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Pare Foot
Mm la Berea Rank A Trail Ca.
Oflr Phoae
Bar, Ey.
PWm 1T4
Reta'V Puklk
Bre Nattoeal Bank Building
mi all Coarsa
Oftce aaare MS a. 1-4 . a.
Coram DMBt Dentist
atee m
Maia Street Beee. Kf.
Pkaao Na. S
Jewelry Store
First Gam Repairing
Pine Line of Jewelry
Progress Club Bazaar, Thursday,
Dec. 7, 1922, 7 o'clock to 5:30 o'clock
at Mrs. 8. R. Baker's store on Main
street All kinds of fancy work:
apron, towels, handkerchiefs, pillow
cases, etc. Get jour Christinas gift
at the Progress Club Bazaar.
Brother Tom How do you get the
hide to Fletcheriaa so nicely.
"By making a game of It"
I see. Playing chew-chew."
Wo are thankful for many bless
fogs of the year, and especially our
friends. Wo invite yon to visit our
shop. We welcome you.
Now is the beat time of the year
to butcher hogs. If you use good
salt and pack meat well, you will
have no trouble curing meat We sell
that good Kenawha non-hardening
Salt $1.10. 100 tt sack. Pure Black
Pepper, ground, 80c lb. Fresh Rub
bed or Ground Sage, 10c pkg. Red
Pepper, 10c can.
Saoaage, Hot BiscaiU, Coffee
Lexington Maid Flour best by
test $1.10, 24 lb sack.
Variety Blend Coffee, 30c lb. Wo
grind it. A trial will please you.
Always Basy
Chestnut St. Berea, Ky.
Local Page
Nws of Berea and VMaUt,
Colbert frees a TsrWty
Wslnnt Meadow
Walnut Mtadjw, Nov. 1& We
were sorry to hear of the death ef
Mrs. Pheobe Greene, wife of Stcpb i
Green, who lived in our neighborhood
two years ago, but lived on Uppe'
Silver Creek until her death. Mr.
Greene had been feeble for years, was
rast eighty, hsd been married sixty
four years. Mr. and Mrs. Chaa. An
derson msde a business trip to Rich
mond yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. Ben
John Mure, and family. II Money , ta fcT.
id daughter, Rebecca, and Mr. an I . d.ytMi Booher, of Rich
Mnt James Reinhardt motored to
Paris, Ky., Sunday to visit Mr. anl
Mrs. D. S. Henry of that place.
A little girl, Naomi, arrived at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Collins
on Boone street Monday.
Barnett Miracle, who lives four
miles no-th of Berea on the Dix'
Highway, returned Tueaday from
Pineville, where be attended th
fuieral of his daughter, and imme
diately after he reached home he re
ceived the sad news of the death of
his mother-in-law, Mrs. Stephen
Marshall E. Vaughn was in Somer
set Tueaday and Wednesday in the
interest of the Eastern Kentucky
Achievement Campaign which is be
ing promoted by the Exteisioi De
partment of Berea College.
Everette L. Dix returned Monda)
from Harrodiburg, where he spent
Satu-day ard Sunday apeaking at
various points in the interest of the
Red Cress Roll Call.
The County Health Nurse, Miss
Quinn, and Miss Housewall. of the
Child Welfare Bureau of the State
Board of Health, were In Berea
Tuesday makirg arrangements for a
Baby Clinic, medical examinations,
and other health measures for the
Mike Lamb, of Big Hill, whosa
home burned several days ago, wai
in town Tuesday ar.d reports that hit
neighbors and a!ao several friend In
Berea have been very generous in
supplying cretain needs of his family
in their stress. He Lopes to be able
to rebuild soon.
Lewis Renick arrived this week
from Jacksonville, Ala., to begin
work in the College Broom Factory.
Mr. Renick will succeed Bascom
Frarklin as assistant . superintendent
of the Broom Factory on January 1,
when Mr. Franklin will enter school.
E. L Feese was in Berea from
Lexington thia week visiting his son
and daughter who are in school her.
Charlie Davidson is in Cincinnati
on business.
E. G. Walker was in East Bern
stadt and London Friday and Satur
day of latt week.
Mr. Hughes, booking agent of the
Redpath Chautauqua, is ir Berea for
a few days in an effo-t to stir up
"ome interest in a chautauqua for
Mr. and Mr a. E. G. Walker left Be
rea yesterday for Louisville to ipend
Thanksgiving. While in Louisville
Mr. Walker will attend the Thanks
giving festival and ceremonial of the
A. A. 0. N. M. S.
Rube Abney left Tuesday noon for
London to attend Federal Court It
is underrtood that Mr. Abney wi.l
appear as . a witnesa against Mr.
