never mred
for anybiHly rlaa, and I gueaa ha never
What did ahe do It fnrT
"Noth'n!" My eonaln ahot the In
dlpnnnt word from bar 1 1 pa. "Nothing
In the wide world !"
T.nf there tnnat haa been
"Uatvu to nie," alia Inif I rupted,
"ud It-II uia If yu avvr hoard any
thing iiuerivr la yuur life. They'd
brvu riiunid Heaven kuowa how
loim uer I wo yeura; prolmlily nrarvr
tlirvw tiiid aluaya aha krpt piiltlnu It
Off; Muulilu't kr-lii to get reudy,
wouldn't avt a day for tli wedding.
Then Mr. Aiiperllinaita died, and lefi
her and her mother atrunded high and
dry Willi .milling to llva on. Iuvlil
lind ever) thing In the world to glvi
her und atlll aha wouldn t! And then
out (Itiv, alia raiua up her and tolil
Bi klid brokva It olt Suld.alii'
conliliTT atann It Id ha ennnsed 10
David flenaley another mlnutal"
"Put whyr
"Hecnuae" my cottaln'a tona waa
hrlll with her deapnlr of cxpreaalng
tbe entire ahe would hava put Into It
"braue. aha an Id ha waa a man af
an Imagination !"
"She atlll nay so," I remarked,
The It'a tint ahe got a llttl Imag
(nation heraelf!" annpnrd my enmpnn
Ion. "Pavld Benaleya the qiitefeat
mnn Ond haa mad, hut everylimlr
knowa what he Is! ThTe are aome
rnre people In this world that aren't
all talk; there are aome atlll rarer
one that acarrely ever talk at nil
and Dnvld IVaaley'a one of them. I
don't know whether It'a hecnine he
can't talk, or If he can and hates to:
I only thnnk the Lord he'a put a few
Ifk that Into thla talky world f Invld
Hennley'a amlle la better thnn ncree
of other pcnple'a talk. My Providence
Wouldn't anybody. Jtiaf to look nt him.
know thnt he does better thnn ttillt?
He thinks I The tmtthle w ith Ann Ap
perthwatte wtta that alie M-na too
young tr see It. She was an full of
novels and poetry and drenm'ncs and
hlclifalutlti nonaenae ahe couldn't see
anything aa It renlly v.a. Fhe'd ttnlr
her mltror. and see atirh a heroine of
romance there thnt she ,ut couldn't
hear to hsve a flnnce who hndn't nnr
rhnnce of ttirnlne out to he the crown
prince of Kenohn In illei.le! At the
very lenat, to attlt her b'd bnve hnd
to wenr a "well-trimmed Vnndyke' rind
con sonnets In the glnamlne. nr read
"(n a r.nlrony' to her by a red Inmp.
"Poor Pnvld! Otttatde of hla law
book. I don't be"eve he'a ever read
nnythtnr but 'Iloblnsnn rntie' nnd
the nihle and Msrk Twain. Oh. you
should bnve henrd her tnlk about It!
'I couldn't bear It another diiy.' ahe
aald. 'I couldn't atnnd It! In all the
time Tve known him I don't believe
he'a ever aaked me single question
except when he aked me If I'd mnrry
him. Me never rsva anything never
apeska at all! she snld. 'Von don't
know a blessing when yon aee It.' I
told her. "nieaalngr sh anld. There's
nothing In the mnn! He hna no
depth"! He hasn't any mar Imagina
tion thnn the rhnlr he tlta and sits
and alts In ! Half the time he answer
whst I sav tn him by nodding and anv
log "um-huio," with that same old
foolish, contented smlla of his. I'd
have icone mad If It hud lasted any
longer I' I asked her If she thoniilit
nuirrled life consisted very lurgely of
conversations between husband and
wife; and she answered that even
married life ouclit to have some po
etry In it. 'Some romanre,' ahe aald.
"some soul ! And he Just enmpa and
alts,' ahe aald, 'nnd alta and slta end
alts and sits! And I can't bear It any
loticer, and Pve told Id in so.' "
"Poor Mr. Itensley," I said.
"1 think. 'Poor Ann ApperthwalteP "
retorted my cousin. "I'd like to know
If there's anything nicer thun Just to
I Think, Toer Ann Appsrthwaltsl'"
Rstorttd My Cousin,
alt and alt and sit and alt with aa love
ly a man aa that a mnn who under
aluiida tilings, and thinks snd IMeus
slid smiles lusteud of SViiaatlu(ly
talking t"
. "Aa U -' r.narked, "I've
Heard Mr. neaatew rail."
