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ii i i Jiti ttut
Hoard Expects to Redeem Untl
Spots in Pnilncnli
Iloiul Issue IN Kvplalucd In I Detail
mill Keoiiomy of Project Fully
Our plan said a member of the
board of park commissioners today
Is to redeem the bad spots of Pa
ducah by converting some of the
worst tenement blocks Into city
parks thus Inducing the erection of
n bettor clans of houses In scutlons
now given over to shacks and unsan
hazy mode of living
This plan Is of European I origin
and la being adopted In all tho larg
ur cHIos Wo intend to try It hero
before Paducah gels to a size that
will make tho experiment excessive
ly costly In Kansas City which has
the finest system in the Uplted
States this plan has been followed
and tho most miserable tenement dill
trick have gradually been converted
Into open parks and breathing places
and tho neighborhood thereby so lm
proved that bettor houses have ben
erected and a better class of ten
ants Induced to live there
Paducah has some sections In an
unsanitary jmslghtly and menacing
condition thai never will bo reme
died until tho city takca hold of the
property and tears down the build
ings By thlll plan wo hope to ac
complish two results the destruc
LIon of the unhealthful tenements
and lima acquisition of park sites at a
minimum cost For this kind of pro
perty of course will bo cheaper I
than that In better neighborhoods
We believe that wo will be given
considerable land for parks and
perhaps when wo have purchaMHl + a
tract some owner of adjacent prop I
erty realizing the benefit of the im
provement will grant us an exten
alan thus enabling us to build larger
parks than wo anticipated
The question of a riverside park
Is I difficult Tho property Is hold at a
high figure but wo are hoping some
public spirited man will come for
ward and offer his land cheap or giN
It to the city Such n park would bo
extremely jiopular and most clUe
along the river have a section of the
bank sot aside for public recreation
The toad Issue
Conslderablu misunderstanding
seems to have arisen among time cltl
Zeus of Paducah regarding the prop
osition of tho board of park commts
loners to Issue 100000 In munici
pal bonds to create a park system
partly owing to a lack of detail In
the explanation In The Sun and part
ly 1 to tho fact that citizens did not
regard the statement that not all
the money will bo spent at once
Citizens In many Instances figured
that an Income of 5000 n year
would ha sufficient only to pay the 4
per cent Interest with 1000 bal
ante to meet contingent expenses At
that rate of course the bonds could
not bo retired In less tnan tOO years
It was that simple probcm In arith
metic the board has been engaged on
for several weeks and tho members
feel that they have solved It
But a fraction of the bond Issue
will be spent tho nrst year The
park sites will be purchased the
ground graded and rolled and per
haps trees and grass planted Then
tho rest of the work will progress as
rapidly as possible but during the
30 years of the bonds life all cur
rent expenses will bo met out of the
Issue and hero will bo some re
maining at this end of the term
In the meantime tho city will IIP
In receipt of an annual revenue of
G per cent of the levy At present
this amounts approximately to 5
000 It never will fall below that
unless some terrible catastrophe
should give Paducan an Industrial
backset while as the assessed value
of property Increases the park fund
will grow That the assessment will
Increase from 100000 to 200000
annually It Is not unreasonable to
presume and this naturally makes
tho park appropriation larger
Dut taking the 5000 Income as
a basis this will pay the Interest
each year and leave 1000 surplus
to reduce the principal
We propose to take part of tho
money derived from this bond issue
to pay the first two or three yearn
installments of Interest During this
lime the annual revenue offlve cents
on the 100 assessment will be 1y
Ing In bank accumulating 4 por
ny thn consent of the people of
Pndiirnli Tho Sun hall the Inrp
emit limitation In tho city nnj
county The average for Juni
was 4073 a dayI I
cent Interest the same rate the
bonds draw Whllo we can not retire
any of these bonds before the end of
30 years the deposit of the park fund
at tho Mme rate of Interest amounts
to tho lame thing
With the annual revenue plus
Interest on the fund deposited and
the balance from the bond Issue the
commissioners have estimated that
the bonds can easily bo retired at the
end of 30 years
We are positive that no addition
al burden of taxation will fall on the
people by reason of this issue and
the 6 cent levy will cover the whole
l > ft Ankle Shattered In Socket and
