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Drain II, 1922
thi crnzxx
A men yntn fan lly newspaper ptblths every Tharaday y
BIREA PURM8HINO CO. tlnrorp faifd)
Mal at Mm until at km, Rr , at
auBftcitimoN bat ax
, f J, ita imhiIu, U Man; tkrt aiar.tk. Hmit Fsrafclf i a.
ftwataa ASwwiMM mlW. fa Attna ffMi Anartattaa.
Two Kinds
There two kinda of people on earth tela 7;
Just two kinds of people, no more, I aajr.
Not the tinner ard saint, for, 'tis well understood
The (rood are half bad and the bad are half good.
Not the rich and the poor, for, to count a man's wealth,
You must first know the state of his conscience and health;
Not the hamble and p-oud, for, in life's little span,
Who puts on vain airs is not counUd a man.
Not the happy and sad, for the swift flyirg years
Rring each man his laughter and each man his tears.
No, the two kinds of people on earth that I mean
Are the people who lift and the people wl.o lean.
Wl errver you go you will find the world's masses
A-e always divided in just these two clauses;
And, oddly erough, you will find, too, I ween,
There ia only one lifter to twenty who lean.
In which class are you? Are you eaaing the load
Of overtaied lifters who toil down the road?
Or are you a leaner, who lets others hear
Your portion of labor snd worry and care?
Henry F. I.yman-Wheaton in The Christian Herald.
Ambassador Child's Statement
(National Republican)
In general Mr. Child, official obrerver for the United States,
base hia atatmrnt to the Lausanne conference of the American
attitude toward the question of the atraits upon the doctrine of
the open dor. That serves well so far aa commerce is concerned,
but is more difficult to apply to the passage of ih'ps of war. His
argument against the neutralization of the Black sea is thereforo
otherwise baaed. No nation, he decla-es, ia more ready thsn the
Urited States to uphold the need of maintaining a naval force t
art aa police to protect American citizens, as was recently shown
In the Near F-aft.
Shipe ef war, he urges, are "not necessarily agents of de
struction," and he adds, "We want access to eve-y free body of
water In the world, and the United States is not going to be satis
fied unless Amrricsn wan hips are allowed to pursue their peace
ful errands wherever American citizens and American mercharit
ships may go." The benevolent spirit shown by the United States
navy in Near Eastern waters is beyond question, yet the general
principle enunciated here is of rathe ataggering breadth. All
nations may aend commercial vessels into the Crest lakes, from
Ortario to Superior is it to be inferred that whe-e the'r citizens
and their merchant shirs msy go they have an Indisputable right
to aend ships of wsr for protection? Ce-tainly Mr. Child would
aot admit that; he will have to explain therefore why the Unitel
Statea has a right to demand that the R'ack aea should not be
given a status similar to that of the Great Lakes.
Innocent as may be the errands of American wa-ships, not al
naval operations are so peaceful and humanitarian in character.
It is stated in London that if Russ a build un its naval atrengtn
In the Rlark aea. Great Britain will ask the United States to ea'l
another Washington conference to deal with th;s question. But
to such conference Ruiaia would have to be invited, and if Rus
sia should show thnt its nsval plara resulted directly from tho
admlxaion to the Rlack sea of the warships of all nations it
logic might be difficult to meet. For it ran hardly be contended
that the ma!n function of sh'ps of war Ib rescuing refugees, or
that the admission of sea power to a basin from which navies have
long been excluded msy nut call for defensive measures by th
ritarisn statea. Mr. Child in his rtatement may have committed
the United States more deeply against the demilitarization of
nearly landlocked seaa than was quite prucVnt at this time.
On this Pay of Remembrance, made
beautiful by every holy memory thai
Life has woven into the human heart,
there ia nothing so precious as the
recollection of dear ones whose loyil
Friendship has filled the world wUh
melody and fragrance, and set a star
above the night of every sorrow.
