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fair Foot
December ft, lilt
Oflre hi Bctm Bank A Tlraet Ce
Berea, Ky.
Office rtioa 11? Bee, Pfceee 1T4
Notary Public
Phone No. 4
Berca National Bank Building
in all Court
Office hoar MS a. m, 1-4 ft. u.
GoTcmmcnt Dentist
Located hi
Mala Street Berea. Ky
Phono Ne, S
Jewelry Store
First CUm Repairing
Fine Line of Jewelry
Thank You
for a
year of
May You
of happiness
and success
in the
years that
re to
And hare
your shoes
repaired by
Rivers & Hubbard
Short Street
Lady Wit Larga Acoaaiataaea
who i employed in ready to wear depart
mentor who li dreaimaklng can become
established in ber own buitneu and ere
ate a worth while Income without com
petition. We will tend you from fifteen
to fifty new style dreiiei (tillable for all
occaion, every month; conttanly ex
changing unsold modeli for new atylei
Applicant who cannot give bank ref
erencei, will not be considered.
CmtaiW PwJtf hiul Hiih C1m Draam
2 Waat 35th St. Mew Yark City
We thank our customers for the
patronage that has been given u
the paat year, and hope we may
merit a liberal share in 1923.
We are giving the prices on a
few articles that are at this time a
good buy. Let us supply you while
our stock lasts.
Queen flour... sack 90c, 4 sacks 3.60
Rrdio sack $1.00, 4 sacks $3.80
Mary sack $1.10, 4 sacks $4.30
Lexinfon Maid, it is just a little bet
ter; once used, always. Try it once
sack $1.10
Sweet dai-y feed sack $2.10
Mixed feed sack $2.00
N. 2 1-2 sweet potatoes, kraut,
Hominy, pork and beans ..15c can
No. 2 tomatoes 12c can
No. 3 tomatoes 18c can
No. 2 1-2 peaches and apricots in
good syrup 30c can
No. 2 Del Monte and Silver Bar pine
apples 30c cun
Michigan navy beans 10c lb
Cal. mixed pink and red beans. 10: tl
Col. red kidney beans 12c ft
Lima beans 12 j lb
I', and G. White Naptha soap. 5 e bar
Sugar, the good cane ..12 lbs $1.00
Bulk Mwaroni ....13c It) 2 lbs 25c
Aunt Jemima Pancake Flour
17c pk., 3 pic 60:
hog Cabin Mt;-Ie Syrup ....40c pint
Always Busy
Chestnut ' Berca, Ky.
Local Page
News ef Berea sad Vklelty,
CatereJ frees a Yariety
of Bewrcea.
Paul Muncy is home for the holi
days from Williamsburg, W. Va.,
where he ia in the Greenbrier Mili
tary School.
Miss Mary Torter and Mrs. Mcry
Ma gee, workers in the Frenchburg
hool, Frenchburg, Ky., are in Beren
for a few days rest and visit
Mr. and Mrs. John Baugh left Be
ne Tuesday night for Kyrork, X ,
t take charge of a boarding ho-ue
fcr the Kyrork Asphalt Co. Mrs.
Orr of Center street succeeds Mr.'.
Baugh as postmistress in the College
E. H. Sexton stopped over for a
few days visit with the Reinhart't
this week on his way from Lyrcl.
Ky, to Cornell University, N. Y
Herman Hirschy is spending the
holidays with his father and mo the-,
Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Hi-schy.
Mrs. O. C. DeGroodt of Kingsville,
O., is spending a few weeks with her
son, Paul K. DeGroodt Mrs. Do-Grood-
was a former resident of Be
rea. Mr. DeGroodt developed th!
farm now controlled by F. O. Clark.
She brings greetings from J. R. Mul
let, who was once at the head of the
garden department, and well remem
btred for his work on the campus.
Mrs. DeGroodt is living at the Tav
ern. Miss Olive Sinclair, who is teach
ing at Welch, W. Vs., is spending the
holiday season with her mother and
sitter, Mrs. Sinclair and Mrs. Peel:
She has many friends here, having
been a teacher in the Academy for
several years.
