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Dnnkr SI, 1922
East Kentucky
News You Get
it Kt ir pmM rntinfi. bjft
Drip Rock
Drip Rck, Dep. IS. We are hav- John Anderson of Ri Hill are glad
ing mime colj rniny weather which to hear that he is a'owly recovering
sr--ms very unpleasant, since we havn fiom an attack of rheumatism. He
hail iwh bcaur.ful, wam fall; was taken to Bc-ea h isp'tal. Trw
but the co'd wenther make it a i 1 n- u br-nls at. this plare are plunnirg on
did time for butchcrit g hogs, and lirv'ng a Christmas t ee and a pri
evrrylmdy la busy killing, molting and g'rm Friday nipht, December 22.
eating; around here. Mis Himsic Corn gathering, slnughtTing and to
CctTcy and Robert Stills were quiet'y laeco 1 1 rippinjr a-e about over and
niur led at the brlde'i home Tucs- f -ofio are making preparation for
day night, December 4, at ab)Ul 1) Christmas. May it ba done in
o'clock. Mrs. Mary Lamb and daugb- rirht way and not as some think, in
ter, Oac'e, apent Tuesday with Mrs. a way which shameful to th;rk o,
Alcorn. Daniel Grant Sparks hud but with joy ard pleasure. Fricndr
the misfortune of gcltirg his houe grcct'ng friends, as our Saviour
and all his household goods destroy, would be rl""l- So washing all a
ed by fire Monday mo-ning about 3 ry mer-y Christmas and a happy
o'clock. Mrs. Maria Powell and two and prosperous New Year,
children of Foxtown made twu
weeka visit among relatives and! Wh te L'rk
friends at Drip Rock recently. 1 White Lick, Dec. 19. M-a. Fffl
Mir sea Violet Lakes and Mary Hen- Hour shell visited her grandparents,
den on of Berea College, Be-ea, Ky.,'Mr. nd Mr- p- K- Foley, at Hack
are expected home Tuesday, Decern- ' from Wednesday until Friday of
Ur 18, for the Xmas holidays. They I' t wvek. "Granny- Metcalf. who
have the material on the ground to ' " " w injured several weks
remodel the church house at this continues ill at the home of her
place as soon at the weather will per- di.ught-, Mrs. J. M. Morgan. Misi
mit. Misa I'rovy Mareum was bap- Martha Bryant and Rodney Renfro
tiled by Rev. K. M. Cox last Sunday lr,,ve Lancaster lat t Friday anj
mon ing.
-C. C. Carroll nun-baaed his
wife a n:ce little pony in Irvine Mot
day, whic h pL-ased her very much.
Mr". Dutch Sparks and daughtc ',
Hannah, spent Sund.iy with au"'.
K!'7. Moore. We were very so-ry to
learn thru The Citizen about Mr.
I?i, h'lr.ll V ar-rl.tont nn.l Ininrv in't
, . , a i .
hofe for h' peely recovery. Andy
Laii hart is cover ng his house.
Misses Tama- anil Georgia McQueen,
Mid Nina Fowler and Misses Thelma 1
and I'elma Lakes, Messrs. Ruford
IjiKcs, Arlie and Garland McQueen
and rloyd Fowler spent Saturday
night with Mrs. Ftta !akes.
The ChHstmas tree for the school
on Saturday, Dec. 2.1, at 1:30 p.m. a nice meat hog from R. L. Wilson
there will be a short p-ogram. We sf $H.OO per hur dred. Mrs. Ma" A
hope to have a great number of M Querry, an old pensioner, har
pre ents, the teacher will supply as rroved in the house with he- widow
many aa the district. This is a el daughter, Mrs. L;izie Bryant.
challenge to th? community; what wi'l The prohibition officers are sti'l after
be d' ne about it waits to be seen, the moonshiners and bootleggers. So
We hope all will help in some wav nil that arc engaged in that hellish
or other, ao there will be more happy business had bette- quit. Rev. W.
faces in Bobtown than ever before.
U t ua expert great things from
this ocraaien, and plan great things
from it. The tobacco men of thu vvmt thru the geological garden and
sect on are pleated to learn that says he saw many animals that were
aeles for their tobacco ia 30 per cent ( very interesting; to him. I will closo
higher than two yean ago. This . wu.hing all the readers of The Cit
ia due to the o-ganization of the iien a merry Christmas and happv
tobacco pool. The Rev. Pollock, of ' New Year.
