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b1 tt nn tningtun +
Jfnko + Core Acreage Patches1
IB Comparison and of Most
Excellent Quality
buyers Satisfy Themselves 88
to Extent and Condition
p ax I
Tgbarco Holds and corn patches
Is IhVwar tbo acreage of the two
stapto crQl a compare when ono make
u trip through tho farming section
tit western Kentucky Tho condition
on both crops Is I far above tho aver
ago the tobacco crop being especially
promising and far advanced many
rarrir l VvlriB topped their tc >
bacco which means that tho crop
may bo put on the market and
money realized on Its tale by Sep
tember IS or a month earlier than U I
The high prices and ready rate tho
farmers had Cpr tholr 100C crop of
lobarco and n good prospect for tho
continuance of tboio conditions ex
sting at the time for planting the
present crop coupled with n lato wet
spring caused many farmers to nl
most abandon their corn crop and
devote all their tlmo and energy In
raising a largo tobacco crop They
were fortunate In having an abund
ance of plants while the weather con
dittoes yero all that could bo do
aired at transplanting time and as a
ronstqucnca the face of the earth Is I
planted In tobacco as a tobacco
broker expressed It this morning
after having received reports front
men la his employ sent out to asccr
lain tho exact acreage nnd condition
of the growing crop of the weed
Their reports show that In the west
urn district of the blade patch the
Bcrcagfl Is 1 at Jsjfa CO p < r cent In
crease over all previous years while
In the eastern or Clarksvllle district
tt Increase Is even greater
In evory luktahco It Is I reported that
the condition of the crop Is far above
tho average and prospects never so
good for a fine quality of tobacco
bclngralscd Thoto reports have bad
tho effect of causing tho buyers to
purchase but small quantities of the
1907 crop 00 per cent of which Is I
riqw on the market unsold a condl
lion brought > about by the poor qual
ity of the tobacco In addition to the
high prices nt which tho farmers
have hold their product
One of tho mon who rode over
m > vcral counties during the last two
weeks was hero this morning and
laid ho was almostmobbcd In one
s Lion of Calloway county the re
pciii bayIng been circulated that his
real business was to determine what
farmers had not pledged their to
bacco to the association and to offer
Inducements to thoto who had not to
stay out pad sell their tobacco inde
IKiil IIllC I lIt II
The receipts of tobacco at the Pa
diicjh salesroom ot the Planters Pro
tective association during the week
have been 263 hogsheads while 01
hogsheads have been sold nt prices
ranging from 9 to 13 cents
Itecclpts for year 102i sates
Flro chief James Wood discharged
Will Nolim of tho No 2 flro ilia lion
thlMjrtbrnlng for broach of discipline
CfifbfWoqd JntqndKto follow tho or
ders strictly and the board has prom
lucd i lo > back him uni W F McCor
mlck Isflillifg In NclonH place until
tho board selects a nmn
Richard Brown who has bVn net I
lug engineer for tho steamer tit the
No 2 tsUtlon quit work tlfls lorn
log bocaune his license hud crfflrod
Ho Will take the examination again
And J have this license renewed a f once
and probably will be n Candida o for
tho position when a permanent ogln
iHir Is elected Leo Story wa ap
pointed temporarily engineer t tsue
reed Bra wtCii n I II the regular el utlon
Is held by the board
m i
citrolt1uly llFlro practi sib
wfped out the business section of tho
town ot Riga A locomotive si ark
tired a grain elevator There wa no
fire protection and all siirrouni lug
buildings wag destroyed
Bryan and Kern Head Democratic
National Ticket Denver is Quiet
Again After Weeks of Excitement
Indiana Man Jflcascd at Honor
Accorded Him and Bryan
Wires + His Sincere Pleasure
Everliotly Aboard
Denver Col July lljW J hey
an IIr Nebraska and J W Kern of
Indiabafor president and vlco provi
dent respectively head tho national
Democratic ticket
Denver Is practically deserted to
day Most of the delegates and visit
on loft lost night The final guard
departed today Most of the eastern
delegates a re preparing to slop at
Lincoln to visit Drynn on their way
hone Kern will visit Bryan Sunday
or Monday Kerns nomination wag
1 band wagon ruth The tip that ho
was HID man went around the hall
just after tho convention met and the
seconding speeches showed Oils This
canted a rush id the band wagon
Kern said today I did not took jonl
nomination though 1 am very much
gratified that It has been conferred on
me I am especially proud to bo as
sociated with Mr Bryan on the
ticket t 1 shall take tho stump and do
