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BB dmr Bui sATtriuur mum e
If IVfhitovFr may he said or written for
er s lnn too culled patent DrI
i there Is this to bII truthfully fold of tori
+ jnercon medicine that applies to not
other moo Ici < S put up for wuo through
druggists They are cntltliil to a place
1 ill I by thcmselvr bwau < o they are
nelthpr patnnt nor secret medicines all
thilringr In
a their Ingredient being openly printed In
plain English on theIr bottle wrappers
a Then aaln theytrro Intlllld to a place
all by themselves bccausn they contain
iot a drop of alcohol In their composl
Lion or make nn
Send poar AddrlM w Dr RV Pierre
at lfuffalo N Y with axv1uest for I
A JltebooKletrompllfd by him from
ptandarumodlcil works and you will
learn on reading It thAt the leading
medical writers and teachers of all tho
several schools of practice endorse and
recommend 4 In tho strongest terms pos
sible each and every Ingrodlent rntcrln
Into tho composition of for Picrcos
Golden Medical Discovery for the cure
of weak stomach dyspepsia catarrh of
ti Stomach liver complaint torpid liver
or blMotunos1 chronic bowel affections
E and all catarrhal diseases of whatever
region namo or nature It Is also a
t specific remedy for all such chronic or
long standing cases of catarrhal affec
1bons and their resultants as bronchial
throat and lunsr dlseanlcppt con um
tlon accompanied with severe coughs It
Is not so rood for acute colds and coughs
but for lingering or chronic cases it Is
especially efficacious In producing per
fectcurp It contains HlackCherrjrbark
Golden Seal root Bloodroot stone root
Mandrado root and Queens root all of
which aro highly praised as remedies for I
all the above mentioned affections by such
emlnentmrdlcal writers and teachers lIS
Prof Karthotow of Jefferson Mcd Col
lege Irof Hare of the Lnlv of 1a
Prof Klnley Ellingwood M D of 1 lion
nntt Med Collegn Chicago Prof John
Klag M D late of Cincinnati Irof
John M Scudder M D lato nf Clncln
toll PrbfEdwln 1f Hale l M II I of
lIahnemann Med College Clllcago and
scores of others equally eminent In their
several schools nf practice
Tho Oold n Medical Diwnvrrylathe
only roedlclno put up for sjln through
i odnllnflsu for like 1urposl thin has allY
such fJTOJertlona endorsementwort h
morn than any number of ordinary testy
monials Open publicity of Its formula
on thiWmttle wrapper Is the best possible
RiiaruiTty of Its merits A glance at this
published formula will show thatUolden
Medical Discovery contains no polson
oils harmful or habitforming agents and
fro alcoholchemically pure triple audI I
fined glycerine being used Instead Olyc
erlne Is entirely unobjectionable and
besides Is a most useful Ingredient In the
euro of all stomach as wcltas bronchial
t throat and lung affections There Is tho
highest medical authority for Its use In
t all such cases The Discovery Is a
concentrated glycerlc extract of native
medicinal roots and Is safe and reliable
l Proscription
l ProscriptionDr
Dr John Iyfo one of the Editorial Stall
of Unicorn root IMonlai Dlvlca which
Is I ono ot tho chief Ingredients oC tho
Favorite Prescription
A remedy which Invarlbly acts as a
uterine Invigorator makes for
normal activity of tho entire ro1Ira + luc
tlve sJAtem He ronllnueslnllelonlas
wo have n medicament which more fully
answers tho above purposes flan niii ii
other drug trlJi trhfchI am acquatntcti
In the treatment of disease peculiar to
women It U seldom that erase Is seen
which does not present some Indication
It k for this remedial agent IIr Fyfa fur
ther says The following are among the
leading Indications for Hclonlas Unicorn
1OO1lain or aching in tho back with
leucorfhina atonic W ek conditions of
the reproductive organs of women men
till depression and Irritability associated
With chronic diseases of the reproluctlvn
organs of women constant sensttlon of
hot In the region of tho kidneys mcnor
rhagla flooding duo to a weakened con
dition of the reproductive system amen
orrhoea suppressed or absent monthly
periods arising from or accompanying
an abnormal condition of the dlgwtlvu
organs and nnscralc thin blood habit
dragging sensations In the extreme lower
part of the abdomen
If more or less of the above symptom
are present no Invalid woman can do
butter than take Dr Pierces Favorite
Prescription one ot the lending Ingredi
ents of which Is Unicorn root or Ilelonlas
and the medical properties or which Ie
most faithfully represents
representsOf r prominent
Ingredient of Favorite Prescription
Prof Flnley ElllngwcKxl 51 D of lien
nctt Medical College Chicago says
