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t nbutn
Claims Ho Struck Compnnioi
In Self Defense
SIIJK Ctnuilo ln svW n Onink and
Shot tit Hlin rtvlcu Vlicu Ho
ilcat Hlni on Head
IlilSOMiR 13 IN IbL HliAIfl I
It Is stated by persons bust nc
qualntcd with James flraham tho
icU > confcsscd slnycr of Claude nan
that ho Is suffering with cbnsump
tlott and can not llvo long Graham
Is an Inveterate cigarette imokoi
nod appears to weigh not moro thai
100 pounds Ho Is emaciated and
weak looking and admits that he hat
been sick How ho could have crush
ed In tho skull of his victim as ho
did Is tho wonder of all who have
keen him
fIt f Is reported that physicians who
have attended Graham remarked
that it his case Is continued moro
than ono term of court ho will riot
llvo to bo tried Tho confinement ol
tho Jail will iiaston his death
Tlio Confession
A confession made to Detective T
J Mooro yesterday In tho presence
of witnesses and later to reporters
Ity Jniitcs Frankjin Graham relieves
tho commonwealth of proving thai
Graham killed Clattdo Dass In an
open field on tho night of August 21
Hut Graham will have to provo his
plea of sclfdofcnso and inako tho
evidence clear before his troubles
enA Tho confession was mado In
tha afternoon first and Graham told
It differently every tlmo hd was ask
ed to repeat It
Graham admit that ha killed
ClaUde Bass It required no great
amount of pumping or persuasion
to secure It from tbo youthful pris
oner Graham seemingly having
mado up hU mind that tho common
wealth had the winning hand and
that tho best way to avert conviction
It Httlbje was to make a confession
Graham claims that ho and nag
had been together Kcvornl days
drinking They both had a llttlo man
cy Tho two had bought liquor thai
day on Kentucky avenue and had
boon In Merhanlcjiburg together On
tho night of the killing Graham de
clares that he and Bass wont to vis
It women Thby decided first to take
a skiff rid but tho b < Jai tender ro
fined to rent them a skiff llrnharr
say that tho boatman thought Bass
was too drunk Tho namo of the
honiinan Is known to tho police and
the police claim that tho reason the
boat was not rented was because
Graham had stolen ono n few week
before and disposed of It nt Mo <
tropolls and tho owner did not want
to toko tho risk of losing tho sea
Falling to sectlro tho skiff tho two
started for tho city and at Sixth and
Torrell streets or In tho open field
got sleepy and started to tnako their
bed In tho flold After o few min >
utes Onus tried to got a bottle of li
quor from Graham nud Graban
thought him too drunk Aftoc wren
ling about for several minutes Ban
broko Itwso and pulled a gun whlcT
ho snapped twlco Graham alluKoi
that at this Juncture ho dropnod to
tho ground conveniently found 1
wagon Hpoko and struck Bass In tin
head several times felling him tc
tho ground Ho did not remain or
Iho sceno long not even looking to
teo It he had seriously wounded his
From tho scene of tho attack Ora
ham wont to Mre Fletchers rosl
donco whoro ho admitted ho oftoi
vlnllcd hnvlng a sweetheart In ono <
of Mu Fletchers daughters Hi
remained thoro a short tlmo and
then wont homo Graham cays tha
ho did not loavo the city until the <
morning of tho 23rd Tho reason hi
remained away was to uvold arres
on tho housobrcaklng charge ho io
clnres and ho cnmo homo only aftci
work guvo out and Illness weakcnci
Tho prosecution has socurelj
locked away th afildavlt of Mrs
Flotcher which will play an Import
ant part In the casobqlng tho MIl
confession and voluntary too Th <
nuthcirltles refuse to glvo out th6 nf
fiilavlt for publication but a state
mtmt made to n reporter by a wit
ness who heard her talk and tav
berehtntlio paper say tho sub
stance of her statement Is that Gra
ham came to her house excited am