Brock, fo-merly of Berea.
J. O. Gaires returned to Berea for
a short visit with his family after
a month's stay in Knott Letcher anl
Perry counties.
mond, spent the week-end with
friends here. William Bumell.whos
home burned sometime back, has his
new house ready for the roof. Best
wishes to all readers of The Citizen
and hurrah for it
Wm. B-adley Lake, of Harts Settle
ment, and Mrs. Bertie Hackett who
resided on the Big Hill Pike 1 mile
act of Berea, were quietly married
in the p-esence of a few immediate
friends at the home of Rev. and Mr.
W. R. Hunt Jackson street Berea,
on Wednesday evening, November 29,
at 7:00 o'clock. Rev. W. R. Hunt
Both the bride ard groom are for
mer students of Berea ard tha brtdj
has taught in the public schools of
Rockcastle County.
They are receiving heartiest con
gratulations from many friends.
Rev. Arthur W. Delinge-, at Cii
elm all, O., has act opted the call of
the Berea Baptist church to become
its pai tor. He will take up the work
here January I, 19 23.
Y. W. C a.
At the Ladies Hall divisioa ef the
Y. W. C A., Sunday evening, the
group listened with a great deal of
Interest to Miss Frances Godly, who
wss the lesder. She gave us the
benefit of her cartful consideration
of the subject "The Cood Samari
tan on Our Campus," and brought
out a number of good thoughts.
Miss Welsh also told an ir.cideni
which had a helpful application to ou
livea as we mingle with others on
the campus. The Good Samarita.i
idea was forcefully presented from
iu College girl viewpoint
If you want to make your Christ
mas purchases early, come to the Y,
W. C. A. Bazaar Monday afternoon
in the Vocational Chapel. There will
be all kirds of attractive gifts which
you can purchase for little cost
If you are hungry you csn have
doughnuts and cocoa or most any
thing else you want to eat There
will be lots cf homemade candies
Come and have a good time, you
will enjoy it and profit also. It
Rev. Earl F. Ze'g'er, Paator
Morning service, December 3rd, at
11 o'clock. Subject of sermon, "Ed
ucsted for Christian Living." This
will be a sermon in observance of
American Education Week, sponsored
by the American Leirion, cooperating
with the National Education Arsoci
ation and the U. S. Bureau of Edu
cation. The slogans of the week
are: Children Today, Citizens To
morrow; A Msn of Knowledge In
c-easeth Might; No ill teracy by
by 1927; A Sick Body Makes a Sick
Mind; A Godly Nation Cannot Fail.
Night service at 7 p. m. Subject
of sermon: "Losing the Lo-d."
The Urion church will unite on
Thursday morning, Nov. 30, with tho
other churches of the town in a
Thanksgiving service in the Baptist
church at 9:30 a. m. Rev. Bake-, of
the Christian church, will preach.
The Thursday night prayer meet
ing will be omitted on Thanksgiving
The Junior C. E., recently organ
ized, met on Tuerday afternoon this
week with an increasirg attendance.
The Church Invitation:
To all who mourn and seek com
fort, to all who are ti-ei and need
rest, to all who are friendless and
need friendship, to all who are lonely
and want companionship, to all who
a-e hopeless and want rhelterirg love,
to all who desire to worship and fin I
intercourse with the Friendly Power
behind the world
The Union Church of Berea
opens wide its doors and in the name
of Jerus Ch-iat our Lord b:ds you
come to the services next Sunday.
Members, workers, students, the peo
ple of the commu"iy, the stranger
within our midst all are welcome.
X HE number of those who trade
with us is growing every day. Have
you joined the ranks? If not, why not?
No better' meats are sold anywhere
and our prices are easy on the pocket
book. Wilder' Market and Grocery
A. J. WILDER, Proprietor
Short Street, Phone 1 1 Berea, Ky.
The Economy Store
Get ready for Thanksgiving Day.
We have arything that yon will need
to make your dinner complete ex
rept the turkey.
Cranberries, per qt 25;
Celery, per bunch I0c
Nuts of all kinds, per lb. 25c to $1.25
Dates, per package 25c
Fin, per package 15c
Raisins, per package 25c
Cherries, fine quality, per lb.... $1.00
Citron, per lb 70c
Prunes, per tt 20c and 25e
Peaches, extra quality, per lb...252
Swans Down Cake Flour, per pkg 45c
Cream Flour, per bag $1.13
Swifts Silver Leaf Lard, peT lb..l7j
Potatoes, per bag $2-75
Brookfle'd Creamery Butter anl
f-psh country butter for sale at all
We pay cash for err.
