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i irzIr II
Ordered Brought in at 2 0
i J f clock Today
6lxJmllctnient8 Keturnctl Against
Saloonkeepers forSollIng Liquor
to Minors
The II 11 Loving murder case wlll
go to trial today and this afternoon
the attorneys are trying to secure a
jury from a special venire of 100
men summoned this morning The
session today was sbort and adjourn
mont ordered before 11 oclock The
sheriff was Instructed to summon 100
men for jury service and was given
until 2 oclock this afternoon to
complee the work The prosecution
yesterday announced that H could
not go to trial without Mrs Gibson
an Important witness but It was
learned she Is able to M at court
having recovered sufficiently from
her Illness
Grand Jury Rtponsh
The grand Jury continues to report
dally and this morning cine indict
ments were returned
Six Indictments were against sa
loonkeepers for celling liquor to min
being before the court
Will Stockard colored Was Indict
ed for maliciously cutting Frank
The minutes of the examining
court In the charge of malicious
hooting agalnstFrank Bowman were
returned marked dismissed
Two other Indictments were tor
Morning Session
John Williamson colored charged
with maliciously cutting John Henry
colored was fined 50 and costs for
cutting in sudden beat and passion
In the case of Clyde Greenway
charged with maliciously cutting
George Fort the bond was declared
forfeited the defendant not showing
Iup I Mex White colored who stole
205 from A RasenthaJ was given
I six months in county Jail
j r Will Tucker colored who broke
into the resldeOO of C H Chamblin
and stole clothes was given two
J The caso against Horace Jenkins
charged with murdering Thomas
Jackson both colored was contin
ued until Monday on account of the
absence of witnesses
Civil Matters
George Diggs filed suit against
Hattie Dlgga for divorce on the
grounds of abandonment They were
married In 189C and separated In
Administrator Fined
County Judge R T Lightfoot is J
Intent on prompt settlements of ad
miclstrators and this morning fined
Ed Ware administrator of Sallle
Maxon 10 > and costs for contempl
of court In falling to settle at the
proper time In addition the court
rules that Ware appear at 2 oclock
on September 13 and settle
Deeds Piled
B B Griffith to Maud Sullivan
property at Ninth and Adams streets
New Whisky Company
Articles of Incorporation of the
John W Counts company were filed
In county court this morning Tho
nature of tho business will bo the
sale of liquor of all kinds wholesale
and retail The capital stock Is fixed
at f 5000 divided Into shares of 140
each The stockholders aro John W
Counts and R L Peachier 20 share e i
r and D F Hobson Mayfield 3 share i
tI Marriage Licenses
James H Epperson 30 city to t
j Carrie Moore 25 city
cityr legal to Jennie
i E Young ago legal both of the city
Frank Hughes was granted a dl 1
atI I
x New Haven Conn Sept i iMis 8
Hose Porter widely known us an
author died at iherhome here early
today aged OC years Miss Porter
I had lived in New Haven many years
and Is chiefly known as the author of
J religious books She wai born In 1
New York In 1845 and received her
J education In private schools Among
I her books are Summer Driftwood
for tho Winter FIre Charity
Sweet Charity The Years That Aro
Told The Winter Fire Honor a >
or the Gospel of a Life A Modern
Stv Christopher My Sons Wife > i
and > Daughter of Israel
Continued Prom Page One
that he was seen on tho north sIde
this week A well known bartender
alleges that he ihad Information that
Graham < was sleeping In n house be
low l the city near the Noble farm
and that his mother carried him food
Cigarette stubs were found In the
house and ono morning paper and
tho refuse from a hastily eaten sup
per were found under n crab apple
tree where a man answering Grai
hams description was peon eating
tho night before Notwithstanding
all this the pollco were unable to get
a lino on the fugitive Ho la said to
be a good runner and on ono oems
Ion ran like a deer when he saw a
friend taking a course towards the
river through a corn field
The Hotisiltroakliu Cliarj
Several weeks ago someone broke
Into Whites grocery near the Co
hankui Manufacturing companys
plant Ninth and Dod streets and
stole liquor and tobacco Graham
was suspected and the police started
after him Ho eluded them and at
the time of the murder It Is said
they were hot after him It Is to
this charge that Graham confessed
and the police think he admitted the
housebreakIng crime to escape tho
greater one
Graham Appearance
Graham Is a smaM youth appear
Ing to be not more than 20 years old
l ie has a thin sharp face and his
eyes look weak this because of
burns Inflicted accidentally several
years ago Ho weighs about 120
pounds and Is slightly stooped He
lis not nearly as heavy as the man t
