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The Paducah evening sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1906-1929, October 01, 1906, Image 2

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IPAGE I TWO tffiPADU < c P1t NJNU trrst P f t1Q > l r oQrotmn I
f iittor JFWoulil Have Been Sat j
m ayWght
i itI it ct 11IIli4cnlll
et When Iic J nsclIlcr
iift the steamer ButtorJT had been
kree minutes earlier going under
he i bridge on tho Cumberland river
Clarksvllle t Saturday night the
rain which plunged through that
ijti 1jge jvould hvvo pecJpltatpd I S t
hrough that bout t In such an event
I the loss of Ufa would have been far
if t igrcatcr ft was because of the Duttorft that
i the bridge wag open and that the
ijtwHn I plunged through to the Oum
herJand t river which Is l fort feot
t keep at that point The boat had
1 whistled for the bridge to open and
I was within a few hundred feet of the
bridge when an L N passenger
rltrUn rounded the curve approach
vl 1 fng > tfio bridge and dashed Into the >
Ujawntng opening The engine and
I jiwjttssrs wentt through 4ho mall and
i8 gage cars with a crew of seven
iuen Two were killed
It w4s dark when the accident oc
Rt urred The channel was sodeep thai
tie Butt riI had no trouble passing
1Undcr I the bridge and the cars floated
tin down the river They have not
afeen fished out yet The train was
f running according to schedule time
H nd the blame for the catastrophe
q has not been placed The OuttorR
arrived hero Sunday evening and
i Capt Tyncr and the oilier officers
jiasscngcrs and men are still whist I t
t iBnir at their narrow escape
I MsvinpV 1 SIUjtJ
JJjppcals to Courts flud 1 > JIII Victory
t Ocr Company
J I Mrs Casey did not atop to argue
s wanted her dollar right now
tfce went across the street to the
j jeourtOf the Justice of tho peace The
fwi f came up promptly for luwas
fc a busy hale
r 1 NfKfft TTlifn dr9u ctean 4ho
windows asVed the Justice when
3caso was all
r Twas awn thO tlnth av June
Tho justice Iqoked at her sternly
How can you bo so sure of the date
of a trifling event that occurred so
long ago7r Success
J pJatlHrsklte
VBlath ers tlte Is an Americanism
or rather an old word which has
survive chiefly in American usage
Te way it came to DO popular hero
> tt curious It Is really the old Scot
tIh blatherskite from blether
Cto > talk nojusens O old Xowo ybladhr
Bonsonao and sklte a term of
> opprobrium In the song Maggie
Lauder written about 1C30 occur
I tht wprds Jog on sour gait ie
blatherskite and this song was a
very popular one In the American
camp during the war of independ >
ence Hence the vogue of the expres
ilve wqrd in Its Americanized form
JBICtbxrumsktta was the Irish ver
sion I early In the nineteenth century
fThe f first meerschaum pipe was
Wfldo bjr Kajpl ypwater In 1723
this pjpe JVtjjijn J t the Pcsth liu
Mutfl i rJ 3
10 s
zfRE you PUtinmg f or a Ii
d Bride r W tfJrtft
l or do you need a new
pack foc the social family evening
In your ow > homeJ If so why
Jl not take ho ea package of
I t r
J PIayg w Carc1j I C
r j iI
J suppY YOU needs at littl costa
line of f Counters
Vie carry a full °
cI4ote Inks Bridge Score i
CsJIc cfc
k kRCIPaYingcardsl5I l
4 t U l h d l5I 1
I Ji1PH1OH I i
Q4Il7 1
or M
kJM 4i1J I
We Show October II to fl 1
j I QoldvifVplccd Al Hi VHfton
1 Metz In the Alpst tho romantic
comedy drama of picturesque Swlt i
erlAnd in hlch Al 41 Yllson he of
tMo dp pice will Appear at Th9
K entucky ought Jj Ile n r esUni
and p CAslng tct alc sfes of theater
goers appcaii wl h e Ji peptlQnal fprci
to those who cla m the fat erlana ni
the place of their nativity Metz In
the Alps Is a tribute to the worth
and dlgnlty pf torman chfl tel nd
npidsupthejnlrror to nature Insu h
a rnr as to reflect only the brlght
es8 dp jof l life In whIch trtiih i11t9
honest predominate The pity Trsi
