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I Paducah Light 4 Power Co I
SUNDAY MAY 2O = = 7 CC =
Famous Original Boston Bloomer Girls
WAULACE PARK Tame Called 3 p m
It Was ftducahs Game From
Start to Finish
Vlncennes Develop Vloleiit Form of
SHcif 1Vurk and lists Out Ten
Team Standing
W L Pet
Inilucah II it 780
Vlncenn < 10 4 714
caT 7 7 500
Daiiville C 8 429
Jacksonville 4 8 333
JIaUoon 2 10 KG
Yesterdays Results
Paducah 6 Cairo B
Vlnoonnea 10 Jacksonville 7
Danville 3 Jlattoon 0
Todays Schedule
Cairo at Paducah
Danvllle at Mattoon
YIncennea at Jacksonville
The heathen Redskins conducted
another massacre nt Wallace park
yesterday end the victim was a
Christian hailing from South Bend
mad Central league Ho behaved
boiutlf ully at the stake and when the
fireworks started never onco fllnchtd
or made an outcry
Christian was the earnest vtotlm
Oho season has developed and he was
Pale Dellcnto Woman and Girls
Tile Old Standard Groves Taste
less Chill Tonic drives out malaria
and builds up the system Sold by all
dealers for 27 years Price 50 cents
Tk eispb4wsatSafat
UMlOnfPcl N > III net
e lot to p8 M denial I
r wt e
Too haply prat tb botton I
U tt lictut sed Ibs mat SUe
lai tub
Writt fix b Unt K
toucheo the xixr
Eaglet Flash 50
Hay t1114 kartiotitll
pco 1lIa1 rakuuzcd
nbtxr u < full 1 funutti
+ rid FlubNose
with told baacla uso
krry3m wit gold
Sol Ly Scatiooeq
odOlhef 5Irnt
gagFLAIR <
FLAIR PoeaWa Pen tbes
KII tM null pile direct u
t Ed psbluttygust
r Eagle Pencil Co
InlliOlow Vodr
I Oi
Our expert demon
strator will call upon
you very loon with
one You do not have
to leave your front
gate He will take
your order Stove
will be connected free
a toothsome morsel for the War
In tho first InninR tho ropes were
made fast about the Christian and
ho was powerless agiimt the win
clubs of the Indices His struggles
continued tliroughoui die entire
slaughtering operation but ho was
game to the last
Time Massacre
It Is toe that the visitors tallied
three due to misplays la the first
but when the Indiana went to bat
they showed that they had the Chris
trail going and this was sufficient
It was a matter of waiting for die
gamo to end to shout Tho Indlam
wore sure
lathe first Inning tho visitors Sal
lied three long ted off with n dou
bio and Larson made safe on Pay
lors muff of a lino drive Wolfe
tried > to sacrifice but Wlteus threw
wild to tinted to cut off Long The
twp r purer scored Wolfe stopping
at third for breath Rolands sIngle
brought Wolfe In and tho side was
then retired In order
Tho Indians got one of them back
the last half of lbe first icctlng JIc
Claln grounded out and lions singled
Vetzel singled and planted to stteal
second lie was thrown out but
Haas scored on the throw Ames re
tired the side by mlesme three
The Indians took throe tho neat
Inning Taylor singled and Perry
popped out Jf Miller lilt to Ildland
and forced Taylor bat made first
himself Ohenautfc and Wllgus got
passes and fllled the bares McClalfl
bit a triple and scored them but h <
died on third on1 Haas ground out
Tho Indian scored another In the
third WeUe singled and gOt fCC
ond on a balk Amos singled and
with Wouel l pulled off a double
steal Wetzcl scored on a ground
bit to ho Infield but Ames was tot
so successful being thrown out The
side was then retired in order
In the eighth Inning ono mow
cote on each aide was made
Cairo earned a run by Connor1
triple and Paducah tallied a run by
bunched bite In the ninth the Mud
Watlowers failed In three attempt
