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P4biuab tJtningun + Z r
An Immediate Military Demonstration Against Nicaragua j
Then Adjourns Amid Cheers
of Partisans of British
Declares Lords Violated The
01 I
AM lllCillTS 01 Till COMMONS
London Dec 2Prell1icr
AwjuithH resolution declar
ing that the lords rejection of
4 thin budget constituted u
Breach of tho constitution and
tiii t usurpation of Clio rights of
the house of commons carried
this afternoon by a vote of i49 +
to 134 Tremendous cheering
greeted tho result After tho
vote was announced the houso
llnrrlnmnH Ifttatv
New York Dec 2 Harrlmana
estate t la valued at I 149000000 aCt
cording to the appraisers estimate
wMch Is completed but not yet
made public
Admiral TIIJII lletlre
Toklo Dec 2Admlral Togo
chief of the general stale of the
navy retires today from tho naval
command and becomes n member of
tho military council Ho Is succeed
ed by VlcoAdmlrnl Sir Jero Ijlun
Heat Salt for 901000
Now York Dec 2A stock ex
change seat told today for 96000
cMnbllnhliiR a now record price Tho
old record made several years ago
was 196000 Yesterday ono was
transferred nt 94000
Hold IHitilnV I llbmry
w Ohkago Doc l 2Tho library of
John Alexander Dowlo was toda or
dered cold to n Chicago bookseller
by Judge K M 1 lalldlll I In the federal
district court The library contains
many valuable historical works and
brought 7000
holly titter In Wall Klmt
Now York Dec 2lfrl Hetty
Green has again become an Inter
esting flgtiro In Walt street Within
the past two days she ban been a
largo lender of money In tho financ
hal district advancing funds for limo
loam at 4Vi per cent Interest tho
figure tillghtly below Oho current
lint Luck KnniiKli
Hammond Ind Dec 2Whlloln
a tuimnabullstlc itlocp on a fast liako
Shoro train today J M Ashcraft
aged oovonty of lied Key lad
walked off the train whlo It gas
running sixty miles an hour near
Clicgtorton Ind and was practical
ly uninjured 110 foil on n parallel
track nnd while getting up waS
Ntriick by another train Ho receiv
ed n slight scalp wound and was
nblo to t continue his journey j
IJOINB NOIHV woitsiiir
icorKlii I Ongttinlloii Onbnil III
Slop Hlirieklnj5 fwd SlioutlMK
Koine Oa Duc 2 Judge Moso
Wright of the Superior cojut today
Issued an Injunction restraining the
members of tho Uroad Street Metho
dist church from loud singing
shouting shrieking or crying out
The Injunction Is weeping In Its
character and Judge Wright ordered
that It bo rigidly enforced
LIVELY IllllltlXn TillS
LIVely bidding characterized the
pale of loose leaf tobacco this morn
1ng at Iiobmcri looso leaf house At
tho sale 14000 pounds of tho weed
were offered and eold Owing to tho
competition tho prlco was high Tho
highest price was 950 n hundred
while tho lowest prlco was 400 a
hundred Sales will bo held every
morning and much tobacco will bo
told this week as many farmers aro
selling their crops
4 I r
Chicago Market
Dec High Low Close
Wheat 1004 10t 10GV4
Corn + I i B8 57 C7T
Cats c40ta 30 40Ya
Prov 21CO 2132 2150
Lard 1245 1237 1242
Ribs 41t O 1115 U1
1 a ilo
The Weather
Forecast for Iwliirnli and vlclnlly
Partly cloudy tonight probably mil
In cast portion cloudy In extreme
tvmt portions I lrldny probably cloudy
niftiest liiniHraliiro toiliiy wan tKl
ami the ovot fid Itnlnfall for Lost
nljlit inruMiml IO of nil Inch
Sun roxc tixtiiy 701
Sun sets liMtny IsM
Moon rides tonight < UUI I
Who Is rotponslblo for the removal
of the wreck of tho steamer Oracoy
Chlfdera from the city wharf This
question b a puzzle to some of the
city offlclale and to determine it a
warrant has been sworn out against
Harrott Honda to compel them to
remove It and tho case will bo tried
In tho police court tomorrow
tomorrowI I
The steamer burned several months
ago and during the low water tho
wreck hat not been such a menace to
river traffic but It Is Important to
liver craft that It bo removed before
high water Tho wreck was owned