I If Is an Important remedy In disorders
ot tho womb In all catarrhal candy
tions and general enfeeblement
It Is useful
Prof John M Scudder M D law of
Cincinnati says of Golden Seal root
In relation to Its general effects on the
system there to no moilcliic < n tIe aJllt
which then it such gaicrnl tinnntmffv
III ojiliilmi It Is itnlrcr < il regarded
as the tonic useful In all debilitated
stateeProf Kartholow M D of Jefferson
Medical College says of Golden Seal
Valuable In uterine hemorrhage
menorrhagla flooding and congestive
dysmenorrhoea painful menstruation
HrlllrcolI Favorite Prescription faith
fully represents all the above named Inv
gredients and cures the diseases for which
they aw recommended
Ot lllack Cohosh another Ingredient
of Favorite Prescription Prof John
King M D author of tho AMERICA
DisrKXSATonv says
In the painful conditions Incident to
Imperfect menstruation Its remedial act
I tines Is fully displayed Ily Its special
I aflinlty for tho female reproductive or
gans It Is an efficient agent for tho
restoration of suppressed menses In
dysmenorrhoa painful periods U < 8ur
7xirnl Ity no over ilnig being of great
est utility In Irritative and congestive
conditions of tho uterus and appendages
characterized by tensive dragging pains
rjlcmbllnlt the pains of rheumatism 15
Is a good remedy for tho reflex sideache
of women It should bo remembered In
rheumatism of the uterus and In utcrlno
lllnn Cohosh root and Yellow Ladys
I Slipper root tho two remaining Ingredi
ents not mentioned above have Just as
strong endorsements for their curative
merits In diseases peculiar to women bnt
we have room for no more Favorite ITO
scrlptlon Is I a happy and harmonious
I compound of tho above mentioned Ingre
dients and faithfully represents them ID
curative results
The foregoing are only a few brief
I extracts taken from amongst tho volu
minous endorsements which the several
Ingredients entering Into Dr Piercos
I Favorite Prescription have received from
the most eminent medical writers of nil
the different Schools ot medicine After
reading them who can doubt that Dr
Pierce has Itlcclfll and compounded his
Prescription from tho most valuable
Ingredients known to the medical profes
I sion for the forwhleh he chronic dis
races of women for which he recommend
It A far more extensive endorsement
will be mailed free In form of a booklet
i of extracts from standard medical works
to any ono sending name and address to
Dr It V Pierre llutlalo N L and rev
questing the same
I Ir Ilerce Ileaant Pellets are tiny rug
I arcoted anti blllom granule They rec
ulato and Invigorate Hlotflach Liver and
Howell Do not beset thcplll habit but
care constipation Ono or two each day for
j a luatlva and regulator three or tour for an
active cathartic Once tried alwtj la favor
4 The Paducah Beer
t + I
E rt I i
II t I r
All good judges of beer say BELVEDERE
improves with each year x
LThis is what we wantto make it better
> ALL the time
Theingredients entering into the manufac
ture of Belvedere are selected with the
utmost care and you are assured the
ft very purest of beers in Belvedere
1 H
j 4 1 1
4Drink 4 Belvedere
The Paducah Beer
Y 1
Packers Ask for Suppression 0
The Report
Ins OjhiMi Recently CliUT 1Vilon
Inspector In Thilr Medium of
IHt Nl lId SHOWS TllliM 111
Washington Juno 9 Sensation
al developments enlivened tho hear
Ings today before the house commit
ted on agriculture on the Be verldg
amendment to the agricultural ap
propriation bill providing a more rig
Id Inspection of cattle mcatuin
neat 1Iruducts and for the enforce
ment of stringent sanitary regula
lions at the packing establishments
The most sensational and proba
bly the most Important disclosure
was the presentation to the commit
tee by Dr Neill oCa letter written
by Dr Dyson recently chief federal
Inspector al Chicago In which as the
representative ot the packers he at
tempted to have the XellMtcynotd
report suppressed promising that
within thirty days such changes as
they recommended would > be made
and proposing that the packers < b
then given a whitewashing Invcstlgo
tlon after the establishments had
been put In order the people to be
Imposed upon by having the original
report showing conditions which
were found to exlit wjltbheld ant
the second report giving them a
clean bill of health made public
The original letter was submltteJ
to th committee and caused a decid
ed shock that such a contemptible
proposition should have been advanc
ed Among the other Interesting lacy
dents was a scene as members of the
committee rushed to the defense of
