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I < i t 1 r t 1 t j 1 co yP J
Isfiict Attorney Icroine Sets
Inslnictfonsto Proceed
t I
i Pliln < 1elplijiiIlnHlinnri + seed Indian
4 < iijioli Follow Itninplt IIf
a Ill 4 ITlIlldll
v r
p I
It t Now York July 4The board of
r aldermen today adopted a resolu
tion calling on District Attorney Jc
jt 1 romo loproseeute tho heads of tho
Ice combine for a Conspiracy In reo
I k straint of trado In putting up the
f price of ice This they have been
doing all summer tinder tho pre
1 tense that tho ice crop li short and
In spite of tho fact that the artificial
i Ice plains controlled by tho combine
t t easily ran manufacture all the Ice
t that Is needed to make up any de
flcloncy Which may exist
ilhlladelphlaJul 4Thirteen
Ico manufacturers upon whom war
rants Were nerved last week chare
ing7Jttiom with contplracy to raise
the prlco of Icewalvod a hearing to
day and were hold by a magistrate
4 1a1In V tfiCOOVoach 1 to answer In court
Trust In llnlllmorv
I Jlafllnioro July 4 Slates attor
ney Owens Is Investigating tbo
clinrpu that tho Atnurlcan Ice com
finny the ao called trust has
or ned a combine with tho fade
pendent companies which manufac
trice artificial Ice to ralso the price
of this product Tho prlco now
quoted by both tho combine and tho
rtIndependents rt Is 20 cents per 100
andHsnevor cut
sr 4 4
ti t41ns1MS ImUniuijMilU Fight
Indianapolis July 4 Tho state
J prolocutor began today to seek evi
dence of the existence of an Ico
trust In this city and three detectives
were put on the case There are
thirty or forty dealers hero who buy
their product from the leer factories
r and who have advanced prices with
every Increase made by the factory
owners who also are engaged In de
4 p > t livery It has been learned that the
idojijori who do nol awn plants have
been Informed that they mutt follow
the factories In Increasing prices or
0Ice would not be sold to them
tyThe governor of Missouri works
himself more securely Into the confl
donee of thinking people with every
t itop ho take Tho hostility Of the
professional politicians of his ownI I
J state Is not a drawback but a tribute
Y When lame weeks ago a county I
convention at the state capital reI I
a trained from endorsing his adminis I
tration which would havo followed
custom the politicians failed to In
s jure the governor and only revealed
4 themselves When Instead these
gentlemen passed a resolution npr
provlnc the record and respective
A it administrations of the Democratic
a party from 1873 to 190G Inclusive
they rendered themselves Incredibly
t ridiculous To Governor Folk It Is
a duo In largo part that we know how
ridiculous such an alegatlop Is I Ills
head fs t clear his courage Is good
J end nothing so tar has checked his
lyuntotooted progress along the lino
1 marked out for him by a sane mind
1t and honest heart The punishment
of those six boodlers who went to
prison gave him no satisfaction be
cause tho Individuals suffered Ha
c bought omo of them less guilty
than others who could not bo caught
i and lame of the six have the friend
licit feelings for him now It was
the protectlpn of the public that he
had In mind then and has had In
every step that he has taken since
Is Ills record as governor has had none
of the sensational Interest that he
aroused as circuit attorney but it
has brought out not only the name
qualities but the ability to deal
1 4 4wisely with new problems as the
N 1 4 1arise It Is no wonder then that
the politicians of his state
1him 1 as much as they ever did and
always will Colliers for July 7
Two Hundred ta1 Free
Dy a decision handed down by a
Judge In Detroit Mich nearly two
hiindreii conviqts now In Michigan
penitentiaries may be released Tho t
decision Involves the Indeterminate t
41 M sentence law which Is held not ia t I
s apply to crimes committed prior to I
t IU passage though the trial comes I
flack to Kiel
Emperor William has again rl1
p turned to Kiel The report that Uo
went to Potsdam on account of the
condition of tho health ot Crown I
Prince Frederick WJlljam wits Incor
TIle dancing puvlloji at I1J1
lAce Park wUl lio open ixtli IIflll
nww and night July 4lh i
I lF l
Jovcriiniont l Clerk Nays Wifes So
chit AfI lI11lt him I In Debt
Omaha July 4 Conflicting state
ments as to the cost of social lIfo In
Washington were made today by I
Charles C Dassett and his wife
Mrs Bassett Is suing for divorce In
