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The Paducah evening sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1906-1929, September 03, 1906, Image 3

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e xrn
d Lr x lq
7JJ 7 4 u t T i 1 < yyn Of
u R AT8Njit LrI
Few Use Wires ns Compared
i s With Aincijpans
e i I
Bonier Strniigo Comlllloiw That For
t s Mirvlcc
Mlrvlref f
J t
V WnshlnRlon Sept IiTAlk would
dr eeem to bo cheap In England at pres
4 ent according to Information received
at the stab deinrtmentt that It talk
by means or mechanlsal devices for
communication between distant points
for Ihu BngHsli government finds
2rn fUseltyc4lo Jole to reduco to a great
f A + fi erylttuos > In order to compels
J t Sjtjho privatelyowned telephone
XttraJper curious condition of affair
t < jii jM it Kngtand from the sallie
j cal that has left hor far behind In
t electric railways as compared to this
I country that Is tlio municipal owner
privatelyownedw 1 t
w e telephono Is to a ciwt extent used fIr
tho transmission of long distance
massages which In this country on
accoutn of greater perronal convent
en fe are naturally sent by telegraph
The nllIih government Indoed
e dt fands increasing dlffleulty aceordlns I
cornI °
pjtlng through ltd own telograph llne4
With tbo telephone iibout tho only
thine which has not et come under
r tho control of mnnfelnal ow nor ship in
C IKing < Edwards Ibo Hut liven when
tompted bf low raIl the Bngllshmao
doesnt seem to eta to take advan I
tage of them for according to tho
1Cllt l report 6f tho census bureau
Amorrans Ie the phono and the
wJro many jlmcs oftenor than do
< ho aatly or thvn other country
AU of Kalch would ffom 10 Indlcat
that Johjj e1lMhar t 111111 his govern
neat atl4 clIt bns 1101 iinonopolloi
mora 1e frnI gamo
4 I
P rn cmlllj Slnhc
r Ne itl In1 bidding for mal
contk + = Gel Jfarlr In rural die
trlrls urIccomlng a matter of
his Llol lug l to postomte officiate
L r ° Formerly Offl e Sam found carriers
l a fps < titan > of tae nnialor routes for
y tw li ttcfjljf ijothlnR but In nearl
fwjS ItlOk oi RO tho man who hoU
tliSJJ iWlays i receives a moro or
4 iw tildieloeompcnsatlon i Under
J jt l1itsefill regmotho mot extraordln
r titst J jTirayM often exlstedFr
t M < the t mal l carrier at hake
cSsTlM TA = was under contract for
f ° tifeey y teeriapay to tho government
t wen ijf J50 a year for carrying
L Miljb by steamer Ii distance of
t hM Urn to the carrier being found
T t n6iirBc In tho builn B8 standing
o = < jrhlch ifS derived from tho sorvlco
+ hilt contract has Just ended and the
now Incnmbont Is to receive a salary
oflSXKM a year for doing Just the
same work that cost his predecessor
t Instanc of the old order Is found In
tho cal of Vcst Brld eton Vt whore
11 K the carrier for going twelve timse a
r ± cweek to Woodstock six miles away
r f + recolrcd the princely remuneration of
lone cent each year for hs services
IHs successor now jocllves Jl O1 A
former carrier of Freedom X IL alto
distinguished fclmsolf by carrying the
mals sorcral mlcs daily tot two and
a half mills a year The job now
pays 150 Altogether Uncle Sams
letter carriers arc coming Into newer
and bettor conditions to which the
automobile as a future means of die
tribution form a very attractive If
not ret actually existing addition
Shirt Waist In Aroty
Vfeii o Jlhln waist man who came
fglcd against criticism and dls
SSwarcd Is likely to nnd In tho
United States army the perpetuation
of the custom ho attempted to sot
Soldiers In ehlr waists that Is tho gist
of the suggestion recently made to tho
war department by General Leonard
Wood commanding tho Philippines
division Ills suggestion In particu
lar Is that tho troops of his command
be authorized to wear tho rank Insig
nla on their shirts under condition
which mako It admirable to dispense
with the coat Unfortunately there
Is no money available for the put
chase of additional Insignia but the
war department has authorized tho
use of khaki chevrons on tho shirts
and General Wood will bo allowed to
regulate the practice of leaving off
tho sorvlco toalB uniformity however
being Insisted upon In tho matter In
tho Interest of discipline and neatness
IKinm Rear Admiral
Tho navy Is to loso thros h rctlro
mont In the next txvslvp months just
an ovon dozen of US I twentytwo rear