with bloody hands which ho washed
Continued on Paso Four
It li Iho ilnlly nvrrngo llrcti
Intlon of n ncwftimpcr tlint the
shrewd advertiser1 luvostJgntcs
IIlRh Water days dont count
Tho Rims dolly nvcrngo last
month was HOIO
Soutlicm Seciirw Control of Iho Vlr
glnlu J Southwestern
Now York Sept lSTho Times
today says Tho purchase of tho Vir
ginia Southwestern railway by tho
Southern Railway company ot which
rumors have been current recently
was confirmed yesterday From ono
or tho stockholders In the Virginia
Southwestern It was learned that
tho Southern railway has acquired
all tho Virginia Southwcstprn
stock paying therefor 1200 a tharo
or n total of 14000000
BLOW STitycic nv J1tI no
I Tl IW1
i 1
Wayne Pnlmrr Kcll Uaroiwrloii I > ur
1Wrn IWyWi FiiciMinlfT lllnktc Wilirilart
lI1rt Hlcklo and SAyne Palmar
tho former a son of Charles Hlnkle
the well known travoilng sulcwman
and the Utter tho son of Alderman
Earl Palmer engaged In a boyish
scufflo yesterday afternoon whll go
Ing homo from the Washington
school and th > Palmer youth was
knocked uncoriBClous by a fall to the
The boy nro only II years old and
had been friends until yesterday
when a tnlninderstandlng brought
about a quarrel Tho llttlo fellows
went lit ucl other In true puglll tlc
sljle using fists They fought for
several minute before the Hlnkle
youth deHvtYcd tho knockout blow
It caught Vayno on tho eye and
ho wont down and remalpcd still
Those who stood by realized that tho
boy was Injured and summoned aid
He was carried homo lu an uncon
iclous condition and physicians
worked for m > mo tlm Ixjfor the
lad camo to Ho declared ho was not
Injured and was ready for battle
again This morning his mother sent him
back to Rcliool Ho met his victor
shook hands and called It square
Tho boys toachfr at the Washing
ton school would talk Jlttle of the
affair and parent were as much In
clined to remain illcnt Tha fight OCt
curred a hor distance from tho
school I
Locumiilb Tnki1 Apart It Release
Pliilonttl 1 Mnn ytiit Dies at tbo
toulivllte Sopt 13T Hugh Darl
Ington n switchman fur tho L N
who lived at 2515 Rowan street suf
fered Injuries In tho yards of tin
road at Tenth find Kentucky streets
from which he lfed at Sis Mary and
EJt both Hospital at 030 oclocl
tllll morning
Whllo standing on tho runnlnr
board of tho onglno It struck anothji
I train In tho yards a glancing bow
wbllo moving Tho forco of Ibo Im
Ijrfct threw Darlington under tho cn
With his legs nnd arms crushed
and suffering frightfully from tho In
tenso heat of tho boiler under which
ho lay Darlington for two bcjuTs dl
I reeled tho work of roaciie of thirty
mm So Completely was lie entangled
I In the wheels that It WIt necessarj
to take the locomotive apart befor <
bo could be taKcn out
IX > m < ill Ii Bunk Siifu nnd let tOOO1
In C h
St Paul Hun Sopt 13 A spec
lal to tho Dispatch y from Aklcy
Minn says Robbers entered thi
Bank ot Akley early today and aftoi
demolishing th saf with explosive
secured u lJOOO > In vash and escaped
nsiirgout Troops Hnsteuinp
On to Hnvaiui
I nllof INilnmH fl vrriiiurnt nud Jn t
tcrvrntlon lly Vnliid States Is I i
Havana SclltJ3lIl1vana today
aces < tho gravest mcnaco In It his
ory Insurgents In overwhelming
umbers are ndvanclns on the eIIlllI I
tal from the south and west and It
II said an attack may bo made In a
ow Hours Thnt President Palmas
rovornmout Is doomed Is the general I
Tho arrival of tire United States
rulaor Denver In tho harbor has
utxtcned > the crlslp Instead of M
Istlng Palma It la believed It win bo
ils undoing
Tho cruiser maybe nWe to offer
Pulma tt pl < ico of refuge however It
II believed this Is ono purpose orI I
dIspatching It hofe Intervention by
tha United States In now rcgardocd as
the only logical outcome of tho strug