Pittsburg, Pa., returned to Kirgston
Dee. 10 and conducted three ser
vkes in the old masonic building.
Allen Powell moved to Red Lick
last week. Mr. and Mrs. R. L.
Brown, of Berea. spent Sunday night i
with M-. and Mrs. John Lawson.
Mr. and Mra. Frank Fdester are the
proud parents of a fire boy which
has befn christened Leo. Miss Grace
Powell ia spending a few days with
her brothe", An Powell, of Red
Lick. Mrs. John Lawron and daugh-
ter Agnea were in Richmond
nrsday doing Xmas shopping.
Wallaceton, Dec. 18. We are hav
ing ve-y cold weather now, and most found a 60-gallon still, which they
of the people arc thru killing hops, b-ought to Irvine and ia now on dis-
William Denny spent the week-end P'ay at the county judge's office,
with his mother at Woodstock, Ky. J Those charged with operating the
Miss Grace Gentry spent several days stills were brought to Irvine, ar
last week witn Mrs. Wm. Wallace. ' raigned before Judge Spraul and
M-g. Jaa. Guinn ia real tick at thit waived their rase to hte g-and lury.
writing. The community club met
at the schoolhouae Tuesday night.
There waa a very interesting pro
gram, but owing to the cold weather
and sickness several of the members
were absent. We hope to have tho
superintendent from Madison and "ope we will have a snow for
Garrard county at our next meeting, Christmas. Perry Metcalfe and fam
January t, 1923. The little ton of 'y moved to Pittsburg, Ky., last
Grant Truett la slowly Improving ' week- W. B. Hamilton and A. J.
from dyphtheria. The-e will be a Shepherd of this place are attending
Christmas tree at tha Wallareton i the hardware convention in Louisv lla
sthoolhoose Saturday night. Decern-thia week. Mrs. A. J. Shepherd is
ber 23. Everybody invited. Brack iW frierda and relatives at
Truett took a load of tobacco to Rich- Richmond and Kingston thia week.
ntond today. R. P. Botkln bought Merry Christmas to tha many readers
soma hogs from II. O. Lamb, Mon-,
day. M'sses Evelyn and Vola Guinn
will be home tha last of tha week to
spend their vacation with their par.
acts, Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Guinn.
Jaa. Wallace gold a hog to Arthur
Kidd last week for $24.80. Sam Hill
ao'd his tobacco last week for 41 !
cents a pound.
Silver Creek
Silver Creek, Dee. 18. Mra. Crace
Ceyle (nee Grace Johnson) aad two of the ears, but is better. Mra. Mar
ctildm have returned from Ohio and tU Aibill is reported to be Iraprov.
Nowhere Else
ttiiirta n fetvi faith. Writ plainly
arc ttofping with her pa-ents, Me.
tnd Mm. W. A. Johnston. Friends of
"r' ma-ricci. the bride is a dU7h-
ter f Rev. W. H. H-yant. Thev
hi.ve the best wishes of thir friend.
Sunday-sehiol is progresirg at
White L'ck lluptit church, and in
stcnil f f closing on account of t h"
cold weather, ts it formerly has, will
crifnu th-uout the winter. Mis
Stella West of Kentucky Wesleyan is
. ' .
at home fo- the ("hriitmas vacation
Harmony, Dec. IS. It is very cold
hre this moiing and seems thnt
w titer ha come at last. D. D. Col
lett bought a nice bunch of stock
cuttle at Stanford last Monday
P ie not riven J. C. Wilson war
over at Ml Vernon last week on le-
Rul businers. George CoMett bought
M. C. HutcMns has just returned
from a visit to Cincinnati ard other
towns in Ohio, and while there be
Noland, Dec. 15. We are having
plenty of rain and mud here now.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Lay and Jamea
Witt took m loat
mond th:s week and sold it for 82H
cents straight Ernest Walton has
gone to Ohio to work. Ans Winkler
was in I-vine Saturday. J. H. Peters
and Gohel Winkler went to Richmond
Sunday with a load of tobacco. Ed
Wed-.Warford and Pete Whitlnrb r....e
thru here last week. LaH Tuesday
Jamea Powell and Wm. Chrisman.
deputy sheriff, and others made a raid
at the forks and rut up two stills and
Mr. and Mra. Jure Warford were
the gueata of W. L. Lay, Sunday.
