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The Paducah evening sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1906-1929, August 17, 1906, Image 8

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II 1 I The Manager a
er J i 1
IIa II the B fA A
f Copyright 1001 by Hirpir O Brothrn
Hn took a lager from Ills lOCket
opened It and bnnded It to the doctor
a gtiew you can BOO to read this If
you will step nearer the street lamp
The letter was an offer from ono of
the big eastern lines While the doc
tor knew very little of railroads ho
hos s
ono and was Impressed accordingly
Id 1 tnko It ho sold I wouldnt
fritter unrity wy time here Precious
little tluinks youll ever get
I cant honorably break with Oen
alern Comlxli In fact I Imve already
declined but I wnnl M you to see Ibo
I am orry for your sako that you
dill You are sure to have more trou
So inurli the more reniiou why I
should stay
I mil quite frank with you Uaklry
Some strong Inllucure U at work No
It bannt to do with your father You
cant well be held ncrounlntjlo for his
t Ilyilrrs laiifililor rracbnl thrill as lie
r spoke Oakley cull see him faintly
outpost lu tile mooullxlit when ha sat
Ixtwren ronstnnro Kniory and her
niotlior The Itilluenco wu there It
was jirobnbly nt work at Hint very mo
I wouldnt Us iiinilo a martyr
through any rblvalrouj wiso of duty
roiitlntipil the doctor Id look out for
Ian Uuglnil ngalu
You ore jinJiclilug cowonllcu nt n
t greet rate
Well wbitii the use of sacrlHcIiiR
l ononclfT You yt t5D a most horrible
sen o of nitllude
1 would like to auk a favor of you
I was g lug to say If there was any
thing I nniM do
If you Uout mind with Increasing
heiltnnrr will yon nay to Miss Kmory I
for mo tint IM like ti t MC her tomor
row nftrrnuon Ill cull about 3thllt
Yrn Ill tell her for you
Tliank you gratefully Thank
you very miiih You think she will IMS
lit lionieV awkwardly for ho was
y tifralil the doctor Imil mlsundenitood
I fancy no I cnn see now If you
JJio ilont Ill call on tho chance of
t QndliiK her III
ty Jint as you prefer
Oakley rxtrmlnl Pala hand
4 I wont keep you standing any Ion
gee Somehow our talk has helped me
boil night
Good iilgftt
The ilactor gtrt abstractedly after
the young man ns h < > moved down HIP
street and lo rontlnunl to gaze after
him until he had IMIIWI I from sight In
the shadows that lay beneath the whis
pering iiiaples
I p
KIllIAIS It lion < il hack of prop
I er fcvllus hut Oakley managnl
to 1111111 off a good deal of bill
rmotlonnl stress and when be
left lili hotel the next morning he was
quite himself again
Ills altitude toward the world was
the decently cheerful one of the man
who Is cnrnlni a fowl salary and
whoso personal cares are far from bo
hug numerous or prowlng Ho was
still capable of looking out fur Cor
nishs Interests and his own too It the
need arose
s Ho went down to the offlre alert and
4 vigorous As ho strode along ho nod
dnt nnd smiled at the people bo met
t on the street If the odium of bis fa
timers crime was to attach Itself to
him It should lie without his help An
tloch mlKUt count htm callous If It
liked but It must not think him weak
Ill first olllclalnet was to go for
Kerr who was unusually cnnUinker
oils and ho gave that frigid gentleman
a seam which lastnl him for the better
part pf n week for Kerr who had con
vinced himself overnight that Oakley
t mint rrMgn saw himself having full
swing with the Huckleberry and was
disposed to treat his superior with
airy Indifference He had objected to
hunting tip nil old order book Dent
wished to son on HIP scorn that ho was
t t too bur whereat ns Holt expressed
1t tho latter jumped on him with
both feet t Ills second oniclnl net was
to servo formal notice on Ilranyon that
° he was illsintssnt from time shops lie
TIIS even Tiorsn wllli Miss Wnltoif mid
took exception to her spelling of n
typewritten hotter which ho was send
ing off to Cornlfth lu Ixmdoti
f Ho ulio liiiippctetl every department
l In the shops and wee glad of nn ex
cue he discovered to reprimand Joe
Stokes who was stockkrcpcr hi the
carpenters room for the slovenly moan
s tier In which the stock was handled
Theu he returned to the office and as
J 4a matter of discipline kept Kerr busy
all the rest of the morning hauling