my love bent to pcurc tho election
of Mr Ilryan and myiolf
Indianapolis July IIAt Indian
apolli gren preparations am made
tion on his return next week Four
yean ago when Fairbanks was nomi
nated a nonpartisan reception was
given and Kern mado the address
It Is I expected that Fairbanks will
make tho address welcoming Kern
homo now Tho entire city will join
In the event Mayor Bookwaltcr and
other Republicans assisting In tho ar
rangements I
At JJnrulii
Lincoln Neb July 11 Bryan toy
day received numerous delegations
who congratulated him and discussed
c fi ttfllga itank Several l hundred
trailed during the day A crowd ofj
Chicago Democrats were aho first ar
rivals All went to Fairview Other
pattern delegations arrived later The
Democratic national committee U I
pmlng Tuetday Kern Is expected to
attend the conference it Is expected
totAo national Chairman will bo xn nuedltr
then Bryan probably will dldtatej
tho choice Tom Taggart J II At
wood of Kansas Mayor Dahlman of
Omaha T F Ilyan of Wisconsin
and Uroy Wopdson of Kentucky are
regarded us candidates It Is believed
Uryau favors Dahlman
Kent fly nlllllllllllllI j I
Denver Col July llTho Demo
cratlrt national convention concluded I
c cxyc SSSSSS s cxx
i Cincinnati I tidy i lFrank I
Vvfl n tailor went mad over y
loving n few dollars playing
i poker lie pouml ffuinlino over y
2 leis iuik < M body All the fund
j hew of the room was wt oil flro 4
5 nod IK fought off the < llrciiuii
with iilieal Ho fluidly was over >
< route iiiul taken to the liuxpltal f
j Ho II I IxjMiUtl to die j
5 >
= = = L = = =
Its labors last evening by the nomina
tion of John Worth Kern of In
diana I for tjho l vlco presidency
ITho I nomination of Kern was made
I by acclamation amid tho resounding
cheers of delegates Dud spectators
No ballot was necessary as the tide
ot sentiment had set Irresistibly to
I ward the Indiana candidate stato
after stale registering their delega
tions In his favor and all other can
dldatcs withdrawing before the unl
Versa demand for his nomination
I Tho convention after adjournment
at daylight with the nomination of
1 Mr Bryan resumed its session at 1
p m with a powerful undercurrent
already In motion toward tbe nomina
lion of Kern for second place On
tho call of states Indiana presented
the name of Kern i Colorado through
former Governor Thomas placed In
nomination Charles A Towne of
Now York Connecticut presented
Archibald McNeil and Georgia Clark I
Howell I The names of Judge George
Gray of Delaware and of John Mit
chell of Illinois were not presented
owing to the positive requests of
these gentlemen not to have their
names go before the convention Fpr
a time It looked as though a ballot
would bo required but tho steady
line of states which joined In second
Ing Kerns nomination soon made It
apparent that the chances ot all other
candidates had been extinguished
Towne Start Acclamation AVnvi
Mr Towne In person was the first
candidate to recognize the decisive
nature of tho Kern movement and
In a ringing speech he withdrew his
nanio from consideration and pledged
his support to the ticket of Bryan and
Kern Withdrawals qulcly followed
from the supporters of Howell of
Georgia and McNeil of Connecticut
leaving the Indiana candidate t alone
ftr the field The withdrawn of the
Connecticut candidate was accompa
nied by a motion that the nomination
ot Kern be mado by acclamation The
motion was carried with a deafening
shout and tho great assemblage broke
Into a groat demonstration on the
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Calloway County Man Harass
ed by Armed Hand For Tent
tying Against Its Members
Murray Ky 1 July 11 S Cal
With soldiers patrolling his corn and
tobacco Holds wbllo hl works his
crops In the day anti a detail around
MH hours while he Bleeps ut night
Frank Mardls victim pt tho night
riders lash last winter and threaten
Nd with further violence this season
s making an effort to support his
family by raising a crop this year
Mardls lint provoked tho hatred or
the night riders In tho fall of 1007 by
jelling to tho Independent buyers Hi
was visited by a band of 200 masked I
men and bllitally whipped and rOde
o promlfco to put nil tobacco in the I
sBotlntlon This spring ho again
aroused tholr wrath by appearing Jtt t
ho court of Inquiry and cxhlbltlng his
wounds and tbo six foot limb with
which ho was beaten laying the found
utlou for a prosecution of tho mem i
burs of tho mob whoso Identity had
been established by tho confessions of r
Wiley Stewart Macon Champion and
alters Since that tlmo ho has been
i marked man and has lived In