and the Indians walked off with an <
other bunch of scalps
The summary
Cairo abr bh po a e
Urns cf 5 1 1 0 0 0
Larsen rf 5 1 0 1 0 0
Wolfe c 3 1 < X 5 1 0
noted 2b 4 < 0 1 2 5 1
Dithrldgo 69 3 1 16 2 0
conklin 3b 40 1 11 0
Connors Ib 40280 0
Ultrsel I tt 4 H 1 li 0 0
Christian p 4 0 0 0 O 0
Totals 30 C 7 24 9 t
Paducah ab r bh po a e
SlcCfaln If CO 2 I 0 0
fans Ib 5 1 2i 13 0 0
Wetzol I ffb JJ 12 2 2 0
ATOM 2b 40 1 1 2 1
Taylor cf 40120 1
Peg ia 4 12 1s 4 0
M MIIIorTf 31000 0
Otonault c 3 1 0 Ii 0 0
Wllgut p 311022
Total 34 C 11 27 10 4
Score by Innings
Innings 123450789
Cairo 3G0010010 >
Paducah 1 3 1OflOO Is
n H E
Cairo 5 7 1
Padueallr 6 11 4
Earned runs Cairo 1 Paducah
Two base hltIon
Stolen bases Wetsol l Ames Per
ry M Miller
1 Throe base Jilts McClaln Con
Sacrifice hits Wolfe DlUirldge
AI Sillier
Baeeaott balls Off Christian 2
Struck outDr Christian 4 by
Wdlgus < 4is
JUt hr pitched toll Wetej a
Left ott Uuca Cairo C Paducah
Time of gumf i 60
Umpire Veach4 ri
llootlors Itat put Victory
Jacksonville 1U May nThe
visitors won by heavy stick worker
f a B IHvE
Vlneennea t 10 13 f 3
Jacksonville 7 C 2
IktttrtesNegev Undlcy and
Belt Wallace Whltley and Matte
Multnon Shut Out a
SraUoott Ill May 1CThe visit
ors forced a shutout on the locals I
by superior ploying
Danvillo 31 G
Mattooo 0 4 1
Thd Paducah newspapers have
been requested by the Cairo baseball
management > to pay no attention to
dope In a certain Cairo newspaper
bccausa of the unrcllabloncss of Its
baseball writings
The paper came out the day attar
the JUtlal game of the Cairo PatIO
oah series claiming that fans In Pa
ducah threw cushions and other
things not tied down at Cairo ploy
ot1t8 This is false and the writer
must havo known It bang acquaint
ed with the fact that the entire Pa
ducah grand stand la screened
There Js cued a thing as killing
popularity of baseball in a town
through unreliable writing Mr Ed
BIchonbcrgkr of the Cairo 4eam stat
ed ° nnd we era averse to many
things printed 1a this particular pa
par We would request that your
Paducah paper and other papers In
the icafew discontinue copying the
dope and this wIll help a great
deal c
8lrzhiRi rom the Kettle
Sillier and Ctlifoault today
Lloyd Js having osteopath and
specialists working on his players
trying to get them In shape
Ollllgan Vas out last night but ill
Ho probabo will not play for a week
desiring to get well of the chills be
fore he attempts uny more playing
Wolfe is catching with a bone fel
on on Ills throwing hand That is
nerve equal to Grover LUnd
Grover Land was cut on the
streets of Milwaukee over the eye
by a negro The negro made a slight
tug remark about land and they
mixed Several negroes Interfered
and one cut Land Ho is not serious
ly Injured Land is catching for To
ledo and was with the team in Mil
waukee i
WaukeeAmes shows up well on second
base He te A good utility man
Wolfe does not were to bo any
better sticker than McClain fans
Wilkinson Burson iJangdon and a
dozen of others wa know In tho Kit
ty league
Xnurlcnn Icnpie
Washington C Chicago 6 Bit
< erie Hughes and Hcyden Smith
and Sullivan tTen Innings
New York C St Louis 2 Bat
terlcs Hnhn and McGuire Smith
and Spencer
Boston Gi Cleveland 7 Batter
jea winter and Graham Ilhodca
and Clark
Phlladeliftaa 9 Detroit 2 Bat
terlea Bender and Shrock Mullen
WlsBi W ornor and Payne
National League
CWcafio 1 Phifcidolphla 0 3at
tortesLundarew and Kling Dug
gleby and Doom
Brooklyn 3 St Louis 0 Batter
losSWnlon and JJorgon Taylor
and Raub