"Why. sf conrae ho talks," ah re
tained, "when there'! any real am la
Ik And he talka to children J he'a that
kind of man."
"I meant particular Instance," t
began meaning to aee It she eonld
give me any riew te Rllt Hamtnemtey
and Wmpledorla. hut at that moment
the gate clicked nnder the hnnd of
another caller. Iff eonaln rna to
greet him, anil presently I took my
renve without having been able to got
back upon the subject of Reaaley.
Thus, once mors h filed. I returned
to lira. Appetihwallr'e and wlthla
the hour came Into full poaaeaalon of
the very heart of that dark and anhtls
mystery which ovethnng the hmiao
next door aad ao perpleaed my soul.
Finding thnt t had atlll aome lelsnrt
before me, I got a hook from my rootn
and repnlre.l tn the bench In the gar
den. Put 1 did not rend: I hnd bnt
nttcned the bo k when my attention
was arrested by anttnda from the other
aide of the high fence low and trem
nlous crooning of distinctly African
"Ah mat mah atetnh In a-mawnm.
(Ah 'us a-waeln' up da Mil as slow!
'aiatuh, yoa mua' fit a rattle In doe time,
B fo da havumly do's close tar "
It wna the voice of an aged negro;
and the simultaneous sllirhf creak'ng
of a smntl huh and axle aeemed fo In
dicate thnt he waa pitdi!ng or pulling
a child's wagon nr rerambulntnr np
and down the walk from the kitchen
door to the atable. While, he prof
fered ennthlng music: over and over
he repeated the chtnt. tlimirh with va
riations; encountering In turn h'a
brother, hla danphferj each of hi par
ent, hi nncle, hla mitain. and his
aecond-eottsln. one after the other
ascending the aame elope with th
same perllona leisure.
"I.av still, honey." lie Interrupted
h's Inlunctlnns tn th second -cnua'n.
"De keep on a-nnpp'n' an' a-breavln'
de fesh air. Insa wha's go mek yoo
good an' well agin "
Then there spoke the atranrest
voice thnt ever fell upon my ear; It
wna not like a child's, neither was It
like a very old person's voice; It might
Unve been a cms'-hnprr's. It wna an
thin arn time, ann mnue or sum itnyi
anv is nnd qunvers nnd crenklncs.
"Iwanf " aid this elfin voice. "1
w nnf I'.lll llntnmertey '"
Ti e shnliby enr which hnd pned my
conln's hoit'e wns drawing tip fo the
curb near Pensley's gntc. Evidently
the eld ne-ro snw It.
"Ill dnr!" he exelnlmed. "Ixwik at
dnt! Ilnln' I'.lll a cotnln' yonnnh de
edrni'ly on de dot nn' to de vey stiot
an' lntlnk when yon 'qn'nh fo' 'Im,
honey? Inr come M'sf Diive, right,
on de minute, an" you kin bet yo' Ins
hnnnnd du'lnhs he got dnt Hill Hum
niersley wlf 'Im! Come along, honey
chile! Ah'a cn' tn pull yon 'roun In
de side ynd fo' to meet 'em."
The small wagon creaked away, the
chnnt renmlng as It went.
Mr. lovrten Jumped onf of the car
wttn a wnve nr ni nnnn 10 ine nrtver,
nensley hlmelf, who drove through his
open enrrtage-entes and down the
drive nn the other aide of th house,
where he waa lost to my view.
Powden. entering nnr own gnte. nnd
ded In a friendly fnhlon to me, and
I advanced tn meet him.
"Some day I want tn tnk yoa over
next door," b aald cordially, as I
an: tip. "You oucht to know Ttene
ey. expeclnlly na 1 hear you're doing
nine xilltUul reporting. Duve Ileua
ey's going to he lite next puvernor of
hla stute, you know." He lunched,
rTe-ed nie a clnr, nnd we aut down
ogeiher on the front steps.
"From all X lienr." I rejoined, "ynu
'tie'lit to know who'll get It." (It was
aid In town thnt iKiwden would
i-oine pretty neitr hnvlng the notulna
ioti In his pneket.")
