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The citizen
Our Threefold JLimi Te gtt
the News of Berea aiwJ Vicinity J
To Record Um Happealnf
Bra College; Te be of Inter!
to all the Uouataia People.
I atf ffMM. Milium
v, mdt Am ft MaraA. irn.
vol xznr.
Five cent Per Copy
No. 24
t jUrth Week of Parity Cloaea With
Disposition of Turk to Accept Oc
eldental Ideas and "I eject Ruaalan
Pollci, Particularly aa Rtgarda
tralte Prebltm.
Laoaaane. Ismet rash a la not
worried over the attetirpt of George
Tchltcherln, the Soviet Foreign Mln
later, to lorn Turkey away from Eu
rope and America and plunge her Into
the anna of Soviet Ruaala. He re
fused to Influence Turkish corre
spondents asalnat tending to their
borne newtpapere full account of
Tcbllrherln't stricture that Turkey
by opening the Pardenetlea, waa ex
poling both Turkey and Itusala to fu
ture destruction by the great Powers.
Unmoved by Ihe Itotahevlst blaat,
timet tranquilly went to Genera aa
the gueat of honor at a dinner ar
ranged by the Ottoman 8oclety.
A leading Torklih publicist, cabling
to Constantinople, Introduced bla nar
rative of Trhitrherln'e warning to
Turkey by relating the atory of the
Ore n) V title r. who, when In doubt aa
feow to role bla realm. Invariably de
cided a poo a policy the reverse of
that desired by Rosala.
"That Grand Vlxler waa right," de
dared the Turklah correspondent,
"because Roaala 'a our hereditary
enemy. Tchltcherln pratea about af
flnlty and rotnmun'ty of Interest be
tween the Kuislan and Turk, but
we are aot forgetting thnt there are
in Ruiala-Turkmtan 30.0f0.000 Turk
who. If they dwelt formerly under
the oppmmlon of Ctarlatn, are ruled
by an iron hand ander the blight of
Tbe rloalng of the fourth week of
Oio conference ha been marked by
dla-tnct d.'eponttlon on Ihe part of the
Turk to accept Occidental Ideae and
reject Ituiiaian pollctea, particularly
a retard the atrslta problem. Tula
due In a meaaure to the tact
and wlHuVm hon by Ambassador
Child, M. Harrere and Nird Cunton,
who have tried to make the TurklRh
leader tee that they could trust the
While Department At Monro, Mich,
Divide Talk With Volunteer
Believed Incendiary
Monroe, Mlrh. Seven Are, all of
undetermined orluin, which bnike nut
alinultitneouidy In widely ".nr:i-.i
part of the city, resulted In an eM
tnuted liitiik'c of fO.tMlU nnn led oun
tj and city authorities to tie'ieve an
Incenilliiry waa operating here
Tour Area were at the Wver Ituisln
Pnper Company' plant, oiuxlnix a VIO,
i; loss. At the same time a am iller
Are waa revealed at the Oonsolldn-ed
Paper Company's plant, while another
blare broke out at the Heck Lumber
Company'a yard, and r-t III another at
a resluVnre In a dUtajt part of the
The several alarm that were Round
ed In rupld succession aerved to divide
the attention of the tlrr-fik'htlng force,
and volunteer firemen were called up
on to aid In checking the name. The
series of blaze follow the disastrous
Are that swept the plant of the Monroe
Paper Company with an estimated
loa ?f $IO,000.
T Buy Bu Lin
Columbna, O. The Kuckeye Trans
portation Company of Hamilton, pro
poelng to operate a bu line between
Cincinnati and Pay ton, hat aiked Ihe
State Public Utilities Commlaalon't
authority to purrhaae the met of an
unincorporated com puny by the name
now carrying on the business, and alto
made application to laaue t'JO.000 in
a took to lake over the present equity
of Iht owner. The new company as
sume obligation of $57,008.04. Tht
old company' ssset were given at
YeuN Bttn Bad BoyP
Ft Worth, Texaa. Emmett Clarke,
Ice man, waa taken from hla automo
bile by three uninwiked men to a point
treat of ht city and lathed aeverely.
"You bavt been a bad little boy, and
bava nilitreated your wife, Wt are
going to punish you," the men said,
according to Clark. They then ap
plied Hit lain, h laid. Ilia back wat
in niaaa of bruises, and In spots tht
kin wat broken.
PENSION OUTLAY $255,201,662
Approximately 5,J00,000 Ltat Pal
Out Than During Previous
Twtlvt Mentha.
