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The citizen
ryrer tp the Xnteregta of tire aoionteLlii Feo-ple
Oar Threefold Aim T giv
th Nw of Bar nod Vicinity;
To Record tb Hspptnings !
Berea College; To be of Interest
to all U UounUia Peopl.
Mils m. MtlMAISf I
I ! rll UlM at Mra Km mm
mmm M4-MWT, nmmlmr AM m Mmrrlk, Irrt.
Flv cenU For Copy
No. 25
Nation Is Near a Complete Finan.
rial Collapse.
International Financier Propose to
aloe Billion and Half Hollars
ocretary Hugh and J. .
Morgan Confer.
WMntnn. IVr. 1!V The (lusting
of an outside Inan nf approximately a
bllliin and a hnlf itolliim, throm-h the
agrnrf nf the lnternntlmnl blinkers, la
Wider rnnHldiTnllon aa the only viltle
way nf savins Oemiany frmn coins
ever Ihe prrrlplre. and nf atnvlng nff
the arnte reparations crisis which la
hsnrlng over the chancellories of
Morgan at Washington.
Amerlrna hankers anil Ihe (Tnlted
fltsfea government are taklna a direct
Intend In the loan project, and It waa
learned that J. P. Morcan'a visit tn
Washington and hie conference with
Secretary of Rtate flushe will con
Derted with the rennratlnna ailuntlon
the amle rrlala In flermnny and the
plan for a mammoth Inan.
Mr. Hashes refuaeri to Mate whnt
qnesflnti he had dlartiased with Mr.
Morrnn. bot the evidence waa over
whelming that the Inan juration hna
araln rnme Into Ihe foreground nf the
altnntl'tn. that the International hank
era are considering war anil meana of
raining it and are seeking the actlv
co-operation of their respective gov
ernment. Germany Naar Collaao.
London.. I rr. I ft. Orrtnany la very
near complete rollnpae, lremler Ronnr
Law declared In the hnuae nf com
nv ma. The premier made Ihla atate-
men! la the rourae of an outline of Ihe
British reparations policy, lie aald
thai French B nan re waa baaed on the
expectation of receiving the large
oma of money prntnlaed by Germany,
bat at Ihe end nf the moratorium they
found they were more unlikely tn get
anything than they were at the begin
ning. The French lw waa that nermany,
by rorrenry Inlt . .'on. bad delllieralely
avoided payment.
U. . Officer Shackled by Throe Indl
ana Officials Selxed en
Bigamy Charge.
Chlcaao. Dec. 15. Three armed
men overpowered Capt Charlee I'lke,
O. 8. army, attached to the U. 8. Ma
rine hospital, and, while hla hiide of
all week a stood helpleaa and dated
from bin, by one of the three,
shackled him and drove him aw y la
a tax,l iMund for Indiana."
It waa arveral boura after the kld
naplcg before It waa definitely learned
that tno kidnaper were Indiana efli
clala eervt-ig a warrant for bigamy
leaned by Justice of the Peace How
ard Kemp of Crown I'nlnt. Ind.
ImMecrtmont Proceeding In H
Come to Oramatle End After
Hot Wrangle.
WaahlDgtoo, Pee. IP The proceed
ing la the Daugherty Impeachment
bearing reine lo a dramatic end.
Represents!! Keller, mho made
the charge, aflat a alonny nfteea
minute dlapute with Chairman Vol
stead and ether of the bouae Judiciary
committee, rrfuaed to proceed and.
with bis counsel, withdrew.
VMieh Premlee Admit In Common
Terle Switch en the war
Debt Plan.
London, Dec 16. Premier Bonar
Law la the bouae of common de
clared fraokly for Ihe pulley of Ibe
Balfour Bote, which advocated aa ad
justment of the Inter allied debt by
an all-around cancellation, with Eng
k land aurremlerliig her share of rep
, aratioa to bo paid by Germany.
Frve Persons Are Frozen to Death
Hungry Welve at Oate
of the City.
Roane, Dee. 13. Italy Is suffering
froaa aa exceptional cold wave. Five
peraoM oer fresen lo ileal h la Rom
Monday Bight. Wolves, driven deeper
te by the lack of food, have descend
ed free l mountals lo the irfalos
and are seaa aluMet at the (ales of
Ik MisiaL
The Convention of the Agricultural
Aiccnta of the State of Kentucky,
which waa he'd at the University at
Lexington, December 12 to 15, was
one of enthufiaam and education.
A number of prominent speaker
from different parts of th country
and representing various phase of
agricultural life and activity were
present. C. D. Smith, chief of the
Extenainn Department, with its head
quarters at Wellington, D. C, was
on hand thru the entire convention.