Dr Nelll to protect him against oth
er members of the committee who
placed themselves to the attitude uC
counsel for the packers by pressing a
searching crossexamination
uxc j imox XIW iKpitTiui
After two months of remarkable
sales Lang Bros the enterprising
druggists say that their plan of sell
Ing at half price the regular GO cfn
size of Dr Howards specific for the
cure ot constipation and dyspepsia
and guaranteeing to refund tbo mon
ey If It does not cure has been the
greatest success they have ever
They have sold hundreds of bot
tles of the specific and as yet have
not had one returned although they
stand ready < at any time to return
i the money should any customer be
dissatisfied This Is the strongest tes
timony that can be furnished to the
great merit of this medicine
The epeclfle comes In the form of
small granules very pleasant to take
and each vial contains CO doses Un
der tang lions special halfprice of
fer this means a months treatment
for 2G cents with tho best medlclni
known for the cure of constipation
and stomach troubles
After radiyuc
I If representatives of tho Italian gov
eminent In thIs country cm P Prevent
It no Immigrant from Italy to the
United States henceforth will fall Inti
Iho hands of paitronos or hones of bad
character I very effort will bo mado
to see that they are mot on arrival
and directed to those sactlonK or the
country holding out Inducements
the homeseekcr The bureau of In
migration has been advised of the es
tablishment In New York of the labor
Information office for Italians
Thousands annually bear witness to
the emclency of Early Risen These
pleasant reliable little pills have long
borne a reputation second to riono as
a laxative and cathartic Sold by
Lang Bros
KcWrilie For The Sun
A Special Shipment oi
Honey Suckle
With other favorite French
and American Extras
Diva STOlE
ir hart ill IM nftttMi
Itoanl Thinks Thry Should Collect
inrlinxi on Street
The board of health with the Joint
sanitary committee will report a
proportion to the municipal board
at the next meeting to clean the city
of all garbage and keep It clean The
plan entail some little expense but
will be successful
Ghent Klllott who operate u
rendering plant neat the city garbage
dump below the Illinois Central In
dine are willing to look after the
KnlinKo dump for the consideration
of favors from the city In the way ot
donations of horses cows and other
animal carcasses which are balled
and converted Into oils and soap
The committee alto wilt suggest that
the city employ regular garbage colt
lectors to move In wagons and col
lect all garbage from residences
Will llo Sluiteil Ily Traction Con
uny WlllKiit Deluy
Tho Paducah Traction company Ie
preparing to start on Its track In
proveiucnts right and U I receiving
dally material to bo used In tho recon
structlon ot tracks Ties are received
at different polnts In tho city and near
the Illinois Central depot a tool house
has bean built and a number ot ties
stored there Tho company has also
received ten carloads of railroad iron
to bo used In extending i its lines over
tlje new sheets gecnredj In tho last
three franchises li lredjln
Xotleei of Kirle
Whereas C E Everett I of Padu
cab Kentucky havng jcndoried the
promissory note of licvManuJacturin g
company dated April 0 l l9l54iie six
inlonths after date In tho sum of One
Thousand 100000 J dollars pay
able to said C E Everett to the flank
of Benton of Btfnton Kentucky and
having pledged and deposited to se
cure tho said noto certlfiuto No 14
and Forty tl 10 shares of stock and
Twenty 20 bonds Nog 521 and 34 3
Inclusive ot the par value of One Hun
dred fPOOOO dollars each of the
said flex Manufacturing company
Whereas Tho said Bank ot Dentou
was authorized In writing by said C
E Everett In said pledge to sell the
said stock and bonds and appropilat
the proceeds to tire payment of saId
note at tho maturiy hereof and
WheroM Default having been made
in the payment of said note and the
same being past duo and unpaid
The undersigned Bank of Iltntor
of Ilentpn Kentucky will It 10
oclock aLm on Juno 20 190G at the
east door of tho court house In Padu
cab Kentucky expose for sale at pub
lie outcry to the highest and best bid
der for cash tho said certificate No
142 for 40 shares of stock and tho said
bonds Nos 3t 4 and 343 Inclusive fo
the puddle of satisfying said note am 1
Interest and the cost ot this sale
This June C lOC
Notice to Contriirlom
The board of public works will re <
ceIve bids al their once on Juno OUI
at t p m for the construction of a
coijcreto culvert over Cross creek nt
Caldwell street near the Illinois Cen
