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The Paducah evening sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1906-1929, May 17, 1906, Image 3

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1O1Wlli46AYrbiAY lTtsQH0 k aS > J7fiAa BKjaSJNCB SUNJ
Board of Faille Works Issues Many Old FaveN Are Supplanted r
MIT Broadway
gut Sale of Fine White Lin =
genie Waists This Week
4 oo French Waists any se 898
2 50 trench Waists any size798
o oo French Waists any size 690
750 French Waists any size 425
425A A
1 i
ipedal prices on silk and lace waists also reduction on all
waists from too up
i jl I i4
or Dr Pcndley ring 41C
I Illy subscribers to the Dally
I rho wish the delivery of their
I stopped must notify our col
I or make their requests direct
> Sun omco No attention will
t 1 to such order when given to
i + 1rrltra StinPub Co
wo quills were stolen from 111
r Kno ln < ho rcuir of Mrs LHH
Oiouso 1139 JoffcrtKm etrwl I
bolro of all our geraniums C
lach C It Ilnitwion Co
I ityClorK Henry Halley will this
lolth making wit quo city tai
Ho hna been engaged 1 In HIM
f or wcrtil wc < ck
nil paper cleaning Old
11C9 J W St non
r r W M Fitzpatrick has roo
p t Ms portion with W II Me
ld nml witty Mr W A Ward
I tear tho agency for Wet Kon
yt and Tennessee for Tho GUI
ilfo Insurance company of
l 1e1r FUzpatTtck rs a pop
sung man and will no doubt
real success in hid now Held
icurslon io Metropolis and
4on Stalor gegrgo Cowling
Vte < p lx > opU > nr next Sunday
Leaves llrondway wharf at
q i in Jfof Metropolis only
orp m for Metropolis and
Hcturna at C prtl Hound
newish any fleer for family
elAo lILdgvl4f trQd1K111
nrIy iMIWfiriJj alto a fine
1of California CttawOn Port
ry wino for 100 per Kallom
d Old phone
frmnnDliitllWnB ollnc
edition to Metropolis and
DnVStrnmer George Cowling
All people onlyp + neat Sunday
s > IXMVOS Broadway wharf at
m for Metropolis only
L u
Tho board granted Oho privilege of
4enrlirK up the concrete sidewalk on
Hntadway In front of the new ImHd
t loa being erected for the Roy Culloy
company to enable the Installation of
J team heating
l City Knglncor Vsxrhlngton was au
thorized to employ tin nwlatnnt to
aid Win In accumulated business
I Knslnccr Washington htm mare than
be can do
Tho board ordorod nil InvctfUgallon
t of 1olodmno and tehgraiih t solo i tot
01 r tings < o hid If tho companies bavc
been following rules TfftardlnB the
netting out of polo Tho Invcstica
lion ii i to bo made by Supt Kccbk
of the city electric light planl
Several Cthor routine muttons of
I I Oho board > udjournedo meet again
I I Friday When lmtortnnt matter perl
lulnJns to Iho telephone and street
4 ear coIIIl atda will come up
1110 lvpuuntxla rear ron rostlen
at district committee at n meeting 6
held last night Itv tllo State Central
committee room In Louisville ap
pointed a subcommittee to draft al
call for n convention to be held for v
the purpose of nominating a candi
date for conurcM The report will n
bo iimdo at a meeting nest Tuesday v
DaiiuiKO Vrnllit jiniriiiril
Attorney J SI Worlen rccx lied
notice loot tho cane of Finis Belt i
joalnRI C
which was Irled nevcral month ngo
1 I
In Lyon county and In which tb9I
l > lijniirt was Gen a Judgment of F
ISOO was nfllrnled 1n the count orn F
4 I
PIKMls Dolt waa Injured by a hand
ear Juihvtnn tho reek aDd running b t
over him E H James and John O
hales of EddyvlUo represented tine
I r I I BQYS It II I p I
Jel lower for like itorviie than In
any city Let ua servo you Palmer