Our customers are always pleased.
Vou get the best for the lowest price.
Harold Terrill. Mr.
Phone 172
Short StfMi
Robinson Hospital
Berea, Ky.
Rates for private room
with board and care
$1.50 to 3.S7 per cay
$10.50 to $25.09 per week
Meeting was held at the First
Baptiat church Sunday, November 2 .
A large crowd atteided. Mias Ma
fissa Ballard, Mattie White, Mrs
Elizabeth Reed and Fannie Kennedy
composed the committee to get do
nations for the B.ble which was to bo
given the church. The Bible waa pre
sented and the entire church made a
vote of thanks to the contributors. A
number of the members made up
Thankr giving box to send to Rev. H,
C. Baker, of Winchester, the pastar
of the Berea First Baptist church.
A supper wftl be held at the
colored Baptise church Thanksgiving
right a'ao in the afternoon. Every
body invited.
Mrs. Sarah E. Blythe entertained
Rev. H. C. Baker, Sunday.
The chicken hunt at the Methodiat
church waa a success. Everybody re
ported a wonde-ful time. The chick
en was found by Fee Moran in the
pocket of Sidney Digge.
The funeral lervices of Mrs.
Amanda Pull Ins, of Lancaster, Ky ,
was held at Paint Lick church,
Thursday, November 23. Mrs. Pul
lins was krown by a number of Be
rea fo'ks. She waa a good Ch-istia.
woman and loved by everyone who
knew her. She alwaya seemed in
perfect humor and met eeryore with
a smile. Mrs. Pullins lesves a hist
of friends and relatives to mourn
her loss.
Mr. and M-s. Sammie Miller, of
Detroit Mich., jH Mrs. Jeanette
Barretts, of Richmond, Ky., and
Master Warren Miller, of Nicholas
vi'le, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Geo -jre Reynolds, Friday.
Classified Advertisements
The charge for ads. In this column
is one cent per word, payable In ad
vance. Minimum charge for first in
sertion, 25 cents.
FOR RENT I good rooms. West
Frd Berea. Frank Taylor, Berea
Ky. p2t
W. A. Ogg, Berea, Ky., phone 146-B.
FOR RENT 4 rooms, with water
and lights, on Cheatrnt street Sea
O. V. Arnett Chestnut St
FOR RENT I room house, water
and lights. Call or see M. J. Carrier,
Berea. Phone No. 10. (n)
FOR RENT Good front room, far.
niahed; electric lighta and acceaa to
bathroom. 61 Center street Phone
FOB SALE Two two-year-old
mules. Sea Mrs. D. F. Parsons, As-
bury, Ky. (a)
FOR RENT 4-room cottage; good
trarden, barn, barn lot, electric
I'ghta and water. Call or see Mr
Laura Jones, Chestnut Street, Berea.
Ky. l
FOR SALE Good, new baggy.
Terms if desired. Jessa Taylor, R. K.
D. No. 1, Berea, Ky. (p2t)
FOR RENT Three nicely furnish
ed rooms for light housekeeping, eor
er Chstnut and Parkway, ror
particulars call on Mrs. Laura Jones.
Ford Sales end Service
See the new models at our
ale rooms
The Habit of Saving
is as valuable at any you may acquire,
more valuable even than the money you
The Berea National Bank, for many
years the friend and ally of working
people, will help you cultivate this habit
And, at the same time, the federal super
vision under which we operate as a mem
ber of the Federal Reserve System, pro
vides additional protection for your funds.
Berea National Bank
J. L. GAY, Cashier
For Sale
One beautiful new 5-room
Price $2500.00
For further information see
Gay, Kidd & Scruggs
Dealert ia Real Estate
Office, Corner Main and Center Streets,
Berea, Ky.
That we do not cobble shoes. We have the best
equipment coupled with our experience and workmanship
which terms us as mechanics NOT COBBLERS
Compare our work with that of others and you will
a (free with us in this: "It's not so much how much you
pay, it's what you get for what you pay."
First class work for those who care.
Short Street
Berea, Kentucky
The Model Press Shop
offers the quickest possible service in town
for all kinds of pressing, fancy plaiting,
dry cleaning, dyeing and tailor work.
Work called for and delivered
Phone 71 Corner Main St Center St.
This Christmas
Your photograph the
only gift that only
You Can Make
And Now Is The Time For
A Studio Appointment
Short Street
Berea, Ky.

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