teal passenger depot Plans and
spcelfications can bo seen at the city
engineers office All biddarj are re
quired to enclose with thQljf bjs a i
cqrtlfied check ojeomc ball < jotlM
city of Paducah to bo forfeited to the
city of Padncab upon failure of the
successful bidder to enter Into a con
tract and give the necessary bond as
por the pr6powl7 rTHp bond referred
to will not cxcecS aS per eefii of the
The hoard of puble works reserve
the right to reject any aId all bids
By J EWIiiELM SecI u
You cannot Indlico n lower animal to I
eat heartKy when not feeling well A
sick dog starves hlnuef uit seta wt
Tho stomach once overworked mUM
have rest tho same as your feet or
eyes You dont have to itarvo to rest
your stomach KODOL FOR DYS
PEPSIA takes t up the work for your
stomach digests what you cat and
gives It a rest Puts It back In con
dition again You cant feel good
with a disordered stomach t Try Ku
dot Sold by Lang Bros
TCHiluiV llviiiiilnutloii
Monday and Tuesday tho examina
tilt of teacher will be held It will
he In charge of Prof W IL Sugg and
all lenclicfH who have extended
certificates will have to undergo tho
examination Thote who deslro to
better certificates held Is fixed by the
percent made An SO per c < nt certifi
tale stands two years 90 per cent
three years and 9C per cent four
I years Many teachers will take the
I examinations w
IC 1tiy Car Oiiiiliii
The i C pay cad notice arrived
this morning Thol pay l car will reach
Paducah from Mounds IIon tho
mornlnjj of Friday June trio
Subscribe For Tbo Sou
Only Bryan and Roosevelt Fig
Ire in Chances
J1lIttlt Movement Driven Piirty 10
the XeliniNknii Vlllioiit Con
hldenitlou of Kntiiii
Washington June 9 Election
conventions and expressions tram
prominent men within the last few
days havo done much to shape the
program for the next national cam
paign William Jennings Bryan II 1
slated for Democracys candidate for
the presidency In 1908 Nothing ci
rcpt death will prevent the carrying
out of the program rA mature now
stand only one man carr defeat Ml
Bryan at tho polls two years hence
Ills name rr Roosevelt Washington
Is settled In Its convictions as to the
situation and the foregoing state
ments represent Its views
Ono of the New York leaders who
heretofore has beta opposed to Dry
an and Dryanlim Is quoted today as
It Is a long time ahead to beGin
laying plans for the preslJrntla
campaign In 1908 but the activity
of Hearst has forced tho cons rm
tlvo element of the Democratic pat
ty Into action 601110 of the leaders
were frightened by the Hearst boom
and they have set about to check U
That Is l they want a man who can
beat him or posslblly shoo him ant
of the running The question Is
Who Is the man that can accomplUl
There has been much dUcnnoi
hero within the last few weeks all 10 <
the Republican national ticket In
190S It has been practically conced
cd 1 that as tho situation stands to
day Vice President Fairbanks Is In
the lead l for the Republican nomlna
tlon to head the next national ticket
What will the republicans do <
when It really conra to nnmlnc the
iresldentlal ticket Tho answer that
Inevitably Is made Is that Theodor
Roosevelt will be compelled to recon
sider his determination not to accept
a rcnomlnalion and that ho will be
forced to again become tile H < t > ubll
can standard bearer
For IinlRU Du Hello
R P Brnst of Covlngion arrived
In Washington today to begin 4h
fight for his candidate Judge George
Du Relic for the district attorney
ship He will probably call at the
WtJte t House and the attorney gen
erals offloe tomorrow and formally
recommend him for the placo Mr
Krnst spent some time al the capitol
capitolI I
city today trying to prevail upon
Representative Edwards of the EItV1
rnth district to Indorse Du Ilolleimt
utI I
Mr Edwards declined until ho ennui
hear from his own Olwrlet it
Krnst hopes to t have tb tight settled
before the end of the week ID order
that all candidates can be headed off
SJOOOli fur Illinirj
ndrow Carnegie has given Ken
tucky State College at Lexington
20000 with which to build a library
The gift wall announced yodonlay at
the annual commencement exercises
The many Imitations of DoWHtn
Witch Hazel Salve that are now before
the public provo It tho host Ask for
DeWlttV Good for burns scalds
chaffed skin eczema letter cuts
bruises bolls and piles Sold by Lang
I lojesl vi11ky liHllrtcil
Admiral Rojestvcnsky has bc > n in
illrtcj for hid conduct In the Sea ot
Japan and the penalty on conviction
I s ealh
The sworn statement of the manu
facinrers protects you from opiate in
Kehnedfs Laxative honey and Tar