That tlilrt Is close at hand U I Indi
cate by the arrival of the Donver
< ind the dispatch of tho Marietta to
Monfiigos This lias forced tho hand
of tho Insurgents to bo In n gopd jwsl
Jon and they must capture the city
icfore tha United States government
icts This Is why the Insurgent arnl
lel are rushing to Havana Insur
Jonte also want to ho In control of
ienfuecos boforo the Marietta nr
Iroi Jjo 11
General CaiVljlo with 3000 in
urgouts Js cijmpod 1C miles south
of > Havana General Gucrras army
rom Plnar del Rio province Is move
ng toward the capital Col Avalos
loyal arm Is itranJcd at Consola
cion and cut off from Havana The
combined Iniurgent nrmlcs are pro
paring to attack Havana when Guor
ra arrives within striking distance
The Insurgents plan to establish n
provisional government with Senor
Xacai at president Tho Insurgents
notified Clcnfugos to remove the
wpmert and children as an attack
Is to bo made
ViMi HI ON laiujicit saii
irnycN Cuiml Ilowiinwi nnd Society
People 1xililiiK Konvnhl to the
Horse Show
Dr Victor VorU who during last
oarS horse nhow featured the musi
cal drill will put this feature on this
rear on a largo scale and Is preiiar
Ing to drill tho entries Ho IItntcd l
thl morning that he wanted atiovo
30 pairs cnlored and will make It tho
feuturoiof tho horse lihowII II
Uravoa county will figure to n
larger extent than formerly In tho
Paducah horse show this year said
Jako Dudley of Mayflold JStojfkmon
and society peoplo of our county arv
looking forward to tho show wit an
ttclpatlbns of IIICIIll1rei
Trlulu of ITnlim Iilior Olliccra In
ClilrnRO Will Cost
Chicago Sopt 13The trials of
Cornelius Shea and sixteen olhor ot
labor organizations connected with
thq I teamsters strike of 1905 began
today It Is predicted tho trials will
cansumo a years timo and cost
no on Itccniit AKiilnst Bryans Hull
rond Plan
St Louis Sept lJOovernor
Folk and Mo sfH Dockcry Stephens
Francis and Crlttenden former got
ornors have gone on record In oppo
sItion to Bryans railroad views
1lIrINn l Lives Uttt
Toronto Sept 13 Local Caua
dlan officials have Just rccolved a
I message stating that fourteoii per
sous were killed In the wreck of th
I harvest train at gudbury No pnytlc
ulars wore glYon
I 1
it J1t1 s 1RT t1
111 I
< L
fK >
I lIfwiI It t
M <
ailcaKo Seit m6ldy men t
f were InJiiiTd two futility nnd
six liorsen were kllUil at the p
plant of Ibo nJ It j
11 puny which WIIH priicllrnlly ile < ft it
KtruytHl lust nlRlit wben a IlKht
nhiK bllit > rrnxbed Into tin two i
largest buildings of tbc plant l
> 1 > N ScNeStSc CjQCStV
nillcUil by Grand Jury for Ilcfuinln
Character of Millionaires Wife
Pittsbnrg Soptj 13Tho grjnc
Jury today returned true bills agaInst
ugtiiiu9 alartJe John S WcksHens
Illfford Hooe charging thornL l th
ohsplracy to defame tho char tei r
of Mrs Mary Scolt Hartjo
romlimtcd by Democrat ot Cpn
Hartford ConU Sept 13 May
or Charjes 8 T ayOr or Norwich
was Joday nominated for governor
by thoVobmocratlc tato convention
liomiis Bridges Sons Get
More City Work
UIII lt nn Mcrbanlcobiiri Street lin
provcmrntit Ilofrrrwl to t Jcu
crnl CouhrlL
t <
The board of public works lot
Idewalk contract yosterday to
Thomas Bridges Sons of Wabash
pd OeOrger lianggtah acted pro < i
lent City Englnoer U A Waihlng
Ion acted secretary
Bids t or Improving wlt slde
ValkA Joiiei street between Ninth
street to Eleventh street Fountain
vonuo between Jefferson to Monroe
treets and Fourth street from Nor
ton street to Husbanaa street wore
ccolved and the contract went to
fhqtna ttrldges Sons at tho follow
ing bids
Fourth street sidewalk 1C cents
oncreto driveway 20 cents com
lined curb and gutter 70 cents
Iron drain pipes 25 cents
Jones street sidewalks 18 cents
Irlvoway 22 cents curb and gutter