dusty order books from a dark closet
Ho felt that If excitement was what
was wanted ho was tho one to furnish
4 It Heliad bred too easy
Naturally tho dtllce force gave n deep
sigh of satisfaction when Onkley closed
bis desk and announced that ho was
going uptown nnd would not return
Miss Walton founded loJferr that she
Just hoped he would never come back
It was n little before 3 o clock when
Dan presented himself nt tho Emorys
The mnld who answered his ring ush
1 terel him Into the parlor wltU marked
t trepidation Sbo was a timid soul
Then she swished from the room but
ttiJ1fLI19ft Llntlthii I ij 10 ea
1 1tf f u
that Miss iiiiiory wool bo down Iq a
When Constance enlorwl the room he
advnnctil 1 a little uncertainly She ex
tended her hand militia cordially bow
over There was no trace of ember
rassnicut or constrain In her itinunor
As he took her hand Dan said aim
ply t going straight to the purpose ol
Ida I call
I have thought a good deal ovei
what I want to tell you Miss Emory
Miss Emory Instantly took tho alarm
and was on tbe defensive Mho en
veloped herself In that specie of In <
scrutnhlo feminine reserve men find
so dllllcult to penetrate fibo could
not Imagine what ho had to tell hoi
that was so prisMng He was certain
ly I very curious and unconventional
There was one thing she feared he
might want to tell her which she was
tlrroly determined not to hoar
Onkloy drew forward n chair
Wont jou sit down he asked
Tluink you yes It was all so
formal they both smiled
Dan stood with his luck to the Ore
place now filled with ferns and rested
an elbow on the mantel There wan
an awkward pause At last he said
It seems Ive boon the subject of a
lot of talk during the lest two days
and I have been saddled with n inciter
for which I mint lu no way responsible
though It appears to reflect on me
quite as much as If I were
Itenlly Mr Oakley began Con
stance t scenting danger ahead nut
her visitor was in no mood to tempo
iOuu moment please ho said hasti
ly I You have heard tbe story from
Mr Ryder
I have heard It from others as
It has Influenced 1 you
No I wont nay that defiantly
She was uot accustomed to being cate
At least It has roused you to sort
ously doubt tbo wlwloin of an ac
ijunlntance blurted Oakley
You are very unfair rising with
latent anxrr
You will greatly oblige me by sit
ting down again
And Constance astonished beyond
measure at his tone of command sank
hack Into her cliiilr with n little mnoth
cretl gasp of surprise No one hail ever
ventured to speak to her like that be
fore It was n now experience
Weve cot to finish thin you know
explained Dan with ono of his frank
est smiles and there was n genial sim
plicity about hla snillu which was very
attractive Constance however was
not to bo propitiated but she kept her
seat She was nppreliciiflvo lent Onk
Icy would do something mono startling
ntiil novel It she attempted to cut short
the Interview
She stole n glance at him from under
her long lashes Ho was studying the
carpet apparently jultc lost to the
enormity of his conduct You have
heard their side of the story Miss Em
ory I want you to hear mine Its
only fair Isnt IU You have beard
that my father Is an exconvict
You with n tinge of regret
That he Is a murderer plunging
ahead mercilessly
And this Is Influencing your
I suppose It If I helplessly It
would naturally It was a great shock
to M nil
Yes agreed Dan I can under
stand 1 think just how you must look
at It
ItWo are very very sorry for you
Mr OakleyI wnnt to explain my
manner last night The whole alma
lion was so excessively awkward I
am sure you must have felt It
T did shortly
Oh dear I hope you didnt think me
No Then bo added a trifle weari
ly I Its taken me all this time to real
lie my position I suppose I owe you
some sort of an apology You must
have thought me fearfully thick skin
nod He hoped she would Bay no
but he was disappointed Her con
science had bvon troubling her and
she was perfectly willing to share her
remorse with him since ho was so
ready to nsHiime n part of It She was
as conventional an extreme respects
bility could make hot but she had nev
er liked Oskley half sq well Hue ad
mired his courage He illdnt whine
HU very stupidity wee In Its way ad
mirable but It was certainly too bad