lib Lag May have In JUi
Amputated I
Falling from a platform only C feet
high at tho new residence of Mr Ben
Wellle on Jefferson street D 0 Til
ley of 1221 Trimble street had his
left log broken in the ankle socket Tie
was removed to the Riverside hospital
where It was thought his foot Imme
diately mutt be amputated
Mr Tllley Is a lather and was
landing on tho platform about D
oclock this morning nailing laths to
the walls of the hou e when the plank
on which ho was standing turned
throwing him to the floor It Is
thought ho stepped on the etfd of tho
prank which protruded over tIe plat I
form The bone was completely shat I
tered at the ankle and the foot was
hed on only by the tendons and skin
Ho was not Injured otherwise by the
Mr Tllley Is C5 yearn old and has a
family Ono grown son lIa carpenter
On account of his age and the nature
of tho fracture the leg probably can
not be saved Dr It II Stewart was
tailed arid prepared him to be removed
to the hospital
Inspector Oeneral WCMK Discovers Kv
Idciifcx of Crookedness In
Manila August 2 Colonel
Wood Inspector I general who Is ma
king a special Investigation of ac
counts of the army construction de
partment hag dlscovcrd Indications
of graft extending over a period of
four years Four army quartermas
tors have been ordered from the
United State to Manila to testify
Justice Mclenn Slpw Decree In Case
Making It National
New York Aug 2sluslico Sic
Ivoatr of tho supreme court today
signed an order authorizing the Demo
cratlc club to change Its name to bat
of < he National Democratic club The
petition of the club on which the order
was IssiHd declared It to toe the lair
pose of tho club to extend Its opera
tions to all section of the country
and to admit to membership citizens
of all tho elates
Four Year Old < Unit + i Pikes Peak
Colorado Springs Colo Aug 2i c
Huston Glen Faublan 4year old con
of JID Faublan a Houston Texas
dnigglst holds the worlds record for
age for climbing Pikes peak In
company with his parents Misses Mary
Oliver and May and Myrtle Martin of
Victoria and C W Baker of Dallas
he walked up last night and returned
today a distance of eighteen Julies
Thirty Drown In Vistula I
Berlin August 2A ferryboat
on the Vistula river sank today near
Wllnaowa Thirty persons were
Lnnv Vour Money Wlicro It
Will he dints to Get
Mrs Jennie hall of 1M8 Tones
Street Finds Queer Menage
Left byStnuigcr
Leave your nioney where It will
be easy to get and I will be back for
It tomorrow nIght
This I was the startling sentence on
a plpce of paper which Mrs Jennie
Dell of 1528 Jones street found on
her door Tuesday night
She had been awakened from sleep
by a nolso and going out on tho front
porch was surprised to see a man
fleeing from the yard She turned
and started back Into the house when
on tho door she found pinned the
The writing was awkward but leg
Jble Tho sentence was headed
Warning Take Notice
Mrs Bell does not know whether
tho man was white or black as she
did not get to see him closely Ho
never turned as ho ran and the route
he took was towards tho woods
Last rIght no ono appeared She
lives with her daughter and only the
two women were at home at the
Iwtwxl Against Pool Itooin Ooncmi
nt Tmtonla
Washington D C Aug 2A
fraud order was Issued today against
0 W Mason of tatonIaKy for op
crating a turf betting scheme on a 2J1
per cent commission basis Acting
Assistant l Attorney General 11 Mt Wob
ster of Kentucky held tho scheme to
bo a lottery I
1oitnl Inspector Soranson of Cn
cinnati who Investigated the case re
ported that Mason was a fictitious
name and that the real culprit 18 I C E
Kurrlman who was arrescd July 1C
after operating turf swindles In the
vicinity of Covlngton for years tinder
various names Including Dr Cooper
Dlckson Co Orannoa Co Good
Plan Co Drown Co and F W
Ellison Harrlmnu la held In llWO
bond awaiting trial
Mrmiry Headilng 110 on rnmiiilnl
Itangc Many Die
Ix s Angeles Cu Aug 2Aecord
Ing to reports wlilch haw reached this
sky terrible heat prevails In > the Inoy I
county god fields and tho adjacent
desert and mining prospector are
U1dam <
Adams a mining engineer who left
Los Angeles July C for the Iaramln
range and who liar Juet returned to
this city Nates that eight prospectors
were brought In dead from the heat
while too was In tho < region During
his stay at 1aramlnt six bodies were
brought there all those of victims of
sunstroke In tho divert section lying
south of Uledlands he says the mer
cury went up to ICO and could record
no higher
Revenue Collections for Fiscal Year
Fndlng With June
Washington August 2AcUnJ
Internal Revenue Commissioner Wil
liams today Issued a preliminary re
port for the fiscal year ending June
30 It shows the aggregate Internal