frantfer Co
Kosher au nscs and smoked
m at8 at Oicilcrnrans
For thus week only Tho Leopard
Spots Law of tho Land St Elmo
tad one hundred and fifty other
books Just as good for BOc per copy
At R D Clements Co Hook Store i
Fresh Butternut Broad nnd file
cult every qvcntos at Blcdcrmani
Sew and old phone
Fresh Butternut Dread ond file
cults every evening ot IJIedwmann
New and old i phone
nUmVKlSKK King of bottled
beer In family sire coalS 2 dozen bot
tics to the case delivered to any part
of the city on short notice Antymseri
Busch Ilrtwlng Assn Branch Both
phones 112 J H Blcffcn Manager
If you wWi any Beer for family
to No 405 awl It will
use telephone
delivered also a Ono
bo promiJtly
Quality of California 1 CMawba Port
or Sherry wine for 1100 l > cr galJoa
Nov mid old phone
nicdorman DIstilling Cotnc
Dr J V Ypris dentist 200 Fra
wrnlty building
The ladies of the Second Dalli 9t
church win servo cream and cake
Friday night May 18th at tho cor
ner of Ninth and Ohio streets The
public cordially invited
Tho Sun hal a moil Interesting
book giving an account of the Ban
Francisco earthquake with pictures
of the city ai It wu In Hi former
splendor and ai It looks today The
price of the book Is 1 1150 put you
can pet It by agreeing to take The
Enntoretrnranlhe + il > d4WY14
cents to cover cost of delivery In ado
dltlon to the usual ubcrIPtlon rICO
inmrrs JHLJ Minixnsnim I
the clt
Atlas M
weeks a
Tho t
home <
nun St
And SVodnes thi
the rot
Itfchmd Ittej
C rkodj
over L
overThu J
Is Elbrldi the
la held
the n
It will
A f
an add
cock o
of the
day at
IW I 1
ton N <
bins M
C If
Newma Roc host I
tur Al I
Ky 0 I
bee J
Chas Q
Smith i
Kupan 1
end t
L Hai
Mr t
from a
Attoi j
Pf v
night ft <
had IMH
ou tel
Do you want i
a orsec
If you want a horse or a bicycle a F
gun a camera or anything else you veb
set your heart on do what other boyse
are doing to get these things Kit
In your town on Friday afternoons and
Saturdays Maybe you think itll take
a long while to earn enough money for
what you want Butthat all depends
on yourself Some boys make as f
much as 15 a week j others make
S Li Ie a week In our handsome
booklet JI Boys Who M keMoney some i our boys tell Jn their
k own way how they got money for things they had long wanted
by selling THEPOST This booklet is free for the asking We
I wiU send along with it the complete outfit for startlngln busIness
Including ten free copies of THE POST You sell these at 50 the
copy and that furnishes all the money you ecdJor buying further
supplies Besides the money you make each week we give
among ctker pores watches sweaters etc And In addition
t r A 250 in Extra Cash Prizes
iiieach month to boys whVraako the biggest increase tn theirtales
j Better send us a letter today
1 II
RUdy PbIIUP 1t 1
> 219223 BROADWAY
Best Not Advertised
IN our special sales from now on this phase Best Not Advertisedwillappear quite
often and should be watched for and taken advantage of by you Itmeans just
what it statesBest not advertised In eachof our specials we intend to have one
articlethe best bargainon sale but not advertised This is to stir your interest and
to bring you down to our store Now Friday morning the article that we will place
on sale under this phrase is one that many ladies are waiting for f and should we state
article and price you all would be on hand i so dont miss this opportunity to come I
down and see for you will truly be repaid I
Remnants from our entire stock will be as