"Merry Christmas" is the one salute
that b-ings response from the univer
sal mother-tongue. It stirs within us
the purest affection, the moat beauti
ful aspiration, the most abiding sense
of possession. It makes us all mem
bers of one unbroken family circle
arourd Christmas Tree that sym
bolizes the hope of the world, the
conque'ing joy of the uplifted fou.,
the realization of every noble dream.
May thia be the beat Chriatmaa ynj
hrve ever had, O Friend, wherever you
are. May it be filled with peace snd
serenity and satisfaction, with songs
from sunlit heights, with voice an J
vision of ete-nal things, witn win
nowing wings that soar ard sift the
darkness from the day. My heart
will hold you close thia day in every
hope and every prayer. God's Love
be with you to make you glad ani
sure. And love of Friends be with
you, to warm your heart and shut yoj
in with every human treasure.
Christmas brings us, too, a renewed
tenia of the permanence of things
of tha eternal meanings back of hu
man actions, and lift ua Into com
munlon with the spirit of patience
and fortitude. Life weart a hue of
Nobility aa wt unde-stand how every
human pattern ia woven into the fab
ric of divinity. We forget Incidents
and think in terms of completion.
We tee the purpose of God working
thru the agonies of mankind for the
upbuilding of Hit Kingdom in the
Soula of Men.
To truly celebrate Christmas we
must have the wisdom of simplicity;
the wisdom of the quiet heat and
the contented mind. We must be
Christmas lovers; Christmas givers:
Christmas hopers. George Santay
ana has given the recipe for this nr.
bier livirg: "All that Is requisite is
that we should pause to enjoy life
and should lift op our hearts to
th'ngs that are pure good in them
selves, ro that once to have found
and loved them, whatever else may
betide, may be a happiness that noth
Irp can sury."
ZTo ur Jfrienfce anfc
I fe-git most everything
Christmas brought to me
All the gifts that hung in rows
On the shin'n' tree;
Dust has gathered on the toys.
Rooks is all unread.
Can't remember what I got,
Or what I was fed.
Rut I got one memory
Shines as clear tcday
In my hea-t as if it waa
Only yesterday.
Coin' down the street alone,
Walkin' kinda alow,
My old heart was softened up
When you yelled: "Hullo!"
Madison County is expecting the
best Christmas it has ever known
cne unmarred hy rowdiness, drunken-
k fs and murder.
A good many of our dangerous
characters a-e safe in jail or under
bonds. Our Christmas "doings" in
the school-houses a-e so promising
that the boys who have known no
joy but whisky are finding excitement
in better things. And the general
feeling of good-will it all pervasive.
Wc shall be merry without being
We desire to present to
you the Compliments of the
Season and express our sin
cere wishes for your prosper
ity during the New Year.
We wish also to take this
opportunity to thank you for
valued patronage.
XLhc jfasbton Store
The rchoo'a have two weeks tj.
raticn. Th's rives time to celebrate
Christmas and New Years daya, an I
to have a "heap" of fun.
But the big thing to do thia vara
t:cn time is to get up a lot of fire
wood so that mother will not have to
go out before breakfast cold January
mornings to pick up wet chips for
her fire. Make a shelter and fill it
with good dry wood.
Old George Wither had the right
Without the door let sorrow lie;
And if for co'd it hap to die,
We'll bury it in Ch-istmat pie,
And evermore be merry.
Make This Christmas
ci Real One
A new model Ford for yourself and family j
will do it. There is still time before the 25th.
All models are now selling at the lowest jx
prices ever known in Ford history.
Now is the logical time to buy. A Ford J?
can give more nal use and pleasure during J
the winter months than at any other time. M
See us new.
Our new visible gasoline filling 6tation is
now bein? installed. We will be ready to
teive ycu tccn.
Berea Motor Company 12
Authorised FORD Agents
Short Street Berea, Kentucky f
The following item, in which Pro
fessor Smith it quoted, was clipped
from a Washington paper:
New York, Nov. 13. Hostility of
chuThes and parenta to the play
spirit ia alienating young folk from
the rural chu-ch and home and creat
ing bitter opposition or indifference
to many of tho most sacred Ameri
can institutions. Prof. John F. Smith
of Berea College, Ky., said in an ad
dress before the American Country
Life Association.
