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r ubueu
I i t tnittg tiu
Bryan Was Nominated Today By National Democratic Convention at Denver
Judge Reed Upholds Jurisdic
lion of County Court and
1S t Denies Writ
J if
Attorney For Father Says lie
Will Continue Fight
Judge Wlllluin Itcod dismissed the
writ iff habeas corpus Issued for Joe
nlCnilll > 18 months old held In the
lUUIII 1 ot Uie t Friendless against tlio
wlshrtl or < jjU fnlhor duroilcu 1ny
Jrlllll eft tf1o tril1l Rt tho whine
house this morning at 9 ocJock nnii
tho child with remain In the home
until voluntarily released or until
further legal proceedings wcuro Its
We have onlY begun to light
was the way Attorney M < K Gilbert
put Its 1 this morning when Judge
Herds decision against his rtt < nit ns
npnotuifed Mr Gilbert stated that
till cawl would be prosecuted If ueces
nary to the court of appeals 1o FOT
cure po I > tr HlOn of tho child for Its
Jlfdge Heed based his derision on
tho opinion hat the county court
presided over by Judge URbtfoot has
Jurisdiction and that tho regular pro
redffro would bo to havo the rasa rf
Instated In tho county court and np
MaI l led to circuit court However aJ
iho t tivfdence was heard this morning
1 1 npJho hearjng jo uscertaltt whotlur
it nrrjt of habeas corpus should issue
tho ilomo of tho Frlendlow being
rcprcientcd by Attorney Allller ft
Jail Toner formerly humane ofll
cer ttotlllod that he found the child
with trRlld Mrs iltobcrt Tldwell at
Third and Jackson streets and Unit
It was starved and sickly Attorney
M l K Gilbert undertook to Impeach
Mr Toners authority for taking the
child but Mr Toner was humdnn oin
cur by virtue of n state statute and
In addition had pollco powers
Ur Della Cadwell del IOod that at
tho tlmo the child entered the home
ihero vivre evidences of neglect
whIch made a change Imperative She
paid the child was kept In unhyglonlr
vurrouhdlngs For the plaintiffs Mis
Ingram Mrs TtdwoJl and Mr Td
YoU wore Introduced and they lentl
llt d that the child was well cared for I
mid that tho taking of tho child was
not warranted by the real situation
Mr Clarence Ingram the childs
father did not take the stand
Will Mnki ilnnl Fight
Attorney it 1 K Gilbert represent
ing the plaintiffs was busy after the
trial this morning preparing a pelt
tion to go before ° Judge Llghtfoot
praying for a now trial Jn county
court County court will bo In sos
MOil Monday but 1t Is not known I
whether It wWi be tried then Attor
nor Gilbert snys he wjll Introduce
many more witnesses In this trial
lltI8 prepalcd for an adverse de
rl lon and will appeal tho case If do
tided against him to circuit court
Circuit court will not convene until
October and tho child will remain 1n
thn Home now until then or until
they nfp ordered by court In release
Itto Its parents
Attorney OMborl nud Mrs Ingram
asserted this morning that tho child
JooJlfURIII was sent to Carbolldu1o
HI a Tnonth ago and was not roo
turned iintll yesterday when the
trlalijufrtthe writ made Its presence
un vodttbJe Thoy professed to tin
hove that t tho chI i1 wars Rent away
from H fear by the Home of the
Friendless l flint attempts would bo
mado by Its parentsJo abduct It
Alleging that ho cannot got nn im
partial trial from County Judge It T
lIshtfpot Attorney Mti Gilbert
Bffid lie ells undertake to sw ar him
oft tho bench and have the cs se tried
by nnpther person You an say
there will 10 Interesting pro codings
nil through this caso ho ci noludod
tills morning
4 Files IVtltlon
Attorney M K Gilbert file u putt
llonln county < mrt this Irtorl con for
CJarnnco Ingram nuking for the re
Biornttoif or Jqo Ingram In th l Home
of the Friendless to his parent 1 HeI
nllenea thattllie child was tnUm to I I
Cnrbondalefllll last monHi flr un
explained reasons and thai tilt 1101110
la holdlnghim now forHjf111118 ° r
HIte 1 I
spiteMG Frank J L Scott tins reAirnod1 I i
front a business trip to New I York
Clly nnd po hats In the east I
rsss sSSS SSs SSl
Hot Springs Vn July 10
A TrniNiinr Klieldon of the Ben 1 1
fi IJllhlClI1I II lit ICIIIII 1 ctlllllllillre nil I
flounced hurt bu 11I1I1C11I tll tho +