Welchba-g, Dec. 18 We are hav-
if quite a lot of rain at present, but
of The Citiien.
Threelinks, Doc. 18 We are hav-
ing gome rainy wet weather at thia
time There ia some sickness around
here. Little Rosy Cabbard, tha 7-
year-old child of Crover Cabbard, is
ve-y sick with brain fever; also little
Joey Phillips is sick at present. Earl
PMIIipa ia suffering with an abcest
$ A Russian Legend
Babenthka sod la kr doorway
Whoa tbo Three Wis Man ! by,
"We f la warsbip the King," they tmii,
"Yfm kave soaa His Star ia the sky.
"Wilt (boa com with as, Babouihka,
Or ever the Star be sot?"
1 will come and look the aew-bora Kiaf,
Bat ah. My lord! Not yotl
"I matt set my koase ia ordr.
And I must spin and tow,"
Tlia Star had tot ore the mad aa oad.
And I bo windt begaa to blow.
And evermore Babouthka
Govt locking through tha wild
Tbo Tbrro Wite Men, I ha thining Star
Her King, the aaw-born Child.
But on the ovo of Chrittmat,
Whoa there are Bona to too.
She coir.ot with giftt in eithrr hand.
To dock the Chrittmat Tree.
She comot where tloeping children
Lie draaming of tho morn.
To tea if once again on oarlh
Tbo Cbritt-child hath bevn born.
Marion L. Adams.
I Ing. We hope she will soon be out
apain. John Dooley, who has bee.i
teaching in the graded school at Vida,
Hu-lun county, will spend Christmas
at home. J. F. Dooley ha his new
I dweHir g almost completed. He hopos
to get it done by Christmas. D. T.
1'hi'lips is planning on moving to W.
C. Phillip's farm the first of the year.
Miss Susie Phillips and June Phil
lips visited Delia Phillips Saturday
evening. Bob Tankersely was in
Threelinks Sunday. Tbo re will be
piayer meeting at Cash Hurst's bouse
Sunday night.
"Who Is the msn making a meal of
milk and crackers?"
"That's Scrlbson, the author. He
writes red-blooded Action. Seems
queer, doesn't It?"
"Oh, I don't know. Life Is full of
paradoxes. The fellow bo yells the
loudest st a prise ficbt and makes tbr
nioKi sanguinary remarks Is often some
anaemic Utile whipieninapper who
couldn't lick a sparrow."
At the Amattur Piay.
Reginald Ai lust, oiy love, we are
together! Rest you In these arms for
ever! (Aside, to man In the wln-.i).
Step lively there with Ike curtain! lo
you suppose we want to stay this way
all iilwlitT
llorteiiHe (aa the curtain drops)
fur ever! Weekly Telegraph (Lon
don). The
Jut part of s
Pieced toge thcr
tion! of
tor the rsw
ned snd
H. G. WELLS' "Outline of History V
Aea QfSry a' OnThird 1h Ordinal frici
A kMl.ni WM taw tart Nt ant It r ! tram ' rata aatia. . ,
aia taa.tMt Man ti iim kias tanata im aa to tk
aaIM aaiariikauv. Ik !) Cla,,lra. lh,rraaMal NaMtoaa. Irani Ca.
Ma Aavua ,1 M. Iknmak Ik ' - SIIMt Mm
lallamataaarlt Ikn tiwkAll. klrtatrat m tw iimUwhii', , mtmtmtt
M aalr Um kliurr at Ute watt. Ml Ih, vlnx af Uw awlt: kka aatauao- ' Sawl jaa m aa.
la UUialara al Uia avrld: Um akl!au!r at lh, wirla aaiwiMa ' I P"l "'' Ml
all krfuM Mur k, Uk bmm r,ia Hi' at awnea kuaai. JTtilluHi' la Uw
And The Rivuw ef Reviiwi To j i.m - ' m.