Washington, lev. Coat of Ihe
American pvnaiuu aykiem during tuw
.year ended Uil June 30 wua iVi.JOl.
titU. according to Ihe auoual repurt or
tbe coiuiuiNMioner of pmdna. aeiil to
preaiiU'UI Harding Uuiuivuuih ol
lite k)Miem coat ll.MU.7UU. according
to I lie report. Tne aumuul puid waa
4,UUaU leaa tlxJI UuiUig tut pre
vious natal faf.-
John Wanamaker died Tueiday
morning, December 12, at hit home
in Philadelphia, where ht had been
confined with n cold ainc early in
November. Ha waa 84 yeart old.
Th death of Mr. Wanamaker, who
pent hia entire life In Philadelphia,
waa received with sorrow by nil
clause of citiiena.
Mr. Wanamaker led In th creation
of the department ftore aa an inati
tution in America, He waa 24 yeara
old when he entered hia career in
partnership with hia brother-in-law.
He waa always looking for better
and newer waya of doing buelnee,
providirg convenience for buyer.
securing able management, and bet
tering the welfat of hia employe.
In poHltcal life Mr. Wanamaker
waa promient at an Independent R
publican. During Harriaon'a admin-
iatration he waa Poatmaiter General,
ard bia uccea there waa equal to
hia tucceaa in hi atom.
Xho hia religious life la not known
to the general public, it la one in
which he waa deeply interested, lie
waa Superintendent of the Bethany
Sunday-school, which is said to be the
largest in the United State, with
8,000 members. II often conducted
aa many aa twelve meetirgs on Sun
days, and his attendance) at auch
meetinga kept him on hi feet con
tinuously for night hour.
Mr. Wanamaker interested himself
in many civic activities. H ea tab
lit tied the Presbyterian Hospital of
Philadelphia and the First Penny
Savings Bank. He also assisted in
erecting many Young Men'a Chris
tian Association buildings, and con
tibuted toward college missionary
institutions in India, China and Ja
pan. At the outbreak of the WcrM
War he was one of the first to as
sist in the relief of the stricken Bel
gians. Early in hia career Mr. Wan
amaker married Miaa Mary B. Brown,
a sister of his original partner, who
cooperated with him in much of hit
philanthropic work. She died in
Mr. Wanamaker goverred hia lift
by many maxims. One of his favo
rite was, "Every undertaking i
made up of the sum of past endeav-o-s,
plus ambition ail the new vis
ions." Aa to hia own life he said.
"TVnkirg, trying, toiling and truat
ing ia all of my bing-aphy."
Robert Maynard Hutchine la Choaen
Secretary of Yale Unlteraity
New Haven, Conn., Dec. 9. Robert
Mayrard Hutchins was chosen accre
tary of Yale University, succeeding
the Rev. Anton Phelps Stoker, at a
meeting of the Yale corporation to
day. Mr. Stoker'a resignation war
effective July 1, last
Mr. Hutchins is the son of the Rev.
Dr. William James Hutchins, Ya'o
1892, president of Berea College. He
was born in Brooklyn, N. Y., 21
years ago last June. He took two
yeara of collegiate work at Oberlin
College, where hia father waa a pro
fe sor in the graduate school of the
In September, 1917, he enlist sl
in the army ambulance service
and aerved overseas, and waa deco--ated
by Italy. After hia discharge
Mr. Hutchins entered Yale and wi
graduated in 1921, being class orator.
In the voting of hia class, a
Yale tradition of senior year, Hutch
ins received the second highest group
of votes for th "most brilliant" in
his class and for th man "moat to
be admired."
Winning th De Forest prize for
public speaking, an honor which il
father also won some thirty years
before, waa hla greatest achievemenc.
Only On Material Chang ia Mad
by Houa
Washington, Dec. 9. Far in ad
vance of the usual time, th houa
today passed th treasury appropri
ation bill, the first of th big supply
measures. It carries $115,000,000, of
which $9,000,000 will b for prohibi
tion enforcement. Th measure wan
passed without a record vote and vir
tually without change, the only ma
terial departure from th committee
recommendation being th elimln
tion of th approp-iation for an un
dersecretary of th treasury.
A provision of th bill authoriilng
th bureau of engraving to insU'i
power presrea in order to reduce th
number of plat printers resulted in
mthrZ;fj M Imuran Miti
'MKW'I'IW mm Mm.
. . a . ... Li-
I nciKie on Amencan oaiiiwinyuaj m '! c,".ii..vm
enc of Central American republic In Washington. 8-Mrs. Oar Phillip.
ont of tbe Jull at Lo Angele and escaped. -
&mm'wWti .. - i ,iflr
Miss Minnie Noble
who will ing the contralto aolos for
our Metsiah Concert, Monday, De
cember 18.
The tther soloists are Mis Bettie
a three-hour parliamentary battle to
day, but finally was approved.
A final effort by Representative
Tinkham, Republican of Massachu
setts, to have the bill recommitted
because it d d not require civil serv
ice examiration for prohibition en
forcement officera was defeated, Mr.