be could not sec just how Impossible
bo was under the circumstances
Dan ralsM tils eyes to hers Miss
Kmory the only time I roiuetnbor to
have seen luy rather until he came
hero n few weeks ago was through the
grating of ble cell door My I mother
took mo there as a little boy When
aim died 1 came west where no ono
knew ma I had already learned that
because of him I WAS somehow judged
and condemned too It has always
been hanging over me I Imve always
feared exposure I mipH > e I can
hush It up after awhile but there will
always bo some one to toll It to who
ever will lUtcJi It la no longer a se
Was H I fair to your friends Mr
j Oakloy that It was a secret
I I cant rice what business It was of
theirs It In I nothing I have done and
anyhow I have never hind any friends
until tjpw I caroJ o i > cUlly about
Tc ee oat1l1l1eG
Shorty Scqtt Makes Owner
Glad By Ills Honesty
W J licwU IHtwn III Wallet Full of
IIIIls on Third Street Near
Itromlwnjr rf
is sl I
Waller Scott better known RI i
Shorty who keeps a hamburger
ohd tamale gland bn Third street be
ttveon Broadway and Kentucky aWe
nile saw a flat pocketbook lying on
the pavement In front of his stand last
night about 8 oclock He asked a i
friend standing near to hand It to
I dont guess there Is anything In
this flat oM book Shorty declared
as ho opened It He was much sur
prised to take out a flat layer of bllli
of 110 and UO denominations and a
check for 50 An owner was found
I short time after but ho did not
know that ho had lost It until Scott
asked him to feel for his pocketbook
Tho owner In W J Lewis a con
doctor on tho X C St L ralroad
residing at 1008 Trimble street lie <
wag standing In front of the tamale
stand < eating a hamburger He pulled
hlshnndkcrrhlet out of his hip pocket
whoro be kept thin pocketbook and It I
fell out when tho handkerchief was
brought to view unnoticed to Mr
IowU or any ono else Ho had beet
gone a short ttmo only when the
pocketbook was found lie returned
In fifteen minutes with a friend and
discovered that his property had beep
found and was In good hands
The total amount of money In the
pocketbook was 312 In cash and a
check for ISO
Public notice Is l hereby given that
tho regular annual meeting of the
Stockholders of tho Illinois Central
Railroad company will bo held at the
companys office In Chicago Illinois
on Wednesday October 17 190C oi
twove oclock noon
To permit personal attendance at
laid meeting there will bo Issued to
each holder of ono or more shares of
tho capital stock of the l Illinois Central
Ilallroad company ai registered on the
Vooks of tfitfcouipany nt the close ot
1tiilnc4i on Monday September 24
I lOG who IN I of lull age a ticket end
abllng him or her to travel free over
tho companys lines from the station
on the Illlnolr Centra railroad nearest
to his or her registered address td t
Chicago and return such ticket to be <
good for the Journey to Chicago only
during the four days Immediately pre
ceding and tho day of the meeting
and for the return journey from Chi
sago only on the day ot tho meeting
and the four days Immediately follow
log when properly countersigned and
stamped during business hours 1111 lit
licforr SaHinUy October M 1 UOU I
that Is to say between 900 a m and
500 p mIn the otTlce of tho as
sistant secretary Mr W 0 Ilrucn lii
Chicago Such ticket may be oh
tallied by any holder of stock regis
tered as above on application In writ
Ing to the president of the company
In Chicago but each stockholder must
Individually apply for his or her ticket
Bach application must state tho full
name and address of tho stockholder
exactly as given In his or her certifi
cate of flock together with tho num
ber and dale of such certificate No
more than one person will bo carried
free In respect to any one holdlug of
stock as registered on tho books ot the
Chcago July 23 190G
Notice to Contractors
nids will be received at the offlc
of lima city engineer In tho city or
Paducah Kentucky up to 3 oclock
August 26 190C for the construe
lion of about seven 7 mllos of
combined sanitary and dorm wale
sowers In the city of Iaducah KOD
Plans and specifications will I
on file In tho engineers oHlco In Ibo
city of Paducah Kentucky after Au
gust 1C 1906 A certified check III
