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mt afbiwajj El1tuiug un
SteVy Told by Two Colored
Girts Sets North Side Busy
With Shovels
Hearths Arc Demolished in
Search Fok4 < Treasures
r r
I r reY
Ii iv >
I a < gold wa < discovered burltnl lu 1
bucket and wrapped in Milk under tho
honrjh In a room of an old brlrl
hotfky at 820 North Seventh litrlttp
yesterday afternoon at C oclock Hj
Hazel Smith and Pansy Colo 14year
ojd colored girls who live In thnl
ncrghbbfbood but tho money was
takcn btQ unknown white man
they JayT who appealed at the mo
ment they made the discovery
Thp story tins excited all the north
send of ilio oily below Campbell + sirifl
and searching partlfe have ransacked
the old houn sinN then digging up
ovary hearth tearing off plaster and
prizing up the floor In their efforts to
llnd hidden treasure The colontd
girls can give no Idea of the amount
of money they found but It was new
and tome coins were yellow
4f Story books never dwmrlbcd a
more fitting place to bury none + than
this old double brick tenement which
In J Inhabited now only by owls bath
und snakes Weeds have prawn up
around It and liiHldo broken battier
fragments of brick and planer
ncraps of old clothes and tlu varied
litter that accumulates In I house
long vacant give It a spooky appear
ance and so little Inviting Hint ultra
caution penons seeking n raft hid
lug place might readily choose Ii
Iri old by thY ngtghlorw the sjQQ
runiTUmt a colored woman named
OKqvyrnrst entered tho houw yet + r
+ diy afternoon and setlng the odge of
O shit rag protruding above the
earth at the hearth In the north front
room hulled at It until a stuldon ro
lease sent her lack n Mop or two and
n clanging round made by nomcthlng
dropping en n w < l her hufrlod bxlt
Then the two colored girls ventured
In and dug up the earth In one corner
of tho hrarth dlecloclng tho money
m n galvanized bucket
< rlnl Aloud
Thoir I astonishment canned thorn iq
uclnlui aloud and according to thflr
account n white man jmwlng hotird
Ihem and wnterod to oo the cause of
the outcry Ilmignlzlng Instantly the I
value of the discovery thoy ray IIP
roughly ordered them away and later
Ml hlnuclf No Intro of the tnuI I
has been found since though the
bucket remains and the deep hole In
Iho earth corroborates tho digging
Before dark tho HOW had yireud I
for blocks und this morning an In
j + vrEtlgallon Miowod that every hearth
vln l It byon dug out by unarchrrs and
4 even lice rnrth under the floors has
Qihciin tampered with It Is certain
It Mliat I no money la left there unless It
Is many fool burled In the earth
> llnzcl Smith liven with her mother
Ullon Kiiilth at sVir North Seventh
1 ulreci and Pansy Coin llvia ftt 814
NVirUi Sixth street They ctatid up
Htoutly for tho truthfulness of their
story and among the colored real
pr dcns In that section It In generally
j accepted FARMERS I UNION
tr rm 1JH < ons id MAHSIIALI <
A r a tXllXTV Tll > OIIOANIXK 1 1
I Neal WIII Slllllk + III Rcslero 1i11I
r liirky Unlll After Slate iidIsig
t III I AiiK1
4 I
t aJlr B n I Carter an ors or for pun
Banners Union with head imrlrrs at
IhpNcw Illchmond HouioJ will leave
today for Marshall county lo organize
county union A county Jiiiust has h
titfvVlacal ilnIc iwbefore the COllllty or
> < > Kaiilzatlnn can be ixjrfcctedl and Mar
tbnll county has nearly 20 tech local
tihlous Mr Carter will bj In west
ern Kentucky until after Ijo state
meeting hero in August whin he wilt
t KW to Tennessee to ill epeawng dale
for the BtnUr board Mr I I L I liar
ntitt tate Organizer will rl ualn In
Dawbon SjirlnKS a week Ion ors
Constantinople July 9 bulletin
Teache lberp that lJOO pensJoB were
drowned In a flood that deslibyed thi
town of ToYal l In Asia MlnF
FAIR IIsingl I
liilr + lonlglu dud bridal mhl l
Iriiiptiitliirr highest limpfrattit I
t etunluy till taunt uulny 111 I
= =
Outline Okla July 3 The milt
tau wan ordered out this afternoon