WIU klu alia Uu dan al Una: krtuta Ui mm mm; k . jF . "Tr..'',!? L.!,liL
S.r. u.rra ...r. .... lawn... la bru.J u.., iua a to J" giaT." fl'.'S 2
Ml"" U- .lra. k.i.M., II, u.al(M J. aa I.. I. is..4t J t7j?i?,J. UtuMXZl
Fiur, aa Ih UTarn. ani Karu; an.1 I hatlraof , Naiwlruiii A . . ' ' "
.rirlaa ai.J Oalujl"! kh . C.a.al,i.na J Akli.r: Oalllaa . 'imll .iU.- aa a la. 1. a
S-1. " !n3 '?irk4uTru.'".i
i r. M l i, ma Biuorv ar Itia ilia aiaa
af Railrwa
raor.W a"4 liHartiraU IKa klalorv ul Uia
i Ik la flu lr, ikal tkaaa ah' uM
...I.I tula.
aakad lua.Miat. Ha a.4ia tkaaa aja mrm akla U
atf r an 4ual'iMaal awuraa aaafe at fat
at at a,ha. l la tfca lui. '
land No Meaar
War.l, el a an aaall U-a mm aalao.
IMi tan a, win, u, a rwrwara laj
a.aaal, a a II aaaa
aaaa aaaiaai aaaaaal JHk
a C. M Irrta li. ?
nV A
Differ on Christ's Birthday jjj
THE early Christmas were dl- jjj
vlded ae to the date on
which the nativity of Christ jjj
should be celebrated. Some of 3
these celebrated It on the first Jjj
or sixth of January, other groups 2
observed September 29 and still
another March 29. As early as
the fourth century, however, the
period of the new year had been
generally accepted aa the time
for celebrating Christ's birth.
The Western branch of the
Church observed December 2A
and the Eastern church January
. Finally It waa decided that all
should eelehrste December 2X
Pope Julius I., who presided In
the first half of the fourth cen
tury, la credited with having ae!
the date.
No Time te Whistle.
Let porta sing thalr d.ttlos
Of in men they moat admire.
Give us the man who whittles
while ha s putting oa a tire.
Getting Wise.
Storekeeper I suppose you'll want
your usual order of cigars for elec
tion? District Captain Not this year. Too
many women voting In my ward. Let's
ee what you've got In the line of cheap
canity I
Oldest Man
the World
skull, two molar teeth and a thich bontl
they made what t One of the moat per
plexing mytieriet in the study ot numsn bi'tory.
Wert thrte the remains of so apt-like man who
lived 500,000 yean sgo?
Scientist believe that they were; they call him
the "Pawn Man," and out of the record embedded
in tbt rocks they have reconstructed the condi
hit lift. How he killed bit food snd
Aeth from tb bones; how he mtr-
fought and died! How little by little be
clawed snd clubbed bit wsy up ra mstrery ever
the bcstti. It is a fstcinsting, gripping story, but
it it only one of a thousand ttoriet that stir your
blood ia this grcstett book uf modern timet.
' iB . i-ii ' .
cat vM araW, aaaaat Mt, H-M
SP 0
Majority Party Needs th Time tc
Formulate Compromit Mjurt
That Will Restore Greater Har
mony Within Its Rank.
Waslilngt It Is perfectly clear
from Iht "nlicreum-a" of llie reient In
partiHiiu eoiiteienie in Wiislnnton
led by Seiintor l.u Kollette of Wiscon
sin, tlmt the iidvntieed troiis. pnv
KiesHlves or riiillciils, cull tliem wlint
you will, ilcxlre Hint there bi.hII lie an
extraonllnnry sexsion of ilie newly
eleeteil runicress next aprlng.
It tins been held hitherto thnt the
cotiperviitlve and seiiil-iiinnervntlve
gnniis In con rr cms do not wnnt an ex
rraoi'dinnry session In the uprlng. tl
course the eonservntlve an . th semi
conservatives outnumber the others
hut us what loosely miiy be culled the
l.a Follette groupings unqtiestlininhly
will hold tin In nee of power In tlie
next eonkieis. tl.e other elements
mut give due heed to the Influence
which they luive, iiiv' tlielr uppna'n
eollenirin's may yb Id to the elrnor-dliiiirj-
session ileninnd. tlilnUlnir Hint
It is better j gel "nil th'ns over
with" as quickly ns possible rnther
tluin to postpone the eontrnversv un
til the session which conies Just be
fore tl'e nntlnnnl convention of l!l"J4.
