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December 14, 1922
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A son f rrt n fan lljr n.iparr peblished every Therttfay by
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Nation Building
, We rf ad with paising comment of the death of some treat
American and that ends our coniideratlon of the question.
We know that the country will move on aa if noth ng had hap
pened and the vast majority of the people will never know In a
vital way that such a character ever lived. It i, poiaibly, best
that our civilisation ia to constructed that the passing of ono
g-eat mar, or a doten, has little or no influence upon the Uvea
of those who are left.
After all, persons make very little difference in the common
very-day experience of mankind. But systems and principles
make all the difference. Influences set in motion by some man,
whose death few people can remembe-", have either mad or
marred the lives of thousands. Industry and social orders hava
been ifivcn their bearings by men whose death did not causa the
slightest ripple upon the waters of our national life. In fact, we
have spent too much time and he-o worship upon our pvl.tical
leaders and not enough upon the real builders of our ration.
We work ourselves up to white heat over pol.tical candi
date or office holder who may not have any mors genius than a
country horse doctor and let the great geniuses of private life
pa's without poinfling them out to our children.
How many readers of The Citisen can tell, without the use of
the ei cyclopedia, who d scovered the means of stamping out yel
low fever? Who gave typhoid vims to the world! Who gave
the millions of housewives the sewing mnchineT The resper to
the farmer! The Teddy Dear to the kiddies?
Jui t aa pertinent is the question, Who founded the department
system aa we have it In America? There may be some difference
of opinion, but the best informed people say that John Wana
maker of Philadelphia did. Until 1861 merchandising in this
country was in a diso-ganized state, but thru the leadership of
John Wsnamaker, Marshall Fields and a few others the depart
ment store has been systemstited and made into an institution as
permanent as a at iversity or a penitentiary.
John Wansmaker is dead. In his passing Ame-ics has lost a
virile nation builder a son who not only built up a private for
tune, but contributed of money and energy to the life of his horn
city. He built a Sunday-school snd taught in it. He wsa in
spirvr of youth and never let an opportunity pass of telling them
whst he eonnide-ed the great vslues in l.fe. John Wanamaksr
was a great American and should be better known to the citizens
of the country.
A Disjointed Civilization
The casual reader who stops with the above heading will pro
nounce the author of this editorial a grouch, a pessimist, snd a
son of Old Mother Gloom. But wsj a-e neither. We can be as
happy with oar present lot as anybody ws know, and can put up
with as many hardishipr, if necessary, but facta are facta.
Henry C. Wallace, Secretary of the Department of Agricul-ta-e,
told President Harding and Congress lsst week that the
farmers of the) United States rslied too much food this yr. Wo
will leave it to the candid judgment of a civilised world If too
much food has been produced when It ia estimated that simulta
neous with the gathering of this food 5,000,000 people in the
world are In a stats of partial starvation.
We repeat that the times are out of joint Our civilization Is
working on wrong principles, and whether it is a policy of isola
tion or confederation, Christianity, politics or "devil-take-the-aindermoet,"
it matters but little. The economic policy of this
country, or any other country, does not change the fact that in
this age of superabundancy of food 6,000,000 people are starving
to death. What Is tha trouble? The troublo lies in ths failure of
the Chrittisn nations of ths world to pp)y ths principles of
Christ to eve-y-day business. If all the recognised Christian na
tions of the world would pledge themselves unswervingly to ths
principles of Christ In dealing with all mankind for just one year,
there would not bo a single bumsn being in any civilized portion
of the world without food during that year.
Our country is run by "blocs." On bloc sits on ths lid until
another bloc gets out of the wsy, and ths other bloc refuses to
get out of ths way until ths first bloc get off the lid. Hence,
blocking ths way of progress and of Christian service seems to
bo ths fashion.
The farmers of ths United States are in rather a had plight.
When you point to ths pries of a singls product, it appears to bo
fair, but wbsn you compare it with ths pries ths farmers srs
To the Readers tf
Tgie Berea Citizen
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Berea Motor Company
Authorised FORD Agents
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The members of Mrs. Sherwood's
Bible clssses In College, No-mal, and
Vocational Departments met in Up
per Chapel Wedietdsy evening dur
ing the vesper hour for a dramatic
Tha College class in religious ed
ucation, with the teacher, bad d-ama-
tised Proverbs for presentation by
two Normal classes which hsd been
tudying ths subject this term. A
street scene was represented wi'.h
travele-r, street venders and people
of various conditions in life, passing
back and forth, while two wise men,
with the city elder, sat "in the gate"
rd taught the people, or rendered
judgmcnta in disputes. This gave
opportunity for observation of human
nature snd ths utte-ancs of many
wise sayings.
A vocational class which has beet
tudying "Hebrew Life and Times''
uring th term gave s pantomime
representation of a Hebrew home In
early times, after an explanation by
one of their number.