fp cents drain pipe 2if cents
II Fountain avenue sjdcwalk 10
onts driveway 23 rents curb and
Gutter 70 cents plpoj 5 cents
Bids tor improving Jarrott street
Sowell street from Ashijrook nvonut
to Hayes avenue and Lowell street
rom Hnycs street to Ancraft ave
me and Hayos avenue jf om Sowoll
trcot to tho BontSn road wero ro
tarred to tho council bojBg too high
JThe bids for grfvelln woro
William Husbands T cents 83
cenlfi 34 83 COlis i
ij 93 cents
J14C 94 cents jfe
Standing water onSthe brick
street between Kentucky avcnui
and Broadway on ecoaj street wa
referred to tho engineer
The offer of tho faction com lny
to pay Ii for 35 cedlr poles of one
length and J4 for 30 > of another
jength was accepted and Supcrln
tend l1t Kcebler was Instructed to
let tho company have them at this
The traction company swas permit
rod to put In a switch at Twelftt
Tho engineer reported tilting the
hollow between Harrison Madlsbn I
Fourth and Third streets to porfeci
drainage Tho assessment against
property owners Is as follows W A
Gardner 3740 Mrs1 Al Wicks
J117C C E Jennings J2094 To
tal H1012
Tho Illlnofs Central hospital asso
elation was4 granted permission to
put In a concrete driveway In front
of tho hospital to conform to the
regular gradoof street and pave l
ments 7
Many permits to erect and tak
down tolephono poles yero grant et
the Home Tolephono 90tnpnny
Illrbrct Prince lUrK
Berlin Sept 13 Prince Adelber
I of Prussia regent of the Duchy o
Brunswick Jhe richest prluco dn Oe r
manrf died today of apoplexy
President McBrooni Extremely
Wanted lUauI I
Mayor Yilsrr luul Jcslileni Stnrk ol
Board of Aldrrnicri Arc
Ualli Absent
jfMayor Yelser Is out otfthe city nod
1l6n 0 B Starks presldent of the
board of aldermen llicil Dawson
This throws tho duties of mayor on
the shoulders of the next highest
officer President George O Me
Broom of tho board of council Be
cause he could not bo found this
morning and because there val somo
question About the eligibility of At
torney J S Ross acting as special
police Judgo no court was held
When Mayor Yolser left the till
two days ago for Bmithland to attend
gourt ho appointed Attorney 3 S
Ross acting Judge Jiulga Rcsa MId
court the next day and yesterday rg
lice Judge iE H Puryear who wa s
at Smlthland aho returned and held
court Ho returned In tho aCtern n
and because ho held court yesterday
it Is said that this disqualifies Attoj
ccy Ross from acting today It vr u >
suggested that the acting mayor ap
point ono but tho acting mayor xvos
not located In tlms r
Solicitor James Campbell Jr
was naked if Attorney Ross njlght
serve and ho stated that the question
was too much for him
There wore > great many cases
continued over from yesterday nnd
the police authorities wero anxious
to got some of them off tho docket
Illinois Youth Struck on the Neck
Dies From Ills Injuries
Bloomlngton 111 Sept 13Early
Joyce a youth of Ford cojlnty died
today after having been hit on the
neck by a foul tip while playing balt
To SKak at Ncrt Orleiint
New Orleans Sept 13 Announcement
ouncement was mado today that W
J Bryan will deliver an address
hero on September 21
AhUeil for nmor With Wlilch to Slinyc
lilinsclf Tlircntcncd to End 00
Hlx Kxlstcnco
Jim Graham was moved to a private
cell this aftornoo because ho has
threatened to kill himself This
threat was made known to Ota
hams keepers this afternoon and
just In tlmo to t prevent his cutting
his throat
Nicholas Gains a petit Jorceny
prisoner occupies the satrib cell
with Graham This aCterna lat 2
oclock he sent for MurrayAUowe
turnkey and ashed for o n ntorvlew
I want you to take thatfollow
out of my cell Gains sald tc
Howie Ho has threatened to kill
himself HotiayB thlltl jf hitJoes not
supcced IIIj hanging or strangling
himself with bodclothpa he will cat