from Cnandler lo Honryetta to pro
trot citizens from tho Snake Indians
who havo been holding a corn dancB +
at llffKory camp NIt Indian are
reported lo have risen and tho sit
uation to regarded as sorlotts rAJ
jiitanl < onornr Canton U on the
ground and asked for soldiers Act
Ing Governor Bellamy Is going with
the troop
A small house on the corner of
Clements streets and YoUor avenlio
was damagud by lira this morning at
230 oclock The house was vacant
and It Is believed that tho blaze was
iif Incendiary origin but when the
firemen hit tho blaze It was out after
possibly M damage had been done
Tho house was owned by Sheriff Pete
Bley of Hotiton Companies Nos 2
and 1 I Including the steamer an
iworod Iho ainrm
San Franeltco July 9Tol lane I
and llsttllng NVUtn signed articles to I
fight on Labor day Nelson gets 20
000 of tho 100110 regardless of tho
result Clans Iii I fora over thq terms
und rays he will make the Dane oat
1lrt In this ring
Jipltu Work III Clmrgr
On the motion of Arthur Y Slar
tln city attorney tho charge against
danders I Hull tho liar witness In
tho Hollowpli trials and Miss Emma
Dean was dismissed In police court
this morning Hall and lIrl Dean
wore boarding In tho city and It Is
said through spite a warrant was
worn out by Halls wife charging
them with Adultery An Investigation
was made and no nvldohro was so
nirod to establish a case
llormt Kriitlitvniil
Molbor Ky July 9 Special
While returning homo from Inducnh
yesterday afternoon tho bono of Mr
Walter Hcovw bccnmo frightened and
ran away He wits thrown from the
buggy but fortunately was only
lightly Injured The buggy was
holler SilN t Wnrriint
The earn against George Hnrdkon
hargod with breach of peace was
railed In Magistrate C W Emerys
out yesterday aftornoon Hardlson
went to the homo of Efflo I Powers In
C uuun and broke out tho windows
wah s
worn out ugalnst him and at the
trial ho was ilhd 5 and costs Tlion
he swore out a warrant against Etna
Powers for conducting a disorderly
house but the trial hut not yet been
Chicago Market
July t High I < ow Close
Wheat S93i 87 + 1 891
Corn 72 714 71W
Oats 4S 40 Y 48 M
Prgv 1GQ7r 1CC7 y 1666
Lad 800 aai ai 940
ltiii4 r 8724 65s72 4 i
Trains and Boats Bring Merry Throngs
of Jolly Drummers and Their Wives
to Enjoy Hospitality J of Paducah
Headquarters Open
V C = c C = 3 = = = = S = =
IIts I too raveling iiiiui its the traveling man
Wild n iinllo very bland nut flue nhvnys glad liand
IIN kc ravillng man ICs tho traveling titan
the girls think him grand and they all have tq Iimul
IIho I It In tlio traveling man ° f
Tills Miuppy rlioniH from Mr Boyle 11oolfollpTrnvellug Man
I will tic featured by Prof AVIlllnni Deal ilnrlng Iho meeting of the
1C T M 1 li <
I Hrllllantly decorated t and cordially
waiting Paducah will extend the hand
of fellowship to Kentucky Tennessee
and MIsslMlppI traveling men this af
ternoon at 0 oclock with the flint
event on the three days program a
band concert by the MurphyBboro ill
military band at Fifth street and
Arrivals Into morning and last
night I numbured ptfliaps i 75 many ol
whom have not registered and lIIaUY
of whom arc traveling nlou not mem
hrs of the K 1 T SI TJirv Just drop
ped In to enjoy ho c1 llrohlltJ
for tile association mid w I be wpl
come Secretary Unrtlott at the head
quarters Sixth street and Brqodway
this morning1 made all callers feel
very much at home and decorated
each with the ofllclal badge These
badges are becoming familiar sights
along Broadway
President Harry Hzzoll I of Jackson
Tinn arrived today nod was lollght
ed with tho spectacle tho city present
ell and with the plans for entertain
lug tho K T M Leo Livingston
first vice president J It I Washburn
of Jackson second vice president and
F L Bartlett secretary arc here
and Tom C McCulcheon treasurer
Of Jackson will arrive today
HUMS ItogNtcntl
Registered at noon today wore A
J Wcldon J U I Wathburn J 11