by tho Tynor line of Nashville and
It was cold to Darrelt Bonds aa
ralvago They have not removed It
and It Is laid will not dp so unless
compelled by the courts Tho wharf
U public and there Is a question
whether tho city it liable to remove
It City Solicitor James Campbell
Jr Is undecided about the point of
law and tho board of public works
decided to have the warrant sworn
out and tho responsibility of the rev
nloval of tho wreck determined
Accoitmxn TO TIII cox
Stone for the remodeling of tho
pORtoflleo Is expected to arrive this
week George Monro Sons of
Naihvlllo secured tho slono contract
for S ISO O and according to their
contract the work mutt iMgln this
i week Measurements for tho stone
have been taken and U will lw cut
at tho quarry When received tho
mono will bo ready to bo set In Place
With little delay The contractor
have told Poalmtuilvr Flahcr that tho
exterior work will be rushed and
completed bcforo inclement weather
I It has been learned that Chris
Kinzler Son or > Evansvlllo 1 00
cured the contract tot painting and
I all of the exterior work In the post
ofllco No ofllcla notification of tho
award has been received but a Pa
ducat bidder learned thn t tho Ev
ansvllle firm secured the contract
KM Kit Mi V IS DiiiitHKI
The mil of tho commonwealth of
Kentucky against Hiram Smcdcy
and his bondsmen tho Title Guaran
ty nnd Surety company was con
tinued until the February term this
morning In circuit court The etato
la suing to recover about 5000
exclusive of Interest and penalties
duo the state by S mod leys defalca
lone while county court dork
0 It Davis superintendent of tho
Improvements to the city hall and
new lire elation and Contractor Jack
Cole narrowly missed being killed
outright yesterday when a heavy
ast Iron pipe rolled from tho auto
if the third story of tho olty hall
grazing Mr Davis back nml touch
ng tho right leg of Mr Cola They
wero on tho third floor when sudden
y tho IrlllO came thundering down
Had It struck a fraction of an Inch
loser they may havo met their
Icath Both conrfdor themselves
uckJ in escaping
Koliert 1otler IJujH liinn
Col Joo Potter will return tonight
rom Koleoy whore he has been with
Ms ECU Robert Potter who hne
mrchatcd a fam consisting of 300
cres t In Caldwoll county Mr Pot
or until recently resided ot Heath
but raid hh farm and has now pijri
I chased a fine farm at a cost of 12
loll la Caldwell county
Resignation + Joe Blackburn of
Kentucky as Governor bt f Panama
Canal Zone is Finally Accepted
Former United States Sen
ator Who Recently Return
ed From Isthmus and First
Executive of Strip
I Specin1li1orll1cr
in1li1orll1cr Senator Joe
Blackburns resignation us
governor of tho Canal Zom
was accepted today
Son J C Blackburn was appoint
ed to the board of canal commls
eloncra In 1907 Ho was tho onlY
civilian on tho board and had charge
of the civil administration Ilia ap
pointment camo soon after lift waa
succeeded In tho senate by Senator
Paynter when tho Bcckham rogitno
In Kentucky was at KB zenith Dur
ling lis career all senator Joo Black
buru mado many personal frIends on
tho majority side of the chamber
and It was high Republican Influence
that secured him the appointment
Hoard Will Inspect Streets
The board of public works will In
spect tho grading and graveling of
Fountain avenue south of Broadway
and of the grading and graveling of
tho alloy between Farley place and
Movers atrcct next Saturday after
noon Tho board will Inspect Foun
tain avenue at 315 oclock and tho
alley In Mochanlcsburtf at 415
oclock Property owners having any
objection to tho city receiving tho
work are expected to bo present and
mako their complaints known to tho
members of tho board
1 p L lisris is iuxivix i
F L I IIt Estos who lived In
Paducah I 37 years ago and Is now
Hvng In Ft Worth Tex Is In the
city for the first tlmo since leaving
here Ho Is piling his nophow J
F DlIM 1739 Harrison street and
will alto v1t some frIend In tho