Sold by Lang Bros
35 to 125
Weekly or monthly
Bring your old buggy carriage or
wagon to oar place and we will
like It In HI part pay on a new one
Powe1I Rogers Co
After many years of study and I ractlce prominent Virginia phnlcUn hu dUcovtrad
the euro for all form of Constipation ltd called Chuti ConttlpaUon Tablet 1 do i
cot mean Mid the Virginia Doctor to jwveral of him colleagues announcing hla suctwu
that this U a fake cureall guaranteed to cure every thin from pimples to paralysis
Blither do I mean ult another pill which ureeda the pill habit j my remedy tt a fan for
ono thinga e Co which never 114 Its ge ° t7 taaeinC the dt it l cc organs ao
that they perform their natural function I It rratorri them all to health and mania
relieve immediately and In a short time cum CouUpatlon
Tha more you lake the lew TOO need until you need 4l
THE MORE I avoid haeraotlh ordinary efforta which pampers
I orcana alreadu weak and < mk the patient a ilave
1Tj U I lC5O I to the pill Remember Nature expect every organ
jnrmldan have lone racoirnlted the fact that con
stipation i la at the bottom of arlreverydle It
ups aH enery and mike < life a bunleni It opens the door to all evil germs and makes
the body too weak lu reuu them
Thla Dew dlicoverr U In oars ItbltU vastly
vastlyJ I
THE JJ VJX I bullies which fit the vent pocVrt The tablet Ie I
I mild all veietable nev t frier or Injure the
TTT g TO T V U I moit delicate orcana lint rs orhourn 80
regulate and strengthen that they h8 been
nicknamed The Little Velvet Worker
Dont shuffle alone with this great burden lie healthy be strong be happy
hen a mn liver III workln pror > erlytheboweU r reirul r It
EtTenamansliverInworkingpreperly + atajeyltistellv V
L IF E You get rJ the marning feeling I mated end r aht after a r4
nights Steep J with a keen appetite for bres tast and
TlTfT5 1 TT I healthy rtIKh for each mouthful and when rouge nut the air
WORTH I SmellS Rood and you fill yourlungt with pleaturet the fun shines
I the bird ting your every sense Is I acute and appreciative the
T TirTlVTi I blood bounds through yam veins carrying life and activity to
LIVINGblood miMI cell and tuwue your hope are high your mind
I clear your pint hub foe step buoyant and you thank nod
that everything J Is to beautiful and that It ltn I good to live it i
No man or woman with torpid liver constipated bowel and poisoned brain and nerve t
ever feels ilk that
iTGo1 your dnigcUt and ret a I Ulef Chase ConMipatton Tt > tet > and If after
a fair trial you find the remeilyu not all It JI I represented to Let yonrdrucKlit will refunJ
money without question or arcnmenu In watch shape bottle that fit the veil pocket
lSoenlL FREE TRIAL They rever ami Crime Conttlpa
JC MMLMLt OFFER lion Tablets and cnclOM eve Camps
Paso rear wh Sends ns his or her doe
name and address with five tamps to covtr My drussUt dont ten them
pontage eepens s wewll l n once mall a full
nascent botuo of Chasat Constipation Namnuuu
Tablet the velvet worker that cures NotAddtns
f sample mind but a fuUwz + 2Scent bottle Addresa
Let ua prove it to you Vnt today adCity r
c1reu1ncItM cuuunue k 1
1 CHASE MFG COMydras ut s
S33 Throell Brooklyn Nw York toAddress
Address r + i mu f
I n
Wisdom of the Day
rTMIE wisdom of the day is to
I make the home happier It
begins in the Kitchen the stormi
center of annoyances The Gas
Range is the expression of the idea
of the dayconvenience It satis 4
fies the modern demand for efli 1
cient refined economical time
saving service Convenience and
Economy call on you to I
Many people put aside all thought ofan outing in
Colorado because they are accustomed to consider
this greatest of American play grounds as one of
those impossible things beyond their means Time
was when a visit to the atop of the continent was
a great luxury as high in price as in altitude but
not today
so s
r = =
You cn spend the rummer or a put of the sum t
our In Colorado and live M reiionaby an you do
at home and the quick service and low tourist
nil excursion rAta nffonliii via Hock Island p
C lilies htlnx tho to kIn within ycurnuy retch w
IOar Bullets and Folders give the whole story
IRocKlsiandj 1 I
Wrlto tarsust
CEO i ICE o r L r1 wuui f1 A
Little leU Art lukiKt IIH
n n bA t
Hotel Belvedere t
Pormorly Tito Lngomnr Ino
Proprietors and Managers
This hotel now under our management has
been improved in every u j pai iiiiwin Ie I y
The dining room will be open dayand night v e
and is in charge of a competent steward
All rooms are outside rooms and the sample i
rooms are large I lot

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