It Is snld In Washington today that
the mlinltilstnitjoi. Im In ken full
poirnlznnce of the leirMntlve proirrnm
fo which the pmsreMve or rnllnil
croups have given tlielr ndlierenee.
It seems likely thnt the nilmln'stra
tton unit Its supporters in house um!
sennte will friime a leirislntlve pro
crnm of their o n which shnll be
somefli'ns In the nnture of a compro.
mine between conservatism and ex
treme procresslvlsm.
Republicans Need Harmony.
If they do this the administration
iind Its followers hope ttuit harmony
can be hrotitflit Into the Republican
ranks, thnt the various so-enlleil
blocs in congress will be satisfied nml
tliut the Itepiihlicnn party cun eo be
fore the triple In 1924 with a record
not pnrtieuliirly scarred with the
wounds of factionalism.
The recent conference of the U Toi
lette progressives was bipartisan In
a nieusure. There were some liemo
crats to take part In the deliberations.
Democrats who. while partisan on a
good ninny things, are nonpartisan In
what perhaps they would coll "legisla
tion for the uplift." The truth Is.
however, that so far as the Republic
an party Is concerned all compromise
measure Intended to meet difference
between the admlnlatnitlon and the
so-called extremists probably mug
necessarily lack Democratic auppor
Therefore, If there la tc bo a com
ing together to make the Republican
cause leas difficult In 1924 It must tare
the form. It la said, of a Joining op
of the different schools of Republican
ism In house and senute to the ex
clusion of any gchool of the Demo
crats. It seems likely, therefore, that soon
the movement for more advanced leg
islation by the so-i-alled hlnc elements
In house and senate must become
a movement within the Republican
Minority Wants Many Things.
The minority group of Republicans
In house and senate desire that all
klnda of rhiingea shull be made In the
laws and regulation- of the lund. It
seems certuin today aa yesterduy that
at the present s- ml on the agricul
tural credit situation will he relieved,
but there Is precious little chance
that, before congresa dies the d ath
In March, even un approach ran he
made to consideration of and action
on a good many other things which
the memherg who attended the rececr
conference have demanded.
The "balance of power" Republic
ans In house and senute demand the
repeal of the Ksch-Cuiumlns transpor
tation art because they suy It has be
come unpopular with tha fanners and
organized lubor; and they ask alto
rhangea hi the taxation laws, a con
servation policy which Is opposed to
that of the present secretary of the
Interior, aumeaty fi.r political offend
er, and various other things to which
conaervatlve and senil-con-ervstlve
Republicans and the administration
with them probably can yield only In
Naturally enough the party In pow
er wanta to be retained In Its place
by the voter at the lvtloa In No
vember. 11KM. The feeling of tho ma
jority Republicans seeu.s to be that
It will be possible te yield In part to
the demands tha "halaaca of pew
ee" Itepubllcaiia without In any way
committing the government to really
radical legialutlon
Today the group of conservative
Republicans which seems to be will
ing that an extra session shall be
called In the aprlng ia growing In
strength. Aa has been said, tha d
slre seems to be to gel the worst or
the beat over with a aooa as puaaihle
la order, thai there nay ba aeUalte
fcMwWdga a long tuu la advance at
Just what kiad nt a platform uf leg
IslHtlve Her ompllshment the Repub
licans enn construct for use at the
nsthmsl convention In I'.rjt.
Toe Many Mine Disaster.
From the illreitur of the bureau ef
mini's of (lie I'nited Mutes, II. Kinder
Unin, conies a reHirt which seemingly
niiiMild iiinke men stop to think. Here
la the npciiinif paragraph of Mr. Ilmn's
coiiiiiiunlcation :
"foul bus been tinneil for three
months since the resumption of niln
Inu following lie five months' strike,
nml In lli.il time six explosion killing
i Iioiii IM men and injuring more than
I ."it others linve occurred In lilt unit
nous mines. The number and vio
lence of these explosions Is Increasing,
the record of the past month being
the worst of nil. The coal Industry
has not in years suffered us m.iny big
disasters, and the entire country prop
erly Is a mowed." "
It should he remembered thnt this
communication of Mr. I!, in consti
tutes a government mid ottii lnl report.