country before returning homo Ho
has been renewing old acquaintances
today and has found many of tho
friends of hla youth still hero
i Shortago of railroad cars has caused
an indefinite delay Ih tho construc
tion of tho now central fire station
on Kentucky avcnuo adjoining tho
city hall Mr O It Davis who Is
superintending tho work has from a
reliable source learned that tho heavy
traffic on the railroads between hero I
and St Louis has rfciUltcdIn not I
enough cars to handle tho business
and the roads are endeavoring to get
cars Work on tho fire station has
progressed up to tho second floor It
cannot t bo pushed farther until the
while enameled brick Is I received from
St Louis manufacturers However
the car is cxpuclod at any limo with
enough tUtU brick to complete tho
Interior walls of tho first floor
A delicate operation was per
formed on little Fred Watson
of Carrsvlllo this morning at
Riverside hospital and a staple
removed from tho trachea where
It hud caught The operation
was serious owing to tho dell
cacy but It was a success and
barring pneumonia an early
recovery Is expected The boy
who Is 4 years old swallowed
the staple and It was locatcdaln
the trachea by the Xray In
flammation would havo stopped
the breathing In a short time
Tho child was brought to Padu
eah for specialists to locate and
remove the staple
PURSE OF 101000
SONS covriturr COVKIIS
riorum ICIUHTH
Hobokcn N J Doc 2Tex Rick
and and Jack Jlenson will stage the
JeftriroJohnpon match Their bid
of a guaranteed purse of flOlQOO
and two tidrdb the picture rcccipla
wan accepted Uis afternoon It must
beheld In Utah Nevada or Callor
Aliilnirt Company Finishes
After threoijiiars work the Iadu
cah Abstract and Title company has
finished the work of copying tho
deed mortgages and wills filed In
tho county court clerks office An
abstract of every deed and mortgage
was made and It In the only company
In the state outside of Louisville
with abstracts of tho public records
For the laP three months a largo
force was kept buy copying tho rec
A J Goodo brought cult in cir
cult court today for divorce from
Gertrude Peayton Goode whom ho
said ho was compelled to marry in
this county January 20 last He
raid they resided In Dallard county
and her brothers compelled him to
i marry I t
Sympathizers to Strike
Superior WIs Dec 2Tho oro
docks wore emptying their packets
preparatory to stopping work to
day on ncount of tho switchmens
strike Iy tho end of tho week tho
outlook Is that at least fiOQQ men
In Superior will bo out of work and
when tho coalboate are unloaded
this number will bo increased to
Rt > erfide Hospital
Report Shows Health
Tho report of tho Riverside hospi
tat t for tho month of November
bears out tho physicians ire their
statement that Paducah Is healthy
It was one of the quietest months
with tho nurses and physicians In
Paducahs history The report is
November 1clty patients 14
private patients 1 city patients re
calve 17 j private patients received
24 city patients treated 31 private
patients treated 25 city patlent
The Rev W J Naylor pastor of
tho Iaducah Methodist circuit rev
ceived word this morning that his
mother Mrs M I A Naylor Is dying
ut ttrownevlllo Tenn and ho left
this afternoon to bo at her bedside
She Is 7C years old and a year ago
was expected to dlo Her husband
died ten years ago Deli Ides tho
Rev Mr Naylor the children are
H A Naylor at whoso homo his
mother resided Gus Naylor and
Mm Hattie Cotart of Brownsville
S D Naylor of llclls Tenu and
Mrs Elizabeth Mills of El 411flI I
Arfc i
discharged 24 private patients dis
charged 20 deaths City patients
21 private patlontn 1 Births city
patients 2 December IClty pa
tlonte 5 private patients 0 Only
eleven patients were In the hospital
nt ono closw of the month
Negro Trencher Who Faintly Shoot
White Mnn Lynched
Cochran Ga Dec 2John How
ard n negro preacher who shot and
fatally wounded W B Booth near
iIllIscharged last night captured flvo