Jp orcefuf Janguago a ronjantlc laye
story enlivened by bright comedy
Incidental toMetz In thOjAJpV ir
Wilt n Is beard ln aevcral choice se
lect ons of ballads descriptive sod
els and chatactcr songs sta ge Bet
tings of a most lavish nature as well
as other embellishments both me
chanical and electrical will bo made
use oZa i cast thai will aid In KB
proper rendition has been selected
many of ls1wm 1 c u bcJng 9ld an4
tried favorites XHh the votaries of
our playhouse
The tonnty Chairman
The scpre ot Pretty Jlttle school
girls whq kp art in iJraUyjsceno
In Oeorgejj Adeg nptablo cOmedy
drama lbv Cpunty t Chjalnnan
which Macjjrn Arbuckle offers at the
lcnijciy thater tomorrow night
jSCre te ted froui etO Appli
cants Jfh lr great charm Is fheljr
naturalness This Duality doinlnatea
The County Chairman throughout
Every character t Is absolutely true to j
AKatal Pay for Iloyalty
0It Is generally known that Satur
day has been a fatal day for royalty I
in our oVn country for over a hun
dred iTeaif coincidences perhaps
but nevertheless truo ll Grll are a
few examples I I
William III died on Saturday
March 18 1702
ueen Anne died on Saturday
August 1 1714
< George I died on Saturday June
10 1727
p > George II died on Saturday Oc
tober 86 Vft50
George HI 1 died on Saturday Jan
uary 29 1820
George IV died on Saturday
Juno 26 1830
The Duchess of Kent died on Sat
urday March 1C 1861
The Prince Consort died onSatur
day December 14 18C1
Princess Alice died on Saturday
Dflcomber 14 1878 says Homo
II nWhlle Saturday > seomj fatal toUip
tyelDns Thursday was Wiyally fai
tal to the Iudpr djnasty t as Henry
vII Edward YL an l ithe Queens
Mary and Elizabeth allfdjed on this
day of the week
A Unique Officeholder
Charles E Hunter chief clerk In
tho district court of Oklahoma City
has established an astounding rec
prd He declares his intention to re
sign his position and gives as his
chief reason the fact that the fees of
his office are exorbitant A month
ago he gave emphasis to his views
on this matter by writing to the de
partment of justice suggesting that
court clerks In the territory be put
on a stipulated salary of 3500 a
year In ninety days the clerk fees
In Hunters district amounted to
more than fC OOO which Is at the
rate of about 25000 a year Hun
ter insists that this Is little short of
wholesale robbery of litigants and
that the evil should be corrected He
was a Jrtpugluplder sergeant in the
Spanl h merlcaa war and owes his
present position to President noose
velt who admlres him
Ihe 1Lcrt J rt
A United tates jsajljy who hjd
w yed J ufh the clvjl war aad
despite I oars of drill wa bent lo t
the sl9e and Toundcdin the bl 4
was psusjpg Iong Chuccto strcpt jn
Liverpool one day when his ship I
> yas lying In the Jersey AlQAS caJSP i
to sR a rt young Tommy AtkJinr
s ralght as ramrods and gorgeous In 1
new uniforms who fhpught o1iavc I
spnje fun with the old Yankee man
ow rsman f
Jack ahoy cried the ypjjngort
and smjuie st oit tHe two What are
you carrying on your back
Back came the answer quick Ifs a
Bunk r IIIH
And the Tommies pursued their
way with chastened Sll ltsScPtem
ber Llpponcotts
Typograjihlcal i lji 1 sald Wil
liam DeanJtowcll Kitnous nov
elist Are alwaysjilpppryiien I
was a boy in mx tathersprlntlng of
lice In Martins Eofry I once made a
good typograyhltal error ily father
had wrltten
I The phpwers Jast week though
copjoua wore not sufficient for the
inllljncnI i
I set It up milkmen Chlca
I JntrQcn
c =
I t j f 7
Tc r
Jljver Stagfcs I
Cairo e 204 19 rite
Chattanooga 139 08 rlso
Evanuq 113 JJO jly
Florence 86 05 rise
Jphujogyllle 13B jpi rise
L9uivlllo I i to 4Srise
St Carmel 22 09 rise
Nashville 177 r 41 rise
Plttsburg CSOl fall
JPaVls Island Dam 38 10 tclf
St Louis v123 02 rlso
Mt Vernon missing I
Paducah 131 27 rise
With a rise of 2C In the last 48
hour Uio river U at astago of 131
