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November to, lit!
Tha Urn of court just dossd
turned out a terribly long list of con
victions for moonahining In various
forma. Tho flnoa aaee piled up tre
mendously, and tho jail and prison
crowd will bo a great ono.
All honor U tho Judg, tbo Jory
men. tho witnesses, and tha sheriff
Kentucky ia going U maintain law
and order.
Now let thoao who aro tempted to
try to make a little money by break
ing the liquor laws take warning. If
you do tova things you wilt smart
for it
And lot us try neat to dry up the
drirkers. Who is it that pays big
money for your whiskey and s)
tempts poor men to violate tho law?
Are our teachers doing their full
duty in the schools in teaching tho
nature ard effects of liquor T Are
the churches passing aound the
pledfre as they ought to dot
All together, with pledge, an J
teaching, and with prison bars we
will make Uis a sober and prosper
ous commonwealth.
(voted to send a telegram to Pres.
1 Harding askirg htm to send to Lax
sanno not an observer merxly, but an
envoy with larger power to pledge
American aid to stop TurkUh mas
And President Ilarding did do
actly that thing. Of course, many
other churches sent messages like
the one from Berea, but ours hsd its
And now wo aro watchirg to s
what the nations will really do to
control the Turk. It ia pretty late to
interfe-o after ao many have boon
butchered, but we hope ard pray
something may be done. We profr
to pay for fighting Turks rather tl.nii
for feeding the orphane whoae par
ents they have robbed, butchered and
The people of the Baptiat and Un
ion Churches of Berea, at tho mid
week prayer-mooting a week ago,
The follow;ng verses were sent to
one of the boys In Berea College
by his mother, followirg a birthday
letter which he had written her:
Vou may write a thousand letters
To the maiden you adore,
And declare in every letter
That you love her more and more.
You may praise her grace and
In a thousand glowing lints.
And eomparo her a yea of aiuro
With tho brightest stars that
If you had the pen of Byron,
You would use it every day
In composing written worship
To your sweetheart far away,
But tha letter far mot welcome,
To an older, gentler breast
Is the letter to you mother
From the boy that sho loves bt
Youthful blood is fle-re and flaming,
And when writing to your Ion,
You will rave about your passion,
Swearing by the stars above-
Vowing by the moon's white splen
That the girlie you adore
Is the one youll ever cher'sh
As no maid was loved befo-e.
You will pen full many a promise,
On paper white and dumb,
That you never can live up to
In the married years to come.
But a much trore precious letter
Brirging mote and deeper bliss
Is the letter to your mother
From the boy sho cannot kiss.
She will read it very often
When the lights are soft and low,
Sitting in the same old comer
Whe-e ihe held you long ago.
And regardless of Its diction,
Its construction, or Its stylo,
And altho Its apel ing wji ld
Provoke a critic's smile,
In her old trembling flngtre
It becomes a work of art.
Stained by tea -a of Joy and sadness
As she hugs it to her heart;
Yea, tho letter of all letters
Look, wherever you may roam
Is the letter to you mother
From the boy away from homo.
Author unknown
The new eervnnt had presented her
refereniva. and the ludy of the home
read them over with a doubtful eye.
"I'm not quite satisfied with these.
Bridget." she said.
"Niiythcr am L, mum," returned
Bridget angrily. "Imt they're the best
the ould fix 'I would give tiie." Ameri
can legion Weekly.
"Ton know this movie dldnt cost
Tin not prepared to argue that
question,'' replied the eminent pro
ducer. T.tit "
Say no more. My piihllclty direc
tor saya It cost that much, and I'm
the Inst person In the world to doubt
Ms vemclty."
gIIIg gag
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The Secret of Successful Savins
If you were to ask us to tell you, in one word,
the secret of successful saving for the average
man or woman, we'd anwen Regularity.
That is to say: The average man or woman
who deposits a regular sum at regular intervals
-if only a dollar a week-will create the habit
of saving; and habit makes ease and certainty.
How long does it take? Just one short year, in
most cases, if the deposit is made the same day
every week, and the balance is left untouched
Berea Bank and Trust Co.
J. W. STEPHENS, Prr.id.ol JOHN P. OEAK, CaaWrr
The Riders to the Sea
The Turtle Dove
These Two One-Act Plays to be Presented by
Monday, Dec. 4, 7:30 P.M. ,
Wed., Dec. 6, 7:30 P.M. '
Admission 15 Cents
Social Privileges
Noted Actrass ArrMtcd
New York. London dispatches tell
iBf of Uia arreet of Marl. Cecil.
("Claala") Loft us for the alleged pos
session of narrates brought to lb.
United States tha first news In years
of sn actrese who had starred for
years In this country snd England on
both rbe legitimate and vaudeville
stages. Born In England, she ehowel,
at an early age, an aptitude at
mimicry. London audiences balled
bar as child prodigy for ber Imita
tion of Sarah Bernhardt and other
Four Die In Mine Blast
Srranton, Pitin. Four men wen
killed and aeveral were Injured wh-i
In an exploalon In the lUrdxeye 8Iom
of tha Olyphant Mine of the Hudior
Coal Company at Thronp, a auburb '
tide city. The bodies of four nit-r
have been recovered. The dead
Oeorge Bingham, of thla city; William
Murray, Thrnop; Oeorge Cumuwlka,
Olyphunt ; John Crane, (V-amore.
Among thone Injured aeiiouitly are
Anthony Ford, John MrlAUirlilln, An
thony Morua and Anthony Cuaoinf
N.w Counterfeit 10 federal Not Is
Warned Aoaintt by Nov
Verm Banks.
New York. Nov. CT. After aeveral
months of Inactivity hngua money
niakera are again at work, and ao far
aa can b. learned their preaeiu haat
of oeratlona la la Canada. The New
York Federal Itee-rv. hank wania of
tb. appearance of a new counterfeit
10 Federal Itenerve Mil
. clears the
Ma Butta In.
"Pa, what do they mean by folng
from the sublime to tb. ridiculous r
asked Clarence.
"It means a sjlrl dreams of marrying
some wonderful prime and then goea
and ilea herself up to a boon like
your father," snapped ma. Milwaukee
Sentinel .
Etowah Monument Co.
At!aa4a, Cswpa
Georgia a..'. BfarbU
Silvat Ciey
Elbcrtoa Bias) Csargia Cranks
Tk "Sitae Efaraal"
A. L Oil. ipwisitiHve, lane, EaataA
damCiMM Mi rai, laaa

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