Smith W C Dlffoo C n Collins J
J Palmer S T Tunim of Jackson
Tenn J C Ileam St Ixiulu A J
Johnson Momphlu M r C Reams lien
dorson Tenn 0 W Upblnson Dyer
Tuna J H I Crown Tennessee It I <
Montgomery Jackson II T Orlzznrd
CJarksvllle J 0 Shoup Dayton Oi
Lou Allenberg lames Loako Hot
Stelh B J Ia I fKiro n II Dutrgan
Ad Rasrh JII Sullivan A n Yates
U D Robertson of Kentucky
Ono Interesting feature of this
meeting In the large l number of wives
who have accompanied their husbands
hero The traveling men say thoy do
not git to see their wives much so
they take advantage of tho yearly
meeting to give them tin outing and
enjoy iholr company Mrs K L f
Bartlett hag aided her husband In bin
duties as secretary and lies acted as
hoMofu to Ole women visitors
Tonight will see mirty more travel
lug men In the city but the heaviest
attendance Is not expected until Fri
day night and Saturday morning
when they will como In from all di
rections as business always In dull
with the grip fraternity on Saturdays
Advices from Jackson Dyersburg and
other West Tennessee njid northern
Mississippi points Indicate great In
terest In tho meeting and tho travel
Ing men will Como In bunches of 100
to secure railroad rates
Hollowing lire band concert this af
ternoon tho cars will bo taken at 7
oclock for Wallace park whore Mr
Karl l Politicly In behalf of Mayor
Smith will uuikethtj address of wel
come Mayor Smith must attend a
meeting of the aldermen tonight Mr
John It Smith uxr > resitout will ro
Bpotid for the K T M I In behalf ol
President Harry Kzzcll who Is hero
but will not address tho meeting Ir
S A Fowler secretary of tho Com
mercial club will bo dtalrmnu of the
program In the Chnutauqua pavilion
and fireworks music and the park
concessions will entertain the dele
gales for tide rest Of SIlo evening
The InrmK
Ample suplillcs of white fhlrts and
trousers wllli red tiesi belts and can
i hands have been laldm Ur j tho cloth
ing stores and tho delegates are ex
pected to don tlteqptor tine parade
tomorrow morning at 11 oclock
Forming at Sikh and Jefferson streets
the Murphysboro band will lead fol
lowed by the city civil autliorttlw
hoKP MK Dcal > bund and the Au
tomobllo club Thoy will march to
Mnth street down Broadway to Firs
street thence to Kcotttcky avenue
thunco to Fifth street and to the CUB
tom house where toe ideUfeftie will 1
make 18 group on the stepa to haj
their plcturo taken B W COrnelison
Is grand matvlial M the parade
Talk about the next place of meet
log has not matured yet but Union
City Dyorsburff or Fulton are In the
lead and will have enthusiastic dele
gations working for the prize The
smaller towns arc favored as they
give themselves wholeheartedly to
making tho meeting a success In
the election of officers Paducah will be
remembered again and iierhaps with
the office of president
J C Beam of st IxMils a passen
ger representative of tho Southern
railroad will address the traveling
men Saturday morning in executive
s on lo explain the reasons for the
ruling by the railroads requiring
traveling men to Interchange their
mileage for tickets at local stations
Tho K Ti M I has officially protested
at tlilp ruling and will bo glad to hear
an explanation
It Is hoprd bjFtllif promoters that
all the merchants along Broadway I
will kop their windows and store
fronts lighted every evening now tile
better to show off the decorations and
to give tho visitors a fine Impression
of tho retail district
Among tho ninny Invitations tho K
T 01 r lifts received from local stores
and Industries the Paducah Brewery
company has given ono for all tits
delegates to visit Its plant imme
diately after tho parade Friday morn
Ing which they will do In a body
Klmmii Ikcurate
To welcome the traveling men to
tho city the fire department has done I
everything possible although funds
of the department are low Tomorrow I
every piece of apparatus will bo In
the big parade and Chief James Wood