Owen Keller, Thos. Nelson, Frel
B Wilson, Ralph Lephart and Ralph
Woods were among the former Berea
students who were in Berea during
the holidays.
Paul and Dwight Bicknell, who arc
students of State College, Lexington,
Ky., are spending the holidays with
their mother and friends in Berea.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Spence an
receivirg the congratulations of many
friends over the arrival last Saturday.
December 23, of a little girl, Helen
Town students are requested to
start registration for Winter Term
on Saturday of thia week. They will
begin at the Secretary's office it
Lincoln Hall. Office open from 8:30
a. m. until 4:00 p. m.
Edgar Wyatt was home for Christ
mas vacation.
Mrs. Jim Jackson, who has been
quite ill at her home on Chestnut
street, is improving.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Felix Pen
nington on Friday, December 23, a
daughter. Congratulations.
Mias Geneva Horner, who is teach
ing in the Kenvir Schools in Harlan
county, is spending the Christmas
holidays with her sister, Mrs. Carl
The Misses Celia and Lura Hyatt
of Mt Vernon were in Berea Wed
nesday shopping.
The Misses Jalette and Geneva
Griffin of Mt Vernon were in Berea
Wednesday making arrangements to
take a business course in Berea Col
lege. Mrs. Towery of Beattyville is
visiting with her daughter, Mrs. Jesse
Jesse McKinney and family motor
ed to Lexington Wednesday to visit
relatives and friends there during
the holidays.
Friends of Dr. A. F. Cornelius and
his wife, Mrs. Cornelius (nee Hel
Emerson) will be pleased to hear
they have located permanently at
Pine Bluff, Ark., a city of 30,000 pop
ulation, where the doctor will prac
tice medicine. Their address is 1220
Poplar street, Pine Bluff, Ark.
Judge Jas. Fngle and family have
moved to Berea. Judge Engle ia to
conduct and run the store owned by
Claries Smith, the merchant on
Chestnut street Mr. Smith will
tiavel as salesman for Anderson Du
line Varnell of Knoxville, Tenn.
Miss Rachel Norvelle, who is a
student of the Kentucky State Nor
nal School at Bowling Green, 'i
home for vacation, visiting with litr
mother and sister, Alberta Norvelle.
Strictly Fresh Eggs
For Sale
Call or Phone
Mrs. E. W. Lockin
Phone 63F Route 2, Berca, Ky.
Dr. Donald Edwards of Louisville,
Ky., is spending the Christmas holi
days with his parents, Dean and Mrs.
Edwards, of Berea.
Miss Albera Norvelle, who la one
of the teachers in the Blythedal
Schools, New York rity, is spending
the Christmas holidays with her
home people in Madison county.
Junior Edwards, who la studying
law in Louisville, is at home for
Christmas vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones an4
Miss Nora Aibill and R. Boyd Baker
were incited guests to dinner Tues
day at Mr. and Mrs. McKinney's on
Tstill s reet
R. Boyd Baker and family are
visiting the'r friends and relatives In
Corbin, London, and other points.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mullina gave a
delightful dinner at their home on
Chestnut street to a number of
guests from Mt Vernon and Berea,
Monday, Christmas Day.
Taul Edwards, who il studying
den tstry in Louisville, is spending
Christmas with his pa-enta, Dean and
Mrs. Edwards, at Berea, Ky.
Neva and Ray Chrisman are horn
for the Christmas holidays.
Mayor Gay, who has been ill with
a cold, is improving nicely and will
soon be bark in the bank making th?
ptblic confident of the future and
happy in the present
Jack Webb is home for the Christ
mas holidays.
The many friends of Mrs. Lou Han
son, who was stricken with paralysis
Ir.st year, will be Interest! t. know
of her condition, which remains much
the fame. She is at the home of her
daughter-in-law, Mrs. Sallie Hanson
Wyatt, tenderly cared for by her
granddaughter, Julia Hanaon and
Mrs. Wyatt Julia's mother.