sbrted out marked and placed so you can get
to Them and select the good ones for yourself
This collection of remnants Is from our entire
spring p selling and consists of many bargains
that you will be glad to get Come early and
go over the entire lot
Three Grey Silk Suits regular price 10 1
122 50 speclalS 1125
Seven Black Silk Suits regular price
2250 and 251125 and 250
Four Black Silk Suits Tcgularpilce
Szs and 122 5o 1250 and S 1 125
One Green Silk Suit regular price
2500 1250
These suit are all best quality with superior
U > loloii of lies la ltfsfiolr At
UultlliiK fleet KndaiiKcm JJf
of Eugdoyc
An oxploslou of n gus rctcrvplr at
lio plant of the Paducah Botlllug
Company 1100 South Fifth street
early wrecked the building and Ju
bred OILEI of the employes Mr A L
Clark who was preparing the resets
our Clark was shaking the metal ves
tl preparing It for one of the local
soda water dispensaries It was char
ged with gas and suddenly exploded
lying pieces l of metal truck the
elaR and tore large holes In It
hUe the floor was alto lightly dam
ged Clarks right hand was bruited
nd tprn by the concussion but he
uus otherwise uninjured Ills escape
J coaalderot miraculous
> loro Trouble Ou Jwilu t
Maiiliw nrcnumi withdrew from
idr confercnco with the Luke Car
deco AswjclaMon representatives at l
Cleveland 1 yesterday President Ltv
Jgstona of the Luke Carriers Asso
l latlon raid lie Interpreted thU to
menu there will IMS another strike of
ho longshoremen and It is likely
raffle on tho Great Lakes will again
trs Ued up
Will overcome Indigestion and dys
epsla regulate the bowels and cure
vcr and kidney complaints
It is the best blood enricher and
vlgorator In the wprld It Is purely
Bsotable perfectly harmless and
hould you be a sufferer from disease
ou will use It if you are wise
R N Andrews editor and Mgr
Cocoa and Rockledge News Cocoa
Fla writes I have used your Her
Ine in my family and find It a most
iccllcnt medicine ls effects upon
myself have been a marked benefit
Spld by Alyey LIst
If You Are
CNfAtRP pl4iag 1
Buying a Kodak
You can save money ba
Um by calling od irs AVvc
Eatrya complete line vary
iug lamice irpm
3g i
1 t I
tail amd get a free copy of j 1
astmas SprIOg a taIQSUe I
H t J 1
McPhersooj I
I f1fDrul t
2 tin
HNtliiRulshcd HUlioii Says Uisscn
blon Js Sure to Come
Birmingham Ala May 11Dlah
op E E Hosa gave out the follow
lug statement in regard io the pc
tion of ctho general conference In
prodding tor the appointment of a
commission 40 invite other Methodist
churches Jo unite tin the preparation
of a new statement ot faith
I am gquarel pppbsed to the
nipvfcmcnt In the first place 1 t Is a
movement that means dlssepdon and
not peace In tho second place be I
cause H means bondage and not Uu
ell There wan no demand for U
from any part of the church The
JSrthodtet pcopKi Jqverywhero were
perfectly content and actively en
gaged on practical work In rim ex
tension of tho kingdom of God The
prospect li Uiat we shall now have
an era of theological dlsputatlpn that
wilt arrest our other activities and
pot UH by the core with on < j another
ThIs is not the worst of It I aim
rooiclcn ouely opposed to placing
any additional burdens on beileif Wo
r ready Late a number of articles
jcct tnl forth the eesentjal potato in
regard to which wo are in agreement
with the Prol < > tant world As to all
other things we have heretofore en
jytd the largeut liberty of belief and
Iterance Hereafter if the present
povciiicnt goes oo we shall be shut