R. C. Lindman spoke on the Dan
ish Agricultural Movement and its
11 ron for America. Mr. Limlmait
has made a fit at hand study of th?
agricultural movement in Denmark.
Among other speakers were M. O.
H. Hughes, who spent laat aummcr
in Europe studying conditions of the
European farme-; and Dr. E. H. Ilib
bord, head of the Department of Ec
onomira of Wiaconaion University.
Mr. Hughes rpoke on the European
Farmer snd Mr. II bhard on the Pres
ent Conditions of Agriculture.
The following officers were elect
ed to serve the County Agents' A
acciation during the coming year:
Robe-t F. Spenre of Bores. Ky.,
president; L. C. lirewer of Morgan
field, Ky., vice-pres:dent; E. F. Mor
riman of Iouisvillv, Ky., secretary
and treasurer.
It is no small honor to be electel
president of the Kentucky Agricul
tural Agents' Association, and Mr.
Spence is highly deserving of this
Mrs. Wilflsm Gordon, age 38, died
vi ry suddenly at her home on the
Lancai ter road Thursday afternoon as
a result of an acute heart attack.
Death came aa a (Test shock to her
fsnvly and friends. She was strick
en with a very severe psin in the
head and passed away before the
physician reached the home. She is
survived by her husband, nine chil-
dien and her parents, Mr. and Mr.
Geo. Vernon, who have the sympathy
of the community in their bereave
ment. Funeral services were held st
Christian church at Flat Woods.
Saturdsy afternoon at 3 o'clock. In
terment in Richmond cemetery.
Richmond Register.
Flemingsburg, Ky., Dec. 17. The
postoffire at Nepton, this county, wss
robbed ThursJsy evening while thj
postmaster wss at supper, the rob
bers forcing an entrance thru the
buik windows, taking; some mail sacks
and $200 in money. Bloodhoundi
were put on the trail but no srrc-iU
have been made.
When Tug 8inks In Lake Supsri
Carried Crew of Fourteen And
Twenty-Two Passenger
ftsult 8te. Marie. Mich. Twenty
seven persons are believed lo have lost
their live when the tag Reliance
foundered In a storm off Llr.xsrd Is
land In Iml. Superior. Th lug
which sank, carried 22 passengers and
a crew of fourteen, a! earn ship pfllrlnii
ststed. Only nine persona are known
to be safe.
Haltered by the Sturm which bad
raged for more tit so 24 hours, the
ship hit the rocks off th Island. It
sank Immediately.
A part of the psaaengem took Is
life boats. Other walked on rsket
of Ice, finally reaching Ptl.it Island
where a lu:nber cstrrp Is located. Tif
men, however, had not reached tli
camp, according to word received
here. They are believed to have per
If the remaining twenty-seven reach'
od hind, they are without food and
fuel. They are believed to hsv died
of exposure.
Is Gi
k Malice meynell i
SJAV La 7alW
"v.v r.
GIVEN, not lent,
And not withf4rawn-once sent,
This Infant of mankind, this One,
Is still the little welcome Son.
NEW every year,
New born and newly dear,
He comes with tidings and a song;
The ages long, the ages long;
EVEN as the cold
Keen winter grows not old,
As childhood is so fresh, foreseen
And spring in the familiar green.
SUDDEN as sweet
Come the expected feet.
All joy is young, and new all art,
And He, too, whom we have by heart
Merry, Merry Christmas
A Carol
Merry, aserry Christmas! Pass the word along;
Merry, merry Christmas! Come and join oar song;;
Sirg the joyful carols, drive the ceres away;
Come and share our gladness on this Christmas day.
See the sta-s thst shine up in th sky?
These proclaim the messsge fsr and nigh.
O'er the land and far across the sea
Christmas bells are ringing: joyfully.
Merry, mer-y Christmss! Joyfully we sing;
Sing with all the people, "Welcome to our King 1"
Come and join our carol; joyfully wo stand,
Singing; "Merry Christmas" with the angel band.
Come ye little children, gather round the tree;
Blend with our your voices in this melody;
Angel hesrts are waiting: for your happy voice
Come and help as make those angel hearts rejoice.
See, the star are fading: from the sight,
See, tho sun is driving out the night;
Sleepers, wake and join our happy throng,
Cosm and sing a merry Christmas song;.
Merry, me-ry Christmas! Joyfully we sing;
Sin( with all the people, "Welcome to oar King!"
Come and join our carol; joyfully w stand,
Singing "Merry Christmas" with the angel band.
Berea College.