"I expect you thought I shifted the
ulijcct pretty briskly the other d:iT'
le glnneed at me qulr.7.lcally from un
ler the brim of his hlnrk felt hnt. "1
iiennt to tell you about thnf, hut the
PIMirtunlty didn't occur. Vou see'
"I underatntid," I Inlermpted. "I've
n unl i'ie story. You thought It might
e eniiiiirrnnslng to Miss Apper
hwnlt." "I extect I wna pretty clumsy about
t." snld Dowden. cheerfully. "Well
veil" be flicked his clgnr with a
inotliiTi'd e.liii'UlatUtu thnt was Imlf
t alu'h nnd hnlf a lunch; "it's a mighty
trnnue rnxe. Here they keep on llv
ng next door to ench o'her, yenr after
nr. e;n h gnln-j on tilone. when Ih'j
.light Just na well tie left ifie
sentence anflnlshed, save for a vecnl
click of cnmpnaalon. "They how when
ihy happen to meet hut they haven't
ichanged a word since the night aha
ent him away, long ago." He ehook
hla head, then hla countenance cleared
tnd he chuckled. "Well. air. Dave's
got something at Some to keep him
bnsy anongh, the days, I expect r
! ynu mind telling mer I In
quired, "la hla name 'HIinpledorla'T
Mr. Powden threw hack hla head
and laughed loudly. "Iinl. no! What
on eatfh tnnde yoa think thiitr
I toid him. It wna my second suc
cess with thla nnrratlve; however,
ihere waa a difference: niy former au
ditor listened with Hushed and breath
less excitement, whereas the present
one laughed conatnmtlly throughout,
especially he laughed with a great
laughtr at the picture of lleaaley'a
coining down at four in the morning
to nien tli door for nothing on sea or
land or In the waters under the eurth.
I giive account, also, of the tniraculoua
Jumping contest (though I did not
mention Mlsa Apperthwalte'a having
been with nie), and of the elfin voice
I had Just now overheard deinaiidlng
"Kill lluniiiiersley."
"Ho I expect you must have decid
ed." be chuckled, when I concluded,
"that Pavld Denaley has gone Just
plain liimine." I
"Not a hit of It. Nobody could look
at htm and not know better thnn that." .
"You're ri;rlit there!" anld Dowden,'
heartily. "And nnw I'll ti-g you all
there Is to It. Y'ou see, Pnve grew I
up with a cousin of his named Hntn- ;
llton 8lft; they were boy together;
went to the anuie school, and then to
collejre. I tlnn't believe tfiere wna ever
a high word spoken between them.
Nobody In this life ever got a qtmrrel
out of Pnve Itensley, and Hiimllton !
-iwlft waa a mighty good sort of a fel
low, too. He went Knst to live, after !
they got out of college, yet they al
ways managed to get together onre a
venr, generally about Christmns time,
Ynu couldn't pnsa thorn on the street
without lienrlng their luiililer ringing
out louder thnn the slelgh-hells, may- j
be over some old Joke between them,
r some fool thing they did. perhnps,
hen they were liovs. Rut ftnnlly
llnndlton Swlft'a hnxlness took him
over to the other side of the water to
Mv; und he mnrrled an English girl.
"Simpledoria la Supposed to Be Ham
ilton Swift, Jr.'s, St Bernard Dog."
in orphan without any kin. That was
iihont seven years nga Well, air, this
inst summer he und his wife were tak
ing a trip down In Switserland, and
they were both drowued tipiied over
ut of a rowbont In Lake Lucerne
nnd word enme Unit Hamilton Swlft'a
will npixiinted Pave guardian of the
one child they hrd, a little hoy Ham
'Itnn Swift, Junior's, hla name. He
was Sent across the ocean In charge
if a doctor, and Iav went on to New
York to meet hln. He brought hlro
tiome here the very day before yoa
sssed the house and anw poor Pave
retting up at foil' in the morning to
'et thnt ghost In. An.' a mighty funny
.'host Simpledoria Is'"
. Ml begln.to wlpi-stund," I sold, "and
Fresh It Is!"
It is a pleasure to go to your
cake-bos when you have
baked with ROYAL Baking
Powder because it is in the
nature of a pure Cream of
Tartar Baking Powder to
keep baked foods fresh.
This means a real economy
and is just one of a hundred
reasons why careful house
keepers insist upon Royal
Baking Powder. Some others
are i
It Contains No Alum
Leaves No Bitter Taste
. fer-rpretty BlITy. ton."
"Not sf all." he rejo'ned, heartily.