up within the limits oX u fresh state
ment It is my axed belief that evil
and evil only will be the result
Comuilsloii Appointed by Governor
fraukfort Kyi May UTlIo last
general aseenvbly vatfed a bill up
proprlatlng 2500 to erect a memo
orial tablet Ire tie city of Hodgun
> lllo in honor of Abraham Lincoln
who was bone In Uiructourvtr near
Iodcenvlllc The bill yrovlded for
ho appointment of a cornnltgsion tilt
five to suet and erect this tablet
pnd the governdr has 1 selected tho
following persons The Hon Robert
jBnlow and Charles J Hubb3Td of
HodgenvUIe ilpn I D Nail of
LotilsvJHo Hon Charles C Beard
of FoixUville And j lUchard1 Llojd
Jones 1 of NOW i ork
IJcwclcl I Return 10 Work
Many thousands of artisans in
Jonxir prlnteirp and coach builders
who truck May lat Iirl France
have resumed work The prefecttirb
of police ettimatea the iota number
of Rtrikcra in the Paris district is
under 79000
nflli District IcnioiTuls
The deiuoomtlc congressional com
hilttco of the Fifth district this af
ternoon called a district convention
to be held at tf o court house ut Lou
Isvlfle Saturday Juno 9 to select a
nominee for congress tu succeed
Congressman Bwagar Shcrej I
Flat Joyenior of Alaska
Br g Oca Jolty C Tlddal retlM
first governor of A1 Icska and ° rnier
y commandant ot West Point died
yettcnday at Montckilr X JI aged
81 rears
IGalt9l1nl Goes Up
Tho Standard Oil company has
agaia advanced ti price ot gasoline
because of the tlr increased use
on nutomoblv tf
5c LAWNS 5c
50 pieces Colored or White Lawn all new
and fast dyes and for this special we Ii J
place onsalp I per yard at SC
To accomodate the overflow or congestion of
our Dry Goods Department that is usually the
condition on special sales as this we put on sale
SOC Buys Misses Patent Vamp 7 strap SlipJ
i slipper size 12 to 2 yc
150 Buys Womans Patent Kid Oxford
Tic size ia iatf > < b 23b iifc iiKd
i > were 3 00S150
6100 Buys Womans Patent Kid Strap SUp
per Vassar Tie and Dongola Oxford broken
sizes Nothing in this lot sold for less than I
> 2 oo aadmp 103 008100
These prices are for this saleonly
Will Uo Xoinlimtcd for Governor IJy
New York May 17 yilliam R
Hearst fe to be nominated tor gov
ernor die an Independent League tick
et In a convention to be called In
July probably In Utica This was do
ddM upon by the leagued leaders
today With Mr Hearst a full ticket
Is to be placed in the field Friends of
Mr Hearst say H la not his Inten
tlon to eeek the regular Democratic
nomlnntdotv for governor but they
say he will haw won over a large
part of the Democratic organization
by the time the convention meets
BIshop Coadjutor JluckaySniltli
Wvlcoinis the Delegates
Philadelphia Stay 17 The
church congress composed of lay
and clerical Episcopalians from alt
parts of too United States began Its
convention here yesterday Bishop
Coadjutor Alexander MackaySmtth
ot Pennsyhbniia delivered the ad
dress of welcome tonight Papers on
Child JfVotectlon Vfra read by
Prof James H plllard of New Or
leans and Prof S M Lindsay of
New York
It R No i
brother Melbourne preached at
Olivet Sunday morning in Brother IL
P Hopcwella f place
Mr Jim Allen and his motherMrs
N S Allen visited MrsJlobert Stan
StanI I
jy Sunday
Mrs Alpha Futrell who has been
quite 1J1 la slowly Improving
Brother Harricon announced Sun
day morning at Olivet the Sunday
school convention nt McKenidree
church Thursday night May 17
Mr J D Hays of Clinton is vis
sting his son Mr Dick Ha > ii
Edoa Choice child ot John Choice