It gives the viewpoint of men whose
l.iislnesa It is to study situations and
without fear or favor to comment
The director asks these questions:
"Why did these explosions occurf
"Were they entirely accidental or
could they have been prevenfedr
"Will similar explosions follow?" Then
Mr. Main adds: "Investigations now
under wv will determine the cause of
past accidents and what. If anything,
might have been done to prevent
them, but Investigation alone will
give no assurunee that similar set-Idem
will not n gain occur. The rea
sons learned must he uplled and
every possible protection tuken If this
killing is to be stopped."
Due Partly to Strike's Results.
The country Is told In the course of
be director's resirt that w'ile the
seasonal hazards, which are greater
In t lie coal Industry during the winter
months, probably have Influenced the
result, there has been it lessening of
morale throughout the coal industry
us a result of the sirilte. which 'ends
toward a less careful attitude of mind
Another probable fuctor, be says. Is
n i-luinglnit In personnel at the mines
following: the strike and the shifting
i.f miners to camps where they were
not familiar with the danger. In
places, he says, there is a luck of that
discipline "which Is essential to pre
vention of disaster whether In fight
ing ii battle or In fighting the hazards
of nnture."
This government official tells the
country, which has been shocked by
recent terrible disasters In the mining
Industry, that In the fuce of these? In
creased hn.ards It Is the Instant duty
of operators and mine workers to con
centrate their uttention on the pre
vention of accidents. Unless thia Is
done, Mr. Bain save wamingly, there
will he more accidents and more Uvea
lost, however much the research men
may do to solve the cuusea of .cct
dents and to provide methods for
avoiding them.
Until the present aeries of dis
astrous explosions the record of de
crease In accidents had led tha kureaa
of mines to feel that dangera from
ertaln aoareea were being eliminated.
After the demonstrations la tha min
ing bureau's experimental mine, be
ginning In 1911, the number of bitumi
nous mine explosions declined us a ra
sult of the educational campaign ttv
uugurated by the bureau of mlnea aad)
carried on with the co-ope rat loo af
miners and operators. During a tea
yearn period the number of deutha re
sulting from explosions waa decreased,
by one-half from the number killed
I during the previoue ten years.
Coal Dust Certainly Explosive.
It muy be Interesting to know that
practical mining men of the country
were still Incrednkius a few yeiira ago
ua to the exphtfribility of coal dual.
They were Invited to the experimental
n ine to witness the testa. In one of
the tests a mine cur wus shot from tha
entry of the mine with such force that
It was carried 300 feet through the air
before it landed on a hillside. Uttla
doubt remained after that In anyhody'a
mind Hint eoul dunt waa Itself explo
sive and was ulao the cause of Initial
explosion which later extended 'betr
force through the mine.
It seems to be believed hi Waahlng
lon that If the mining Industry run ba
stubillzed and troubles of various)
kinds which have beset It In tha past
run be minimized, the future may aa
fiilrly free from disaster. During lb
ten yeurs when there were conipura
tlvely few upsets In the Industry,
plosions were cut down materially.
Director Ruin auya exploelona earn
and must be prevented and that there
Is no reason, with the p reseat hnowW
edge, why locul exploalona la mines)
hhould spread throughout the en tie
underground workiuga. Then ba adk -that
mlnera and operator; aa well aa
official Inspectors, "must take hold ef
tha altuullon promptly and vigorously
or there will atlll be wore serious atv
ploalona and more men killed."
fair Play.
Ter year-old John ae mkea to aa
eye, ear and throut specialist, ther.
oughly tested, anil then tha doctor he
gar to prescribe. "Uargle this," 1st
handed John' mother one bottle, "and)
drop tbl Inio hit eyea al night." ba
handed her another bottle: "aud dnu
thia into bla ear at night, loo," Thera
came another bottle.
The doctor stopped talking then, but
John looked at hi in expevtsnlly. Whet,
he suw n more medicine waa coming,
he said In aa bnplortng euleet "faa t
you give me something fur my nuts).
It will be tha only thing on my fare
left out. aud 1 doo't want U M get

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