1000 must accompany each and
every bid
tho city reserves tho right to ro
Stud any and all bid
Paducah Ky August 41 1906
Knows Nothing < > f nrjioit
Former President Jlmlnei of Santo
Domingo salted from Ban Juan for
Now York Tuesday He disclaimed
any knowledge ot an organisation bl
Santo Domingo revolutionists In f Porto
Clilij50civ York Air Line
Joseph Ilaniscy Jr Is said to be
Interested with foreign capitalists lu
a project to build a lowgrade dou
bio lrack air line railway from New
York to Chicago
Scorn not tho humble Instrument
Many a masterpiece hath been pen
l1v4 wltb tye quills troop t noose
> t
Is Employed in l Gold Hlfnc in
Mountains of Mexico
Writes TntriMliiKly > of condition
Tlirrr Which Imllrntr War With
1tllllted Slates
1 I l
After a silence of eyen years Mr
J W Warren a brother of air W
N Warren tho Paducab jeweler hat
wrlitcn his brother a letter apprising
him of his whereabouts but tho letter
Is not by any means encouraging The
brothers position Is one of peril and
ho bids fair to experience something
of a miniature war
Air J W Warren has not boon
heard from In seven years and his
brother hero knew nothing of his
whereabouts and had no way t9 lo
cate him I received a letter l from
him yesterday Mr Warren stated
and ho fo located In the central west
con part of Mexico working In the
goad mines He II I employed as ono
of the bosses and states that there Is I
trouble coming between Mexico and
llnco Sam
lie tolls me that the Mexicans hair
threatened to drive nil Americans
from the country and that the work
will begin In September The natives
allege that the Americans arc making
too much money and they do not In
tend to stand for It
Preparation among the natives
convince the foreigners that the na
lives are In earnest and my brother
writes that the company has forllflc
the plantation whcro Its mines are lo
sated Ouns of all dlfcrlptlon rapid
It from Chicago Monday
if When City Solicitor Campbell was
t preparing the ordinance for the se w
i en work this morning using the
ft plans In City Engineer Washingtons
f office to aid him he discovered that
rthe sewer route traverses the properly
t 1 only of several citizens
V This discovery put an end to his
< labors He Immediately called Into
consultation Mayor Yelser and other
city officials and explained to lyre m
that the city cannot construct the
sewer until It bas secured content
J 1or the property owners to the use of
1 a
their landa
Two plane are open to the city It
I can condemn the lisht of way or
propertI ty t
I owners or confine tho extension at
1 present to that partof the district
gotI dltrlcth ng
goingf f I
f Tho latter plan Is advocated by
r gested that nothing furjher be done
until Monday when Engineer A Ivor If
cab see the plans and possibly re
arrange them so as to keep off pri
vale property at least out llroaa
way where the school building Is to
be reached
To await until rights of way can
be secured or condemuatlon Irocd I
what Is the matter with harT
netter not go too near Maybe the I
heal has affected her mind
Poor thing Maybe It Is over
study i
Land takes She might bo one of
those hero anarchists too
Bet she has been disappointed In
ed ble 1
Its all right now she said sweet In I
Whats nil right asked this
crowd breathless with suspense of
Why my waist A button came w
loose In tho back and I had such aa
awful time reaching It Dut Its all taw
right now
And then tho crowd molted away dl
like Ico cream In a summer sun a
Chicago rtWIIII
Part Orrrn on Tobacco Is
It develops that the farmers are Is
using parr green very ffeoj to do gc
stroy tobacco worms Tha remedy Is P
effective It simply slays the worms the
caby a
the only salvatlor for saving limo crop the
Sonio people are afraid of It ndIt
hesitate to use to deadly poison u
Connecticut laB a strict and severere
law against Its UfO on tobacco How
ever It gooil rains follow after Its use all
washing the poison from the tear s jj tl
thero Is no danger In parts green un
less It gets In the stomach In which L
event tho smallest portion Is deadly p
Hut people chewing tobacco dont < j
have to swallow It In fact do not of
01 tho tobacco Knelt 1 U sickening to cc <
the sumach It Is estlmated that the hi
crop this year win 1 bo short and worth eJ