glass butt thla brains out or will
do anything to de Ho told ma this
jfllowlo bolloves that Graliam means
It He wanted a razor this afternoon
with which to shavo himself but I
would noPflet him have It after what
1 heard1 will take caro that Gra
ham gets no opportunity to suicide
Now York r Reports TlHfl1 on Trnlli
to Dnltlmore Police
Baltimore Sapt 13 Solomon Vr
bach n diamond merchant of New
I York Citjv reported to the BaJUmpro
pollco that he was robbed of f0flOO
1 worth offdlamondB this morning
lwhile l en route to this clfy Jlfe my
the gcms w ro In a wallet In his Vest
which heput under his pillow when
h e retired When he awoke he declares
clare tho vest with HI content was
gone The jwrtor and conductor on
oJ the train paid they had teeon no 0M <
near tho berth during the night
WEATHER Clearing tonlnhj
Friday partly cloud nnd cooler
Tbc highest tcnipniitiiru rrnclicil
yesterdiiy WUH HO and the low
est today wus OU
jicknwiirui COIIUH Down to Two nUll
< OneHalf Cents
low York Scptl 13The pola
ware Lackawana Wostorn Rail
road company announced yesterda
that tho maximum passenger rate on
that road will bo placed on a basIs
of two and onehalf cents a mile be
ginning iNovcmber lor as soon there
aCtor as the filing of tariffs Under the
now law will pormlt Interchange
iblelOOfldmllo books will bo sold 4t
the rato ot 25 Instead of 30 will
a rebate ot 5 Instead of 10
unimlttcc Secured SlnRlo Atlrac
llons nnd Jloneyistnys in
Vaducoli 54
Rain last night kept the crowd
away from tho fall carnival at
Llaguo park but It tho weather Is
ropltlons tonight there should be
a large attendance as tho laboring
men arc deserving of public patron
ige They form a representative
ody of citizens and this Is the first
Imp thoy havo asked the public to
nterost Itself In their projects
During the rain the opportunity
vas seized to put tho shows In good
shape The comraltlee did not en
gage a carnival company to come
icro and take the big end of the gate
ecelpta but secured various attrac
lonslnndcr Us own general manage
ment selecting those which wero con
ildcrcd best A den of monster
makes the electric show one of the
test ever seen here a big vaudeville
ind circus show under a large tent
ho dancing girls and several others
ire on exhibition
The free attraction Is the eriiptton
it Mount Pelee a mechanical and
reworks exhibition occupying one I
whole end ot the ball ground bppo
ilto tho grandstand
Yesterday afternoon the children
of the Home of the Friendless wert
ihe guests of tho Central Labor
Tho Goddess of Labor will not be
crowned on tho grounds as Intended
owing to tho dispute over her quail
tlvltrrntvM Stand Oil Itullrimd Owner
bblp nt LniilsvlTii > rI 11I Not tbo
AVbolc Party
Louisville Ky Sopt 13 As a
prelude to his entry Into the soutl
whcro his recent declaration as to
government ownership of rallraod
has aroused the most opposition
William Jennings Bryan made last
night a more explicit statement as
to his position In tho matter In dead
silence he read a lengthy statemon
elaborating his posltlonbut duqlar
ed that the making of platform
rests with the voters of the whole
party and I never have and nove
wilt attempt to force my opinions or
thoso ot any few men on tho peo
Cincinnati Serjt 13 Wllllan
Tennlngs Bryan arrived at noon and
vas given a reception at tho Grand
Hotel This afternoon ho attended
tho fall festival This evening ho will
speak In the open air at the baseball
park It Is expected 20000 people
will hear tho distinguished Nebras
Girl Hanged for Killing General
St Potersburg Sept lzs Tn
Go etto says that Zoanlde iKonopH
nnlkeve tho girl who on August 2ti
assassinated General Mn at Peter
hot nnd who was sentenced to be <
hanged has been executed
Tilnl of Case Commenced Jn
Circuit Court