PUtsburg 11 Kew York 0 Bat
terle Wlllla and Peltz Ames Fer
guson and Breantihanr
onreionetl 67 B6 i t < to C Batter
ies Bwrng and Livingston Dornei
and Xeedham
Trot John Dewey of Columbia
University invited a number of Bar
nard College girls to Ws house to
meet Mine Andrlva the actress
whom Maxim Gorky brought over
from Russia and introduced as his
wife Every girl but one who was Invit
ed came to the reception The one
who did not come had a sprained
Tho college girls fpll dead In love
with the lady with the advanced
Ideas on the eubject of marriage
Mra John Martin of TompkIns
fine Statxb Island at whose house
the actress has been 8taylngbrought
ber to the reception
She wore a strlklne costume in the
black and wfclto effect Her hair was
scrambkd after the most approved
Bohemian fashion and a single ruby
turned on the thumb of her little
white left hand
She gave a talk on Huston Inde
pendence and Russian woman much II
to the disappointment of the women
who came to meet her
She said nothing about Russian
Ideas as to free Jovo
She didnt even mention among
the Russian woman of whom she
polo the little neglected wife and
mother whom Maxim Gorky left
alone for her
Tho Barnard girls were trcra o
dously impressed and there is a run
on black dresses and scrambled hair
and flaming red stones at Barnard
tills tnornlnc
Prdnco Loute Napoleon < a a general
in tie Russian army This 111 not a
re of Mocowfi813 I
t GSfiEKf TI11S I I3A2B
C030 orrettdnoAte curcOo
Wullnrymm twlo Han Ipl nandrII
my hatrwas falling out In treat htrl oDd 1 and
pleased to asp bat DaDdnn nOl n OIOlod I It at
eoCsbuthasmadent lojr row more llao twice
ft lour M It ever wu
ii rs KlolKt Aihfnon Little Rook Ark pars MJI
In aurvlT remarkable the way IJAlidenna improve
the hair fl bai made mr Uatr grow Ira incuc long
er In TK mouths and It la getting thicker Awl longer
aU the time I bcll ro In riTln iValofl 1 where it la
du and TOO can uao air natn aa refereoea U you
ax > desires
rioiiKci ICSSILI
ama Jtohattk strut CUICAOO
Slamlt has t rm pcrifraly known
lusta ll
a aaudAntiy I m II bvaiu of tin iilrvn aa
It dwt on ikwxof ntaiumi rrraouamanr
irilr 1 marreloui rse a am v rnii > c to our
none IJm iliaa ItukKll 11000 nncn j
grip aprxar aboye1 ettatoy nl or
iwriuamatiKOMa Her twauiltul hair
la user ihlnr Imhc Inrr and he r moth r
avalal UANDnaItUGltt vrvlr
1J11 uP tT
DAHDERINC ia to tho hair what fresh showers of rain and sunshine are to vegetation ftc right to the
roots Invigorates and strengthens them Its exhilarating fertilizing and lifeproducing properties cause the hair tod
grow abundantly lonKstronjtaiiil beautiful IT IS THE NATURAL FOOD OF THE HAIR SCIENTIFICALLY 1 t
MAKERS OF HAIR TONIC HO W at all druglsts In threo Elzcs SB cents BO cents and SI OO per bottle
tCDCC 7 ° show bow quickly D ndorlno Lots W5 w n tend a urea ramble 1 tree br return malt to anyone who sense lull aarrrtlw U
T n CCi to 1U Uuuwlluu Uuudriu Co Ct train wub lUelr n ma au J n4dtes aoJ lea ccntt lu kilter or stamp la fa lleor
Kentucky EnglishI I
An English gentleman JravcHnd
about tho world ascribes to the land
of blue grass fast horses fine whsk y
and beautiful women the additional
excellence of speaking the purest
English he has found after much I
study of dalects In all pans of the
English rpcaklng word lb declare
tion seems to include both language
dad diction Tho ordinary resident
of the British Isles he asserts is
above alt dialectical 110 sticks < <
totally misplaced r on the end of I