John P. Smith
For Emergency
New York. An emergency coffin
for former rsnperor William of Oer
many was found la a musty closet
aboard his old flagship th Bremen
now the Coustsntlnopl. Th formei
Kslser made moat of bis long voyagei
to the German African province and
other parts of the world aboarl :ht
Bremen. The coftlo always secom
pooled hi in. Lyhng In a bandsom
steel over all tho ceflta ha tho Im
porial Insignia on tho aides aad lid
in baa relief oa enameled Iroa crosses
Last Saturday morning when Mr.
Wylic, pharmacist for tho Berea
Drug Co., went to work he discovered
that a number of articles, including
some boxes of candy, a kodak, some
jewelry and pens, were missing from
the show window. A more complete
chock on tha missing goods revealed
that at least 1237.00 worth of mer-j
chardise had been taken from the
strre on Friday night. However, no
si(;ns could be found of the place
where the robbers had entered.
The matter wss placed in the hands
of the city officials and an investiga
tion followed, which proved that John
Vaughn, operator of Model Press
Shop, had sold goods in Richmond ex
artly lik some of the missing a-ti
cles. Vaughn waa arrested on sus
pic ion, and tho evidence thowod thtt
ho gave a number of conflicting an
swers to questions as to where h'
cam into possession of th article.
In on of bis statements ho Implicat
ed Roscoe Harrison, who works at
VVhicker'a Garage, but later the
charge against Harrison were filed
away because of insufficient evidence,
Vaughn waa brought before Judj
waiKins weanesaay afternoon zur a
preliminary trial and was bound over
t th February grand jory oa $500
Lnderprivileged Chid to be Discuss,
ed at Nest Meeting
At the Kiwanis Club luncheon held
at Boone Tavern Wednesday evening,
December 20. The following officers
were elected to serve the club for this
year 1923. A. F. Scruggs, president;
John W. Welch, vice-president; M. E.
Vvughn, district committeeman; Wm.
A. Dean, treasurer; J. M. Reinhardt.
F. O. Clark, E. L. Dix, Chsrlc.
Davidson, B. F. Robinson, Karl T.
Waugh, E. G. Walker, E. T. Hay.4,
aid the above named officers will
compose th board of directors.
"Th Underprivileged Child" will
be the subject of the program for
the next luncheon. It is hoped that
Arthur H. Estbook, who is connected
with th Carnegie Institute at Wash
irgton, and who investigstions has
led to a thoro knowledge of this sub
ject, will bo present.
Dent Hurry Him.
Judge Madam, you say your koa
band left you two months sgo. What
la his business
Wire He's a plumber.
Judge Well, be patient ; for rarely
there's chance that be will have the
leak fixed la another month or so.
Jsckson County Bond Issue Held
Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 16. Th!
Court of Appeals Friday aflrmed the
decii ion of the lower court in the
esse of Ha-rison vs. Jackson Fisoul
Court. This esse attracted consider
able attention since all the poin'j
were attacked connected with the
holding of an election to issue bond
in the sum of $125,000 for the ?on
stiuction of a turnpike from McKee
to the Madison county line.
Judge Marning held the election to
be legal and the case was appealed
to the higher court, but the opinio i
of the lower cou-t was upheld.
The citizens of Jackson county
have made a most consistent fight to
get an outlet to the outside wor'd
and their most worthy efforts have
attracted the interests of the people
in many sections of the State, an-l
the State Road Department is in
sympathy with their efforts and ha)
pledged to construct a road from
Madison rountv to McKee if Madisor
would help to construct the mileage
in that county. Clay county has like
wise voted bonds to the amount of
$200,000 and it looks like these coun
ties are in for road building.
The new Kentenva Associat'nn.
which has recently been organ ire J to
further the interests of constructing
a road thru the counties of Eitil',
Lee, Owsley and Clay, and it is now
proposed by the people of Jackson
county to link up with that project.
connecting in Owsley county, provid
ing the gap in Madison county is not
tsken care of. Beattyville is already
making plans as the "Gateway City"
to the mountains if this huge under
taking is perfected. New enterprises
are being planned.
World News
By J. R. Robertson, Professor of
niatory and Political Science)
Berea CoCeg
It is believed that a settlement
with Turkey is near at hand. Eng
lard is inte-ested in the territory in
Asia Minor which contains oil re
sources. The U. S. also insi: ts that
no arrangement between the two can
be made that excludes the U. S. right
ti the use of the oil supply. Turkey
has not shown much disposition thus
fur to show tolerance to foreign pop
ulation. An agreement was reached
that Christian populations might re
main in Constantinople on certain
conditions. Among other things, the
head or Patriarch of the Greek church
must leave. Since Constantinople ha
been the seat of the Greek Catholie
church since early times, this is con
sidered an especial hardship. It doe
not seem likely that any section is
to be set apart aa a home for tho
Armenians, and their future is not
bright. Nor will Turkey as yet give
up her claim to try all foreigners in
her own courts, thus doing away
v.ith the capitulations, or agree
ments, made with the U. S. years
ago. Constantinople will not be re
garded by the Turks as their capital
city, but rather Angora, a city some
300 miles to the east in Asia Minor,
will be developed as a capital for the
Prohibition Agents Hopeful That End
Has Come To Activities
In This Quarter
Mt. Sterling, Ky., Dec. 17. Federal
arents today took Charles Ballard,
ast member of the Ballard moon
shining gang, to the Fayette county
jail. Ballard was captured neat
Frerchburg Saturday night.