IlIIhlllll to nil mllllNIIlC1I lon
trlblitloiiH and will publish u lllt
as the New York Jaw 1lCllIlItI ii i
RIIIhloli and Sevnnry IJotr i
rue hen for II lilllftIlIICO Vlth I
fjTaft fj nud lltclie < Kk
ssn snss Sss SSSS
hurray K 1 > Juj 10tlltlllIl
In I n nuht this morning between
John Hnrrls Jim Buck York and J
W Parker all residing In the south
wester corner of Mnrtlmll county
all of Jfio men were wounded by shot
BBil t tlwlco Mrs J W Parker saved
the life of Hunk by hor pluck and
energy Sheriff t Pete Uley or Mar
shall county wont to tho scone of the
fchnotlng but beforo ho arrived Harris
bad decamped All of tho men are
farmers and are men of moans
HnrrlK and IatKer married sisters
and with thick bid met at the home
of Iarkor to divide the estate of the
Into C York Iloforo the property
had been distributed among the heirs
a qimrro1 urose and Harris left and
returned l with a donblo barrel shot
gun Parker started running through
a loll when Harrte shot htm In tho
right arm nud side Parkers arm Is
York wont to Parkers homo and
Rot lute shotgun Just tin he opened
the door Harris shot York In the
right arm Tlcforo Harris could ro
load York managed to prop up tho
gun and with his left hand pulled
the trigger The flhargfr struck Harr4n
In tho forehead but the wound IB not
After loading his RIIII Harris ad
fnecd In the houw and pointed tho
VitiizUj nt York when Mrs Parker
truek the gun The shot went wild
York begun running but Harris
pulled his knife and followed York
He caught him but Mrs Parker
again managed to wrench the knife
away v
Noightors wore ntlrnoUd by tho
rtiota and a further rotumptlon of the
quarrel was prevented t Sheriff Pole
J3Iey went to Harris homo but found
that he had left
Chicago Market
IJul T Nigh Law Close
Whtiil e l1IS 88 88
Corn 7Jlk 72 74
Oats 81r l76 4S14
Sept high Low Close
1roV t02G lfi90 16174 J I
l < ard 11117 44 DW IC2VS
Ribs OU214 sUfJ IOItI I
Mr Fred Foster will go to St I
Louie tomorrow on tho excursion I
from hero I
xai 1 I
= =
11 I
Xnincs of Thosu Sued For
Night ItidiiiK ly l KqfiiRccs
From Itiriningliain
1 Ii I i
Maggie Scruggs and I A Baker
are the nnmoa of the plaintiffs In the
suit In federal court for 75000
brought ugivltiHt 72 citizens of Lyon
and Marshall counties The plaintiffs
ktip under tho pauper provisions nndI I
claim to Im oltUens of Illinois now
Iwyjilg been exiled from Birmingham
Marshall county by night riders
TIm defendants In tho milt are Dr
1i i I
K I Champion Sam Colley Burnett j
Phelps Alfred Chnudct Louis Chaiil
dot William Wlllinras Amos Strlnj i
got AVullls Stringer Fred Holden
Tom McCain W C Holdoh I Bl I
MnFnrlnnd Louis Wonmor Uncle j I
DIICtIVntt j
Polo Prince Marvin Wutklus Willie
dohccn Sydney Allison John WlllIoI I
Dud Chronder Dan Chroader Rescue I
Prince Qhaudqt Locker Charles
Phelps John Chitinbera Joo WasU
burn Jack Heath John Heath Bob
Heath John Hill Marshall county
Clarence Pctwny Claude Culp henry
Holmes Alfred Fox Ernest Fox I
Naldy Browjilp Charles Duncan
Luther AVells Eeb Bloodworth Jesto
Kelyr Courthey ChSmpIoa Jodie Lee1 I J
0 it
Drummers March and City
Police and Fire Department
Turn Out in Force
Baseball Game and River
Trip Scheduled
Bauds playing flags Hying good
cheer pretty girls and Jolly men
made the second day of the Kentucky
Tennessee and Mississippi Traveling
Mens meeting notable In tho thrc >
days celogratlon Circus crowd I
lined Broadway nil morning and tin1
traveling men who came hero to find
recreation stood around ou corners to
watch tho beauty parade for the pa
rode given at uoon was not tho only
one Paducnh girls and women had
on their bout bibs and tuckers and
promenaded Broadway for tour
All the Interest of tho inoniltiR
both fur the visitors and judging fron
the crowds for the homo people WIt
line parade of the 1C J T M I civil an
thorltles lire department and police
force Like all parades It wits slight
ly I overduo when It startud from
Sixth and Jefferson streets hut the
crowds waited and were rewarded by
a lively exhibition
First ClIme Grand lartlIl l Cftrnfll
son heading the nappy look its IK >