onstant fear of being visited again
and more severely punished If not
tilled However With the presence
of troops In tho county and tho check
lvcn night riders by tho prompt ac
tion of tho grand jury In bringing In
dictments at tho last term of court
Mr Mardis had gone ahead with his
rop as usual uptll last week when
his farm was visited by a mob of
200 men who fired hundreds of bhoU
uipposedly as a warning Mardls and
ills family were not at home although
no effort was mado by the marauders
to enter the house Whet he returned
next morning the neighbors Informed
a = =
him of tin occurrence the night h l > °
I fore ho aid his family went to Mur
ray and stayed ut a friends house un
tll a f jw days ago when soldier guards
were Sant with him back to his homo
In the bills on the banks of the Ten
jCll5ro river nnd under their proter
lion be wit > tny there until his crop
Is made and dlsK > sed of Then It III l
understood ho will leave tho county
and seek a homo probably In the
great west
Mr Martha U a man of frail con
stitution and tho great strain under
which ho is living has almost broken
him down Ho has an Interesting
family consisting of a wife and sov
hroi small children nil of whom np
pear above tho average In Intelligence
Llko their father their faces depict
many sleepless nights caused by fear
all anxiety
Golconda 111 July 11 Special
Albert Myles Uio well known race
horse man shot nud killed Herbert
Crider of Cnruthcrsvllle 111 In u
saloon here an old grudge being tho
cause of tho shooting Three shots
woro fired by Myles two shots Inking
effect and death came Instantly
Myles was In Paducah with a string
of horses July 3 aol 4
Bishop Carlis Dies
j <
Baltimore July UDlsbop Alfred
A Cards vicar general In the Catho
I lic archdiocese of Baltimore died this
morning ot cancer ot the itomch
1L s
Claim That Referee Should
Have Allowed Bidders to
Uoinpoto 1
Matter Goes JJcfore fudjre J He
Call at Memphis Now
Attorney J C Flournoy represent
ing foreign nnd local creditors of tho
Register Newspaper compaby has ap
pealed from the decision of Ileforeo
Bagby of the bankrupt court In con
tinuing the sale of the ItegUter news
paper plant and business to Warner
Moore for 0700 There was an
other bid offering the same amount
The case wilt be heard by Judgo > ill
Call at Memphis who is excise judge
of the United States court for the
district of western Kentucky during
the absence of Judge Evans who Is
In Europe The attorney In his pell
lion recites the tact that as two bds
of the game amount wero offered for
tho plant the rcfereo should have
ordered another sale of the property
and given the creditors the benefit of
competition between the two bidders
Tho proceeds of the sale wero not
sufficient to pay the claims of the llrst
mortgage holders and the general
creditors ot the concern would not
receive any part of their Claims
Dressed In bluo serge skirt and a
new white shirt waist Mattie Cooper
the 17yearold girl hobo from Louis
vlllo returned to her hinge In Louis
ville returned to hoi home In Louis
caught Wednesday at tho Union sta
tion dressed In mens clothes and rid
ing on top of a coach from Louisville
Her father was unable to send for
her and the city furnished transpor
tation for her to return home Olattlc
was anxious to see her parents again
and laid she Is going to bo a real
good girl when she arrives home
Girl friends In tho city furnished
her with clothes nnd when rested
for the trip home she was a fair look
Ing girl City Jailer Wade Brown
accompanied her to the train and
placed her in charge of tho con
ductor to sea that she reached Louis
Washington Juy 1QAn armed
conflict is feared between tho pollee
and striking machinists at tho Wash
ington Terminal companys round
house Fifty strikers with arms are
uardlng the round house to prevent
strikebreakers entering The police
are camping near to quell the rout
breaks It Is feared a clash Is In
Hdtort and Foreman Graham of
Murray lire visiting relatives and
friends In tho city
Qvncrally fair aiuTomitliumt vimn
iilKJit nii < lc Sunday highest tort
pen taco yeRtcnbiyA8 lowest today
ipen i UIC1lt6hillC r 1 J
Burning Lake of Oil A Mile Wide
Illuminates Sea For Two Hundred
Miles and Threatens Whole Field
aacxxUCxxxxxxxxxx sss
Trenton N Y duly 11 1
FrllJIIIN of former President
Clcvclfliul cstlmato Ills fortune at
y it niHIIuu An Inventory was
g filed with the will which was of
jerctl for prelude and kept secret >
2 Ho left bciinifsls of 1000 to 5
oulsldn pnHlcH Riving the bal
6 cure to t his wife Friends urguu
V that unless lie had ben l wealthy d
Cleveland ivould nut have given 2