revenue collections on all articles In
Kentucky were 244C > 083GS
which will ho exceeded only by col
lections In Illinois Indiana and New
York ny districts the Kentucky collec
tions wero as follows Second 2
2SC917il Fifth 13101041 1C
Sixth 348159390 Seventh 2
94218124 Eighth 205732028
Deduces rlrl In Bast and Wwrt SA
k cral Crate
Toledo August 2 Because of
the great amount of oil being sent
Into the Standard 011 company from
various plants another cut of three
cents In the east and two cents fn
the west Is posted by the trust to
day This makes a cut of six cents
In the t east and four cents In the
west this week
r < K
r fi
ft TIIK ISLANDS Aiirai x
ff V
ti r
t St IVtrrslmriCt August 2
1 Latest news rrorn JJtoIIIIfol K1
> Ji regarding tho mutiny at Seen y
t borg fortress Is to time effect kj +
1 Hint two of tint Uland mire
> J < ablaze MifllnoorH in fio number i
If of 1000 lire Mild In lie on the
JiJ IK lnt of surrendering ast they ti
+ nro prartlrally without liiiinl E
n II I loin anil food fa
X Mutiny has nccurrrd at Kron j
fi stout There IIIIH been serious iji j
ki to hove munliered a hundred J J
J Adinlml Ileklemlzeff Ig ninoiiR ji
tlio wounded i 5
= o
Cnnsoof Mutiny at SveultfhK
1 uI I
MntlnAerijfSald to Occupy AH lint
TwolSlnnds I In tlio Srtuin ut
a J
St Petersburg August 2 The
greatest excitement prevails here as
a result ofitho startling news from
Sveaborg and there Is the deepest
apprehension regarding tho situation
at Cronstadt axthere Is little doubt
that the rising of the garrison of
the Gibraltar of the Baltic was a
premature attempt to execute a
widespread military conspiracy
which Involved the seizing of the for
tress of Sveaborgj Cronstadt and Se
vastopol as bales tor tho revolting
Black Sea and Baltic fleets
Fighting All Night
Helslngfors Finland August 2
Tho fight between the mutineers and
the loyal troops was waged during
most of the past night The cannon
ado was heavy thortrnK of the guns
furnishing an awe Insplrlag specta
cle to the thousands lining the points
i of vantage on Observatory hill The
loyal minority seemed to command
I the l forts on Nlcholat Island which
I was engaged In a duel with SanJ
i hammg formidable masked batteries
At 10 oclock this morning they were
still exchanging broadsides at ten
minute Intervals
From the civilian point of vlgw
tho local situation Is easier No
cruisers are visible Troops aro ex
pected here but tile destruction of
the bridge near Rltilma on the rail
road and the tearing up of tho per
manent way at several points delays
the arrival of reinforcements
The town Is quiet and business Is
proceeding but the workmen arc on
The revolt It Is pointed out oc
curred on the annlversary < of a min
ing disaster which was caused by
tho recklessness of some officers anJ
resulted In the loss or a dozen lives
Copies of the Vlborg manifesto of
the outlawed parliament are being
distributed among the Cossacks who
rjuletly put them In their pockets
A naval squadron Including the
battleship Slava Is reported to have
sailed from Reval this afternoon for
The Socialists are one the alert
and the townspeople are In fear of a
cannonade If the naval squadrojn ar
rives here
There was a panic all day long
yesterday among the summer real
deolson the Islands of the archipela
go owing to the fall of stray shells
and bullets which caused a number
of casualties both on the Islands and
In the city A man sitting on the ve
randa of the yacht club was mortal
ly wounded and a servant girl was
killed l
For more than a week Russian re
volutionists havp been working
among the troops distributing the
Vlborg and Group of Toll nmnlfes
tors and It Is reported that on Sun
day 1500 soldiers took an oath to
light on tho side of the people
Hili Town llnrUH
Howard Ohio MK 2The entire
business section at this town was de
stroyed by flro early this morning The
toss will reach 35OH > 0 No business
block fs left staqdlng The cause la i
beloved to but been Incendiary
Little Ono Subject of Litiga f
tion Between Parents
Mother Awarded I Temjiornry Custody
of Child rending Decision of
Attracted < by the cries of Ian Infant
Qua Rogers deputy sheriff took the
trouble to Inquire the cause of Its woe
and thereby brought shout the habeas
corpus proceedings of Mrs Charles
Smith of Columbia Tenn against
her husband for the possession of
twQcaroM Elvis Smith their only
child whom the father had Bplrltei1
away and brought to CSft Fountain
avenue Paducah
The Smith family Is i smalt l > ut the
child represents the biggest part of
It Judging from the fight that Is being
nVaWlor Its possession Tho fight
MfiWdcal tinge not only In the
tiil tnat the child was recovered In
Paducah but because the father Is a