loco department on foot Making
stirring music the iiurpbysboro 111
band followid and low on thoJrihetilk
was Mayor James P Smith 6 big au
tomobile The patrol wagon came
next with a load of city officials and
carriages also carried aldermen and
eotmollmcn Decorated and spick
and span the lire dojuu tintint headed
by Chief James Wood In a Ford run
about wore next In order followeyliy
carriages containing oflicon of thld K
luto 5tcllutn
Hut the roaririsplnitlon of the pa
rade was the automobile section
These were beautiful In tho K 1 T M 1 l
colors and each carried a burden of
Paducahs most beautiful women
There were to many In line that visit
ors received a fresh good luiprwslon
of Pad Utahs wealth Deals OrcbI
teal band playing the tuneful fgTrav
oJIng Man wan sandwiched between
the auto section and tho members of
Jho K T M on fool Cheery greet
lags were hurled at these by friend
In the crowds along the line of raarcli
and occasionally they broke Into
At Second street the parade turned 1
off liroadway Into Kentucky avenue
and marched thence to Fifth street
and to the postofllco whore the picture
of the delegates was taken From
the puslof lie tho crowd wont iu the
Charles Collins BJliio Hill Charles
1Ib rum Ted Murray Elvnn Hill
Wlllard Townes Jack Wells Harry
jKddlngton John Proscott Clove
Kelly Dick Gulp Stone Wilson John
Tiulen Johnson Lady Ed Fox
John Fox Dave Payne Amos Fulks
John llrldges Chariot Haydon Kenny
Uioodworth Gvprgo Duncan Thurs
lon Duncan Henry Townes John
Hill Lyon county Hugh Rog u >
Ivnn Rogers
Tho third quarterly confrrenre of
Iho Third Street Methodist church was
lucid lost night Uio Rev J W Ulack
jard presiding older presiding Th °
pastor the Rov 11 H Tern reported
more than half his couferenco toiler
lions paid In and fully CO ppY rent of
his missionary collections Hie church
lis 1n bettor financial condition than
for several years
MndlionvfUo Ky 1 July 10Spe
claJlro this morning In the burl
ness section caused a Iocs of 450000
The buildings had just been rebuilt
latter a former fire
National Democratic Platformi i
Convention Hull Denver July 10
Thu following resolutions constitute
substantially the entire platform of
the Democratic national convention
Wo the reuraiontnttvPH of the
Democracy of the United States III
national convontKt 1J assembled rcuf >
tins gJlr faith jn nod vJedBOouivJo
ally to principles of our party
We rojoIci n thug Inart lug slgna
of an awakeuln throughout the cotta
try Various Investigations have
raced graft and political corruption
to the representatives of predatory
wealth anti fcild bare the unscrupu
louq method by which they have do
bauched elections nnd preyed uiran
tho defense > si + public through KUU
forvnnt olllclalg whom they have
raided 10 phico and honor
The conscience of the nation Is
now aroused and must be appealed
to to free the government from itM
grip of those who had made it a burl
ness asset of favorseeking corpora
tlon It must become again a peoples
government anti Uaadinliilutercd In
all Its departments according to tho
Jorr < < reonlun majlm equal rights to I
qll and special privilege to none
Srnrjb 1L4pltlu i rule Is the over
tb7t1oWrmt lasue nl IhL time IL mlnl1
feete Itself In full In the question now
Paducah brewery plant where they
wore tho companys guests
lluseball Game
Special cars mot tho trains from
the south this morning nnd rushed
the visitors to the city In time for the
parade The Dyemburg Elks base
ball team Is In the oily and all cocked
and primed for n great game at Will
lace park this afternoon which the
1 < T M 1 and hundreds of local pco
plo will attend The Paducah Elks
team wflL of course have themass
of the rooters but tho outoftown
traveling tneu will makt tho Dyers
burg boys feel assured by their sym
pathetic rooting The gamo was
called at 330 oclock
Nearly all of the nfttriiiioii will be
occupied by the game and other
Couiiniioti on 1ncc Five
ATlllmI I
iejicrully fair anti continued warns
tonight and Katiiniay lliglie t tens
turo yestenliiS 81 liiircst today
er at
under discussion and demands 1m
mediate consideration
Tlie Tariff