"That llttl chap's freaks wnnld mya
nfy anybody, eapeviatif with Dave hw
mr'n 'em the rldtcnlone way h
does, f In tnl 1 1 in Hwlft, Junior, la fit
rarlotisst child I ever saw and the
good lord knows II tiuide all chil
dren powerful mysterious! This poor
little cuss hns a complication of In
flnnltles that hnve kept him on his
buck mot of his life, never knowing
other children, never ptnvlng. or any
thing; and he's got Ideas snd ways
Hint I never anw the heat of I He a
bora alck. aa t understand It his
hones nnd nerves and Inaidca are all
wrong, somehow but It s supposed he
cts a llttl btfr from year to year.
II wenrs a pretty elnbnrnf set nf
braces, and he's subject tn attacks,
too I don't know the nam for Vin
and loaea whnf little voice h hn
sometimes, all but a whisper. II had
one, I knnw, th day after Reasley
broii'lif him home, nnd thnt wns prob
iibly the rensnn yoti thnneht Pnve was
carrying on all to h'mslf about that
'mnplng-mntch out In th bnck-yanl.
The boy must have ben lying there
In the little wngnn they hnve for htm.
while Pnv cut up shlnea with 'Hill
Hnminersley.' Of cours. most children
hrtv mnke-belleve friends nnd coin
pitninns. especlnlly If they hnven't any
hi others nr sister, hnt this lonely
little fe'ler'a pot hi people workid
out In Ida mind nnd materialized he
jnnd nny I ever henrd of. Pnve gr
w-ell nrqtininfed with 'em on the train
on the way home, nnd they certainly
are giving him a lively time. Ho. hn'
fietflng him up at four In the mom
ng "
Mr. Powden's mirth overcame htm
for s moment; when he hnd mastered
It. he ccntlnued : "Slmpledorln now
where do you suppose he got thn'
nnine? well, anyway, Simpledoria Is
supposed to be Hnmilton Swift, Jua
Inr's. St. Rernnrd dog. Heusley hnd in
bathe him the other dny, he told me'
Antl Dill Hnminersley Is supposed to
be a boy of Hamilton Swift, Junior's.
"vn sge, but very big and strong; ha
rm nwy cheeks, and he enn do mo.-v
In athletics thnn a whole college track
lenm. Tlmt'a the reason he out
Jumped Puve so Mr, you see."
(Continued Next Week)
- (Continued from Pago Two)
Idaho set u tor's tlmuglits are mi the
subject of Ititerniitionnl relations. As
It Is. Senator tornh after March 4 next
will lie the second ranking member of
this great committee.
When Senator Harry S. New of In
diana retlrea from office next Mun-h
the Republicans will find It necessary
tn t nine a new chairman for the com
I mittee on territories and insulur pus
Sessions. Thla committee has tn do
with Hawaii, Alaska, I'nrtn Itlco nnd
the Philippine Islands. The Impor
tunc of Its duties therefore can be
well understood.
It la said today that the Republicans
probably will choose Nicholas Long
worth of Cincinnati as the lender in
the next hnus to succeed Itepresenta
tlve"Mondell nf Wyoming, hut this mat
ter has not yet hen settled.
Claims of Wets snd Dry a.
Naturally enough the so-called
weta claim thut the so-called drys
lost prestige as s result of .the elec
tion. Naturally enough, also, th drys
hold that the aame thing Is true
In reverse. The sale of Intoxicating
liquor la forbidden by the Constitu
tion of the United States. To some
minds that settle things absolutely
until the day. If it ever shall come,
when the constitutional amendment
shall be reieled.
Now it should he noted thnf tha
eighteenth amendment to the Consti
tution provides thla: "The manufac
ture, sale or tr.inortutlm of Intox .
Icuthig liquors within, the importation
thereof Into, or the exportation there
of from the I'nited States and all ter
ritory subject to the Jurisdiction
thereof for beveruge purposes Is here
by prohibited."
The whole thing, therefore, seem
I Ingly hangs on the answer to the
I attention of what are Intoxicating
j liquors. Several cot gressinen have
'expressed a determination to Intro
duce hills providing for mod I Meat Ions
of the Volstead set which fixed the
1 alcoholic content of liquors wlil. h may
he sold at an exceed ngly low er
centage. one that, a I moat reaches tbo
vanishing point.
Question for Supreme Court.
It Is held by s great many men
that congress by s statute can define
Just whul Intoxicating liquors are. end
thereby If emigre- should say thul
wine containing 14 per cent nf 'alco
hol Is not intoxlcutlng. a beverage of
that alcoholic content can be sold not
wlthsfnnillig the irovlalon of 'the
eighteenth amendment.
Aa a matter of fact, the Supreme
Court of the United States probably
would ItHve to decide Hi question.