will head tho section by riding Mr his
automobile All of tho stations have
out their flags and are utilizing what
decorations possible The Central
station Is decorated prettily and the
firemen show such latent in arranging
colors that they may try their hand
In trimming a Merry Widow hat
Across the direct tho flro laddlea
have strung two lines of wires nUll
tonight 10 electric lights will blozo In
glory Tho globes are red white and
blue and at night the station will pre
sent a gay appearance The regular
station flag line been swung across the
street and Fourth street looks al
most ns pretty as Broadway with Its
Kill liens Control
Exciting times are looked for III the
contest between Fat Bill Tucker of
Memphis and Jn Smith of Jack
son as the biggest delegates Mr
Smith weighs 110 pounds and Fat
Bill Is 93 Inches In the waist tipping
the scales at a figure ctpso to if not
exceeding Mr Smiths avoirdupois
Each Is exercising precaution to keep
from being weighed Inadvertently ns
they want to gain a few more ounces
before tho contest closes
Now 1 York July DIt la an
nounced that Roosevelt has contract
ed with Charles Scrlbncrs Sons for
publication of his account of the
African hunting trip Ko prlcq Isan
nuunird but It Is stated that the
president wUI got largo royalties
Bowling OrcevV Ky July 9 Site
jcfeil = OnicIaIstf five tobacco asso
II salons are l eonfereuco hero to
ropos a totivmC coafederatlon of all
tignrf taeky Tennis
Ir ntire cr
Resolutions Committee Delaying I
f l MurdeftClew Leads to Paducah
Philadelphia July 9 Special
whom they searched at Atlantic City
light upon the murder of Dr William
the seashore today and held a confer
Taylor Tho latter considered tho In
City of such Importance that ho ins
for Paducah Ky where the home of
sisterinlaw of the physicians slayer I
tho Paducah woman as well as her sis
for which Dr Wilson was notorious
Inlaw until a few days before his wi
him Distracted with grief he Is bel
of the doctor by means of a bottle of
brought Into tho case last night Sill
woman small with yellow hair and I i
lioreewhipped Wilson on lip streets I <
first effort was made tai 1111 him but
law has been traced to Jersey City
the wife soy it Is said of a wealthy
Would Erect Concrete Wall
nnd Make Fill Where Broad
Street Bridgets to be Built
Over Cross Creek
Alderman W T Miller proposes
an engineering feat which If it proves
successful will redeem a great terri
tory In the southwest section of the
city and will give the people west of1
the railroad outlets to downtown and
Oak Grove cemetery without going
ID a roundabout way
Ho suggests that when the city
bulds the long contemplated bridge
The meeting or the board of alder
men tonight probably will bo well
attended as the saloon license will
be up for consideration and an expert
from St Louis will talk about tar
and gravel streets The aldermen de
sire a representative gathering of
citizens to hear this discussion It Is
probable that Jefferson street Broad
way and Fountain avenue may be
used for an experiment I
Complaints are filed against four
saloons two of them on tho north
side where citizens are trying to get
rid of disorderly houses and the
others lu tho vicinity of Ninth street
and Kentucky avenue Mayor Smith
frankly declares himself In favor of
Reading the complaints lie said
Out ot 7G applications citizens have
complained of four and have given
reasons I thing tho solemn petition
of respectable citizens regarding
affairs In tho Immediate neighbor
hood of their homos should bo re
Xo Itfiliiced lutes
At a meeting oT the K T M last
night It was discovered that the Illi
nois Central railroad had not 7anle I
an reduced rato for visitors to at
tend the meeting In Iaducah While
In session n long distance telephone
message was received from Dyersburg
that the IHInols Central refuted a
special rate to 76 persona but most
of tho traveling men and their fami
lies will attend anyhow At Jackton