miles from hero and burned atn
stako I
Aaron Hurley Dying
ExPatrolman Aaron Hurley Is ro
ported dying at his home near Ninth
and Tennesseo streets and today
friends wore permitted to see him
Mr Hurley has softening of tho brain
and his condition for wcoks has been
serious although ho was able tp be
qilt on the streets last week A ro
llnpti has set In rtnd he It not fix
pected to survive
Ike Lockwood His Old Part
ner Finds His Body Al
ready Cold
Distorted Features Indicate
Agony of End X
1his I
His features contorted ae If he had
died In agony Major Elllthorpe
widely known In Paducah was found
coldln death this morning at 8
oclock by Ike Lockwood a former
partner n his skiff shop on Second
street between Washington and Clark
streets Elllthorpo was lying out
stretched on a bench In the skiff shed
and had been dead several hours
Death Is thought to have been tho
result of liquor fits which ho was
subject to There were no bruises or
marks of violence about his person
The body was viewed by Coroner
Frank Eaker and later removed to
tho morgue of Mattll Eflnger
Roth 130 South Third street and
prepared for burial Notice to rela
tives was a shock as well as to his
many frlondsIn the city
Mr Elllthorpo was a native Padu
cahan and son of William Fo Elll
thorpe a wealthy contractor who
died several years ago Ho had never
married and for many years had en
gaged In tho skiff building business
with Ike Lockwood His desire for
liquor overpowered him and ho had
often been In Its clutches resulting
In spasms It Is presumed ho wan
dered Into tho skiff shed last night
and died In a paroxysm v 110 was a
man of powerful physique
Surviving him are three sisters and
one brother Mrs William Martin
of Metropolis Ill Mrs Monroe
Krewson of East St Louis III Mrs
Joseph McKee of St Louis Mo and
Mr William 00 Elllthorpo qf 533
Soijth Eighth street Paducahi Mn
Alex Culp is a niece No arrange
ments have yet been mado for the
funeral and It probably will be held
Saturday afternoon Mr Elllthorpo
was not a member of any church but
tho family are Methodists Mr Elll
thorpe was 52 years old
Coroners Verdict
Exposure and excessive use of
alcohol was limo verdict returned this
afternoon by Coroner Frank Eakers
jury In tho inquest Into Mr Bill
thorpos death held at notha under
taking parlors at 2 oclock
In order to gain tho patronage of
tho Paducah police department the
Illinois Haroty company of Chicago
is figuring on a reduction of the
schedule rate per 1000 for bonds
Chief James Colllltfc received a letter
from 0 It Matthews representing
tho company stating that tho rate
has Increased to 750 per 1000
which Is 250 more than tho officers
aro paying at present Mr Matthews
said an effort is being mado to rc
duce the rate Tho rata now being
paid by police officers Is 5 and the
Illinois Surety companys rato of
nearly 10 last t year caused tho men
to make bond with another company
Members of tho Paducah lodge of
Masons will bo guests of tho Lone
Oak lodge ot Masons Friday night
Tho Padiicah party will leave the
Fraternity building at 030 oclock
on tho street car and at tho park I
will bo met with conveyances After
the degree work has been performed
tho Lone Oak Masons will entertain
Will a possum supper A glorious
feast Is anticipated as some of tho
Paducah Masons have as keen appe
tites or penguin and taters as Presi
dent Taft
A Comparison of the Circula
lion of The Sun for Two Years
November 1907 average 3925
November 3908 nvorngo5052
November 1909 average 0700
This is the biggest circulation
west of Louisville
Secretary of State Knox Waited Until
Everything Was in Readiness For
War Department to Act
I Several War Vessels are Already In Nicaraguan Waters and 1
Marines Arc Stationed at Convenient Points to Embark
Washington Dec 2It is practically certain there will
he an immediate and vigorous military demonstration by
the United States against Zclnyn and what is left of his gov
ernment The scathing letter last night by Secretary Knox to