The rrohihltlonlsts know this, and
some of them any they do not In any
way fear th result of an act of con
gresa which, for Instani-e, night say
Hat 5 pr cent oeer und 10 ier cent
wine tire not Intoxlcutlng. They any
the best possible exhibit for a court
which hna tn pass oh th matter would
b the attested ctiae of some mail who
had iM-en drinking per rent beer, and
Id per cent wine, and who had been
picked up Incapacitated.
The advocate of hclit win and
beer any Judges, like other people, are
human, and will ink a human view,
end they add thai the human view
Is liberal. Therefore tbev any they
are not afraid of any declalon. which
the Supreme court might rend-r con
ccrning nn uct of congress which fixed
whill Uioy cull a nivderuts lueusuremi
eh nlmnc Mima,.. . i iivri ' 'ignt
Tiere; ha been a great emonnt et
misunderstanding ertnevrnlng this wot
rnd dry quest Inn. M eeenie to be
perfectly true that great many
Amrican cltlaens, men f pnM04
Intelligence, believe thnl congress of
It own ad run set aside a iinrarl
fntlonnl amendment. '-h whlrti
fnin pretty i-bis tn he'ng a sicle
afittemeni to this effect wr mini la
place during the recent canipMlgti. It
!a anld that In certain pnrte f thw
nttntry aom nf th votr actually
believed thnf If t'-ey electetl a rp
eanintlv nr a senittnr known in be
"wt." nn the dty fdlnwlng th lo
fmn all th saloons In th district
or In th stnt would be rmened and
nn on cottld deny their right to sell
Power of Congress Limited.
Of course thla la a statement of
one of the extreme In the case, but
It la generally believed In ssii plncM
thnt the two house of congress by a
Joint vote enn net aside a consllto
tlonnl amendment. All that congrena
can do, of course, la tn have the mat
ter of repenl nf nn nmettdmenl tn tha
Constitution submitted to the tatea
of the I'n'on for action. If congress
shall modify the present law sn aa
tn permit the manufacture nf light
ber and light wlnea. and the United
States Supreme court shall declare tha
Inw unconstitutional, the nnlv way of
bringing back light wlnea nnd beers
to th bars nf the country will be
through a repeal nf the amendment
which today forbids their npiieiirance
cn bar nr table.
The attempt here hna been made to
set forth with ut prejudice the situa
tion In this wet and dry ens. It
seemingly Is true that the weta gained
a number In the next congress, hut M
also la true thnt nine state of tha
Lnlon can prevent a reiieal of tha
eighteenth amendment. If the amend
ment la tn be changed. It will take a
long time to dn it. It N certain, how
ever, that when th nw congiens
meets attempts will be mu'V tn define
Just what Intoxlcutlng liquors are
nnd nn attempt also will be made to
raise the present amount of alcohol
which beverages may contain. It la
likely, also, that the attempt may ho
tnnde In the present coi grpsa. but the
general feeling seem to be thul aucb
n law will have a better chance next
year thun It will have at Hie preseoL
8igns of Breeding.
She was verv superior and very
haughty, and the Woman listened to
her conversation rather uhaorhedly, aa
she wna fascinated by the things
And then she sH)ke of clothe.
"Hut, my dettr." she said to her
friend, "I w-ns amazed to find nut that
l.ulu wear domestic underwear.
I'tincy wearing cheap lac and rib
bons shoddy and vivid. It Just showed
how common ahe really was. I think
more than unythiag else, true breeding
shows in underwear. I wouldn't
dream of getting anything but th
finest quality of the French tnd
iiiutle lingeries."
But whul pussies the Woman Is
how Is one going to know who Is well
bred r Exchiinge.
No Avsnu of Escape.
Visitor You have really beaatiftsl
avenues In the prison grounds.
Convict True, sir; but there's M
avenue of escupe.
In nil Spain there are fewer than
6,000 children lu the Sunday schoota
Hands chapped?
.heals quickly and
Liberal assortment
aad hill value paid
Hides sad
Osat aksa
YOU can't be well and hearty un
less you are p nerly ncsintJied
you can't be strong unless your
appetite is good.
For a keen appetite, good digestion,
rich red blood, and the "punch" and
"pep" that goes with perfect health.
Vou need Cude's I'tpto-Mangan.
Take Cude's for a short tune and
note the big difference in the way you
look, eat and feel.
Vour druggist has it liquid or tab
let, us you prefer.
Tonic and Blood Enricher
Via? I

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