a1 heap of money and every farmer
will protect the crop against the ful
worms Mayfleld le 2ogorp1
Our pianos are jinown so are n
we Ask your nelenbor about themIm
some have used them over thirty cms
years they are jittaranloed from soy b1
en years to indcflnfto time D III J j
Baldwin 4 company 620 Broadway M
Womans Trials
TIll hitter trail In a womans life In I to
bn childless Who can tell how hard the
strncgle may hav teen ere she lard 1 to
resign herself to her lonely lot Tho ab
sence of this link to bind marital life
together time absence of this one pledge
to mutual afToctVm Is I a common disap
pointment Many niifortunnU couples
liccomo ratratiged thereby Even If they
do not drift apart ono may rnsd thn wholo
eit Iln t of their disappointment In the eyes
of such n childless con pin when they rust
on the children or other To them the
largest amllydocs not wm too numerous
In msny caws or barrenness or child
Icssnrsj the obstacle to chlljl Maring Is
easily removed by the euro of weakness on
vorite Proscription has lawn tho means of
restoring health and rnltfiilnnw f to many
a barren woman to tho great joy of the
household In other but rare cases the
obstruction to the liearlng of children has
been found to bo of a surgical character
but easily removable by painless operative
treatment at tuo Invalid llgtcl l and Sur
gird Institute lulTaloX Yovcrwlilch
Ir Plercoof thoTavorlto Proscription
lama preside In all cases where chil
dren aro dPtlrcd and arc absent an effort
should bo mado to find out tho real cause
since U is generally so easily removed by
proper treatment
In all the various weaknesses dloplle >
mono prolninm Inllammatlon and de
debilitating l
cases of nervousness and debility Ur
111110 Favorite Prescription Is I the most
rfllclent remedy that can poHslbly Im used
It has to Its credit hundreds of thousands t
of cures moro In fact than any other
remedy put up for MI In through druggists
especially for womans UM Tho Ingredi
cuts of which the Favorite Prescription
Is composed have received the most
positive endorsement from the lead Inn
medical writenon Mafrfufnfkui 01 all
the several schools of practice All ha
Ingredients nra printed tll plain Kmjll h
on tho wrapper enclosing the bottle so
famous medicine may know exactly what
she II takllll Dr llrell takes his la
tlents Into Ills full confidence which lie
can afford to tin as HIK formula after
which the Favorite PrPscni lion Is
made will bear the most careful exam
best and satnit laxative for women
Thomas Hawkins against steamer
Monte Itauer
Whereas a libel wag filed In the dls
blot court of the Unfed Stated for
tho western district of Kentucky at
Paducah on the Sth day of August
1906 by Thomas Hawkins vs steamer
Monlo llauer her engines tackle op
pare furniture etc and owners a
Icglng in substance that raid steamer
was Indebted to him In the sum of
three hundred and seven dollars for
lm 10
Their Insolence has reached
high degree Japanese armed mill II t
ry engineers are openly sketch n
the Vladivostok fortifications wh
the Japanese living In Vladlvost
and the Amur country ignore It
Russian authorities
mlt outsiders having anything to a i
with the Portsmouth treaty wnl e <
was therefore unwltnegser uncer I
fled and unguaranteed our prcsen
on the Amur and In Vladlvojti
forces the Mikado to malntaln an a
my and fleet there tying his ban
so that he Is compelled meekly tIt t t
accept such Incident as the klllii
Americant lie
This Is the secret of Japans aerie
to drive us beyond the Amur ther
by gaining a province and treed
of action
We believe
that America ni
countries of Europe having inte
acts In the far east should guaranli e
the status quo
ueceu of Lydia E Plnkhwnt Vegetable
Compound Rests Upon the Fact that It
Really Does Made Sick Women Well
Thousands upon thousands Amen
n women have been restored to
health by Lydia E PjnkhamVVcffeta
bloampound Their letters roon file
Mrs PlnVhams office andprore this
statement to bo 1 a fact and not a mere
Overshadowing Indeed Is I the success
this great mcdlcliio and compared
with it all other medicines and treat
men for women are experiments
Why has Lydia E Pfnlthanfs VCKC
toblo Compound accomplished such
widespread results for good
Why has It lived and thrived and