A p-imitive loom, the method of
grinding grain and crude ways of
preparing and serving a meal were
demonstrated After the evening
meal, one of the Bible study circles
inaugurated by Isaiah was portrayed
ith Iaaiah himself to read from a
eal scroll ohtaired from the Library.
These rtudents hsd mad? themaelves
most of the articles and instruments
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Christmas Boxes Christmas Seals Christmas Cards
The Fashion Store
Berea "WeMithBforLw. Kentucky
paying for everything they buy, it ia entirely out of proportion.
Farmers in Iowa and Montana are burning corn for fueL In thi
mountains of Kentucky they ars paying $1.00 a bushel for it
Many farmers in Minnesota refused to dig their potatoes becausi
of the low p-ice. People in other parts of ths country are pay
ing $2.00 a bushel for them.
The report of the Secretary of Agriculture is that the exodus
from ths farm to the city during ths last three months of this
yes- hss been greater than any other period except during the
highest industrial excitement of the wsr. Machinery is high,
farm labor is high, snd other contributing factors hsvs brought
ths cost of farming up so high as to make it an unprofitable
occupation. What are we to do? Continue to think solely in
terms of shipbuilding and manufacturing and othsr forms of in
dustry T
Forty percent of our entire population are making their living
on the farm. This forty percent are expected to feed the onj
hundred percent, and should be expected if conditions are made
right, to feed many millions in other countries. We must turn
our attention as a nation to the needs of agricultural groups, for
It is ths farm that is to build a strong, virile, well-fed race of
people. Not only should ths fsnnsr be expected to feed the
Americsn people, but our world affairs should be such that the
starving people of the earth can be supplied from the American
Son of President Hutchins Honored
This issue of Ths Citen contains a news item from The Lex
ington Herald reporting ths appointmant of R. If. Hutchins to
ths Secretaryahip of Yale University.
(This ia a signal honor coming to a man so young as Mr.
Hutchins, who is only twenty-three years of age.
Yale University hss long been considsrd ths "mother of men,"
and ws bear testimony that most of the men of our acquaintance
whose trainirg waa receiv.d at Yale are men of ability and char
acter. An alumnus of Berea College, Edwin Embree, waa for
many years assistant secretary of Yale, and now the secretary of
the Rockefeller Foundation. R. M. Hutchins is not a Berea man.
but la the son of President Hutchins, which gives him a very close
and vital connection with Berea College. Let us hope that he will
become mors intimately "acquainted with Berea thro contact witlt
many of her graduates who will take advanced work ia his great
that we want to do your shoe repairing. With oar
years of experience coupled with onr up-to-date equip
ment we csn give the public the best service. VYe also
make harness snd tell factory hsrness.
Rivers & Hubbard
In tb new brick building on Short Street Bex, Kentucky
It is our privilege to offer THE CITIZEN with any of the
following publications at a much reduced price:
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The National Republican is an illustrated weekly review
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Rev. Earl P. Zelgler, Pastor
Sermon Subjects For Dec 17:
11 a.m. "What Hope Ws For?
Christmas sermon.
7 p. m. "The Great Expectation"
a Bible reading.
Prayer Meeting Tepica:
Dec. 14 "The Star in the East"
Dec. 21 "Whst Christ Means U
Me" a birthday meeting.
Dec. 28 "Christianity's Achieve
ments in 1922."
The p-ayermeeting hour ia 7:30
and is always a helpful hour for
everyone who comes.
The Mission Study Class held each
An important article by W. O.
King in the Survey for Septembe 1
1921, has been reprinted for general
distribution. It gives the cure fo
pellagra in one sentence:
"An abundant supply of lsan meat
of eggs or of milk will give complete
immunity." "It Is also highly prob
able that ths disease may be elimi
nated by a free use of fruits and
fresh vegetables."
Psllagr flourishes where peopl
for lack of milk use "self-raising
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Monday afternoon by the W. M. S. flour" and where they lack fresh veg
is having most intsresting discus
sions, with 15 enrolled.
The Junior C E. keeps growing.
This Thursday they have business
meeting and party ia connection with
their devotions.
The Sunday-school classes are prac
ticing for their Xmas entertainments.
Ths vscstion week will
cheer and good wilL
Professor and Mrs. Dodge left to
day for Louisvills on account of the
Stats Inter-racial Conference meet
ing there Friday and Saturday. This
be full nf .conference was called by Governor
Morrow, and it was in response ti
The church doors will be opsnsd a request from him that Prof. Dodge
Sunday for those who desire to went He will be a very valuable
units. Baptism will be administered member of the conference on account
at the morning service. I of his long study of the questions
The church social given at the doss! that will be under discussion there,
of prayer meeting last Thursday eve- They anticipate spending the Ban
ning was an enjoyable event. Sev- bath with Dr. and Mrs. Thomson at
sral more are planned for the winter. Lincoln Ridge, returning to Berea
and spring months. ' Monday at noon.
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