J. W. VanWinkle has arrived in
Berea to spend Christmas with hii
family here.
The people of Berea who were
awakened Christmas morning by the
joyful singing of Christmas carols
are much indebted to Professor Ed
wards and hoce who were up at that
early hour to help him.
Mrs. Arthur Reece and son, Jack,
of Pennsylvania, are spending the
holidaya in Berea with Mrs. Reece's
daughter, Jane, and two sons who
are in school here.
Bessie Orr, the little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Orr of Center street i'
too sick to be out.
Edith Frost is home from Oak
Prk, 111., for a few weeks visit
McCoy Franklin, a graduate of Be
rea College, atopped over for a brief
atay thia week. He ia on his way to
New York city.
Announcing that A. E. Orr of Cen
ter street is the duly authorized sub'
scrip, ion agent for the Berea Citizen,
and also the Literary Digest Ladies
Heme Journal, Saturday Evening
Post Country Gentleman, and the
Atlanta Constitution.
A pleasant occasion of the past
week waa a party given Wednesday
evening by Dean and Mrs. F. O
Clark to a number of their friends
Games were played during the early
part of the evening and later refresh
ments were served.
Short St, Phone 172
We need more room in order to
carry out our plans for 1923. In
order to get room we are going to
reduce our stock of tinware, enamel
ware etc.
Enamel Dipper 15c
Enamel Wash Basin 25?
Enamel Sauce Pan 20c
Enamel Milk Pan 20
Enamel Dwh Pan, 10 qt 45c
Tin Buckets:
2 gallon 45c
1H gallon 30c
1 gallon 25
Brooms, Mops, Oil Cana, and Tubs,
Strainers, Pie Pans, Funnels, etc.
We must have room, and we need
tho money.
Don't forget that we sell Barring
ton Hall, Gait House, Maxwell
House, and Yale Coffees; also coffee
in the bulk from 20c per lb to 3V
per lb.
Have you ever tried our Lexington
Cream Flour?
Quality Service
Robinson Hospital
Berea, Ky.
Rates for private room
with board and care
$1.50 to $3.57 per day
$10.50 to $25.00 per week
The West Union school an Si n-dny-tchool
had a Joint Chrlatmas
tree and entertainment laat Friday
Mrs. Marshall Robert of Franklin,
0 , ia visiting her brothers, Will and
Pave Parsons.
Mr. ard Mra. C. H. Todd visited
Mrs. Allen of Cartersville, Sunday.
Mrr. J. A. VanWinkle waa called
1, ) Hamilton, O., Saturday, by the
illness of her daughter.
Mra. Nettie Toff and children visit
ed relatives in Altamont thia week
William I'olT, who ia working in
Dayton, O., waa home for the holi
days. Justice Jackson, who ia working in
Vindirg Gulf, W. Va., spent Chris
ma at home.
Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Iraac of Wins
ton were her Sunday to aee her
mother, Mrs. J. H. Jackson, who i
very ill.
Mrs. Coffey left Tuesday for t
vinit with her children at Humble.
F. I. Jones and family from Dan
ville spent Christmas with Mr. and
Mra. Estill Jor.es.
Harold and Sue Llewellyn of Mc
Kee are visiting their aunt Mrs. J.
Herman Robbins, who ia attending
school in Louisville, ia home for the
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Wood of
Cincinnati are viaLing her mother,
Mrs. Welch.
Mr. and Mr. Felix Pennington an
nounce the arrival of a little daugl'
Wr, Friday, the 22nd.
Miss Beulah Parsons is spending
the holidsys with her aunt Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Walker and
Mrs. Fish gave a delightful dinner
party to a number of their friends
at their beautiful home on Cen er
stieet Tuesday evening. Those pre
ent were Rev. and Mrs. Earl F.
Zcigler ard their two little girls, Mr.
and Mrs. Benton Fielder, Mr. and
Mrs. James M. Reinhardt and E. T.
Thia ia a revised edition, brought
right up to date, of a valuable hi
tory of the world, for reading and
The work ia publiahed in twelve
volumes, containa ten thousand page
of printed matter, a thousand illua
rations and five hundred mapa made
especially for this series.