the Omaha courts The wife who
Is a daughter of Senator Illce of
Kentucky flied on emphatic denial
of her husbands allegations that aha
amount of 5000 by her lavish ex
penditures for social functions say
Ing that In the course of their mar
red life she gave only thirteen such
functions and that these were paid
for by other people
One of them was given for tile pur
pose of furthering the political 1n4
terests of Den U Falrchlld congress
man from New York a friend of her
erossman she said footed the bills
Another was paId by Mrs Stone a
friend of tho family and the expense
pens ot a third Wall borne by yrs
Ilassetts father when her sister was
married She declared her debts
were only 80 Instead of 6000
when she left her husband and that
she had helped tho familyIncome by
faking In roomers
The charge of extravagance was
made by Mr Dassett who Is a gov
ernment clerk In an effort to obtain
a reduction of the alimony allowed
pending the hearing at the divorce
suit The court cut down tho allow
aned tor attorneys fees from 601
to 200 and allowed the 75 a
month alimony to stand
It li I not nil punk that blisters
A wet Fourthmakes a lean grave
Tho fool and his digits arc soon
Tho sticks fall alike on the just
and tho unjust
A thumb on the bandls worth two
In the alcohol
It is better to take a dare than to
get your hand scorched
The boy who doesnt got too gay I
may celebrate another day
It Isnt always the firecracker
with the longest fuse that makes the
most noise
Remember that tho giant fire
cracker Is always Just getting readI I
to pp off when you bend over it to
leI what Is the matter
Lut us then be up and shooting
with n heart for any fate lightning i
fuses nod then scooting learn to
viand aside and wait
You have never shouldered arms
and marched away In obedience to
your countrys call have ou1
You admit that you havent cast
a vote for twenty years
Whats the use of voting Ive
never heard of an election yet where
one vote would have changed the re
Tho papers have accused you of
being a taxdodger If they have lied
about you why dont you sue them
for libel
I dont consider that It is any
bodys business whether I pay taxes
or not Taxes are too high In this
country anyhow
Yet you claim to be patriotic I
dont sea whero your patriotism
comes In
You dont I want you to under
stand that I hung out one of the big
gest flags to be seen In this street on
the Fourth of July
Some go up like the rocket
And like the stick they fall
Dut some oh gentle reader
Do not go up at alii
Can you repeat the Declaration
of Independence she asked
I used to be able to he roplloJ
but about all I remember of It now
Is To be or not to be that Is the
Now doth tho bobtailed dog remark
Too worth of natures puns
When to his cars there coma the
And yelp of curs that are the mark
For firecrackers and cans
Are you in favor of a safe and
sane Fourth of July
No let the boys have all the gl
ant firecrackers they want1
Dut such things are dangerous
I know It I havent any boys
tI should lInk you would be
utrald to lt your little boy have such
big firecrackers
Oh no He Is my husbands child
by his first wlfo you know
Freight Handlers Strike
About 300 freight handlers 0 the
Illinois Central railroad declared a
strike In Now Orleans for an Increase S
In wages from 100 a day to 180
About 150 men quit work tho other
half of the strikers having been Idfn l
before the strike was declared
Theres going to 1m dancing at
WallAce rack on the Fourth of July
I heft afternoon and nights
y nightsy
Tracks of Street Gar Company
To be Lowered
Wand Creek tlridgc Pumping Station
and Ciuhjiift Itrrrlvo Odlclnl
The board of public works met yes
terday afternoon one day In advance
becauso today la a national holiday
The Ptfducah < L1ght and Power com
pang agreed to flower tho grade on
Jefferson street line from Fountain
avenue to the city limits as noon as
the survey can be made The tracks
are graded several inches above the
street level
Permission to set pole on Jeffery
s n from Ninth street to Fourteenth
Street was given the Paducah Light
and Power company
A petition for an alley between III1N
risen Madison Seventeenth and
Nineteenth streets was referred
The city engineer was Instructed
carefully to Inspect the Sixth street
bridge over Island creek and report
back Its condition I
The lid at the pumping station at
Third and day streets was ordera
sealed to prevent gas and obnoxloitrf
odor arising
Had pieces of curbing nnd street