this morning The rise was steady
all day Sunday and Sunday
night keeping the wharfmaster con
stantly fe sy shifting the ngpjiank
up tho wharf There was little rain
fall In the last 24 hours The rain
fall for the whole month of septcrn
> W was 47C Inches Jhu larger I part
of which fcllln the lat five days
The iQwest sUige of be river Ji St
moflth was Q5 and Lie hlghcstwas
li In Qptompei last yqar Jhe
bjshcst wjs 153 bit the rlver tbls
yer lPalJltalnedfJ1 bLjcr axeQ
thrpu bout the mpnth The higheat
ago In 1994 WAS 9UJJ 1903 6 < Z
In 1902 y ThcigQ flgurea aroglven
t9 ahpw the marked change In the
stag of the rlver Jn fho last two t
y jirs The jlilgh sta50 last mopth
when It usually has Ieen low prob
ably was duq tp Oio heavy cams pro
Ceding the inpn b In June July and
Caut Janes Koger ias gone jto
Memn Js tpjiut Iqn4 l t rei > alrs fin
jj0 Savannah Ooho dpvn trIp to
Ienphls ronjirSt pouU th e Sayafr
nah ibro e thq cylinder timbers and
the wheel shaft The breakdown pi
currc4 jjear emphis ngd 4he boat
wjfl be Repaired tberp The Savan
nah IHllt expected tP enter the VJckx
burR > Icmphl IiqJttqn trajio
0 Th fJ Dfek Fojylpr had a pood trip t
to Cairo this morning at 3 oclock
The Buttorn arrived from Xahh
vllle Sunday oyen ng and left today
at n9pn for Clark YllIo
I The Henry HarleyvarrlycdjSunday
frojn Evansvllle and left tljlsmorn
lngfor the same Ipolnt at ll oclock
Thve Harlcy and the Dunbar wlllty
tQ make schedule time this week
The Saltlllo arrived from St Louis
tolay arid left Immediately for the
fjfnnessee rvpr
Jho Ilussell Lord arrived out jot
tle cnnessce river Sunday And will
Ipaye today for St Lpulii
ihe i lowbwt Dernl e arrlv d front
Evansvlilo Sunday and left this
mqrniJjjr for the Cijniberland river
ajter tics Capt Douglas Jones Is Jo
J e Scptla was let off the djy
docks todaj and the t Gate City vas
taken out
The Clyde will arrive out of the
Tennessee tlvcr tonIght and walt
over till y dnesday evening before
the return trIpi
I trIpMowts
Mounts Fiddle
Musical circles In Salzburg Jklor
zarts birthplace are much excited
over the discovery of the famous
musicians cpncert vIolln It was al
ways supposed that the Instrument
had bepii sold In England but It has
npw been discovered In the posses
slpn of a country schoolmaster
Franz Joet J enk at ScSoerfling
UppQr Austria
There appears to be no dpubt as
From letters and other documentary
evidence It appears Uat Mozarts
tert tMajla Sonn enburg rcceivcd 1
It f roni her brother She sold It I to
a government ofjlclal named Tr < ssel
whoso daughter was a talentcd mnsl I
clan ¼ She tUc d howeyer an hei tat
erspld Ihe t UQIlIt and othermusjcal
effects to Adalbert Lenk tjie 1tth jj
of the present Cl wncr Tils wns In
19 The Jn trunipnt Is npt niadc
after he ppttern of the celebrated
Steiner violin but like the AmaH vi
olin On the Inside Is inscribed
Vcnlpontum 1659 Pall Mall Ga
zette I I
Muffltv Scrceus p Iu J c Ensiand
si I nave yet to see yrltelCons
astoad romD1rmlq ham a hou9
In i England equipped wlih windoy
find door screens snch Rs make life
ijurabjo In the United States tJ1 L
tha summer months There OTQ
bowcver a very few mosqtjttp ba ya
made pf cPtton n UliiK HUch as were
sc p common in Amerlcji a quarter p
a century or so ago and were later
displaced by wire IIcreenst
Itls 10 p m They are seated In
tho parlor
No she says bowing her head
Pa says I am too young to bcconio
It Is I Just 130 a m They are still
Heated In tha parlor
Suddenly from somewhere upstairs
a gruff voice shout J rlttnJrj i I
that fellow waits a little longer youll
be old enpugt io Accept hlVpropoBa
j k i
II 1 T flt tt
IltAv I f
Plenty of Tlieni In PmlnqUc nnil 1
Wouldnt any woman be happy
After years of backache suffering
Daysof misery ulghts of uur w
The dUtrcssTof urinary troubles
She finds relief and curoT
Ko reason whyjiujl Paducah rcadj