Tonn the railroad was asked for
rates on special coaches it Is said
but no reply was ever made Three
months ago tha Mitinnbcrs of the ox
pcullvw committee secured l permission
from the Interstate gomuicrco com
mission for the railroads to make the
special rate but the Illinois Central
did not respond Low rate excursions
are advertised to St Louis and Louis
vllle and why the low rate should not
bo granted to Paducah has not been
learned AH of the local officials did
heir best In trying to get the rate
DyerslmrB Arrives
Dyersburg Elks will arrive tonight
at 1 oclock to play tho local Elks
baseball team Friday afternoon at
330 oclock The game will bo
largely attended by delegates to hot I
K 1 T M Paducah won the Fourth
of July game from Dyersburg and
that team will strive desperately to
win Friday FIday evening the EJks
win entertain their visitors at The
Elks building with a qmokcr rise
lineup fpr the local 1 team will be
Ewoll erf Hbckorschmldt ItWeUJ
head I6r Barrlager 8b Martlnj
f f c a and
cY Y
Unable to locate the woman for
In tho hope that sho might shed
II Wilson detectives Teturned from
nco with Superintendent of Police
formation they gathered at Atlantic
ruclcd them to take tho first train
tho woman who Is believed lo bo tho
8 situated The detectives believe
or were victims of Illegal treatment
This was not known to her brother
fes death when sho confessed to I
leved to havo planned the poisoning
ale The Paducah woman was first
a i Is said to be a beautiful southern
always well dressed A year ago sha
at Philadelphia Subsequently the
It failed The suspected brothcrln
rhc Paducah womans dead sister was
over Cross creek at tho end of Broad
street a concrete wall and fill be
constructed between the high banks
there effectually preventing the
waters from the fIver backing up
over the low lands through Cross
creek A look at the map will show
what a vast territory Is l flooded In wet
times by tho branches of Cross creek
and the ramifications of Bradshaw
creek Alderman Millers plan con
templates a big pipe to carry off the
water with a valve at the lower end
so that tho backing water from
Island creek would shut the valve I
agaInst Itself Competent engineers
have pronounced the scheme feasible
It Is proposed to extend the street
through the bottoms to reach Guthrlo
avenue It might go under the rail
roads If the water is drained off
Playing seamstress resulted In a
serious accident for little Miss Edna
hello Landram tho throeycarold
laughter of Mr and Mrs Ii Lan
dram 1018 Tennessee street est r
da afternoon at C I oclock when she
ran a needle through the forefinger
011 her loft hand Tho little miss
while not watched by her mother
climbed up to the sowIng machine
and was making her dolly a pretty
dress when tho wheel was turned
and the needle came down Oil her
finger It pierced tho finger nail and
went through tho flesh Her screams
attracted the attention of her mother
and she released the needle from tho
machine and carried the girl over to
tho residence of Mr John Peoples
who resides across tho street The
needle was pulled out but the finger
Is quite sore today i but no serious
results are expected
on w c CAVE nrccEivns SAD
Mrs n I K Vunier Passer Awny After
Lingfrliig IIUuss nt Jiimenvltk
In That State
Dr W E Cave pastor of the First
Presbyterian church has received the
ad news that his slater Mrs D K
Varner of Jamesvlllo Va had died
last evening rather suddenly though
she bad been In feeble jtealth for sev
oral years Mrs Varncr was aged 59
rears and had made her homo since
the death of her Husband flvo yoarif
ago with her brother Mr Macon
ave and sister Aks Alolllo Cave
whit are the only remaining members
nf the Immediate family other than
lev Dr Cave Hid funeral time haft
not been not but It will likely take
jaco ere Dr Cave could reach James
Tlllo but ho will leave for that place
Monday to visit his brother and sister