His injuries were d reused in
Ftenchburg. He suffered a wound in
the side and another in the foot.
Br.lla-d refused to talk and would not
tell his whereabouts since his escape
fn m the Ferguson cabin, where his
brother, Bob Ballard, leader of the
gang, and E. Guy Cole, Federal pro
hibition agent, were killed Friday
Jeff Ballard, father, and Albert
Callard, brother of Charles Ballard,
are in the Lexington jail, together
with William Ferguson, Joseph Clem
and Elwood Refit, captured by Feder
al agents Friday. With the arrest
of Charles BaMard. the activities of
the moonshiners, whose lawlessness
caused the death of their leader and
tiiWe Federal agents, are brought to
an end, prohibition agents believe.
Satallwood, Hia Comrade, Given Life
Manchester, Ky., Dec. 17. Bun hell
Si. ith will be placed on trial tomor
row for the murder of John Taylor,
hi" father-in-law, who was shot to
death April 14, 192-', at the head of
Mill Creek. Twenty -two bullet en
tered bis body.
Smith was indicted with Roy
Smallwood, who several days ago was
found guilty and sentenced to life
Taylor's three small daughters
testified they saw Smith and Small
wcod, armed with rifles, walking in
the direction of th spot where their
father' body later was found.
The Commonwealth also proved
that Taylor had been shot front be
Whitesburg, Ky., Doe. 17. Sara
Collirs, Stat Prohibition Director,
and Louis B. Harvle of Whitesburg
have invented $40,000 In coal lands
and building site bora. Tha coJ
lands touch tho Louisvillo Nash,
vilie Railroad, and it ia aald a new
corporation will be formed sooa.
Reports continue to be circulated
that a change is coming about in
America's attitude toward the Euro
pean situation. Ambassador Harvey
is to return to the U. S. for confer
ence, as ia thought, on the financial
situation. The continuous fall in th
value of the German mark has been,
tha center of,, .attention. Germany
wishee a large loan, and It can be
secured in no place but th U. S.
Our government ha not authorized
any such loan as yet, and John
Pierpont Morgan, who has just rw
tt'med from Europe, say none has
been arranged for. The reports,
however, persist and President Hard
ing is quoted as saying that Europe
needs America's aid. Tha suddIt of
gold in the U. S. ia greater than ever
before in our history, and we could
make a loan that would in no senso
obligate us to cancel any debt It
has been America's belief that Europe
must work it out herself, but that
may truly be impossible. If Amer
ica makes a loan, it will be on con
ditions that are helpful to the world.
At the international conferenoa of
jurists, now meeting ot the Peace Pal
ace in th Hague, our own rep
resentative, John Bassett Moore,
was selected as chairman. Th ob
ject of this conference is to take up
the rules regulating war and revise
them so that they will conform to
changed conditions. These Interna
tior.al lawyers are aware of the fact
that the rules of war were badly
broken or disregarded entirely in th
recent war, and yet they are goiag
at their task with considerable of
l.cpe and confidence, believing that
in some way international law ia tn
have a better standing in the future
than in the past. The U. S. ia com.
milted to the rjolicv of nnnl fn
Irw in international relations and
has always used her influence in tht
direction. Her policy of isolstion.
however, prevents that cooperation
wnn the nations of tha wo-lH whieh
s'one can give an effective enforce
ment of law.
The U. S. baa recentlv ant n..
val commissioner to Brazil with sev
eral Vessels Of War. aa a camnlimont
to that country in the celebration of
her freedom from monarchical ml.
The neighboring republic of Argen
tina see in this something to criti
cise and charges the U. S. with in
consistency in encoursging naval op
erations when we so recently advo
cated reduction of naval armament
Th criticism goes even farther and
suggest den re on th part of the
U. 8. to cultivate a friendship for
Brazil which will be to tha diaadvan.
tagt of th Argentine. That suck
w realty th purpoa of th V. S.
ther I littl reason to betiev bet
the Incident ia ano-awativa of anlrit
of rivalry between the two stroagwt
(ioatanuea oa peg eight)

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