work were reported but no action
taken as the contractor gave an In
demnity bond and agree to keep
the streets up without any compu
sort measures belni adopted
Tho street Inspector was Instructed
to notify the gas and water company
to tower cut off boxes to thp leve
of the pavements
The board ordnred a conract drawn
with Contbactor Thomas Bridge to
build the concrete culvert on Catdwell
avenue to replace the last wooden
bridge going out
The city engineer was Instructed to
notify property owners < hat they must
connect with tho storm water sowers
with residence drcln PIper on Ken
tucky avenue where street Improve
moats lire being made
The board authorized tho purchase I
of a tOO dump cart for city use
A team of mules was ordered pur
chased for tho < street flushing ma
t pet1t1ntfortrat0rb7IWvexien
Ions on Clay street from Fountain
avenue to Nineteenth street was re
ferred It is not properly drawn
The St Louis Street Flushing Ma
chine company was Instructed to give I
a practical demonstration of Its ma
chine by Monday
Ocncnil l liny Sa > IKiuorrnU
Should bk
In opening his campaign for the
Democratic nomination for governor
at Newcastle Ky Gen N D Hays
Each voter should ask each candl
dale the following questions
Do you stand for a policy which
lakes from the common schools of
the state J282C08 to pay for a lot
of teachers registers and trustees
record books worth only 30001 If
elected will you continue such a
policy 1
Do you stand for a policy by which
a clerk may send a favorite at the
state machine 60 monthly at the
expense of the taxpayers
Do you stand for a policy which
enables the machine to take from
the peoples pockets 124CS125
every four years to pay favorite at
torneys when ell could and should
not cost them more than 24000
Do you stand for a policy which
will take from the pockets of the
people 40000 to pay an architect
for a set of plans and specifications
for the new state capitol when they
could and should have been fur
nished to the state at a cost of not
exceeding 100007
You have a right to know how
these gentlemen stand on theo ques
tions which so vitally affect your In
terest and you want to and ought
to retire every man to private life
who stands for such n pollcEx
tract from speech of N D Hays In
Newcastle yesterday
Manager Joynes 11I JCtsI
Mr A L Joynes district manager
of Western Kentucky for the Cum
berland Telephone company Is out
on an Inspection of his district the
first regular inspection he has made
since Installed In that office Ills dis
trict takes In all of Western Ken
lucky exchanges from Princeton to
the Mississippi river Ho has direct
supervision over them and Is looking
after the long distance business par
Theres going to bo dancing at
Wallace Park oil the Fourth of July
both afternoon and night
nightM f
M i
JI t
L h C
4 9
r i
j By the Consent of the t
People of Paducah
i I
9he Evening Sun
1 I r r 1 N
01 f I f
t Has the Largest Circulation IQ i
rf r the City Verily NeArly Every
t 1011 o
body in Paducah Reads T
> < i
The Evening Sun
I f
J r It
The Average Circulation a
rLast Monthtiwas = 4 OO1 Daily
t l t 1t J 0
1 If you would reach the people of Paducah use
The Suns advertising columns
Its want adcolumnbetter known as Tipsis the
Exchange Market nof f Paducah You can dispose of
anything you want to by a little ad in it
v You can rent or buy a house or any of the hues
dreds of little things of that nature
Try it once and you will be convinced
Aro Kntcii Ever Year U > Hllth
Uvent In New York
That Net York City is one of the
largest consumers of muskrats IIaJ
food Is not known to most patrons
of the game dealers Chicago which
Is Its only rival as eater ot musk
rats finds room for countless barrels I
of swamp rabbit caught along the
famous marshes on Lake Michigan
New Yorks muskrats come from
Chesapeake nay for the most part
The trade Is a large one There are
shipping points on the bay from
which 80000 muskrat pelts are sent
yearly to fur dealers The car
casses of twothirds of these animals
are barreled and sent by steamer to
Ilaltlmoro commission merchants
A barrel holds about 200 musk
rat carcasses They are worth to
the shipper from 6 to 10 a barrel
and the trappers find that 4t pays to
save the meat
The meat of the muskrat Is very
dark Its flavor Is as delicate as a
rabbits During the trapping sea
son muskrat flesh Is on sale In all
of the butcher shops along the east
ern shore especially at Cambridge