native of thin city and one of the bet
known and most popular union trades
men v
Tendays ago Charles Smith resid
ing at C20 Fountain avenue a brother
of Capt Dilly Smith the well known
pilot clime to Paducah from Colum
bin Tenn bringing with him his
baby boy JHe had left his wife be
cause harmony had not existed be
tween them and while he secured pos
session by a ruse he thinks he should
be awarded the custody of the child
The mother thinks otherwise
Tea days ago a telephone menage
was received here by Deputy Sheriff
Qua Rogers asking that he find Elvis
Smith aged 25 months eon of Charles
Smith a harbor who had left Colum
bia Tonn with the child The
mother claimed the hey had town
spirited away Depaty Sheriff bus
Rogers went In quest ot the boy arid
while driving on Fountain ovenue no
ticed a small child crying on the front
porch ntNo C2 < 0 He went next
door and asked If Mrs Clark lived
there lie met with disappointment
In the residence but did learn that the
child which was crying was the Eon
of Charles Smith and had I L been
brought hero from Columbia Jonn
Deputy Sheriff Rogers had been
asked to simply notify if tho child
was located and ho did
This morning the mother arrived In
Paducah accompanied counsel and
employed Attorneys Campbell
Campbell Habeas corpus proceedings
were Instituted and the case tried In
the office of Attorneys Campbell
Campbell before Circuit Judge Wil
liam Reed The child was awarded
to the mother
Judge Reed took tho position that
Iho case can only legally be tried In
Tennessee and that no evidence could
be heard hero He Issued an order
awarding the child to tho mother tem
porarllY and any further action will
have to be takou In Tennessee
Tho mother Informed her attorneys
and the deputy sheriff that she would
at once Institute proceedings for di >
vorce and the custody of the child In
Tennessee Tho husband said he
would at once take the same course
< Mr Smith Is employed In the Book
hammer barber shop on South Third
street and Is a reliable and popular
young man
My wife and I have not been get
ting along harmoniously for acme time
and I often appealed to her he
stated I decided that I would leave
her and wanted the boy We wore
going to church and she left first I
old her that I would go from the
barber shop by tho tent In which the
services were held and bring her home
Tho child had been left In care of a
colored girl arid j Instead of going to
the tent church I went to the negros
house secured my boy and came to
Paducah This proceeding came as a
arprlse hut < I think I shall fight It
Twollurt by Uomb
New York Aug Thomas Owens
ind Mary Else who were unacquaint
ed wore shockingly mutilated by a
mysterious explosion of a high power
bomb In a tenement house on Vythe
avenue Brooklyn this morning
Owens had one hand torn off and his I
face terribly Burned The woman
Sands and face are badly I lacerated
I Owens lived on the third floor and
Mrs Else on the second Owens II a
Urlkjng plumber He was accused by
the police ofcausing the explosion
but Uenled It
Fair tonight and Prlday The
highest teiiiiernturo reached
jetitenlny wins 01 l and tho lowest i
today was 71
0 I
nut time Kid Always Tiikes Other
Peoples Will Ho Prosecuted i
Lancaster 0 August 2Rnlph
HUe aged 13 was arrested 1 In Nel
sonvllle 0 this morning and
brought back to this city The lad
bad stolen a horse ana buggy be
longing to Lyman Campbell and
with his two younger brothers drove
to Nelsonvllle The owner of the
horse says he will prosecute the boy
for horse stealing This Is the sec
ond time within three weeks that
the lad has stolen horses
Fare amid Two ler Cent Discount for I
Visitors From Kuntiundlni
The retai merchants met In month
ly session last nightand decided to I
again Inaugurate tho rebating system
and will begin It September 1
Every person coming to Paducah
from a distance of not over 75 miles
to shop who buys 30 worth of
goods from any member of the asso
ciation will be given his faro back
On all purchases over 30 ho will be
given n rebate ot 2 per cent This
feature proved a success last year
Other business transacted by the
association was purely routine and of
importance only to the association
TiiointM ittxjixs
Seven Hundred Men SfrlUr On Mexi
can CYnirnl
Fort Worth Texas Aug 2
ports received this morning Indicate
that trouble already has begun In
Mexico Seven hundred men are on
a strike In the principal yards of the
Mexican Central railroad It Is feared
tho trouble will spread rapidly I
Philadelphia and Heading Meets Cut
and Two Others Arc Expected
to Follow
Philadelphia August 2 The
Philadelphia and Reading railway
will reduce fares to meet the cut ln
prices by the Pennsylvania railway
Tho Baltimore and Ohio and Lejilgb