C so niiirli to others VJ
xXx + CUCxxxxxxttxCx
Smlthland Ky July 11Tho
Farmers Union of this county Is I plan I
ning to purchase the Boston block atI I
Grand Rivera and Is almost certain toj j
close tho deal Whlttemore the realI I
estate man of Paducah IK agent rorI I
the proiierty and an option was se
cured from him by members of the i
Union several weeks ago In which 1
the Union was given the privilege orI I
purchasing lho property for HilOOt t
and were given 90 days In which to 1
raise the 1I10neyI I
Tills will be the first attempt of the I
kind In the stale It Is hoped by I
thole taking interest In the move to
make It of such proportions that ad I
joining counties will bo Interested i
and do business through the Grand
Rivers warehouse and a rally of the I
farmers Is planned for July 25 at
which time It Is hoped to make defi I
nite arrangements for carrying out
the deal R L Barnett the state or
ganizer will deliver an address vine
Florence Station Ky July 11
SpeclalIre destroyed the home
of Robert Newton a farmer yester
day afternoon It Is thought the
blaze Started from a defective flue
and the house was burned to the
ground despite efforts to savo It New
ton lost his household goods and his
loss will bo about = 500 with no In
surance It was a three room house
and his smokehouse was burned also
The stable was saved after a fight by
neighbors Newton formerly lived In
Manchester Eng July 11A par
tial canvass of tho vote pf cotton
spinners on accepting tho rp r cent
reduction Indicates there will bo a
general strike It tho operators try to
carry out the announced plan The
strike will close practically all the
The South jCorolina
Philadelphia July 11South Car
olina Is tho newest battleship launch
ed at Cramps yard before a large
crowd Including Juuuy naval officials
Miss Prederlc Ad pt dajughter of the
governor christened her South Cur
ollna Is tho second of the Dread
naught class She Is sixteen thousand
tons and a sister of the Michigan re
coolly launched
luunchedFIGG I
Louisville Ky July 11 Special
Leo Flgg a contractor arrested by
the board ot aldermen for trying to
bribe Alderman Hess to approve a
granite contract Hess showed a
diamond ring FIgS gave him He led
Flgg into a trap
John M Allen organizer for the to
bacco growers association who has
been at work In McCracken county
for two weeks wll leave tonight for
his homo at Oulhrle to spend Sunday
He will go to Carlisle county Monday
Flames Are Fed From Wells I
and Already the Loss is Esti
mated at Million Dollar
Ozuluma Territory
Tamplco Mexico July 11Fire is
weeping over the Ozuluma oil field
A lake of oil a mllo wide Is burning
It Is fed from wells and It Is feared
the wholo field will be destroyed
The loss already Is a million Flames
mount hundreds of feet and are seen
200 miles at sea
Reorganization of the McCracken
Bounty branch ot the Planters Pro
tective association will be effected In
a meeting being held this afternoon
at the association salesroom 120
roadway by tho members of the
TcCracken county executive commit
tee with County Chairman J < L Yar
brough Mr J D Allen of Guthrle
an organizer and orator for the asso
latlon Is l In the city to meet with
the McCracken county executive com
mittee and to arrange with them a
speakIng program for the Immediate
Chairman Yarbrough called tho
meeting to order at 2 oclock and the
followIng members were present C
M Ross Lono Oak Ed Rudolph
Clark river John Ctusterman
tlaxon Mills John McKeage Ross
ington Henry Rudolph Now Hope
Because business firms are charged
the samo license as a single business
nan engaging In tho same occupation
and morO specifically because several
awyers In nnrtnershlp pay the same
license as a lawyer sole Judge D O
Park filed a demurrer In police court
this morning A elation was Issued
al the Instance of R B Hicks city I
reuse inspector against Judgo Park
for failure to pay license and the
validity of the odlnnnco will bo test
ed Many attorneys have failed to
pay > the license but the case agalirtt t
Judge Park will be made a test case
In general the demurrer reads that the
ordInance Is unconstitutional because
ot discrimination The decision In the
case either way promises to develop
an appeal and although tho ordinance
has withstood several attacks the
grounds of tho demurrer aro novel
and much Interest has been aroused
Little Improvement Is shown to
day In the condition of Mrs Azelce
Watson 922 Jonc street who was
truck over the right eye Thursday
night by an unknown negro burglar
Mrs Watson Is unconscious a great
part of the time and imagines she
sees the negro However the doctors