Chrisfleld and other water towns
The butchers buy It frota the trap
pers paying from twoto four cents
a carcass The rats are then sold
to town I people at the uniform price
of four for a quarter
The swamp rabbits or black
ducks are served at all of the
cheap hotels and lodging houses
once or twice a week Sometime
they are boiled sometimes fried and
sometimes baked Frequently tho
patrons of the houses do not know
what they are cstlng New York
Peri He Sections ol the Southwest
Where Land Sells for f1G and
Items for 3 Per Acre
One of the remarkable tilings about
about Eastern Arkansas and North
ern I > ulslana Is the fact that clearea
land rents for 5 per acre cash and
ion it bought for 7CO to 16 per
acre It costs from G to 10 an
acre to clear It Other Improvements
necessary are slight and Inexpensive
The soil Is rich alluvial or made
It produces a bale of cotton per acre
worth 4G to 60 This accounts for
Its high rental value Other crops
such AS corn small grains grasses
vegetables and fruits thrive as well
Alfalfa yields 4 to G cuttings a
ton to a cutting and brings 10 to
I1C per ton
In other sectlons ot these statev
and In Texas 11 well tho rolling or
s I
WI R Markles New Sunny South
With his big Musical Comedy Something to please both
the old and the young
Squire Hardcastle Frederick Randolph
Mrs Hetdcastle his wife
Miss May Hoffman
Dan Dnff looking for work
Mrs McGlnness washwoman
rough Tom the cow boy
lnl I1J 4WMBert Hague
Polly maid of all wotk CUra Herbert
Jake a lazycooDVaI l Dare
Miss Ethel Davenport
Charming cornettest late of Sous > k
hunts band
Fiiust Staters I
Four young girls lust over from GetI I
many military music 1 act
Master Jlmmle Dell
Illustrated tongs
I The Dell Sisters
In a Japanese novelty assisted byThe
byTheSunay t
The Grotesque Randolph
Revelations In contortions Fun ia a
Bert Hague and Clara Herbert
Latr < of Mnrrr lie Macks company sing
Sight Seeing AntomoMle Song Chorea
Varno S Vnldart
Novel and daring trick bicycle ride
The performance to close with Ediipns latest sensational moving pictures
Billland Is especially adapted ttr <
stock raising and fruit growing
Land Is very cheap 5 to 1 > per
acre improved farms 10 15 to
25 per acre
The new White RIver country of
fers many opportunities for settlers
High rolling line water It Is natu
rally adapted to stock and fruit rats
ing Can be bought as low as 7
per acre
See this great country for yourself
and pick out a location Descriptive
literature with maps froo on re
The Missouri PacificIron Moun
tarn System Lines sell reduced rate
roundtrip tickets on nut aud third
Tuesdays of each month to tblr41
the West and Southwest good re
turning 21 days with stopovers
Fo descriptive literature maps
time tables etc writs to
Traveling Passenger Agent Louis
vllle Ky or
General Passenger and Ticket
Agent St Louis Mo
CnstnlgncVi Fino Illustrations for
Kiplings Stqrlcfl
The Illustrations that Andre Cas
talgne lias beendolng for Rudyard
Kipling stories oCa Horn a a leglon
arys life In Old England Robin
floodfellow are remarkable espe
cially for their imaginative power
The dctali with which Mrr Cnstalgne
ear as It were restored the life
of the Roman legions along tho
Great Wall in the north of England
Is nothing short of astounding To
resurrect an old world at all satis
factorily presupposes an immense
amount of study buy for this special
period there Is thoNerlest crumb of
suggestion to be had from anywhere
Yet Mr Castalgne bas made Par
ueslus end his brother soldiers tho
fortressed wall The Winged Hats
the Danes and the Painted Pea
pIe Plcts lire again You look
down into the squalid town with Its
thatched roofed houses Its queer
butcher shops Its temples Its crowds
uf soldiers bakers sklnclad bar
barians huddling In the shadow of
the Great Wall and get a real 1m
presslon of what must have been
Or you eee Parneslus taking part In
the bloody sacrifice of a bull and are
given all the pomp and detail of the
ceremonies Or again you see Em
peror Maxlmus being carried through
tho street and the riotous warriors
mobbing him In the narrow street
while the women and children look
on from windows above In other
words Mr Castalgnos aro Illustra
lions that Illustrate where td a task
set him was seemingly an almost
Impassible onot f
Place the curiosity of a woman be
fore tha camera and the result will
be a picture of some man

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