It is the latest and finest history
on the msrket and every subject it
treated by a rpecialist in his field.
Professor Robertson waa a member
of the Editorial Board and is author
ized to take orders for the set.
Price $86 to $150, according to the
binding. Payments in cash or one
and two years time at increased price.
If January is not too cold, some
New Year resolutions may last until
Classified Advertisements
The charge for ads. in this column
is one cent per word, payable in ad
vance. Minimum charge for first in
sertion, 25 cents.
WANTED Store girl. Apply at
New System Bakery. (n26l
FOR RENT One 8-room house
and 5-acre lot on Ches.nut street.
See A. F. Scruggs, Main street, Be
rea, Ky. (p27)
FOR RENT Small cottage; also 3
rooma for rent For particulars ca!l
oi, Mra. Gla ha Ramsey, Depot St.,
near Hurley's store. (p26)
Wm. Mainous haa a good Jersey
Bull at his barn on Center street, Be
rea, Ky. Your patronage solicite I.
Fee $1.00 at the barn. (p28
FOR SALE Best quality soy bean
hay, baled. Richer than clover. $2o
per ton delivered. I NEED A FRESH
COW. James Watt Raine, phone 6:lJ.
LOST A full-blooded Airdale dog,
about 7 montha old. Fuzzy faced
and about as u:ly as any dog you
ever saw. I don't want him but my
bey wants him. Notify A. F.
Scruggs, licrea, Ky.
FOR RENT Five room appart
nient, recently furnished, facing
street, bath room, water and lights.
Front and back porches. Obert Rich
ardaon, til Center atreet, phone 13ft,
Berea, Ky. (p26
bay taddle horse with black mane and
tail, white spot in forehead, an I
white ankle on lift hind legs. About
14 handa high. Disappeared from
the lot at my home in Bobtown on
Big Hill and Richmond pike. $10.00
Most people are in a hurry when they enter a
bank. They want to transact their business,
and get away.
Here in the Berea National Bank, we offer
other elements of the banking service-friendliness,
courtesy, efficiency- but we never forget
the importance of promptness and speed to the
Our organization is experienced and efficient
-and our MEMBERSHIP in the FEDERAL
RESERVE SYSTEM "enables us to handle col
lections and exchange to maximum advantage.
Berea National Bank
J. L. GAY, Cashier
3 Think
X Foolish people often throw away shoes when they
X look worn. It costs money to replace them. Wise
X people have the old ones repaired. It saves the price
X of a new pair. Economy is always better than extra-
X vagance. Bring your shoes to us for quick and
X satisfactory results.
E. L.
Short Street
We thank you for
your kind patron
age and wish you
a happy New Year.
Short Street
This is the Market Where Even a Child
Can Buy to Best Advantage
You can write your wants on a slip of paper, let your
little child bring it to us, and you will get exactly the
kind of meat you ask for the choicest cut we have.
Doesn't that appeal to you as the best of reasons for
buying your meats from us? Try buying where it is
done to best advantage.
Wilder' Market and Grocery
A. J. WILDER, Proprietor
Short Street, Phone 1 1 Berea, Ky.
teward. James Ilignite, Route 2, be
rea, Ky. (p2i)
c ming into your home during tho
holidays and constantly each week for
a year will atTord more benefit and
real enjoyment to a whole family
school children as well than any
thing elae you could buy for the sama
money. Fifty-two l sues one each
week for $4X0. A E. ORR, special
representative, 45A Center street,
Berea, Ky. (m26)
This Over 55
Berca, Ky.
Berca, Ky.
Anyone having a claim against the
tatute of Levi Lamb, deceaaed, a
hereby notified to p-esent same to me
before February 15, 1923. Mrs. lavi
Lamb, widow of deceased, also wishes
to announce that sh will settle any
just claim against her before the
above mentioned date. All claims
must be properly verified.
Ewell Pittman, Executor,
(n32) Dreyfus, Ky.
1 M

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