Valley railroads It Is bellevei will
follow with llko reductionse
Wouldlio Assallnnt of Young Girl
JuinjH III Hlver
Galllpolls 0 August 2 Charles
Mitchell a mulatto cabin boy on the
steamer Stanley jumped In tho river
and was drowned near here last
night after attempting to outrage a
young Cincinnati glrl passenger In a
state room Mitchell slipped Into the
room and locked the door Tho girls
screams brought assistance Captain
Carney grappled with the negro who
escaped and jumped overboard
Flag on line Mountain
Lexington Ky Aug 2A party
of people from Jamestown Va have
planted a flag on top of Pine moun
tain In Letcher county The moun
tain It the highest peak In the Cum
berland mountain range and tho flag
staff elevates the national emblem
some 200 feet above tho top of the
mountain making It visible for many
miles Inl Kentucky and Virginia
Ordered to Start Work
Paris August 2 In accordance
with an order Issued by the Emper
or of Russia the American syndi
cats Is authorized to begin work on
the transSiberian Alaskan railroad
project J
il +
Governor OuinniiHS Again the
Choice of Republicans 1
Roosevelts Administration Endorsed
mind Primary Election
ClIIltttor I i
Des Moines la August 2 Oor
ernor W S Cummins WAS nominat y
ed to succeed himself at the Iowa
state Republican convention yester
day Ills administration was endors
ed and the following rwp5M < J about
President Roosevelt V
We commend the Inspiring char
acter Important achievements and r
undaunted leadership of Theodore
Roosevelt It Is with exceeding pride
that we contemplate the confidence
reposed la him by the people ot our
country and admiration which heu
commands from the whole world1
AntiTrust anillMmarjr Laws
The Republican party has always
stood for enlarged partlclpaUon of
the Individual voter In public af
fairs To this end we pledge our
selves and our party In this state to
the enactment of a wise and Judl
cious primacy election law which will a
provide for nomination by directr
vote of all candidates for office to be
filled at general elections and an ex
pression of party preference In the
selection of the United States sena
We are unalterably opposed to the
domination of corporate Influences In
public affairs Wo favor enactment
of stringent statutes to purge poli
tics of our state and riatlon from
corrupting Influences of corporates
power and wc < j pledge ourselves to s
the enactment of such laws as will
render unprofitable and unpopular
for corporations enga bo Injjojjtlfi i
or In any way contribute to political
Abolishment of free passes on rail
ways Is a moat Important step In
curbing the Influence of corporations
In political a ft airs and we commend
Republican legislation which has en
acted a law to this na
Favor Tariff and Protection
We art uncompromisingly la fa
vor of tho American system of pro
tection Duties on foreign Imports
should not be levied for revenue on
ly I but should bo to adjusted as to
promote our domestic Interests en
large our foreign markets secure
remunerative prices for products of
our factories and farms and maint
tale superior Acre of wages and
standard of living for American la
bor > t
Wise and unselfish tariff lawsc
maintained In the Interest of the gen
eral welfare equally opposed to for +
eign control and domestic monopo
I arc essential to our commercial
and Industrial property We believe
all Inequalities In the tariff sched
ules which Inevitably arise from
changing Industrial and commercial
conditions ahou d be dJustef from
time to time and c3ha < mnng with
out reserve all assault jip6n protec
Uvq system wo favSrfSucb reasona
ble and timely ehCagesaa will keep
the tariff In harm iftX rUh our Indus
trial and coramerelalprosress
A Spanish Hrlrcw In MunlUC Voostr
Frlemudsleat 1 t
o i
IWooster Ohio Aug2j According
to a report wfolch la b ng > circulated
hero among the frlendsjfpf Captain
Elmore F Taggart of divorce tame
he will return from the Philippine Is d
lands a married man It 1s said he j
Is to marry the daughter qt a wealthy
Spaniard whom he net In iJIanlla
and who Is said to own largo estates
near that city Some of Taggartii
friend refuse to credit the t report
Used Cyanide of Potassium
Peru Ind August 2 Six weeks
ago this city was shocked by the su a
Iclde of W J Walsh manager of th3
local office of the Dell Telephoa3
company a highly respected citizen
1 I ind very much beloved Jay nIl em
Jloyes 1 Ho used cyauld e4 t potassium i
is the means of selfmufderlj
j 5aA
Chicagos All Night Bank
Chicago August 4 Chicago u
allnight bank opened for business
this morning The doers will be t open a
to the public each iir > of the day
and night except OTIppdaq and hol s
f e v
+ y

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