Madlsqnylllc K11 July p i gpe
clalladlonvlIo weal < Jry Uy J7
majority In the cictlpn 1eMitliif
There was great Jelllflcatlorf J ojt c tliq
part of thetetBp ra c0 Jot ow last
night AYpmtn and children paraded
he streeti with fconsM and banners all
day I yes tlldaI SL t
Declares For Revenue Only t t
Basis and Would ThusI
Crush the Trusts
Assails Republican Congress
For Alleged Extravagance
5koriiliif ijKnt in raacl eftti
Assembled at 1131 Siml adopted
permanent cry twlrfUor j
Adjouqiwl until 7 tonight to adopt
platform and nominate liryan
I tall road plank Is carrying trouble
Labor leaders not satisfied with
antiInjunction plunk wins Ilryna
New York takes no action OB vtcc >
presidency t
OK 0 JnmcN Is floor manager tot
Convention Hall Denver July 9 +
Long debates In the resolutlonscom i t
mltteo caused such delay that It was
announced at 11 oclock that It might
bo three hours before the report wa
ready Tho railroad plank Is crest
Ing trouble Judge Parker Senator
Daniel of Virginia Senator New V
lands of Nevada and Thomas of
Colorado are opposed to a declara
Lion for the physical valuation ot j
rdads Thin caused the matter to be
again referred to the subcommittee
The committee rejected the decla
ration against polrgaiaH Mtor T
DuBois of Idaho declares he will j
take It before the + convention and dr
mand a roll call I
While aompors accepted the anti
Injunction pank ill H Fuller anj
II E Wolls representing1 tho train
mens organizatlohs want wore deB <
nlte notice They wired Bryan te s nT
order but got no response Thefuit1
committee adopted Ufo plank unauU
raously An enormous crowd was tow
hand early but the delegates wer
late so It was 1130 when they werw
called to order Habbl Samuel KerschS
offered prayer Chairman Bell lhalf
great difficulty In bringing the con l
ventlon to order He then recognized
Senator Mc reary ot Kentucky whop
presented the report of the t commit
tee on permanent organization j
oniliwto liryan Tonight
Congressman OJHe James anl ij
nounced that the purpose of the lead
ers Is to complete the organization K
and adopt the platform this after j
noon and adjournment until tonight
when Brnnf nomination win be
made Tho vicepresidential nomina o
Linn will be tomorrow v t 1
Since Oklahoma vas given four
more votes the number necessary for
nomination Is C7I out of a total rota
of 1006 Bryans friends gave utt
figures showing where Ke has IS J 31f
pledged voles which were nofr cast
for the majority report OB credentliil3
committee They hre Callforcl
6i Colorado 9 Illinois lih Iowa 2 y I
Missouri fi 0 South Carolina 4 Ten
nessee IS Virginia 32 Wcit Tlr V
glnlo 23 and District of Columbia
0 This gives Bryan 738 altogether
Many New York delegates Jola di
Bryans cause and it is believed ° lit
entire vote will bo cast for him under
the unit rule Bryans friends nil
cule tho claim that the vote on the
credentials report G15 to 387 shows
the Ncbraskans strength This ft
less than the required twothird foXr
nomination Friend still claim they
have over 700 voles
The ousting of duffeys dele iwi
Is regarded as eliminating him fVoi afl
notional politics H
Missouri dplegales1 are bbpmlntj t
Francis hard for vlcoprCII ldenl
tho question Is still attracting IL l <
attention e ontI
hltL the vicepresidency le
or minor matter until the platter raa
and presidency are tettledrf i fjrm4 <
axe booming Illvorltel 14 wife
Iteved iNow York will preee iat fthe >
Towno or Cougrussman Fraei OBurr
ton Harrison The bourn 41st t 4 > Ute
James ot KentuckY Ixpietag
James Getfl1G will securd p nI
nomination Friends Je1lexl his
speech 1 will SivA hlmt mlarttlau
The states with canOWai ae lIJ
hOQmln Utom Tits + ojiof prevaltvul
that Bryan will dictate the eandidait
when the tJl1l1s coate4 ° cy
The Coadecflcdt EehuiaJao
eeissedtasd sawed iv1wi W atiEi l of
1k lo jiomh AtcllNebt
AtcllNebtT T
gaxlb IIMJNi to rapport f

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