Is i alleged he killed He wears a
small cap on the extreme back Of
his head
Graham for years worked for the
Cohankus Manufacturing company
He had also worked at mills on the
south side and of late had been em
ptoyed on the Illinois Central as a
section hand at Little Cypress It
Is said that he was here from Little
Cypress to seo his mother Mrs Jen
nlo Shaw after receiving his pay
when the murder was committed
Iolliriimii Clarks Evidence
Policeman James Clark who se
cUred the first definite Information
against Graham Is ono witness who
will play an Important part In the
case lie said he saw Graham
in company with Bass on a street car
two days before the murder He was
riding on the car coming to town
and noticed that Bass pulled out a
= 10 bill to pay the car fare
Grahams Story
At tho Jail this morning Graham
was nervous and smoked cigarettes
Incessantly I All night until the
early morning he was besieged for
interviews This morning ho was r
eIgned and when confronted with
the facts of tho Fletcher affidavit
seemed Inclined to tell more than he
had heretofore
Yes I was in Paducah one th
20 21 22 and 23rd of August and
left on the morning of August 23 at
7 oclock I caught a freight train
at the Illinois Central depot and
went to Princeton From Princeton
I went to Henderson then Owens
boro and Island Ky I remained at
Island until I had chills and fever
and then came home I have been
III for two weeks of malaria
The reason I have been dodging
and you cannot really call It dodging
Is because I feared arrest for break
Ing Into Whites grocery and saloon
This was done sometime between the
first and fifth of April and I did not
perform the actual crime This was
done by Jesse Bdmundson who 1 Is
now In Terre Haute I understand
Tho other person associated with
us was a young man whoso name I I
cannot remember He wont to Louis
vllle joined the navy and repo itsto
I that reached here later say he was
But about the Bass matter I will
say that I do not know him I was
not with him and know nothing about
his death I have road nothing about
my being wanted because I cantro t
read nor write l have never had
tlie advantages of an education The
reason I toft Paducafh r the last time
was because there was no work here
and I had to live some how
When asked about the testimony
of Mrs Fletcher who swore that he
washed the blood from his hands on
9the night of August 21 and told her
I he had killed a man named Bass for
han d
made aucb a statement but admIt
I ted he was at her house on the 20th
and 21st and might have washed his
romends there but did not wash blood
from them
Graham Is Ignorant and does not
realize 1he seriousness of his situa
Yes he continued I did sleep
In a bam north of the city limits
when i thought the police were after
me for housebreaklng I have afterI tl I
slept In ono since the murder how
overt and since jlAprll 6havo been
back In IMducah 1 tucrm thirty
times t
Graham was < sited If he rode on a
street car with Bass one or to
night preceding the murder and re
plied In the negative
I have not been on a street car
In i a year before lat night when the
polco j brought me to the city hall
he declared
At this juncture the pollco camo
after prisoners for tho city court
and took Graham with thorn Ho was
not handcuffed and walked with Pa
trolman Ernest Hill I to the wagon
from the Jan with downcast eyes He
seemed to realize that the crowd
which had assembled at the jail door
to < get a view of him were there for
no other purpose than to Jook him
Policeman JIIIIIM Clarks Story
Policeman James Clark worked
the ease up and succeeded In ortab
llshlng j positive proof against Gra
ham Ills story follows
The way I got the evidence
against Graham was throilgh my
brother > and I have stars learned
through pals of Graham that Graham
threaten him for the part he
played In the matter
My brother T A Clark Is a har
ness maker employed at the Starks
Ullman plant and a young man
named Fletcher works in the shop
Fletcher Is o eon of the woman who
mode the affidavit lIe made a state
ment to a companion named Joyn r
who told my brother iMy I brother
gave me the tip and Joyner came
across with his story I went to the
Fletcher boy and he denied knowing
anything or making such a state
mont I went to Joyner got him to
taco Fletcher and the story came
out j Mn Fletcher after being c ltn
ronted with the evidence confessed
that Graham camo to her house the
night of August 21 before midnight
and said he wanted to wash his
hand She noticed blood on them
and asked Graham what he had been
O I just killed a fellow named
Bass over In the field he replied
He would not go to sleep so that I
could get his money and I hit him
In i tho head with an Iron bar
This Is the substance of the
statement made by Mrs Fletcher
and to which she swore before Police