words like ides making it doa
The same thing Is true of the Now
Englander often The people of tin
Southern states mark their speech bj
4 drawl which is entirely unncccs
ellry the people of the Northerr
sjatoa have a naaaV twang which is n
Jolce to an Englishman It Is only
on tae middle ground in America
that the true English AI found the
English of Shakespeare and Dr John
son unmixed with dialectical absurd
Ities or with local peculiarities of
xprcsaon Such 19 the general no
lion tiel forth by the observer men
tioned AVhen the sentence is noted
Slang as such I do not find in Ken
tucky and the nclghborns wgloni
along the Ohio and Missouri rivers
It la apparent that the field of ob
servation was comparatively limited
But the truth of the main contention
remain unshaken Of course slang
Is 1 found In Kentucky as it is almost
everywhoro In America Ilul there
are certain social circles In Kentucky I
where the English la distinct from
that of the commonality and where
special hereditary Influences are HI
work These circles Include two dls
tinct elements of population one the
descendants of the old Virginia
landed families and the other the
children of the Scote irish pioneer
both of which classes have been
noted for the purity of their lan
guage and the clearness of their
enunciation contrasting in a market 1
degree with the more Southern drawl
of the gulf states and tho nasal sharp
ness of the Yankee Thp race hiss
tory of these wo elements l of popula
low wilt explain the Englibhraans
comment I have found In the city
of Louisville a pronou Delation and a
Uf of terms which in my mind is
nearer to Addison and the English
classicists than anything which the
counties of England the provinces of
Australia or the marches of Scotland
can offer
Who Was the Loser
A banker going homo tor Ills din
men saw a 10 bill on tho curbstone
lie picked it up and took the num
ncr boma In order to find the owner
While at home his wife remarked
that tho butcher had sent a bill
amounting to J10 Tho only money
he had with him was the bill ho had
found which he gave to hor and she
paid the butcher The butcher paid It
to the farmer for a calf and the far
mer paid It to a washerwoman and
she owing 1io banker a nato of 10
went to tluci bank and paid a note
went to the bank and paid tho note
Tho banker recognized the bill AS
the one ho had found and which up
to that time had paid 150 of debt
On < careful Investigation he dlscov
rrcd that tho bill was counterfeit
Now wlllfiomo of our friends tell us
what has been lost In this transaction
and by whom Kanaaa City Jour
ant1o4lco CoaaruKht
Netlco on a Caanaught railway
platform There will bo no last
train off Saturday
fi Pas
= =
aooi HONK
Purnl licd by Negro Charged Vllli
Using Cancelled Stump
A W Ixiwls colored who was
brought hero from Moscow Ky
Hick man vounty two days ago to
answer to the cncrco of using a can
celled postage stamp gave bond this
morning and his bond was signed by
eleven property holders in Hlckman
county any one of them worth bun
dredf over too UOO bond The sign
ers are J M Little Sdn JkIl Jla
hone W W Carroll W J llosa C
a Arrlncton J A Rodgers J K
MG Oat J at ABhell Campbell
Son nndj W Breach
Jeso lardner a brother to Com
mIssioner W A Gardner was given
II power of attorney to sign for the
bondsmen who are In Hlckman coun 1
ty and unable < o come here Lewis
was released this morning from jail
and proclaims his Innocence Ho eaya
if he used a cancelled postage stamp
It was through mistake and not in