Should suffer fnUho face of uvi
djnco like this
Tennessee street enys If I con
traded a colt which scltlod In lilY
< jdiicys It brought on a severe at
tack of Inllaiunfalton of the kidneys
and ever afterwards Iwas subject to
pain across my back although I used
every precaution to prevent It When
the attacks were at their height J
was prostrated aud had to remain In
bed sometime One day I noticed
Doans Kidney Pills advertised for
just such conditions as mine It oc
curred to mo that they might do mo
some good sovl procured a box at
Alvey Lists drug store They
helped mo from the start t Tho dull
ntl1lpsocrQP stbq > sml of the V back
flnnly disappeared the pain In my
muscles and legs disappeared and
dizziness which accompanied It left
and since I have been only I toq pleas
ed to tell friends and acquaintances
about the result I obinjued from us
ing Doans Kidney Pills
For salo by all dealers Price no
cents VosterMIIbuirn Co fltalo
New Ygrk sole agents for the Unit
ed States
nomotnbcr tho name Deans
and take no other
oulsvllle IyHorse Show
Dates of sale September 30 to t Octo
ber C 190C Inclusive limit October
8 1906 Round trip rate J895
Louisville KyGrand Lodge K
of Pot Kentucky Dates of sale Sep
tember 30 October 1 and 2 190C
limit October C i90G Round trip
rate 9p
Lexington 1all Races pates
of J alp October 2 to 13 190G inclu i
sVe limit October 14 190C Round I
trip rate 933
oulnlfHf ral1d Lodge F
A M Grand Chapter II A M Dates
of sale October 15th and ICtb 1900
limit Octobci SOth 190C Round
trip rate 695
Xn hvllJlP TvnnrStato fair Dates
of sale October Cth and 8th to 13th
Inclusive 190C limiT i Oct ter 15th
190C Kound trip rate 17
sluvlilo X C Missionary con
ference Protestant Episcopal church
Dates of sale October 22nd and 23d
1OC limit Nov 5th 190C
Dallas Tex International Asso
clatlpn pf Ire Engrlneejrs Dates of
sale October 6th and 7th 1t116 limit
21 days Round l trip rate 2100
For further partlculifrs apply to
J T DONOVAN Agent Paduc n
row Excursion lUtvn jU Southern
Railway PrOm Louisville
Denver Colorado Springs and Pnc
lloCoL JSOOO on sale daily to
Sept 30 with return limit of October
3 lit
Asheville N O J 1595 On sale
dally the year round good returning
within six months
Low llomcsccktTs Ilatitj to many
points Iu the Southeast West and
Southwest on first and thlrd Tuesdays
of each month June to November in
For additional icfprmatlpn tickets
etc call on any agents of the Sputh
era Railway or addres J F Loan
traveling passenger agent 111 East
Main street Lexington SKy 0 H
Hungerford district passenger agent
234 Fourth avenue Louisville GB
Allen A G P A St Luis Mo
A Plioiietlo Su KCllon
President Ellgtt of Harvard Is no I
believer In the 1 Roosevelt spelling ro
form Once there was a student who I
was a candIdatE for the degree of
Doctor of Phllojophy This man
adppted sixjlllng reforni shlfI par
ticular Unit of work ndjis vom
inencement day drew near he went tp I
President Eliot With arejrjuest ° You I
know 1 Mr President lie said that
you are proposing to mako me a Ih
D Now I have mao a specialty qf
fjielllnj reform and I ajjyaya spell I
Philosophy with an f I therefore i
called tOt 8k you If yqucoiti4nol
make jny dpsrce F D instead M
hD c
Certainly my dear air replied I
Plo president of Harvard In fact
If you Insist wo shall make Ita D
Fr 4 1 1
1lIdW jl lC J1IIIIt Faglilties
1 Olclvllie Ingalls the western call
jay magnate < was Jnduced by a I
friend while < spending Sunday with 1
him to attend service at a church the I
pastor pf which 19 no ed l for the < sx
tremo I length of his sermons As tM I
firlend8 > Jrc J leaving at Jhe Conclu
sion of the sermon the Bpstpnjan I
wltli a touch of pride Inquired Dr
Blank Is a most eloquent mlniRterj if I
he nnUillrr cloq5ont wax thc
dry response of thflnllrQi4num
I h 11 rOr rqlgilll f nl I
11 tc
lIwdUll ie4WUc