admirals among whom will bo found
Rear Admiral Slgsboe who was In
command of the old Malno at the time
of her destruction In the harbor of
Havana Tho offocts of the age limit
will not stop with tho admirals either
since with one exception the com
mandant of every navy yard In the
country Is to be retired Fighting
Hob Evans as ho Is generally known
I will be forced to take a back foot In s
lltt leas than two years for Is thi
retirement of prominent officers limit
ed to the navy for on the 15th of
September LloutonantGoncral Corbin
will cease to be tho active head of the
army a fact muttered rather more In
torosting whop It te remembered thai
Iloutcn njK neral8 have boen mor >
of the exreptlon than tho nio In the
United States army and that bcfort
long tho title will ccoee to exist 4
ti 1
aA a
A prominent merchant of Shpti t
X Y J A Johnson says SevQfitf
roars ago I contracted n cough whlc
grow worse until I was hardlsT a
to move around I coilghedlcon
scantly and nothing relieved myt0cs l
rlblo suffering until I tried Dr Klags
Now Discovery llcforo I had talTou
half n bottle my cough was much
hotter and In a short time I was en
tirely cured I surely believe It saved
my life It will always be my family
remedy for colds Fully guaranteed
60c and 1100 at all druggIsts Trial
bottle free
sin IOU > n iuiiir
1 If you are troubled with liver > com
plHlnt and have not rtrrlvrd hall raid
liver troulilo for over R ypdr doe
tort did mo no Rood and T trleI Ilorr
tae and three botllnn cured nib i 1 cant
ay too imirli tor Hrrtilrte 1 UK It jnn
wonderful liver medicine r always
have It In the house 1ublUli where
you wlllh T
THold 4
Tho Italians do notoem to foul
cold whon tho sky is blue no matter
how low tho tcmpetaturo It Is only
when the sky Is overcast and the
air humid that tht > y complain or m
cold spell
Passes the Four Hundred Mil
linn Mark
Todil Vnliiij Ilacrcd I I Follr Hundred
llIIlllir etirly Twice Value of
ofIoTlfcj i >
I I Washington Sept 3 Cott6nls
king in tho export record of tiicrtJriitcS t t
States for the fiscal year JuSt ended
The total value of raw cotton exported
for tho first limo crossed the 400 mil
lln dollar lIne and exceeded by far the
value of any other article of rrierchan
ilse sent put of the country ThQex
Dorts of brcadBtvffs of all kind jiggrd
sated but 18C million dollars those
of provisions but 211 millions apl
tho o of Iron and stool inanufkctures
but 1C1 million dollars s
It was not until 190 1thatl thevatuo
3f raw cotton exported roachcdi 3pil
million dollars Tho value of tho cot 1
ton exports lied range between 2fl <
tad 300 millions In most yearn since
18CC In which year It first crossed
ho 200 mllilon dollar IInef
This growth la I due In part to an In
crease In tho quantity exported but
In part also to tho advance In prlco
since tho quantity exported J In UIoc
was nboiu 700 million poumJs less l
Jinn In 1005 but the value 21 million
loiters moro than In 1305
The cxporton of inanufactarwl
olton was jfeo larger In 190T than
In any earlier year aggregating prac
Icatlr 33 mutton dollars against 50
millions in 190G and 22 12 minions
n 190K
Europo Is our principal customer for
raw cotton The United Klndom took
act year 177 million dollars worth
Rarraanjr 101 millions Franc I6 mil
Ions and Italy about 2 T millions whUe
itho other countries of Europe toot
about 12 million 01I Fworth Ja
M < t a so a customer bf our raw cot
jrcgular In tho quantltr1
only buys largely of
fwficn prices are low
Jrtumid China In rears
flees are high The
Dxpitfted to Japan Iii
1 4a190G4iIU lIt rev nit
t tftnl llips do lars In 1906 17
11 l1 sad In 1904 less than 3 mI
tpniB 7
In jhanufacurcJ cottons china II 1
> y far pur largest customer The tots
ralue Qf all cotton manufactures ex
iorted Mn the fiscal year 1906 was
> 3 million dollars of which 30 mil
Ions went to China Practically n
if the cotton goods sent to China wa
In the form or cloth tho total value of
otton Itgiia exported to Chin In th
ear jjlf G41188 and opC utbe
Ot oils = 172857
A Scientific Wonilor
fho cures that stand to Its credit
jnako Ducklens Arnica Salvo a eel
Jntiric wonder It cured B U Mul
ford lecturer for the Patrons of
Husbandry Waynesboro PR or I
illstrcssing caso of Piles It heals thj
worst Burns Sores Bolls UlcerS
wCuts Wounds Chilblains and Salt
Jthcunt Only 26e tan drug kits si