Tinkham and Representative Hill,
Republican of Maryland, standing
alone in tupport of it.
Mt. Sterling, Ky., Dec. 10. Thirty
four Federal, State and special offi
cera today marched into the h'I'i
held by moonshiner to avenge (he
e'eath yesterday of one of their par
ty. They returned with anotLer
corpse, and no prisoners.
i The body brought back was that
of Dsv Treadway, 23 years cli,
deputised Federal Agent who a
shot through the temple 10o yarn
from wher Robert E. Duff, govern
ment agent, fell yeaterday.
Another trip to the hills, twelve
miles from here, will be mad to
morrow by by sheriff Wells.
Eighteen agents under U. G. Mc
Farland in charge of th Loulwille
district left Mt. Sterling in automo
bile at 10:00 o'clock this morning.
They were met torn distanc from
town by sheriff Ben Well of Men'
fee county and. fourteen men under
him. The party then proceeded to the
moonshine stronghold on th East
Fork of Slat Creek.
Governor Morrow has offered a rt
war of $500 each for th ar-ett and
conviction of Bob and Charles Bal
lard, who ar being sought In con
nection with the deatha of Robert
Duff and Davt Treadway, killed whil'i
attempting to arrest moonshiner in
th mountains east of ML Sterling.
il " 4 a
: I Sit
wiya'awaaattf1 -
i . k f ) I . I , I . . in Din
- - -
Hetidon, soprano; Mr. Dan Beddoe,
tenor, and Mr. John Hersh, basso
all but Miss Herndon from Cincin
Federal Forcea Preparing for
Clear Sweep
Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 11. Three
Covington p-ohibition officers, Elmer
Corrcll, James Wood and W. C. Hud
dleston returned home thia morning
after an all-night drive from Mt. Ster
ling. They said that the hunt for the
Ballard brothers and their gang of
thirty moonshiners had been suspen
ded only temporarily.
They aaid the Federal prohibition
officers planned to appeal to War De
partment for the us of two bomb
ing planes for bombing the entire
mountain which they charge is in
fested with moonshiners and boot
leggers. Correll said the posse was composed
of thirty men, consisting of prohibi
tion agents, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs
ard several Federal office's undet
the command of Eugene McFarland.
an experienced revenue officer, and
sheriff Elmer Deathersg of Rich
mond, Ky.
Lat Sunday evening a council was
held by th posse and it was decided
that it would tequl-e 500 men to clear
the mountain of moonshiners it was
estimated that the Ballard gang wai
as numeroua a the posse.
Hundred of Houms Ar Destroyed
In touthtrnmoat Uland of
th Empire.
London, Dec. . A aevere earth
quake at Klushlu. the aoutliernmoat o
th tli re principal Island of Jupun.1
I reported In a Toklo dispatch to th
Central Newt. Many ieriun ar aald'
to hav been killed or Injured and hun
dreds of bouaea war rtentroyed.
Unanimout Opinion,
Tht Hen I or PrirffMuir Letterklnk
la very broad-minded, d"U't you thlnkl
The Koptmuioie Vea, I'vt always
considered blui rather thick wltted. 1
NaT r. - I A aHaaraaw g - w -Whw.
-J All uw I tl if aaMMlfifl tilt ihm fl III f .-f.
- v
hammer murdenr, who sawed her way
Jackson County Producer Refinz an l
Disposes of Hia Output
Irvine. Ky- Dec. . Eatill county
capitalists are placing a drill on the
Richardson farm in Jackson county
in th South Fork district. They
Will drill five wells on this farm,
which is near the Llewellyn produc
tion. Mr. Llewellyn ia refining th
oil from hi well and is selling th
product thru that section of th
H. R. Weston of Tampa, Fla., has
everything in readiness to begin
pumping on the Scott-Blantoti leas
and will do extensive drilling on th
Irvine interests have rig on the
Robert Willoby property and wilt
start d-illing this week.
The drillers and tool dressers who
are working on the Forman tract in
Owsley county, have suspended work
for the holidays. Irvine inte-eate will
start drilling toon on the McComba
lease in Owsley county.
Harlan Grand Jury Charge Negro
Convicta and White Guard wi'h
Pine Mountain Teacher's Death.
Harlan, Ky., Dec. 9. Th Harlan
county grand jury returned indict
ments, Friday, charging wilful mur
der against Jerry Reed and James
Robinson, negrroes, and. John Mar-
cum, white, of Clay county, for thj
killing of Misa Lura Parsons, Pine
Mountain Settlement School teacher,
near Dillon, this county, September 7,
1920. The two neg-oes were mem
bers of a convict road gang at work
near Dillon at the time of the mur
der and Marrum was one of the pris
on camp guards.