Chicago OJ Wttshlugton 3 Hat
teri iQi AValsh 4 Sullivan Smith and
MeFar fnd Iacu andiWarncr
St Louis 7 Iloalon f Batteries
Ilo wcll and Schncciar I Harris and
t rarrfan
j I
1SlOIllI 1111111
St Louis 0 Cincinnati 2flat
t rlesJacobsen anti OConnor Shaw
ami Arjnbrustcr
Ituffalo AYIiw
Columbus 0 Oct ll I Iluffqlo
won the third gamo of tho series with
Cplumbus for class A minor leacuu
championship I I
Coiumbus 0 Buffalo 1 flatter
leaWell and Blue Kissinger and
Fifth Aveinif Llko II Village Strwt
There is not a single street In
Gotham that unbends 110 much on a
sultry night ns docs that portlpn of
Fifth nvcnuo lying between Forty
second street and Central Park Tho
atmosphere of country or at leasjt
suburban cuso Is contributed by tho
cpniparatlvcly large number of bare
headed wpucn iu white lock one
sees III tho venue by the lounging
Attitude of the young men one sees
In the open hacks and more partic
ularly by the comparatively few men
In venjtig dress quo sees through
the windows of tho smart refctau
rants Every pnc who walks drives
or usus tho uvenuo Ipunges along in
a fashion more often to bo SQcn In a
village street than on the most fa
pious thoroughfare In America and
even < he soft brilliancy that streams
from the curtained windows and the
open ilcora of the all night bank dogs
not disturb tho repose of tho spec
tacle Tho final toucv of relaxation
JIB added by tho cal ctnker ot the
dwelling houses along the street the
men sitting in tho porches in their
shirtsleeves and their women folk
t1 n old wrapper gossiping with via
Itors of their own social rank and
the Idling policemen It Is Fifth ave
lie to be sure but It might as well
be a street In darkest Suburbia
Dispatch Now York letter to the Plttsburs I
A bee visits 3600000 flowers In
gathering one pound of honey
Malaria Makes 1alo Sickly Ct lldrcn
The Old Standard JQrovaU Taste
Ieu Chili Tonic drives out malaria
and builds up the system Sold by all
Ideal r for47 years Prlc 60 cents
ccbe KentuckY
Tuesday Night Oct 2
twlTIXa t f FOIl
Supported liy many of the original
New Yijrk Dmipany III George A Ie >
greatest Cpnicdy
The County Chairman
The best play of Us kind ever pro
1I4U nights In New York tl weeks
Ju Chicago
Nluu wvcks In Iloiton Right weeks
Prices Me JBc tiDe 7Rc fl tlnO
91710 HtaU on Mile Monday It 11111
List of new subscrlljcrs added by tho
East Tennessee Telephone Coin
pony Today
2686DIII F 820 South Twelfth
2534 Gordon Capt Et03 South i
2G03 Dobo Jesse 928 Husbands
G99a Vogcl H T 121 Ken
tucky nvcnuo
773 Ivy A JR F D No 4 j
Llko other commodities telephone
service should be paid for according
to Its worth and value
Wo have In tho city over 5000
subscribers or five times as many as
the Independent company outsldo
the city and within the county we
havo C3 times at many subscribers as
Limo Independent company Yet wo
will place a telephone In your real
dence at the same rate tho Independ
eat company is supposed to charge
and provide In addition long dist
ance facilities which will enable you
to reach fifty million people from
rour home
Call 3QO for further Infprmattoni
io cJ4Tw
f 1 T t
Their Hard Struggle Made Easier Interesting Stat
41ments 41
and One in Nashville TennI
All women work some In their
homes some in church and theirI I
tho whirl of society And In store
mills and shops tens of thousands are
on the noTcrccaMng treadmill earning
their dally bread
All are subject to tho same physical
laws all Butter alike from tho same
physical disturbance and tha nature of
their duties In many cases quickly
drifts them into tho horrors of all
kinds of female complaints tumors
ulceration falling and displace
ments or perhaps irregularity or
suppression causing backache ner
vousness Irritability and lassitude l
They especially require an Invigorat
ing sustaining tncdlcluo which will
Urengthcn the female organism and