"People of the open count-y,H he
declared, "need instruction in the art
of providing abundant, wholesome
recreation for themselves and their
child-en. The place where the first
step is taken ty those who prove tu
be great leaders in social and eco
nomic movements it on the play
grounds." Condemning the "sunup to r.ir
down" workday in the rural rections,
Professor Smith suggested that he
association should launch a campaign
for shorter working hourt, play
craft and community spirit in the
A study of the habits of people of
the count-y, be said, showed w r"c
rpread opposition to group gather
ings whose chief purpose was f'tn
making and recreation. Thousand
of persons, ne added, contend that
one cannot be a good Christian and
attend meetings of mer-ymaking.
From Washington Evening Star.
Mist Ruth Chasteen gave her many
friends a surp-ise last week when she
was quietly married in New Albany,
Ird., to Richard Cates of Arizona.
The bride ia the eldest daughter of
M. A. Chuateen, the ticket agent a.
The young couple are in Lexington
for the p-esent, but plan to visit Be
rea this week, before they leave for
their home in Ariiona.
The following ia an extract of
letter from the Executive Secretary
of the American Committee for Rus-
smn Relief:
There are today 7,352,000 people
who face starvation thit winter.
There are 1,000,000 "Famine Or
phans," whose parents died last win
ter, o- who are lost and have n.i
friends unless you and I will be
their friends. There is misery and
wietchedness and hunger and despair
in Russia at this hour yes, ard can
nibalism, too and ir this ghasMy
niphtmare of suffe-ing and fear, the
CHILDREN are caught and made
vif-timt of great, terrifying forces
for which they are not to blame, an J
v.iifch they are too little to combat.
t have aeen children starve DIE of
starvation. I have seen them lie in
the streets, half-naked frozen fc
death. The lot of the children in Rus
sia is worse than anything you have
ever imagined and what they go
thru now, when they are little, wi'l
mark them for all their lives, unless
lu'p comes to them, somehow.
You CAN help. You CAN sav
the- lives of HUMAN BEINGS lit
tie, tiny babies, who stretch out thei-
thin arms TO YOU, and beg YOU
not to let them die! Will you do
it NOW before it ia too lateT
At a recent meeting of the Com
mittee on Picturea selections were
made for the three evenings on wnici
picture will be shown urder the aus
pices of the College during the Win
ter Term.
The selections and dates follow:
First free evening:
January 3 One travelog reel,
Alaska, or a Near East reel; three
reels on Cinderella, or Aladdin.
Second free evening:
January 10 Three reels on
Rainey'a African Hunt, or Aladdin,
or Hansel and Crete).
The pay evening:
March 14 Five reels on The
Hoosier Schoolmaster; one reel on
"Hull BustinT or six reels on Treas
ure Island.
John F. Smith,
Chairman of Committee
Mr. John A. Parks died at hit
home near Whites Station, Wednes
day morning. Funeral will be held
at Berea Baptist church, Thursday
afternoon. Burial at Ue-ea ceme
tery. We hope to have a fuller
obituary notice next week.
To You AU
The Christmas season is one of joy in all
Christian lands.
It is the appropriate season for us to express
to our friends and customers the joy and thank
fulness we feel for favors they have extended to
us during the past year.
May the Christmas spirit be yours throughout
the years to come.
J. M. Coyle & Co.
Chestnut Street Berea, Kentucky
We Greet You
With Thanks
;! Berea Department Store
jj Chestnut St, Berea, Ky.
Every business day in the year we are thank
ing our customers for their patronage, do mat
ter how small the purchase.
At this season of the year it is again our
privilege and pleasure to express to you our
graieful thanks for the many favors you have
extended to us.
We offer you the compliments of the Christ
mas season, with the earnest wish that success
may attend you in all of your laudable under

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