ictS i kin nr6 IM vhifMftL
J b 7y j r
t > iII J
1 r Nr j j
The Western Ir r
I fof f
I In Advertisinganti I r i Itt I < tI < tjIL t I l I
4rt f t 1
Its Progress 1 r
Ten years ago more than i + j Oltper v centof < i 4m1J J417
using originated within 10 ° miles of Par kR t 1 >
Y Today 60 per cent o f r jericarPAd u rtisingcotri s lJ asa 1
ChIcago terrItory J 111 i
HE development of commercial
supremacy in The West is the
natural result of the development
of western advertisingcommercial
aggressivenessadvertising activity
The Western SpiritAggressiveness
backed by facts has built up in Chicago
l l the largest advertising agency in
f t AmericaLord Thdmas
IWeare I willing to take our share oft
credit for the development of Western
t Advertisers Our business has grown because we
t have made the businesses of our clients
j And because we did our share in biiil d i j
i ing up small Western Advertisers
f Eastern Advertisers great and Small
have come to us until today we have an
annual business of 400000000 and 700
clients small and large from all oyjjrv
ithe i country
Fortunately our volume of business
enables us to retain more 5000 10000
e l t rand 20000ayear brains for the prepa
ration of advertising campaigns than
I St < any other three advertising organiza
tions in the country combined
f > < Our volume of business has alsd given
t us the mostvaluableadvertisingexper
ience which we compile into our Record
of Results
This Record constitutes the Only Tan
> gible Basis upon which to build an
hat will Tchsrm ana delight the
midge of ttna gems Kings Brooch
< t Ornnniental Combs Chain
nracclc etc
s letnd
Il for rmdle and Gentlemen In cold
silver or gunmetal Cigarette Cases
latch oseeICigar Cutters etc All
forts of datit pieces of silver for ray
Lad drcMlng table
J r q > r ijI J
Advertlsing Campaign wit th isit
reasonable assurance of suececsV fl > r u r
The Lord Thomas ecordorp <
is a tabulation of actual results 41 < c 1
quines and sales known e a f ftI t I 1Wt
have been produced by IINei ° tIt
fications of knoB c irf
advertising hundreds orc i J
modities in all good newsp alid
other good media tr1
We are fortunate in 1 is I
Chicago because here t f
Spirit is fully in evident l e c
we are more closely in ti fro
part of the country than I Ii
any other city in the ese q
if lie center of populated ll
espf Chicago and 1 s di th r
gicalthe actual center of pus
We are ready to focus tbcftekRvf > The k
Westthe Brains tfcr K cWi > < <
Results and the Orgaaktation ft fVf i
command upon Your PropoelticMi > 11 +
One of our representatives is infyeurz riJtlilJt
city looking after the interests I of rtde i It
of our present clients every fewrfayi 1i
That ISwby we are advert slg 1 tkiek 1Jf1h
youNOWT ti
neyspa1crto youNO
A letter signifying that you will graAtZ
us an interview in your office will nQkil
obligate you in any way < f 1 + 10 Y
We a issuing a series of small book r c1 oik It
bOundJvtOTering advertising in alt its phases j Wl
whlelyv if send fee to interested advertisers i f
+ A t t a4s
t s Le D
CalCAGOArflnu bLWUll cxu ruse cuuarns o iOOOoooooNEV YORK J
f + Ufi rfry
RUDVCsshler PtJRYKABAtsIiUntCsskler
President Cashier Militant Cashier I
K 11 1
Citizens SaviDssBankI
Capital 4 S 100O OI I
stlUo 50000
Stock holders liability 1 100000
+ Total security to depositors 25OiOOO
Wx i ivy
Accounts of individuals and finleollclted We appreciate l
small as well as large depositors aTd accord to all the > wSw
courteous treatment SysT J
Interest Paid onrJPiloe Depealta
Open Saturday nights from seven to eight oclock
Third and Broadway J
Subscribe for THE SUN and get the news
while it is news 4
1 joI
1 1 01 f > 1
In j > e i J 1 l fa D
C RUDY PAXTON r e i llTSURANeE rnONE 30 iSj I r r w
gelllr y I iJ tj
glnor c j 1
ill I t
d Ih I Catre the the + < j f THE OLD RELIABIESE I t BERNARD COAt I i t t ti
p R j1 NONE asl PE RIOR a
Coal 1t t 1 12c Bushel I C t
i Y St Bernard Nut Coal 11cBushel
Anthracite Best grade delivered from lcif 900 a Tonm t y i I
C f t nPl c Youx QrdrersNow 4 Y d i il
I i
Y 1 1 f It it + ii i 1 Ic
I 0 If I BE J stis T rl t I + t t COAL Qf Z > J f A f
JUn te i Ito > f f
rIa SPt armtWI kr 01 1 T 1 c tf l r cif Ll j h I 15j 10 r i
r > L J 0i < r t
rT ic r
7 I
w rv c t t 1 fl r t t ilIi

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