enable them to bear easily the fatigues
of the day to sleep well at night and
to rise refreshed and cheerful
How distressing to see a woman
struggling to earn n livelihood or per
form her household duties when her
back and head are aching she Is so
tired fcho call hardly drag about or
stand up and every movement cause
pain tho origin of which U duo to
some derangement of tho female or
MiMI Orser of 14 Warren ton Street
Boston tells women how to avoid such
suffering she writes
Dear Mrs Ilnkbam
I luiflVrtxl inlwry for several y in with
frmoJo InvKularitlra My 1 back ached I hail
besrlzig4owu palna anti frequent headachtmi
I could not niton unit could hardly drag
around I cotuultcit two phystelnnx without
nlief IInd at a 14 1CIIOt I tried IydiA B
1inkbauis Yogctabla Contpounil I anti to mr
uirpriiip every acbo aid 11111 Mt inf 1
galn d ten pounds and ain in perfect health
Miss Pearl Ackers of 327 North Sum
mer Street Nashville Tenn writes I
Dear Mn Pfnkham
ii I ttiffeml with painful periods severs
backache brarlniHlo vn pains 11I11n j k rnol
thoaWoinen was very iiervotin niul firllA
bin and my trouble BTBW WOrM every month
Ir 11iIItian talltlll to help IJItt soil I
decided to try Lydia E lIIIklwna Vegetalils
X > in > ouniL I coon found It wa doing me
B wU All my pains soil ache illHiitnnrvd
and 1 no longer far my monthly iKsrhxU
BLydla K Pinklmms Vegetable Com
pound is I tho unfailing cure for all them
troubles It Mrengtliens tho proper
muscles and displacement with all lla
horrors will no more crush you
Backache dlzzlnca fainting bear
ingdown pains disordered stomach
uioodlncssdi llkoof frlendsand society
all symptoms of the ono caune will
bo quickly dispelled and It will make
you strong and well
You can tell tho story of your ant
ferings to a woman and receive help
ful iiilvlco free of cost Address MrJ1
Ilnkham Lynn Moss Tho present
Me Ilnkham Is tho dauglitcrln > law
of Lydia E Ilnkham amid for twenty
five years sho lias under her direction
and Miica her lcccnw been advising k
sick women free of charge
lljfdia E Piakhaas Vt4etaN Coajxxffld Succeeds Where iken Fall f J
riBUll11 ie
I Monday
Night Octi
Octfl Ia I kill
Golden Voice WI
Heft I
In a No Play Characteristic of Switzerland
Management Sidney K Ellis
A Welcome Ray of Alphlnc Sunshine t
Scctici of Inlcrckt in Mr Wilson new play The SwlUulanJ Valley
The Rugged Peaks of Alps the Mountalntrii Htine The Icy Ctavsue 4
and the great Snow Storm KtwionKi and yodel My I Heaven ii I
in Your Eyu1t WII on Lullaby Swiss Mountain Hlr4 Yodel
Songs of OM Fstbeiland WhIip rlDg Dreur JJwjUelbsnk1
r j
PRICUS 1int 12 rows orchestra 1 1 50 bilauce of orchettra 100
lint H wl rb fcODY Itbo nexta tows of balcony 7je balance of
baicocy 500 Gallery 930 anilsc Seats t on sale Saturday i
Homes on Easy Terms
I Imvo quite n nnmlicr of elegant little cottage lionica ofI I I
three four amid five rooms well located which I am going to
oiTer for sale at from GOO to fiOO elluhon iiiontlily pay
mcnta of from 15 to 8O per month hiS I than n fair avail
TRICK Heretofore I have required ton pur cunt of tho prico inS
advance on such sales but will now sell with one regular
monthly payment in advance A rare opportunity to cot a
homo with ordinary rCllt1
Ilpmeseekcrs vail and BOO mo 01 cull mo by old phono
231 Will bo nud to shpw you p I
J M WOR TEN Fraternity Building J 4
m u
Quit pay Ing rent Let us build the house you pay for it asynu
pay rent Vacant lots in all parts of the city Nice lots on the
proposed car extension on Broad to union depot antI on Allen
streets from 50 to 350 each Buy now on installment plan
while cheap This Is the highest ground In the city Properly
is advancing rapidly
McCrAcken Real Estate 6 Mortgage Co
Ulllnrd D1 Sunder Proa and Mgr Phone 76lJI
Guy Iuce Lee Nan e Jr M Nance Embalmer
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