Wo welcome the belated promise
of tariff reform now affected by the
Uepubllcan party In tardy recogni
tion of the righteousness of the Demo
craticposition on this question but
the people cannot wifely entrust the
Sxectittoh of this lusltortant work to
the party which is so deeply obli
I gated to highly protected Interests ai
is tho Republican party <
IWe I call attention to tho signifi
cant fact that the promised relief was
postponed until after the coming elec
I tonan election to succeed In which
Jho Republican party must have that
I paino Hupport from the beneficiaries
lor the high proteclivo tariff as It has
I always heretofore received from
them and to the further fact that dur
ling years of uninterrupted power no
action whatever has been taken b >
I tho Republican congress to correct
the admittedly existing tariff 1nq 1 u tIes
ImmiHliatc Revision
rIOS1IIIIItllillto Immediate revision
of the tariff by tho reduction of Im
port duties Articles entering Into
I competition with trustcontrolled pro
Continued on Page Three
Death cunio closer to Mr S A
Fowler secretary of the Qommerdal I
club yesterday afternoon at hits
country placo Kdgewood than ever
before In his life when his nmgulll
cent bull the present of Thomas W
Lowsoiir the Boston financier sudden
ly rushed lit him and was goring him
on tho ground when Ito was rescued
A friend hearing thp cry of Mr
Fowler la tho bulls pen rushed In
and attracted tho attention of tho
mad bull which loft Mr Fowler and
started toward hint Whllo the
friend was breaking short dist
ance sprinting recbrdu to tlio fence
over which lie scrambled just In the
nick of time Superintendent A H
Egan of the LoiilsVIHo division of tho
Illinois Central railroad nnd J c1
Roam of the Southern railroad who
were promnt dragged Mr Fowler
from tho pen
Out of breath all four men stood
with the fcnco between them and tho
angry bull which was pawing thq
I ground and rolling his eyes In al
t stlley of wrath Had not tho bulls
horns been cut off only n few weeks
ago Mr Fowler would have Ixien
killed instantly by tho vicious ram
mlug of tho bulls tremendous head
Fortunately for Mr Fowler too the
bull gored him on the right hip and
not in the etomuch
Ltllle Gagnn colored the dement
p4 girl arrested yesterday was taken I
to Hopklnsvtlle tho asylum thla af
ternoon fit 3 ocloCk She talk aloud
lied moans continually tatk1IIOUdI
t4 1I I
Only One Ballot Needed and Convene
tion Goes Wild When Dunn Places
Nebraskafis Name Before House in
Eloquent Speech
4 vP <
Delegates See Daylight Creep Into Audi
torium at Denver and Then Adjourn
Until This Afternoon to Finish Their
Work A
Convent Ion Hull IHiiverf July to
Tlioimw It Mni lmll ut U p m
plactnl In nominutliiii fur vlro presi
dent John W Kern of liilluiuiHII <
Denver July JOTho convention
was very slow axsembllng It VIIH I iM
before It wiw called to order Tin
Itev CorlKtl of Westlleld X Y of
feral prayer Texas Mlit a commit
tAO to Inquire of the Delaware tlelegn
lost uhetlier Cmy would run If HOIII
10nlt1l Ihluwnre niMuvntl that while
Gray Li not n ramlklatc lie would
prolmbly accept Texas situ nouuuiced
the Intention of nominating the Belo
wait jurist and entoiixl the hall with
u banner marked Texa IN for try
Delegates Satisfied
Convention Hall Denver July 10
Delegates are tired today but
happy They havo completed a big
task A platform upon which they
assert all Democrats can stand is I
adopted William J Bryan was nom
mated as tho opponent of William
Howard Taft Tho utmost harmony
prcvlala Even beforo the allnight
cession adjourned those who opposed
Bryans nomination had pledged their
support In the campaign
1110 scenes throughout tho long
session were unprecedented Bound
less enthusiasm was delayed While
walling for tho resolutions commit
tee to report various orators enter
tained the crowd When tho roll call
began for nominations tho excite
ment was tremendous Some of the
seconding speeches tired tho crowd
and the speakers were howled down
Others made great hits Augustus
Thomas of Missouri and Congress
man Ollle James of Kentucky were
prime favorites
Tho convention wildly cheered tine