Glass From Vesuvius turn
Siirlngflold Mass Republican
ft is being tainted out for the con
solation of tho people about Vesuvius
that lava like adversity has its uses
It makes for Instance avery < beautl
till glass of extraordinary illghtnejB
hut curiously evory volcano sends
out a special brand of Java with
qualities of its own ibId can only
be discovered by experience rho
rich plains of Sicily owe much of
their fertility to dooomjiosed lava
and In South Amt lca volcanic soil
is found to bo the beat la the world
for toffee growing though several
planter would rather take the soil
without tho volcano
Kentucky Nursery
Washington May 17 Kentucky
famous aa a nursery of politicians Is
Uie < > only state 4n tha union which
boasts live iialJvo sons In tho United
States senate All of them will attend
tend the Hctnecomlng in Louisville
next month unless present plans oils
The Kentucktana In the senate are
James D JlcCreary and J C S
Blackburn of Kentucky Shelby
Jlooro Cullom of Illinois William
J Stone of Missouri and Samuol it
Piles of Washington i
K it 0 1 o
11211 North 43U Court CUIOAOOt
Mlaa Itaat l aarai Sir hair TrouM not
reach below my wn whim I began utin
roar DaaJerliM It waa also ra404 aixl sp Nu I
cor at the ends NoW It Is over SX Fat
loprlbsnr and II has roaslnod
It oriflulrteb blood color lUMtlUMUoia
aaout tour tDGPlb all tezetber
NewDiscovery II
piscoveryI I
For Stomach Bowels Liver and Kidneys c
8100 per bottle three for 250 six for 500
V Paynes Quick Relief Oil 25 cts 1
Paynes Medicated Soap lOc All sold by
Now located at 1
Glaubers Stable
We arc ready for all Kinds of hauling 4
loiile l to John Alexander hums byt
i Lack of tnneynncep
I Chicago 111 Way 17John Alex
I ander Dowte dlMredMod and deiwrt I
ed by many of hh onetime woruhiiw
pew was donlrd the privilege ofD
I preying at the gravcrtdo of hto daugh
ter Esther today When ho wu t
preparing Ho carry out a program
fixed In file mind If going to vlk
Mound cemetery and prostrating him t
self Upon the grave of the daughter
I who was burned to death nut was
burled there I four years ago nother
desertion occurred in tho ranks of ir
his following
Dawle coachman jnuUrjed and
went over to thefor < > 8 of Vollva and
the brokenMlown oM dictator of tilt
church he made eras left without ti
any mean of getting to Ito cemetery
which is three miles from Sh1oha
New Nuhiitltiilp Carrier d
A now substitute carrier was add
cd lo Lbo poslofflce department this
mornliii Ho Is l William A Edwards
of Hardln Marshall county This
gives the department three substi
lutes twp temporarily ln tallcd
pending examinations and tho one y
rogiilaf wibsrtiute added this morn
IIhOTtbo FittIlag I
howeverPath r
Path Promo Ilillcxin
While attempting a trip to Coney 1
Island to n balloon 16 Stevens and
Tracy Ttadell were thrown against ik
tho palisades on the New Jersey
bore and dumped Into the Hudson
Out of Politics
Senator Carmack pf Tennessee
returned to Washington yestnrday
Ho replied goodwuturedly to many fe f
exprrtolong of regret over his duftI1tC
by CXGQY Bob Taylor und said lio
was out of politics
I politiesDNo
Xo Circus Dfrorntlou I > ny
On Shee ground that It would bo
eacraep1 the Qty Council of rope
haICahaa refused to allow n cir Al
cus performance there on Uecoratlon
Il JoClbA fey IDO D 1
1ne 1
ne 4100 botttacsnUln at timtf IhotrUl Mil which giis for JO cues b
Mirxitp oirLt AT THi UMIATCIIT or r
E oj iIf tI9L
FtD l ri 1g t sr Aerlr r 4t waq skS rI 4 1

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