Judge B II Puryear in the presence
of County Attorney Alben Barkley
and myself The police worked hard
after the fugitive after that and had
laid traps to catch him I had ar
ranged with the railroad to notify
ne when Graham got hli Uentlflca
t on card to draw money he had
coming to him and was going to
ride the pay car from Cairo to Cen
tral t City to catch him If ho applied
In I person for his check
If Graham denies that I saw him
on a car his mental condition Is bad
I saw him In company with Claude
Bass one or two nights preceding tho
murder They were riding from
Broad street towards town and Bass
took t out a JH bill to pay the taro
ThIs Is why I suspected Graham at
Or I but did not take any steps un
til I I got onto the Fletcher story
History of the Crime
Claude Bass was found with his
skull crushed on the morning of Au
gust 22 lying In an open field near
Terrell and Sixth streets He was
discovered < by negroes who heard his
groans i They notified the police and
the I unconscious man not then Iden
lined I was taken to Riverside hos
filial where he died the next morn
Ing I without regaining consciousness
He was burled before Identification
On August 25 his clothing was Iden
tined by uncle and Edward Cohen a
clothier of Broad street The body
was exhumed and fully Identified
Bass had come here from Grayvllle
111 where ho had been working for
the Big Four railroad He had money
and l the police have evidence that ho
Bass sister and brltherlnlaw Mr
and Mrs T Jones from drayvllle
came here and remained for several
days attempting to bring the slayer
to Justice
sBass was aman of larger propor
tions than Graham and was drinking
on the night the murder was com
Fletcher woman who lives near tho
scene of the crime Bass was al
Tuesdayd I
8I I
oclock Wednesday morning
I Ills skull was crossed so that the
brain matter oozed out And In tho
operation the surgeons removed one
of his eye sockets it would have
been Impossible to recognize his tea
t res
Graham was presented on both a
murder and housobreaklng charge
In police court this morning and both
cases continued until Friday He has
not procured an attorney yet
OriilimnV Sweetheart
Lovle Fletcher Is Jim Grahams
sweetheart according to his state
ment this morning and that Is why
ho was at the Fletcher home GraI I
ham denied that he had lived with
Mrs Fletcher but Policeman Clark
says Mrs Fletcher practically raised
the boy
ILO I rd Incline my heart not to covet
the riches of the world but to be jeatj
respectJ J
put of that same worlds respect
WITH much pleasure we announce that James
1 V R Keiser New York City has appointed us
sole distributers for the city of Paducah of his
to p
Celebrated Neckwear
Keiser Cravats took the grand prize Worlds Fair tl
1904 They are matchless in exclusiveness of de
f sign originality of creation harmony of combina
tion and excellence of quality Made to meet the
requirements of gentlemen of discriminating taste
See Window Display
Will Fight ConrKtlH Iwporlftl Opera
New York Sept 12Iolfty chorus
singers engaged In Europe by Hein
rich Courted to fling during bin com
tag daron of grand opera arrived
today on the steamship Bretngno
The singers who are Preach and
German got through the custom
house linen without difficulty bin
there Is I troQbe In store for thorn If
the Central Federated union and the
Chorus Singers union have thnlr
wayTho officials of the union win file
a protest against allowing tho now
comers to remain hero and will In
slat that Mr Conned is violating the
contract labor law In importing them
Mr Conned Is abroad but his rep
resentatives here are ready to fight
with the unions Former Judge Dlt
tenhoefer t tho Impresarios counsel
will i declare that the singers are un
der t the protection of tho clause In
the I Immigrant laws which alows
servants and artists to remain if it
can < bo shown that their stay In I tem
porary i only I
One of Thni 1811 War Widow
Evansvlllo Ind Sept 12 Mm
Mary Clark of Nowbcrg lad who
celebrated her 99th birthday several
days ago died today She was o
native of Kentucky and was ono ot
the throe surviving widows of the
war of 1812
Scorn not the humble instrument
Many a masterpiece hath been penned
with the quill from a goose
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Irolinlily Will Ho Drawn This W < < k
ami Rh nril liy Bulb Inrllos I
The contract between tho city and
Thomas Bridges Sons for tho con
structIon of the sewer extension ini
district No2 probably will be signed
this week There aro iomo fonts of
detail which tho contractor And Oilyt
Solicitor James Campbell Jr will
consider before reducing the contract
to writing They havo not yot con
Rev W E Cave pastor of the
First Presbyterian church returned
last night from a several weeks trip
to Virginia J1 V

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