Hun Olllo James Arrives This Mom
Ing lldl Bolli Sides Arc Ready
For1 C lIl lltI I
Tho H IL Loving murder cagc Is
on trial In circuit court today and 0
tho court room Is filled with spec
tators eager to hoar tho trial The
Jury was selected yesterday after
noon after 5G of tho special venire
of WO were excused
The Jury was selected jis ollow f
J M MCKinney P n OhllVs Jr
Pierce S L Ward A Rowjnthal J
W Ix > lgh E C Beasiey JC But
Icr T C Walker D M PottsE D
Smedley and W L Sulllvant
Judgo Reed IlUItructoo tho ut
but did not swear It ycstord ythls
necessitating the defendant HH
Loving going to Jail for tho nlatot
II H Loving and If A ftwwrfiil I
boon associated J
together In th SMT
bor business but had dissolve ipm
nershlp and on tho morning ofAur
gust 3 1903 Hoso went to Lovjngi
office In the Fraternity building and
demanded a settlement 0f a bustoeM
matter Tho two had Words yw
Loving left tho office lie retura
a few minutes later an4 ontened Mi
office ROM wasstllt tioro with YI
J Blow the stayo manufacturer but i
Blow loft wlion Loving lIt rcd Th I
report of a plstolrang oit and nOM <
fell to the floor mortalljr wounded1 I j
He died a short time aftyT t
Loving nets up the plea of self dei
fense alleging hat RollO thUd a Pla iI I 1
tol and attempted to shoot Mm 1 iv
Ing claims < thatho did not go honio
and get a pistol as tho prosecution
attempted to prove but had It In hfs
pocket all the time He alleges that
the reason ho left the office first vajr
tocvold trouble and on reentering
did not expect to find Rose there
These are the facts the prosecution <
attempted to set up at the trial j
wjilch resulted In a verdict against
Loving for manslaughter and a sen
tenco of five years
Loving Is represented by Attor
neys J O Flonrnoy Cecil Rood
Thomas Harrison Bam Crossland
and Hal S Corbett and Olllo James
Tho prosecution la l > elng conducted
by John O Jove t commonwealths
attorney Alben Barkley county at
torney and n T Llghtfoot county
Judge jV i
The case was taken rip thumorn
Ing at 9 oclock
Witnesses Testify
The rule was applied and witness
es winded from the court room this
morning J j
Attorney D 0 Park who occu
pies an offlce In the building whero
the tragedy occurred testified to
hearing three shots and being ouo
of the first on the sceno >
Dr H P Sights occupying offlcoa J
next to Judge Park testified to hear r n
Ing thrco shots and of golnr docu
to Investigate Ho attended Rose In t
theofflco with other physicians 5
Dr C E Purcell occupying offl t
ces dross from Dr Sights testified
to hearing thel shpts and running
down to find tiosb mortally wound
od 1
Dr Victor Vorls occupying ofll
ces adjoining Dr Sights testified
that he heard three sots and ran
down stairs Ho was ono of tho first
on the scene and heard Ixmng os Tio
left the room gay that ho had to do i
It and that Roso had hounded him
for a week and came to his offlco
and Insulted him
Tho Importance of the Loving
murder case prompted Judge Wil
liam Reed to caution representatives
of the press to bo careful about what
was printed In order not to Infiucnca
tho Jury The trial Is bolng conduct J
ed on tho most rigid court rules aria f
every precaution to avoid a delay or
mix up on a technicality Is being J >
Defense Iliw Inning
This morning nt the adjournmenil J
of court the commonwealth l1lshl J
with Its witnesses They nit tcstlj t
the same as In the prevtoim trli J
V Blow was Inlroducod but
Gilbert and son wero not prei
Thf first witness for the
IovlftV testified flfst this if
His story was ths same asS PU3 Fnrmt
claims that Roso had bob perlenclnp co
him and came lohll tflq soeurlpg oH J
and with a 1 > latol In hiaW crop of tqbacso
pjir A hireo num
ConUnued n lferel a 1
bQr t Rlsjlt ti h

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