done Iu glorious work for a gunner of
century 7
Simply and surely because of its ster
ling worth The reason no other med
fins has even approached Its success
plainly and positively because there
no other medicine in the world so
good for womens Ills
Tho wonderful power of Lydia E
PInkhams Vegetable Compound over
diseases of womankind Is not be
cauws It I is astlmulant not because Ills 1
palliative but simply because It lathe I
most wonderful tonlo and recon
structor ever discovered to act directly
upon the female nvstem positively
CUBING disease and displacements and
restoring health and vigor
Marvelous cures are reported from
l parts of tho country by women who
have been cured trained nurses who
have witnessed cures and physicians
who have recognised tho virtue in
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Com
pound and are fair enough to give
credit where it is due If physicians
dared to bo frank and open hundreds
them would acknowledge that they
constantly prescribe Lydia E Pink
hams Vegetable Compound In sever
cases of female ills as they know by
experience that it will effect a cure
Women who are troubled with pain
or irregular periods backache
bloating or flatulence weakness dls
placements Inflammation ulceratIon
thatto bearingdown feeling dizzi
ness falntuess indigestion nprvous
prostration or the blues should take
mediate action toward off the sari
consequences and be restored to
health sad strengths by taking LydIa E
PInkhams Vegetable Compound Any
way welts to Mrs Hnkham Lynn
Mass for adYlco Its free and always
Clpflll r
Tuesday August 21
Tickets good for going passage on
Leave Paducah 930 a m
I Mszou 9S1 am
I JCevll 1010 a m
ii La Center lon am
ii Srlow1oao 5 m
Arrive CII I c go M jop m
Retarnlng tickets will be good on all
Regular Trains leaving Cblcseoto and
Including Wtdnesdajr August 29th ex
cept I act Mall Train leaving Chicago
250 a ta
Under no clrcLuistsnces will a longer
limit be given on the return portion 01
these Excursion Tickets
Further particulars of
Ticket Aged Illinois Central R R Paducib Kj
W H BRIll Oir PHI Igl SI louis
Pass Traffic Up GeL Pass let
Cklciti Ill Chleiji ir t
I Druggists
a Fourth and Broadway
tong I
11 i Incorporated
iq Dally Except Sunday
Steamers Joe Fowler and John 8
tjlopklns leave Paducah for Erans II
e Ills and way landings at 11 a m
Special excursion rate now In el
act from Paducah to Evansville and
eturn 400 Elegant music on th
at Table unsurpassed
ves Paducah for Cairo and waj
endings at ga m sharp dally ex
pjept Sunday Special l ercuslon rates
now In effect from Paducah to Cairo
and return with or without meals
and room QocAlimusIc and table un
surpassed I
For further Information apply to
S A Fowler General Pass Agent 01
Given Fowler City Pass Agent at
FowlerCrum augl t Col odes
Doth phones No 33
Leave Paducah for Tennessee Illv i
vcr Wednesday at 4 p m
A W WniQHT Mutes
This company la not responslbU
for Invoice charges unless collected
hy the clerk of tho boat
that will charm ana delight the
judge of fine Kerns Rings Ilrooch
ens OrnAtiicuUI Combs Chains
IlmccIeU etc
for Ladles and Gentlemen In gold
sliver or gunmetal Cigarette Cases
Match Boxes Cigar Cutters etc Al
sorts of dainty jileces at silver fur mf
LndyV dressing table
r Iij aG P 1w
K 1 < J
Tnivrllnz vU I 1 > h C Stamen
mmm the rnhiymcnt or an1M ad
vantages whlcli marine iirchllKtiite
run provide 1 pent 1 M Wy aod com
font are 1lm Pdrnlkn
Through Ticket odd to ell palnls
and mggog checked to ilttliutiou
LToIodo tlondy k ewdy935 A54
ruoodT 400PM
lDot1 Nndylt dqi 500 PIII
WdnndNIt rneyRte A 111
Your Trllw let I wok hommenelngi
June tart tb
Dlract cmu rtlooa U M vtlu IUJ vHk II 5
awntr IvtMkT aiueakenA l
Welt p y Ai M lfM I nrnBArttmi 5 r
t 41401111 1 4 KM lint If
Va caspdY saEI
pdu tt
4D nil riul l5tspMy
Ank ttlnd i MI VJIAM
L t CU tlnd dllr III P MV
Aftira rwtrail dil al > AM
Lr itls w Iii W A1itcaa d
IU duo Urvkw ht l n CUfUaJ rul
tl > tt w TMo
S nd a two cent nano t Inc Uluitrttod
Pimphtet Addriii
A A ecnixrr IM spiu4 FT I
IVtrmfc Mkk
I n
For Quick
Wall Papering
1 4
> +
Decoration Hoiiic
Painting and Pic
tqrc Framing you
should phone 1513
We do your work M
quick do it cheap
do it good
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