os recovering from scarlet fever
Alias May Luttell was the guest
Suuday of Miss Dom Dratton
MiM Hontensa Stanley visited Mis
Cora Howard yesterday
West Kentucky College
I MayfleJd XX 17 The comj
nenoeniept exorcises of the West
day ucky college took place ellttr
dayi Following are the graduates
Mteaea Kato Mae Croeason Olive
Councoll Ernestine Llewellyn > dart
Emma WllsonAgnes CarneijCather
iniOj JUnit Mubel Norman May IL
Beaumont t Nov4la Shelton Ellie
llobblns Roxln Slaughter Minnie
Low Novella Harris Effle Corrum
Messrs Lwatcr Murphy and Luclen
1ruptlon More Violent
Irof Mattcuccl director of the
royal observatory telegraphed to
Naples yesterday that the volcanic
activity of Mount Vesuvius 18 In
creasing and that the main crater it
discharging a great quantity of
lluiuilutf f > ll l orcc I
Mr Charles Q C Leigh of Chfcyt
pi who Ya engaged Jn alto inanufkc
tur0 of patent banana crabraNIa in
Paducah on business Mr Lecli Is
running full force and to enjoyjag a
good business wi < thibls crate factory
The Louisville and Eastern Tall
road has sained an entrance Into
4s t
Death of FntlierliiLnw In Sweden
Brings Itelief to Victim of
Recent Disaster
San Ffawctsco lIar Jr Two
hundred and fifty thousand dollar
VIta If8rn Nejlson a wd
sty With tone child pen Who was
burned put during the iolocaust and
who jg now belioved fo ba Jn some rl
fnga camp rftbout the city Her hus
bead a Banner though p son of a
wealth father to Sweden dkd In
lg9St Ming the jtamJJy dcftUuto
thtt woman top proud to appeal tn
her wealthy f therlnlaw worked
hard to support herself and lIttle
opts They bat all whoa the flrfl
swept the city f tow comes word
that the aiijW Lttawin Sweden Is
dead and all his largo estate Is to go
to the widow and children of his
dead boy
Saddle Horses t 1110 Top
From Farmers Home Journal of
May 5 we rote that Col David Cas
tletnan of Clifton farm near Louis
yule has sold the 3yearold saddle
alllon The Moor No 1907 to
O nW11 Palmer of Colorado Springs
for 17500
Another good sale of Kentucky
saddle horses was made In New York
Ibis week the consignment was from
Shelby T Harbison of Lexington
The top price was 1200 n for the
gelding Little Acorn Big Oak
brought f 1026 ijte pair Escort and
Gallant sold for 11250 Ben Greet
brought 100 Tolu 900 and Sena
tor 700
Alsotbat At Durands New York
Hope Show ° in I the saddle class Pat
tIe Palmer won nrat She Is by Ches
ter Dare No 10 fourth dam by Du
iuth This addle blood In Its high
Fat perfection Is represented ln this
section ot Kentucky by James M
Langs horse Rebel Dare No 1884 by
the great Chester Dare dam by a
lIon ot Red Squirrel second dam by
Dututh Rebel Dare < while the
JilKlicst bred horse Is also said to bo
the best saddle horse In Jacksons
A Positive Necessity
Having to lay upon iny bed for 1 <
days from a severely bruised leg I
only found relief when I lied a hot
tie of Ballards Snow Liniment I
tan cheerfully recommend Itaa the
best medicine tor bruises ever sent
to the afflicted It has now oecome a
positive necessity upon myself
D It Byrnes Merchant foyers
vllle Texas 25c and GOc and 100
Sold by Alvey ft List
Kuv riti > m Investigated i
The Inicrsiale comma < 9 coin mu
jfjpnf met tayhiladciphia yjeetijrday to
tfUI19J11In114a1l0ll into Oho al
l u0pntfCtloas rr4lVeeai LUroads l
BijdTftrgocoal cnn pa inlfle TeVtlmony
was adduced teadin fto shov favor
iUsm in the dlotributloa of bal care
ty railroad comau ± ssi
E W1y

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