platform when its reading was Inter
rupted by speeches John E Lamb
of Indiana offered n supplementary
resolution recommending tho role
bratlon of the hundredth anniversary
of M cons birth February 12 1909
Chairman Clayton declared ns a son
of the Confederacy ho appreciated tho
sOlltllllOlit anll refused to call for
noes On ballot J K OConnor
1 of Utica forced a poll of tho New
York delegation whose voto was cast
Ior I Bryan When the adjournment
camo tho delegates wero too tired to
consider the vicepresidency
William Jennings Bryan was noml
tinted on the first ballot at 3d6 1
oclock this morning amid scenes of
tho greatest enthusiasm over wit
nessed In a convention hall
The platform was adopted and tho
convention adjourned until 1 oclock
this afternoon
The vote stood Bryan 80214
Gray GOH Johnson 4G Gray got
Delaware 6 Georgia 20 Now Jersey
I 2f and Pennsylvania 9V5 Johnson
got Connecticut C Georgia 2 Maine
1 Maryland 9 Minnesota 22 New
Hampshire 1 Pennsylvania 3 Rhode
Island 3 Bryan got all oC the rest
Eight votes 1n ot castLjUplHoTl Penn
sylvania r Vcrruontjjl t t
A dllnOIlRtr tOO taetipg75 flute
utes followed Dunns presentation of
Bryans name during which women
fainted and men Jell exhausted The
platform committee did not report i
i Continued < > nPago Four t
Notice was posted iqday that tho
Illinois Central pay car will arrive In
Paducah on Thursday July 1GI to pay
the employes This j psv day wll
mean that more money wftj btf turned
loose in Taducab thiiiji during the
winter months but the 10poebt
Increase at the ghopr 11111 but
IlKtle effect on 4 this nontM5r Jlr roll
Lincoln Neb July 10 Bulletin
I Brynji received n telegram of con
gratulation from ludgu Gray ami
Johnson They dcclnru Bryan will
have no more earnest supporters than
they I and Johnson oilers to take flue
stump for the nominee Ifeailecl by
bandy se end thousand Lincoln en
thusiast visited Fairvcw Bryan
iniule n short tiiwccli Bryan and lib
wife shook lianjs for nn hour with
tJ J
Attorney J D Mocqnpt 1 pro this
pity responded Jo the addtellsot wel
come to the State Dar association
yesterday at Louisville L p Hus
bands was a member or the t nccrol gy
Barbecue tinny Planned for Xomlned
ut IVjrt Arthur Tex
Galveston Tex July 10Flsbo
rate plans are being made for the re
ception and entertainment of Presi
dential Xomtnco Taft upon the ores >
slon of his visit to Port Arthur Tex
which Is the home of John W Gates
late of Now York The commodious
home of Gates will be converted Into
i ilopubllcan camp for the two or
three days It Is expected ilr Taft
will sojourn on the Texas coast The
town and port will be magnificently
A few gifts In proportion to Taftn
size will be presented the distin
guished guest Among bet will be
n watermelon weighing 107 pounds
tha largest on record The choicest
fruits and vegetables grown in the t
state will bo Included In the present
and a grand barbecue will bring out
all Mr Tafts t admirers In Sooth
Texas1ESIItAIiLR u
Imml rutlon Agent In Kentucky le
sires to Place Tliein
I Frankfort Ky July toJnror
uiatlon as to tho importation otfof
eign laborers into Kentucky and the
names of those desiring foreigners as
employee are being secured by Elijah
Green Immigration agent for Ken
tuck Ho is busily engaged now in
getting statistics concerning com
munities which aro offering induce
manta for foreigners to pome here to
live and ho expects to bo able to get
tho foreigners and those who want
them Into communication sp that
both can be pleased Ollr Green has
begun his work ns Immigration agent
and for the next six weeks will ft
engaged in finding out whore thC for
eigners are needed most In arise
sections desirable efforts are being
made to Import families so as to prp
Tldo ° house servants It Is I believed
that the Immigration agent teay help
In this and do a good work for the
state by means of his Activities
9Special 9 +
Special SupervlW Aftytc
Taylor lsas promised r otnMt T
M Fisher ef Paducahi to get riIt I
maidyneu the Padeteskni
provenet M wit1i0A fir
awpopl r
< 0 ltyi c r

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