Senor Rodriguez charge affairs of the Zelayan govern
ment in Washington is believe to bo the forerunner of an
order from the navy department despatching troops to both
the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of Nicaragua The letter was
delayed until all was in readiness for tho demonstration
Eight hundred marines are assembled at League island
navy yard Philadelphia ready to sail at a moments notice ±
I oil the cruiser Prairie which also will carry two 3inch field
pieces 1800000 rounds of ammunition tents camp stoves
and suppliesAt
At Panama the Buffalo is ready to leave with 400 ma
rines who arc doing duty in tho Canal Zone
t Already four men of war are in Nicaraguan waters Tho
Vicksburg is at Coriulo the Marietta at Bluofield and the
Des Moines and Tacoma at Port Limon The New Orleans
is under steam at San Francisco expecting to bo ordered to
Nicaragua in a few days r
From these it is believed l could bo landed a forte or
ja kics and nmrin s sufficient to cope with Zelayns army
arnlYEstri >
m m1IiJ
Washington Doc 2 Official announcement was mado
this morning at the navy department that the Prairie is or
dered to sail from Philadelphia for Nicaragua this afternoonu
at high tideA
t 71 l1 JI
Zelaya Ready o Abdicate
New Orleans Dec 2Zelnya is ready to step down
and out from the prcsidenc of Nicaragua and Secretary or
State Knox will name his successor was statement made
today by Consul General Altsohul of the established Nica
raguan government Altschul is considered Zelayas person
al in tho United States and probably is closer
to the established government than any other individual in
I Tho Davis Hunting and Fishing
club was organized last night at a
conference of local sportsmen and pre
liminary arrangements wore discussed
It Is proposed to Incorporate the club
at 500 A Bile on the C B Davis
farm In Lvtcg > ton county has been
choton for tin tub house where the
members will remain while hunting I
and fishing The officers are Gush i
0 SIngi ton president Dr J S
Troutman vice president Kd RIv ersl
etreiary OE Gridley ttessuror
t <
the country This statement dos In
spIred by two cablegrams he received
today tho contents of which bo re
fused to divulge
News that tho Nlcaragdart f charge
was given hIs passport was flashed to
Iclaya from hero last night TIle
menages today are supposed to bo y
answers to this news Altschul has
Attended to most of Zolayas official
business since tho rovolutlon started
because ho wished his representative
to bo outside any possible influence
of tho state department Ho sold
Zelaya knows the turn affairs havo
taken hero News from Washington
caused great excitement In tho large
Central American colony horo 2e
layas followers are not bitter to
wards the American government but
dismayed at the action It has taken
Two additional warships ordered 1
to Nicaraguan waters are the Aban
and Yorkton both now at Magdelcna
DarTry Xelnyn for Murder 1
Washington D C Dee 2 Nov
orders are announced as Issued by i
the war detriment regarding send 7
ing troops to Nicaragua The gener
al Impression Is that the navy wll
be able to handle tho situation Al
though Knoxs totter enclosing a
passport wusIot unexpected tho
language denounctng Zctaya Is as
founding Tho threat to hold Zolaya
personally responsible for tho kill
Ing of Cannon apd Groce is without
precedent and Indicates that efforts
will be mado by the United States to
capture Zetaya and bring him to
trill t 1 for murder
Itodriguoz Gels Passport
Washington Dec 2F 1I1Y Rod
goes charge daffaires at the Nica
raguan legation tendered his pass
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Mn I George D Dotzel 616 South
Fourth street left last night for New
Queans where she was called by tho
death of her mpther Mrs Helen
ONca After attending the t funeral
and burial Mrs Detze1 will remain In
Now Orleans about f week l

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