The arrest followed investigations
by Dr. U. S. Vermillion, of thia coun
ty, of a clu3 obtained by John Bram
ley, a former convict, while Bramley
was in the state reformatory at
Frankfort. Dr. Vermillion and Bram
ley following this clue, went over th
scene of the murder several months
ago and found in a hallow tree near
the mountain trail Mias Parsons fol
lowed, some bloody underclothir g
bearing the prison number of Jerry
The contemplated purchase by
Henry Ford of th Elkhorn Fuel Cor
poration, a Weat Virginia concern
ope-ating in Kentucky and West Vir
ginia, haa opened th eyes of Ker.
tuckians to the vast wealth of their
native state.
Included in th proposed purchase
is the Eastern Kentucky railroad, a
45-mile road from Riverton, in Green
up county, on th Ohio river, U
Webbville, in Lawrenc county. This
road at prersnt ia serving a portion
of the coal fields of Greenup, Carter
and Lawrenc countiea, but th great
wealth in this section is th und
veloped fields. If th plans of Ford
ar carried out, it is probable that
an additional trnckag will be laid
to serve th great outlying fields.
With Henry Ford owning the now
practically undeveloped Elkhorn Co
port at on lands, th part of Kentuc
ky which haa been a hidden treasure
will be opened to the outside world.
Increased transportation facill..es
in these fielda will th-ow tht wealth
of tastt-n Kentucky within striking
distanc of th Blut Grass.
World News
By J. R. Robertaon, Profcvsor f
History and Political ScUac
Berea College
The Free Stat of Ireland la now
a reality, the constitution having
been ratified by Parliament and ap
proved by the King. Th first Gov
error General to be appointed is
Timothy Healy, a nativ of Ireland,
and an able man. The oath wac ad
ministered to him by th Chief Jus
tice of England, and ho swore alle
giance to th constitution and to th
King. The rath waa administered to
the Prime Minister Cos grove, and to
th speaker of the Dail Eireann by
the Governor General. The other
ministers and the members of th
legislative body received the oath
from the speaker. During the whole
procedure the-e waa no excitement or
unusual disorder. In spit of threat
the government seems to have th
upper hand and to command the sup
port of the majority of the people.
The new English ministry has mad
ro change in the policy toward he
land. The charges mad by Clemenceau
in his speeches to th effect that Ger
many is arming secretly for a war of
revenge is denied by the Commicioner
of the Allies in Germany. He say
some small arm exist, but then la
cor stan tly going on a destruction in
accordance with the terms of th
treaty of Versailles and that they
cannot exist in an amount sufficient
to caur alarm. A further charge Is
made that Germany and Russia ar
bound together by a treaty that Ger
man office's are to train the Russi
an armies and that the Krupp gun
works are to operate in Russia. A
treaty waa made at the time of tho
Genoa Corference for mutal aid, but
no one has supposed that it benefited
either aide as yet.
While the world is turprised an-J
shocked at the execution of th min
isters' ia power at th tlm of th
Greek defeat in Asia Minor, it ha
become known that Prince Andrew,
the King'a son, narrowly escaped a
similar fate. He owes his life to th
ir te-cession of Pope Pius and he is
now visiting Rome to express his
gratitude to the head of the church.
The former prime minister, Venizelos,
is in Switzerland, and he has declar
ed his approval of th court martial
and execution of the ministers, who,
he believes, betrayed Greece by lead
irg her into an aggressive war, out of
which defeat came. ' The head bf the
court of officers who condemned the
ministers changes a more direct
treachery to the army, by causing
a movement on Constantinople.
The Conference of Central Ameri
can countries is now in session in
Washington, and they are making up
their prog-am for d scussion. It will
include a revision of treaties in force
since 1907, reduction of armament,
creation of tribunals of inqui-y in
case of disputes likely to lead to war,
an international railroad, and greater
uniformity in commercial methoda.
Secretary Hughes has been trying to
ret the queition of Union of the
Statea on the program, but without
success so far. Most of the states
are ready for it, but Costa Rica
stands out against it. There seems
to be much of good feeling in the
conference, and a possibility of some
substantial results. A federation of
the Central American States is a
thing to be much desired in the in
terests of peace and order.
The Scandinavian explorer, Nan
sen, who haa been occupied of late
in relief worit in Russia and the Near
East haa expressed the opinion that
the racial hatred can only be aolved
by a re-distribution of the people.
That seems to be Turkey's idea aso,
as she has let it be known that the
alien Christian populations may have
until a certain time to leavt her do
main. They ae going in g-eat num
bers. Turkey denies the issue of any
decree, and the process seems to be
going on without opposition from uny
source. Considerable anxiety arise
from the forecast that such a whole
sal removal cf population cannot be
mad in the limited time and that
massacres ar likely to occur.
Th Plain Truth.
"Si i that youna fool wants lo nisrry
you. d heT What dim he expect te
live on?"
"You. I think, father.,.

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