say that she is resting ns easy as
could be expected Henry Jones the
negro suspect arrested at tho Union I
station by tho police Is still being
held pending an Investigation
Woodmen ot tho World will leave
Paducah tomorrow morning on a
special train at 9 oclock for Mayfleld
to attend tho unveiling of a monument
there to a former member of Jersey
camp of this city They will ho en
tertained at lunch in Mayfleld by the
lodge and tho unveiling ceremonies
will take place In the afternoon The
special train will return to Paducah
lale Sunday afternoon With beauti
ful weather prtnilseda large crowd Is I
expected to attend this ceremony as
went down to Wfngo to the unveiling
of Sam Beadles monument
mOIlumentI I
Judge a Barry of < Bontpn was in
the city last night
Chicago Market I
July IIIgh Lqw Close I
Wheat 81 4 81 89 U 1
Corn > 75 71H 74TJ
Oats d94i 48 49 I
Sopt High Low Close
lrov 1L5 1f12Q 1CI5
Lard 970 956 91I I
JUk 0 4 8ttl 900 810 I
Paducah Secures Ilccogatfb
on Official Roster of Orgaif
End of K T M Conveitlon
Comes Today
irsldcnl F t Barlljlt st
First Vice Ptvsfdenl Jjarry
SIcOomiack Xoshvllle
Stcoml Vice l resldeut 13 n
Cunningham Pmliirali
Third Vice 1JCsldellfW L
Stegnll Jackson
Kecretarj C K Ilcnrro Pa
Tmisiircr B Gucdry 1adu
Officers for the Kentucky Tennes
see and Mississippi Traveling Mend
association woro elected In executive
session this morning at The Kck r
tucky iPaducah Is I honored by hav
lug three of its traveling men elected
officers among which are the Import
ant ones of secretary and treasurer
The association will meet here again
next year
Mr Bartlett who was elected pres
Ident has been secretary of the use
elation since its organization and his
nomination as well as for all but that
ot secretary was by acclamation The
executive sessloon was called 16 t order
by > President Harry Ezzqll of Jack
SOli at 10 oclock this morning The
attendance was not large > owing to
tho late hours kept last night by thai
delegates on tho river excursion sad
amo er at the Elks building
TTesoluHons tfiahklug too city ands
every one who had a part In accord
Ing the association so hearty a wel
come were adopted by a rf Iag vpte
and Secretary Bartlett urged the menu
to boost Paducah everywhere they
go for tho magnificent reception to
the J T M Ono of the committees
appoInted consisting ot five members
from each of the three states will bd1
known as tho boosting committee
to stir up greater interest among
traveling men In tho association
It was expected that resolutions1
bearing on railroad rated would ba
adopted but the attendance made
this Inadvisable and a cotemltte
was appointed Instead to handle they
questions that arise between the
traveling men and the railroads An
other committee on hotels aid livery
was appointed The tr < uurerl re
port showed a balance of 59 CO1
after all expense were paid and thee
secretary mado a report on the mem
bership and dues t
I ClipPresident
President Harry Eazell was pre
sented with a Beautiful starling silver
loving cup on his retiring from 4b
chair as an expression of the ap JI
elation in which ho Is held by his fel
low traveling men ExPresident
John R Smith mado the presentation
speech Fat Bill Tucker evoked
the greatest enthusiasm In a speech
ho made urging greater Individual1
efforts to Increase the assoetetloa
membership and said howas bg
enough to back up his promtet
John K pmith the other big di
gate seconded the idea
At last years meeting Jo Jackscoa
the Pennyrllers a traveling mans
organisation of west Kentucky was
amalgamated with the 1C T ybutt
sonic confusion has arisen about the
payment of dues and transferring of
memberships so a con mlttee wilt
confer with Mr JerryI M I Porter
president ot tho Pennyrllers to
straighten the matter out
With the adjournment of the Disrj
ecutlvo cession the third Attnwili
meeting of the K T M oOScIalir
came to an end Paducahs part 4s
making it a success Is duly appro
elated by tjxh association and they rft
gret that a larger attendance did not
enjoy Its hospitality
Culminating yesterdays busy pro
gram of pleasure was tho excursion
on tho steamer Dick Fowler leaving
at 8 oclocki and returning at 11
oclock From tho boat thoidelegatpa
went to the Elks building and 1sr
Uolpated In n smoker Blvoa totseiH
and tho visiting Elks from Dyers
burg Tenn who played ball kern
yesterday afternoon
August Bchuormnnn will bftgi Jl to
Continued on pat Four
Washl6 t9D jllr XI t Special 14
A T IJlak f raHrljr etPadd L tTJ
II t get a place with ttkatiuwisigto I
conai4rc ooHHiU lon >
r i 4F

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